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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 8, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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typhoon haiyan pounding the philippines as it heads toward vietnam. we're tracking the storm. a licensed hunter uses a bow and arrow to kill a wild big in a gate east bay community. plus -- students and teachers coming together in solidarity for a high school senior who was burned.
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the unique way they are showing their solidarity. supertyphoon haiyan is battering the philippines. it's being called one of the strongest storms ever recorded. it's leaving massive devastation in the wake. this video shows some of the incredible force of the storm. authorities are reporting three deaths and seven injuries but communication systems are down and the death toll could be much higher. i'm mike mibach. the storm is being held right here in the bay area. and katie utehs is live from milpitas. what are those in the community telling you? >> reporter: at this point, they are trying to reach family and friends and with little successful. as you mentioned, telephone service is wiped out as well as power in many communities. they are trying via facebook. but it's easy to see why you wouldn't have services when you
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take a look at the video of the damage. the storm hit the country's eastern island of samar around 4:30 friday local time and. at least three people have been killed but the death toll is expected to rise as relief workers reach isolated communities. it's called typhoon yolanda in the philippines. meteorologists are debating how intense wind speeds have been measured. sustained winds were 195 miles an hour with gusts up to 235 miles per hour. the bay area has a robust filipino community. we spoke with people still trying to reach those family members. >> it's really a big devastation. it's really, really bad from what i see on tv. it's really bad. >> the only way to reach them
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is through took. >> reporter: as we mentioned power was shut off in some communities before the storm hit. that was a preemptive measure to avoid any issues with electrocution. many people were evacuated as the storm hit. many people trying connect with loved ones. the filipino community is talking about relief efforts. we're looking to find out what the efforts will be so we can share them for -- with you. we have calls into the american cross, the salvation army. the filipino community organizing but no set plans yet. stay with us. we'll bring you the details if you would like to help out. back to you. and let's go to rosemary oroscoe monitoring the typhoon. where is this one expected to hit next. >> it's on the path to vietnam. i want to show you this monster
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storm. take a look at this. it's in the south china sea. if i measure it for you from about one end to the other, it stretches almost 1,000 miles. this is enormous. the world's strongest typhoon this year. you can see on your screen as to why. let's take a look at where it is heading. it's losing a little bit of steam, a category 4 with top winds at 150 miles an hour. by tomorrow, it's supposed to reach vietnam. it's gonna slide in by the afternoon and if it continues this path hopefully, weakening to a category 3 and onto a category 2 by sunday morning. we'll continue to track this. i will say one of the positive elements of if there is one, it's moving at a pace. the westerly direction at 23 miles an hour. because of that area, in and around the philippines hammered but not as bad as it could have been. we want the storm to continue on the path not to slow down and definitely not to stall.
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for more pictures of the devastation, go to the website, and click on the slide show tab. new at noon, one wild pig is dead and several others are on the loose. homeowners say they woke up to several wild pigs right there in their backyard. the same homeowners said they tried to call animal control but could not get ahold of anyone because it was too early. john fowler joins us live from the neighborhood and explains what's going on. >> reporter: you can blame our dry weather here. it happened here in this gated community this morning. ktvu's camera was the only one there after three wild pigs broke into this backyard, got cornered, threatened the dog, the homes here are expensively landscaped. neighbors say the wild pigs have done extensive damage. >> this used to be a nice, well- done yard. but we had three pig attacks.
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>> . >> a lot of these neighborhoods, the lawns are extremely wet and that's a huge source of food for the wild pigs, all of the grubs. >> reporter: the homeowners association had hired a professional hunter. this requires a special permit. he did kill a 200-pound sow with an arrow. the other two pigs ran off. wildlife experts say you can expect this to happen more and more. we showed you. san jose's wild big problem, we showed you that three days ago. people say here they are expecting more pigs because as the weather continues to be dry, the pig population is increaseth and under -- increasing and under increasing stress. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. passengers and staff at los angeles airport this morning observed a moment of silence in
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honor of a tsa agent shot and killed one week ago. [taps] >> taps played as everyone in terminal three stood at 9:28 a.m. , the moment the gunman walked up to the agent and opened fire. a public memorial for hernandez is set for tuesday in los angeles. tomorrow, a national day of action is planned in honor of 13-year-old andy lopez shot and killed by a deputy last month while holding a replica gun. the controversial shooting has sparked several protests where the teen was killed. the sheriff's deputy who shot lopez said the teen refused orders to drop that fake gun. demonstrations are planned in los angeles, oakland, sacramento and san francisco. a reported sexual assault at de anza college is being regularred as a possible --
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investigated as a hate crime. the victim is a victim of the hgbt community. the 19-year-old she was raped on monday in the media center. the victim and her attacker were acquaintances and he's also a student there. no arrests have been made. san mateo police say they are looking for this man. he tried to solicit a 16-year- old girl for her. the incident happened on 31st and isabel avenue, not far from hillsdale high school. the man is clean shaven with dark, spikey hair and was seen driving a white honda crv. all lanes are back open on a busy south bay freeway where a man was killed walking on the roadway. the connector ramp was shut down for close to two hours. highway patrol says 26-year-old man was hit by as many as three vehicles around 5:00 this morning. he was pronounced dead there at the scene. investigators are still trying to figure out why that man was
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walking on the connector ramp. >> there were no vehicles in the area. possibly the thinking was maybe he broke down and was walking home. but at this time, there are no vehicles all the way back to 101. >> drivers of the vehicles are cooperating with investigators. the chp says visibility due to fog and the man's dark clothes may have been -- clothing may have been a factor in the accident. antioch police are investigating a deadly crash that happened near the police station. the impact of the crash ripped the roof off the suv. the victim, a 31-year-old man from antioch who sparked in -- slammed into a parked semitrailer. the investigation continues. the officers say it's too early to tell if alcohol was a factor. two people have been hospitalized after a light rail vehicle in san jose collided with a car this morning. it happened at north first street and skyport drive. there were two people inside the vehicle. authorities have not released
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details on their injuries. nobody on the light rail vehicle was hurt. while it's still unclear who was at fall -- at fault, people need to be aware of the danger. >> we just ask people to be very aware that we have trains operating in this corridor. it's an open system. we have a lot of safety lights and flashing lights and those types of things. >> the crash did disrupt service. bus bridge was set up to get passengers to the next station. new details on the fallout within the san francisco sheriff's department this morning, this comes in the wake of a disappearance and death of a san francisco general patient. ktvu has learned that a dispatcher has been transferred out and a captain has been transferred into the hospital. in two weeks, a sergeant and two senior deputies from the hospital will be reassigned. six people will be transferred in. these changes are a result of the lynne spalding case.
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the 57-year-old was being treated there. her body was found in a stairwell 17 days after she was missing. nine days passed before a search was done. sheriff mirkarimi admitted only half the stairwells were checked. someone called to report a dead body in the stairwell on october 4th. dispatch said they will take care of it but that did not happen. four days later, her body was found. one policy change the sheriff has done, any time a patient at general goes missing, a full search of the missing will be done. b.a.r.t. says it may have to reduce operating hours because of new track maintenance rules that were adopted following the deaths of two workers. one official said the new rules are going to be disruptive to service. hours of operation and the b.a.r.t. budget. one union leader called for a
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criminal investigation into the workers' deaths last month as they were inspecting the tracks. we're live in berkeley where high school students are coming together in support of a classmate aboard a a.c. transit bus and burned. some parents are unhappy about a policy about head lice.
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new developments now in a milpitas murder case. police are now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of three people. they are accused of shooting and killing mohammed reza last year during a robbery of a 7/11 store. after the shooting, police released these pictures of the three people who they say are responsible. all three are carrying guns. anyone with information is urged to call milpitas police. student the a berkeley high school -- at a berkeley high school are coming together in support of a friend and classmate who police say was set on fire while on an a.c. transit bus in oakland. brian flores is live in berkeley with the unique way the students are doing just that. >> reporter: hey, make. the kids certainly came together for sasha fleishman.
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minutes ago they took a group photo that will sent to sasha in the coming days but they hope he returns to school soon maybeck high students, girl or boy, score skirts in honor of fleishman. his mom says he doesn't identity being a male or female. on monday, he was aboard an a.c. transit bus when 16-year-old richard thomas used a lighter allegedly to set sasha's skirt on fire. maybeck students tell us they hope sasha knows he's scarily on their minds. it's really important. i feel like maybeck is a school where you can be who you are. i feel like it's important for the school to come together in support of him. >> reporter: since the attack sasha has already received support online. donations have poured in with more than $21,000 raised. while counselors have been on hand at the school.
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many students say it would help them get them through this, he's making care packages cards and taking a group photo. the school's director wore a skirt to school and said the open environment has allowed sasha to thrive. >> at this point, the family is recovering the process and we can't wait to have sasha back with us here at maybeck. >> reporter: sasha remains in the hospital with second and third-degree burns and again, just minutes ago, here they are taking the photo. they made a get-well card for sasha in the hospital as he recovers. he's in good spirits and says he's looking forward to coming back here to maybeck high. back to you. prosecutors have filed formal hate-crime charges against 16-year-old richard thomas accused in the attack.
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ail alameda county -- alameda county prosecutors will try hill as an adult. the reporting officer said he "set the boy on fire because he's homophobic". a man accused of kidnapping his 2-week-old son in sunnyvale and taking the baby to mexico could be extradited back to the area. henry was reported missing by his mother on tuesday night and a statewide amber alert was issued. his father 22-year-old mesut guler, was arrested the next day after crossing into the border with mexico. he's been transferred to a jail in arizona. santa clara prosecutors are working to have the father extradited to face charges of felony kidnapping and child abduction. some parents of young children are not happy with the government's new less restrictive head lice policy. the policy allows children with
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lice to go home at the end of the school day be, treated and return to -- day be treated and return to school that day. the cdc says the policy is shifted to help design kids from missing case and shield them from embarrassment and protect their policy. families lined up for much- needed help for this holiday season. people have been standing in line since yesterday and many families slept outside just to sign up. we talked to a woman who says she's been waiting since early this morning. she says the program is essentially to help feed her family this holiday season. >> paying the rent, paying the bills. we live on whatever we get month by month until everything is paid. and that's it. that's all we have. >> organizers say the program will help about 4,000 families this year with thanksgiving and
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christmas food boxes and toys for the children. fair weather in the forecast for your friday. started out with some fog along the coast and inside the bay. but take a look at this now. we've got fair skies and plenty of sunshine out there. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. we could take a look at where we're seeing some of that fog. it's well off the coastline in areas right around half moon bay, pacifica, reporting some nice weather with mostly clear skies. from the coast around the bay and inland for your afternoon. the fog will be back with us again for tomorrow. we're beginning to see a little bit of a switch in the weather pattern. but we will remain with dry, mild weather for your weekend. the winds onshore but a light gentle breeze. napa reporting 3 miles an hour. 2 at fairfield. concord reporting 3. we have a localized sea breeze that will be with us throughout the afternoon. temperatures 73 in walnut creek. 70 in concord. 66 in napa. ridge of high pressure still in
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place. we're continuing to see a north an offshore breeze as well. this ridge of high pressure weakening a little bit in time for the weekend. that will drive the temperatures down a little bit. mix of sun and clouds as we start the morning with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. but, again we're regonna remain dry -- we're gonna remain dry for the weekend. for the afternoon today, 72 in novato, 71 for petaluma, 68 in vallejo. 66 in richmond. mid-60s to upper 60s for the east bayshore line. 65 in oakland. 67 in hayward. low 70s for you danville. let's slide into the santa clara valley where we're looking at 72 for san jose. mid-70s for morgan hill. upper 60s for santa cruz along the peninsula a nice day for you. redwood city, 71. 68 for san mateo. 62 san francisco upper 50s to low 60s for the coastline. your extended forecast here showing you temperatures do off just a little bit. sunday looks to be the coolest day. it could be breezy as well.
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clouds increasing on monday and right now that chance for rain wants to -- well, at least pull itself in the north bay but stop right about there. we'll continue to track this and we some rain. if you do have veterans day off, at least you will have a dry monday for the most part. we're still a few days out. we hope it changes. we know we need the chain. >> it looks like it's knocking on the door. >> right. unexpected good news from newly-released job numbers. also the san francisco giants helping their little league friends. renovations made at two fields in the city.
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not a great day for the market. right now the dow is up 109. the s&p is up 17 points. a lot of green on the board except for twitter. right now, twitter down a little over 8% in trading today. positive news from the labor department which says the u.s. added 204,000 jobs last month but the unemployment rate rose from 7.2% to 7.3%. some economists say the rise is likely because furloughed federal workers were counted as unemployed. the report found that employers added 60,000 more jobs in the previous two months than briefly estimated -- previously estimated. great lose for little leaguers. some of their ball clubs have undergone renovations.
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carl larsen park and james rolf park was given renovations, the money came after the giants won the 2012 services. the work included new grass and dirt and repairs to backstops and dugouts. >> without rbi, without mlb, without chevrolet, this field a few months ago, in the outfield, it was full of gophers. the infield had a lig lip where even -- a big lip where even crawford would have had a tough time fielding a ball at short stop. >> the rec and parks department selected these fields because they needed the most work to keep them safer to play on. coming up at 5:00, we'll continue to monitor the developments in the philippines where a deadly typhoon is slamming in the country. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news.
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we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at, twitter and facebook. for tori campbell and everyone, i'm mike mibach. have a great afternoon. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up,
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