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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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pressure. 40s, 50s and san francisco started off mostly cloudy, there was a cloudy deck and we have 64 degrees, there is our system but it is lifting northeast and all the rain looks like it will stay far to the north. low clouds fog sun, so temperatures are mainly in the 60s, a few very low 70s, here is sal. good morning, we are starting off well around the bay areas we look at some of the pictures here, the bay bridge toll plaza looks good but as a matter of fact it is a nice looking drive coming into san francisco and we had an earlier problem in san francisco, southbound 101 to the 08 -- 880 split, it didn't
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cause a big traffic jam because it was so early in the morning. we are looking at the roads on 580 in oakland and traffic here is off to a good start, 4:30 let's go back to the desk. happening now a shelter advisory is in place for surrounding areas at smoke villa at a smack metal recycling business. katie spoke to firefighters within the last hour and tells us what they have to say, katie? >> reporter: the smell of that smoke is still strong and can be smelled as far north as oakland and san francisco. you can still smell the smoke and they are still spraying water on it at this point. here is what it looked like yesterday evening. a dark cloud as you can see in this video. firefighters say the fire
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started yesterday afternoon at a conveyer system where metal cutting can often throw sparks but they may never know the cause. but it is deep in a debris area and forensics had to be brought in for the source. >> they are moving the material and you can't push it over like a sand castle. you have to symptomatically move it with the safety of everybody around them. >> the smell is permeating a much further distance and crews contained the fire last night and the shelter in place warning may be lifted within a couple of hours and we are still working to determine just how knock shows horrible that smoke plume was.
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noon noon earlier -- typhoon haiyan, earlier it hit vietnam and hit the eastern seaboard and quickly moved across the island. there are reports 10,000 people were killed in one city alone and president barack obama is now pledging assistance. we will go live to the latest on the devastation. the largest bay area community is closely watching typhoon haiyan, we caught up with the disaster area, she came from the philippines and she was there with her family and that her home was badly damaged. >> the kitchen collapsed considering it is 60 years old, and then leaking of course from the roof simply because it got blown off. >> now she said she was able to get a ticket to manila and escape the eye of the storm.
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it was one of the strongest ever recorded. >> they are trying to help a helping hand to the develops of the storm and we will show you how cities like south san francisco are collecting supplies. for more on the latest on the victims, our web teams have posted a web link on the home page. president barack obama will observe veterans day and they will participate in the tomb of the unknowns, this is video from last year and they will also host a breakfast at the white house to honor veterans and their families. it marks of the 11th day in 1918. later morning, a special veteran's day ceremony will take place and the ceremony will begin at 11:00 a traditional wreathe will be
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tossed onto the back of the ship. the museum shoffering free admission through today through november 17th. also later this evening, a veteran's day vigil is offered at the crosses of lafayette. a few dozen people came together to honor those who have served with candle light music be a speeches. it starts this morning at the crosses of deer hill and oak hill road and it will be the 6 6th since they were installed. we are honoring our veterans at the 95th veterans day parade as they kickoff on market street. then the parade starts at noon, it will begin on market street and it will end on st. carlos. veterans day is considered a federal holiday and most bay area schools are closed, all
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banks, post offices and all libraries will be closed. bart and transit connections will be ran during their regular service hours, but any county offices will be closed. a soldier killed during the vietnam war will be awarded a purple heart at the vietnam center. he was killed by friendly fire back in 1970. his sister will accept the purple metal on behalf of her brother. the deadly shooting has reignited the debate over toy  guns. he reportedly mistook the beebee style gun for an assault rifle. the tragedy has reignited how they are making toy guns look like new guns.
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they are requiring them to be painted acertain color to make them easier to spot. they are looking at the official proceedings and documents and the phrase is racially charged. instead they are using terms like undocumented immigrants or immigrants and no officials and they are talking about the ones who entered the country illegally. five women have reported incidents in two different campus housing since last year. the suspect is describe had as a white man in his late 20s to early 30s, 5-foot 7 inches tall, with a medium build, short dark hair and unshare end
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face -- unshaven face. they are looking for a curfew on teenagers. supporters say it will reduce crime but supporters are worried it could lead to racial profiling. >> i don't want this to turn into another situation for stop and frisk and i don't want it to turn into a situation for young boys who are on the way to the store for their mothers. >> and it would require them to be on the road and it would be in effect from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. they could face fines up to $100. they are still looking to how many sal individual and wraps contained chicken. it is by glass and trader joe's
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with chilly and chicken. other salads and wraps are being recalled under other names. >> it is disturbing and scary because you go places and you trust where you are buying your food, so it is stressful, something you have to worry about on a regular basis. >> all the affected salads and wraps were made a month ago and all of them have been sickened withee wholly after -- e-coli after eating those meals. just go to news and click on the health and science tab. u.s.s.
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p l.a., one person had to have a transplant and other people are waiting for transplants and they are in the super intense capsules and super thermal powder. anybody who has those should return them to the store for a full refund. they are now taking an hour, a study confirms the san francisco area suggests, san francisco ranks 5th as the worst traffic in the nation and honolulu has the nations worst traffic. what that i makes him unique and how the white house plans to recognize him this morning. >> the new postal service that
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will soon take affect at no extra charge to you. good morning we are looking at a commute but we are watching it get slow in some spots, right now on the bridge it does look good >> >> it will be cooler coast and bay but right now is this a week much change it is or is there another stable pattern. i love watching tv outside.
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welcome back, we hear philippines lost so many people, their homes and businesses as well? >> reporter: yes, it is a very desperate situation, thousands of people lost family and loved ones and homes and property. the philippine president declared a state of national
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calamity and i and i and i inn call! damage. they are trying to get people out of the hard hit areas and efforts are underway to bring aid in for those people who are so desperate there now. food water, medical supplies in desperate need, in distribution to areas which has been very difficult although the airport is difficult there. for the past few days they have only been coming in during daylight hours and now they are trying to put lights from to bring aid in 24 hours a day.
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aid communication is difficult also, within the city area, many cell phones have been restored and some communication has been restored now but within the remote areas it is difficult to know what the situation is on the ground and the only way to reach them sometimes is by motor bike. >> oh, boy, we are looking for the recovery effort, they are in manila in the philippines. >> they are in the philippines as well helping with the recovery efforts as well and they left los angeles, you can see some of the devastation, military planes are helping evacuate people and bringing in supplies, they are coordinating search and rescue efforts, providing medical age am.
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starbucks will give a free brewed coffee all day including red robins with unlimited french fries to veterans and you will need proof to take advantage of the deals. they are making it easier to get to the post office. they will only one on nor avenue. stables is the first to team up in the expansion program. amazon has set up their own set up with the postal service and the program will expand other locations next year and it is devised to help the already
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struggling postal service. target plans to stay open for 27 hours closing on the night after thanksgiving. the retailer will offer hundreds of online deals thanksgiving morning including all the bargains will see. a new study shows they are studying abroad and those hundreds of thousands of chinese students have helped push the numbers of students studying in america to all-time highs. the national education programs are an economic boost to our area. >> something i wish i did but i am not going to go back. >> let's go to sal, keeping an eye on things, sal?
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>> we don't have a lot going on but we have an accident port chicago highway and let's go out and look at some of these pictures now. traffic will be busy but we will have lighter than usual companies and when we do have the time off is makes it easier for them to live. there is report of a crash, carpal rode into a wall -- car rode into a wall and just minutes before they had reports where the car was speeding and cutting off car and now that car went into a wall. low clouds in place, a few high clouds are drifting in but it is making a b-line, it is
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like a dry november and i don't think it will be happening here. after that high pressure builds back in and we might get breezy out of the north but there is no sign out of the north and it is tapped, as tapped into some tropical moisture and it is deep ending as it drops south and it will fire us up further to the north. it is not looking very promising, low clouds have advanced because of that front pushing that in. 30s, 40l1sl0 and 50s, livermore says 50, anymore clouds you have held up, 27 up in lake tahoe and there are some cool readings, as far as the low clouds they will retreat back and you can see everything is lifting up and over and that right there, it is driving a lot of the moisture to the north, just not here. if anything happens, low clouds
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are in place and it will be partly to mostly sunny, fort brag, men seen know, it looks like rain to the north ,it will be cooler but a lot of the low clouds in place right there. san jose, john, reporting that this morning. 50s and 60s and 70s, i tell you it was warm yesterday, they were wearing shorts, why not. brentwood, being up with, cupertino and 70s on the coast, just too close to that cloud deck and it will be breezy and cooler as we head toward put weekend but still dry. we have new information surrounding the attack on a man
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in san francisco, surveillance video is helping police track their suspect. and what incognito is saying about bullying allegations and what the meetings are now set for this week.
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. san francisco honored many in the parade, they participated with marching bands and including mayor ed lee and there is a special focus apt the end of the korean war. they honored many from the military, it is all part of the nfl salute to campaign. they returned from a bi-week to host the panthers and the two teams have not faced each other since 2010. 49er alden smith is back since his arrest. he was arrested on charges of driving drunk and crashing into the yard of a home in san jose. a court day for his dui arrest is set for november 19th.
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this week jonathan martin is expected to meet with the national football league. they are looking into allegations that richie incognito repeatedly bullied hazed and harassed him. he strongly denied them and said harsh language is common in nfl locker rooms and he did not intend anything. >> this is not an issue of bullying but this is an issue where i may have taken stuff too far and i don't know it was hurting him. >> they suspended incognito, martin left the team two weeks ago and may never come back. police may have accessed information that could help solve a vicious attack on a homeless person.
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this those a man some. on -- stomping on a homeless person and after we aired the video, they said they may know the attacker. >> what is fright inning, is this acceptable? what the attack happened just before 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning. it showed two officers pull up and the victim walked off on his own. no police have been available to comment. a massive side show created quite a distraction and as many as 200 drivers took took part in this. there is no word on whether any arrests have been made. side shows are many common occurrences especially on the weekends and a 69-year-old man was beaten after trying to
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break up the fight in east oakland. a horrible crash in a quiet marin county neighborhood just hours ago, what we now learned about the crash and the driver. also how the bay area is responding to to typhoon haiyan overseas. low clouds are in place but can we get some rain in here? it does not look promising but we will take a look at it and see what is in store for the rest of the week.
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. this morning you can see the smoke and there is a shelter in place because of a fire at a metal plant. there are dangerous fumes. >> let's check weather and we have low clouds in place, there will be some clouds in place and it looks like a dry november, after a hint ,it looks like it will be north. 30s and 40s


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