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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we are live in roanoke park, just five hours away from a new indian games canada opening its doors for the first -- casino opening its doors for the first time. we will give you a glimpse of video and everything it has to offer! good morning. welcome back. we are outside the oakland police headquarters as you can see because we are following a horrific attack on an at transit was. a young man set on fire. alex savage is out there, trying to get the latest information on exactly what happened. we will check in with him in just a moment. it is tuesday, november 5, election day. good morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. how cold will it be, steve? >> well, some areas are not
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mad at all. a couple high clouds may make it to the north, but mostly sunny today. 40s to 60s in livermore. the breezes are way up there. 60s for the most part for a high today. high clouds in the north. breezy in the hills. not as bad as yesterday. temperatures will inch upwards. kind of tough this time of year. the benefit of a north wind helping a few locations. if you are already starting off near 60 degrees, as long as that breeze holds, low to mid 70s. 60s by the bay. here is sal. good morning, steve and everybody. we are looking at the commute and it looks good if you are driving in many areas
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enforcement major problems except for one, the livermore valley if you are coming in from the tracy triangle there. is a crash there. it has been there for at least a half hour. traffic is going to be slow coming in. they had all the freeway blocked for a brief time. the three right lanes were blocked for almost the entire half hour to 40 minutes now. we are inviting to you take extra time for your commute. alternatively, if you are on the freeway after that, if you are get ongoing in dublin, it is better than it normally is. take advantage of that before everybody get there is. investigators are searching for whoever set an at bus passenger on fire on the 57 bus line at ardley avenue
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yesterday. we have more on the latest on the burn victim and the police search for the suspect. alex savage is there. >> reporter: good morning. we know there is surveillance video on board the bus. ac transit has turned that over to oakland police as they search for the people responsible here. initial reports suggest the victim in this case may have been dozing off on the bus when he was attacked. it happened just after 5:00 last night in oakland's glenview neighborhood. a spokesman says the 18-year- old victim was wearing a kilt when someone set him on fire on board the moving bus. this morning the victim is being treated in the burn unit at saint francis hospital in san francisco. police sources are telling ktvu the young man in this case suffered severe burns to both of his legs. police have not said at this point what was used to start the fire on board the bus. the driver of the line 57 bus did notice the fire in the back and pulled over right near the
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intersection near macarthur boulevard and ardley avenue to get them for the young man. police however say they have no description of the people involved in the attack. a march is planned in santa rosa for andy lopez, a 13-year- old boy shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. supporters will march demanding eric gel house be indicted on criminal charges. he shot lopez when he was holding a bb gun that looked like an assault rifle. gelhouse said he thought it was real and asked him to drop it but he did not. >> reporter: we want this killer to go to jail. he is sitting comfortably in
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his house while my son is sitting in a freezer with seven gunshots. >> the board of supervisors will discuss the lopez shooting and listen to community comments today. since andy lopez's death there has been a new push for tougher bb gun laws statewide. two years ago the los angeles state senator introduced legislation that would have required bb guns to be painted bright colors. the bill never made it out of an assembly committee. but according to the los angeles times deleon has been talking to leaders in santa rosa about proposing new legislation for the bb guns. and a boy shot by san francisco police in a marina district has pleaded not guilty to charges during an arraignment held at his hospital bedside at san francisco general. he is being treated for three gunshot wounds. police shot him after he tried
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to rob a man answering his ad on craigslist. he was already facing charges in two similar craigslist related charges in daley city back in april. we have new details in new jersey about the gunman who fired shots inside a shopping mall last night. the body of the gunman was found early this morning. it is believed he killed himself. 20-year-old richard shoot started shooting inside garden state mall just as the mall was closing. no one was hurt but the mall was on lockdown for several hour as police search for the gunman. the mall was packed when the shooting started. >> at this time, based upon what we know, it did not appear that he entered the mall to actually shoot anyone. i say that only because it appears he did have ample opportunity to do that and chose not to. >> police say the gunman left a suicide note. they say he had a history of
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drug abuse. back here at home, boaters in -- voters in antioch will be deciding today whether to pay higher sales taxes and hire more police. a yes vote will allow the city of antioch to hire 22 more police officers by raising the sale's tax from 8.5% to 9%. however critiques say there is no guarantee the money will be used to put more police officer on the street because the sale's tax money will go into the general fund. >> any council majority, present and future, can use that money, those funds, for anything they want to use it for. >> we will have an oversight committee that comes out and confirms and assure that is we are spending the money that we are supposed to be spending in the proper way. >> the measure says the item is the own item on the ballot for voters in antioch. voter turnout is expected to be low.
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people in oakland hills have until november 13th to decide the fate of a parcel tax to prevent fires like the one in 1991 that killed 25 people -- this one here. it would include extra fire patrols on high fire danger days, goat grazing to remove dry grass and cutting back brush for emergency escape routes. it would cost about $78 for a single family home and $58 for multifamily homes. happening today, the largest casino in california is opening in roanoke park. we have more on the inside look at the grayton ranch resort and casino as it gets ready for the opening. good morning, tara! >> reporter: we are inside the casino right now. it has a little different appeal from most casinos you have been in. everything from the ceiling, the light fixtures, the carpet is very colorful. over here we have the tables.
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this is where i guess the magic happens. take a look over here. you can see all of the lights and everything. this is going to be open 24 hours. these are 3,000 slot machines just waiting to be played! it has all the bells and whistles. nearly 150 gaming tables, including blackjack, poker and texas hold them. it that is glitter of las vegas, but the one thing sin city doesn't have, natural light. this casino is not dark, quipped with skylights, ventilation systems and clock. however, people are concerned about noise, crime and traffic. >> i remain confident they will figure it out because everyone in northern california knows
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traffic. >> reporter: the casino cost more than $850 million to build and will employee more than 2,000 workers. smoking will be allowed on most of the gaming floor, but not in the restaurants and poker room. coming up we will tell you about the economic impact in the area. it is empty from taxes and how will that generate money for the county? we will let you know in the next half hour. you are looking up at the sky bar there. are skylights there. when it gets to be daylight, you will see a lot of lights streaming through here. also at 5:30, we will get a tour of the casino from the gm. >> well, the chp will have extra officers on the road for the big opening. the main concern is back pains on highway 101 from petaluma. its own officers are located on one of the main roads leading to the casino and that could make it hard to send out
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emergency vehicles. the chp says the casino agreed to open on a weekday in order to work out the traffic problems before the weekend. a new proposal is hoping to bring the attractions of tahoe to san jose. >> what if i told you you could go skiing or snowboarding right here in the bay area? >> take a look at an outdoor park that features synthetic snow that looks and feels like fresh groomed powder. it will have a ski and snowboard school. the man behind the idea held an event to kick start a campaign to make the park a reality. he has the support of san jose shark's captain and city council members. he is hoping to raise $1 million by january 4th. i can see that being very popular. >> there you go. well, getting ready for the 2014 governor's race. the state assemblyman jumping into the race today and who he is expected to be running
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against. >> also, a stop sign proposal rejected in cloverdale. the reason people were pushing for increased safety. what the city council says it will do instead. >> and we have good news from livermore. some lanes are open. however, the traffic is very slow. we will tell you more about why this commute went from bad to worse very quickly. >> well, speaking of livermore, it is 60 degrees with a northeast wind. pleasant hill is 39. very big warm to cold lows. we will tell you more and extend it out for you, coming up.
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gloverdale city council rejected a four-way stop at hillsburg avenue. there have been two accidents there in the past three months. on halloween two boys were hit at that intersection while crossing the street. they suffered broken popes and are recovering. back in july a woman was hit and killed while crossing the street there. city council members say it is premature to put in stop signs but will look into improving the lighting in the area. uc berkeley asking a judge to toss out a federal lawsuit saying the school is responsible for a death of a 26-
5:16 am
year-old daughter and 6-year- old son. the two were in a car driven by the daughter's boyfriend when he crashed into a tree. police say he was drunk and serving six years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. the parents say the school did not take steps to investigate and protect their daughter when she reported to the housing director that the boyfriend was abusing her and her son. is report says no proof was actually made. police are warning students around the uc berkeley students to be careful after six reported robberies were reported just in april targeting students. the descriptions of the robbers are different in each case and crimes don't appear to be connected. some investigations are now going yaounde cover. police say stay -- going under cover. police are saying stay off your cell phones while walking and santa fe aware of your
5:17 am
surroundings. -- and sustain aware of your surroundings. and home thefts have been occurring where thieves knock on doors. if people don't answer they break in and steal values. the next election for the governor of california is still a year away but today a new candidate will officially enter the race. southern california tim dauntley will launch his campaign in los angeles. he is supported by the tea party. he is known as a gun rights supporter, and will be challenging able molton dein a doe. governor brown is believed to
5:18 am
be reseeking re-election. he is not expected to be challenged by any other democrat. president obama meet this is morning at the white house with business leaders about pressure congress to pass immigration reform. wants it passed before the end of the year. the senate passed legislation that would give a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. house republicans don't like it and prefer a piecemeal approach to immigration reform. >> well, sal, if you are just waking up there is is a big problem in the livermore area? yes. the crash is cleared, but dave and pam, the traffic is still very slow. you can see there the traffic is slowing along through the altamonte pass. if you are getting on the freeway at dublin and pleasanton, you will say,
5:19 am
hey, where is everybody. this is cool. i want to do this now. we suggest that because there are a lot of people heading your way now but the lanes are open. 880 north and southbound looks good. no major problems. this is 238 north and southbound. nothing to be concerned about here. let's go to live pictures from the live camera network. there it is, the bay bridge and it has traffic moving well in both directions. looks good on the upper deck of the tunnel. 880 and oakland has traffic looking good. as i noticed in these pictures, it is nice and clear. steve? sal, your aces my friend. >> thank you, steve! >> yes, it is clear unless you are watching at crescent city or that area where you may be getting light rain. ten months of dry weather here. we could sure use rain. the forecast models are not in sync for monday. one says rain, the other says
5:20 am
no. 60 in livermore, 39 in pleasant hill. you can find 30s not far from there or 50s. i am going to a high of 75 today. a frost advisory for the north bay vale, very marginal. -- bay valley, very marginal. fairfield is 55. concord is 42. 51 in napa. they were 59 last hour. san jose is 45. all over the place here. mainly 40s and 50s. a little hint of a breeze for some. southerly for a few. easterly for others. santa rosa has a north wind as long as that holds they will see 75 as a high.
5:21 am
livermore has winds northeast at 6 which is why they are at 60 degrees right now. clear skies for us expect for the north bay which will get a few high clouds from the system skirting up near the oregon border. after today we will see a slight cooling but no dramatic change. a cold morning for some, not for others and breezy, neaps the higher elevations. mostly sunny and a little wormer in the hills and coast. not as bad as yesterday. highs today will be in the 70s for many. low to mid or upper 60s. vacaville 74. oakley 70s. castro valley still nice in oakland, 71. santa cruz looking good. fremont 68. couper tino 71. 60s on the coast. san francisco nice and 60s.
5:22 am
slight cooling toward the weekend and increasing clouds on sunday. >> all right. the european markets are sliding this morning as investors start to take profits. they are concerned stocks have reached their high point. they are waiting for an announcement from the central bank in europe on interest rates. markets in asia and the pacific closed with mix results. taiwan lost more than 10%. the nikkei up slightly, that is despite nissan losing 10% today. checking in on the u.s. futures across the board indicate about a quarter percent drop, maybe 45 or 50 points for the dow. slight gains yesterday, but still concern about the home economy affecting us here in the u.s. , as well. small investors seem less likely to be interested in buying twitter stock when it goes public this week but
5:23 am
professionals in the pension funnels is very strong, which could mean a smoother, long term run. twitter has raised its ipo price range from $23 to $25. priced wednesday night and go public on thursday. we will watch for that. pleasantville city council passed tougher restrictions for gun shops. what they are and what gun shop own ares say should also be targeted. and a scare overnight on a denver middle school campus. tense moments for police and neighbors as two young people entered the campus with guns. use chase freedom at
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,. time now 5:25. police in denver reported two teenagers broke into a school, captured on video and ransacking several rooms before arrested. the two suspects are not believed to be students at that particular school but police want to know if the teens could be connected to a break-in at an elementary school earlier in the night. india took the first steps of becoming a member of a exclusive space club. they launched its first mission
5:27 am
to mars. the mars orbiter is expected to reach its destination by next september. once it is there it will explore the surface and atmosphere of the planet. so far the u.s. , former soviet union and european space agency have successful operated probes on mar's surface. a man's attempt to set a swimming record has ended. 49-year-old paul lindgren was trying to swim from mexico's man land to the baja coast but the trip ended 31-miles in. he was pulled out of the water for hypothermia. he is said to be okay and recovering at a hotel this morning. well, the mysterious death that occurred at san francisco general hospital. how this bizarre tragedy has taken yet another strange turn. >> and we are live in san jose. we will tell you about an idea being prosed for a park that -- proposed for a park that
5:28 am
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gel, good morning. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. pam, we are taking you live inside the brand new casino. this is the gray on the casino
5:31 am
park. -- graton ranch and casino park. this is huge. there are thousands of people there. welcome back. tuesday, november 5th election day. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. it is great in that casino. . there you go. well, it is wacky out there. 60s in some locations and 30s in others. lake port, lake county and middletown have 33 and 37. gilroy is 37. san mar teen is 38. and woodside is also 38. but not far away you can find 48 to 50. napa airport is 51.
5:32 am
north napa is 60. oakland 51. san francisco 53. san jose 55. cold for some, warm for others. slightly stronger in the higher elevations. mostly sunny today. a few high clouds may skirt the north bay. mostly sunny today. the warmest day of the week today. mid 70s, especially in santa rosa at 75. antioch 74 and 71 in downtown oakland. steve, good morning. traffic is doing okay in many areas. still slow out of the livermore valley though. we have new problems to tell you about. this is 08 westbound. a crash near central. not as serious but there is debris still leftover from the crash. driving to richmond or surrounding area wills will be slower than -- areas will be slower than normal. here are live pictures over the
5:33 am
bay bridge toll plaza. no back ups there right now. now, let's go back to the desk. well, oakland police are searching for whoever set a young man on fire while riding an at transit was. it happened at 5:00 on the 57 line of macarthur boulevard and ardley avenue. the driver stopped the bus and called for help. the victim is 18 and suffered burns to both legs. right now there is no word on a possible suspect or motive. time now 5:33. a high speed chase in santa clara county ended with one man arrested and another suspect on the loose. two robbery suspects led them on a chase from sunny veil to morgan hill. they were going over 100 miles per hour. the chase ended just before 11:00 after the suspects crashed on southbound highway 101 on the tenant avenue off
5:34 am
ramp. one of the suspects ran away. police are still out there searching for him. new this morning, controversial gun measures have passed in pleasant hill. last night the council voted 3- 2 on the restrictions aimed at gun dealers. under the measures gun shop cans not be located within 150 feet from a public park or adult entertainment site or 1,000 feet from a school or day care. gun shop owners say the city council did not do research before passing restrictions and they are being unfairly targeted. >> why is there harassment of one type of business and not harass everything? >> the new measures say gun dealers would be require to submit to fingerprinting and background checks. right now there are four gun shops in pleasant hill. a new gun safety ordinance is being voted on today in
5:35 am
sunnyvale. measure c would require police to be notified within 48 hours if a person's gun is lost or stolen. it will will have to be stored in a lock box or disabled when not in use. it would restrict sales of ammunition magazines. supporters say it could support accidental shooings and suicides but critiques say it violates the constitutional right office gun owners. today, san francisco voters get to way in on a controversial condominium project. the washington development will it is at the foot of washington street. they will have 134 luxury condos in two buildings, one of which would top the current height limit. critiques call it a wall. they say it includes no affordable house, as well. there are two propositions, b and c on this project. a yes on either one clears the way for it to be built. a no vote on both would force it to be revised.
5:36 am
well, happening later today, the grayton resort and casino is opening today rohnert park. tara moriarty is there on the casino floor to show us around and tell us what to expect when the biggest casino in california opens. good morning! >> reporter: we are getting the tour from the general manager. he joins me live now. this place is pretty amazing, very different from the casinos people have seen before. what were your challenges in getting this project off the ground? >> well, this is a ten year project that the tribe and federal government have worked on, in conjunction with the casino developers and operating manager. >> reporter: some of the things we are looking at are pretty amazing. can you describe who picked this stuff? >> well, a fabulous design team and architectural firms. at the end of the day we
5:37 am
operate terrific casinos in las vegas and excited to have built grayton resort and casino. >> reporter: if my photographer, chip, wants to pan over here, we can show you this amazing bar. this has a punch of skylights, so it makes it light and argillite is the sky bar and it -- and airy. >> it is the sky bar. it allows you a great space to take in a drink with your friends during the day or at night. >> reporter: we want to mention the tribe is giving money back to the county and city of rohnert park. we understand you guys don't pay taxes, but there is money given to address concerns like the roadways and things like that? >> that is all true. the tribe has a agreement in place with the city of rohnert park and the county of sonoma. millions upon millions of dollars is agreed to with the
5:38 am
government entities working as good patterns in the community. specifically -- partners in the community. specifically the tribe is interested in preservation of land and natural spaces. it is important to them as part of their heritage. >> reporter: and you officially open at 10:00 this morning, right? >> that is correct. at 10:00 this morning we will welcome the general public. >> reporter: we are taking a long walk. this is the sport's bar. how many tvs are here? >> there are 38 screens. if you want to watch a game, this is the place to do it! >> reporter: and let's end with the poker room over here. this is amazing. this is one of the places you are not allowed to smoke? >> the poker room is snoek smoke free and portions of the casino are -- room is smoke free and portions of the casino are smoke free, as well. it is rich and dense and masculine with its rich woods. but of course, the ladies are
5:39 am
welcome to take part in this room, as well. >> reporter: you are cleaned up and everything looks ready to go. >> 2,000 colleagues and team members ready, fully trained and ready to welcome guests here at grayton resort and casino. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate it. live from rohnert park, i am tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. santa clara sheriff deputies need your help to find 60-year-old dennis brooks, a man with dementia. he was last seen at his home on immediate i don't remember place. he was wearing a white polo shirt, blue jeans and gray shoes. call the santa clara sheriff's office if you have more information. well, take a look at this story. last month a worker found her body in the stairwell of san francisco general hospital 17 days after she disappeared. investigators asked for help in
5:40 am
finding a misfriday witness, an a -- mystery witness, an asian man that perhaps saw miss spalding laying in the stairwell, but deputies say that witness doesn't exist. >> i haven't heard anything credit to believe suggest that really happened. i think that is somebody's fantasy after the fact. >> this attorney represents 5 members of the sheriff's department who provide security at san francisco general hospital. in the meantime, a man accused of killing a federal investigator, sandra coke, will be back in court today. new details came out during yesterday's hearing. testimony given by a police officer and two nephews confirmed that alaina is the father of sandra coke's 15-year- old daughter. testimony also revealed that coke became obsessed with finding her missing dog and suspected randy alaina may have something to do with the disappearance of the dog. another change may be coming to the bay area's
5:41 am
largest city. there is now a plan to reenergize a san jose park that has had a long history of crime and homelessness. we have more now from st. james park with that story. good morning, jeanine! >> reporter: good morning. st. james park is located in the heart of downtown san jose. there is a playground here, lots of park benches and lots of grass, but this is also a park frequented by homeless people and one city leader wants to spruce the park up. councilman san lacardo wants to build a pavilion with a line up of entertainment at the park. the prepare is reporting it would cost $2.5 million to build, and levitte would contribute $400,000. st. james park has been a magnet for the homeless population where they are known to sleep and hang out during
5:42 am
during the day. it is an area known for crime where a man was shot and killed in august and last year there was a stabbing, with one result innings homicide there. is an online petition designs to support the idea. the proposal will be presented at the city council's rules committee later this month. . all right. our time is 5:42. new troubles for our football team, this time in the locker room instead of on the field. >> also, a new policeman to speed up flights at sfo, just in time for the busy holiday traveling season. >> and it is getting busier in the key commutes, but 680 looks good as you head to fremont. >> low temperatures are from 33 to 06. no kidding. high temperatures will be warmer today. will we get rain any time soon,
5:43 am
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new program at san francisco international airport will allow the use of both of its runways during stormy weather, allowing planes flying into fog to stagger landing approaches to the two main runways instead of lining up in single file as they have in the past. many at sfo say it is long overdue. >> it is like you could come here and bedelayed an hour or two. >> boston, seattle and newark,
5:46 am
new jersey, already use this system to improve on-time performance. the tina fay says they will -- f.a.a. says it will know for sure if it will pork at sfo this winter. we are hear from the family of last week's deadly shooting at lax. the family of paul ciancia say they are shocked by the tragic events and express condolences to the tsa officer killed and the people hurt but will continue to support ciancia who is still heavily sedated at a hospital. in the meantime, the deadly shooting at lax is calling for armed guards at security check points there. should be a new class of officers that would carry weapons. armed officers in the screening area would help protect the tsa officers and flying public.
5:47 am
the police chief at lax says he doesn't know if that would make a difference. >> we work each and everyday to make this airport and others safe. it is sad to say that nothing will ever be 100%. >> the police chief says the outcome would have been the same even if the tsa agent shot and killed did have a gun. eric holder, u.s. attorney general, says he is working to improve airport security. and san francisco football coach, david shaw, say there is the no support of bullying in the support after accusations involving a former sanford player by the miami dolphins. the doff fins defensive tackle has endured in miami is out of the ordinary. he has been taunted by a teammate, received racist and threatening texts from fellow lineman ritchie incognito. the team suspended him indefinitely and shaw says bullying is not a part of team building between older and
5:48 am
younger players. and a cal player suffered injuries during a locker room fight with a teammate. 18-year-old freshman was taken to the hospital after the fight in a building next to amine el khalifi's memorial -- cal cease stadium late friday. police have not named the second player involved. it is unclear what led town the fight but cal is having another industrious season, losing 11 -- disastrous season, losing 1 straight games. and in traffic now this morning, good morning. we have a couple of things to watch. highway 4 is getting besides here in baypoint. it is busy as you drive to the antioch area into pittsburg. also this morning's commute will be busy at the bay bridge tole plaza. the commute on 8 -- toll
5:49 am
plaza. the commute on 80 westbound has slowed traffic down. we have a map of the area. you can see more slow traffic here on 80 westbound as you drive through. i want to make sure you know this morning's commute is going to be a little slower than it normally is as you drive through this area. 5:48. steve? thank you. a good morning. under clear skies it is either cold 30s or 60 degrees. north napa and livermore is 60 degrees. a east or north breeze and that will do it. i had to dig deep to find 30s. not far away you can find 48 to 55. san francisco, i know it is 53. there are a lot of 50s. a high of 66 in san francisco today. mostly sunny. a few high clouds. my kind of zip in the north
5:50 am
bay. overall a north breeze or northeast breeze. that equals nice conditions, especially for everybody including the coast. santa cruz can be a warmer location today at 74. marginal cal on the provider by the north bay. i can't find 30s by santa rosa. they are all 40s. light rain near crescent city. maybe ronald thompson, our observer up there can write me and say we are getting a little rain so somebody is getting rain. 55 in fairfield. if you get the breeze, napa airport is 51 and 60 in north napa. a little warmer today. then sliding back easily in the next couple of days. it will be dry but a cold morning for some, not for all. then mostly sunny with sunshine
5:51 am
in south bay against is sunshine in the north bay with a few high clouds. the hills will have a little northeast wind. temperatures dying out. for some cold but others not bad at all. 60s to 70s. oakland downtown is 71 today. concord and pleasant hills 73. 39 at pleasant hill. 68 in fremont. 74 in santa cruz. redwood city is 73. san mateyo 70. 71 in menlo park. a little cooler as we go into friday. saturday okay but cooler. increasing clouds on sunday. >> thank you, steve. keep an eye on tesla stock today. the palo alto car maker keeping an eye on the earnings, thinking the news will be good. it starts at $175 a share today. analysts focus on earnings, but they will be looking
5:52 am
closely at tesla's sale's figures. it plans to deliver about 5,000 model s sedans, but some say it could be as high as 7,000. a record corn crop is pushing prices down, making it economically possible to reopen ethanol plants in the midwest. one shot in the last five years came back in line last month and two more are expected to come back into production in the coming weeks. gas prices are still slipping a bit. the average is $3.80 in san francisco. about $0.12 cheaper around the rest of the bay area. we are paying $0.20 more than we did -- actually less than we did a few months ago. >> you don't have any problem with that, right? >> i keep an eye on it. i notice. >> i know! time now is 5:52. well, in san francisco, which
5:53 am
communities are about to become part of the bike share program and how many more bikes will soon be available? >> plus, a mistake at an atm where people were getting cash they never asked for. ;
5:54 am
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5:56 am
. well, welcome back. police in morgan hill have arrested a day care worker accused of being unthe influence of alcohol. police say 58-year-old anna marie lopez was charged with child endangerment. she was arrested yesterday mortgage at the child development -- yesterday morning at the child development center on main area. police say she has worked there for ten years. and a study being released today say parents need to look closely at baseball center where is they put their children. 5 states do not require extensive background checks for day care workers and 21 state does not have unannounced inspections of facilities every year. details of the report,
5:57 am
including what california requires, are expected later today. a bank in fresno investigating a very expensive mistake at an atm giving extra cash to some of the customers. over the weekend this bank of america bofa atm gave away $50 bills instead of $20 bills. the bank thinks the bills were put in the $20 slot by mistake. now there is a debate on whether people should get the money back. >> i think it is better to do the right thing because eventually karma will get back as you. >> well, the bank says they have video, and personal information on everybody who took the cash from that atm over the weekend. they say they will work with customers in an effort to get their money back. >> i am chatting with people on facebook about that. >> that is a good question. >> people are taking about karma. that is interesting. coming up next in the 6:00 hour, new information on a shooting inside a crowded mall
5:58 am
in new jersey. what we are finding out about the gunman and why police think he opened fire. >> and there is a proposal for a new type of park in san jose. this could mean winter fun all year long! >> good morning. san jose traffic is doing pretty well as we see it. a brand new crash, this is actually the 101 in san francisco. we have a brand new problem in the east bay that could cause major delays. >> and very unusual low temp this is morning. -- temps this morning. warmer highs are on the way, however. and is there a chance of any rain? we will talk about that shortly.
5:59 am
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