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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. we have an auto pedestrian crash. a fatal crash that has shut down northbound 280 connector to 87. we'll have more details live from the scene. we're looking at -- we are live in berkeley where students will be supporting a classmate who was burned while riding an ac transit bus days ago. more fallout following the death of a woman who's body was found in a hospital stairwell. the shakeup we are learning. also its a sign the holiday season is about to begin. look at this. why thousands of people now camped out in one south bay neighborhood. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. we are live outside of san francisco general hospital this morning.
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new fallouts stemming from that case of the body of a woman found in the stairwell found many days after she was reported missing. we're going to take you back out there to let you know what is happening now. its friday november 8th i'm pam cook. >> see you made it to friday. if it is a friday. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve knows your forecast. >> in the fog is what our forecast is. in fact, its very low fog. sal will touch on that with an update. but its back. and that means cooler temps for some. although the high clouds are gone. inland temps will still be mild to warm. but a little cooler on the over night lows. seen a couple upper 30s and lower 50s. a lot more 40s due to the clear skies. we will start off with that fog and that will keep temperatures cooler. we go with a 62 for a high today. mostly cloudy for near the coast and bay. but still cooler inland under clear skies and coast and bay
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will have cooler conditions. it will be hazy sunshine inland because of the higher clouds are about out of the picture. but the fog is back. that means a little cooler pattern. 50s and 60s. a little mini summer pattern. inland temps still mid 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. happy friday to you. right now we are looking at the commute and its still looks pretty good in most areas. but the fog is thick. we just want to hammer it home you could be driving in some of this. slow your speeds and sometimes these things unfortunately low visibility causes or leads to crashes westbound bay bridge. still about a five minute delay at the toll plaza. not much more than that at this time. looking at the san mateo bridge that traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. no problems on the peninsula. we still have a fatal crash in san jose along northbound 280 on the ramp to highway 87. ktvu katie utehs is on the scene. she arrived shortly after the
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accident happened. and she has more right now. katie. >> reporter: sal, we just spoke with california highway patrol and they tell us that the victim is a 26-year-old man. you can see down the road is an exit. we are told the man was hit by a white toyota cover roll are -- corolla and struck by a second vehicle and even a third vehicle. now those drivers did stay on scene and are being cooperative. the first officer we spoke with said that dui did not appear to be a factor. so those drivers are cooperating. what we know about the male victim. we asked if visibility was an issue here because it is foggy in san jose. however, the officer we spoke with said that the man's clothing might have been a factor with visibility. obviously he was hit in the roadway not where a pedestrian
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should be. but there might have been visibility issues as far as his clothing but not fog at this point. so officers tell us that it will be at least two hours until this off ramp is back open. we are waiting for the coroner to arrive and at that point they may release this man's identity. thigh do know it is a 26-year- old man that was struck and killed this morning. live until san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:04. new this morning a man was killed just hours ago after crashing near the antioch police station. we were there the impact ripped the roof off the front of the car. police say the victim was a 31- year-old man from antioch. the car slammed into a parked semi trailer about 2:15 this morning. this is still under investigation. its not clear yet if alcohol was a factor in this crash. this morning students at maybeck high school in berkeley will be wearing skirts in
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support of a classmate and friend that was burned while sitting on an ac transit bus. brian flores is in berkeley. high, pam. students expected to arrive here around can this morning. here in close knit body. they plan on showing their support here this morning. students here at maybeck say they will be wearing skirts in honor of sasha. she was sleeping on board a transit thomas is currently being --less says a this may be the result of a hate crime. sasha who was wearing a skirt on the bus does not identify with a gender. parents of kids here at the school say they support what the students plan on doing
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today. >> hope that its a gesture that you know that moves people. >> reporter: sasha has received more than $21,000 in support to help pay for his medical bills. the statement on the website says that they have stopped taking donations. as for richard thomas he is currently being held without bail. coming up at 6:30 hear what his brother is saying about all of this. live in berkeley brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:06. only on 2 this morning we are getting new details about the continuing fallout in the case of a hospital patient who disappeared and later found dead at san francisco general hospital. ktvu tara moriarty is outside the hospital now and there are big changes coming. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. we have learned a sergeant and two senior deputies will billion transferred out of -- will be transferred out of san francisco general hospital in less than two weeks.
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six people will be transferred in and a dispatcher has already been transferred out. these changes come in wake of the lynn spalding case. the one being treated in september who's body was found in a stairwell 17 days after she went missing. she disappeared september 21st but it wasn't until nine days later that a search was done. sheriff ross mirkarimi admitted only half of the stairwells were searched. someone did call to report a body in the stairwell the morning of october 4th but it wasn't until four days late tear spalding's body was discovered. according to doctors spalding was close to being discharged. the deputies did not consider her at risk. one policy change we have learned the sheriff has already implemented any time a patient here at san francisco general goes missing, a full search of the campus will be done. i'm told that more changes are to come. we will of course keep you posted. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2
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news. time is 6:07. happening now in san jose families are lining up registering for the say credit hard holiday program that gives away free food to families and toys to children. some people started lining up as early as yesterday afternoon. a lot of families actually slept outside over night just to make sure they could sign up. about an hour ago we talked to a woman who has been in line since 3:30 this morning. she says this program will help her feed her family for thanksgiving. >> i know a lot of people don't have the time or you know want to come out early but its a good thing that they are doing it. and that we are really, really thankful for that. >> this program will help about 4,000 families this year. the registration begins at 9:00 this morning. the chp is investigating a crash that injured a novato police officer. it happened at 1:15 yesterday afternoon on redwood boulevard
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just south of san marin drive. officer baron was on his motorcycle when a car changed lanes and knocked him off his bike. he was not seriously hurt. tomorrow families who lost loved ones on the old eastern span of the bay bridge will be allowed to go on to the old bridge to hold a special memorial service. the idea came in september after the chp allowed one mother to go to the spot where her son was killed in a 2008 in a drunk driving accident. ktvu news was there as carroll police stationed flowers on the bridge in her son's many memory. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. others will get that same thing. we have new video of the damage to show you and why one particular area is very vulnerable. and there are one million
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potentially dangerous tires out on the road. the disturbing information we uncovered in a ktvu news investigation. good morning. its foggy out there. so you might want to leave the house a little earlier. especially if you are drive on the golden gate bridge or parts of san francisco. well, a lot of that fog sal touched on very low. in fact visibility at sfo a quarter of a mile. it may impact flights.
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tomorrow a national day of action is planned to protest last month's fatal shooting of andy lopez. now tomorrow demonstrations are planned in cities around the city including in san francisco, oakland, and sacramento. on october 22nd a sonoma county sheriffs deputy shot and killed the 13-year-old boy. lopez was holding a toy gun that looked like a real assault rifle. the sheriff says he refused orders to drop it. later today convicted serial killer -- the jury recommended the death sentence naso reed himself durings
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during the penalty face prosecutors presented evidence that connected him to the murders of two other women. there are new reports of growing evidence against randy alana. the man accused of killing oakland federal investigator sandra oak coke over the summer. the man that was in the jail at the same time alana was an inmate claims alana wrote a jailhouse letter and boasted 48 hours had passed and police had not solved the sandra coke disappearance case. her body was eventually found in a vacaville back in -- park back in august. your cars tires may look brand new but they could be old and dangerous. ktvu news checked u.s. tire safety records for the past ten years. 4.5million tires were recalled but less than one million were recovered. many of those potentially dangerous tires are still on the roads. darrell says he wishes he was
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told about the dangers of old tires. three years ago he was involved in a terrible crash. >> i think everyone needs to learn the age of their tires. i know it sounds strange and nobody has really given it much thought. >> there is a free tire fact app and website that can help you find out if your tires are safe temperature you can get those helpful tips by going to our channel 2 website time is 6:14. new this morning signs of a possible atreatment about iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry is wrapping up a trip to the middle east before he heads to switzerland for an international summit. england, germany, and france will join the u.s. in talks about easing iran's economic sanctions in exchange for its limits on its ability to make atomic weapons. hosieries rail's prime minister -- israel's prime minister doesn't like it. the white house budget
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office says the government shut down cost taxpayers $2 billion in lost productivity from furloughed workers. last months 16 day shut down disrupted business at all agencies and closed national parks and museums. budget analysts estimate $500 million were lost partially due to a lack of tourism, business fees, and delayed safety inspections. 850,000 government workers were ordered to stay home because of a government shut down. another stalemate slashed services. the study found the sequesters automatic spending cuts eliminated nine staff positions from the head start preschool program that helps 600 children. the west contra costa unified school district lost $1.5 million for programs that include adult education classes. intellect and a proposal -- and a popular activity that was postponed will take place
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tomorrow. the leap sand castle contest has been held for decades but it was delayed because san francisco's' beach is part of recreation area where workers were furloughed and the event permits were canceled. the sand castle contest pits schools. time is 6:16. future baseball stars are benefiting from the success of the san francisco giants. the giants are helping to pay for major improvements to two popular youth baseball diamonds in san francisco. the parks are carl larson park and james ralph park in the mission. both are getting a $40,000 makeover. a double mastectomy patient who held an operating room dance party in san francisco is a huge hit on the internet. that is how you do it.
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this deborah cohen dancing with her surgery call team to a beyonce song. she is a ucsf doctor, a mother of two. she was more nervous about this flash mob than having the actual surgery. she is now at home recooperating. >> i am doing great. i am feeling very spiritually fulfilled. its been amazing flood of love. >> guess what beeon say loved her too. she responded on her facebook page saying you are awesome. this video has already been seen by 2.5 million people-- has been viewed 2.5 million times. 6:16 is the time. sal has been covering a few traffic problems. how does it look? >> its okay. there are a couple things that are not good obviously but for the most part we are doing okay. let's take a look at what we have now. what the commute bay bridge
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toll plaza. the fog is thick. its usually isn't thick at the toll plaza. its backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. also the commute looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge traffic looks good as wellheading down to the teleplay -- as well heading down to the toll plaza. and there is not really a big backup in novato. still having that crash northbound 280 that ramp to 87 both directions closed. 6:19 let's go to steve. thank you very much, sal. a very good morning. i'm on top of the fog. boy is it low, low, low. it has come back a big way. sfo saying a quarter of a mile. maybe if you are stuck in this you will encounter it as well. if you don't have any fog it will start off cool and get mild to warm. let's talk about super typhoon. it is still tracking across. it is not as strong.
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its expected. some of the damage reports are beginning to filter in. came in south of manila. look at the bands going over. devastating. gusts to 35. one of the strongest ever. it is continuing to track into the south china sea. it will probably pick up in intensity. i expect that to increase as it heads toward vietnam over the weekend. so we will keep updated on that. clear skies for us. expect for that fog that has been held in check. and maybe because we got an easterly breeze all day long. some of that fog is back patchy. its very shallow and very thick. high pressure is still squashing it. lows inland are cooler. 41 your morning. remember i don't take out any taxes so you are paying very well. low 50s instead of the upper 50s for san francisco. 34 many tahoe.
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calm conditions. i will say fog more than low clouds. that will give way back to the coast. inlanterns will still be mild to very warm. in fact, i think i will get a big difference in some of the temps. we've been pretty close here all week long. jet stream stays to the north. i think it statues north even -- stays to the north even next week. 70s on the temps. 60s and 70s. some are mid 70s or upper 70s. need a lot of low to mid 70s. alameda 64. concord 74 degrees. 75 morgan hill. santa cruz coming down. a little bit more of a sea breeze there. still pretty good on the weekend. increasing clouds monday.
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maybe some rain to the north. some pg&e shareholders are suing the utility. they want top management to repay millions of dollars. the lawsuit comes just days after the california public utility commission said quote serious lapses in management will not be tolerated. and hit pg&e with an $8 million fine. time is 6:22. special honors this morning for the airport tsa officer killed last friday at lax. in the next half hour we have details of a nation-wide attribute planned for three hours from right now. and disney has set a premier date for the newest movie in the star wars saga.
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welcome back. time is 6:25. they are calling him the youngest rebel to go to the universityover nevada, las vegas. this young man walked into the unlv campus this fall ready, expecting to make his mark on the world. but he is different from other students. he is only 14 years old. >> by the time he was five i started teaching him
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multiplication. and he started catching on. >> they expect me to excel in every single thing i do. they forget i'm still normal. i might mess up. >> he is a theater major. by the the way he says he is soaking up every moment of college life. this is the start of flu season. and sales of antibacterial soaps and wipes increases which could be a problem to scientists. many of those soaps contain a chemical that can effect the heart muscle and may change thyroid functions. scientists don't believe they are necessary to keep hands, bacteria free. it will issue a full recall for hand soaps by the end of the year. its going to be more than two years by the time star wars fans get to see the next installment of the movie saga. disney says that will give its
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creative team time to develop a sensational picture. the new film is being written by jj abrams that is also directing accept accept-- directing episode seven. a major new development tied to the recent tragedy on the bart tracks. coming up how the deaths of two workers could effect everyone who rides bart. we are live in san jose where the coroner just arrived on scene of a fatal collision between a pedestrian and multivehicles. i will tell you when the southbound exit to 87 off of 280 may reopen. good morning. right now traffic is going to be busy in many areas as we look at the sunol grade. it doesn't look bad here as you drive toward san jose. the fog is back in a big way but if you don't have that its probably much cooler. high temperatures today will be depending on if you have that
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a couple great things to tell you about. there is the opening bell live this morning. who is ringing the opening bell? there on the nasdaq is hometown heros. they are ringing the nasdaq. its a charity in new jersey. main purpose to foster an environment of good will and generosity. especially supporting local communities in times of crisis. and on the new york stock exchange they are talking about veterans day which is coming up on monday. and apple bees a representative there. apple bees as a tradition they serve complimentary meals to current and former service members on veterans day. veterans day monday its the 95th anniversary of veterans
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day. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news friday, november 8th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. steve was walking maybe a little be >> i was talking? >> you were talking. a little chance of rain. but not really. >> it does not look good. remember almost all signs fail on dry weather. that is next week. today we have fog. there is a lot of it right there down on the deck. another beautiful season rise. most of the high clouds are gone. it will be hazy and warm for inland temps today. although its much, much cooler than what we had yesterday. a few 30s, a lot more 40s and lower 50s oakland and san francisco. compared to the upper 50s ahead. some of that fog will play into a cooler forecast. losing that easterly breeze. we will go for a high of only 62 today after a couple days of upper 60s and low 70s. fog near coast and bay. cooler inland on mostly clear skies. but still hazy and warm inland.
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occasionally a high cloud or two will drift by. it will be warm inland. still mid 70s to upper 70s. this pattern looks like its stuck there. but more 50s and 60s by the waters edge. here is sal. steve, we do have problems for this friday morning commute. we will start off though and take a look at some of the typical commutes we have. the bay bridge. thick fog here as steve and i have been telling you since we got to work. its pretty thick. and once you get on to the span you might run into it as well. we can't even see the span because its so foggy. so give yourself extra time. this is a 20 minute delay. you might want to give yourself an extra ten minutes on top of that. 237 we have traffic that is moving well. roads are covered completely after there was a crash blocking the left lane. of course we have the collision on 280 northbound. a phocas and a pedestrian. county center katie utehs is on the scene in san jose with more on what happened.
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katie. >> reporter: sal, the coroner arrived about ten minutes ago. from our advantage point it looks like they have removed the body. we are told the lanes will be closed for at least about a half -- an hour and a half or more. so chp will update us on that lane closure now that the body has been removed. we are tole it is a 26-year-old man but we have not learned his identity at this point. we have learned a white toyota corolla struck the man in the number one lane in the off ramp to southbound 87 to northbound 280. a second vehicle may have struck the man as well and then a third vehicle may have hit the cars and possibly the victim. investigators are unsure why the man was in the roadway but says poor visibility from the fog does not appear to be a factor. >> you can still see a few hundred feet down the roadway. so things that were going into factor in this case might be the clothing the pedestrian was wearing. because it was dark. just like it is now.
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there are some streetlights. >> reporter: the off ramp is closed and causing traffic to back up. it could still be more than an hour as we said, before it reopens. you may want to plan your commute accordingly. as i mentioned the chp public information officer is on the scene. he just walked up the roadway to speak with investigators and will bring us an update since the coroner has arrived. in san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:34. only on 2 ktvu has learned that at san francisco general hospital several security guards are being switched to other places. this follows a disappearance and death of am hospital patient early this year. tara moriarty is at the hospital now with this exclusive information. good morning, tara. >> all right tara we obviously
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have a minor technical problem with tara moriarty's report. tara are you with us now? >> still having problems. all right we will check back in with tara. we do have new information about a reported sexual assault at the de ansa is college in cupertino. the alleged victim sam member of the lgbt community and that the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. the 19-year-old student says she was raped inside of a first floor restroom at the media learning center on monday. campus police call the attack an isolated incident and identify the attacker as an 18- 20-year-old male. the two were acquaintances but not friends and never had had a relationship. >> its very scary. whether you know the person or not somebody will do something like that you feel very unsafe. especially if a place you should feel secure.
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>> campus police say they know who they are looking for but no arrests have been made. as we told you ktvu has learned at sf general hospital several guards are being switched to other places after the disappearance and death of a hospital patient there. let's check in with tara moriarty and this is exclusive information, tara. >> reporter: that is right. we have learned a sergeant and two senior deputies are being transferred out of san francisco general hospital in tweak weeks and six people will be transperred in. we have also learned a deputy has been transferred out. he is also connected to the spalding case. this comes as fallout from the lynn spalding case. this is a woman that was being treated at san francisco general hospital in september. her body was found in a stairwell 17 days after she went missing. the 57-year-old disappeared september 21st but it wasn't until nine days later that a search was done. sheriff ross mirkarimi admitted
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only half of the stairwells were searched september 30th. someone did call to report a dead body. but it wasn't until four days later that spalding's body was found. one policy change that the sheriff has already implemented is that any time am patient here at san francisco general goes missing, a full search of the campus will be done. i am told that more changes are to come and we will keep you posted. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. we've been watching the philippines the most powerful typhoon ever recorded made landfall this morning. i want to show you new video of a family in a village. they are trying to carry their small home to higher ground. the category five typhoon triggered landslides, damaged homes, and knocked out power lines. communication has been cut off so the full extent of the damage is not quite fully
6:38 am
known. this is new video of what came in. at least four people are dead. about 720,000 others had to evacuate their homes. >> people generally goes to schools, churches, and other government buildings when they can. the question is are they strong enough to hold up to 300- kilometer winds? >> the typhoon hit the same area where an earthquake killed more than 200 people last month. tomorrow the typhoon is expected to make its way toward the south china sea heading toward vietnam. new workers safety rules could mean shorter hours for bart. bart managers made that surprising revelation yesterday during this special legislative hearing in san francisco. they say they recently adopted safety rules for the crews that work on the bart tracks could lead to big changes in service. and they didn't rule out the possibility bart could cut its operating hours. the new rules come just weeks after the deaths of two track inspectors near the walnut
6:39 am
creek bart station last month. several suspicious fires in castro valley are raising concerns. in the past couple of weeks there have been shiksas personnous brush fires -- six suspicious brush fires. some of the neighbors say they think they know who has been starting these fires. >> i think its kids. yeah i think its kids. i know when we walk the dog to the park at night there are kids out there smoking pot. >> there are a lot of kids drinking and partying. >> so far all the fires have been small. they were put out quickly but firefighters say there is a lot of brush and open space in that area. so everyone should be on alert. former santa claire rap county supervisor george shirakawa will be sentenced today. he is also accused of creating a fake campaign mailer to discredit a candidate running for san jose city council in
6:40 am
2010. the district attorney wants him to serve a year in jail. shirakawa's attorney is pushing for community service. san jose state's president has backed off a plan that would cut classes. yesterday the school's president released a statement saying the campus will use a one-time fund that was supposed to go to infrastructure and other projects to make up the difference. stanford beat oregon and that ended the ducks dreams of a national championship. boy what a game. the fifth ranked cardinal made it two in a row against the number three ranked ducks at home. the cardinals started strong. first quarter kevin hogan went deep down the field. hit michael rector 47 yards on the first down. later in that drive tyler plow
6:41 am
into the end zone for a touchdown. final score 26-20. 6:40 is the time right now. denied for help. how areas burned and destroyed by the rim fire are coping with the devastation and where they will now have to look for for help. supporting sasha. we will tell you how classmates here plan on supporting their classmate who was burned while riding an ac transit bus. we do have traffic that is going to be busy on certain parts of the freeway. but i hear on highway 4 in bay point its not all that bad. a little twist in our forecast and that is in the form of very foggy conditions coast and bay. not so much inland it will be warm there. we'll have the cooler friday temperatures in about seven minutes.
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this morning students at berkeley's maybeck high school will be wearing skirts in support of a classmate and friend that was badly burned while riding on an ac transit bus. brian flores is live in berkeley to tell us what other people are doing to help out. >> reporter: some of the students expected to arrive here just before 8:00 here. here at maybeck high school it is a close knit student body.
6:45 am
only 100 students attend the school. some plan on showing their support for their classmate that is currently recovering in the hospital. some students here saute will wear skirts in honor of sasha. he was sleep orange a transit bus when his legs were set on fire by richard thomas. thomas is being charged as an adult. police also say this may be the result of a hate crime. sasha flashman who was wearing a skirt on the bus does not identify with a gender an his mother tells us that sasha is a- gender and doesn't identify as a male or female. parents at the school plan on supporting what they plan on doing today. >> what kind of boy is he? >> he is a good kid. a very good kid.
6:46 am
>> she was sorry for her son's actions and didn't raise her that way. a statement on the website says they have since stopped taking donations as the family has reached their financial goals there. as for richard thomas currently being held without bail and sasha remains hospitalized. live in berkeley brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. security screening at airports nation-wide will pause to honor a tsa officer killed last friday at lax. 9:20 was when hernandez a 39- year-old father of two was shot to death. he became the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. hundreds of airports will hold a moment of silence and a public memorial will be held next tuesday in los angeles. the accused gunman faces a murder charge. a connecticut prosecutors
6:47 am
wants the court to block the release of 911 calls from sandy hook elementary school. a hearing is scheduled today about that. in september the freedom of information commission ruled that is the recordings from inside the school must be given to the associated press which wanted to examine police response to the massacre. fema has denied continued help for the recovery of the massive rim fire in yosemite national park. now they will be forced to rebuild roads and infrastructure with only state and local resources. in a letter to the governor, fema said their review was not severe enough to require federal aid. that fire burned more than 250,000 acres and destroyed several structures. happening now in atlanta the 29th annual symposium on mental health policy there is health and human service
6:48 am
secretary kathleen sebelius. meantime president obama apologized for all the problems with the health care website. last night in a network tv interview the president accepted responsibility and expressed regret for the people that lost their current health insurance as a result of the affordable care act. even though he promised earlier they would be able to keep their plan if they liked it. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure they know that we have hear them. >> now the white house says consumers who are forced to change their plans they will end up with better policies and
6:49 am
may get subsidies to offset any higher costs. time is 6:48. time to check in with tori campbell for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up in minutes a dramatic turn of events in the north bay. a fairfield man that was once a candidate for city council turned themselves into police for tuesday's fatal shooting. his close connection to the victim who was also a suspect in a shooting an hour earlier. and we are learning new information about former nfl star tony dorset who recently revealed he has been diagnosissed with brain disease. why a state panel has determined whether he will get any compensation from the nfl. and a family files a lawsuit against their black hawk community because they say their children can't play in their front yard or go trick or treating or hang holiday decoration but there may be a more serious form of discrimination behind the claim. those stories new on mornings
6:50 am
on 2. now back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:49. let's check traffic. see how things are going right now. >> all right. things are going a little bit better. we do have dense fog out there. steve and i have been telling you about that. although its getting a little better i think there is a spider on our lens. if you want to see that. there it is on the left. see it? hanging out. all right i'm glad i made your morning with that. let's take a look now at the golden gate bridge. north and southbound traffic moving along well but the fog is still pretty thick. and we still have a look at the south bay where northbound 280 i believe i just heard him say they were canceling the sig alert in san jose. i just heard that on the radio. and yes now its confirmed. so that sig alert we had when katy was at that fatal accident. the roadway is open. there is still a little bit of slow traffic as i push in here on northbound 280.
6:51 am
6:50 let's go to steve. sal you are getting tweets on very thick fog. >> yes tweet us and send us facebook messages. >> yes i know around the bay. there is a bunch coming in. you can see why its really down there. not making much of an impact inland. the higher clouds most of those are gone. it will still be hazy and warm inland. but cooler coast and bay. storm track stays to the north. it may take a dip toward us next week. any rain will be up toward mendocino county north. am lot cooler. novato 37. more 40s today. and even lower 50s for san francisco and oakland. 34 in tahoe. reno 47. 43 sacramento and ukiah. over all lots of sunshine and warm temps if you don't have that fog. now the fog will retreat back to the coast. and its kind of pocketsover --
6:52 am
pockets of it. inland coast and bay is cooling down. storm track stays to the north. you know it does not look good for next week. high pressure builds back in. fog, sun, hazy. cooler on the coast and bay. mid 70s. upper 60s for some. more 50s and 60s closer to the coast and bay. mid 60s for oakland. walnut creek 73. castro valley 63. 73 saratoga. fremont at 70. low 70s redwood city and palo alto. so a little cooler for some. we will carry that right into the weekend. does look cooler. increasing clouds monday some rain to the north. then back to fair, dry, and warmer. >> thank you. 6:52 is the time. excitement surrounding the first day. twitter on the new york stock exchange. how is the stock doing today and what new challenges lie ahead now that twit sir public? plus local animal rescue
6:53 am
group looking for cash on facebook. why a very angry animal lover found something out that made him demand his donation back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a live look at the big
6:56 am
board this morning. dow jones up 13 points. nasdaq s & p also posting slight gains as well. the markets reacting. 204,000 new jobs were created last month. that is device as many as expected. a bit of good news. the unemployment rate though rose slightly but that is because furloughed federal workers were included in the numbers. right now i want to check in on twitter stock this morning. sorry my screen just going away. i will have that for you in a second. we've been watching it. it did up and up a little lower this morning. stock price at $26 a share. of course twitter has not made a profit though and analyst looking at how it changed that for future growth in the stock but right now twitter stock things are a little slow. i'm sorry, dave, i will have it for you. time is 6:56. keep your eyes up. keep your phones down.
6:57 am
that is one message bay area cities are sending you. the san francisco campaign aims to stop cell phone thefts. now the police say two out of three robberies in the city involve a smart phone. warnings are being passed out to minute knee riders. that killing in september that has also prompted more passengers to be more alert. >> there were many people on the bus so engrossed in their cell phones they didn't notice the suspect pull the weapon out. >> extra services are been riding on those vehicles for several weeks. they are raising big questions about the charity status. last chance critter rescue their facebook page has more
6:58 am
than 80,000 likes. the organization is not registered as a charity. a man in southern california told ktvu he demanded his refund of $100 back. last chance critter rescues founder insists her group is a registered nonprofit. >> a lot of people checking on twitter stock. but down $1 million coming up breaking news out of san jose. we have new information about that deadly crash involving a pedestrian on a busy freeway interchange. also why thousands of people are camping out in one bay area neighborhood this morning. stay right here with us. ♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99.
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and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where california highway patrol just cleared the scene of a fatal collision. i will tell you how traffic is doing and what we've learned about the pedestrian who tried to cross the road and was struck by multiple vehicles. >> reporter: policy and personnel changes within the sheriff's department are now happening in the wake of the disappearance and death of a san francisco general hospital patient. we'll tell you what we've learned exclusively. camping out to get help during the holidays. the important li


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