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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  November 2, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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josh stewart, 94 all purpose yards. jace amaro, over 100 yards for the fourth straight games. will smith, the leading tackler on his team, does it again tonight with eight tackles and knocked a pass adwa. . >> gus: oklahoma state takes over with a 52-34 lead, 8:47 remaining. and they'll run the football on first down and it's rennie childs. childs has done a very nice job coming in and spelling roland running the ball. childs, as you take a look at the yards given up on the ground by texas tech over the last two weeks, oklahoma, oklahoma state, childs seven carries, 63 yards, averaging nine yards a carry. stewart in motion. here's the handoff and there's running room for childs again as he gets to the 30, tackled by
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austin stewart. >> charles: they always talk about the nfl being a copycat league. it's a copycat league in any league you play in. now, when you're watching your texas tech tape, you're saying to the offensive line, coach, receivers, everyone. guys, if we can't run the football, there's something wrong, because the blue prohibprint is ou there now. texas tech will have work to do to shore up the run defense. >> gus: third down and four. here comes the blitz. and oklahoma state will not pick up the first down. rennie childs comes up a little short. and here comes the cowboy punt team. >> charles: based on what we're seeing tonight, the person who has some work to do is jeremy smith. rennie childs has been very impressive behind desmond
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roland tonight. >> gus: davis comes up and this ball will be downed at the 36. 7:01 to go in the fourth. yeah, the windshield just... glass broke and -- and screeching and i saw a... you know, a body come down from off the top of the -- the van. and i just thought, oh my gosh, what have i done. i just...what have i done? there's never...never a day that i -- i wake up and i don't think about it. [ deep sigh ]
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from the world's first high mileage oil to the first synthetic blend, we introduced motor oil back in 1866 and we've been reinventing it ever since. valvoline, 140 years under the hood. >> gus: 52-34, oklahoma state. the cowboys came out from the very beginning of this game and showed they were all business. up 21-0 at one point. another low snap picked up by webb and almost intercepted. jared kaster as struggled with the snap. >> charles: we saw that a couple weeks
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ago with the center at tucu. they ended up moving him to guard. >> gus: first down. >> charles: it's not an easy thing. i've gotten on these centers a little bit this year. i have to keep reminding myself, they usually have 300-plus pounds of man near their nose on every snap. you're supposed to snap it, get your hands up and block someone. not easily done. >> gus: right side, ward. >> charles: you have to give a lot of credit to mike gundy. his team came into the season and they were not only expecting to win the big 12, picked by the media as the number one team, oklahoma state with 15 third place votes. second and six. and the first down.
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they get to the 36. they were also thinking that this could be a year like in 2011 when they went 12-1 and were in the national title picture most of the year. before suffering a late season loss. >> charles: the iowa state game on a friday night. it was a tough circumstance. >> gus: what mike gundy has done has been pretty amazing. he was 12-15 through his first 27 games. he's 61-21 since, including 23-3 in 2010 and 2011. leading oklahoma state to win at texas and texas tech in 2006, the first time that the cowboys have won at either place. williams, a first down. zack craig with the tackle. >> charles: early in his tenure, he had to set a new
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foundation. wanted to get things done his way. got his program on firm footing. fortunately -- >> gus: that's williams. he picks up another first down. >> charles: was able to do that, being a native son, the quarterback there. his alma mater. they gave him the time and opportunity. how about a great payoff for them at oklahoma state. since then, they've been rolling. >> gus: williams. coach gundy, seven straight bowl appearances. 5-2 in those games. ongoing record. second and eight. davis webb to the end zone. incomplete. bradley marquez, the closest man to the football.
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that man, clint chelf, he had thrown two interceptions, but other than those two mistakes, he's been pretty doggone good this afternoon or this evening. webb lobs one. incomplete and a flag. ashton lampkin defensively. looks like he'll pick up the pass interference penalty. >> charles: that was all by design and formation. they went bunch all the way to the opposite side to make it a one-on-one route to the top of the screen with eric ward. lamp tkin had his hands on him. they're hand fighting both ways. >> referee: pass interference, defense number 6. occurred in the end zone. by rule, it will be placed at the 2 yard line. automatic first down. >> charles: sometimes when they're fighting it
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out that way, both of them, they'll keep the flag in the pocket and say work it out. in this case, they determined lampkin got there early. >> gus: first down and gel at toal at the for texas tech. davis webb to the end zone. incomplete. intended for jace amaro. he had two hands on the football. just couldn't bring it down. >> charles: daytawion lowe affected it at the end. looked like he hung with the play, lowe, the safety, number 8. catch and you see lowe, yes, getting a hand in late to help knock it free and prevent the touchdown. >> gus: second and goal from the 2. they run it this time and won't get there. kenny williams taken down by james castleman. the big man makes a tackle for the loss. >> charles: didn't
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you mention it's almost a home coming for him? >> gus: that's right, from amarillo. i drove in from amarillo. >> charles: how far is it? >> gus: two hours, a great drive on 27. third and goal at the 4. play fake. webb. finds his receiver, but he won't get there. deandre washington got clobbered right before he went into the end zone. and this time, it's daytawion lowe. >> charles: two pretty good plays on this drive by lowe, sets up fourth and goal for texas tech to go for it, try to get their personnel on the field. >> gus: grant lines up in the slot at the top of your screen. here's davis webb. there's movement.
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>> charles: let's see what the decision will have to be for kliff kingsbury. >> referee: offsides defense. in the neutral zone, causing an offensive false start. half the distance to the goal. it's fourth down. >> charles: they're still probably going to go for it here. look at the -- i think it's in the middle area. no, right there, it's a tackle. is that barnette, 99? >> gus: yes, calvin barnette. fourth down and goal at the 1. and they will not get in. oklahoma state defense denies kenny williams. james castleman, first man to the football. and the red raiders
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turn it over on downs. >> charles: and there's times when i've watched teams play that i think personality, what is truly your personality. is it, for texas tech, have they established they have the personality of knocking people off the ball on fourth and short and going that way, or are they more the personality of making sure that davis webb throws the ball in something kliff kings ba kingsbury is trying to develop. hasn't taken root yet. oklahoma state wins the battle at the line of scrimmage on that play. >> gus: with 4:05 to go, the cowboys have the football at the 2 yard line. >> charles: welcome home, big james castleman. committed to texas tech before deciding to matriculate at oklahoma state. >> gus: confusion
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now. >> referee: first charged time-out, oklahoma state. >> gus: the cowboys call a time-out. >> gus: 52-34, the cowboys.
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oklahoma state trying to improve their record to 7-1, 4-1 in concerns play. their only loss to west virginia, 30-21. the handoff on first down to desmond roland. roland knocked back. it's hard to bring this man down. >> charles: that one loss is the one that sticks with you, because you mentioned earlier, they had aspirations of not just a big 12, but competing for a national championship. when they lost to west virginia on the road early, it took them off everyone's radar, because losing to west virginia is not a game that people go, oh, that's a quality loss. that was not one for them. now, it sets them back. guess what? they're still on track now for big 12 championship. they're still on track. everything is still ahead of them. the schedule plays out, they've got tough games coming up. >> gus: oklahoma state, if they win this game, have a great chance at moving up in the bcs
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with this road win against texas tech. texas tech came in ranked 15th, oklahoma state 18th. as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, five teams with the chance of coming into today to win the big 12 title. >> charles: let's stay right here, okay? oklahoma state, look what they have coming up. kansas, at texas on november 16, baylor, oklahoma. it's the beauty of the big 12. it's all out in front of the contending teams. oklahoma baylor on our air, fox sports 1, thursday night. tune in. national championship implications for baylor. texas at west virginia. then things get serious. oklahoma state, texas tech both at home, at baylor to finish things off. we're going to crown a true champion in the big 12. if baylor can run the table, they could be in the discussion to play
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the bcs national championship. >> gus: chelf may have fumbled the snap. he just falls on it. he'll lose two yards. time-out called by the red raiders. look at the bcs top ten. >> charles: alabama and oregon open this week. ohio state won style points today, didn't they, at purdue? they need that. stanford plays thursday night against oregon. clemson big over virginia. missouri over my tennessee volunteers. oklahoma is getting ready for a huge one, thursday night at baylor. >> gus: the cowboys' kip smith coming out
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of his own end zone. bobbles the snap. gets it off. jordan davis lets it take a bounce. picks it up off the bounce, goes down at midfield. now let's take a look at 11 through 20. >> charles: we still have a ways to go. auburn have worked their way into the mix with the big win at texas a&m a couple weeks ago. johnny football and the aggies took on the miners, winning big. lsu, their next game is alabama. that will be big next week. south carolina won big today. texas tech, we're seeing right now. fresno state/nevada, just getting started. if you haven't seen jordan lynch play at northern illinois, watch him play quarterback. they were in a bcs game last year. they could be a bcs buster this season. louisville was off this week. ucla beating colorado right now. >> gus: first down and ten at the 49 for texas tech. another low snap in the middle.
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ball caught by eric ward. he'll get down at the 41. shaun lewis again. >> charles: shaun lewis one of my favorite players in college football. all over the place, playing coverage, blitzing. good, sure tackler in the open field. there's joe mitchell. a former safety, now turned linebacker. he's played well for oklahoma state this season. >> gus: with 2:43 to go in the fourth , let's recap the game. oklahoma state getting off to a great start. >> charles: you mentioned at the top, desmond roland running the football would be huge for oklahoma state. we knew jace amaro was a terrific player. he showed us yet again. career night in terms of number of catches. but clint chelf, okay, we've said it. change the back on him. you say he's not a running quarterback? you're making a big mistake in your scouting report. he's a dual threat
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quarterback now, can run it and throw it. >> gus: look at the plays. maybe the center is the reason the snaps are low. because they're tired. texas tech with 92 plays run now. >> charles: you're saying maybe they'll have to ice down, a rotator cuff issue? >> gus: like a starting pitcher. and the handoff to washington. texas tech with one time-out left. oklahoma state has two. davis webb. over the middle. and washington goes down at the 24 by lyndell johnson. good to see the officials get that call right with lyndell johnson, because you don't want him to miss a game. >> charles: i think they've done a nice job all night long. i really only have
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an issue with one call in the end zone. >> gus: deandre washington picking up 12 yards. >> charles: they got together and the replay officials got it right. they had a chance to review it. >> gus: chelf to grant. can't hold on. incomplete. for texas tech, after this game, they'll take on kansas state. followed by a game in arlington, texas against baylor. they'll have a bye and wrap up their season against texas. >> charles: there's a lot they can still accomplish. >> gus: davis webb throws for the 70th time. and it's caught. a flag on the play, though. deandre washington working really hard this evening. >> referee: holding, offense number 62.
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ten-yard penalty. second dunn. >> gus: that's le'raven clark. >> charles: freshman all american last year, playing mostly at guard. they moved him to tackle, because that's his future and continues to be his future. terrific talent. got caught holding on that play. we'll have jared kaster and davis webb both being iced down after this game. >> gus: webb, and deandre washington taken down by ryan simmons, the outside linebacker from texas. a sophomore. clock still running. 1:22 and counting.
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amaro. jimmy bean brings the tight end down. jace amaro has had a career day in catches. that's his 15th. webb delivers. knocked away. shaun lewis with a hand on the ball. >> charles: that's a candidate right there for big 12 defensive player of the week. i don't know about all the other performance, but shaun lewis has to rank up there for consideration. >> gus: 51 seconds to go. davis webb walks off. 72 pass attempts tonight. ties a team record setback in 2007 by graham harrell. webb finishes the evening 45 of 72 for 426 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions.
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18 years old, true freshman. >> charles: loves the game. passionate about it. grew up with it. father, matt, was his offensive coordinator in high school. talks about davis looked at play cards when he came home, saying i like this, i like that. as much as he didn't want to admit it, a lot of it was pretty good. >> gus: coming up thursday on fs1, oklahoma at baylor, 10 versus 6. baylor leads fbs in scoring, in total yards, highest rank in their school history. they're going to be rockin' in waco. but right here in lubbock texas, the final score, oklahoma state cowboys coming to town and defeat texas tech, 52-34. oklahoma state now 7-1, 4-1 in conference play. coming up next for them, they're at home to take on the kansas jayhawks.
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>> gus: welcome back. oklahoma state goes to 7-1 as they defeat texas tech on the road in lubbock. gus johnson with charles davis. we talked about the running game being important for oklahoma state. they rushed for 281 yards. >> charles: last week, 342
7:59 pm
yards. the big number again tonight. they did what they wanted to do. when they got pressed, they got back to the running game with a twist. it had been tailback oriented, desmond roland. then clint chelf was able to pay it off. desmond roland got things started in this game. >> gus: e696 yards rushing on 3 carries. >> charles: his first two starts in college football, 315 yards and seven touchdowns. he'll take that every time. shows his durability toting the rock that many times in back-to-back games. 31 tonight, 26 against iowa state. >> gus: for charles davis, i'm gus johnson saying so long from lubbock. big night for oklahoma state. they win it 52-34. join us tomorrow for america's number one pregame show as the guys take you right up to kickoff with previews and analysis of all the big games. for more post-game coverage of our game and today in college football, turn to fox sports 1
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for fox sports live. coming up next, except on the west coast, local news followed by animation domination. for charles davis and kristina pink, i'm gus johnson saying so long from lubbock.


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