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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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especially around oakland. 30s, 40s, and 50s. napa said it would cool off. temperatures should run a little cooler at least inland. high pressure says i'm here and next rain rooks like its not happening for us. fog, sun, kind of hazy skies. still warm inland. i think we will see a pretty good spread here. here is sal. steve, good morning. i just heard about a crash reported eastbound on 580. another crash in that location. we are trying to get to the bottom of that. let's take a look at the bay bridge. a lot of fog as steve mentioned. some of that thick fog here. the traffic will be moving well but you should give yourself a little extra time. san mateo bridge the traffic there is going to be okay. the fog kind of plays tricks with our cameras. kind of a cool shot but the traffic is looking good. if you are driving on 880 southbound near the san mateo bridge let's say approaching 92
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its also off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news in contra costa county. a body has been found behind the antioch police station. this is live picture of the commercial area there. we are told that it was a deadly crash involving an suv. now it happened just before 2:30 this morning. video shows the roof in front of the vehicle completely sheered off as the vehicle crashed into a cargo trailer. the fire department says the coroner's office is handling this case. students at a high school in berkeley plan to show their support for a student who is the victim of a horrifying hate crime. 18-year-old senior sasha suffered serious burns after being set on fire while sleeping on an ac transit bus monday night. he was wearing a skirt at the time of the attack. and today many of the 110 students at berkeley's high school will be wearing skirts
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or kilts to show their out rage over the shocking crime. >> they know they can just be themselves and nobody is going to make fun of them. we don't have any bowing. prosecutors have filed hate crime charges. alameda county prosecutors will try 16-year-old richard thomas as an adult in a case that involves several felony charges. ktvu news obtained several court documents that include notes from arresting officers. thomas set the boy on fire quoting because he is homophobic. >> what kind of boy is he? >> he is a good kid. a very good kid. i don't know he was with his
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friends joking around. >> police arrested the teenage suspect the day after the attack after looking at surveillance video. we have new information about a reported sexual assault at the college in cupertino. a source tells ktvu the alleged victim is a member of the lgbt community and the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. the 19-year-old student says she was raped inside of am first floor restroom on monday. they called the attack an isolated incident and identify the attacker as 18-20-year-old male. the two were acquaintances but not friends. >> its very scary. i mean whether you know the person or not. if somebody is going to do something like that you feel very unsafe. especially if a place you should feel secure. >> this morning campus police say they know who they are looking for but no arrests have been made so far. at 9:20 this morning
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pacific time security screening at airports will be halted for a moment of silence. hundreds of airports will hold am moment of silence. a public memorial will be held next tuesday in los angeles. the alleged gunman paul ciancia faces a murder charge. ac transit is rolling out new buses for service in and out of san francisco. the transit agency has purchased 54 of the new coaches. the first 16 roll into service today. the buss are built locally and equipped with free wi-fi, luggage racks high seat backs, and individual reading lamps. new worker safety rules could mean shorter hours for bart. bart managers made that surprising revelation during a meeting in san francisco yesterday. the recently adopted safety rules for crews during work on the bart tracks could lead to some big changes in service and they would not rule out the possibility that bart could cut
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its operating hours. the new rules come just weeks after the deaths of two track inspectors near the walnut creek bart station. eyes up, phone down. that is the message bay area city is sending out to those riding buses and trains. the san francisco campaign aims to stop cell phone thefts. police say two out of three robberies in the city involve a smart phone. transit officials are handing out these warnings to muni riders. they are using $1 million federal grab to add plane clothes and uniformed officers on train routes. >> when i'm on the bus i keep it down in my purse. >> even though the campaign just kicked off yesterday, extra officers have been riding for several weeks and police say they have already seen an 83% drop in transit robberies between september and october. halloween night accident could lead to major safety improvements for a crosswalk in
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clover dale. a car struck two boys who were crossing south clover dale boulevard early halloween night. the two boys ages 12 and 13 suffered serious injuries. a woman was killed at the same intersection three months earlier. the city council is now considering installing flashing safety lights at the dark and often dangerous intersections. thousands of families are lining up to register for sacred hearts holiday program. because of the cuts to the food stamp program that took effect november 1st, they are expecting big crowds again this year. this thanksgiving sacred heart will provide 4,000 families with holiday food boxes and give 16,000 toys to children. in less than an hour the labor department will release the october jobs report. analysts expect it to be one of the weakest employment reports of the year in part of the 16 day government shut down. most economists believe about
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125,000 new jobs were created last month. they also forecast a temporary boost in the unemployment rate from the current 7.3%. twitter's initial public offering. the sox closed just less than $45 a share. it stopped $50 at one point during the trading day. and that means the messaging service could have to make some changes. >> its got to show the market and how it can convert millions and millions of users all over the world into customers. >> now that could mean it runs ads or has users to pay to opt out of ads. one other option is even gathering information about its users and selling that. whatever it chooses twitter will have to do it without alienating its users.
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they will hold a protest against janet napolitano during her first visit. her previous job as head of homeland security had her deporting illegal immigrants and that disqualifies her as serving as head of the university system that includes international students and workers. napolitano has not commented on the planned protest. she is on campus for the inauguration of uc berkeley new chancellor. the ceremony is being held at vailer back hall. dirks will unvail his vision for uc berkeley. he already says he wants to build on three basic themes. strong under graduate education, being a global university across all disciplines. the cardsals have cut the ducks championship dreams. i think they are a little excited there.
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the fifth ranked cardinal made it two in a row at home last night. the cardinals started off strong. goes deep down the field for 47 yards. later in the drive tyler plows through the line and in the end zone for the touchdown. final score 26-20. fans and players say they couldn't be more excited. >> we just beat oregon. we shocked the nation. no one thought we could do it. we did it. >> they certainly did. former stanford great and two- time super bowl champion john elway was also in attendance and had his number seven jersey retired at halftime as well. as a bruin its hard to root for either one. okay. 4:39 is the time. tens of thousands of pounds of walnuts stolen from central valley farm town. its knot the first time -- its not the first time something like this has happened. and the founder of a popular pants company is
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speaking out about quality complaints. right now we are still looking pretty good. but dense fog will be an issue. we'll help you short it out. the weather is looking pretty good unless you encounter some of that fog. some fog is back coast and bay. we will see how that impacts the temperatures. cooler for some, not for all. what about your weekend?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:43 is the time. if you haven't seen the video or the pictures from the philippines, just incredible. communication has been lost out there. the last report at least four people confirmed dead. this is one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded making landfall. the category five is being called a super typhoon.
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triggered landslides and damaged homes. tomorrow the typhoon is expected to make its way toward the south china sea and then heading toward vietnam. we have newty tails now in the -- new details in the case and disappearance of a patient. tara moriarty is joining us now from the hospital with what she is learning now about the very latest fallout. >> reporter: we have new information regarding policy and personnel matters within the sheriffs department here at san francisco general hospital in the wake of the lynn spalding case. we understand november 22nd three people a sergeant and two senior deputies will be transferred out of san francisco general. a dispatcher has already been transferred. five people will coming into general the next day on november 23rd. this is all from fallout regarding the lynn spalding case. the woman that was being
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treated here who's body was found in a hospital stairwell on october 8th. she went missing september 21st but it wasn't until nine days late tear a -- later that a search started. they did not consider 57-year- old spalding to be missing. we know a policy change had also been implemented. we will tell you what that is coming up. am string of suspicious fires is raising concerns in a castro valley neighborhood. in the last few weeks there have been six suspicious brush fires in the parsons estates neighborhood. some neighbors say they think they know who has been setting those fires. >> i think its kids. yeah i think its kids. i know when we walk the dog to the park there is kids. >> there has been a lot of kids back there in the canyon drinking and partying.
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>> so far all of the fires have been small and put out quickly but firefighters say there is a lot of brush and open space in the area so they are asking people to be alert. 4:45 is the time right now. president obama is apologizing to the american people for problems with the signature health care law. in an interview with networks last night, he accepted responsibility with website issues and expressed regret for those current closings -- losing their current health insurance as a result of the affordable care act even though he promised they would be able to keep their plan if they liked it. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation. we have to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them. >> the white house says consumers are forced to change plans will end up with better policies and may receive subsidies to offset any increased costs. the bay area will receive
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$2.5 million in grants as part of the affordable care act. three health groups will split the money. san francisco medical center, the asian americans for community involvement in san jose, and san rafael ritter center. its part of a $150 million nation-wide grant. san jose state's president has backed off from a plan that would have cut classes. some departments claim they were told days before registration they had to cut tens of thousands of dollars to stay within their budget. but the school's president released a statement saying the campus will use a one-time fund to go toward infrastructure. the company that makes a popular line of yoga pants has a new response to quality complaints. the founder is suggesting some larger women may want to wear a different brand. company first heard complaints about thin fabric used in its
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yoga pants. now there are more complaints that the fabric is still too thin and that it peels. some women's bodies just don't work. >> topic certainly heating up. i just checked on twitter. you know what also is heating up on twitter. >> always. >> very popular. >> sal. twitter king. yeah i lost my ten foot pole but i'm still not going to touch that last one. >> that is a smart man. >> yeah we are not going there. >> let's go to the traffic. it is foggy out there. one thing that surprised me on the way to work. last night was super clear. and tad as i drove in you can see the fog is very dense. steve and i once again will be the fog brothers. talking about fog and how it effects traffic and steve will round it out with when the fog will go away. this is look at the bay bridge. this is a look at 880 in
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oakland. no major problems you are driving on 238 up to oakland and 880. eastbound 580 looks good. now let's go to steve. sal, its dark. we have a full tank of gas. >> i know that. blues brothers. >> yes, thank you. let's say hello or whatever. the strongest tropical storm ever. 195 miles an hour sustained winds. gusts to 235. eastern central philippines but still it is a monster. we have lost a lot of communication. that is half the problem here. i'm sure everything will start to filter in here later today. it will start to head out now and head toward vietnam. it will decrease in intensity once it goes over land. but still it is still a very,
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very strong super typhoon or hurricane. for us we have fog back. that is about it. high clouds will continue to stream in to the north but not here. everything is driving upwards. it looks like a bad sign for us if you are looking for rain. we won't see any. we will see a cooler pattern. more 40s this morning than 50s we had yesterday. napa did get 39. now they are 43. reno is cooler than tahoe. 45 ukiah. 44 sacramento. for us we'll have the low cloud deck. for us we will look for a possibility this system will deanen out here. and right now it looks like everything will drive north. so jet stream is not in our favor. high pressure builds in. a little cool coast and bay with that fog inland i still think it will be mild to warm. in fact some temperatures in the mid 70s. warm inland though. we will get a little bigger difference in some of the
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temperatures than we've had earlier this week. 50s and 60s coast and bay. 70s inland. 68 castro valley. alameda 64. berkeley 65. 68 santa cruz. a couple days ago they were 80. 50s and 60s on parts of the coast. lower 10:s san francisco. san bruno 64. very low 70s or upper 60s on the peninsula. fog is back and it will take us into a little cooler pattern. all rain moves north. >> thank you very much. time is 4:51. coming up a local animal looking for cash on facebook. what one angry animal lover that made him demand his location back. we will take a look at a story in an operating room video that has gone viral.
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that is a jam right there. that is it. she is good. a patient who held an operating room dance party in san francisco is now a huge hit on the internet. ken is a ucsf doctor and mother of two. good news she is recooperating at home. she said she was more worried about how the flash mob would go in the surgery. the video has been viewed about
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$2.5 million times on youtube. >> love it. 4:53 is the time. former supervisor george sheer coo what will be sentenced today. he is also accused of creating a fake campaigner. many crimes are going unsolved because of a staffing shortage. the department has been losing officers at an alarming rate. now there are about 900 officers. police say there are not enough investigators to staff special units and they say crimes such as burglary and auto theft are not being solved. >> without a doubt for practical reality those crimes are going unchecked.
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and uninvestigated. >> police say they would need to add 200 new officers to restore the special units. a san jose police detective who worked in the sex crimes unit has pled guilty to exchanging sexually explicit photos with a teenage girl. 34-year-old tony has resigned as part of his plea deal. he had been a san jose police officer for eight years. prosecutors say he had been in contact with the girl since 2010 and knew she was am minor. now he turned himself in this past july after his computer was seized by authorities. he could be sentenced to at least six months in jail. time is 4:55. san mateo police need your help this morning to identify a man they say assaulted a teenage girl as she walked to school. police say he approached the 16- year-old girl in the area of 31st avenue on wednesday morning. the man is described as filipino, in his 30s, clean shaven with dark spikey hair. police say he was driving a
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white honda crv or similar car. some former donors are raising questions about a charity status. last chance critter -- the groups facebook page has more than 87,000 likes. but the organization is not registered as a charity with the state attorney general and one man in southern california told ktvu news he demanded a refund on his donation. >> the people that donate have the right to though that while they are donating to a tax exempt charity that is doing something with their money to save animals. >> last chance critter rescues founder insists her group is a registered nonprofit but officials with the cities animal department say they can't find any record of that. san francisco mayor ed lee plans to drop the ceremonial first puck at the is cow palace tonight. the team opened the season with an eight-game road trip.
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this is the second season ever for the bulls. tonight's game starts at 7:30. >> can't forget about the bulls. time is 4:56. coming up its a sign the holiday season is about to begin. why thousands of people are camped out in one neighborhood. the somber ceremony that is scheduled this weekend at the old bay bridge. good morning. right now we are looking at the commute and it includes some fog. so you can see on the golden gate bridge the traffic is light. we do indeed have very thick fog out there. coast and bay. inland temps are cooler but they will end up being warmer.
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developing news a deadly accident in antioch. the reason the location of this crash makes it so unusual. hate crime charges against the boy accused of setting another teenager on fire. how classmates of the victim plan to show their support for him as they head to school this morning. we're live in san jose
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where people camped out over night in order to get food for the holidays. i will tell you why the need is especially great this year. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are taking you out live to antioch this morning. you are look at the scene of a crash that really sounds like quite a mystery at this point. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. we do see it involves that car and at least one person was killed in that crash. we will take you back out toth scene for more details. it is friday, november 8th thank you for waking up with us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic for you. steve is right here. >> yes, it is. we have fog back. otherwise it will be a little cooler for some. we've lost the low cloud deck


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