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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 1, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos of the day, we got 'em, "right this minute." >> a woman leads police on a wild chase. >> oh. and by the way -- >> she had her 1 and 2-year-olds in the car. >> why even her surrender did not go smoothly. >> tightly wrapped around its neck. >> how some vets perform a miracle and get him back with the pack.
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los angeles firefighters salute a plane as passengers learn on board with them -- >> a fallen u.s. soldier. >> see the emotional journey home as travelers stop to pay tribute. plus if you want a 42 inch flat screen, we've got the buzz word to help you win. plus nick and christian go drag racing. >> looks like fun, doesn't it? >> it's more fun if you win. >> chase what's fast and furious and you have a mom on the run. this happened in keygo harbor in the detroit area. the mom, identified is a 22-year-old. according to police she had been involved in a hit and and you run and as police showed up, she took off. she's narrowly missing cars. >> and she's got children in the car? >> she's got her 1 and
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2-year-old in the car. according to police, she immediately starts being combative with them. it takes two them to her to the. >> according to police, she was worried about her kids in the car but as can you see, her worry turned into a temper tantrum. she is kicking at the door, screaming. eventually when she turned up in court, she was much calmer. she's been arraigned on multiple charges. and when she sees her children, there has to be a third party now. if she's a children, he has to have such oo ridiculous. ? >> she looks like a little kid.
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>> she is facing quite a few charges because of this. >> an incredible animal rescue at the kreuger national park in south africa. we see all kinds of videos coming o out of this area. but we're looking at footage of -- notice this dog. you'll see it has a snare tightly wrapped around its neck and a horrible wound. locals put up traps around the edges of kreuger national park, hoping to trap antelope. but these dogs are pack hunter. they often leave the park trying to hunt and they end up getting snared by the.
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>> we see them shoot the dog with the tranquilizer dart. they move honey what they do is actually cut the snare. they cleaned out the wound. they said the wound wasn't that dirty. they said other dogs in the pack had been licking the wound, trying to clean it out for him so there was no infection. they thought it was a good sign that the wound was it pink. they removed the wire. they gave this dog a round of antibiotics. they released this dog back into the wild. watch. he comes to and runs off too find the pack. we got an update from these pokes. th they. >> this is the scene recently at l.a.x. you're seeing fire crews.
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this is not an emergency. >> on board the flight from atlanta to los angeles is a fallen u.s. soldier. on his web site johnny says they didn't know about the fallen soldier also on board until they landed. the captain got on the p.a. and told them there was going to be a military escort, police stay in your seats. then on to the plane came a military escort. >> [ inaudible >> and then even after he got off the plane, the people on the plane didn't jump up in their seats. you know when you land everybody gets up immediately, you know.
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everybody didn't get up right away. and then watch this. even after they got off the plane, people didn't rush to get their bags, people didn't rush to get their connecting flights. they stood there and watched as the american flag-draped casket was unloaded from the cargo hold of this plane. >> i was would have considered it. >> there's no better way to watch "right this minute" than on a flat screen tv, right? >> can you win a 42 inch flat screen tv. the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> it's impossible to predict when you're going to find, if you're a news crew, the next
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internet game. i think i have the next one for you guys. >> hide your kids, hide your wife. >> the team in d.c. showed up to this location and they were trying to talk to some of the neighbors but notice that this woman in the window isn't very happy about them being there. >> you're looking at a woman in the window, yelling at daniel gil and myself. >> she has a can of mace in her hand. >> ooh, sprays it at the team. she is telling the newsroom bye. but the way she's saying it sounds like "bah," like the goat. so she's now become the goat
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woman. >> i'll telling you goodbye. i don't care! good-bye. >> she goes oaf to the news crew, punches the reporter, bruce johnson and reportedly her poor armed. >> but go woman has been warned. >> the driver puts it in gear to take your head for a spen. >> if you look closely, he's got a complete race simulator that he's built. i thought we were in a car. >> how. >> and two brothers get called in to tack. >> see how mom clears up the
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confusion with one big surprise. >> oh, my good [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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those videos that ken block puts out, wild and popular. millions of hits. but have you ever felt like i want to do that, i want to drive like ken. well, you can thanks to a video game called dirt free, a very pop larp video game. he here you see the japanese gamer
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playing it. if you look closely, he's got a complete race simulator. in front of him he's got three computer monitors. >> i thought he was in a car. i just am now realizing these are tv screens. >> computer screens giving him a wild field of view. he's got all the telemetry, everything that would be inside the car, the steering wheels, speed om her, tell car-tonight. >> wendy: the receiver. >> then it changes in his little reader. >> i wonder if he got within tn blocks, would he be able to do some of this? it doesn't get more real than this. >> i don't know.
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there's something about really having dirt flying in your face that be doing your wall paper. >> that takes care of that. >> calling to the carpet. >> they have a reaction to this. >> they look confused. >> we weren't doing anything bad. >> they got an e-mail from the contest people, road went into for tune teller and a kidnappeder chased by an alien. >> he's watching this being.
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it the reaction to the fact that they won the contest. >> congratulations. you're tied for first place. >> oh, my god! o pooh with where. >> what did we win? >> what do they within? >> they won a wii bundle. >> that's great for kids their age. >> nice bundle. >> oh, my god. >> i've seen a ton of sports highlights in my life but i've never seen anything quite like this. this is an extra point attempt, high school football, sherrwood, oregon. everything looks pretty standard. keep your eye on the holder, number 69. he turns around.
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instead of snapping the ball to him, he starts doing this weird crab walk. >> like a gorilla move or something. >> they're calling it the wrecking ball fake after try. that must be some sort of distraction. they snap the ball to 71, who is supposed to be the kicker. he jump tosses the ball to a really tall guy. looks hike he comes from tight end spot. catches that ball for a two-point conversion. >> and then number 69, the guy who did the weird gorilla moved, started celebrating on the sideline. >> it looked like they weren't even really following him. >> nobody goes out to cover him. they're just shocked bip the whole play over the middle. >> it's just so odd. >> he's a popular youtuber.
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>> see why his prank was a real hit to the jugular. >> and we have friday's buzz word for your chance to win a flat screen tv. tony's mom makes a wicked spicy meat sauce.
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tell me about it. closed captioning provided by:
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pleasure meeting you. >> i'm paula. >> i'm paula. >> pranking can be funny. >> i'm trying to get to fifth and almeida. >> we've seen this one before. he goes up to someone on the street, asks directions and then just starts repeating everything they say. >> this fella is sitting on the porch of his house. >> he could be also sitting on a
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freshly rolled blunt. >> you're going to go down molina -- >> go down molina. >> why the hell do you -- >> oh! >> he got smacked right in the neck. the guy comes in with a karate chop. >> it's a hidden camera show. there's a video camera watching everything you're doing. this is me. it's a joke. >> the guy backs off and listen to what he says. >> look over here across the street. >> oh, my god. >> i really think jack was actually scared this time around. i think he really did genuinely freak out. he thought he was going to get whooped. >> i was scared for him. >> time do go racing with the lucas oil drag boat racing.
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this down at the wild horse path race way in phoenix, arizona. they're making their stop there this weekend on the national tour. super fast, 500 to 600 horse power to upwards of 8,000 horse power in the top fuel dragger. looks like fun, doesn't it? >> yes. >> is it fun? >> so much fun! >> ms. vera and i got to go out in one of these boats. >> you're going down! >> it was super fun. weep got to ride in the cracker box pro series boat. about 600 horse power each. i got to ride in clear driver. they don't just go in a straight lien. they run last in a circle.
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>> we'd gotten to about 90 miles an hour. i kept telling dwight come on, give it more! >> that was spectacular. >> did it take your stomach like a roller coaster would take your stomach, like the gs? >> i'm sure i'm still high on that adrenaline. it's amazing. >> i was holding on for dear life. it's fast, init's incredible. you see -- did you win? >> i won! >> girl power. >> do you need a tissue? are you crying? >> did he cry like a girl? >> i didn't see any green flag, any checkered flag. >> we let her have it. >> is that what it is? >> yeah. >> for the lucas oil drag boats,
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you can follow them all season. >> it is time to give away a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile often or tablet, facebogo to and click on our mobile app. >> when he futures all together, it sounds like
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okay, here we are recording. up see the wind howling. it's a blizzard. >> fortunately for this group of hunters in this south dakota blizzard, there was help to get them out of it. they are covered in snow. >> you can't even tell what way is what. >> no. this big tractor comes up. they're going to tie the truck on to it to pull it on to the road. finally once the truck is hooked, they start pulling it slowly. >> come on baby, pull on up, get it out of there. >> sounds like eventually they feed to. >> luckily you're right. luckily that tractor was there. it's going to be a very long
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winter. >> it's heading into that cold season. >> i don't like it. >> if you think you have a useless talent. >> many, many. >> ours nothing compared to mr. darren drewin. observe. ♪ ♪ >> yeah! >> that's amazing actually. >> darren here is finger snapping. and he's snapping like you would regularly snap but like with his top three fingers. >> your three top fingers. so like that. and as well as things like hand clap, make your hand into sort of like a fist but you leave a gap for the air to go through. depending on how you position the hand, you.
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>> you put it together and it sounds like this. ! ! >> he does it so fast, he can barely -- a bunch of people have been bugging him to put it on line. those useless -- >> it's very entertaining. >> can he become a percussionist? he has another video because he said in this one he kind of got tired. he uploaded this one where he says probably
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