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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. this morning you can see the smoke and there is a shelter in place because of a fire at a metal plant. there are dangerous fumes. >> let's check weather and we have low clouds in place, there will be some clouds in place and it looks like a dry november, after a hint ,it looks like it will be north. 30s and 40s and 50s, a lot of
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low clouds in place, we will stay in the 40s and concord and antioch, fairfield, starting off, 50s and 64, with a west wind and that low cloud deck, there is our system, it tapped into some low clouds, and low clouds with partly to mostly sunny, a few 50s near the coast, here is sal. steve, we we have a problem in solano county, one vehicle is overturned, a big-rig involved and several lanes are blocked, this is on the way between vac have aville and -- vacaville and vary field and traffic is beginning to get slow even though it is veterans day, you will see traffic that is not doing well at all. also it looks like at the westbound bay bridge, it is good to know a lot of people do
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have the day off but a lot of government workers do, no problems getting into san francisco, but the sam thing goes with that span, let's go back to the desk. crews are still at the scene of a fire in a metal recycling plant in three counties, this all started on the port of redwood city. it involved a lot of junk, katie shows us what is happening out there right now, good morning, katie. >> reporter: firefighters tell us that shelter in place warning may be lifted as early as this morning. white smoke is still lifted from the debris pile and it can smell -- can be smelled as the far south as oakland. here is what it looked like.
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a dark cloud and on sea port boulevard they recycle electronics and the fire likely started at 1:30 yesterday afternoon in a conveyer system where metal cutting often causes sparks. it is some 300 feet wide and 300 feet high. they do work closely with those who dump deluges of water. the winds have shifted but the smell has permeated a much further distance as we mentioned. crews contain had the fire yesterday but they are still on the area to help out and we have called into area hospitals to see if anybody is complaining about the smoke issues and again that shelter
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in place warning may be lifted as early as this morning. katie, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a close call for people living in the san rafael area, a driver lost control, crashed into a tree outside of a home, this happened just before 2:00 this morning and this is at the marin neighborhood. the deputy tried to run but was detained for questioning. that house suffered minor damages. security changes will start at san francisco hospital. they may hire security guards after the death of lynn spaulding. her body was found 17 days after she was last seen in her hospital room, it led to a shakeup at the sheriff's office which currently provides hospital security. some say hiring prior evaluate guards -- private guards will
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be more efficient and less expensive. five women have complained sense last week on the campus. >> reporter: this happened the first one down the street two blocks in unit 3, the central building, a man exposed himself in over an hour period in that bathroom and the second woman called police. the man came here to unit one and you can see a lot of the windows in this building are exposed and this is two blocks away from the first one. they saw a man who was standing outside and exposing himself to them. they called police but the man ran before police could get here. this is described as a by the
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man in his -- white man in his early 30s, five foot 10 inches to 6-foot tall, short dark hair, he was unshaven or at least he was at the time of the crime, he was wearing black stretch pants and this morning people are still asking for people's help, they have not been able to locate this man and if you have any information about it, uc berkeley police want to hear from you. this comes at a time when berkeley is dealing with an increase in thefts and they have undercover officers trying to deal with that as well. continuing coverage on typhoon haiyan, they are trying to coordinate recovery efforts and president barack obama promises more help if necessary. u.s. marines in manila started
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working with philippine soldiers and they will be sent to other areas which is one of the hardest hit areas in the country. it has become a major international relief action. >> they are asking not just for national but international relief organizations and get the things they need. >> 10,000 people are believed to be dead, some hospitals are turning patients away because they don't have enough hospital space or medical supplies. earlier it hit vietnam and there are reports 6 people have been killed. reports up to several people have been killed and it headed towards china. more than 8,000 people have evacuated from the area that the storm walls expected to
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hit. organizers from the group project pearl put together a donation drive, such as the baby food, and shampoo and toothpaste fast. they are hoping to get them shipped off as soon as possible. >> it could make a difference between life and death because they have no food or water or supplies. >> organizers behind put effort say they are not expecting clothing, they say food, water and first aid supplies are the top priority. organization says neighbors a broad will discuss ways to help them in the area. at least 10,000 people were killed in that area and they
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described roofs ripping off the building and flooding. this morning, the president declared a state of calamity and they say that will speed up recovery efforts here is more on how the military is helping. there are some ways you can help victims of the tie and to. they have posted a list under the web link section of the home page. president barack obama will lead observance in honor of veterans day and they will take place at the wreathe laying at the tomb of the unknown. you are looking at video from last year and he will also host a white house break fast. one of the people, 107-year-old
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richard from austin texas and he's believed to be still the oldest veteran still alive in the country. when he is asked why he is invited, he said he is not sure. >> what, they want to run me away, they want to send me back over there. >> mr. overtown by the way still drives a car, cuts his own grass and has a much younger girlfriend, she is only 90 years old. meantime there are several veterans day events, and the lions club is holding a meeting and at 4:00 this afternoon, the san francisco family run and walk will begin at the golden gate bridge park. an 18-year-old girl in
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texas took a tragic turn, the violence that killed two people an injured 20 others. plus a very important other, we will find out about the new healthcare law. good morning, traffic is really bad in fairfield and 880 westbound at north -- westbound, at north texas, we are looking at the golden gate bridge and it looks great. and there is a little bit of fog and high and mid-level clouds may bring us some much needed rain, what about the rest of the week? changes may be stable and warm.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, good news, the 2000-pound satellite that was falling towards earth has burned up in the atmosphere. they went into space back in 2009 and last week there were concerns -- last week there were concerns about debris hitting the earth but we are happy to say it didn't happen. he is meeting with officials and the secretary arrived after his meetings in switzerland and was greeted thereby the country's foreign minister. like the uae he has concerns
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about iran's nuclear plants. how many people will sign up for health insurance despite all the problems with the website. on wednesday, the house in congress is scheduled to vote on americans who like their current healthcare plans which really will not have to switch and millions have received notices saying they will have to change their plans because of new regulations. >> two people were killed at least 20 others were hurt outside houston and police say more than 100 came to celebrate a girl's 18th birthday party when somebody fired a gun into the celebration which led to mass confusion and panic and at least two other teens pulled out guns and opened fire in a home filled with party goers.
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a new study finds there is more gun violence in movies that are rated r. p j13 has more than tripled since 1985 than in "r" rated to audiences 10 years and older. the administration has not commented on that study. they have enough signatures to try to repeal it and a coalition has submitted 20,000 signatures for of the november 2014 ballot. that law enacted allows students to play on either girls or boys sports teams. students can use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. they are rewriting lesson plans
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for the standardized test and they could see meaning full results on the common standards in 44 other states. this year's text results will allow them to study in detail and will encourage critical thinking. >> the america's cup may be over but there is a new attraction and it is really drawing in tourists. take a look, rainbow warrior is now docked on 15 and as many as 900 people are expected to visit the boat which gets 90% of its power from the wind. the first one sank off the coast of new zealand in 1975.
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>> sal has a big one, a multi- injury crash at north texas street and the traffic is slowing down and only one lane is getting through and it is kind of a bad accident, westbound 880 in north texas so watch for slow traffic as you approach and they are waiting for the truck for the big-rig for an overturned vehicle and several medics are on the scene. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is looking good to the pay gates. northbound 208, that is small so far, let's go back. >> some reported reduced visibility and mostly cloudy
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this evening and because of the cloud cover it will be a little bit cooler and they are making a b-line north. not here in the bay area, there is nothing that goes out towards the weekend as well. a lot of moisture is here but it is racing ahead of its support and that means it will have a bark worse than its bite. 30s and 40s and 50s on the temperatures and 37 in ukiah, 43 in sacramento, if you don't have any of that cloud deck. we will occasionally see cloud cover and it is tapping into moisture and if tapping.
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>> a few high clouds are starting to draw in, a few upper 60s and very low 70s across the board, it will be close if you are closer to the coast. 60s on the coast, there may be a 170 and there is rain to the north, way north and wednesday we clear it out and thursday cooler before we go to the weekend. >> the world's largest retailer postal retailer. helps deliver holiday gifts and they will a and they will announce going to other cities
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next year. they will continue to work with other shippers but they are the only ones to deliver and they will not charge extra fees report sunday's delivery. target plans on getting started on early holiday shopping and the target stores will open an hour earlier than it did last year. that will help to stay competitive with other stores open on thanksgiving but it will have some special thanksgiving deals available online. check in on our -- checking in on our numbers, across the board for the nasdaq and s&p 500, they are following some doesn't gains, -- descend gains, you can see -- decent gains, they are closer to 1800. the story about the rent that doubled overnight, a $1,000 rent hike and it is not
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in san francisco. plus a meaning recall where some salads and wraps are being taken off our store shelves and the reason why.
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. welcome back, now that is traffic. chp says casino traffic is just now starting to ease up. the resort is open to the public november 5th, three hours after it happened, bumper-
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to-bumper traffic opens as many as four miles. they are keeping extra officers on duty until officers get used to all of that traffic. people living in a mobile home park are fighting an increase that can more than double their rent. they own their homes but they rent the ocean view area where they live and they are worried it could go up to 1900 a month. people who own their mobile homes will not be affected by the increase. >> here is your letter, be prepared to pay $1,100 on top of your present rent. >> our operating costs, the improvements that have been made to the park and there is a farm lar and -- formula and it
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indicates that an $1,100 increase is warned. >> -- warranted. >> they say they spent million upgrading a sea wall and have not raised the rent in four years. the seeds in a grove of giant trees will be allowed to grow and that's because they are removing parking lots which bud up to the area. they are dropping thousands of seeds every year but they have been falling on asphalt, not soil. it will begin next summer and it should be finished by next summer, the female employee attacked by a wild can cat sanctuary where she was killed by a cougar, it happened saturday night outside of portland. she had been working at that
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sanctuary as the head keeper for about 8 years. time now 5:26 this could possibly help eye didn't few a man attacking another homeless person, coming up why they are not able to take advantage of that information. do you feel your commute may be getting longer maybe, we will tell you about the new survey on traffic increasing in the bay area. we still have that serious crash at northbound 880, cars are getting by on the shoulder. >> what about those higher clouds out there, what about the extended outlook, we will take a look coming up. use chase freedom at select department stores
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. welcome back, still smolder being out there, that big recycling plant that fire that had been raging, it is smoldering now and firefighters are still on the scene, we will tell you why they are still out there and why there are still concerns about breathing in the area. katie is there and we will have a live report in a few minutes. it is november 11th, veterans
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day. 5:30 they are talking about how the weather has been really nice. >> yes, we have some increasing clouds and they are mainly driving north, you can see it yourself and some of that smoke from the scrap iron fire, wash is that palo alto, mountain view, a puff is coming through and testimony it does, there are no signs and it doesn't mean it will not happen yet napa has some fog, we will have 64 for a high today and we see it a little bit warmer and here is our system, it is driving our clouds and so fog, that is in place, a pretty big fog
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bank, it is november and i am talking about a fog bank, 60s and upper 70s closer to the coast. that has been raised to a sig alert and that means they think it will be there for a while, westbound at 880, they went to the wrong thing, it is westbound 880 in north texas. now it has turned into an even more situation situation. they are not expecting a big back up and it is veterans day and most government workers have the day off today. if you are driving 237 still looks good and at 5:32 let's go back to the desk.
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they may lift that shelter in place, it started near the worth of redwood city and katie talks about what is happening now. >> reporter: the shelter in place may be lifted as early as this morning. take a look behind me and you can see what smoke is still billowing. since we have been here the smoke plume has greatly diminished but the smell is still strong. the dark smoke billowed from the management area and the fire likely started around 1:30 afternoon at a conveyer system where metal cutting can throw supermarkets. that is because it is 300 feet
5:34 am
wide and 300 feet long. we normally walk around and try to keep piles down to a manageable size and this pile is bigger and unfortunately we were not there as it caught fire. >> they are working to prevent fires on this coming up in my next report, we will tell you what those measures are. ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police may have accessed information that may have solved a vicious attack on a homeless person take a look at this video, you can see a homeless person
5:35 am
stomping the life out of a homeless person when he called police he was told they had no record of this attack. >> i do think it is difficult but i can't call police and say this is the person you are looking for and make that processes-year-old pause they don't know what i am talking about. >> the video later shows two police officers show up and the victim walks off on his own. so far nobody from san francisco police caused a big distraction took place on them side street and they have been happening in many neighborhoods
5:36 am
especially on the weekends. you main recall a man was beaten last month as he tried to break up a fight near his home in the area. here is more answers on why some of the commutes are getting longer especially in the south bay. >> reporter: people are noticing the backups have gotten worse over the last few years but in large part, you can blame job growth, known for the big backups in mountain view, san jose and the surrounds neighborhood and just in 2010, san jose was the 13th most congested city and lists
5:37 am
say the sudden increase in traffic is almost unheard of but as the economy recovers, drivers have certainly notice add difference. >> the facebook company got more stuff and i thought it is going to be even worse than it is and 101 is worse and it is going to be worse and worse, so i don't blame anybody. >> san francisco has the third worst testimony areas and drivers across the bay are certainly noticing more company when they hit the roads. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:37 they will debate a controversial plan for
5:38 am
a curfew on teens. supporters say it will reduce crime but critics say it could lead to racial profiling. not to lock kids up but as an adult, we reach out to them value our kid and most of all i we want to be able to grow old with them. >> anybody of of 8:00 p.m. to 1:30 in the afternoon f-and they could face fines at the va medical center. if his sister will accept the
5:39 am
purpose the heart metal on behalf of her brother. they are investigating growing concerns about the medical treatment they are receiving from v.a. hospitals. >> this... >> banana... >> say it again. >> chris ellison is learning to walk and speak, not from his service but when he went there for routine teeth extraction t- doctors ignored his low blood pressure and he suffered a stroke. he had the largest such malpractice against the va in 10 years. tonight at 10:00, they investigated how many other malpractices, how many practices are standing in the
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way on the 10:00 news. there is a slight, but this year will be the dryest in u.s. history. san francisco had no rain all of last month. there has been less than four inches of rain since the beginning of this year. this pattern continues and 2013 will be even drier than 1976. we had a little more than 5.5 inches of rain, couples are over the bay -- couples all over the bay area are getting married on 11, 12, 13 and they are holding wedding services every half hour from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 p.m. if you can't find a spot to get married, you will have another
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chance for 12, 13, 14, work with me pam. that date falls on a saturday when county offices are closed. 5:40 is the time, after that deadly typhoon devastated the country. we have more on the recovery efforts. plus google is stepping up the efforts and we will tell you more on the special apps google just launched. we are still looking at a really big problem in fairfield. this is blocking lanes and traffic is very slow. we have a new crash reported in san francisco. well, there are a lot of low clouds in place and the question is, we always see low clouds and can we have any rain as we desperately needed as you heard about the rest of the week.
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. typhoon haiyan slammed into the philippines this weekend and one of the hard effort hit areas they think at least 10,000 people were killed. this morning president barack obama issued a state of calamity for the philippines but they say it will help speed up the recovery efforts and the u.s. military is also there lend being support. several are there in washington d.c. with more on what the u.s. is willing to help. >> reporter: well the meteorologist said this could be the strongest tropical storm, and to put this in context, it was 3 times
5:45 am
stronger than hurricane katrina. the storm surge was 16 feet high and left a devastating path of destruction. the red cross said there are as many as 10,000 people who may have died and the official death toll stands at 942 right now but that is expected to increase as they are saying remote places are still inaccessible. food and water are scarce and survivors are desperate for is supplies. they are one of the first areas to reach them over the weekend and the most impressive place is shelter. teams from the united states have already reached the area to help with relief efforts and u.s. marines are currently on the ground and will deploy
5:46 am
schnuck helicopters for search and rescue. they will reach with other brands muchs -- branches of the military that are not going to be showing up in the relation and united states stands at the ready to provide humanitarian assistants as the days and weeks go forward. on this veterans day some veterans are in the philippines helping with recovery efforts. volunteers left los angeles yesterday and military planes are used to help evacuate and help with supplies. they are providing search and rescue efforts and providing medical aid and food and water. >> they are trying to determine how many stores are involved in a major recall. the meals were manufactured by
5:47 am
glass onion kitchener and they sold them even to trader joe's where they are recalling all of their food. other salads and wraps being recalled are sold under the delish and fine foods names. >> it is scary because you trust where you are buying your food and it is stressful because it is something you have to worry about on a regular basis. >> all of the salads and wraps, as many as 26 people have been sick ended from e-coli. now we have a full list and just go to the website and click on the health on a science tab. something just happened in
5:48 am
san francisco. it is an injury crash southbound 101, now we have seen the delay go from a small delay to a big delay and we have issued a sig alert which is not a mystery. it is just chp code talk for special alert and it will help you use 280 instead of 101 or get on at caesar chavez to get you passed the crash for example for example don't get in on 101. this involves a pickup truck that flipped avenue and it is going to be busy from vackerville to -- vacaville to fairfield, 548, let's go toll
5:49 am
-- to steve. it will be cooler because of the cloud deck coming in, there it is but it is making more of a trek to the pacific northwest. some of that scrap yard fire, we get the wind turning southeast and it is blowing from brisbane and also into objecting land. so you will be wondering as we trade e-mails. we'll see if it holds and it is not looking good after tuesday and there is a lot of cloud cover here but the system has
5:50 am
tapped into it will and it will all how them to lift up after that. slow clouds are slow to burn off but as the low deep ends, it is a teater totter affect and yes, it brings in clouds by tonight and the rain completely washes it out but it is moving away from its energy field. it few high clouds, it will increase later on today, upper 50s to lower 60s. upper 60s and lower 70s in santa clara and gilroy 74 but
5:51 am
60s, much closer from the peninsular. mostly sunshine, cooler and price i and they are, woulding on new phones with a 7-inch screen. it is interesting how it is covering that home screen. only nevada has seen a bigger increase with prices up 2 5% in the last few months and the national realtors association will reply because of the small amount of homes for sale but it will hold steady during the next year.
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. welcome back, it is now 5:55, this week jonathan martin is scheduled to meet with a special investigator of the nfl. he is being charged with repeatedly saying incognito threatened him and incognito said he regrets using some of
5:56 am
the words he used. >> i am not arraysest and to judge -- a racist and to judge me by that word is wrong. it is not acceptable for me. >> reporter: the dolphins suspended him shortly after. martin left the team and may never come back. defense man alden smith is suspended for driving under the influence. they are charges of driving drunk and nobody was hurt in that crash. shortly after that, smith entered rehabilitation and he now has a november 19th court date for his dui arrest, by the way, they beat the panthers 10- 9. and the oakland raiders playing the new york giants, opening kickoff, torrell jennings fumbled and he
5:57 am
returned the 22 yards of the 25- yard line and torrell prior snuck in right across the goal line, raiders are up 7-0. and in the second quarter, they took the lead and they would go on to win, giant 24, raiders 20. a new study shows children who don't get enough sleep tend to eat more. they studied 27 children and when the kids got more sleep, they ate fewer than 134 calories a day and they are saying obesity is directly related to lack much sleep. they are not over the major fire at the recycling plant and what firefighters are still doing there and what firefighters are doing.
5:58 am
saluting and the special guest who will join president barack obama at arlington national cemetery. it is 101 heading south out of town, alternate routes are coming right up. >> the scrap yards are being opened and what about rain, can we get some for tomorrow?
5:59 am
6:00 am
. good morning, three bay area counties, what led to this on the bay area peninsular. there are lanes blocked and you can see what it is doing to the 10 commute -- 101 commute in san francis. -- san francisco. how the bay area's large philippine community is responding, it is all ahead on the bay area news. this is ktvu channel


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