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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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a possible new clue in the disappearance of a man in san francisco. his family from brazil now here in the bay area. desperate to find him after a disturbing phone call. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a panicked phone call and then nothing. now the search is on for a young man missing in san francisco. the sister and mother are in the bay area after coming from brazil. they're hoping to step up effort to find their loved one last seen in the city. deborah villalon is back in the city with a new clue that could help, deborah. >> reporter: ken it's a mystery
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at this point. a 23-year-old brazilian man who's lived in california for almost a year is missing. and his last contact with his family, was alarming. >> we found out that he stayed with somebody that he met at a club or at a bar. >> reporter: anna re reyes and her mother are far from home looking for their loved one. their phone rang in brazil and it's paolo terrified. >> he was saying he was in trouble and some people were following him. and he was hiding from those people. >> reporter: he hurredly gave an address in the mission district. >> he kept saying, call the police. call the police. i called the police. when i called him back he didn't answer anymore. >> reporter: no sign of him when police arrived. a few nights later, paolo netos
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credit card was used by this man at a mcdonalds on 16th street across from the mission b.a.r.t. station. >> 1,000% sure it's not him. >> reporter: anna says her brother and shorter and stockier than that man. doesn't have a heavy beard and never wears a hat. and says neto has no reason to get lost on the streets. he says he is in college, talks to his family. >> he has lots of friends. lots of people with him. >> reporter: goes back to whoever he met. someone he called the same night he rang on someone with police. that person told police neto stayed with him that weekend before going to a student hostile. and after checking into the hospital the panicked calls that brought his sister and mother from brazil. >> he called asking for help
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and didn't show up. so it was not just like something that he didn't want to show up. >> reporter: another look now at the man at the mcdonalds who used paolo neto's credit card. san francisco police have a missing person's inspector on this case and tonight they are working on refining the surveillance imagine to confirm that it's not actually neto. now the family has hired a local private investigator to help comb the city for clues. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and once again here's a picture of 23-year-old paolo neto. his family last heard from him on october 28th. they say he was in the city's mission district. neto is about 6'tall with brown hair and brown eyes. now to our continuing coverage of the deadly shooting at l.a.x. tonight the suspected shooter
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23-year-old remains in critical condition as new information surfaces for him motive to gun down tsa agents. those who know him describe him as a drifter. his family says they received a text from him that was so alarming they called police to check on his mental state. before he carried a semi automatic rifle into the world thirdlargest airport -- a letter was found that was written before he carried a semi automatic rifle into the world third's largest airport. >> reporter: law enforcement officials saying he is being heavily sedated and under armed guard. he said he acted alone and had
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been dropped off at the airport by a friend. his motivation appeared centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated he wanted to quote instill fear into their traderous minds. a billion dollars is being spent here since 9/11. >> obviously this gives us great concern. >> reporter: despite shift changes for officers there's no way of telling whether friday's tragedy could have been averted. at l.a.x., dominique nilotali. we also have this other story about airport activity. >> just days after the l.a.x.
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shooting a bomb scare today at the birmingham shuttles worth airport. an employee found a note in the men's bathroom warning that a bomb was in the terminal. they say that threat turned out to be a false. the terminal reopened two hours later. the family of a santa rosa teenager fatally shot by a sonoma deputy is set to file a lawsuit tomorrow. the sheriff's office says lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle and that he refused to drop it. that is when the deputy opened fire. the federal civil rights suit claims the sheriff's department encourages the use of deadly force even when there's no threat to public safety. sonoma county says the investigation is still active and calls a lawsuit premature. friends and family packed an auditorium in sparks nevada
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today to remember a teacher shot and killed on the campus of a middle school last month. investigators say michael lansbery died when he tried to intervene in a school shooting. the 23-year-old lansbary was a former marine. students said lansbery made learning fun. told jokes during class and was always there for student who is may be going through a rough patch. officials say they are making gains and curving gang violence. the department budgeted just over $1 million for gang suppression this fiscal year. that included putting more officers on the streets. san jose police say there were eight gang related homicides. that is six fewer than the 14 killed during this same time period last year. over all police say there have been 193 gang related crimes
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through september. that's compared to 228 last year. and oakland family displaced by a house fire is getting help tonight from the community. crews responded to a fire on 11th street. they got that fire out in about 45 minutes. but it also spread to the home of the hilyard family next door. three adults and three kids got out safely but there's extensive water and smoke damage. a woman who never met the hilyard's saw the fire and decided to help. >> went back to church, lifted the family up in prayer now i'm bringing a kind donation. >> reporter: she brought back a $400 check from donations. she hopes it will help the family replace some of their belongings. ken pritchett went to the vineyards of the livermore valley and found wine lovers may not have to panic. >> reporter: look at the rolling vineyards of livermore
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valley and what you will not see are many grapes on the vine. most of the harvest is already in. >> it's a great year. the yields are really high this year. and the quality of the fruit is really, really good this year. >> reporter: wine maker larry dino owned cuda rich wine and a similar take at harvest 13. >> it's a good year. yields very nice. they're up a little bit. >> reporter: amos crushed his predictions from a report of a wine shortage. wine taster suzy corning heard something about it. >> people really enjoyed wine. and it's a pity if that's the case. >> reporter: but is it the case? the wine makers we talked to said nothing points to a shortage in this region. >> over all california in general is doing pretty grade school. >> the story is echoed in napa. the napa vendors report a harvest that came in early with above average yields.
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larry dino says he does agree that demand is up but he believes production is keeping pace. >> last year we produced 1,600 cases. this year we're producing 2,400 cases. >> reporter: europe is expected to see a decreased production in the years ahead but here in california after looking at this year's harvest many expect this year to be much like last who saw record productions. more details now on california's grape harvest. the wine institute released figures instituting vineyards harvested 3.7 million-tons. that's up from 3.3 million-tons in 2011. there is a report tonight that the oakland a's could play next season at the home of the san francisco giants. the san francisco chronicle reports tonight, that if the a's can't come to terms with a contract major league baseball
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would help the a's move across the bay and play at at&t park. if neither of the bay area teams would comment on the report. the a's are also trying to move the team to a new stadium to be built in san jose. 10,000 caucasians have left one east bay city in just 10 years. we'll tell you about the huge demographic shift going on right now along the corridor. a sign of hope when it comes to cell phone robberies in san francisco. the trends we're tracking and the one area where the number of robberies seems to be dropping. a scary sight at one of the nation's busiest airports. >> to see an alligator lose by terminal three by the escalators. >> the mystery behind this foot long alligator found underneath an escalator.
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this side show in oakland caused a big ruckus early this morning. cars were spinning donuts this morning. there were dozens of other vehicles that were also at the scene. all of them fled when a patrol car came by and officers flashed their lights. there were no reports of any arrests. a ktvu investigation uncovers a bay area deputy who receives termination letters on
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two different occasions was never fired and now he's coming back to work. >> his first notice of suspension says that if he, if there was another incident he would be terminated. so that's some what like being on probation. i think and there were two more incidents why he was not terminated i don't understand. >> barbara atterd is a police accountability specialist she reviewed internal affairs documents obtained by ktvu. coming up tomorrow night on the ktvu news. a rare look inside these law enforcement disciplinary documents and how this deputy kept his job, 2 investigates coming up tomorrow night. there could be some signs of hope when it comes to that epidemic of cell phone robberies in san francisco. ktvu's eric rasmussen comes through the last 90 days of police reports and found one hot spot in the city is
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actually cooling off. >> reporter: shambien just moved to san francisco from colorado he says he did not realize how much his cell phone could make him a target. >> do you ever think about it when you have it out? >> no i haven't had any threats like that. >> reporter: the northern district had 18 alone. that's more than the mission or bay view. we went through crime reports for every day. the northern district which includes the polk, and marina neighborhood has routinely had the most reported cell phone robberies but not in october. there were 84 cases city wide. the northern district had only eight of them. that's fewer than six other areas including the mission and southern district. today san francisco police told ktvu the drop could be due to more proactive policing in hot spots including the northern district where plain clothed
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officers go outlooking for cell phone thieves. >> if it's in your hand you feel secure. >> reporter: maybe not though. >> reporter: right? >> reporter: others say they're simply being smarter about where and why they use their phone. >> i keep it close to my heart. >> reporter: san francisco da has joined leaders and other states asking cell phone companies to offer better security features. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on safeguarding your phone. if you have an iphone be sure you download the latest ios7 operating system. a feature called activation lock will prevent a thief from turning off find my iphone or wiping it clean because any changes require your apple i.d. password. for samsung phones, there's apps that can help track your
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phone. the best advice, if not in use, keep it tucked away. 63-year-old tom lee says he told the fbi that osama bin laden was hiding in a compound in pakistan back in 2003. lee is a gem merchant and says he got the information from a pakistan intelligence agent who's family had done business with lee for decades. an angry letter to the thief that stole a bicycle inspired the generosity of strangers. oki fraray is a student who works 40 hours a week and spent her hard earned money on a new bicycle that was quickly stolen. she was so mad she wrote a letter to the thief and taped it flexion to the empty bike rack. >> i worked and i saved money. i have to pay my rent and i have to eat. i was struggling to do this. it was the one nice thing that i bought. >> reporter: the bike was her only means of transportation but the good part is the photos
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of the letters spread on the internet and several people have now offered to replace her wheels. she says if she ends up with a new bike and gets her other one back she will donate one of them to a deserving individual. large numbers of star fish suddenly dying. it's a disturbing trend scientists first started seeing in canada then washington state now here in california. patti lee is live in san francisco with more on the rapidly spreading disease that causes the star fish to disintegrate. >> the effects of this disease is grizzly. we're starting to see them in the bay area including here in san francisco. >> reporter: they are aquarium obstructions. that have been around for centuries. now they're being decimated for what's being called as sea tar wasting disease. star fish lose limbs and
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eventually disintegrate into goo. what's troubling is how little is known about the cause. some scientists believe it's linked to warmer water. others say it's bacterial. >> they're feeding on muscle. they keep muscle population in check. >> reporter: starting this summer reports reports of disintegrating sea star started showing off the coast. >> they're eating fish that have, maybe certain diseases you don't know about. >> reporter: the lack of data worries visitors to the aquarium of the bay. but even in aquariums that house varied sea life only the sea stars came down with the disease. here at the aquarium, some star fish died after water was pumped in from the ocean. in september, the gulf marine
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sanctuary fish died in the aquarium. now that seemingly isolated incident is fitting into a bigger and possibly not so pretty picture. >> they're becoming ex extinct then what else can become exat this ex -- extinct from the pollution. >> reporter: people in the bay area are being asked to report. scientists are hoping if they can track where the star fish are dying they may be able to figure out why. live in san francisco, patti lee. singing from the heart. a young girl losing her battle against cancer leaves a lasting impression. how her voice and story have gone viral raising thousands for a good cause. and talk about a close call, the simple mistake that
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this driver made that sent her mini van crashing through a busy store forcing people to flee for their lives. the clouds we had today are moving out of town. coming up the neighborhoods that will be in the mid-30s with patchy fog and we'll highlight the warmest day of the workweek. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to
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a surveillance camera caught what was truly a very, very close call. the 27-year-old driver of this mini van says her foot slipped off the break and on to the accelerate. three people were injured on thursday's accident in hartford connecticut. remarkably none of those injuries are life threatening. tonight a 16-year-old toronto girl is moving in and out of consciousness dying from an inoperable brain tumor. yet even as she is fading from this world she is leaving a lasting mark in the hearts of many who hear her sing.
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>> ♪ olivia wise recorded katy perry's song roar after she found out there were no more treatments available for her. it has raised $90,000 for brain cancer research. katy perry responded to the video with this message on you tube. >> everybody that saw it, just wanted to send you some love and some light and tell you that i'm thinking about you. >> wise's family says she's at home and they're making her as comfortable as possible but she is very near the end. they say her video which underscoring her bravery will be her legacy. >> such a sweet little voice. the family of a texas woman brutally attacked and stabbed while video chatting with her
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husband who was deployed overseas remains at her bedside tonight. rachel pool was nine months pregnant when she was attack at her home in el paso. her baby girl was delivered. pool's husband was overseas but is now back in texas caring for his new daughter and wife. police arrested the man who owed the pools money in connection with that attack. there were more barricades, bag screenings and bomb sniffing dogs than ever before. authorities spent more than last year to make sure this event is safe. runners this year said the race had a different feel because of the boston bombings six months ago. a stray alligator
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discovered at chicago's o'hare has authorities there puzzled as to how it got there. a maintenance workers found the foot long reptile unterneath an alligator. no one knows just where it came from or how long it had been inside the airport. >> i thought somebody was messing with us. they said alligator lose by lower terminal three by the escalators. >> did you think did i hear that right? >> absolutely. >> that alligator will be treated for malnutrition for about six months then will likely be donated to a reptile park. a push to shut down a park after a couple of shootings. 10,000 people have left hayward in a 10 year period. that's just the beginning of the major changes happening right now in the east bay. and big names in music turn out for a first of its kind
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new at 10:00, there's something going on in the east bay from oakland to fremont there is a major transformation underway right now along the 880 corridor. even long time residents might not note it but there's a lot fewer caucasians in hayward. >> 10,000 whites leaving really has to be seen in the context of the larger picture to see why they left. >> reporter: from 2010 the white population declined by 10,000. professor benjamin bowser says there's a huge demographic shift along the 880 corridor
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and it's being driven by the new economy. the new technology boom. rising real estate values across the bay are starting to have an effect in places like hayward driving some residents out. >> any low income populations are finding it more and more difficult to be on the bay, near the bay and the poorer you are the more you are being pushed into the central valley and away from the bay. >> reporter: at the same time, 20,000 latinos moved into hayward. mostly immigrants but they may not be able to stay long. >> it's like a place holder until these properties get, their value goes up enough then they will be replaced. >> reporter: isabel nava knows the story firsthand. she grew up in hayward and is
10:31 pm
moving. hayward not only has b.a.r.t. but housing that's less expensive than across the bay. >> if i could have afforded a nice house in the triangle or outer mission or something i would have. but we reluck -- reluctant. we are where we are. >> yeah, we love oakland. >> reporter: those new more affluent residents are also bringing new business. >> i've been here since january and i know i've seen at least about five to 10 new businesses pop up in the downtown area. >> there are some very good prospects in the long run for not only being in the east bay but the east bay is going to be a very different place. >> reporter: professor bowser says the those who live in the
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east bay can do something to stay, improve their education and skills to compete. a man pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. he is described as a white male in his 20s. he was wearing a gray baseball cap, also that cap had a black bill and he's wearing sunglasses. it was 40 years ago this week that oakland school superintendent marcus foster was gunned down by two members of what was then an unknown group. the liberation army. dr.foster was the first african american superintendent of the oakland school district. foster advocated for community involvement including giving
10:33 pm
community members the power to elect school members. a look back at the long fbi hunt for the sla tonight on a second look that's following the 10:00 news at 11:00. some people living in oakland's piedmont neighborhood are calling on the city to close down a near by bar after two shootings that police say were connected to that business. both of the shootings happened on piedmont avenue near the susas bar at the corner of piedmont and mcarthur. alex savidge now with the neighbor's concerns and response from the bar's owner. >> reporter: this popular hang out in piedmont's neighborhood is taking heat from neighbors who says suseiz is a mag innocent for crime. >> just shutting it down probably is the best way to
10:34 pm
save our neighborhood. >> reporter: city councilman dan cob told me today a number of neighbors have sent him letters asking that something be done about the bar. todd will be looking at various options. >> there's a bit of distrust and a lot of quick judgments that have been happening. >> reporter: the owners own son feels his family's business is being scapegoated. since taking over the bar four years ago, edward souez says they've hired guards and no one under 25 is allowed inside on friday and saturday night. >> definitely concerns me. i mean it's people's lives and safety at stake. in addition, it hurts the reputation of the bar. hurts the reputation of the neighborhood. >> reporter: two shootings in the span of a week in a part of the city where this kind of violence is rare. neighbors are worried about the next stray bullet. >> it could go to my window and damage something in my house or
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god forbid, hurt a member of my family. >> reporter: meantime police are still searching for the people involved in those two recent shootings that rattled a lot of nerves in this area. in oakland, alex sadvige. a first of its kind music award show was held tonight in new york city. the inaugural you tube music award were given out. eminen was given the artist of the year. how britney spears and the british royal navy are teaming up to battle pirates off the african coast. and a frosty start to your workweek. there's the bay bridge. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next so you can
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hear how cold it's going to be when you step out tomorrow morning.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage
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because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at a lot of cloud cover across the entire bay area today. the clouds have cleared out. before we start the weather we want to update you on the earthquake off the mendecino. about 162 miles to the west of eureka. 19.45. no reports of injuries or damage. 4.5 will not generate a tsunami so there's no tsunami threat. we had winds to talk about but
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the wind advisory has expired. you can still see some of the peak gusts out there coming up now. you can see favoring the higher terrain. 22miles per hour. but everyone out toward napa 35. and oakland hills a peak gust of 26 miles per hour. winds do pick up a little bit in the hills. once again for the overnight hours. current temperatures are dropping off as you would expect this time of day. san francisco right now 54 degrees. livermore 51. concord in the upper 40s and look at napa the cold spot checking in 43 degrees in the forecast for tomorrow. going to start with mostly clear skies and pretty good numbers out there. you will see the forecast low coming up in just a little bit. as far as the lay out, see the clouds moving out of town. with the clouds temperatures will drop off rapidly over the next three to six hours. in fact, we're talking about the wind though first. the north bay hills, east bay hills no wind advisories but winds could be right around 20 to 30-miles-an-hour for the morning hours of monday. up until 10:00 tomorrow
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morning. this evening partly cloudy skies and clearing out there. so with the clearing skies we are expecting a cool start. in fact, here's a look out toward the bay bridge with our live camera. chilly start. mid-30s to the upper 40s across the region. and then the extended forecast a dry weather pattern developing over the next few days. as far as overnight lows coolest locations will be in the 30s for santa rosa. napa, pretty cold here you definitely want to bundle up. san jose 43. morgan hill in the upper 30s. high pressure developing offshore that will be the source of warming for monday, tuesday and wednesday. but with that northerly flow in place we're talking about that cold start. lots of sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. in fact, our forecast model picks up on that idea throughout the day on monday 9:00 and throughout the entire day by 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow in the afternoon. forecast highs for your monday. santa rosa 45. oakland will go 68.
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pleasanton 71, and san jose forecast high 69-degree. san francisco 65. these temperatures checking in at 35. look ahead your five day forecast. temperatures continue to warm up with the afternoon highs. tuesday and wednesday we'll shave off a few degrees for thursday and friday with your weekend always in view. more clouds for both saturday and sunday and beyond sunday there's the chance we could be talking about some rain significant change in the weather pattern beyond day eight or day nine. so we'll be watching out for that. >> thank you, mark. the british royal navy has come up with a pretty unusual plan. to scare away somali pirates and it involves a pop star. the music of britney spears is now being blasted from cargo ships in an attempt to stop
10:42 pm
pirate. somali pirates are known for targeting cargo ships in that area. >> poor britney can't get a break. more on an historic day at the oakland coliseum. >> we'll hear from the raiders as they come from the wrong side --
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night sports wrap. the team was generating momentum. a win today over the eagles in oakland was an even .500 with hopes for more in the second half of the season. then they played the game. an up and down philadelphia team all of a sudden forgot
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about down. nick fol looked like he was trying out for the team. jennings had a good day on his day. cut the deficit to 21-0. jennings totaled 200-yard rushing. rookie zack hertz all by himself to haul in that pass. and we'll say local, the rout was on. there was still more to come. it's folse to cooper for the


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