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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  November 9, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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>> ryan: west virginia hits a big strike for a touchdown. gets the energy going. gets the mountaineer going. gets ryan nece going. i think he needs more extension. i cont thidon't think count. >> craig: ryan, you've got to work on the push-ups. full extension for it to count, now. >> ryan: i've out of breath now. >> craig: he got the 40 in. it's 40-37, west virginia. one yard deep, marcus johnson. breaks a tackle, swings his way out to the 28 yard line. time to look at our stat comparison, brought to you by kfv. joey, the official sponsor of couch gating. >> joey: how about the stat in the middle. seven sacks by texas tonight. west virginia is leading by three right now.
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texas with the four take-aways, 16 points on the board from the four take-aways. west virginia up by three. 7:33 to go. longhorns five straight wins. time to keep rolling in the big 12. mccoy. quick throw. pitch and catch. johnson. west virginia again great job swarming to the football tonight. i think one of the bigger stories of the game, we go back to west virginia, but how they've been able to cover the edge tonight against texas. >> joey: west virginia has been all over the field doing it mostly with six and seven guys up by the line of scrimmage. they're playing a two-shell to try and stop texas from throwing the ball and they're still getting to the edges to tackle the running back. >> craig: we've got a player down, brandon golson.
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>> craig: as we went to break, trainers were on the field to look at brandon golson. the junior who transferred is up out of georgia military college. good player, four sacks, 34 tackles before the night started. couple players shaken tonight. hard-hitting. and one player that went down earlier, you saw the calf shake and he took a seat, johnathan gray. a talented tailback from texas. >> joey: hope he's going to be okay. >> craig: he's moving pretty good on the crutches.
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>> joey: smail ile on his face. i love the fact that he's back on the sideline. >> craig: malcolm brown has taken most of the carries after the injury to gray. he's in the backfield with mccoy, delay. up the middle. mice ca nice call, brown rumbles to the 35. knocked down by barber. >> joey: here you go, another third down by texas. three times on the last drive, case mccoy found jaxon shipley for a first down. >> craig: clock is under seven minutes. third down, three. mccoy. throws. off the hand of davis. threw behind him. you're going to play field position here? >> joey: you have to. you absolutely punt this football. over six and a half minutes left. you've got all your timeouts. it's only a
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three-point ball game. >> craig: you get a punt, you can pin west virginia back inside their own 20. six punts tonight for anthony fera. this will be his seventh. jordan thompson awaits. beautiful kick. hangs it high. fair catch at the 15 yard line. that's where west virginia will take over. 6:34 left. stay close.
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>> craig: west virginia with a three-point lead on texas. 6:34 left. you know, you look at the last five games during the five-game winning streak, total yards per game, 341. 18 points on the average. tonight, greg robinson's d has given up 40. >> joey: you wouldn't expect it with texas having six sacks and two forced fumbles in the first half. this half, west virginia has been able to punch it in the end zone. >> craig: west virginia would like to run some clock. charles sims the carry. just past the 20 yard line. they've got the three-point lead. you look at the time-out situation. texas with three, west virginia with three. the clock rolls up on six minutes left. you can keep track of the timeouts yourself on top of the fox box. you see the three yellow dots? that's timeouts.
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millard is going to use some clock and takes a snap with seven on the play clock. texas all over top of the sims. led by adrian phillips, the strong safety. >> joey: this is exactly why you punted a moment ago. you've got west virginia in third and six now. inside their own 20 yard line. and if you can get the stop right here, you force west virginia to punt and now you have the ball in good field position with all your timeouts and under five minutes to go in the game. >> craig: you could have it right about midfield. >> joey: absolutely. >> craig: big play for texas defensively. third down and six. big play on the offensive end for west virginia. millard takes the snap. handoff. to his money man. first down. charles sims. that last little stutter move gave him the extra edge and desmond jackson knocked him ahead for the first down.
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>> joey: charles sims has now carried the ball 20 times tonight. he's caught the ball six times out of the backfield. coach holgorsen said, we're going to rely on charles sims and that's exactly what they've done tonight, getting him the ball out of the backfield, lining him up at receiver, simply putting the ball in the hands of the most explosive player. >> craig: that's a big play. west virginia gets breathing room at the 26 yard line. handoff again to sims. big hole, slides down. near the first down. they'll give him nine yards as diggs made the tackle. >> joey: that's the second time they've run that play. what they're doing is they're motioning the wide receiver away from the play and texas' safeties are inverting. the safety who is playing deep now comes up to cover the motioning wide receiver and the safety who was on the other side goes deep, which vacates a potential tackler to where they're running the football. >> craig: 92 yards
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on the ground for sims. last week, 154 yards in the overtime victory against tcu. a season high. did not get the play off. the clock wound down. it wound down and a flag. >> referee: prior to the play clock expires, time-out. west virginiavirginia. their first charged in the half. >> craig: dana holgorsen, johnny on the spot, able to stop play. mack brown with his hands on his hips. 3:59 left. west virginia has to turn a time-out. they've got two remaining. texas with all three.
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torque will texas fans concerned. let's get a game break. >> you've got a good one. lsu and alabama, just another thriller. this is t.j. yell ton, four yards. bama leading 24-17. back to you guys. >> craig: thank you, patrick. yes, indeed, that's a good one. a good one here. on the edge, just short goes sims as he falls forward. >> joey: that was cedric reed, just reaching the paw out and tackling charles sims before he was able to turn the corner. cedric reed in the defensive end position, it's his job to contain the running back. >> craig: we talked to sims yesterday. quiet. he does all his talking on the football field. >> joey: there's an understatement for you.
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>> craig: the pressure beginning to mount. big third down. a yard away from moving the chains. tripped up in the backfield, big play. right on the shoe tops was byndom. number 23. >> joey: that is a huge stop for the texas defense. >> craig: three minutes, joey. the clock runs. texas is going to save the timeouts for the drive? >> joey: i think that's the right decision. whether you get the ball back with three minutes or you get the ball back with 2:35, this is still probably going to be your last drive of the ball game. >> craig: o'toole, a bad punt and it takes a texas kick back at the 36. just a 29-yard punt. fox sports supports is proud to partner
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with stomp out bullying, which focuses on preventing bullying and digital abuse, educates against racism and hatred. helps at-risk students. to learn more, visit . i say buckle up down the stretch. 3:25 left. three-point game. west virginia on top. texas trying to work themselves into field goal range with 2:30 and the clock runs. jared barber knocked down brown. mack brown is going to hurry up the offense. a gain of two. second down and eight. mccoy. stands tall in the pocket. throws it. malcolm brown, the safety valve. there was nothing over the to.
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he goes underneath. it will be third and short. officials set the ball. here we go. handoff. right side. first down. and the whistles at the 1:42 mark. that's a first down for texas. right at midfield. >> joey: west virginia is playing with two high safeties, almost daring texas to run the football. >> craig: they do. middle of the field, straight away, brown. carried 17 times last week for a couple of touchdowns. two three-yard plum plunges in the run-away win.
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>> joey: with three timeouts, he can still afford to throw the ball to the checkdowns. >> craig: mckroy thr -- mccoy throws. incomplete. kendall sanders, the intended receiver. the high school all american two years ago. now what do you do? third down, seven. career-long for anthony fera, keep in mine, is 50. >> joey: if you're case mccoy, you still get your team in the best place possible. don't be afraid to run the football. if you're throwing it, don't be afraid to look for jaxon shipley. >> craig: four wide. two top, two low. shotgun, pressure. up top he goes. that ball floats incomplete. down inside the 25. and that brings up fourth down. k.j. dillon came in with pressure. now you're looking at the ball game at fourth and seven. you've got to convert to keep the drive alive and keep
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the winning streak alive for texas. time-out longhorns. >> joey: here's what i'm thinking if i'm texas. west virginia has shown pressure on critical third and fourth downs up to this point. they showed it on that last play. they brought pressure off the edge. and forced case mccoy to throw the ball sooner than he wanted to. i'm anticipating pressure. and i'm also thinking, who's my go-to guy. how can i get jaxon shipley matched up in a situation that can take advantage of that west virginia pressure. >> craig: this season, texas 4 of 14 on fourth down conversions. they need seven to keep the drive alive and at least give fera a chance to tie the game and force overtime.
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no one is sitting in morgantown. fourth and seven. . >> joey: jaxon shipley at the top of the screen in the slot. >> craig: mccoy. throws. caught by shipley. >> joey: cover zero. they brought one more than texas could block. jaxon shipley recognized it. >> craig: holgorsen just got the time-out called. he had two to use and he uses one. he's got one remaining. tonight, fox sports live will give you all the scores, all the highlights from what a crazy day of action around the world of sports. next week is coach's week on fox sports
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live as each night, they'll talk with some of the best head coaches in college hoops. fox sports live is at 11:00 eastern, only on fox sports 1. >> joey: craig, dana holgorsen called that time-out there because they had some substitution issues. trying to get new personnel back on to the field after they had the blitz personnel. they had a mess of people standing down on the sideline. here going back, jaxon shipley knows exactly where the first down is. knows that his quarterback is going to get pressure. recognizes that. turns around, gives him his numbers. hey, look, you saw two plays ago when case tried to throw the ball outside to kendal sanders and there there was a miscommunication. there was no indication of that by jaxon shipley. >> craig: mccoy. first and ten. handoff, right side, big hole.
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watch out. brown down the sideline, butmped out at the 11 yard line. >> joey: a great call by major applewhite. recognizing two safeties high and deep, but also recognizes that the defensive line and the linebackers were up there. if you could break through the first line of defense, you've got yourself a lot of running room. >> craig: first and ten. and a pile-up on malcolm brown. joe, i think mack brown is thinking he doesn't want to go to overtime on the road. he wand the "w" and push the winning streak to six. second down, seven. brown again. reaches, maybe a yard. shaq rowell, big number 90 wrapped um up around the ankles. texas burns their second time-out with 21 ticks on the clock.
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>> joey: interesting situation for texas. you've got third and six and can still get a first down. you've got a time-out which means you can run the football. craig, what's your play call? >> craig: well, i've got two choices right now. mr. brown or shipley. if i want to throw the ball to my possession receiver. but brown sounds good. if you have to, you can set it to the middle of the field and hope for a chip shot by fera to at least get you to overtime. >> joey: absolutely. >> craig: mccoy's got the head set. >> joey: i wouldn't be surprised if you saw texas run the football here, craig. >> craig: they just got the play from applewhite. timeouts important, one remaining for texas, one for west virginia. >> joey: pay attention to the number of safeties
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west virginia has. you'll see them sitting around the goal line. if there's two guys back, anticipate texas to run it. if they're up, don't be surprised if they throw. >> craig: 11th play of the drive. mccoy, up top. mike davis tried to out-jump the secondary. that brings up fourth down. 16 seconds left. no choice. you've got to go for the tie and go for overtime. 11 of 11 from 20 to 29 yards this season. this will be from 24. middle of the field. tied at 40.
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been a pressure cooker all night. dana holgorsen has been through it. mack brown, 16th year, won a national title with texas in '05. it was a 12-play drive. they go 57 yards and a 24-yard field goal to tie the game at 40. >> joey: that's the fourth time tonight
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texas has gotten into the red zone and has been forced to kick a field goal. you have to give west virginia's defense credit for getting stingy when it counted. >> craig: at the 5 yard line. they bunch up. west virginia at the 27 yard line. seven second left. you can either take a knee or try to go up top. but overtime is just around the corner. joey, you realize this game kicked off nearly four hours ago. >> joey: it seems like par for the course for us, though. we've had a few long ones this year. >> craig: they're going to correct it and millard takes a knee. we'll play overtime in morgantown. mack brown, dana holgorsen. let's play a little longer.
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>> joey: let's talk strategy. if you're west virginia, you find as many ways as you can to get the ball into the hands of charles sims. he's carried it 20 times, caught it six times. texas has shown single safety looks. you have to be creative to get the ball in a tight space. each time will start at the 25 yard line. you don't have the whole field to work with. >> craig: let's flip it and go to texas. >> joey: you have to rely on his ability to get your team into the right play. just because johnathan gray is out of the ball game doesn't mean you can't run the ball. texas has depth. malcolm brown and joe bergeron can run the football. >> craig: you have the possession receiver in jaxon shipley. >> joey: rely on his ability to read
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defense defenses. >> referee: i've been told they have a review whether or not there was 12 men on the field. let's get the call. >> referee: after further review, the defense had 12 men on the field. that's illegal substitution. however, the penalty is declined. regulation is over. we're going to overtime. >> craig: dana holgorsen would refuse that penalty, 40-40. overtime straight ahead. alright, let's say you're undecided about which truck to buy. just for kicks, here's a little research project: pick a work site, any worksite, and look over the fence. ta da!
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>> craig: this is how we got to overtime. west virginia scored the first nine points of this game. big third quarter on a 17-7 advantage. west virginia rolled back with 14 fourth quarter points. for the second week in a row, joey, west virginia has got some overtime. went to overtime and won last week against tc


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