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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 7, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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temperatures way down a little bit. we have a lot of 50s, mid-to a few upper 50s, san francisco is 59 and san francisco yesterday, we have 69 degrees. bringing it down a little bit and the sun is down and days are so short and a lot of these clouds will drift by in the morning. there is hardly any breeze in the mourning, calm conditions and it will be cooler today and we will have lower 70s and a lot more 60s. here is sal. all right, steve, we are looking at a commute that is actually doing pretty well. i was looking at some of these pictures and a lot of the word work is gone and the traffic dark roadwork is gone and if you look at the toll plaza, there is only a few cars and there is no roadwork reported
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on the actual bridge getting into the city. there was some roadwork on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split and that has been picked up and traffic is moving along nicely. there was some roadwork in dublin and there always seems to be roadwork in liver moore doesn't it. and it is looking good to fremont, let's get back to the desk. public investors are excited because demand for the stock is high and it was higher than expected. katie is there at headquarters and i'm sure employees are more excited than investors, katie? >> good morning, pam, well, there is a lot of hype surrounding this and they have 230 million users which means
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huge potential but the downside is the company has yet to turn a profit. >> the i p pes are one of the founders of twitter. >> reporter: investors will be banking on the site's widespread popularity and potential not its current lack of profitability. they will be there at 6:30 this morning and it typically takes an hour for trading to begin h they are priced at $26 which is above the targeted range of $25 a share. both are cautiously optimistic about twitter's potential. >> well, it is a social media company and they don't have
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assets. >> reporter: this could mean you might be seeing more twitter ads as the company tries to a piece their share -- apiece their shareholders. >> there is a local group that is upset about the potential for additional ads. and san francisco rising they plan to arrive and protest at headquarters right around 6:30, the same time that the ipo starts trading. ktvu channel 2 morning news. here is another look at the ipo social media's facebook. they opened at $8 per share, shares dropped but facebook is now about $49 per share. the sight linked in opened at
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$45 in may, 2011, that price has skyrocketed and is now $220 a share. square, that mobile company may be going open and square is looking for its own initial public offering and it could come sometime next year. it could beco founded by jack dorsi. he has talked with google about his mysterious barge on the bay and he shares with us what he thinks should happen next. continuing coverage on a child abduction we first told you about at 4:30. the sunnyville mother awaits his return after the boy's father took him to mexico. the boy was found safe and the boy was allegedly abducted by his 22-year-old father.
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through an interpreter waiting for word was very difficult. >> i was really afraid i would not be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. >> he crossed into mexico through arizona despite an amber alert. authorities learned he was wanted and aboarder patrol said they should have been aware of the alert even though it came from california. he is expected to turn over the baby at the lukeville border crossing. they are looking for an arsonist set by two brush fires. it is happening on almond and walnut roads. it started in the 17,000 block of wall mut and almond street. the two arsons come after a strength of suspicious fires in the area. there have been at least ten
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other suspicious fires in reason weeks. it happened around 9:00 last night at a vacant home in west virginia street. a firefighter has minor burns after an explosion in a home's basement and they fear it may have been started by squat ters. >> a deadly accident killed two workers. they called for a hearing months before the accident. lawmakers are expected to have tough questions for bart managers about the deadly crash and bart's safety practices. they were inspecting the tracks when they were hit by a train by a manager in training. >> they are investigating a crash in oakland that killed one woman in oakland an injured
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her twin sister and one child. the car veered off the freeway hitting a tree and killing the driver. the baby's mother is expected to survive and they are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. auto thefts are on the rise in the east bay. they are up 4%. katie rode along looking for stolen vehicles in oakland. they are 1990 hondas nissan acuras and they say their parts are easy to steal and sell. >> they have been especially hard hit with 21 cars stolen and police in that city are
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warning people about suspicious people riding at night. just click on the east bay tab on our home page for more information. live signals from nasa, there it is as we await the patching of the used spacecraft as they docked a couple of hours ago. a japanese astronaut, a russian cosmonaut and they arrived and it is part of the tour much relay in so much -- social chi rush and they will be back on earth by sunday. they say the media was -- meet why by the with the force ever 40 at don't bombs and
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injuring more than 1600 people. they thought a meteor like that would enter the atmosphere not as often but now they are saying it will happen every 30 years. this is owned by the same people who own the elderly home and they abandoned several sick people and elderly patients. an expert will run the facility until the nursing home is sold to a new owner. new information about the failed search of a patient found dead in san francisco hospital. lynn spalding disappeared from her hospital room on september september 21st. her body was found 17 days
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later. the sheriff released information into her death including a failure by his deputies to thoroughly search the hospital. >> they were directed to search the stairwells and only half were searched. >> when she first went missing, they identified her as being african-american. they are fighting college plans to revoke the school's accreditation. the coalition is scheduled to hold a news meeting and they announced san francisco's accreditation will be revoked next july unless an appeal is done and the school will be forced to close. the assault, the new revelation about a problem in
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some contra costa schools and how it is linked to a rape case. the two suspected burglars san jose police are trying to track down. it is looking good in most areas and we are watching where it starts to get slow and we are looking for you all the way onto the caldecott.
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. well, tailed charges can be filed on a 16-year-old boy for setting a man on fire. the young man was arrested at school. he is suspected for setting him on fire while he was sleeping. he goes by the name of sasha and was wearing a skirt at the time. he was a senior at berkeley and
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an online fundraiser has raised more than 21,000 dollars for his medical bills. they have raised information on a burglarily, you can see one burglar crawling around the room hoping to set off motion sensors and he turns to the security camera unaware it was capturing his face. you can see mother man crawling into the room and the two young men leave with bags of stolen electronics and police hope this video will lead to their arrest. three san jose officers are being or rested for comments they made on facebook. an internal investigation has been made about comments officers made.
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they were critical of his decision to not to attend a memorial for a fallen officer. one used profanity and they say this raises privacy concerns. >> i think council has to toughen up and that he is winding about this is a concern. >> he said he was not notified about a member tara a memorial. the data shows a huge spike in offenders especially at the golden gate bridge. until 2012, it jumped to 108,000. this year it jumped to $104,000 and in march the golden gate bridge switched to all electronic tolling. they are using plaqueards that can't be tracked. >> they were stopping and
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paying their toll and now there is a larger number of people hop are crossing the bridge without paying. >> about 1.2 million dollars has gone uncollected at the bridge. it is 1.6 million at the other area bridges and they are worried the fee will pay the the losses. >> you can make a one time payment online with a credit card and the third option is to make a one time payment at a cash location. they are allowing some passengers to use some portable devices during the flight. they go into effect immediately. they can use tablets and smart phones and larger devices have to be scored during take off. voice phones are still
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prohibited and jet blue is included in that policy. they earned a top rating from the insurance industry. both seats were named best bet and that means they correctly position a 4 to 8-year-old to use lap belts in most cars. you can see the rankings on our websites, just click on the web link section. they are asking for your help to track down a bank robber. end handed a note to the teller on balfor road. he is described in his late teens early 30s and he had wire rim glasses with a short do goatee. >> we have a look at the
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commute, sal, how is it looking? >> it is looking good so far and we want to let you know we are on it talking about the east shore freeway and traffic looks good driving into richmond getting out to the mcarthur ranch mcarthur mcarthur maze and coming up to the toll plaza. if you are driving in fremont, south 80 does not look too bad and driving to san leandro is the same thing. >> hold on there sal. >> there is a big thing that says warm in front. >> well, that is not supposed to be there. it did not click, all right go ahead sal. >> hello steve it is 449. there is hardly any breeze, yesterday we had that easterly breeze and santa cruz was 80. it will not be that warm today.
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pacific is moving in the northwest, high clouds in the morning and it will knock down the ridge of high pressure and a little cooler pattern and maybe friday. by saturday we'll see mostly saturday even warmer conditions. oakland downtown was 76, not today. very mild, 62, we will go for a high of 67 degrees and it is an already cloudy morning. there is a system on the pacific northwest and some are out in portland and it may make it down to oregon. 40s and 50s in san francisco. 57 at fso and ukiah sacramento. 39 in that area and the easterly breeze is neutral right now. cloud cover will keep the temperatures down a little bit
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today. 70s or 60s, everybody is pretty close here. it is only a 40-degree spread. livermore is a little more, warm are in the santa clara valley, los gatos, cupertino, upper 60s in san francisco palo alto 71. sun and clouds into friday and mostly sunny and warmer. all right next week we will keep track for you. >> google is revealing a little bit of information about that mysterious barge. the four story of floating structure has sparked questions for more than a week. they are thinking of using it as an education center where people can use new technology. he is asking people to be
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patient. >> as a company of a bay area, we all know innovates things and gives them room to announce things when they are ready... >> even though google advocates announces information they have kept that barge open and that has sparked worldwide interest in the barge and the one that is sitting off the coast of portland maine. >> big mystery, no doubt about that. >> coming up attribute to the agent killed in the line of duty especially observing 9/11 that will also be deplayed during -- displayed in space. >> going gah-gah with her performance. coming up.
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. they welcomed a plane from 9/11 and the flag will be used at the funeral of her and hernandez, the first officer killed in the line of duty and they will hold the first moments of silence. the suspected gunman faces a
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federal murder charge. the civil charge against a daycare worker is accused of abusing children. they found 27-year-old keith wood house guilty of sexually abusing several children. and they also found him guilty at a church for inappropriate inappropriateness with a young girl. >> they betrayed our trust and as a result of of this lawsuit i would never want another family to go through what we are going through right now. >> the trial is expected to be done next week and he is scheduled to be sentenced next week. researchers found infants who later developed autism spent more time looking at
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other people's eyes than babies. this lack of icon tact is one of the early red flags when it comes to autism. it could lead to early treatment. the study appears in the latest addition of scientific nature. it is a rare thursday night game. palo alto police are bracing for heavy traffic and employees are leaving early to ease congestion. >> we'll see how it goes. now the game apparently sold outback in august. they are advising people to get to the stadium early. >> well it appears lady gah-gah
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could be the first woman to sing in outer space, she is expected to perform a song to beam back in 2015. she has taken out quite an extensive life insurance policy just incase. scientists have seen lots of bright lights across california. the high tech cameras are doing a lot more than just taking cameras. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a new crash on interstate 85 in oakland and right now in oakland it is doing well on 680 in fremont. the lows are much higher because of a low cloud over us, what does that mean for casted
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high temperatures? any rain next week? we will let you know.
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. we are live in san francisco at twitter's headquarters and it could make a lot of people in this area
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exceptionally wealthy but one local activist group is not happy about that. >> along a waiting mother after her baby was kidnapped after this ordeal findly comes to an end. we are trying to find out what started grass fires in one particular neighborhood, could an arsonist be responsible >> what they are saying about that flash of light seen by a lot of people overnight, all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, something is going on at twitter, they are going public, wall street, investors, employees i'm sure they are probably


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