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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 8, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> bay area family as wait word up able to contact loved -- families await word unable to contact loved ones after a superstorm slams the philippines. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. our attention turns across the pacific to one of the strongest storms in recorded history, typhoon haiyan slamming into the philippines making landfall at dawn. we have reports of more than 100 bodies lying in the streets of this city. the president of the philippines is warning his people to prepare for the worst. in many areas communication
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lines are down and the extent of the destruction is not yet known. however, it is expected to be catastrophic. the typhoon had sustained winds of 147 miles an hour and gusts of 170 miles an hour comparable to a category 4 hurricane in the united states. the only fortunate news is the storm moved through quickly. we have team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin on where the storm is now, but first ktvu's amber lee live in san francisco where members of the filipino community are taking action even as they're waiting for word on the safety of their families. amber? >> reporter: we're at the restaurant and bar where a fundraiser is underway. the cover charge will help raise money for relief efforts. here around the bay area people are still trying to make contact with relatives in the philippines. >> people really are suffering. >> reporter: at st. augustine catholic church in south san francisco the filipino community is turning to their faith to give them strength. they prayed for the safety of
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loved ones. >> thinking about, you know, your family in the philippines is very stressful. >> reporter: the daly city woman tells me most of her family is in the northern province of negros occidental hard hit by the typhoon trying to get in touch with loved ones since this morning. >> i do not know where they are, whether they are in the shelter. we don't know. >> this is my father and this is my mother of. >> reporter: leslie cocila of burlingame tells me her father of the navy went back to his birthplace to serve as mayor. >> he was giving back. i'm just hoping he'll be fine and my mother as well. >> reporter: she's been trying to reach her parents since yesterday morning. she says the town doesn't have the infrastructure to withstand a disaster. >> where people live, it's made of straw and flimsy wood. it's on stilts. it's not secure to the ground.
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>> let us pray of. >> reporter: father ed dura says he's fortunate he was able to reach his sister by phone. >> when i was talking over the phone, i could hear over the phone the howling of the wind. >> reporter: father dura said he's worked in the area devastated by the typhoon and that this disaster coming on the heels of an earthquake last month only adds to the hardship of the people. >> we're just trying to hold it together until we get more information. >> reporter: back here at el torada organizers are asking of donations of at least $5 per person and say the money will be used to buy medicine and food for victims of the typhoon. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. now to chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the storm in the ktvu weather center. >> this is how the system looked last night just as it came onshore, winds of 195 miles an hour sustained, gusts to 235, a supertyphoon last
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night. now it's downgraded to a typhoon which is the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane. typhoon is just another name for a hurricane. it's a regional name. here's where the system is now category 4 and look at the path as it moves towards vietnam. it drops down from a category 4 to 2, but this storm is still developing. lots could happen. any developments we'll keep you posted. >> and with wind speeds top 165 miles an hour at landfall haiyan is one of the fiercest typhoons ever recorded. here is a visual comparison of haiyan to hurricane katrina, the most powerful storm to hit the u.s. in modern history. katrina is seen on the left. it slammed the gulf coast in 2005 with winds up to 129 miles an hour. katrina killed more than 1,800 people and caused more than $100 billion damage. people in the bay area are reaching out looking for ways to help those affected by that supertyphoon. >> since the supertyphoon happened we've been get being a lot of calls -- getting a lot
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of calls. this typhoon in particular is one of the strongest to hit the philippines, if not the world. >> the deputy counsel general for the philippines in san francisco tells ktvu he's preparing a hotline number to distribute information as soon as he gets an update from emergency officials. local groups say the best way to help now is to send money, not food, water or clothing because those items take too long to get to the affected areas. we are keeping up to date with the latest information out of the philippines. look for the national and world section under news. cal fire crews are making progress in their efforts to contain a brushfire burning in lake county. the fire started shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. it is burning near lower lake south of morgan valley road and east of highway 29. cal fire says it's burned about 150 acres and at this point is 30% contained. officials say evacuations have not been necessary. the brushfire was started by a pickup truck that caught fire
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and the flames spread to dry brush. tonight for the first time we're hearing from the parents of 18-year-old luke sasha fleischmann, the high school senior whose skirt was set on fire while he was riding home on a transit bus. the teenager's parents hope some good news will come from their son's pain. >> reporter: yes, they do. we're along the 57, the bus sasha was riding on monday when he was set on fire. look, the bus stops here are lined with colorful ribbons in support of sasha and giving hope to his family. >> it's very distressing to me. >> reporter: to say that debbie crandall and karl fleischmann have been through a parent's worst nightmare doesn't do it justice. they couldn't think of this happening. while riding an ac transit bus home on monday, their child 18- year-old luke sasha fleischmann
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was set on fire. the teen was wearing a skirt and that's what appears to have made the teen a target. >> for a year and a half it's been fine and for something like this to happen is so horrible. >> reporter: sasha identifies as agender, neither male nor female, pronouns used to describe an agender person are plural like they and them. >> we have no problem with them wearing a skirt. at first actually i was nervous about it because i was afraid of something like this happening. >> reporter: the parents don't want to talk about the suspect who is close to stash a's age, just 16 years old. -- sasha's age, just 16 years old. richard thomas will be tried as an adult with a special hate crime enhancement. prosecutors say sasha was targeted because of gender identity. >> my home out of all this is that there's better education and teaching kids at a younger age empathy and caring about everybody and respecting everybody. >> reporter: classmates at
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maybeck high school in berkeley are showing solidarity with a simple fashion statement. >> it's really important. i feel like maybeck is a school where you can just kind of be who you are. >> reporter: today was skirt day for everyone at the small private school, a gesture not lost on sasha who is undergoing skin grafts at st. joseph's medical center. >> when sasha saw the picture of his schoolmates wearing their skirts, he had a big smile on their face. >> reporter: sasha's parents say their child is shy, smart, funny and most important, resilient. >> there may be some, you know, scars there that are deeper than the scars on his legs. >> reporter: but tonight a gentleman was asking me why all the ribbons on these bus stops. when i told him, he gave me a thumbs up and said that's a very good thing. noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news.
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ant to being police shot and -- antioch police shot and killed a pitbull after they say it charged at him. officers were called to a domestic dispute on bridal way just after 4:00 this afternoon. police tried to arrest a man in his garage when the dog charged at the officers. a neighbor told us what he heard. >> three loud booms. first thought was fireworks, second thought not normal, looked out the window, saw a police officer standing at the garage opening with a shotgun yelling is there anybody else in the house? then i heard screaming. >> police arrested the man. investigators remained on the scene for several hours. there is new information about the mysterious disappearance of a brazilian man who vanished almost two weeks ago while visiting san francisco. we have word of a 911 call that we've learned about by talking to his family. >> reporter: it turns out he did make a 911 call.
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we've also learned that paulo neto's computer has been brought up from los angeles and it's in the hands of police inspectors and they're mining it for what information it might cape. right now we're at the civic -- contain. right now we're at the civic center inn, the hotel where he was last seen 11 days ago. it could be any tourist wandering union square, but the reyes family first trip to san francisco from brazil is a miserable one. the only sight they want to see is 23-year-old paulo neto. his parents, uncle and sister are 6,000 miles from home looking. >> something really strong inside of all of us is saying that he is alive. we know that he's in danger, but we know that he's alive.
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>> reporter: danger because before he disappeared neto made frantic phone calls to friends and loved ones saying he needed help and was hiding from people who wanted to hurt him. police revealed he called 911 emergency as well. >> now he actually called 911. that makes everything harder to us. he was actually in trouble and we don't know what kind of trouble it is. >> reporter: a few days later this unidentified man used neto's credit card at a mcdonald's in the mission district but nothing since. this photo shows neto checking out of the hotel early in his visit. investigators know he also stayed with someone he met in the city, someone they have interviewed, and one of neto's best friends retrieved his laptop so it could be sent to stpd. >> please help me. please help me. please help me. >> reporter: that los angeles classmate got a panicked call from neto, too. >> if you're in trouble, call the police. they're the best people that will help you. it's like oh, oh, then he hangs up. >> reaches out. then he calls 911 -- he reaches out. then he calls 911 and no one has seen him since of. >> reporter: the family turned to a private investigator for help, a retired fbi agent who
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retraced neto's steps and believes he's a victim of foul play. >> somebody out there has information and knows what happened to this kid. there could be a good ending, but it needs to happen fairly soon. >> reporter: this sunday the family will try to raise awareness with leafletting in the mission district. they're asking volunteers to meet at 1:00 at dolores park and they're especially reaching out to fellow brazilians in the community. reporting live in san francisco, . ktvu has been receiving reports of the meteor shower lighting up the sky in the bay area. viewers have been sending us pictures. this is from hayward. you can see the small white mark barely there in the middle of your screen. the peak is next weekend when as many as 15 meteors an hour could be visible.
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kicked 7 times while the cameras were rolling. >> it makes you sick to your stomach. >> the reason this attack may not be investigated even though police showed up. >> dense fog made driving difficult this morning. find out if you can expect the same tomorrow. >> coming up next, tricked and robbed of their pomeranian. >> you got a gun in your face for a puppy.
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new video out of oakland tonight where business detained
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at least one suspect in connection with a carjacking just before 6:00 this evening. investigators say three suspects carjacked the vehicle in berkeley and drove to oakland where they crashed into two other vehicles at the intersection of stanford and san pablo. no injuries were reported. one suspect was taken into custody. police say they are still looking for the other two. a south bay couple is telling their story to ktvu tonight. they say one minute they were selling a puppy and the next they had a gun in their face and their puppy was gone. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose with the clues police hope will catch the thief. >> reporter: police released these two photos today. the first shows the puppy and the second shows man police say tried to -- that he stole the dog and they say tried to steal the couple's lexus as well. >> all of a sudden you got a gun in your face for a puppy of. >> reporter: we agreed not to show this married couple still fearful after what happened when they were trying to sell
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this 9-week-old pomeranian puppy. >> it just hurts to know that there are people that can be so friendly one minute and be a complete monster the next. >> reporter: the robbery and attempted carjacking happened one month ago in this parking lot behind taco bell on story road. the couple met the interested buyer who said he wanted the dog for his daughter. >> he's really petting the dog and then out of nowhere he starts to zip the dog up in his coat and pulls out a gun and says get out of the car. >> reporter: police identified the robber as 38-year-old juan carlos chavez of milpitas. his neck tattoo could be key to catching him which appears to say mexicano. while selling pets is not allowed on ebay's main site it is allowed and common on their classified site where the couple was selling the puppy for $700. >> i am a little bit leery about using ebay because you don't know what situations you'll run into. >> reporter: at this san jose dog park tonight owners call the incident unfortunate. one woman told us she paid
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$1,000 for her dog and others say canines can mean big cash. >> we get so many signs out for stolen dogs for breeds and then they go to craigslist and sell them. this is just one more thing of. >> reporter: in a statement released to ktvu tonight ebay says in part the safety and security of our customers is a top priority for ebay and we work hard to create a safe and enjoyable marketplace for everyone. the couple advises other online sellers be wary of blocked phone numbers, meeting in dork areas and at night saying they -- dark areas and at night saying they never planned to meet under those areas but their potential buyer saying he was assistant and apparently trusting. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu news learned of additional fallout at the san francisco sheriff's department in the wake of the botched search for lynne spalding, the hospital patient found dead in a stairwell at san francisco
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general 17 days after being reported missing from her hospital room. a civilian dispatcher has been transferred out by the sheriff's department. now we're told a sergeant and two senior deputies will also be leaving the hospital and reassigned in the next couple weeks. a new captain is being transferred in to take over at the hospital. the captain is among six new deputies being transferred to hospital duty. one policy change has already been implemented. the sheriff says any time a patient goes missing now there will be a full search of the hospital campus. police in hayward are searching for a 77-year-old man missing now for more than a day. investigators say edward moore was last seen at home on sequoia road around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. moore takes medication for dementia and diabetes. he is described as 5' 7, weighs about 200 pounds, has brown eyes, gray hair and a tattoo on his left forearm. milpitas police are offering a
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-- milpitas police are offering a $20,000 reward on the investigation of a shooting death last year, the 67-year- old clerk during a robbery last september of police later released these pictures of the suspects. two have their faces covered. all three are carrying guns. the new $20,000 reward will be given to anyone with information leading to the arrest of these men. only on 2 tonight wild pigs on the loose and causing chaos in a gated bay area community. our camera was rolling as two pigs ran right through the streets of san ramon. those wild pigs scared both people and pets and left behind a trail of damage. >> as ktvu's john fowler reports, when authorities wouldn't answer their calls, they turned to someone else for help. >> reporter: three pigs broke into this backyard this morning in the gated norris canyon estates. residence say the pigs -- residents say the pigs, all
10:20 pm
apparently pregnant sows, threatened a family dog. residents called authorities to no avail. >> they can't send the sheriff here. they can't send anybody. >> reporter: wildlife experts say expect more of these confrontations as our continuing dry weather forces wild pigs out of open spaces and into neighborhoods. >> a lot of these neighborhoods, the lawns are extremely wet and that's a huge source of foot for the wild pigs, all the grubs that like that wet condition. >> reporter: homes here have expensive landscaping that homeowners say the pigs have repeatedly dug up causing thousands in damage. >> this used to be a very nice well done yard, but we had three pig attacks. >> reporter: the homeowners association had obtained a special state permit to kill the pigs. they called in a professional hunter today to eliminate the problem. he showed up with a crossbow and shot the biggest pig. the other two ran down the street but likely will be back.
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john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news right now. we had a small earthquake in the bay area just after 10:00. we didn't feel it here at our studios in oakland, but we did receive a couple calls from san ramon and checked with the u.s. geological survey. sure enough, that quake hit at 10:04 tonight and measured 3.0 and was centered near san ramon. it is unlikely a quake that size would cause any damage. chilly one tonight already, 43 in santa rosa, 48 in napa, 48 in walnut creek. you'll see frost in the valleys and temperatures into the low 30s, mid-30s and then upper 30s, warmer around the bay but chilly saturday morning. the forecast tomorrow, there was coastal fog today. i think there will be a little tomorrow, but the model doesn't want to paint any in there.
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temperatures tomorrow a lot like today, just slightly cooler and maybe a couple more clouds but a nice day tomorrow. as we move forward into the five-day forecast, though, there's that rain chance that shows up. i'm back here at 10:45. we'll drive that computer model into the bay area weekend and beyond and look at the best shot for rain as we move into the next week. we'll see you back here 10:45. a new chancellor for uc berkeley. tonight at 10:30 his inauguration finds the uc system at a crossroads with new leadership and a host of familiar challenges. >> up first a brutal attack caught on camera, why this crime may never be solved despite a 911 call. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. the video here is graphic. someone stomping on a man's head over and over as he slept on a street in san francisco. only on 2 ktvu's alex savage with what happened and we really need to warn you here
10:25 pm
you may find these pictures disturbing. >> reporter: the attacker wearing a light colored shirt and dark shorts comes strolling up the street, then suddenly turns and snaps. this surveillance video shows him repeat lid stomping on the victim's head. the -- repeatedly stomping on the victim's head. the homeless man doesn't appear to move during the assault. after kicking him seven time the attacker calmly walks off. >> it just makes you sick to your stomach. >> reporter: today i showed this video to jennifer friedenbach, director on homelessness in san francisco. she said it's common for those living outside to be assaulted. >> it's really sickening to see violence against anybody and especially when someone is already in such a vulnerable position, doesn't have a place to sleep, is forced to be on the concrete of. >> reporter: this assault happened just before 5 a.m. wednesday morning near the corner of third street and bryant. two people stopped to help the injured homeless man and they appeared to call 911. minutes later two officers
10:26 pm
arrived to check on the victim who slowly climbs to his feet and eventually walks off on his own. he is unclear what prompted this man to viciously attack a sleeping homeless person, but those who live on the streets in this area are hoping he doesn't get away with it. >> it's very disturbing, people like that can't be just out there rolling around, yeah. something has to be done about that. >> reporter: san francisco police told us today they have no record of this assault. the advocate i spoke with says often homeless people don't want to file a report because they don't have faith they'll be taken seriously. in san francisco alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. a grand jury indicted 11 bikers today including an undercover new york city police detective in connection with that infamous road rage attack caught on camera. the detective was charged with numerous accounts. he was off duty when he took part in the attack last month.
10:27 pm
the brawl started after the driver of an suv bumped a bike that slowed in front of it. the suv driver is not charged. the driver accused of causing a horrific crash in lodi last month that killed five members of one family has been arrested now. 28-year-old ryan christopher morales was taken into custody today. he's charged with six counts of second degree murder and six counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. the crash killed luis miranda and his wife. she was seven months pregnant. it claimed the lives of three of their children. only one child survived. a south bay leader sentenced. >> disgraced former santa clara county supervisor headed to jail. we'll show you why where he spends his time behind bars is causing so much concern. >> uc berkeley begins a new chapter, the new chancellor's vision for the future and changes laid out today.
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at uc berkeley today the school host hosted a ceremony for the new chancellor. the pomp and circumstance was met by student protesters uncertain of the future of the uc system. >> reporter: what we heard today is many people feel cal is at a crossroads with the new uc berkeley chancellor just sworn in today and a very controversial new uc president. history has seen generations of cal students protesting at the plaza and today another group exercised their free speech. it was a protest against new uc
10:31 pm
president janet napolitano former head of homeland security. >> this is not the type of president we want at our uc system. >> reporter: this comes as uc faces an identity crisis balancing history with the future and the challenges of shrinking state funds and access to education by undocumented immigrants. >> chancellor, as tangible evidence of your office i will now present you with the chancellor's medal. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: today napolitano welcomed uc berkeley's new chancellor nicholas dirks, a renowned historian who has taken the helm with an eye to cal's future. >> to preserve democracy and maintain the ideal of the public good, to elevate and sustain the intellectual and moral compass that must guide our future, these are our
10:32 pm
utopian goals of. >> reporter: he says those goals include finding ways to promote technology and education, research, the arts and ensuring cal's doors are open to all californians. >> documented and undocumented alike. >> he spoke very eloquently about the challenges we're facing. >> i'm first generation mexican american and was given the opportunity to come to one of the best institutions in the world and i still feel that that's the mission that this university will still continue on. >> reporter: dirks has been on campus since june 1st and he is uc berkeley's 10th chancellor. >> uc berkeley fraternity house is closed because of hazing and alcohol-related incidents. beta fata pi faced numerous violations in the past two years. students living there will be allowed to stay until the lease
10:33 pm
is up. the u.s. labor department delivered a surprisingly upbeat jobs report today despite the government shutdown in october. the jobs report shows private employers hired 204,000 workers last month. many of those jobs are in retail and restaurants. even so the unemployment rate went up a notch going from 7.2 to 7.3%. however, that figure included all of the federal workers who were furloughed during the 16 day long government shutdown. the strong job growth pushed stock markets higher. the dow bounced back from yesterday gaining 167 points to set a new record high. the nasdaq was also up 61. day two of trading with twitter stock saw it go down. investors may be weighing the san francisco company's ability to turn a profit which is something it's never done. analysts say volatility in new stocks is common as investors try to figure out a proper valuation. twitter shares fell $3 from yesterday closing today at
10:34 pm
$41.65. that is a drop of 7%. former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa is behind bars tonight after being sentenced for misuse of public funds. the 51-year-old was ordered to spend one year in jail and was given three years probation. as ktvu's robert honda reports, officials need to decide where shirakawa will serve his sentence. >> reporter: george shirakawa jr. came to a san jose courthouse today to be sentenced for misuse of public funds. i asked the former supervisor if he every planned to comment. -- if he ever planned to comment. >> eventually. >> reporter: shirakawa did not get the chance in court. his attorney requested community service instead of jail calling shirakawa a gambling addict. the prosecutor argued the misuse of trust warranted jail time. the judge agreed. >> the defendant shall be ordered to serve one year in the county jail.
10:35 pm
>> mr. shirakawa stole from the public. he lied to the public and he has been appropriately held responsible for those actions. >> reporter: shirakawa was remanded, but the sheriff's department said he may not remain in the santa clara county jail because he puts a strain on the system. >> why a strain on the system? here's an exclusive look at how the jail would have to accommodate a high profile inmate such as shirakawa. the sheriff's department said it's facilities already hold about 4,000 prisoners and shirakawa's notoriety makes him an ultra protective custody inmate who has to be moved and housed separately. >> whatever facility he's at has to be placed on lockdown while he's moved for his safety. that puts a big burden on our staff. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said alameda county is a definite possibility for relocation of another factor? shirakawa still faces allegations of campaign fraud in another case. a garbage truck driver
10:36 pm
hospitalized tonight after being hit by a car while doing his job. a viewer sent us these pictures. pacifica police told us a car driven by a 25-year-old woman hit the truck pinning the worker between the two vehicles just before 8:00 this morning on catalina avenue near hickey boulevard. the victim works for rocology and is in serious condition he tonight. the driver may have -- condition tonight. the driver may have been blinded by early morning is up. some 50 vets who are low -- sun. some 50 vets who are low income or homeless got a new suit to help them prepare for the workforce of 20% of the guests at the dining room are vets and many served in the unpopular vietnam war. >> people who maybe came back and weren't welcomed home very well, now as vets come back from afghanistan and iraq we want to make sure they feel welcomed when they come and today is a way of doing that.
10:37 pm
>> he also told us when you look good, we feel better about ourselves and the vets agreed. next monday is veterans day. a failing grade for california students, the two major weak spots putting them behind peers nationwide. >> i'll pin point the warmest part of your weekend and a chance for showers in your area in the extended forecast. >> only on 2 stealing from the mouths of needy families, the heartless crime jeopardizing a holiday feast for the hungry. >> why would you steal from a church? i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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visit p-v-a dot org. passengers and fast agents at l.a. international airport and airports across the country stopped today to pay tribute to tsa agent gerardo hernandez. the 39-year-old was shot and killed one week ago inside terminal 3 at l.a.x. by a gunman who was targeting the tsa. a public memorial service for hernandez is set for next tuesday in los angeles. the accused shooter, 23-year- old paul ciancia, remains hospitalized. he is facing charges that could make him eligible for the death penalty. a milestone tonight for the freedom tower at the site of the world trade center in lower manhattan. some 300 red, white and blue
10:41 pm
l.e.d. lights were tested for the first time on the spire at the top of the freedom tower. that's the tower's official name. people will be able to see these lights up to 50 miles away on a clear night. a landmark agreement on iran's nuclear program may be close, although the u.s. says there are still obstacles. secretary of state john kerry went to geneva switzerland to meet with iran's foreign minister. they failed to resolve their differences but said progress was made and plan to talk again tomorrow. the u.s. wants to prevent iran from having the capability to produce nuclear weapons. the federal emergency management agency denied california's request for federal aid to rebuild damaged roads and water systems following last summer's massive rim fire. fema said its review found the damage in tuolumne and mariposa counties was not severe enough to qualify as a federal disaster. the rim fire began on august 17th in the stanislaus national forest and burned more than 400 square miles in and around
10:42 pm
yosemite national park. the state can appeal the ruling. the results of a nationwide test are in and show that california students are at the back of the class. the national assessment of educational progress shows california's 4th graders rank 47th out of 50 states when it comes to reading and math. 8th graders rank 42nd in reading and 45th in math. the scores also show the achievement gap between white and latino students is wider in california than in the rest of the united states. registration for sacred heart annual thanksgiving food and toy give-away began this morning in san jose. people waited in line overnight to get their names on the list. the annual program helps feed people in need providing them with thanksgiving and christmas essentials such as a turkey, canned goods and toys. sacred heart expects to distribute about 7,000 holiday boxes this year. cleaner air in west oakland, the $60 million system now in place to help ease the
10:43 pm
chronic pollution probable. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is ready for the weekend and has his complete forecast ready to go. see what's in store for the weekend and when we'll see some rain. >> this is a church. why would you steal from a church? that's not right. i moon it's not cool. >> food -- mean it's not cool. >> food for needy families stolen, what one church is doing to try to safeguard its supplies.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
it was a heartless crime just before the holiday. thieves stole food donations collected by a church meant to help people in need at thanks thanksgiving. ktvu's paul chambers reports from san leandro on how the church is trying to recover from the loss. >> reporter: empty boxes are all this remains in a storage area after faith fellowship church was the scene of a crime. >> it's kind of disgusting that somebody would walk on the
10:46 pm
church premises with the intent to take something. >> reporter: since the beginning of august the congregation has been collecting nonperishable food items to give to 50 families in need but a little over a week ago someone cut through the lock on this fence, the one on this shed and stole enough food to feed over 20 families. >> why would you steal from a church? that's not right. it's not cool. >> now we really got to hustle to get the donations up and we'll again ask the congregation on sunday, but we could really use help in replenishing what was taken. >> reporter: the pastor raul rico told the congregation about the break-ins last week of since then they've donated food, money and gift cards. with the holidays three weeks away times are tight and more help is needed. >> when you're taken food out of people's mouths, especially this time of year, it hurts. >> reporter: the donations have been moved inside behind a locked door and the church is not taking any chances for future thefts. >> we're going to install cameras and advance our
10:47 pm
security system here, but that's not going to help what was already taken. >> reporter: since we got the word out about this story and put it on twitter, someone already donated these items here. this is what the church says they're asking for, nonperishable food items. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. marin county sheriff's deputies arrested seven people today in a crackdown on alleged drug sales in marin city. search warrants were served in a public housing complex and ridgeway apartments. six people remember arrested on suspicion of drug poeing is -- were arrested on suspicion of drug possession. cargo ships will soon be able to turn off their engines and keep their engines running on cleaner fool. there was a completion of a $60 million shore power system that allows ships to use electricity instead of burning diesel fuel while docked at the port. neighbors have long complained about air pollution causing problems for people with asthma. they say this announcement is long overdue. >> the port is finally really
10:48 pm
doing something and all these years they are doing something. >> state law requires every port in california to flip the switch on shore power by january 1st. a a beautiful friday out there. we had 77 in friday, 79 in livermore and san francisco with the morning fog, 69 degrees, cooler along the coast, fog and low clouds, well, they could come back tomorrow. i'm not seeing it at the coast right now. you actually see the fog clear from the coast. that fog could return tonight patchy. there's a chance it will show up, so be ready for it right around san francisco bay. overnight lows chilly tone because it's already chilly, low 40 -- tonight because it's
10:49 pm
already chilly, low 40s in the north bay. we could see temperatures easily into the upper 30s. that's a good chance for frost. a little cooler heading into saturday. that doesn't mean cold. it's not a deal break are in terms of enjoying -- breaker in terms of enjoying your day, just not the upper 70s. fuse has the chance for rain. -- tuesday has the chance for rain. watch out for fog on the bay bridge, just really difficult to see through. if you were driving around this morning until about 9:00 it was out there, 10:00. that fog will possibly come back again tonight. the bay area weekend, slightly cooler. as we get into tuesday, we've got a chance for showers. 72 degrees in antioch tomorrow, 73 brentwood, these are forecast highs for saturday, slightly cooler for sunday and
10:50 pm
heading into monday about the same and tuesday chance for showers. i know, we need some rain. this pattern, it's a great pattern, really enjoyable but it's not bringing us much need rain that we need. sunday we got a big football game going on at candlestick park, 1:00. they'll be in the upper 60s for that ballgame and the chance of showers as we head into tuesday. so your five-day forecast, this if it happens would be very light. right now it doesn't look like a big deal, but we're still rooting on some rain because the earlier we get it in here, the better. we'll see how it goes. otherwise enjoy your bay area weekend. it's about as good as it gets. look at what's going on on the east coast, very different. >> that's why we're lucky to live here. mark is here with sports. what is it with the warriors and the spurs? >> especially down in texas. strike one, yeah. they had to play in san antonio where they went in having lost 29 straight regular season games dating back to 1997,
10:51 pm
strike two, no steph curry, big swing and a miss, too in the final moments couldn't hit a shot or grab a defensive rebound. steph sorely missed with his ankle. spurs didn't light it up shooting 39% from the floor, but they've got tony parker who had 18. toney douglas will hit a few shots early. he had five three's to help fill in. he had 21 all told but kind of disamend late. so less than 3 1/2 -- disappeared late. so less than 3 1/2 minutes left and the spurs up two. parker will wind up looking for a shot. the warriors cannot find a way to defense him. he'll pop it and then the warriors have a four-point deficit to make up. now 8.5 seconds left down two. andre iguodala just cannot find a way to get to the rim. you see the clock tick down to the final seconds, waited maybe a little too late to go to the bucket. that's it. off the rim, only nine points
10:52 pm
for iguodala, warriors fall 4- 2. meanwhile reviews are in, maybe the most talked about college football game of the year so far, stanford absolutely smothering one of the top offenses in the country. oregon's biggest problem, they never got the ball because of the powerball control game laid on them by the cardinal. stanford controlled the ball 42 minutes with tyler gaffney carrying 45 times. coach shaw talks of his bruising back who didn't even play last year pursuing a baseball career. >> i think it hurt him watching the team play without him last year and now to be a part of it doesn't want to let his guys down. every yard he gets is because of the guys around him and we knew he was ready tonight. the extra couple days helped out. tyler gaffney ran the ball tonight the way running backs are supposed to run the ball. mean while two football powers from the north bay mighting our high school game of the week, cardinal newman
10:53 pm
trying to keep casa grande from their first ever perfect regular season. see if they pulled it off, sports part two next. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements?
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only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. hey, nobody is perfect except, of course, casa grande high school up in petaluma, first ever in their school
10:56 pm
history 10-0 regular season punctuated tonight in santa rosa. 62 yards and a 14-0 lead, but come the 4th quarter newman on the move. in fact, they're looking to make a game out of it. duns ford to coleman, do it, 27 yards to the zone. newman within striking distance. however, a young man by the name of cody yusan for casa takes the read option, ain't going to give it back, going, going, gone 49 yards, putting it away and there's your final score 40-28. both are going to the playoffs. strange week in sports with the richie incognito bullying story dominating the conversation. everybody has an opinion and in my opinion chicago bears receiver brandon marshall with the most intelligent summation of the situation so far. >> take a little boy and a
10:57 pm
little girl. a little boy falls down. the first thing we say as apparentlies is get up. shake it off. -- parents is get up, shake it off. you'll be okay. don't cry. when the little girl falls down, what we say? it's going to be okay. we vietnam date their feelings. so right from that -- we validate their feelings. so right there from that moment we're teaching our men to mask their feelings, don't show their emotions and it's that times 100 with football showers, can show that you're hurt. can't show any pain, so for a guy that comes in the locker room and he shows a little vulnerability, you know, that's problem. so that's what i mean by the culture of the nfl and that's what we have to change. >> well said. >> very well said. >> brandon marshall of the chicago bears summed it up right there. >> awesome. >> thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next times news breaks. >> mornings on 2 starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow. if you joined us late, you can catch the rebroadcast right now
10:58 pm
on tv 36. follow us any time on twitter, facebook and have a good evening, everyone! >> good night. he gourmet kitchen,
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