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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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although mostly sunny for the north bay. they could get a few high clouds. santa rosa is 43. napa airport is 59. antioch is 56. livermore is 58. concord is 42. a really tough call on the lows. san francisco is 48 high for today, 66. mostly sunny, and the south bay is sunny, the north bay may get a few high clouds from the system to the north but we have a northerly breeze as long as is system is in place. it will be really nice at the coast, maybe a few high clouds to the north and still a breeze. mostly sunny for us. breezy. temperatures coming up. this looks to be the warmest day by far. we have a couple of low and mid 70s. santa rosa 74. antioch 74 and more of the same. we have a crash on westbound 580 in the livermore map. let's put it on the map so you
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can see the traffic here affected because it is blocking three lanes. it was blocking almost the entire freeway a moment ago but here it is, blocking three lanes, involving a big rig and other cars. traffic is going to be slow as you come into the main part of livermore. the east shore freeway has traffic looking good as you drive out toward the bay bridge toll plaza that is light. back to the desk. shocking attack in the east bay. a man set on fire while riding a transit box. alex has more about the attack. good morning. >> reporter: there is surveillance video on board the bus and transit has turned that over to oakland police as they piece together that the point
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attack in oakland's glenview neighborhood. the 18-year-old victim in this case was wearing a kilt when someone set him on fire on board the moving bus. this morning the victim is being treated in the burn unit at saint francis hospital in san francisco. police sources teller letter the young man suffered severe burns to both of his legs. initial reports suggested the victim may have been dozing off on the bus when he was attacked. police have not said at this point what was used to start the fire, but the driver of the line 57 bus noticed something was going on. noticed the fire on the back of the bus and pulled over near the intersection of macarthur billion dollar andardly avenue to get help for the victim. no ward on what the motive may have been for the attack. live this morning in oakland,
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alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. gun restrictions have passed across the country, pleasant hill voting 3-2 on new measures aimed at gun dealers. gun shop cans not be located within 150 feet of homes, a hundred feet of a public park of adult entertainment site or 1,000 feet from a school or day care. gun dealers would be a required to submit to fingerprinting and background checks. >> we want to make sure these are people who have safe, responsible records and can handle the responsibility of dealing with firearms and ammunition without a threat to public safety. >> right now there are four gun shops in pleasant hill. they will be exempt from the requirements but employees will have to submit to the background checks. and in sunnydale people will be voting on a gun safety ordinance. measure c would require gun owners to notify police within
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48 hours if their gun is lost or stolen. guns would have to be storeed in a lock box or disabled with a trigger lock when not used. measure c would restrict sales of ammunition magazines, helping to prevent accidental deaths, shootings and suicides. critiques say it infringes on the constitutional rights of gun owners. voters in antioch will be deciding whether they want to pay more in sale's tax so the city can hire more police officers. a yes on measure c will allow the department to hire 22 more officers by raising the sale's tax from 8.5% to 9%. but the sale's tax money, opponents say, would not be used for officers, rather gone into a general fund. >> anybody could use the money, those funds, for anything they want to use it for. >> we will have an oversite
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committee that comes -- oversight committee that comes out and affirms and assures we are spending the money the way it should be spent. >> measure c is the only item on the ballot for antioch voters. a low voter turnout is expected. and voters in controversy can vote on a condo development that features 134 lux why condos in -- luxury won does in two buildings and opponents are complaining about the height limit. happening today the graden ranch and casino is scheduled to open today on roanoke park, featuring 3,000 slot machines, 144 tables and a live poker room there. are 13 different options for places to eat and three bars.
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the general manager is confident the casino will bring more tourists into sonoma county. >> if i compare this casino and number of slot machines to the biggest casinos in vegas, we are right at the top. >> 2,200 people were hired to work at the casino, making it is largest non-hospital employer. california has opened nearly 70 indian casinos, more than any other state. the california highway patrol will have extra officers on the road this morning for its opening, mainly concerned about traffic on 101. the chp said the casino agreed to a weekday opening to iron
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out any traffic problems before the weekend. we will have a live report on the situation at 5:00. we have new information on a gunman who opened fire inside a new jersey mall testament oneman has been found dead of an apparent suicide. 20-year-old richard shoop started shooting just as the mall was closed last night. no one was hurt but the mall was put on lockdown as police searched for the gunman. his body was found. >> we heard shots fired and they were telling everyone run, run, run. >> we heard a loud boom, then another boom, then a last boom and after that glass everywhere. >> police say he fired shots at security cameras. they think he went to the mall to commit suicide and not to shoot anyone else. the man involved in a
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deadly shooting at lax is speaking out. the family of paul ciancia say they are shocked by the tragic events last friday. they express their condolences to the tsa officer and others injured, but they will continue to support paul ciancia, who remains sedateed in the hospital. now, an armed tsa presence is being called for by the transportation security screeners union. they say there should be a new class of officers that would carry weapons. they argue that armed officers in the screening area would help safeguard the tsa officers and the public. u.s. attorney general eric holder says he will look at ways to improve airport security. >> amid the investigation, there will be a review of security measures in place, not only at lax but a review of the security arrangement that is exist in other airports as
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well. >> if convicted of the shooting at lax, paul ciancia could face life in prison or the death penalty. the f.a.a. has approved a change at the bay area's busiest airport. a new program at the san francisco international airport will allow the use of both runways during stormy weather, allowing planes flying into sfo to stagger landings instead of lining up single file as they have in the past during stormy weather. >> in clear conditions the crews visually sight one another and maintain operations. obviously the fog requires a greater degree of safety. >> the airports in boston, seattle and newark, new jersey r already using this system to improve on-time performance. they say they will know if it is working at sfo once the stormy weather begin this is
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winter. and andy lopez, the 13-year- old boy shot and killeddy is shgnomey deputy, eric gailhouse be indicted on criminal charges after shooting lopez two weeks ago. he was holding a bb gun but the sheriff thought it was real. the board of supervisors plan to talk about the shooting and hear from people in the community. yesterday a high patrol says two robbery suspects led them on a chase from sunny veil to northern hill, with speeds reaching more than 100 miles per hour. it ended with a crash on southbound highway 101 on the tenant off ramp. the driver took off and police are now still looking for him.
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a controversial park curfew measure would reduce vandalism and other crimes, supporters say, that happen in city parks during the overnight hours but overs say the measure targets the homeless. there are new signing that the demand for twitter's initial public offering is pretty strong. the ipo price will between $23 and $25 when it is priced, up $5 from the original range. sources say it could increase again because of high demand among institution it's investors. twitter will close its books today, a day earlier than or morally planned. the new san jose earthquake stadium is starting to take shape. the first steel column is scheduled to go up. the 18,000 feet stadium will be located near those international airport.
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it is now slated to open at the beginning of the 2015 soccer season. the coach and general manager will sign a special beam today used in the locker room area. fans will have a chance to tour the stadium development later this month. >> it should be nice when it is built. time now 4:41. you may not have to drive to tahoe to go skiing or snowboarding. more that could have people on the snow year around in san jose. and when even where you will be able to see a new display! good morning. we have slow traffic coming in in the livermore valley on the 580. 24 looks good to the tunnel. clear skies for us here. a little breezy on the hills. lows all over the map. anywhere from 30s to 50s. will it be a little warmer? and let's talk some rain.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. a hospital worker spotted a person laying in the stairwell several days before spalding was found. now in a follow-up, they are saying a witness never existed. >> i don't think anybody came
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and said, hey there is a dead body. i haven't heard anything credible that suggested that happened. i think that was somebody's fantasy after the fact. >> this attorney represents 5 members of the sheriff's office who provide security at san francisco general hospital. police in morgan arrested a day care worker accused of being under the influence of alcohol. 58-year-old anna marie lopez was charged with child endangerment, and arrested yesterday morning at the child development center on main avenue. police say lopez worked there for ten years. there is a new study warning parents with children in day care. the study being released later today say parents need to look into day care centers where they put their children. a review by the federal government found 35 states do not require extensive background checks of day care workers. 21 states do not have unannounced inspections of day care facilities every year. even when those inspections are required, they aren't always
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completed. details of the report, including what california requires are expected later today. president obama says he is not happy about the problems with the rollout of the health website, but he is promising the glitch will be smoothed out. >> everybody that wants insurance will be able to get it. it is not as if this is a one day sale or something. >> the@says people were getting a "very bad deal" with their old policy. california's insurance commissioner is expected to announce details of an agreement today to delay health insurance policies here. california has its own insurance marketplace called
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covered california. there will be an agreement announced to avoid canceling 115,000 individual health insurance policies here in california. president obama is meeting with business leaders at the white house this morning to pressure representatives to act on immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. the senate has already passed legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s.. house republicans rejected that saying they prefer a piecemeal approach to immigration reform instead. let's check in with sal. hopefully we are off to a decent start this morning? >> expect for one spot pam and brian, 58 # 0 westbound at livermore. they are trying do their best
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to clear it. they issued a sig alert because traffic is backing up onto the altamonte pass. if you come in from tracy, give yourself extra time. i can't recommend an alternate because the side roads are jammed, as well. you may as well bear it out and stay on the freeway. and here are some live pictures. this is the east span. that traffic looks good coming into san francisco with no major delays. the traffic on the san mateyo bridge looks good over to the peninsula. >> well. rain in the north coast, but not much here. clear skies, lows in the 30s to 50s depend ongoing if you get the breeze originate. the system will stay to the north -- or not, the system will stay to the north. 15 to 25 up in the hills. santa rosa mostly sunny. in the north they could get a few high clouds today. the low is 43 now but it could
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-- if the wind stops -- there is a little hint of a north wind -- but i am going up to 75 in santa rosa. a marginal frost advisory for the north bay. a few pockets of it. overall everything stays to the north for now. anywhere from 30s to 50s to 60 degrees at the airport. livermore is 58. boy has the temperature held up. an easterly breeze, fairfield at 5. north at napa, north at santa rosa, easterly at oakland that. will really help them later on as far as warming up. sfo is west. 23 in tahoe. there are cold readings for a few people out there. cloud cover holding temperatures up on the north coast. a little warmer today. not a lot but a little bit. the northerly component helps even though the days are
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short. does that sun drop fast fast now or what? a slight warm up today. not a lot but low to mid 70s in santa rosa there. 75 in vacaville. napa 74. walnut creek is low to mid 70s. concord, pittsburg to livermore 74. oakland in the low 70s. those 70s. 60s on the coast. low 70s on the peninsula. the palo alto mountain view is 71. thursday a system will cool us down. saturday as well. increasing clouds on sunday. >> steve, thank you. a costly mistake for a boo- boo in fresno? -bank of america in fresno? how the customers made off with extra cash and how the company plans to get the money back.
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welcome back. testimony given by family confirmed alaina is the father of coke's 15-year-old daughter. coke became obsessed with finding her missing dog and suspected alaina may have something to do with the disappearance. a jury? san mateyo county convicted former 49ers and raiders lineman harris of attacking his ex-boyfriend. yesterday the jurors decided he was guilty of domestic vie silence and battery charge -- violence and battery charges. the argument was sparked over table manners at menlo park. he faces years behind bar when is sentenced next week. well, coach david shaw was asked about a bullying and harassment allegation involving a former stanford player now with the miami dolphins. shaw says what defensive tackle jonathan martin endureed in miami is out of the ordinary.
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he has been taunted, receiving racist texts from a fellow lineman incognito, who has now been suspended indefinitely. it is not a part of bullying between older and younger players. >> they teach those guys how to be pros, have long career, they teach them how to study within the game. those are the positive locker rooms and positive teams and the team that is win games. >> the nfl is looking into whether the dolphins coaches and staff were aware of the harassment and allowed it to flourish. well, a costly mistake allows extra cash into the hands of one of bank of america's customers. they gave away $50 instead of $20. the bank feels the bills were put in the slots by mistake. they have video on personal information on everybody that took money from the atm over
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the weekend and will work with customers to try to get their money back. >> why can't that ever happen to me? >> i know, 50s! a new development tied to the fatal shooting of a 15-year- old boy in sonoma county. how it could lead to new laws in sacramento. >> and a big casino opens its door in a few hours. we are there to let you know about the concerns on its opening day. >> good morning. we have the crash in the livermore valley blocking lanes and making mess of the commute from the tracy area into livermore. >> and we have a little rain up on the north coast. it won't make it here, but temperatures will continue to warm up a little bit. so, is this the warmest day of the week? and when will the rain eventually make it down here? ñ
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we are live in roanoke park, just five hours away from a new indian games canada opening its doors for the first -- casino opening its doors for the first time. we will give you a glimpse of video and everything it has to offer! good morning. welcome back. we are outside the oakland police headquarters as you can see because we are following a horrific attack on an at transit was. a young man set on fire. alex savage is out there, trying to get the latest information on exactly what happened. we will check in with him in just a moment. it is tuesday, november 5, election day. good morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. how cold will it be, steve? >> well,


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