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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we are not showing the families of the children originally molested by daycare worker. when the parents showed up after the start of the civil lawsuit in san jose today. but one mother talked to me about the pain her family has suffered after enduring a criminal trial that ended last month with woodhouse being found guilty of 30 counts of lewd conduct with kids under the age of 16. >> it has really destroyed our family. >> reporter: he's expected to take the stand in the civil trial. it targets his employers, child development incorporated and first baptist church of san jose known as the church on the hill. >> they betrayed our trust. as a result of the lawsuit, i would never want another child or family to go through what we are going through right now. >> reporter: their attorneys compared it to the penn state situation, calling another case where the institution did not do enough to protect children in terms of supervision or background checks. the attorney says that he
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believes that the lawsuit could lead to changes in the system. >> making sure that when children, they are with entities that will be caring for children and as a pedophile, they have measures in place to find out who they are to get rid of them so kids are not endangered. >> reporter: and now attorneys for the defendants to decline to comment, but they will later as they have not set a damage amount. the trial is expected to take two weeks. one big problem is their testimony before you needed to sentence november 22 and transport it to prison. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the state's mandatory reporting law. in 1997 members of the clergy were added to the list of people required to report suspected child abuse authorities. and the reporter does not need any evidence of the abuse. just a reasonable suspension that the the child has been sexually, physically, or emotional hard or neglected. that there is one exemption for the information received by clergy during the confession by
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the church member. we're following breaking news. just about 45 minutes ago, we learned that the 2-week-old baby kidnapped by their father is now safe in mexico. and the father, with the newborn was stopped near the lukeville arizona check point on the mexican border earlier today. and they just heard from police on what has been a frantic 24 hours for the baby's family. as he will be outside their home right now. ken? >> reporter: frank, a frantic, but very happy ending in this case. the suspect is in custody as they will be okay. and with the mexican authorities right now and plans are underway to try to get that baby back here to sunnyvale to be with his mother. the suspect is the 22-year-old. the baby is the 2-week-old. as you mentioned that the father crossed the mexican border with the baby and actually got past the u.s. border and was into mexico and
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stopped at a secondary check point. that is when mexican authorities interviewed him and called the u.s. border patrol. >> they stop him at a check point within mexico. again based on their interview with him, they called the u.s. border patrol at lukeville. gave them the name, they ran his name into the computer system discovering there was a warrant for his arrest for the child abduction. >> the baby is just fine and that at some point will be returned to the united states at the lukeville arizona border station. likely will be flown back here with an escort. the suspect also has to be extradited on out of mexico. and then taken to arizona and then extradited from arizona to california and brought to the bay area to face charges of child abduction. and so that process, it is
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already underway, but how soon it will be before the baby is actually returned here to the bay area and reunited with his mother is unclear. and it will probably take some time longer than that to get that suspect back here in custody in the bay area. live in sunnyvale. ktvu channel 2 news. today they outline new details about the initial search for lynn spalding. the san francisco general hospital patient that ended up dead in a hospital stairwell. on friday the thorough search was not immediately done. we're learning more about why. we've got the new details outlined by the sheriff who spoke publicly about the case for the first time today. david? >> reporter: frank, the search got off to a bad start with the confusion about the race, her state of mind, and what area of the hospital should be checked. a shake up is ahead for the sheriff deputies.
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>> there will be sudden change changes, i can tell you. >> reporter: the sheriff said that the changes, they are in response to the failed search for the hospital patient. she disappeared from her room on september 21 and found dead in a stairwell. including the incorrect information initially given to deputies by the hospital workers. >> the deputy was told that the missing woman was african american and wearing a hospital gown. >> they don't seem to know who their patient was and they don't seem to have done much to find her. >> the the attorney for the spalding family said they were disturbed that the position said they were going to discharge her, but described her as confused and not safe to be on her own. >> to say that she was not at risk in one sentence and then to say she was confused and shouldn't be by herself in another sentence. that to me it is extraordinary and the big indifference. >> reporter: it took nine days before they requested deputies to search the entire 24-acre
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campus. >> but staff, they were directed to search them, only about half of the stairwells were searched. >> they learned that the police department's missing unit met with staff on october 1. concerned that spalding may have never left that site. three days later they called deputies with a report of someone laying in the third to fourth floor landing. >> the communications center staff, they responded. we'll take care of it. and that there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> i'm not sure that anybody has seemed to have taken this particularly seriously. >> reporter: and in a statement released by them about 20 minutes ago. a spokesman says it is good to have more information as we are all seeking answers about what happened to spalding so that it never happens again. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. and our coverage will be continuing on ktvu. you can watch the entire press conference where they outline that timeline of lynn
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spalding's disappearance and their response and limited search. just look under top story on our home page. the police chief said that the 16-year-old boy accused of setting a young man on fire could be charged as an adult. a decision by the district attorney could come as soon as tomorrow. he suffered second and third dug burns. police, they also want to talk to two men that doused the flames. not only are those men witnesses, but they should be recognized for their heroic action. new developments in the alleged drunk driving crash that killed a husband and wife as they were walking their dog. police are looking for more witnesses in that case. they have learned that a man driving a white ford explorer may have seen the crash nearly two weeks ago. officers say they want to talk
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to them or anyone else that sought accident. facing charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. the lawyer for the san francisco man accused of running a $1 billion drug website insisted prosecutors have the wrong man. 29-year-old is being held in new york on federal charges. authorities said that he was chatting online with a cooperating witness about his drug website silk road when he was arrested in a san francisco library last month. prosecutors say he was known as the dread pirate robert as he handles millions of sales of drugs and pornography. now for the first time, the director of california's deployment department was on the hot seat in san francisco. ktvu has been investigating the glitch for two months, ever since a computer update started delaying unemployment checks over the labor day weekend. ktvu ken pritchett is live in
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sacramento where they made the discovery. >> reporter: if lawmakers sound upset about the deployment development department. just imagine how nicholas lee must feel. he testified at the capitol about his ordeal. >> i don't understand what they are doing, what's wrong. maybe they should go back to the old system. >> reporter: he's emotional because the computer upgrade over the labor day weekend has left him without unemployment benefits. >> i've been borrowing money through my mom. i mean, i hate to do that, but i had to. >> reporter: they've been investigating money because of the plague of the computer upgradeservices she was out $3,600. she and lee are just two of the estimated 150,000 people whose payments were at the very least delayed. >> i want -- i want to acknowledge to all of
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customers. >> sharon hillard talked publicly joined by the software maker. the software was ready for a launch, but they knew that certain flag counts would cause problems. >> we've completely underestimated our ability to clear those flags quickly. >> now the main issue is with the the upgrade that has been solves. but they would disagree. >> now that they have switched to the system, it is chaos. >> reporter: for millions of unemployed people, trying to find their many. many of the calls went unanswered. millions of dollars in overtime have been rapped up to solve the problem. the cost is yet unknown and so far no one is at fault. ken pritchett, channel 2 news. the bay area city is fighting crimes, but outmanned and outgunned. 2 investigates what it will take to get more officers out on the streets. >> you can't do more with less. then a historic bay area building engulfed in flames. >> the positive new information
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crews, they responded just before 4:00 a.m. the flames did not reach the main library at the former church, but we are told that the center is a total loss. an online rant about a city councilman has landed three san jose police officers in hospital water. he apparently posted criticism of councilman for not attending a memorial last week, where the slain officer of jeffrey
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montana. two fellow officers responded with profanity. san jose police confirmed an internal investigation is underway. they posted that same conversation for them that he was not aware of the memorial. >> i think that the council member will need to get a grip and needs to toughen up a little bit. i mean we've got real problems here and that he is whining about this as a concern. >> one of the officers were on or off duty. creating the activity now to ensure that they have enough officers on the streets. but tonight, tom vacar takes a look at how short the police departments really are and what it will take to change that.
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>> reporter: the thin blue line. cops on the beat. just too thin for many here in the bay area. they recently hit this home in their upscale home. >> reporter: another family upgraded their security system here with cameras. taking a stroll with her granddaughter saying that her daughter chose this neighborhood in part because of the police presence. >> she loved the atmosphere and the fact that it does seem to get a little more attention. >> it is most important. that's the number one priority. the officers that are working the street. >> the former san francisco police chief is now the head of their international criminal
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justice institutes. >> it's usually somewhere between two and four officers, per the population. >> reporter: under the minimum guideline of the two patrol cops for each 1,000 residents, 2 investigates found san francisco was 1,600 patrol officers is just 2% under the guideline. but they are 24% below that guideline. even worse, san jose. 17% less of their minimum guideline. >> you can't do more with less. it's not realistic. >> reporter: they compared cities across the country with the populations that are similar to san jose. we couldn't find any in worse shape. they are 22% below the guideline and phoenix is just 7% below. while philadelphia, they are actually above by 110%. >> there's no magic equation.
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it's a question of the economy. >> reporter: joel hamburger has been a crime victim. any way you slice it, it comes down to dollars, that's worth spending. >> people have to understand it. the funds are all supported as we need that. for cheaper and safer places. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now. they are below that recommended staffing level. here is how they compare
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others. they fall 9% below the guidelines. but comes in 6% above. and columbus ohio is 14% above. now, send us your story ideas. clouds thickened up today. it's mostly cloudy out there. hazy sunshine, a little view in the atmosphere. highs were up there today. mid-70 west side a lot of upper 60s. the cloud covers will be there all night long. it's not rain, just a lot of clouds. keeping those overnight lows a little warmer. it will start your day off cloudy for the most part and then they clear off. the sun should clear out as the current number is warm out there. mid-60s. the clouds, they really do lay a blanket over us, slowing down in the evening. tomorrow partly sunny and
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cooler. why? because of the cloud covers. the cooler the cloud cover is going to reiterate some of the warmth for september. maybe a few degrees cooler. the weekend more cooling. this is sort of transitioning us to what will look like a wet weather pattern as we needed to go on into your monday afternoon and monday evening into tuesday. and the high pressure, giving us the warmest day today. tomorrow should be slightly cooler as they needed to get closer and this is just a transition for them there. that is exactly what we're seeing this weekend. as you go for the weekend with more cloud cover, that there will be something like this, real cloudy in the morning. the system to the north will start to take aim at us. that'll be late tuesday night. and for the daytime highs here tomorrow.
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the highs are a lot like today. 73 in pittsburgh. 68 in walnut creek. a lot of lower 70s. it's a nice day, just more clouds. we'll see more as we go into the weekend. and then by monday, mostly cloudy by monday night. here comes the rain. we'll be seeing that here for them on monday evening. i'll be picking up some rain on the live storm tracker here for them at this point. the weekend is still dry, but cooler. even more clouds with a nice shot of rain. it will be nice to get a couple days of rain next week. enjoy what you've got. the weekend is still good. >> and stay out there tomorrow night. >> yes, it will be a nice night. more getting high school diplomas and applying for college. but a few of them are actually
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getting that four-year degree. a study by the campaign for the college opportunity, they found only 11% of them 25 or old in california have a bachelor's degree. that's compared to 23% of the african americans. after a couple of weeks off, the 49ers will get back to work. how they are preparing for cam newton and the carolina panthers. >> we're live with what we are working on for you next. this story now affecting global interest. join us for a live report on tv 36.
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you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is. a long-awaited softball complex as voters approved the field as a part of the $228 million bond measure 13 years ago. but council members still disagree over where that complex should be built. one proposal will put it near the east ridge mall and newer plans would built it on the
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santa clara county fairgrounds. they'll spend the next few months studying the second proposal and the board plans to pick up the issue again by february. mark is here now with sports. a lot of people think that it will be the warriors season. >> yes, they are definitely entertaining. the trend continues out on the road. things are looking pretty good. and the rookie sensation, their first action of the season. 18 points in five minutes that are looking good there with a bad foot training camp for them there to break it up here. just a beautiful pass. >> and at half time they will be leading up to 50 and 47 in minneapolis. 49ers are laying low after the bye week and all that. and what should be a very entertaining get together for them there and carolina and two
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very similar quarterbacks who would like to tuck it and run by colin kaepernick right there in the game in london. with a couple of young quarterbacks, to come on out of college. and they will need to go head to head on sunday. they are very familiar with each other on and off the field. they will dot best to put themselves in a good situation. >> all right, that will be come sunday night afternoon. and cam newton and colin kaepernick. they actually room together at the combines before coming into the nfl as they will be going against each other. >> all right, mark, thank you. we've been telling you about the problems with the bay
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bridge. but what about their famous neighbor the golden gate? tonight we're looking into the all-electronic polling that will be making it harder for them. >> we are always here for you on facebook and twitter as well. thanks for joining us. have great evening everyone. good night.
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