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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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fire. we'll tell you new information that we learned about 4:this fire could have started. a strict new gun control measure in the south bay. how voters decided on that and other big issues around the bay area. it was rejected by california voters but now one local city is making it a law. big changes are copping to bay area grocery stores. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we are live outside the apartment complex in sunnyvale where a two week old baby was taken. the police have a pretty good idea who they are looking for and a car description. we will get to that. claudine wong is getting new information just in the last 30 minutes. we will check in with her in just a moment. it is wednesday, november 6th thank you for joining us i'm
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pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how does it look? >> a little different today. mainly 40s on the lows. there are higher clouds coming in and patchy low clouds are trying to get their act today. there is still an easterly breeze so that should take care of most of it. the morning lows are cool to cold. 52 oakland though. 54 san francisco. some areas closer to the bay are running rather mild top warm. we'll go with 68 today in san francisco. i think the only reason was a little cooler than yesterday 70s was due to that high cloud deck. mix of sun and clouds. an easterly breeze will mean some very warm temps over by santa cruz. that is where i went with 80. overall highs looking for a lot of mid 70s. upper 60s and low 70s by the bay. another warm november day. good morning. right now jj the man that handles my traffic report is pointing something out with the
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cameras. let's take a look at 280 in san jose. northbound 280 does look good. we're also looking at the livermore valley westbound 580. we have a crash there. now traffic is a little slow. its better than i thought it would be. move slow on the altamont pass is normal. 880 southbound looks good. let's quickly go and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving well. now to 101 san francisco and it looks okay to me. there is good looking commute coming around caesar chavez and as we come and pull back here you can see 101 approaching the 80 split is looking good. now it is 5:02 let's go back to the desk. we are beginning with breaking news. a statewide amber alert was
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issued during the night. they are look for a newborn boy taken from an apartment in sunnyvale. claudine wong is in the south bay now and says the suspect is the baby's father. claudine. >> reporter: that is right, dave. we have been collecting a lot of information for you. trying to piece together what exactly what went wrong and what happened to this two week old baby. let me show you where we are. this is the 900 block of helen. this is the apartment complex where the two week old baby henry and his parents live. henry is still missing at this hour. let's show you pictures of his father. we did get these photos from his facebook pain this this -- facebook page this morning. his wall is filled with baby henry and appears to be the facebook page of an excited new father. but he has in the past threatened to hurt himself and the baby and they are very concerned this morning. all we know is that they got into a fight yesterday
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afternoon. he got mad and took the baby and told her he is leaving the state. police were finally notified about this just after 10:30 p.m.. he was last seen in a 2004 gmc envoy. the vehicle has a large american eagle on the rear window which should make it easier to spot. amber alert signs have been activated across the bay area and state. we knocked on the door where this couple lives and the woman we believe is the mother answered the door but did not want to talk this morning. we are going to continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the morning news. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. we are following developing news of a fire in san francisco's richmond district this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is joining us now. tara. >> reporter: we are learning more details here.
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we understand that the people that were evacuated were not from the building that was completely destroyed but rather the building next door. they lived in some flats that were above a chinese restaurant. you can see there is some crime scene tape up. i'm not sure if you can make that out. the building next door to the chinese restaurant this was an internet archiving organization and that was gutted. now we know that this crime scene tape is up. we are not sure why. it might be an effort to keep the scene clear. from what we understand there are 60 firefighters that battled these flames here. the flames leapt three stories high when they arrived. we know that the buildings are attached. so flames do spread quickly. i'm told by a source in the fire department that it is possible that this fire started in the restaurant and then spread to the building next door where the archives are located. 11 people total have been
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displaced temporarily. red cross is keeping them warm about a block away. and it will be hours before they can get back inside. we don't know the cause of this fire. the official cause. the chief out here was busy when we first arrived. we got pushed back and police have put up tape. clement street one block between 12th and funston is shut down at this hour. we will keep you posted on any new developments. time is 5:06. new this morning the chp investigating the mysterious overnight death of a woman in walnut creek. her body was found on 680. several cars hit the woman. she was lying on the freeway near the highway 24 interchange. the police report indicated she had been hit by a bart train and fell down on to the freeway. >> initially it was unknown if that female was hit by a bart train but upon further investigation by a bart
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employee it was determined the person at least initially right now there is no evidence of that person being hit by the train. >> investigators now say its possible that the woman jumped from the bart tracks down on to the freeway to take her own life. the city of oakland reportedly is being forced to hire a different company to deplete a controversial surveillance center. that center would give the police special security tools including access to all street cameras. however, the oakland tribune reports the city will cancel a deal with science applications international corporation because of a city ordnance that blocks it from doing business in companies involved in making nuclear weapons. >> we have all the results from tuesday's election in the bay area. you can see the final counts at the bottom of your screen. one of the most hotly contested issues was proposition c. the gun control measure in sunnyvale. it passed 66-34%. if a weapon is lost or stolen
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the owners have 48 hours to report it to police. and ammunition clips cannot hold more than ten rounds but the nra is vowing to sue. it appears measure s a bond to rebuild marin hospital will narrowly pass. although 20,000 ballots need to be counted. the measure is winning by a 68- 22 margin. it does need a two-thirds majority to pass. construction could begin by 2015. you can find complete election results at and we'll have the final numbers on the bottom of your screen there throughout our newscast. time is 5:08. the city of richmond moving ahead with a controversial food labeling plan. the city attorney will now write a law requiring genetically modified labels for urban, organic foods sold at local stores. the law would apply to all food retailers no matter how big they are or where they get
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their products. a similar statewide proposal was narrowly defeated last year by voters. an elderly woman in oakland was rescued from a two alarm fire at her home. this cell phone video taken by a neighbor it shows you the electrical transformers just sparking during that fire fight. another neighbor ran into the burning house to save the homeowners 96-year-old mother. >> luckily her mother was literally right in the front room and at that point i could hear the crackling and the pressure building. >> the elderly lady was carried to safety. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a new lawsuit claims lake county is responsible for landslides that left homes uninhabitable. improper maintenance caused the county water system to leak. resulting in devastating landslides last spring that damaged 17 homes in the lake
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port subdivision. homeowners say the slides caused a drop in property valuables for the other homes in the subdivision. county officials have not commented on the lawsuit. time is 5:09. classes canceled at san jose state. the reason students may have a tough time registering for classes this spring. the 911 calls from a frightening ordeal in the caldecott tunnel. good morning. right now we are looking at traffic that is getting a little busier in some of the key spots. but still looks good on 680. a little change today in the form of higher clouds. it probably won't have much of an impact on the very warm high temps. how warm? they are coming up.
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murder of oakland federal investigators sandra coke. the oakland tribune reports the inmate testified yesterday that randy alana did not seem upset when alana disappeared in august. the inmate said he had the conversation with alana wile he was in the jail for a parole violation after being named a person of interest her body was found in vacaville four days
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after she was reported missing. california lawmakers are getting their first pay raise in six years. they had trimmed those paychecks as california struggled through the recession. but the economy is improving along with a growing tax revenue. so the panel said state lawmakers will get a 5% pay raise starting next month. rank and file lawmakers in sacramento will make $95,000 a year. time is 5:14. the bart strike last month cost hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters time and money. it also cost muni a lot of money. the bart strike cost money knee $705,000. muni ridership jumped 20%. and they had huge over time bill for their parking control officers because of the huge number of cars that were parked in san francisco. 911 calls from last week are giving us new information about a firey car crash inside
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the caldecott tunnel. friday's fire filled the tunnel with smoke and eight people needed hospital treatment. dozens of drivers abandoned their cars and walked out of the tunnel. >> the guy is in the right lane and a lot of traffic backing up. i'm afraid the car will get engulfed in flames. >> friday's tunnel fire brought back vivid memories of a 1982 crash where a tanker truck caught fire. several people died. that officer was taken to san francisco general hospital. but is expected to be okay. the highway patrol cracking down on something officers say is to blame for most crashes in
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california. its aggressive driving. yesterday ktvu cameras spotted plenty of drivers going too fast and jocking for position in the fast lane. here's what officers will be looking for. >> people who are zipping in and out of traffic. cutting people off. >> officers say unsafe speed caused more than 48,000 accidents in 2011. the chp is using a $4 million state and federal grant to drop the number of crashes causing deaths of injuries. that crack down will last a year. >> you don't like that at all do you? >> i hate when i see people quickly changing lanes. sal. >> its frustrating. >> its frustrating. just because you are in a rush don't cause an accident. we are looking at a commute that is getting a little busier. although i still think you have
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a window. got a window. time to get on there before you get slammed by traffic. let's take a look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving welcoming into the city. there are no major problems at the toll plaza. speaking of san francisco northbound 101 in the city that looks good. on northbound 101 and on southbound 101 leaving the city and heading south toward the peninsula. and if you are on the nimitz freeway 880 southbound that traffic is also moving along nicely. the time 5:17. let's go back to steve. >> thank you. let's take a look at very ugly rain stats. courtesy of michael in san francisco who keeps meticulous records. he is spot on and the main man for weather information. he sent me this morning. the calendar year. from january 1st to now a total of 3.9 inches of rain has fallen.
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we are in the driest january through november 5th ever. that is ugly. that is really ugly. maybe next week we can get some rain in here. let's hope so. because this is unbelievably bone dry. a lot of high clouds coming in here. there in lies the rub. just a few high clouds. there is still a component of an easterly breeze. and for some areas it will be a nice day. livermore being one. and hopefully we can try to find a little bit of a little warmup for some near the coast. some other areas will be mild to warm. 75 today we will go for san jose under a few high clouds. but over all pretty quiet. a few low clouds are are trying. but i think they are getting chewed up pretty fast. for us 40 walnut creek. 54 san francisco. 53sfo. i did see a 39 at half-moon
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bay. 26 up in tahoe. over all look for a partly sunny partly cloudy day. because there will be a lot of high clouds but it will still be mild to warm. the ridge of high pressure is moving over us right now. yesterday was not the warmest. it does look like cooler pattern as we head toward the weekend. sunday could be breezy out of the south and warm. but that looks like its closer to friday. there is a little easterly breeze. high clouds. but some of the temps will rocket up here. especially if that easterly breeze holds. so 60s and 70s. mid 70s. take your pick. not bad alameda and berkeley. 80 in santa cruz. 78 gilroy. 75 santa clara. 60s or upper 60s to low 70s to mid 70s on the peninsula. not much change. just a little cooler as we go into friday. maybe slightly into saturday and then rebound with a south wind on sunday.
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>> thank you. time is 5:19. samsung is promising better shareholder returns. the south korean company executives talked about the company's growth potential. samsung has posted record profits and shareholders have accused the company of hording crash. japan nikkei rose nearly 1%. right now the european markets are open though. they are starting their trading day with small gains. analyst say investors are probably waiting for friday's u.s. jobs report before making any big decisions. checking in on our numbers. our futures actually point to a pretty good opening. we saw quite am big drop yesterday early on for the dow. but finished the day down just 20 points. a little bit of a mixed picture with the nasdaq. again the futures indicate a higher opening across the board. for the first time 49ers
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star aldon smith is talking publicly since he came back from rehab. coming up is he a different man? a seemingly innocent design on a high school sweatshirt prompts major concern. ñ
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. time is 5:23. they are letting it snow in
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spokane, washington. between an inch and a half and three inches fell yesterday morning. it wasn't enough snow to plow but the crews did put down deicer and sand. police handled about 80 accidents. all blamed on slippery roads. they are expecting more snow saturday night. back here at home san francisco parks will soon officially be closed to the public between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. supervisors approved an overnight park curfew. supporters say this will reduce vandalism and other crimes. but that vote was a crushing defeat for homeless advocates. the curfew unfairly targets people who live on the streets. the class of 2014 at a school near sacramento is attracting the attention of police with their design of a sweatshirt. it shows the roman numeral 14. but that symbol is associated with a hispanic gang with strong roots in northern california. an officer with the counties
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gang unit says if a student wears the sweatshirt in the wrong neighborhood it could easily get in trouble. >> they are going to wear a symbol the gang members are associated with they better be aware of that. >> the school district is now issuing a letter to parents about the issue and they are offering a refund. your time now 5:25. colorado voters just approved a marijuana tax but some say its too high. now this will place a 15% excise tax and a 10% sales tax on legal marijuana next year. the money will be used to regulate new recreational pot sales and also it will help to build schools. but critics say the big 25% total tax rate it will drive marijuana smokers back toes black market. the state of illinois is about to become the 15th state to allow same sex marriage. they approved same sex marriage legislation yesterday. the senate had already approved it.
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the governor pat quincys he almost sign -- quinn says he will sign it into law. an 18-year-old boy who was set on fire while sleeping on an ac transit bus. we have details on the boy that was arrested and what witnesses say they saw. also developing news from san francisco. a fire burning a building in the richmond district. the firefighters just told us about what may have started that fire. good morning. traffic is going to be busy in some areas if you are driving. i'm just noticing that on the golden gate bridge it looks good but i just noticed something in san francisco that might be a problem. we'll tell you more about that coming up. speaking of san francisco i just put together a graphic showing very warm current temperatures. we will get to that and talk about how warm the highs will be.
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time is 5:29. welcome back. good morning to you. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are looking at live pictures. this is sunnyvale. this is the apartment house that is the focus of a statewide amber alert. a baby boy was taken from an apartment here. there is a search on for the baby and the person believed to have taken the child. claudine wong is out there. she will have is all the latest details for you this a couple minutes. it is wednesday, november 6th
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i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. time now 529. almost 5:30. we don't have the clock up there, steve. down there i should say. because we have all of our election results. >> i didn't get the memo this was a gray day. >> it is apparently. isn't it. [ laughter ] you look sharp. >> thank you. i appreciate that. we do have a few high clouds and its really mild for many. near the ferry building its 57 degrees. diamond heights also 57. eureka valley 54. its off to am very mild start in san francisco. officially 54 last time i checked. we will go for a high today of 68 would not surprise me one bit if there were a couple 70s. 40s on some of these temps or 50s. 52 oakland. 50 hayward. a lot of 40s. its so sad to drift apart.
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but mix of sun and clouds. easterly breeze. high clouds. 70s for some. upper 60s for others. here is sal. steve, we are looking at what could be a problem in san francisco. although since i last spoke to you it looks like the crash is on the shoulder northbound 101 coming up from the candle stick area right into san francisco. its closer to caesar chavez so right here. but its on the shoulder. you know there is not much of a shoulder there. if its there for much longer, it could create a problem. for right now we will give the benefit of the doubt and say traffic is okay. however there is a new crash northbound 280 reported at caesar chavez here. this one here as you drive toward king street. so we will keep an eye on both of those problems. not actually great for san francisco but its early enough that we could dodge the big traffic that we might get there. let's move along and take a look at the actual san francisco freeway here from the
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80 split. that looks good. bay bridge toll plaza so far light. although you can tell more people are showing up. let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news. an amber alert has been issued for a baby abducted in southern any vail. the highway patrol says the suspect 22-year-old ma soothe took his newborn son henry yesterday afternoon. investigators saga her was angry at the boy's mother and threatened to take their baby out of state. he is driving a tan colored 2004 gmc envoy. the california license plate number 6hil892. if you see the vehicle please call 911. time is 5:32. we are following developing news in san francisco. an early morning fire butted a building -- gutted a building
5:33 am
in the richmond district. tara moriarty is live where this fire started. >> reporter: the chief told us when they first arrived they thought the fire started in a chinese restaurant located very close to where the flames were coming from. they soon discovered the fire actually had started in a bookstore behind me here. right between those two ladder trucks. the flames were shooting three stories high when they got here. just before 4:00 this morning. 60 firefighters fought the flames and attacked it quickly because these buildings are attached. the battalion chief says the fire was fully involved because there was a lot of fuel to keep these flames going. >> what we have here is a bookstore that i believe supports this internet archive building so there is plenty of books, paper type products. so the fire was well advanced and free burning when we
5:34 am
arrived. >> reporter: 11 people total have been temporarily displaced. it will be hours before they are able to get inside. again we don't know the official cause of this fire so that is currently under investigation. but you should know that clement street between 12th and funston is closed for the time being. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:33. police try to determine why a 16-year-old boy set fire to another passenger on an ac transit bus in oakland. police arrested the oakland high school teenager student yesterday after checking surveillance video from the bus. police say the 18-year-old victim luke flashman who goes by the name sasha is in stable condition at st. francis memorial hospital. all of this happened on the 57 bus on monday night. >> everybody started yelling fire, fire. i turned around and this fie was jumping up and down. >> other witnesses say the victim appeared to be wearing a
5:35 am
skirt or a kilt. police say it appears the victim and suspect don't know each other. friends have set up a web page. they are trying to raise money for his medical bills. this morning it has already raised more than $6300. we are learning more about a man that was shot and killed by fairfield police. 24-year-old deanita taylor was on parole for robbery. police responded to a home and found a woman that had been stabbed 30 times. police chased him and say they opened fire when he came at them with a knife. the woman who was stabbed remains in critical condition. people protesting the deadly shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez say they will conduct their own investigation into what happened. lopez was shot and killed two weeks ago by a sheriffs deputy while holding a replica assault rifle.
5:36 am
protestors say they will hold an event this weekend to gather witness statements and evidence. and that will be presented to the district attorney. happening today an emergency meeting planned at san jose state. fault members say -- faculty members cyathea are in crisis mode. deep unexpected cuts have to be made within their programs. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us from san jose state. >> reporter: good morning, dave. well this is an e-mail that was sent out to faculty. it basically tells the faculty that millions of dollars need to be cut. and these are not just going to be one time cuts they will be permanent. now over the past two years san jose state faced a $32 million budget deficit. half of the cuts will taken in the last academic year and now the remaining $16 million needs to be taken. the administration says this will result in class actions being reduced for the spring semester. department chairs have been
5:37 am
asked to combine class sections and increase class sizes in an attempt to accommodate as many students as last year. some students have not heard this news yet and are concerned about how this will impact you. >> i feel like if there are more cuts i will not get the classes i need to graduate. so that is definitely a concern for me. >> reporter: some part time faculty will lose part of their usual class assignments and some part and full time faculty may be asked to teach classes outside of their expertise. professors have lots of questions including what happened to money to education. and how are students going to get the classes they need? this emergency meeting for the department chair and school directors will be held at 103 p.o. a.m. on campus-- 10:30 a.m. on campus. we are told the media is invited and the president of the campus is invited. reporting live janine de la
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vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:37. i want to show you more bay area election results. by a 62 and 38% vote, voters in san francisco rejected proposition b the waterfront condo project. and despite the support of lieutenant governor gavin newsom and mayor ed lee am companion measure that would wave a height limit for that project it also lost. proposition b supporters out spent opponents 2-1. it would allow two condominium buildings to replace -- the project would have created jobs and a public park. critics which included the sierra club says the condo project exceeded the height limit in that area. we have new details about other high profile propositions in the bay area. voters in antioch approved measure c. starting next april
5:39 am
the city's sales tax will go up half am cent so they can hire more police officers. you can find complete election results on our channel 2 website. but also have the final numbers you will see them on the bottom of your tv screen throughout our newscast. in a story you will see only on 2, police found loaded guns and meth in a martinez home. police were called to the home after getting reports of shots fired in the area. when they arrived they found more than a pound and a half of meth, 16 pounds of marijuana, several loaded guns. >> that is pretty good indication just with the quantities alone they are for distribution. >> one man was arrested but police say several people were living in the home including a small child. and that more arrests could be made. a teacher shot by a gunman
5:40 am
at los angeles international airport is talking about the attack from his hospital bed. brian is in good condition. a bullet shattered his lower right leg during the gunman's rampage. he was at lax getting ready to fly to chicago for a friend's wedding. >> i was in line with a bunch of people. when we heard gunfire. first from the first floor. from the ticket level. and then so everybody started to panic. everybody started to run. >> and then suddenly he was shot. he collapsed against a wall. scrambled into a storage room and found a sweatshirt that he used as a turn kit. a tsa officer was killed in that shooting. paul ciancia is facing murder charges. time is 5:40. new this morning the former boyfriend of amanda knox is
5:41 am
testifying in the third trial in the murder case of a british student in italy. rafael called the charges against them absurd. they were convicted of killing knox's roommate back in 2009. but their convictions were overturned in 2011 because of a lack of evidence. amanda knox came back to the united states after she was acquitted. she is not in italy for the retrial. 5:41 is the time. opening fire in san jose. the new regulations just passed by the city council to help solve the problem of wild pigs. the mayor of toronto says he will not step down. even though he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. the policy he is hope willing keep him until office and popular with voters. good morning. right now we're looking at a couple traffic issues. but the traffic itself is also getting slower in some key areas. some very mild lows. especially toward parts of the coast and in san francisco.
5:42 am
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the san jose police department is trying something new in response to the severe staffing shortage. the department is making detectives take turns on patrol on the streets of san jose. 70 detectives will rotate on patrol units one day a month in a test program. the police department says the rotations are needed to effectively respond to emergency 911 calls. but the plan has set off a heated debate within the department. >> we're having some issues getting to those calls in a timely manner. again we're hoping the addition of these new officers will help to obviously reduce that.
5:45 am
>> those holes have to be filled. we have to get to the 911 calls but it will come at an additional cost. as we investigate burglaries and narcotics. and now domestic violence cases will go on hold. >> many detectives are concerned that the rotations will become permanent. police department leaders will only say that the program will be reviewed early next year. with san jose and other major bay area police departments short on officers we wanted to know how do other cities across the country compare with their staffing levels and patrol plans. >> patrol is most important. that is the number one priority of any law enforcement agencies. the officers that are working the street. >> they looked at departments cities similar in size. and tonight at 6:00 we will show you how they stack up and how many more officers bay area departments need to keep our
5:46 am
hunt -- our communities safe. turning now to election results around the nation new jersey governor chris christie easily reelected winning 60% of the vote. during his victory speech governor christie says he almost use his second term to finish -- he will use his second term to finish helping the victims of super storm sandy return. in virginia former democratic national committee chairman terry was elected the new governor after narrowly defeating ken a republican. and in new york city bill was elected the mayor. the first democrat to be elected mayor of new york city since 1989. the mayor of toronto, canada admits to smoking crack cocaine. but says he will not resign. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but no, do i? no.
5:47 am
am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken city poors. >> his confection is now under investigation. san francisco 49er aldon smith is talking publicly for the first time since returning from rehab. he talked to reporters for five minutes yesterday at the practice facility. smith was arrested in september on drunk driving charges after crashing his car in the south bay neighborhood. >> of course i didn't want to be away from the sport i love. but it was good for me to get away and get my mind together and work like i say just to get into the positives of where i need to be at. >> smith says he's thinking about the possibility of playing as soon as this sunday. people with season tickets to the san francisco 49ers will now be able to buy and take
5:48 am
home their actual seats from candle stick park. single seats not for sale but you can only buy them in pairs for $649. the general public will be able to buy a pair of seats for $749 starting on december 9th. the 49ers stay most of the proceeds will benefit parks in san francisco. so that is nice. time is 5:47. almost 5:48. sal is back. you are busy this morning and watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> yeah. the toll plaza is getting more crowded dave and pam. good morning, to you as we look at it you can see some lanes are getting a little more crowded on the side. if you have a fast track transponder its not all that bad. we had slow traffic already in spots on the bridge but nothing major just yet. we are looking at the commute here and it looks okay on 237. but you will see slow traffic. now earlier we had an accident eastbound 50 at greenville road. we had a couple minor crashes
5:49 am
and traffic coming in off the altamont pass will be slow. 5:48 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. take a look at some well not very good rain stats here. we'll focus on san francisco. again this is courtesy of michael who keeps wonderful records. sent this to me. from january 1st to november 5th so the calendar year. remember the rainy year is july to june. so this is the calendar year.  3.94-inches has fallen. the record driest was 1976. that was a very, very dry year. 5.72 inches. ? that is just terrible. maybe next week we will get rain. a lot of high clouds drifting over us today. its a little warmer for some.
5:50 am
especially toward santa cruz. i was just looking down there from scots valley there is an easterly breeze heading down toward the coast. that maintains itself it will be very mild to warm for some. we get a few easterly breeze and high clouds. you can see those skirting on by. heavier amounts off to the north. this is really taking aim with high clouds. 40s on the temps or 50s. 54 san francisco. very mild temps in parts of san francisco. 26 up in tahoe. 47 ukiah. that is much warmer than yesterday. they were in the 30s. those high clouds have a bit of an impact on holding the low temps up. they will mainly take aim toward the north bay. but scattered high clouds. high clouds, warm temps though. as long as that easterly breeze is there. that means a cooler pattern won't start until tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. easterly breeze. high clouds. and those higher clouds really all they will do is is give us another mild to warm day with
5:51 am
temperatures they really won't make much of an impact. 70s for many. novato 74. santa rosa 74. concord, pleasant hill in there. 80 in santa cruz. 78 in gilroy. 60s on the coast. much of the peninsula as well. menlo park and palo alto checking in at 74. i think breezy. that will be a south wind and warmer temps. right now we are keeping an eye on tesla stock. it is down a bit. its down about $20 a share. that is after the electric car maker reported a $38 million loss during the third quarter.
5:52 am
that sent the stock price tumbling yesterday. tesla did meet expectations on deliveries. tesla would sell more than 5,000 of the luxury cars. it reports it sold 5500. jd power latest survey shows rational ranks first. enterprise is second. alamo is third. rental customers say the reservation system and a policy that lets frequent customers choose their car is why they are ranked higher. burger king considers the big mac buster is described as two beef patties, lettuce, onion, it tastes a lot like the big mac from mcdonalds as well.
5:53 am
but bk says the flame grilled meat makes it different. they give the big king a limited try out and decided not to make it an addition to the permanent menu. time is 5:52. celebrating a bay area woman she died after making her dream come true. this was no ordinary runner at the new york marathon. now why there is sadness about her race to the finish line. about those plans to start tearing down the old bay bridge this week. the reason cal tran now says hold on we have to wait.
5:54 am
soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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welcome back time now 5:55. cal tran now delaying the demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge that was supposed to start this morning. the delay is because what they need to catch falling debris its not completely in place. cal tran hasn't said when demolition will start. the entire demolition process expected to take about three years. a surprising discovery of a contractor working on san francisco's new central subway. they dug up the foundation of a cathedral buried in the 1906 earthquake. officials say contractors were digging in san francisco's north beach area when they found the foundation of the holy trinity cathedral. now a piece of the cathedral was presented to the church. which by the way moved to a different location a month
5:57 am
before the quake. surprise discovery added $250 $250,000 to the cost of this project. the central subway is due to open in 2019. some people are hoping there is less traffic today after the gridlock they experienced during the opening of the new casino. thousands of people made their way into what is now northern california's largest casino on opening day. local motels report their rooms are filling up and other businesses say that they are seeing a boost in business as well. some gamblers gave up on trying to get in and headed 32 miles north to the river rock casino. >> it was so crowded there you could barely find a place to play. and its not normally like that. >> the highway patrol says there could be heavy traffic in the area through the weekend. time is 5:57. breaking news coming in from san francisco. early morning gunfire in the south of market area. these are live pictures.
5:58 am
what we are looking at right now. ktvu brian flores just got there. brian will have a live report coming up. also coming up next in our 6:00 hour the amber alert this morning for a missing bay area baby. where the missing little boy was taken, who may have taken him, and what investigators are telling us about the search. good morning. right now northbound 280 at the 880 interchange looks pretty good as you drive through san jose. we'll tell you more about the south bay commute. our unseasonally warm weather continues but for how much longer? and will the clouds have any impact? and what about rain next week?
5:59 am
6:00 am
we continue to follow breaking news in the south bay where the search is on for a two week old baby. what we have learned about where he and his father might be headed. the last known area that it looks like they were in. we are live in san francisco where police are investigating an early morning shooting. we'll give you an update on what we know so far as well as an update on the victims condition. one bay area university making drastic budget cuts. what will now


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