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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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people to safety. this is what it looked like inside the caldecott tunnel this morning. heavy smoke and people trying to escape a fire inside. >> we got everybody out of their cars and out of the tunnel as fast as we could. >> reporter: as people walked out of the tunnel to safety, you could see the smoke rolling out behind them. oakland fire says just before 10:00 this morning the call came in that a vehicle was on fire inside the eastbound bore. the exact cause still unknown. the heavy smoke was the reason that paramedics had to transport seven people to the hospital. many of which were children workers were carried to safety by paramedics. >> some of the people that were in the tunnel during the incident suffered some minor smoke inhalation. they're being transported for precautionary purposes. >> reporter: the aftermath of the fire caused headaches for others. seen here, the long back up of cars sitting, waiting to reopen. >> i just need to go back to san francisco. i've given a ride to my friend. >> reporter: on his way to a
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doctor's appointment when the traffic backup began. usually he's able to dart around. >> i'm actually ahead of everybody so i can see the tunnel from here. all the ambulances. but now i'm kind of like stuck because i can see it's closed. >> reporter: by 11:30 everything was back up and running. now for those abandoned cars, cal trans towed them to a spot that people can pick them up later in the evening. seeing smoke and flames inside the caldecott tunnel today was especially frightening for drivers who remember that deadly tanker fire inside one of the bores that happened back in the 80s. alex savidge here now with a look at the safety plans in place today. alex. >> reporter: the three existing bores of the caldecott tunnel have a series of safety features including a complex ventilation system and also warning signs for drivers. all of this put in place after that deadly fire 30 years ago.
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today a spokesman for cal trans told me the tunnel safety system steams to have done the job today. [ inaudible ] it was a frightening scene for drivers today as smoke filled the caldecott tunnel after a car burst into flames. the air was quickly cleared thanks to a ventilation system that blew the smoke out of the east side of the tunnel. cal trans was able to reverse the air flow. >> we needed to get the smoke blowing the opposite direction. >> reporter: the fans are part of a series of safety features inside the three existing bores. they also have surveillance cameras, external warning signs to let drivers know about emergencies. right now crews are installing a new water line for firefighters to use inside the tunnel. all of these changes were prompted by this horrific fire back in 1982 when a gasoline tanker exploded in flames inside the tunnel, killing seven people. >> it was one of the worst
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tunnel fires in the history of the united states. >> reporter: cal trans spokeswoman says lessons learned have helped to create the fourth bore of the caldecott, which will open in just over two weeks. the new bore is fully equipped for a fire with heat sensors, carbon monoxide detactors and a series of 19 high powered jet fans. >> that operate at 200 horse power. can move smoke out of the tunnel at a velocity of up to 20 miles per hour. >> reporter: the soon to open fourth bore will also have cross passages that connect to bore number three. that will allow people to escape more safely if there is a fire. meantime, cal trans is working on a plan for safety upgrades on the three existing bores. they expect to have that plan finalized in the next year. i'm told they will certainly be taking today's fire into account. live in oakland tonight, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news.
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we started tweeting about the car fire on the caldecott as soon as we heard about it this morning. you can follow ktvu on twitter any time to get the latest stories from the bay area and breaking news updates as they happen. we are learning new details about the alleged gunman in today's shooting at lax. gasia mikaelian is tracking the developments coming out of los angeles. >> reporter: the gunman has been identified as a 23-year- old man, paul ciancia of los angeles. investigators found information on him that expresseddager at the federal government and specifically at the tsa. the mayor of los angeles hailed the work of airport police officers in stopping him. >> they were more than 100 more rounds that could have killed everybody in that terminal today if it were not for the action. >> reporter: this is a picture of the suspected gunman. officials in new jersey say ciancia had made references to
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suicide in text messages to his family members there. we have video to share with you. it comes from inside lax. you see panicked passengers running away from the scene of the shooting in terminal three. a police officer tells them to move along. operations at lax ground to a halt outside, people started walking down the airport surrounding streets, dragging rolling suitcases behind them. paul ciancia pulled a rifle out of a bag and opened fire at a tsa check point, killing an agent and wounding others. he went thereupon the check point. that's when a police officer opened fire, hitting and wounding ciancia who was taken into custody. witnesses describe a chaotic scene. >> people were running and getting knocked down. there was luggage everywhere. mayhem is the best way of describing it. >> i heard a couple of popping noises. i turned to look. it sounded like somebody banging on something. there was a staple pete of
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people coming my way. >> reporter: police say they believe the shooter acted a i loan and at this point are only beginning to piece together what was behind the attack. today's shooting marks the first time someone with the tsa has died in the line of duty. new information on how today's shooting impacted san jose international airport. in the past hour we learned at least three flights were diverted to san jose. six airlines fly between san jose and lax. many are experiencing delays for arrivals and departures. tonight the airport says five flights were canceled and one was delayed. we spoke to one passenger who said something has to be done to keep this from happening. >> i live in israel for many years. my home country, you know, we got used to this. it's the norm there, and it shouldn't be. the world should be safe place. >> that passenger was headed to
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moscow and found a different flight to take her there. the shooting is leading to hour long delays or outright flight cancellations at sfo. david stevenson is at the airport. some travelers were shaken up. >> reporter: that's right. several passengers told us one missed flight made the difference between being here or getting caught up in the lax shooting. a missed flight means headaches for travelers. though becky told us she's glad her three children didn't make it to sfo in time. >> if they'd made their flight to visit their dad in l.a., they would have been in the midst of what was going on down there in terminal three. >> reporter: we ran into a number of travelers who said the shooting in lax terminal three made them grateful to have missed their scheduled flights. >> i was supposed to get into l.a. around 9:00 today. i just -- i didn't want to wake up that earlying and changed my flight. i'm not complaining about nothing. >> reporter: the shooting prompted san francisco police this morning to beef up sfo
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security. at least eight flights between l.a. and san francisco were canceled today. >> lax is our biggest market from san francisco. we have a total of about 50 flights going in both directions. a total of about 100 flights. >> reporter: virgin america, which operates outs of lax terminal three saw long lines at sfo. employees scrambled to put passengers in hotels or rebook flights. she'd have to fly to san diego and drive to l.a. she said the shooting did not make her worry about airport security. >> it concerns me for the people that were affected by it. i'm going down for my brother's birthday party. i'm still going to travel, you know. >> reporter: sfo officials didn't see international flights diverted because of the lax incident. some domestic flights are being delayed up to three hours in the shooting's aftermath. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues
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online at you can watch the police and mayor of los angeles at a news conference today where they explained exactly what happened inside the terminal. just look under hot topics. authorities say a man is steadily improving, but still can't communicate with investigators. police say 51-year-old david lamont was knocked unconscious on september 20th after he went outside his home to confront a group of noisy teenagers. he is just now emerging from a medically induced coma, but remains on a ventilator. investigators hope to move forward with the case once he is able to communicate what he remembers from that night. oakland is breaking ground on a new billion dollar development. the plan is to turn the old oakland army base into a trade hub. new at 6:00, mike mibach was there as dignitaries hailed the new life that that prompt project is going to bring.
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>> reporter: this spot has been a practical ghost town for the last 14 years. that is all about to change as a new railway is about to roll into west oakland. it's hauling new jobs and a new future for the port of oakland. tucked away across from a port of oakland. broken windows. weathered buildings. an old dusty piece of oakland history. >> when this base was being built up for world war ii, i was 4 years old. >> reporter: governor brown joined other dignitaries to break ground on the oakland global. >> it's about creating jobs and revitalizing a community that oftentimes has been neglected. >> reporter: the project, flat more than 300 acres making way for a new cargo transit hub. a new rail yard. 1million square feet of warehouses. one big goal, cutting out
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thousands of trucks that currently pollute the air at the port. >> let's seize the opportunity and finish this project and create more jobs and stabilize and enhance the economy. >> reporter: today a promise was made. thousands of blue collar jobs to west oakland. that's what officials say oakland global will bring to this community. >> 50% of these jobs must go to oakland residents. i believe that jobs prevent violence and prevent crime. that's a critical part of this project. >> reporter: funding for the project will come from both the federal and state government as well as the private sector. phase one of the project will take about five years to complete. live tonight in west oakland, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. they pumped in the pepper spray. the lawsuit to protect mentally ill inmates from this. a wind advisory from parts of the bay area. how this will compare to the extreme winds we saw a week
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ago. a bitter battle pitting smokers against nonsmokers. >> i think it's wrong. >> it's a bit extreme. >> how one councilman is fighting a citywide ban that could fine you $500 for smoking in your own home.
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new at 6:00 tonight, a controversial smoking ban took effect in one east bay city. some say this ban goes too far. it's one of the strictest smoking laws in the entire bay area. it comes with an escalating series of fines up to $500 for repeat violators. as john fowler tells us, walnut creek's new ban is even making some city leaders angry. >> reporter: as of today, no smoking in downtown walnut creek public places within 25 feet of doorways or in any
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multiunit dwelling, even if you own it. >> it's a bit extreme. i can see the justification for it too. >> i think it's wrong. i any it's wrong. the city overstepped their bounds. >> reporter: restaurant owner and resident patsy acknowledged hearings and a city council vote. >> a lot of people have no idea what was going on. >> reporter: councilman cast the only no vote. >> does the effects of smoking outweigh the private property rights of the individuals within walnut creek? to me the answer is no. i think the community will also say no. >> reporter: he launched this website and says in about 10 days he'll circulate a petition calling for a vote next june. it needs about 4000 signatures. two-thirds of the people live in multiunits. advocates say public hearings show 95% approval. >> if i don't smoke, then i don't feel like i should smell other people's smoke. i think it's important to give
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the voters a voice and let them decide. >> reporter: the council followed the rules. >> if you want to legislate at the ballot box, i don't think that's very functional government. that's not the form of government we pride ourselves in. >> reporter: at next tuesday's council meeting he'll ask for a suspension of the smoking ordinance until, as he puts it, the people have a say. in walnut creek, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on smoking bans. several bay area cities have no smoking ordinances, but just a few have bans as strict as walnut creek. they include alameda, richmond, bellmont. marin county restricts it in multiunit housing. we should know later whether members of bart's two largest unions approved agreement that ended the strike last week. members are voting today on the proposed four year agreement. if the union members approve the new contract, it must go to
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the bart board of directors later this month for approval. the results are expected to be announced by 11:00 tonight. uc workers may soon walk off their jobs. members of the university system's largest union have voted to authorize a strike over what they call unfair labor practices. the union claims there have been several incidents of uc mechanics threatening to discipline workers. uc denied those allegations. the family of the teenager shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy plans to file a lawsuit monday against the county. andy lopez was shot and killed last week as he was carrying a pellet gun that looked like an ak-47. the deputy says he ordered lopez to drop the gun and that he opened fire after lopez turned around and appeared to be raising the gun. the county has received notice of an intent to file a lawsuit. today they said any civil
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lawsuit would be premature. video shows what some claim is mistreatment of mentally ill prisoners in california. the tapes were created by guards abiding by a state policy to record all cell extractions. they're part of a lawsuit brought by inmates who are seeking a ban on the use of pepper spray against the mentally ill. the warmest day of the week and the warmest day we'll see for a while. that was today. take a look at the numbers. they were up there. 80 degrees. watch what happens tomorrow as the weather system comes in. drop of temperatures. santa rosa from 79 to 70. 72 to 63 in san francisco. it's going to be cooler. not going to be cold though. going to be a nice day tomorrow. it's just not going to be upper 70s, low 80s.
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still warm outside. 69 in concord. beautiful sunset if you have a chance to look to the west. stunning out there. nice air quality. really good conditions. no fog along the coast. great weather. really good run. weather system comes down from the north, temperatures are going to begin to cool. the winds are going to kick up. it's going to be kind of chilly in the morning. the weather headline is the wind and cooldown. warmest day. high pressure did that. low pressure comes in, brings cooler, slightly cooler. upper 70s. tomorrow the cooling begins. the low slides further south. the cool air settles in behind it. sunday, slightly cooler with continued strong winds in the hills. remember last sunday how windy it was? not that windy. i don't think we'll see winds at that level. now it looks like a much lesser event. computer model, forecast model for wind gusts.
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saturday morning, not a big deal. light winds. 7, 8 miles an hour. saturday night. these are gusts to 31. notice the arrows are north. the winds are going to be gusty. if it's blowing at oakland airport at 29, oakland hills could be 39, 40 easy. forecast highs tomorrow, 73 in brentwood. 72 in livermore. nice looking day. enjoy it. i keep talking about cooling and wind. still going to be nice weekend. we have had exceptional weather this week. a little cooldown and the breezy conditions. mainly noticeable at the coasts and elevation. ocean beach you'll notice the winds big time on sunday morning. there you go. five day forecast. bay area weekend in view. set the clocks back. fall back. saturday night, sunday morning. >> hour of sleep. >> that's how it works. san jose city council is
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set to vote on a proposal to hire a trapper to catch and kill wild pigs. several of the animals have torn up lawns in san jose rooting for grubs. the country club says the pigs did about $10,000 worth of damage ripping up the fairways there. if it's approved, the trapper would be allowed to use a gun to kill captured pigs. the city council is expected to vote on tuesday. we're in crock et for our high school football game of the week. it's hercules at john sweat. i'll have a live report coming up. bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. back to lax. things are still hectic. what airline workers are telling us. breaking system concerns trigger a recall involving 300,000 mini vans. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. ñw?
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it is time for our high school football game of the week. this evening it's hercules high against john sweat high out in koch et. >> joe joins us with a preview of good looking league matchups tonight. >> reporter: you can probably see the bridge behind me. a great setting here.
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we have josh valles, the head coach. first time ever been right down here. this has a really nice little community feel to this school. what's it like here? >> it's great. it's a family atmosphere. everyone in the neighborhood around this town is very uplifting and supportive of this team. it's a great feel. great feel. >> you know you have a tough game tonight. hercules undefeated in league. 7-1 overall. you have your work cut out for you. >> they're a good team. question play them. >> they have a guy that you have to be aware of. what are you doing? >> hold the outside containment. sustain those offensive tackles and guards and keep them off our linebackers and fill holes. >> what are you going to tell them to watch for on your team? >> beware. high flying. fast, hundred percent football. that's with we come for. >> how else would you characterize this team?
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1-2 in league, but you've had your ups and downs in the season. fair to say that. how would you characterize your team that they're behind us right now getting fired up, ready to go. >> they're feisty. they come out 100% every week. got to put things together. they're a good squad. >> you a chance to make some noise tonight. good luck to you. thanks for taking time with us. let you get back out there with your guys. >> thank you. >> good luck tonight. hercules against john sweat. be sure and be with us tonight at 10:00. we'll have highlights. at 7:00 we'll hear from the hercules coach. back to you guys in the studio. >> nice seeing them get pumped up for the game. >> what a great setting tonight. coming up tonight at 10:00, many people who live in one bay area community are stunned after an 11-year-old just walking to school is robbed at gunpoint. we'll have that story tonight
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at 10:00. we are always here for you at, facebook and twitter. and again, coming up at 10:00, more on that situation at lax where a tsa worker was shot and killed this morning. flights just now getting back to normal. there are still some delays. the latest coming up on the 10:00 news. we'll see you then. >> good night.
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