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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are pretty close. nice and warm friday. 60s and 70s. but the big change will be this system coming by. remember last saturday or sunday? increase of low clouds. it will be a cooler and windy weekend. 30s and 40s and 50s. its 54 in san francisco. 39 santa rosa. so there is a big, big difference in some of those temps. had a little puff of that easterly breeze and that helped them get to 71 in san francisco. today we will go to 70. our systems on its way but its not going to do much today. sunny and warm. cold morning once again. fog near the coast. highs pretty close to yesterday. 60s, 70s, and a few mid 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. for the most part our commute is starting off well as we look at the interstate 80 commute. right to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is nice and light and there are no major problems there. we have a problem in the south
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bay. i want to put it on the map here. we have a hard closure because of a fatal accident. a sig alert has been issued. let's go to janine de la vega who is live at the scene on the freeway here. j phone. >> yes, i'men the right hand shoulder of the northbound lanes of 680 where only one lane is open. two lanes are closed so that chp can conduct their investigation of this fatal accident that has happened that left as construction worker dead. his coworker is injured and another man has serious injuries. the chp just told us told us two construction worker were working on the shoulder they were hit by a silver knee son.
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what they were doing is moving one of those road work ahead signs. the gentleman that passed away he was pinned against his own work truck. he is also a contacted worker. the driver of that silver nissan is at the hospital. he is suffering from life threatening injuries. again lots of emergency vehicles here. we are told the two workers were out here to work on emergency repair. there was a dip in the roadway they were working on. i want to go to officer ryan
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with the chp. how is this effecting traffic? >> we have two of the three lanes closed right now. we are trying to keep the traffic flowing but we do need to preserve our scene. >> how long will it stay like this? >> my estimations are probably an hour and a half. >> reporter: have you talked to some of the other construction workers for that contractor? i believe they started arriving on scene. how are they doing? >> they are pretty shook up. there is a lot of risk involved with working road construction. so its a risk that they take and its always hard when somebody gets hurt. >> okay. thank you so much. and you just heard what he talked about that 680 at least two lanes will be shut down for the next couple of hours so they can investigate. we will stay on the scene and monitor the situation and give you the latest. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're also following developing news in the east bay where a
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woman was shot late last night in hayward. claudine wong is at the apartment complex where police found the victim. >> there are certainly a lot of questions here. and at this point we still do not even know who the victim is. police will tell us she is in surgery right now in critical condition. here's what what we know. it happened around 11:00. they got multiple 911 calls about shots fired. they got on on scene and found the parking lot area in the apartment complex. they went to hospital. she was suffering from multiple gunshot injuries. here's what she said about what happened >> right now there is not a lot of leads for us to go on. our inspectors or working every angle and eventually we will be able to get something from this. >> certainly we ask was there a
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party? was there something happening overnight in terms of halloween festivities or any kind of altercation that could be happening? that is what they are trying to figure out. they haven't been able to talk to the victim because of her critical injuries. they were out here for several hours. right now they are not releasing any suspect information. we doll expect this story to continue to develop this morning. we will stay in contact with police and we will certainly keep you updated here on the morning news. live in hayward claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. happening today members of bart's two largest labor unions are scheduled to vote on a tentative contract agreement reached by negotiators. ktvu katie utehs is live at the oakland marriott. katie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, brian. some 14700 members should be here -- some 1400 members should be here to cast their vote during a 12 hour period
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today. we could hear the results of that vote as early as 11:00 tonight. very important vote to ratify that contract. sisu which represents barts mechanic, custodian workers require that they have five days to review the proposed contract before the vote can be scheduled. members will have from 10:00 this morning to 10:00 tonight to cast their vote at the marriott. bart's other union will also vote today. if the two unions approve the tentative agreement, then barts board of director will vote at their regularly scheduled meeting or call a special session. today's votes are vitally important to making sure that contract is accepted. earlier in the week we spoke to union leaders and rank and file members and indicated they thought the vote would be a yes volt and that this contract would be accepted.
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when members start arriving here this morning around 8:00 for their special meeting we hope to chat with some of them then and then voting opens up around 10:00. katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. or reason da city councilman steve glazer has been on a campaign to ban future bart strikes. later today he will present a petition with 20,000 signatures with people that support his plan. glazer notes new york, chicago, and washington, d.c. have all banned have transportation strikes. the puc vote comes less than two weeks after the death of two bart track inspectors. these are first of its kind rail worker safety laws. they require additional training, improved recordkeeping, and better communication between train
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command centers and work crews out on the tracks. >> this decision will make california the first state in the nation to adopt such comprehensive rail transit safety rules. >> the puc first began considering the new safety rules in 2009. four years before the last deadly tragedy on the bart tracks. two boys are recovering in the hospital after being hit by a truck in clover dale on halloween night. the 12-year-old and 13-year-old boys were in a crosswalk on south clover dale boulevard when they were hit by the 75- year-old driver. one boy was flown to children's hospital in oakland to be treated for a broken leg. the other was taken to heelsburg memorial hospital with head own shoulder trauma. the driver is cooperating. hundreds of people packed san francisco's castro district for halloween but no major problems were reported. however, crowds were not as large as in years past. but some revelers came from as far away as taiwan.
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costumes ranged from butterfly to the tv show attribute seinfeld. there will be picket lines outside uc san francisco a little later this morning. social workers, pharmacists, an registered nurses plan to protest uc threats. this is not a strike and scheduled workers will be on the job but the professional workers overwhelmingly authorized the strike that could take place if contract negotiations remain at a standstill. there will also be picket lines outside of other uc hospitals around the state. deep cuts in the food stamp program begin across the country today. 47million americans rely on food stamps each month but an increase in benefits from the 2009 stimulus package has expired. a quarter of a million people right here in the bay area will be evented by this change. a family of four would receive
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$632 in food stamps. that is $36 less a month. >> i can't pull myself up out of poverty without food. you know. its the basic equation. >> 62,000 families in alameda county and another 51,000 in santa clara county are on food stamps. recipients say they will have to turn to food banks and dining halls for help. time is 4:40. starting today the bike path on the new eastern span of the bay bridge will have new hours. it will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. since the historic opening pedestrians and bicyclists have been able to travel on the path from dawn to dusk. but with the end of daylight saving time on sunday and darkness falling earlier in the evening they have decided to implement the change. the new hours will remain in effect until march 1st. meantime the lights on the bay
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bridge will shine a little longer. starting tonight the bay lights will be continually it will from dusk to dawn. the producer of the world east largest led light sculptture was able to modify the 2:00 a.m. shut out of time. >> nice. >> yeah. 4:40 is the time right now. more than a dozen patients abandoned. now we are learning one state worker may have actually known about that. the disturbing new information on the castro valley nursing home scandal. the first game at the new 49ers stadium. the reason it won't be the 49ers to play on the field first. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay expect for a crash on 680 in milpitas but the rest of the commute does look good. temperatures warmed up yesterday. they will continue to do so today. it will be a fine friday but there are changes brewing for the weekend.
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welcome back to the ktvu morning news. and the start of the winter spare the air day kicks off today. that means burning wood in the bay area will be illegal in certain days. they decide daily during the season whether air quality in the region is healthy enough to allow the burning fire logs or other evers. the fbi has taken over the investigate after a threatening note found on a plane. the united express flight was heading to san antonio when it was diverted to phoenix yesterday afternoon. a crew member found the note in the restroom. when the plane landed in phoenix, passengers were escorted off the jet and interviewed by police. a bomb squad swept the plane but found nothing. the 43 passengers boarded a new
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flight that landed in texas late last night. stanford university is trying to pinpoint the source of a suspected norovirus outbreak on campus. 52 students fell ill this week. four people even went to the hospital for dehydration. students who got sick told us that it felt like food poisoning. >> my stomach felt kind of squeezy. i went to the lounge sitting there. i went to the bathroom and got really sick. >> stanford say its thoroughly cleaning the dorms and plans to sanitize the entire dining hall but it appears the food or the food workers were the cause of the illness. investigators are interviewing students to see what they ate and whether they came in contact with a common person. two silicon valley giants will be lending their talent to help fix problems on the website.
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larry ellison confirmed at a shareholders meeting last night that the software company is part of the task force. but he didn't offer any details. the faa could give approval today for airline passengers to use electronic devices throughout the flights. the faa has decided that ipads, kindles, personal gaming devices, and smart phones do not pose a certain risk. every airline must submit a plan allowing the devices and clear a safety check. delta was the first to get its paper work in. passengers we talked with say the change is long over due. >> i think its great. it gives me a lot more time to get more work done. >> i think its pretty awesome. that way you can use any device any time. >> the airlines will have to clarify that smart phones and tablets still can't be used to make calls or connect to the
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internet. and larger devices such as laptops will still have to be stowed because they could hurt someone. a rocky prime minister meets with president obama today at the white house. the prime minister is in washington, d.c. this week to ask for increased u.s. assistance to deal with an increased level of violence in iraq. in a speech at the institute of peace yesterday, the prime minister says it is in the interest of the entire world to prevent terrorists groups like al qaeda? top qaeda -- al qaeda to succeed in iraq. people can place an order on apples website and wait for delivery or you can pick it up at a store. apple will start opening -- the price for the next generation ipad starts at $500.
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exciting news pam. many skiers and snow borders from the bay area are heading up to the sierra today for the opening day. resort has had its snow making machines running around the clock. its the first resort in northern california to open its resorts. it will be open from noon until 8:00 tonight. lift ticket are only $20. i'm leaving right after the newscast. crews will reevaluate and see if they will stay open for the weekend. >> that is exciting news. a lot of people head up for thanksgiving. it looks like it will be a great shot. $20. >> $20. that is not going to last through the winter i don't think. >> what are we back in 1987? wow. we do have a decent commute out there for most of you. we do have one problem to report and we've been talking
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about this since we went on the air. northbound 680 at scott creek the investigation of a fatal crash has one lane closed here northbound so you are going to see slow traffic in this area. and the alternate route for you would be to use 880 and use mission boulevard to get over to that area of 680. there is already a slow down there. northbound 680 is not effected which is the commute direction. we will have another report from the scene coming up. also looking at westbound bay bridge the toll plaza area this crash is okay coming into san francisco. now if you are driving on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, this traffic does look good in san francisco. steve has said not a lot of fog out there. a little built cold but as far as drivers and visibility we are off to a good start in many areas. right steve? >> they got to me early because yes i will reenforce that, sal. >> thank you, steve. yes, sir. you were spot on. there is fog off the coast.
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but i was just looking sunset district over to lake merced there is still a hint of an easterly breeze. as long as that holds the city will be warm and sunny today. i would rather forecast rain than when that fog moves on shore. and i'm standing right in front of it. but there it goes. here we go again. it looks like another breezy wednesdayy pattern. i don't think it will be as bad as last sunday. you see the bend in the clouds? high pressure is still holding its ground. main impact will be a cooler weekend. we start off with 40s and 50s and 30s. is 53 at sfo. there is a little easterly breeze also at oakland. 39 santa rosa sot mornings are -- 39 santa rosa so the mornings are cold. clear skies for us. some of that fog trying to work its way in.
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it will still be warm friday. we will see that system sweep through and it will give us a cooler, windy weekend. no rain here. maybe some up in the sierra nevada. they could get light snow out of this. sunny and warm. cold lows inland but not san francisco that is for sure. fog near the coast. although again its not making any push inland. so highs today 70s. for many 73 san rafael. sonoma 76. 75 fairfield. its that time of year where actually -- actually, gosh i sound like i'm in the midwest. antioch is not as warm as many locations. you are still close but summertime heat temperatures are gone now. 70s for many. including gilroy at 76 degrees. 68 half-moon bay. 72 san mateo. and redwood city at 75. it looks pretty good here but a cooler, breezy, and windy saturday night into sunday. you will go into a northwest
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direction. a little better by tuesday. >> thank you, steve. the 49ers won't be playing the first game at their new stadium in santa clara. instead the san jose earthquakes will be the first to play there. the quakes are now scheduled to host the seattle sounders at levi stadium on august 2nd, 2014. it will give the stadium crew a chance for a practice round before the nfl season begins. >> it will be a beautiful stadium. no question. >> yeah you've been down there. >> yeah it will be great. all eyes on the san mateo coast this morning. more on the window that opens up today that could bring the top surfers from around the world. and a big development project gets under way in the east bay. why it could mean hundreds of new jobs for the local economy.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:55. there is a major new democratic involving the san francisco city gardener that is charged with felony hit and run. the city fired recreation and parks worker thomas burnoski two days ago. he previously been suspended without pay. police say he ran over a woman in his city pickup truck while she was lying on the grass sunbathing with her baby and her dog at a bedroom heights work. she died from her injuries.
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burnoski has pleaded not guilty to felony charges. the san francisco 49ers have announced that star line backer aldon smith is back in the game. he was reactivated yesterday and now eligible to play. it comes days after he posted bail on three felony weapons charms in san jose. smith had previously missed five games following a dui arrest in san jose. he was in a rehabilitation treatment facility. the 49ers next game is sunday verses the carolina panthers at candle stick park. a major redevelopment project kicks off today in the east bay. there will be a ground breaking ceremony this afternoon at former oakland army base. the $1.2 billion project includes a logistics center, a rail yard, and rail house for exporting and importing goods. the first phase will create 1500 on site construction jobs. the waiting game begins for
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the maverick surf contest opens today. in order to hold the invitational there needs to be ideal surfing conditions. waves higher than 30 feet need to break at regular intervals. the competition could happen any time between now and march 31st. competitors will be given as little as 24 hours notice to arrive on the san mateo county coast. coming up next in our 5:00 hour we do have that breaking news we first reported 30 minutes ago a construction worker killed in a crash on a south bay freeway. there are other injuries as well and we will get an update from our crew on the scene. also a county supervisor at the center of a peeping tom scandal. what he blames for his troubles. good morning. we do have serious accident and a closure in the south bay. we will tell you what you can do to get around it. skies are clear and there is a little hint of a northeast
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breeze. it will be a nice friday but there are changes for the weekend.
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we are live in milpitas where a portion of 680 is closed down at this hour. we will tell you what appears
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to have happened and how this will effect your commute. a woman in critical condition this morning after being shot multiple times at a hayward apartment complex overnight. what police are telling us this morning. bart back in the spotlight. find out what is happening this morning just ten days after the end of the strike. finding some warmth and a place to sleep. the south bay bus line that is turning into a makeshift shelter for the homeless. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are taking you out to the scene in milpitas. unfortunately starting with very bad news this morning. several lanes of 680 shut down because of a fatal accident. we understand one construction worker was killed and it sounds like two others very badly inju


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