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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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now at 5:00 exclusive video, a homeless man beaten on the street, now new reports about the attacker, where he may have been seen before. >> reporter: a bay area company is recalling more than 100,000 pounds of food, the prepackaged salads and wraps to look out for. >> a renewed effort to reduce crime in one bay area city that will no doubt have some teenagers hopping mad. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now about breaking news.
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>> that brake -- breaking news out of the peninsula where a scrap metal fire has people sheltering in place. the one alarm fire started at sims metal recycling plant on seaport boulevard next to the bay in redwood city about 1:20 this afternoon. it's produce being heavy smoke and it could pose a health hazard. residents are warned to stay inside and close all their windows. the breaking news out of peninsula is where that scrap metal fire has been going on. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the evening. >> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. it is video now that you will see only on 2, a homeless man badly beaten on the streets of san francisco and despite officers responding to this scene, police tell us they have no record of it happening. we first showed you that video of the attack on friday and now we're hearing from one man who
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says he recognizes the person seen repeated by stomping on the victim's head. alex savage is live now in san francisco where that man says police won't take his report. >> reporter: one of our viewers saw that video air on friday night. the man seen assaulting a sleeping homeless person right here ochered street earlier this week. this man tells me he called police, but it didn't do any good. he viciously attacked a sleeping homeless person stomping his head, then calmly walking off. >> it's startling. it's shocking. >> reporter: ask you we duri believes -- >> reporter: and joey duri believes the man behind this assault is a man who often panhandles in his neighborhood near ninth and howard. he tells me the man is white, heavyset, at least 6 feet tall, clean cut and extremely aggressive. he's worried the attacker from this video is still out there. >> what's frightening more is
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that the bigger picture, that this kind of behavior is acceptable. >> reporter: this assault happened just before 5 a.m. on wednesday. two officers showed up, but the victim eventually walked off on his own. after seeing this surveillance video on ktvu duri told me he called san francisco police to tell them he recognized the attacker. >> i just kind of thought oh, you know, if he's still out at large that this information would help. >> reporter: but when we asked police about this video on friday, we were told there is no report on the assault and for that reason duri wasn't able to pass along any information. >> i do think it's kind of difficult that i can't just call the police and say hey, this is the person you're looking for. here he is and make that kind of process easier because they don't know what i'm talking about. that's why i contacted you because i was surprised that want police didn't have anything to go with. that the police didn't have anything to go -- that the police didn't have anything to go with. >> reporter: it's unclear how badly hurt the victim was.
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no one from the police department was available to talk about what happened today. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news in the philippines where rescue workers are struggling to reach devastated towns by powerful typhoon haiyan. there is no confirmed death toll but estimates are that the storm has killed 10,000 people. many who did survive don't have clean water, food or medicine. among the hardest hit areas the neighborhoods have been completely flattened. >> scores of people have now converged at the airport hoping for a flight out. >> reporter: the view from the airshows the devastation. this city took a lashing from typhoon haiyan. thousands are believed to have perished. the storm had a tornadolike force and some say the storm surge was 13 feet high easily
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wiping away homes. virtually all communications are cut off and rescuers are hampered by debris and damaged roads. the president touring declaring a state of calamity as his government struggles to provide aid. >> especially those are injured looking for food and water of. >> reporter: looting is said to be widespread, but the president has dispatched hundreds of police. a united nations disaster assessment team is already on the ground. the united states is helping with aid as secretary of defense chuck hagel ordered the deployment of ships and aircraft to bring in emergency supplies. in many areas there is no clean water, no electricity and very little food. this woman waiting along with dozens of others at the airport just trying to get out. >> it's almost the end of the world. i must go out. >> reporter: the government releasing emergency funds, but money is tight.
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the region is still reeling from a 7.2 earthquake four weeks ago. in bangkok david piper, fox news. >> typhoon haiyan has weakened considerably making landfall in vietnam the hong kong meteorological observe story saying the storm slowed to 75 miles per hour when it hit vietnam's central coast early monday morning local time. that's much less powerful than the 195 mile-per-hour winds that pounded the the philippines. both military and private crews were working on securing vessels. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has been tracking the movement. >> this typhoon has been weakening rapidly over the past 24 hours losing that well defined signature eye you can see on the satellite. this is the loom over the past 20 -- loop over the past 24 hours. as far as the historical track, there's that line of that
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destructive track of haiyan, basically that line over the past few days, especially since last thursday to friday, saturday and the present position right now, a category 1 typhoon. here's a closer inspection with the latest observation, winds at 75 miles an hour. once those winds go to 73 that becomes a tropical storm. here is the forecast track as we take this into monday, continuing to move into china and this storm will continue to weaken and will be a tropical storm sometime later today into tomorrow. >> you can follow mark and the rest of our ktvu weather team online. they're posting updates on the typhoon and conditions in the bay area even when we're not on the air. people from all over the bay area came together today to donate to typhoon relief efforts. this donation drive was quickly put together where folks brought carloads of canned food, baby food and personal care products. >> it's sad, you know, but we
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all have to stick together and we have a lot of friends and family out there and a lot of people are worried. >> we're a tight community and we treat each other like family. >> volunteers packed dozens of boxes filled with supplies to ship to the areas in the philippines most in need. be sure to go to for more ways to help victims of the typhoon. our web team has posted a list under web links. investigators with the u.s. department of agriculture are still trying to find the source of an e. coli outbreak at a richmond-based food company that's now recalling more than 180,000 pounds of food. ktvu's allie rasmus explains what types of foods are included in the recall and the company behind it. >> reporter: jennifer trendler shops at her neighborhood trader joe's on a regular basis, but the prepackaged salads aren't on the menu. >> usually try to buy stuff a little fresher of. >> reporter: trader joe's mexicali salad and the field
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fresh shopped salad with grilled chicken are on the list of 16 premade salads or wraps recalled because of possible e. coli contamination. the recall includes food made between september 23rd and november 6th and the food being recalled was shipped to grocery stores in arizona, nevada, new mexico, oregon, texas utah and washington made by a company called glass onion catering. the parking lot was fairly full at the company's headquarters. no one wouldn'ted to talk to us and our calls to the president of the company went unanswered. according to the fda, 26 people in three states including cal can be got sick after eat being prepackaged salads produced here. the ready to eat meals are a convenient choice shoppers say. >> they're cheap and delicious. >> very convenience. >> it's possibly the healthiest snack for work. >> reporter: only two of the 16 recalled items are sold at trader joe's. the others are sold under the
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atherstone fine foods and delicious brand names. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now oh coli. doctors say it's common and usually -- on e. coli. doctors say it's common and usually harmless, but it can cause bloody diarrhea and infection and cramps and kidney failure in the most extreme cases. foodborne illnesses affect about 48 million people in the u.s. each year, one in six americans. our web team posted more information on the recall. you can go to it has specific products that have been pulled from the shelves. look under hot topics. we are in pacifica where about a dozen mobile homeowners say their rents are doubling. we'll tell you why they feel they're being forced out. >> plus a new twist in the nfl bullying case involving a stanford alum as the main culprit speaks out.
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>> this is an issue of my and john's relationship, not about bullying. >> why he says the ordeal has nothing to do with race.
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we have more on that breaking news on the peninsula where a fire at a strap metal plant is producing a big -- scrap metal plant is producing a big plume of potentially hazardous smoke. >> residents are urged to stay indoors with their windows closed. we have the very latest now. a lot of smoke right behind you, deb. >> reporter: a lot of smoke, visible all over the bay area but particularly in the south bay and the peninsula. if you're living in the area, you've seen this smoke no doubt, possibly smelled it as the winds shift and blows it towards neighborhoods. fortunately this fire is at a scrap metal plant not in a residential area, but, in fact, an area of business parks and
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industrial operations. we're joined now to get the very latest information by officer walter monty. officer, tell me what you know about this fire. >> about 1:00 this afternoon we got a report from a passer-by of smoke coming from the scrap metal yard. what our firefighters are doing now is they're using two cranes to lift the piles of scrap off the pile of scrap to get to the core of the pile where the fire is burning. >> reporter: they have not made much progress since it's been burning now for four hours. what are you hearing about the prospects getting this out? >> well, it's a large amount of scrap, so it's time consuming and they are using cranes to pick off the scrap. >> reporter: no evacuations have been necessary? >> no evacuations. we are advising residents who may be affected by the smoke to shelter in place. that is to stay indoors with their windows and doors closed.
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>> reporter: if you can see the smoke where you live and it seems particularly thick, then the shelter in place would apply to you? >> yes. >> reporter: i know you were at an intersection near here when the wind shifts and you and your fellow officers were -- shifted and you and your fellow officers were kind of surrounded by smoke. what was that like? was it pretty acrid smoke? >> gentlemen. >> reporter: what is burning is metals, oils, scraps of wood. this is again a sims metals near the port of redwood city but not a residential area and i want to show you the skyline here, still smoke wafting south and east towards menlo park. so this is a situation that may very well continue on into the evening. we will stay with it and bring you the latest at 10:00. >> i wanted to ask you've been there a little while, we saw pictures of the smoke earlier. it appears to me the smoke has
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intensified. does it look like the fire has grown since you've been there? >> reporter: this is as close as we can get, ken, because of the hazards involved with the smoke. they aren't letting us get closer, but you can kind of see how it is billowing out very dark, very thick at the source. we see what looks like often flickers and i asked the officer if, in fact, that was flames, but he says there are orange lights also being used down there. so it's hard to tell from this position. we will try to get closer and see if we can get a better look at the firefight, but they are keep being us far away because of safety -- keeping us far away because of safety. they own their homes, but they don't own the land underneath and now some mobile homeowners in pacifica say their landlord is doubling their rent trying to force them out. ktvu's ken pritchett reports on how these homeowners are helping for some help from the city. >> reporter: is a serene ocean view, but.
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so residents at pacific skies states mobile home park say they're at war to keep it. >> it's financial warfare. it's how they're going to get us out. >> reporter: homeowner debra malan is leading the battle between about a dozen homeowners and the company that owns the property. >> no warning, nothing. here's your letter. be prepared. pay $1,100 on top of your present rent. >> i pay $838 of. >> reporter: what will you pay? >> i'll pay over 1,900. >> reporter: a pacifica rent control ordinance requires the mobile home park owners to petition the city to raise the rent based in part on revenue and improvements. >> by calculating and submitting all of our operating costs, the improvements made to the park there is a formula and the formula indicated that a $1,100 month increase is warranted. >> reporter: a judge will decide in 90 days if the rent should go up and how much. the company argues the increase is fair market value.
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of, but the homeowners say they're the last of the private owners in the park and the rent increase is about moving them out, which the company denies. >> as simple as that. if we can't afford to pay, we have to leave. >> reporter: but for the homeowners much remains unknown. even if the rents go up, they may not go up as high as ownership wants and only then will the homeowners know if they can afford to stay or must go. in pacifica, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. continuing coverage now on the bullying scandal involving a former stanford star player, we're hearing from miami dolphin player richie incognito about his suspension. he's accused of racist behavior and comments for teammate and former stanford player jonathan martin. today richie incognito spoke about the bullying scandal in an exclusive interview on fox nfl sunday. he said that the harsh language is common in the locker room including the use of the n word
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by both white and black players. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of my and john's relationship where i may -- i've taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> incognito said it's just the way team members communicate as a joke and said he is not a racist. he also said when martin left the team a few weeks ago because of alleged bullying, it took him by surprise. >> as the leader, as his best friend on the team, that's what has me miffed, how i missed this and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> incognito says martin is a good friend and that he did not mean anything malicious with his comments. he also said he apologized to martin and his family for any harm done. >> what i want peopleton is the way jonathan and --
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>> we'll have more on that later, plus now we want to check in with mark tamayo and see what's going on, especially the fire that's burning in redwood city and the direction of that toxic smoke. >> reporter: we -- we have been tracking the winds around redwood city. there is a bit of a breeze, not too extreme, but whenever you get a light wind, the smoke can just drift around the bay. looking toward redwood city the location of the scrap metal fire, a bit of a west wind and southerly wind as well, so transporting that smoke closer to palo alto, parts of the south bay, but parts of the east bay could be picking up a little haze and smoke as well. as far as the official current wind reports, they're pretty light around most of the bay area, right around 5 to 10 miles an hour. sfo now, winds from the southwest -- actually out of the northwest, excuse me, push being the smoke into the southerly direction 10 miles an hour, mountain strew at 3 miles
5:21 pm
an hour. we -- mountain view at 3 miles an hour. we don't have a strong wind, so the smoke will kind of linger and move around the bay at least in the short term. this evening partly cloudy skies, a bit of haze. here is our live camera looking towards -- we do have coming up for you right now our live camera and can show you at least partly cloudy skies. some would say this is due to the smoke in redwood city. tomorrow some morning fog, but increasing high clouds into the afternoon hours, temperatures tomorrow cooling things off, upper 50s, 60s, warmest locations right around 70 degrees. by tuesday more cloud cover here and the chance of a few scattered showers in the north bay up towards parts of sand arose a, a slight chance down in the south bay as -- santa rosa, a slight chance down in the south bay as well. tomorrow morning upper 30s,
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san jose 45, livermore in the lower 40s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. for the coast tomorrow some patchy fog and breezy, increasing high clouds into the afternoon hours, start being out at 7:00 50 degrees on track to reach the upper 50s by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, right around the bay partly to mostly cloudy skies, lower clouds in the morning hours and increasing high clouds into the afternoon. temperatures will continue to cool things off into the 60s, right about 64. inland neighbors increasing clouds throughout the day, the warmest spots right around 70 degrees to start the day. our forecast model, lots of low clouds and fog to start out tomorrow morning at 6:00 and then increasing high clouds, no rain clouds yet, but there's that system offshore that will frozen as we head into tuesday. forecast highs for tomorrow, we're just talking about 60s towards santa rosa and fairfield, antioch and brentwood warmest locations at 70 degrees, san jose 67, gilroy 70 and your five-day forecast,
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a chance of a shower into tuesday favoring the north bay, clearing skies and warm things back up wednesday and thursday. coming up we'll take a closer look at the rain chance with our forecast model in a few minutes. an 18th birthday party turns deadly. >> it was just chaos. >> what witnesses say happened moments before two gunmen showed up. >> and a downward trend when it comes to gas prices, but a new survey says bay area drivers won't be able to tell. >> and this little piggy gets a new set of wheels, how veterinarians are trying to help this injured animal. i love watching tv outside.
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two people are dead and more than 20 injured after an out of control party in texas last night in paris county near houston. the party was advertised on both twitter and instagram as an 18th birthday celebration. harris county sheriff's deputies say more than 100 people were in the home when someone inside started shooting. one person died at the scene. another died at the hospital. a third victim remains in critical condition. investigators say the rest of the partygoers were injured trying to escape. >> a stretcher comes this way and looked like a female maybe between the age of 15 or 16. they were carrying her. she did not look good. >> authorities say the victims ranged in age from 14 to early 20s. prices at the gas pump
5:27 pm
plummeted nationwide over the last three weeks, but despite the drop san francisco tops the country in gas prices. a new lundberg survey finds gas prices have fallen an average of 15 cents a gallon to about 3.42 a gallon. drivers in the bay area are paying a lot more. in san francisco it will cost about 3.74 a gallon. in oakland it's 3.63 and in san jose it's 3.60 a gallon. a new miss universe was crowned last night in moscow. >> miss universe 2013 is venezuela! >> 25-year-old gabriella eastle beat out competitors from 87 different countries to win that crown. she's the seventh winner from the country overall. that's more than any other nation. from miss universe to this, a pig in a wheelchair. joe orlando, the pot bellied pig, is using her -- jo jo, the
5:28 pm
pot pelleyed pig is using her new set of wheels to get around after spinal surgery. her owner says she seems unfazed by her situation. veterinarians say for now she seems to be doing just fine. a renewed effort to reduce crime in one east bay city. >> reporter: the plan is focused on some of the youngest offenders, the new arguments for a curfew and why some worry not all kids will be held to the same standard. >> also coming up hear why these hooters waitresses were cheering for a group of student athletes and how their trip to the restaurant cost their coach his job. >> a group of seniors staying young on the baseball diamond, the one thing these men have in common and how it helps keep them on the field. >> closed captioning brought to you by kaiser permanente. ♪
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fighting crime by taking teens off the streets, that's what some leaders in oakland are trying to do by once again calling for a curfew. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in oakland where the latest proposal is getting mixed reaction. >> reporter: council member noel guya will introduce his plan this week. he was not on the council the last time the curfew was brought up and ultimately shot down, but this time things could be different. rebecca washum has her hands full and says oakland police do, too. >> travel through here all the time and it's horrible from kids to drugs. my kids are scared sometimes just to even walk down the street in the daytime, let alone nighttime. >> reporter: that's why she says she supports a curfew.
5:32 pm
>> if it's able to curve violence in any way, i'm all for it. >> reporter: city council member noel guya is proposing a curfew for anyone under 18 requiring them to be off the streets between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. seven days a week. it would be in effect from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. on school days. >> it's not going to be right for this community. young black men will be arrested by great numbers. think about it. >> reporter: billy dixon is a pastor in east oakland. violating curfew could include warnings, citation or even arrest. he's not convinced it would be evenly enforced. >> i don't want this to turn into another stop and terrific in new york. i don't want this to turn into another situation where we find out that this is being abused by young boys just on the way to the store for their mother of. >> reporter: guya says his plan is modeled in part after san jose's curfew. he said the goal is to protect kids. >> not to lock kids up, but to be able to as an adult reach
5:33 pm
out to them, you know, value our kids and most of all be able to grow with them. >> reporter: one of the keys to his plan is creating action centers around the city where kids can be dropped off. he's open to other ideas after he introduces the plan here on tuesday. >> more details now juvenile crime in oakland, there have been 17 homicide victims under age 18 this year so far and police have arrested 15 homicide suspects who are juveniles. for armed robbery police have arrested 641 juvenile suspects. of the armed robbery victims 142 were under 18. traffic is back to normal on interstate 580 in livermore after a crash involving a highway patrol car. that accident happened before 9:30 this morning on westbound 580 near greenville road. the chp officer was conducting a traffic stop on a driver and
5:34 pm
was pulled over to the shoulder when the crash happened. a third car ran into both stopped vehicles. the chp says the officer was not hurt, but one person suffered moderate to major injuries. two westbound lanes were closed but reopened about 90 minutes later. we're learning more about a body found yesterday near at&t park. a passer-by spotted the body floating in the cove. at this point the death does not appear suspicious. the body was described as badly decomposed. san francisco police say it could take some time to identify the body. former secretary of state hillary clinton is calling on lawmakers to put the common good ahead of personal or political interest. that was her message to audiences in san francisco last night. clint on and her daughter spoke at a fundraiser at the regency ballroom in san francisco. ticket prices ranged from 150 to $5,000 each. earlier in the evening she gave a paid speech before the national association of
5:35 pm
realtors convention. the press was barred from both events. while hillary clinton refused to say if she intends to run for president in 2016, the newly reelected republican governor of new jersey was just as coy as he hit the sunday morning talk shows today. >> everybody is speculating about what my come in my future and lots of other people's future in our party, but the fact is i'm focused on being the governor of new jersey and the chairman of the governor's association. i think those two jobs will keep me pretties by he on every the next year. >> later -- pretty busy into next year. christie is shown as a top contender for a gop candidate in the 2016 race. the latest round of the iran nuclear talks may vended without a deal, but secretary of state john kerry plans to keep working on one. >> we are absolutely determined that this will be a good deal or there will be no deal.
5:36 pm
now that's why it's hard. that's why we didn't close the deal here in the last couple days. >> six world powers and iran failed to seal a deal yesterday to freeze iran teas nuclear program. they did schedule another meeting later in the month. the hope toss reach a deal in which iran success -- hope is to reach a deal in which iran success spends its nuclear program. >> it's not only my concern this is a bad deal, there are many, many arab leaders in the region who are saying this is a very bad deal for the region and the world. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the current proposals give iran all it wants and does nothing to ensure iran reduces its ability to produce a bomb. a football team got the end of season party it wanted, but it cost the coach his job. when the coach asked where the players wanted to go for their
5:37 pm
party, they all said hooters. the school district and the principal wanted the coach to find another restaurant saying the waitresses at hooters made it an inappropriate choice for kids, but coach randy burrbach insisted and lost his volunteer coaching job. >> i felt it was much to do about nothing. >> i'm glad that we could do this. >> hearts paid for the team's party and donate -- hooters paid for the team's party and donated 20% of its sales yesterday to the school's football program. we found many veterans who are now spending their golden years on a baseball diamond. this group is proof age is just a number. >> reporter: maybe it's the smell of the grass or the crack of the bat or maybe it's the way that old glove just fits. >> come on, guys, let's turn two. >> come on, come on. >> love the game. >> reporter: whatever it is it brings them here every all year
5:38 pm
long. >> i call it the over 70 league. jim, my other manager, calls it the over 68. i don't think any guys that aren't over 70. >> reporter: this group has stories to tell. these remember a different time. >> i don't know anybody that's not a veteran. my last six weeks of basic training they signed the armistice in korea. >> what's a real inspiration to me is don fitzsimmons. >> reporter: at 88 don may be the only veteran from world war ii. >> the only wars we have is on a baseball diamond. >> trouble, trouble. >> reporter: you don't have to be a vet to play and yet so many here served. >> we're all team players and the military shares the team. that's the way you're raised, boy scouts and rotc. >> reporter: make no mistake,
5:39 pm
they take america's pastime seriously. >> good-bye of. >> reporter: and were the years, you can't ignore them. sometimes they just catch up. >> one of my outfielders was playing for pleasant hill about five years ago and actually died on the field, but that's part of getting old. >> reporter: but they don't complain and they don't quit. >> i was pitching and i got a line drive right here and it broke the tibia from here up to the knee. >> reporter: you ever think about maybe stopping? >> no. >> reporter: because something about this game calls to them. it calls to these men who grew up on the diamond. >> at 88 i think i maybe have a year or two left. so far no one told me to get off it. >> reporter: because no matter how many years roll by, where they've been or what they've seen, the game always stays the same. in this game it ain't over till it's over. in concord claudine wong, ktvu
5:40 pm
channel 2 news. there was a focus on the korean war during today's veterans day parade in san francisco. the parade made its way along market street earlier today with marching bands, politicians in vintage cars, dozens of veterans groups and other participants. this marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the korean war, but the parade honors all veterans. >> i think we've got great representation from all the wars, so world war ii all the way up through it, and having served myself, you just don't forget these things. >> market street was blocked off to traffic for about an hour during the parade. the parade went from market and second up to the civic center plaza. up next we'll have an update on the breaking news we told you about on the peninsula residents urged to stay undoors after a scrap metal fire. >> plus a major -- indoors after a scrap metal fire.
5:41 pm
>> plus a major restoration project about to get underway in yosemite. >> plus a live look at the bay bridge, sunset behind the city, 56 degrees now in san francisco and across the bay area the mild fall weather could soon be changing. we'll have a look at your workweek forecast.
5:42 pm
meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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breaking news news we're following in redwood city, a one alarm scrap metal fire has police urging residents there and in menlo park to shelter in place. it will likely take some time to put the blaze out this. fire started at 1:20 this afternoon at sims metals recycling plant located on seaport boulevard. residents are warned to stay inside and close their windows. >> we'll have more on this at
5:44 pm
10:00. meantime let's check in with mark tamayo and see what's going on with the weather. >> we're tracking the chance of a few showers in the bay area, not a bug event. we compacted possibly a -- big event. we expected possibly a series of storms, but things are cutting back quite a bit. a few high clouds moving into parts of the bay area. here's our cloud cover to our north and west right around eureka and cape mendocino. right now on the maps a closer inspection partly cloudy skies across most of the region and a look at current numbers updated for your 5:00 hour, santa rosa 58 degrees, san jose partly cloudy skies, 60, livermore 64, antioch 60 degrees and in concord now it is 60 degrees and the forecast for tomorrow will be cooler than today. we're starting out with patchy fog, 41 degrees, temperatures on track to reach the upper 60s by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the cooling trend which started
5:45 pm
today will continue into monday and tuesday. tonight partly cloudy skies for veterans day, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon hours. the extended forecast a bit of a warming trend but between veterans day and the extent the forecast we have a chance of a shower. that will be tuesday. here is the latest storm we're tracking in the pacific. by the time it gets to the bay area it will really fizzle out. tomorrow we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies. we'll take our timeline into tuesday and you'll notice what happens, more cloud cover. the bulk of the shower activity will be to our north, but a chance of a shower in the bay area, but it just depends on where you are. the forecast tomorrow, the highest chance for tuesday in the north bay, dry in the south bay, a slight chance of a shower for san francisco and oakland, but the bulk of the shower activity will favor areas north of the golden gate bridge. tomorrow increasing clouds throughout the day. tuesday at 8:00 here's the commute in the morning and there's the chance of a shower up here. into the afternoon hours the
5:46 pm
clouds thin. we'll have partly cloudy skies by tuesday afternoon by 3:00, by 4 and 5:00. as we mentioned, tomorrow will be cooler than told, forecast highs for monday st. rosa 65 degrees, san francisco 60, pacifica upper 50s, right around 70 degrees toward antioch and livermore and gilroy. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. you'll notice increasing clouds for veterans day, a chance of a shower tuesday, by wednesday, thursday and friday a warming trend especially wednesday and thursday, partly sunny skies into friday and with your weekend always in view bring it up right now, saturday cooler conditions and a week from now partly sunny skies, temperatures up to the mid- to upper 60s. last week at this time we were getting excited in the weather center that the forecast model suggesting a series of pretty strong storms pushing through the bay area. things have changed, just a chance of a light shower in the
5:47 pm
north bay tuesday. >> we're definitely due. a multi-million dollar project set to get underway in yosemite national park to protect a grove of sequoias. the sequoias are dropping thousands of seeds, but they land on asphalt instead of soil. the $204 million project is scheduled to begin next summer and should be completed by december. coming up the raiders try for their first road win of the year in the big apple. >> a hard hitting game between the 9ers and the panthers, sports wrap with joe fonzi next. i love watching tv outside.
5:48 pm
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good evening, everyone. thanks for joining our early sunday edition of sports wrap. san francisco averaged nearly 35 points per game during its five game win streak, but today carolina brought a smashmouth defense that silenced the 49ers offense. aldon smith returned after missing five games for being a yahu. he was a nonfactor. the defensive back brock was present and accounted for taking it 41 yards to the panthers 24-yard line. it looked like a great scoring opportunity for the 9ers, but panthers rank in the top 10 of every defensive category and they can hit and hurt. on that drive former radar mike mitchell takes on tight end -- raider mike mitchell takes on tight end vernon davis who later left with a concussion. safety eric reid left with a concussion. 9ers settle for a field goal, 9- 0. caroline comes back with an
5:51 pm
80-yard drive, only td of the game, deangelo william 27- yarder, 9-7 at halftime. mitchell just went kaepernicking. 4th quarter carolina's gano, san francisco needs to make the play and this is not the play they need. final 30 seconds colin kaepernick makes a desperation throw. carolina florence makes the pick to put a lid on this 10-9 road victory. carolina wins its fifth straight game. 9ers were held to 151 total yards on offense. they fall to 6-3 overall. it wasn't so much about rust. it was about the panthers defensive rush. once again the raiders showed their opponents anything you can do, we can do worse. oakland in new jersey today where it was windy and at times stormy. giants took the opening kickoff
5:52 pm
and they coughed. raiders force a fumble. andre loams takes it down to the 5. two plays later pryor scores, 7-0 raiders. punt blocked and go ahead and give it to me, cooper tyler 21 yards for the touchdown. giants led 14-10 in the 2nd quarter, but this game is up for grabs. giants quarterback eli manning throws and tracy porter lays it, waiting. he cruises 43-yard touchdown, 17-14 raiders. payback comes in the 3rd quarter. terrelle pryor looks a bit hampered. terrell thomas takes it back 65 yards to the 5-yard line. he loses the ball. it was ruled he was down at the 1 yard line. just two plays later giants andre brown scores the go ahead touchdown. they add a 4th quarter field
5:53 pm
goal. giants led 24-21. their passing game was not there today, pryor gets sacked for the ft. time. s, loses it. jenkins recovers -- for the fourth time. loses it. jenkins recovers. the raiders have now lost nine straight games to nfc opponents. they hit the road next sunday to visit the afc west houston texans. the 49ers visit new orleans next sunday and find themselves 2 1/2 games back of seattle in the nfc west. that will be difficult to overcome considering the seahawks are looking strong on the road now. seattle quarterback russell wilson and falcons quarterback matt ryan making nice today. wilson flawless as he hits jermaine kearse with a 43-yard touchdown. marshawn lynch ran for 145 yards and the score. seattle wins it 33-10. andrew luck watching help
5:54 pm
celebrate the military appreciation weekend, couldn't pull this off against st. louis. rams rookie receiver austin may just soon accept this. austin ran a puntback. rams blow up. nascar's race now for the cup is in the hands of one map. he's got the experience to know how -- man. he's got the experienceton how to finish. >> cal women open against one of the top teams in the nation. we'll see how the golden bears fare next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the cal women won a school record 32 basketball games this year. they start this season with a statement game against second ranked duke. the bears are ranked ninth themselves. the fans want to see a big time win to start. there's a three-pointer to make it an 11 point deficit.
5:57 pm
mercedes jefflo does it on both sides of court, first makes the block and takes it down to the layup. the second ranked blue devils didn't blink. jackson staying patient, then gets the easy layup. duke wins the season open are 70-58. nascar superstar jimmie johnson now understands his task to win his sixth career sprint cup championship, finish 23rd or better in next week's season finale. johnson started in the pole position in arizona today, but he had the lead just one lap. on lap 162 johnson trades a little paint with carl edwards. he goes from a four-point lead to a 28-point lead over matt kenseth. the winner today, kevin harvick, carl edwards runs out of gas just before the checkered flag. johnson only needs to finish 23rd or better next week in florida to claim that sixth championship and that is sports
5:58 pm
as we see it for this early sunday edition of sports wrap. raiders and 49ers lose today. we'll have hockey heights tonight at 10:00. i don't know which 1 was more frustrating. >> they both were. thank you. tonight on the 10:00 news we're continuing to follow that breaking news in redwood city. >> that's where this fire at a scrap metal business has caused a shelter in place for nearby residents as crews continue to try to put that fire out. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00.
5:59 pm
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