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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 1, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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to have happened and how this will effect your commute. a woman in critical condition this morning after being shot multiple times at a hayward apartment complex overnight. what police are telling us this morning. bart back in the spotlight. find out what is happening this morning just ten days after the end of the strike. finding some warmth and a place to sleep. the south bay bus line that is turning into a makeshift shelter for the homeless. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are taking you out to the scene in milpitas. unfortunately starting with very bad news this morning. several lanes of 680 shut down because of a fatal accident. we understand one construction worker was killed and it sounds like two others very badly injured. ktvu janine de la vega out
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there on the scene getting more information for us and finding out how it is effecting our morning commute. we will check in with her in just a moment. thank you for joining us. friday morning. first day of november. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. but first let's go to steve. >> pam, dave, thank you. a clear morning. not much of a breeze. there is a hint of an offshore breeze. oakland and san francisco is looking good. fog is coming down the coast. its trying. this morning we have clear skies. cold for some. 50s parts of san francisco already. sunny for all. and maybe a little warmer for a few. not a lot. 30s and 40s and 50s. 54 san francisco. santa rosa at 39. a lot of 40s. i don't expect these to get too much colder. its already very mild san francisco. i've seen an easterly breeze out around the sunset district. also around san francisco state. as long as that holds we will go 72 for a high today.
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big change for a weekend will be a system sweeping through. it won't give us much expect for a wind event. today cold lows inland. fog near the coast. i don't think it will do much. that means 70s for anybody. >> steve, good morning. we are starting off the morning well expect for that problem we told you about. but first let's take a look at the other commutes. the bay bridge that looks good if you are trying to get into san francisco it is not a bad commute coming into the city. in the south bay for the most part we are doing well as you drive on 280. you can see traffic is looking good. i want to put up on the maps 680 northbound has a quite a development forming. janine de la vega is live at the scene of this breaking news where one person was killed and other people were injured. janine. >> reporter: yes, sal, i'm right here in the northbound lanes of 680. just one lane is open right now at this hour. the other two lanes are closed so that the chp can
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investigate. here also are cal tran workers and contractors. there is a silver nissan here in the bushes and on the ground ha body lays of a construction worker. there is a vehicle responsible for hitting the two construction workers. let's go to video we took earlier today at 2:40 this morning. the chp was called to this accident scene. two contractors for cal trans was moving a road work sign that alerts drivers when a silver nissan slammed into them. one of the construction workers died the other suffered minor injuries. the driver of the nissan was trapped and he had to be extricated. >> we are not sure if alcohol played a role in the occasion. he was coherent at the time but was transported with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: these construction workers were here on the right shoulder next to their work
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truck doing emergency repair work on a dip in the roadway just north of scott creek road exit. they were scheduled to be here until 6:00 a.m.. now all of that has changed because of this accident. there are contractors from the construction company that these workers who showed up here at the scene. they are obviously shook up and grieving the loss of their coworker. back out here live again two lanes of 680 northbound just before the scott creek exit are closed and it will stay like that until 6:00 a.m.. of course we will stay here because things could change. it just depends on how long it takes to investigate this accident. reporting live from milpitas janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:04. new this morning in the east bay late last night in hayward a woman was shot. claudine wong is live in hayward where investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. good morning, claudine.
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>> reporter: good morning, dave. certainly a lot of questions at this hour. it happened at this apartment complex behind me. its gated so we can't get this. but i'm familiar with this apartment complex and i know it does stretch a ways back. we have been here before and i talked to residents who say when something happens in one part of the apartment complex they don't hear about it because the complex is so sprawling. the police came here because they have multiple 911 calls and found a woman outside. she was taken to the hospital with critical injuries and at last word was in surgery. but they are not sure if she lived here or not. >> we have no idea if she lives there or visiting. she is not speaking to the police right now. right now she is in surgery. >> so police spent the morning talking to witnesses. talking to neighbors.
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talking to anyone who might know what happened. again she was found outside in the parking lot area of the apartment complex. so this point we are trying to stay in contact with police to get anymore information about what happened. again we do not have her identity and do not have any suspect information right now. live in hayward claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:05. two young boys out trick or treating last night in clover dale they were hit by am pickup truck. they are recovering now in the hospital. police say these are 12-year- old and 13-year-old they were in a crosswalk on south clover dale when they were hit by a driver. a 75-year-old driver. one boy was flown to children's hospital in oakland. treated for a broken leg. the other one was taken to heelsburg memorial hospital with head and shoulder injuries. the driver in the case is cooperating. now back in july in that very same crosswalk an elderly woman was hit and killed and an 83-
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year-old driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter. maria was killed in the crosswalk at south clover dale boulevard and heals burg avenue. crowds not as large as any years past but people didn't seem to mind. costumes range from madam butterfly to kramer and elaine from seinfeld. >> kramer. >> elaine. >> why? >> we have to teach her how to dance. [ laughter ] >> in pastiers halloween drew crowds of 100,000 people. but city leaders scaled back the event after a string of
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violence. we have details on violence. in 2006 nine people were hurt after some people fired shots into the crowd. one person was stabbed in 2005 and a man was severely beaten in 2004. in 2003 one person was shot, four people stabbed in 2002. so police happy about how that has changed. 20,000 people also packed downtown santa cruz for halloween. the santa cruz centennial reports that police made 18 arrests but the nights were pretty much quiet. happening today hundreds of bart workers start voting on a new four-year contract. union employees from bart's two biggest unions are voting on whether or not to ratify the tentative agreement that ended last month. the results are expected at 11:00 tonight. if they approve the deal, barts board of directors would then decide if they will ratify the
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agreement. the board vote would come within thefection three weeks. z california public utility commission adopted a series of new safe isty rules to -- safety rules to protect rail workers. it comes two weeks after the death of two bart track inspectors. the rules are first of its kind rail workers safety laws. among other things they require extra training, improved recordkeeping, and better communication between the train command centers and the work crews out there on the tracks. the puc first started considering the new safety rules back in 2009. four years before last month's deadly tragedy on the bart tracks. the fbi is apparently reversing course in an oversaved shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy in santa rosa. law enforcement told the press democrat that the bureau will support local investigators rather than launch an independent review. last week sheriffs deputy eric shot and killed # 13-year-old andy lopez who was holding a
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toy gun that resembled an assault rifle. lopez's family will file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court today against sonoma county. they will also hold a news conference about their case on monday. sonoma county supervisor due in court this morning to face charges stemming from an incident in july when he was found outside of a woman's home at 3:30 in the morning in his underwear. he has apologized for his behavior and said he is in treatment for alcoholism. there have been calls for carr april low to resign but he says he has no plans to step down. at least one worker went to the valley springs medical facility after most of the staff had left. but the worker did nothing to end the chaos at that nursing home. investigators say the staff abandoned 14 sick, elderly, and
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bedridden patients last week after state regulators shut down the nursing home. they were being taken care of by a cook and janitor who had no medical or health care training. it is a south bay story we have been following for several years now. homeless advocates say more and more homeless people are using the 22 vta bus there as a shelter every night. that bus is the only 24 hour bus line in the system. it goes between east san jose and palo alto. the new survey says there are 7600 homeless people in santa clara county. 5:11 is the time right now. dramatic cuts in the food stamp program starts today. in the next half hour we will tell you the place where local low income families are going to need to turn to for help. two children in milpitas found after being abandoned for hours. where the police found them and how their lives were in danger. good morning.
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northbound 680 problem because of a fatal crash near scott creek road. the traffic on 680 northbound is beginning to slow down. just looking at current temperatures in san francisco and they are all in the 50s. so its really mild there. be there are 30s to the north. there are changes for the weekend. to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 5:14.
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a south bay man is behind bars accused of abandoning his two children in a car overnight. 29-year-old julo drove his daughter and son to a friends house. helen theft the kids in his suv for about 13 -- he then left the kids in his suv for 13 hours. >> it was about 46 degrees out. they didn't have any blankets. they didn't have any method of heating themselves. >> officers found the children hungry, worried. they were given something to eat and then turned over to family and children's services. police have not discussed why reyes was unable to return to his car. the children's mother has been contacted by police. authorities in nevada county confirmed that a body discovered on wednesday is that
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of a missing minor from san jose. he was found near the south river. he was reported missing on monday when he did not come home after a mining trip in nevada county. now how he died still has not been determined but authorities say there are no signs of foul play. time now 5:15. we have developing information about the lackluster start of the website. only six people successfully enrolled in health insurance plans on the first day that website went live. kyla campbell is joining us. >> reporter: dave, the oversight committee sent me these documents. they are informal memos turned over. these notes show that just six people successfully enrolled in obama care on october 1st. and by the end of the second
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day only 250 people nation-wide were enrolled. these numbers don't bode well for the obama administration. its goal is to have seven million people signed up by the end of march. of course the website woes did not help. this week kathleen se bill warehouse testified before congress. >> the process here of delivering very expensive it $600 million shows that government doesn't really get it right. >> in order to reach the administration's goal of $7 million enroll lees by the enof march, 39,000 people will have to successfully enroll every day for the next five months. if that doesn't happen, the congressional budget office says obama care won't be financially viable. meaning taxpayers could foot the bill for any extra costs. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news.
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if you are a pg&e customer, you will pay less than expected for upgrades to the pipeline system. the oakland tribune reports that pg&e expects to replace 145 miles of natural gas pipeline by the end of next year instead of 185-miles. that means customers will have to pay for $900 million rather than $1.1 billion. the upgrades come after a 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. that deadly explosion killed eight people. believe it or not november 1st and it is opening day at boar yell ski resort. earlier this month the resort was blanketed with snow. it is the first resort in northern california to open its slopes this season. i think a lot of people nearby might not be feeling well today. i don't know if i can head up
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there today. we are heading over to sal. your morning is starting very busy. very interesting. >> that is right. in san jose and the milpitas area. and this problem northbound on 680 will cause slow traffic for about a mile. we had a fatal accident over there last night. southbound 680 is not effected. to find out what happened we will have a report from the scene. these are live pictures right now of the scene or these are pictures of the scene right now. and i believe these are -- this is happening right now. traffic is going to be effected because of the lane closure and the investigation you see. chp officers with flashlights and safety vests looking at the scene here as part of the investigation team. let's move along and take a look at interstate 80 westbound heading out to the mccarthur maze. this traffic is doing well. here is a live picture of the bay bridge. westbound is light so far. now let's go to steve.
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>> thank you, sal. happy friday everybody. clear skies. fog is off the coast. there is still an easterly breeze in san francisco and 50s. i've seen temperatures 20- degree spread. valley ford near marin county border 33. kenwood 38. ben lomond 38. and felton 39. the fog is going north to south. i don't think it will make much of an impact because there is still a component of an offshore breeze. 39 santa rosa. 53 san francisco. a lot of 40s between. 40s or 50s on the coast. just depends if you get that breeze or not. 43 sacramento. a little cool there but it will be sunny side up today but a little warmer. warm friday and then 60s and
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70s. cooler windy weekend as that system moves in. it won't do much for us. maybe snow showers up in the sierra nevada. this is one of the breezy, cooler wind events. fog near the coast. overall a sunny and warm day. temperatures very close to yesterday's readings. maybe a little warmer. but 60s and 70s. fairfield 75. sonoma 75. walnut creek in there. alameda 72. a little puff of an easterly breeze. 76 gilroy. san that clara at 75. fremont 72. 60s on the coast. 72 san francisco. san mateo and same for woodside the reason they are all the same woodside gets a little colder on the lows. . a cool breezy pattern into monday. a little improvement on tuesday. today the wait is over for ams latest gadget the ipad air goes on sale online at apple stores wireless carriers and at walmart starting at 8:00 this morning. prices from apple and the wireless companies start at
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$500. walmart is offering a $20 discount and will give you as much as $220 credit for trading in an earlier model. checking in on our numbers. futures indicate pretty good opening across the board. about 40-50 points for the dow. that follows losses for the dow, nasdaq, and s & p yesterday. so hopefully we finish on a positive note. by the way i've seen lines outside apple store in new york this morning. so you will have some company. time is 5:22. a major discovery near the u.s. border with mexico. what officials discovered under ground and they are stunned by this sophistication of smugglers. >> fell off the bridge into the river and then we climbed out the windows. >> a terrifying ride for a group of school children. how their bus ended up in a river. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way,
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can time now 5:25. they were hurt by otherwise ten school kids in kansas are okay. their school bus flew off a bridge and plunged into that creek. investigators don't now why the driver lost control. the students age 13 and younger climbed through the hatch on the top of that bus and waited to be rescued. they were rescued, the driver were rescued pulled to safety from fast moving waters.
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>> we climbed out and got on top of the bus. i thought i was going to die. >> the bus driver was air lifted to a hospital. he is being checked for hyperthermia. a home is being called a house of or or. now its been red tagged by the city. that is because the smell became too strong for neighbors. the house was lined with bags of trash. hundreds of rats were also found on the property. it took the city months to clean up. the homeowner was kicked out and has not returned since but she's thousand responsible for about $100,000 in costs. time is 5:26. get ready. lays potato chips are about to announce their newest potato chips. reportedly it will be the wavy potato chip dipped in milk chocolate. the sweet and salty chip is
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supposed to be on store shelves a week from today. it will be available at target stores and just through the holidays. if its a success, lays could make it permanent. they may try some other flavor combinations. time is 5:27. several dozen students at stanford university suddenly getting sick. what the university is doing now trying to get control of this outbreak. we are live in milpitas at the scene of fatal accident that killed a construction worker and injured two others. it is effecting traffic in milpitas on 680. we just got an update. we will bring that to you live.
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z welcome back. good morning. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thinks chopper 2 already -- news chopper 2 already flying. these are live pictures coming in right now. you can see this burning house and flames coming through the roof. we don't know if anyone is inside. we just got there and you are seeing this as we are seeing this. again we are investigating a house on fire in san jose. we will get you the location and all the additional information momentarily. welcome back. it is a brand new day. friday, the first day of november i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. 5:30 is the time. let's check in with steve paulson. it was a nice trick or treating evening. as you said. >> pam i do it for you.
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>> thank you. we have clear skies. temperatures clear to mild to warm. i saw 50s and a few low 60s. fog is lurking. its off the coast. i don't think it will do anything today. clear skies. cold to mild. sunny tomorrow. maybe a little warmer but not a lot. 54 in san francisco. 39 santa rosa. there are some 30s but it looks like it will be a little warmer morning than we have seen. another beautiful day on tap for san francisco. we'll go 72 after yesterday's 71. everything looks good today but then that system to the north will sweep in and give us a cool down. sunny and warm friday. cold lows for some inland. not for all. fog near the coast but i don't think it will have much of an impact. a lot of 70s today. here is sal. we do have that breaking news. we want to go back to that picture from news chopper 2 showing this fire in san jose on east 12th street. we do have a reporter on the
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way. i want to let you know the streets there are blocked. we'll talk about this in a moment. our news chopper 2 is overhead. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is getting a little busier but there is not a huge crowd. we've had the biggest problem of the morning on interstate 680. we have a lane closed for an investigation of a fatal crash that happened earlier this morning. janine de la vega is there on the scene. we will have a live report from here in a moment. let's go back to the desk. we have breaking news from the south bay. news chopper 2 at the scene of a house fire until san jose. this is a victorian house. >> right its on north 12th street. the first call came in just after 5:00 this morning. again you are looking at live pictures. news chopper 2 overhead. and brian flores is also on his way to the scene. hopefully we will get some information from fire investigators shortly.
5:33 am
he will have a live report from the scene in the next hour. we're also following breaking news from milpitas. a construction worker has been killed this morning in a crash on northbound 680. ktvu janine de la vega is there now. there is a sig alert in the area and its causing major delays. janine. >> reporter: yes. i can see there is am major backup in the northbound lanes of 680 but in the last ten minutes they were able to open up another lane of traffic. so two lanes open northbound 680 just before scott creek road. i just learned from the officer from chp here that the driver is suspected of driving under the influence. driving drunk and they say that drive hit two construction workers. you can see there is that flat bed truck behind me. the two construction workers were standing there when they were hit. this happened around 2:40 this morning. the two construction workers were on the right shoulder of
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northbound 680 before scott creek road when for unknown reasons a silver nissan traveled out of the lane and struck both of them. one worker was pinned against the nissan and his work truck. he died at the scene. the other man who was hit is suffering from minor injuries. we were told they were moving a road sign that alerts motorists to construction workers. chp says they were wearing their reflected vests. >> as far as we know both construction workers were wearing the required safety equipment. and were available at the time. its just a reminder motorists to be extremely careful when they see road work signs. keep in mind that the workers are out there putting their lives on the line for all of us. >> reporter: the driver of the silver thee san was trapped and he had to be extricated. the car landed in the bushes on the right shoulder of 680. he was taken to the hospital. he has life threatening
5:35 am
injuries. as i just mentioned before he suspected of driving drunk. now the two construction workers we don't know the name of the company that they work for. but they were contracted by cal trans and were told they were doing emergency repair work for them. they were supposed to fix a dip in the road. now six northbound lanes of 680 again one lane is closed. it is a slow lane. and we found out the chp is sending out a multiaccident disciplinary team to investigate that is standard whenever there is a cal trans project going on here. so that means that the lane could remain closed here far couple of hours. they thought it was going to open up at 6:00 but they are cig there is no way that it will open up by 6:00. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:35. police searching for three men
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accused in a halloween home invasion robbery. police say a man and woman were passing out candy to trick or treaters at their home on gonzalez street when three masked men ran into their house. if you have any information about this call watsonville police. happening today a crucial vote is taking place this morning to ratify attentive contract between bart and its two major unions. katie utehs is joining us from oakland where some union members will be voting. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with a representative from atu. her union members will be voting in oakland but in an undisclosed location. they are set to arrive around 8:00 a.m. and the voting opens at 10:00 a.m.. it will be open for about a 12 hour period. union members have been mulling over the tentative contract
5:37 am
agreement all week. sicu that represents 1400 barts mechanics custodians require that they have five days to review the proposed contract. so members will have from 10:00 this morning until 10:00 tonight to cast their vote. and again barts other major union will also vote today. the union leader tells me that they expect to have that vote tallied this evening.
5:38 am
>> i will tell you the likelihood on whether this will be passed. live in oakland katie utehs. >> orinda city council man steve glazer has been on a campaign to ban future bart strikes. later today he will present a petition with 20,000 glazer sites new york, chicago, and washington, d.c. the orinda councilman is a candidate for the state assembly seat.
5:39 am
>> i came back here and sick for the next eight hours. >> stanford officials say they are thoroughly cleaning the dorms. they plan to sanitize that entire dining hall. however, officials say the food and the food workers don't appear to have been the cause of the illness. investigators still talking to students, questioning them to find out what they ate and whether they came in contact with the same person. deep cuts in the food stamp program begin today across the country. 47million americans rely on food stamps each month. but an increase in benefits from the 2009 stimulus package has now expired. a quarter of a million people in the bay area will be effected by the change. a family of four would receive $632 in food stamps. and that is down $36 a month. >> you are left with buying hot food which is much more expensive than $2 a meal. so you go hungry or come to place where is they give food
5:40 am
out. >> 62,000 families in alameda county are on food stamps and recipients say they will have to turn to food banks and dining halls for help. which will further tax those services. expect to picketers outside uc san francisco medical center in the next hour. pharmacists, registered nurses, and social workers plan to set up an informational picket line outside the hospital. scheduled workers will be on the job but the professional workers say they could go on strike unless the university withdraws its threat to cuts, pay, and benefits. similar pickets will be held at ucla, davis, irvine, and san diego medical centers. the fbi now investigating a threatening note found on board a plane that took off from sfo. the united express flight was heading to san antoine know when it was diverted to phoenix. a crew member on board found the note in the bathroom. when the plane landed in
5:41 am
phoenix passengers were taken off. they were questioned by police. the bomb squad checked out the plane but found nothing. the 43 passengers then got on a new flight that did arrive in texas late last night. we're also finding out more about what caused a deadly 2011 plane crash in watsonville. the pilots decision to take off in foggy weather may have been a major factor in that crash. david and his family were killed. their plane crashed into medical always shortly after take -- medical offices shortly after taking off. 5:41 is the time right now. a woman was shot several times late last night in hayward. the investigation this morning into the shooting at an apartment complex parking lot. they rise very quickly and go down very quickly. >> very severe flooding in texas. the evacuations for people living along the water. good morning.
5:42 am
traffic is moving along slowly on 680 northbound approaching a fatal crash near scott creek road. the investigation continues and this is now beginning to effect the southbound side. we'll tell you what ways you can get around it. if you enjoyed thursday's weather, you will definitely like fridays. but the weekend remember i'm just a messenger.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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imagine a place created all around family. where everyone, can relax or play.. ♪ now imagine that place in hawaii. welcome to aulani.... ...a family paradise... with just a touch of disney magic. for special offers, visit welcome back to the channel 2 morning news. 5:44 is the time. we take you back to the breaking news we first told you about 20 minutes ago. this is a live picture. news chopper 2 overhead. you can see an extensive response by firefighters.
5:45 am
at this point the home is located on north 12th street. at this point it looks like the flames have died down. smoke still coming from the area. but flames were shooting from the roof there. the first emergency call coming in just after 5:00. again we are overhead news chapper 2. and brian flores is heading to the scene. he will have an update and talking to fire investigators. we'll check in with him as soon as he gets there. there is a major new development involving the san francisco city gardener who is charged with felony hit and run. ktvu has learned that the city has fired thomas burnoski two days ago. he had previously been suspended without pay. burnoski ran over a woman in his city pickup truck. 35-year-old christine died from her injuries. burnoski has pleaded not guilty to felony charges. time is 5:45.
5:46 am
a very sophisticated smuggling tunnel has been found near the airport and three people have been detained. this runs between tijuana and san diego. officials think they have found this tunnel before any drugs were smuggled through it but they have found 12 million pounds of marijuana and cocaine that was destined for that tunnel. >> we are determined to make this a big waste of your dirty money. not only will we take your drugs, and shut down your tunnels, before you even get an opportunity to use them but we are now in a position where we are going after your management. >> almost four dozen tunnels have been found under the u.s.- mexican border in the past five years. many are just holes in the ground. but some are very elaborate. they even have elevators. cleanup is under way in texas this morning after heavy rain poured down in austin.
5:47 am
up to 13 inches of rain was reported in some areas. several people had to be rescued by boats or helicopter after getting stuck in the rising water. >> we have people stuck in their attics. stuck on their rooftops that are hollering for help. >> at least two people have died. sunny skies are reported for austin today. no more rain in the forecast for the weekend. time is 5:47. the waiting game for the mavericks surf contest starts today for surfers all over the world. the window opens today near half-moon bay. in order to hold the body glove mavericks invitational, there has to be ideal surfing conditions out there. waves bigger than 30 feet need to break at regular intervals with good visibility and low winds. the competition could take place any time between now and march 31st. competitors will get as little as 24 hour notice to arrive on
5:48 am
the san mateo county coast. right now it is 5:47. sal has been helping us cover a number of things. accidents and fires and how its effecting traffic this morning. >> yeah pam and dave. and i'm lookings at the general tone of the commute. for the most part it is good but we've had a couple issues. first we will go to the bay bridge toll plaza which is the workhorse of the bay area commute. you can see there is a little bit of a backup in some of the outside lanes. they are enjoying a good commute. you don't have to stop. but the metering lights will be turned on. and you can see this being filled in. and also the san mateo bridge is a decent option for you. you notice in my pictures you don't see a lot of fog and overcast so visibility will be good. we also have this crash northbound 680 in milpitas area before scott creek road. its right on the border between
5:49 am
milpitas and fremont and causing a major slow down. beginning to effect some of the somebody traffic as they complete an investigation surrounding that crash. at 5:48 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. a very happy friday everybody. clear skies. cold for some. very mild for others. some fog is trying but i think it will lose out here. there is still an east breeze in san francisco and parts of the coast. so that fog is going authority to south. not west to east. so sunshine and warm to warmer today. we had that yesterday kick in. it will continue today. there is a slight component of that easterly breeze. high pressure wins out. today warmer pattern. 60s and 70s and again i think it holds that forgot bay. it will be here. it will charge in tomorrow. valley ford is dipped to 33. kenwood 38. ben lomond and santa cruz mountains. not far away you can find 55. i'm standing right in front of the fog. there it is. its not making any push toward san francisco so i still see out in the sunset district and
5:50 am
around lake merced and east breeze that means a very mild pattern. this system will sweep through. main impact for us will be a windy and cooler pattern. 53 san francisco. 39 santa rosa. half-moon bay is 39. i swear across highway one, i don't swear but you know what i mean. you will find 54. we'll go for a high of 76 today. definitely topping out on those temps today. 26 up in tahoe. ukiah 44. clear expect for fog off the coast. probably look out and see it. warm on friday. nice 60s and 70s. but then that system moves through and we'll ramp up the fog bank and see a cooler, breezy to windy pattern. cold lows for some inland. fog near the coast. overall it looks like a nice
5:51 am
day. 75 sonoma. san rafael in there. 75 fairfield. mid 70s out to antioch, brentwood, oakley. livermore at 76. 72 in alameda. 75 morgan hill. 77 down in santa cruz. and cupertino at 76. a lot of mid to low 70s. it looks like another nice day. cooler breezy to windy. a cool breezy pattern monday. a little better on tuesday. walmart kicking off its holiday shopping deals today. include a $300 led tv and tablet computer. retailers already worried about the holiday season because there are just 26 days between thanksgiving and christmas this year. so they are discounting prices to lure in the shoppers already. that could result in the weakest holiday shopping season though since the start of the recession. google and oracle now helping sort out the problems
5:52 am
on the federal website. some of the key personnel are now part of what is being called team surge. google adds one of its engineers also working on the websites issues. the federal government says with all the talent pitching in, should be working correctly by the end of the month. a new study draws a link between homeowner ship and unemployment rates. researchers say when the homeowner ship rate doubles in the state, the unemployment rate more than doubles about five years later. there are two reasons or theories why. one is people may have a tough time selling a home so they only look for work close to where they live. time now 5:52. a mountain lion that ran loose in downtown santa cruz earlier this year has been killed. this is a sign of a growing problem on bay area roads and what is being done about it. plus you know that kanye
5:53 am
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5:56 am
the animal in june and fit it with a tracking collar. accidents involving mountain lions have become increasingly common. a mountain lion was killed on interstate 280 in san jose just a few days ago. a new cal tran study on where wild animals are most common. they have identified three hot spots for crashes involving animals on the peninsula. those locations include interstate 280 near the crystal springs reservoir. >> a lot of times especially during the night a lot of deer just dart across the whole freeway and almost hits you. i've seen a lot of cars get hit. >> cal trans is recommending an eight foot fence be built along the freeway starting today restaurants will start providing plastic bags. that is because the third phase
5:57 am
takes effect. restaurants will be prohibited from distributing plastic to go bags but they will still be allowed to package soup in plastic to prevent any spills. the ordnance started with grocery stores in 2009. it was extended to all retailers in july. today is a start of a 2013 toys for tots toy drive. u.s. marines will be manning those donation barrels at toys r us and babies ru stores around the area. you are asked to drop off new unwrapped toys. the toys will go to children in need near where the donations are made. there was a trick or treating accident in clover dale. coming up next in our 6:00 hour we'll have the very latest on the two children that were injured and the tragedy that happened in that same crosswalk just a few months ago. also all eyes on bart
5:58 am
workers today. . will they say yes or no. hundreds of bart workers vote today on a tentative contract. we'll have a live report. good morning. traffic is getting busier now on this friday in some areas. we'll tell you how its busy. we have clear skies and fog off the coast. its nice on the coast and it will be a beautiful day for many but there are changes for the weekend. i give you one hint there will be some wind.
5:59 am
soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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good morning. we are breaking news from san jose. we first told you about this 30 minutes ago. there is the picture of a victorian home in flames. that ktvu news crew is heading to that scene. our other big story that morning a construction worker killed in a -- on a bay area freeway. what we have learned about the deaths and the other injuries in the accident. at this hour police trying to figure out who shot a woman multiple times. she is in critical condition. this morning what police have told us about what happened. we are lye in oakland -- we are live in oakland where bart's union members are set to vote


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