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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, a statewide amber alert in effect right now to find a 2-week-old baby from sunnyvale. what police are saying about what may have led up to the baby's disappearance. san francisco police are now hoping some key evidence can help them find the shooter who killed a man in a car early this morning. an emergency meeting at san jose state university as the school faces millions of dollars in cuts. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell.
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right now, a statewide amber alert is in effect for an infant missing from sunnyvale. ktvu's robert handa joins us live with more on where police believe the baby might be and some insight into what led to the disappearance. >> reporter: good afternoon. things have calmed down quite a bit here at the apartment complex on helen avenue in sunnyvale where the mother lives. as you heard during the morning newscast, the law enforcement focus has shifted from the family home here to the san diego area where the father has been spotted by people as well as detected in locations by tracking his cell phone. the search is on for 22-year- old mesut guler, the father suspected of abducting his 2- week-old century, henry guler. police say the father who works as a barrista at the mart courtyard -- marriott courtyard, sent the mother a
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text saying she was leaving the state if she called police. she did call police. police got a ping on his cell phone in the kerney mesa area in san diego. then with an alert on, chp got a call shortly after 2:00 a.m. that the vehicle had been spotted in the hillcrest area. at 3:27 a.m., chp got another call reporting a sighting in national city, a suburb south the san diego. police say she's been cooperated. she's not married. she says the couple has had numerous fights over the couple's desire to move to new york and he has friends in mexico which is where investigators believe he's headed. >> we've been in contact with the san diego authorities in that area and we're working with the fbi and our county district attorney's office. >> reporter: now, we have been talking with san diego police. about 20 minutes ago they said they are still getting numerous calls but have not gotten an
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exact match of the vehicle, license plate and father. so far, the mother has declined to comment. we'll have updates at and later on our 5:00 newscast. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, robert. in less than an hour, we should find out more about the mysterious death of a san francisco general patient found in a stairwell. ross mirkarimi will hold a news conference own the investigation of lynn spaulding's death. she went missing from her hospital room weeks earlier. he plans to discuss the preliminary findings in the case at 1:00 p.m. at city hall. we'll have details on what was said in our later newscast and online. a child molestation civil trial begins today in san jose. last month, the jury found 27- year-old keith woodhouse guilty of felony child molestation. the lawsuit was filed by the parents of the girl who claims woodhouse molested heir while
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she attended the summer program in san jose's church of the hill in 2007. woodhouse worked there at the time. the same lawsuit targets child development incorporated, the largest daycare provider in california. police in san francisco continue to investigate an early-morning shooting that left one man dead. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. off 3rd and bryant streets in the south of market neighborhood. brian flores is live at san francisco police headquarters now with what we know about any suspects. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hey, tori. still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to this early-morning shooting unfortunately which is why police are asking for the public's help in gathering more information to try to solve this case. now, police originally got the first call of a shooting at 4:53 off 3rd and bryant. when we spoke with the sergeant on scene this morning, he said the toyota camry had four people inside and were approaching the bay bridge onramp when the car was hit at
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least five or six times on the left side of it. it's unclear then what prompted the shooting. but after shooting, the driver looked for help. the other twist, the driver in that rush to find help was able to track down a fire truck near 3rd and brannan but somehow during that crashed into something. firefighters were able to render aid to the victims. we're finding out that the driver fled and the two other passengers stayed. the passenger shot was transferred to the hospital where he died this morning. >> at this point, it appears to be an isolated incident. the public shouldn't have any concerns. however, they were in the air -- if they were in the area at the time, saw something, heard something, contact the department. >> reporter: the shooting victim has not been identified but i just got off the phone with sfpd and they say the victim is 19 years old, living out of fairfield. now, police say they've found
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shell casings at 3rd and bryant and they are examining those and any surveillance camera footage that may have caught what happened. police are not releasing any information about the passengers that were inside the car at the time. we're live here in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, brian. antioch residents may have noticed police activity this morning. chief alan posted an update on facebook about a s.w.a.t. operation at 6:00 a.m. he said s.w.a.t. members arrested a man suspected of a home-invasion robbery in pleasanton and that die visionary devices were used during the operation. he did not -- he did not say what they were, but they may have generated noise. it's not clear where the operation took place. we're learning more about the officer-involved shooting in fairfield that we told you about yesterday. police say the 24-year-old was on parole for robbery and had a lengthy criminal history. he was shot and killed by police yesterday after police say he tried to attack an
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officer with a knife. police say trailer ran from them as they were investigating a stabbing. trailer later died at the hospital. oakland police are trying to figure out why a 16-year-old boy allegedly set fire to another passenger on an a.c. transit bus. the oakland high school student was arrested yesterday after police checked surveillance video from the bus. this happened monday night on the 57 bus line. police say the victim, 18-year- old luke fleishman, who goes by sasha, is in stable condition at st. francis hospital in san francisco. >> everybody started yelling, fire, fire. i turned around and this guy, he was like jumping up and down. >> other witnesses say the victim was wearing a skirt or a kilt. police say it appears the victim and the suspect did not know each other. friends of fleishman have set up a web page to raise money for his medical bills. as of this morning, they raised more than $6700. we have new video of a
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raging fire that threatened to destroy an historic building in san francisco's richmond district. a neighbor took this video of the two-alarm fire which broke out before 4:00 this morning in a back building off funston and clement. nearly a dozen people who live next door had to be evacuated. luckily, the flames did not reach the main lie prayer brairie. but the scanning center is a total -- library. but the scanning center is a total loss. >> we'll really sorry to lose the scanning center but it is only one out of many. >> the internet archive building used to be a christian science church built in 1920. luckily nobody was hurt. those forced to evacuate are now back in their homes. the santa clara county sheriff is looking for a suspected bike thief. george lee has been seen stealing high-end bicycles in santa clara and marin county for months. they say the 46-year-old asian
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man was caught in july during a sting operation in tiburon but then released on bail. the investigation has been ongoing into bike thefts. he has two outstanding warrants. they believe he's staying with family or friends in the area. caltrans is delaying demolition of the old span of the bay bridge that was supposed to start this morning. they say the new start date will be this week or early next week. the entire demolition process is expected to take at least three years. >> reporter: we're live at san jose state university where an emergency meeting was just held to discuss millions of dollars in cuts that need to be made for the spring semester. we'll tell you about the impact to teachers and students. it's another nice day around the bay area. but mark tamayo will be here to tell you when you can expect a
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cooling trend and a chance of rain. a new move about the warriors' arena and how it's tied to the election results yesterday. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] san jose state is facing
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the possibility of deep cuts. faculty and staff just wrapped up a meeting to discuss the problem about 30 minutes ago. ktvu's janine de la vega talked to students and faculty and joins us live from the campus. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. this latest development really throws a wrench into things for students and the faculty here. some of the faculty told me this is an outrage that they are finding out about the cuts so late and students worry if they will be able to graduate on time. as students headed to class, many were not happy to learn that millions of dollars needed to be slashed from the budget for the upcoming semester. >> it's definitely frustrating. i want to get my classes and graduate on time. >> reporter: they packed into an emergency meeting where they were able to ask questions to the administration. >> who precisely made the decision about where these cuts would come from? >> reporter: faculty members wanted to know how it would
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affect class sizes. >> how do we do this? we know we have to balance the budget. how do we do this without jeopardizing the quality of our education. >> reporter: two years ago they had a $32 million budget. significant cuts were taken but the administration says there's a still a remaining $4 million that needs to be cut for the spring. class sizes will have to be increased and class sections will have to be combined. >> san jose state will of course try very hard to target courses that are already experiencing low enrollment. we'll be recommending to all of our students that they keep the registration appointments. >> reporter: department chairs say they will have to lay off professors, some who with have worked for more than ten years. they asked about proposition 30, money earmarked for education. >> they voted for it. where is the money? why aren't you using it to help offset these cuts? >> reporter: a university spokeswoman says money from prop 30 helps stabilize the budget and stop tuition from
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increasing. but in order to use funding from it, student fees cannot be increased and since the university can't raise those fees, they say the money needs to be cut elsewhere. reporting live from san jose state university, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was back on the hot seat again. both democrats and republicans on the senate finance committee grilled sebelius this morning. she told them the obamacare website needs hundreds of fixes and says it's been a miserable five weeks since the website went online. >> i'm accountable to this committee and the american public for getting the fixes in place. and we are committed to getting fixed so millions of americans can obtain the help and financial security they've been waiting for. >> you've said america should hold you accountable which is why today i repeat my request
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for you to resign. >> some senators have proposed shutting down the government website until it is fixed. sebelius says that's not an option. taking down the website she said would not delay people's cancer, diabetes or par kick son -- parkinson. the state assembly showeds a hearing on a botched software upgrade that's left people waiting folks for their unemployment checks. internal e-mails at the edd show that a problem transferring data from the old system to the new one affected as many as 300,000 claims forcing workers to process them by hand. the hearing and the assembly insurance committee began about an hour ago in sacramento. election 2013 is in the books and here's a look at some of the bay area results -- in sunnyvale, voters have approved the controversial gun control measure. proposition c passed by 66%. among the new rules, it
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enforces if a weapon is lost or stolen, owners have 48 hours to report that to police. the nra is vowing to sue. in antioch a sales tax hike to hire more police officers passed by 68%. that half-cent sales tax will go into effect starting next april. and san francisco voters rejected b, which would have allowed for a waterfront condo project on the embarcadero. despite the support of gavin newsom and mayor ed lee, a companion mesh usual, proposition c, would wave a height limit for the project also lost. for complete results go to for a list of all of the measures from the bay area. san francisco activists celebrating the failure of the condo development project are ramping up their opposition to the warriors' arena. they gathered at the brannan street wharf to send a message to city leaders about plans for
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of the arena and a retail mall at piers 30 to 32. those buildings would be as tall as the eight washington planned that voters just turned down and it would stretch across more square footage. a former mayor is among those opposed to what he calls another wall on the waterfront. >> it's a spectacular place that belongs to all of san francisco. everybody, whether they are an owner or a renter has a piece of this city in general and especially here at the water front. >> mayor lee supports the project as he did the defeated condo project but this morning he says he expects the arena to capture more support from voters because it will touch more people. he also said it will be no slam dunk. well, another very nice day across most of the bay area. the key change today, a few visiting high clouds.
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no rain yet. that could be changing next week. here's our live cameras as you can see looking out toward walnut creek. we have a little bit of haze. some of the higher clouds pushing into the region. one of the warmer days this week. warmest locations on track to reach the mid- to upper 70s. you can see the cloud pattern on the satellites, more clouds offshore. as far as the rainfall not here in the bay area, up to the north along the coast right around eureka, approaching cape mendocino as well. be on the lookout for that as well. current temperatures are in the -- recovering back to the mid- to upper 60s. after the cold start, you can see the current numbers. san francisco, 67. san jose, 68. livermore, 69. fairfield right now in the upper 60s at 67 degrees in the forecast for today. the forecast looks pretty good with the temperatures on track to reach the mid-70s. high clouds, mild to warm. tomorrow, partly cloudy, a little bit cooler out there. the weekend forecast, the
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cooling trend continues. we'll thicken up the cloud cover for the second half of the weekend on sunday. the satellite and radar, you can see most of the unsettled weather is up to the north. you get an idea of the storm track. this will garage tuly flatten out. as it does, it will be the source of cooling. not a major dropoff in temperatures but that's the direction we are heading over the next few days. you can see the clouds, at least a batch of high cloud cover offshore in the pacific. this is our forecast model. here we are this afternoon at 12:00, we'll put this into motion at 5:00 and 6:00, some partly cloudy skies paying us a visit and still some overcast for the overnight hours. with the high clouds moving in, it will help raise the lows. first thing tomorrow morning and then still a sun/cloud mix. filter sunshined for thursday afternoon. forecasted highs, one of the warmest days of the week. san francisco will go 70. santa rosa, 77. concord, 73 and a pair of 76s
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for antioch and present we'd. san jose, lower 70s. santa cruz by the boardwalk in 7. half moon bay at 6 a. here's a -- 65. here's a look at your five-day forecast. you can see before the weekend, we'll have partly cloudy skies. temperatures will shave off a few degrees over the next few days. by the weekend, the biggest change on sunday. definitely increasing clouds and then by sunday night into monday there's the chance we could be tracking a few light rain showers in the bay area. it could be moderate for next week. watch out for that. it's that time of year where we expect to host the rain in the bay area. >> all right. we'll enjoy it while we can. >> yes. south bay residents can now shoot at wild pigs that are tearing up lawns and a golf course in the almaden valley area of san jose. however, residents are can only shoot at the -- can only shoot at the pigs if they have the proper permits of the council's ruling takes effect immediately and runs through february 5th. san jose allows employees at
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mineta san jose international airport to shoot birds threatening to collide with planes. and in san francisco, city supervisors voted in favor of an overnight park curfew. under the new curfew, parks will officially close between midnight and 5:00 a.m. supporters say it would reduce vandalism, metal thefts and other crimes that often happen during the overnight hours. but homeless advocates say the curfew targets people living on the street. twitter set to debut upon the new york stock exchange tomorrow. when we can expect to find out how much the stock price will go for. and signs of a holiday season in san francisco's union square. our crews were there as the ice rink opened this morning.
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the dow back in record territory this afternoon. federal reserve official hinted the economic stimulus program would stay in place longer than currently anticipated. right now, the dow is up 126. the nasdaq, though, is down 6. s&p up 7. and social media stocks led by facebook and linked in are weighing down the head sector ahead of the expected pricing of twitter. the ip po. is tomorrow -- ipo is tomorrow. and they are expected to set the stock price tonight for the debut on the new york stock exchange. right now, the price range is expected to be between $23 and
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$25. that's up $5 from its original price range and some analysts say the actual ipo price will be a lot higher. grab your mittens, scarves and skates. this morning marked the seasonal debut of the union square ice rink in san francisco. >> 3, 2, 1! [ cheers ] >> local dignitaries literally broke the ice before the rink opened. the rink will remain open now until january 20th. the safeway holiday ice rink has offered a festive atmosphere for those who want to lace up or just watch. >> we look forward to it every year. it's so much fun to be out in the open air and skate away. >> my mom likes to skate and my sister skates here. i wanted to skate. >> reporter: what do you think about union square? >> it's nice. >> regular admission is $11.
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$7 for kids for 8-year-olds and under. the hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. a ticket of the proceeds benefit boys and girls clubs of san francisco. nup at 5:00, we'll -- coming up at 5:00, we'll have the latest following the news conference about the investigation into the mysterious death of a patient at san francisco general hospital. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at
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