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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 12, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." >> two outdoorsmen try to save one buck hooked on to another. this is risky. what happens when the buck doesn't say thank you? >> a driver passes out so cops surround his truck just in case the guy did wake up and try to keep going.
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why the plan didn't go as plan. >> what to expect when you fly with tnt air. plus, what the 42 inch flat screen? we've got the buzz word. >> and now meet the dare devil who gave it your best shot. >> knowing you're alive is the best part about it. >> you got one dead, one still alive and they're locked up. >> the animal kingdom can be a pretty dangerous place. this video proves it. you'll see joey king and chad usi, two avid hunters. joey had bagged a buck earlier in the day and was trying to locate that deer. instead he came across this.
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what you're seeing, two bucks locked up. they were obviously in a fight and one has died. this is risky because now they're going to separate the two. >> probably not going to make it. >> you ready? ready? >> yep. >> huh? >> i'm on it. >> wow. >> that is crazy. >> eventually they get them separated. here's the peculiar part. they say they've never experienced anything like this befo before. the buck they separated was hanging out. they start to go near it and it stands its ground. >> no! no! don't break out the phone. >> oh! >> the buck comes charging at these two. they're able to get out of the
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way. >> [ bleep ]. >> whoa, dude. did he get you? >> no. i thought i was about to get gored on the leg. >> a lot of people are praising these two. eventually the video ends and they leave the deer beer. >> they would have been easy prey for somebody else but they wanted to do something nice. >> i'm going to call this a rescue attempt. this is in seminole county, florida. we're seeing a group of officers trying to wake up the suspected drunk driver inside the drunk. >> he's sleeping? >> he's apparently passed out at the wheel. >> great. >> you can see they're shaking the truck because he's still in drive. >> did he stop at a stop light
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and foot fell off the brake or something? >> if he does wake up, what's to stop him from taking off? >> right about here as this emergency vehicle is pulling up, you see the guy does wake up, slams on the gas and pushes the patrol car across the street on to on coming traffic, eventually crashing it into a tree. he had the green light. >> he probably thought he could go. >> at least it stopped. >> in the driver seat was 23-year-old damian browning. apparently next to him a 24 ounce empty beer bottle and half empty vodka bottle. you can see the impact was really strong.
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>> time to go to some far off exotic land to glide some great lines in a wing suit, you can go right here in utah. that's scottie bob. you can see that crack below. squeezes in on him. i like that one little tree he goes lifting by. stays really close to the canyon wall on the left, pulls off to the right out into the canyon below. looks up to his buddy above who is getting some great shorkts, pulls the rip cord and gives a good old american -- >> yeah! >> the tree and the rock wall there -- >> that's close. >> i agree. >> you're looking through this thing and this is a narrow
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on his facebook page give him lots of praise. >> wow, he is so close to the rocks. he could probably reach out and touch them. >> joining us from utah is scottie bob. tell us about this flight and how you set it up. >> a couple of friends and mine go to the desert and look for things we can fly through. >> a lot of fun. >> the depth at which you flew, did you determine that before or during the actual flight? >> we'll do a lot of what we call scouting lines. we'll look at it and see if we can do it. we definitely don't wing it. it's probably about five feet we'd. it's definitely big enough to fly through. it's like anything else, motorcycles, fast cars and it's
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one more thing money. >> what's next? >> finding new lines, traveling new places and meeting great people. >> you're going to want to stay with us because we're giving away a flat screen tv in just a bit. all you need is tu's buzz word. you have to be a u.s. rest didn't and 18 years or older to win. good luck, everybody. >> according to authorities, they used tim-tams. >> what's a tim-tam? >> cookies. >> this is close to 3:00 in the morning and the doors are locked at this gas station so the attendant lets him in. once he lets them in, they pull the mask down. they have a tomahawk and a wood splitter and demands money.
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one guy grabs the door and another guy wanted a pack of cookies. >> kind of wanted some tim tams right there. >> this michigan state trooper went to great lengths to make sure this guy didn't get away. we're in the midst of a police chase. police use a pit maneuver and sticks to try to pull this guy over. they're trying to pull this guy over because of defective equipment but the guy wouldn't stop. >> he drove off a bridge? >> the man was going over the brej but the trooper grabbed ahold of him and they both fell about 30 feet. both of officer and suspect were taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> the suspect has not been charged yet but he is being held in jail on a probation violation. >> it's a scary scene as an apartment building goes up in flames, but this isn't what had
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people in the neighborhood talking. why it was a responding fire truck that had everyone's attention. >> oh, my god! >> and see how maru the cat takes on a ladder leg. >> a determined little kitty.
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like us on now back to the show. >> check out this video. apparently they've been
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experiencing some very high winds and you'll see debris on the streets, leaves falling. but that is a big sheet of metal and it's just -- the wind just picked it up. >> oh, boy. >> toss it is over. you do see a firefighter walking up to that sheet of metal, trying very hard to control it. >> that's risky. you don't know what that's going to do. >> you can tell me why that firefighter was diligently going after that piece of metal. that's because there was another firefighter on top of it! >> magic carpet ride. >> he was like wind surte usinge metal down but it flipped him over. >> that though shows you how strong the wind is. >> he was closed to the ground
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when he got dumped over. >> you see two firefighters get up and walk away, one of them probably a little disoriented. >> people in a memphis neighborhood got their cameras out and were forified at this apartment fire, started on the second floor, has several people trapped at this time. up see the fire blazing out of these windows, black smoke up in the air. this isn't what had people in the neighborhood talking. here comes the fire truck, comes right into the parking lot but can't stop. >> oh, my gosh. >> the fire truck comes crashing right through that fence. thank think there was a concrete barrier there. reports say the brakes failed. the firefighters went on to fight the fire. >> that's a lot of truck to slow down with no brakes. >> the entire building was evacuated but one woman had to be rescued by firefighters. she was okay. >> check out this scenario. car ripping through a parking lot.
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high speed. look what happens to all the angles of the security cameras. crashes into a diesel pump right here. there was another car at a pump nearby, two attendants tending to that car with a family inside. >> oh, my goodness. >> knocked the attendants down. they were injured. one is in stable condition and getting better. no word on the condition of the other man injured. the family inside that small fiat only sustained minor injuries. the driver of the car out of control claims he was cut off and that's why he lost control. >> once you realize you're in trouble, don't you engage the brakes? seems like he didn't even do that. >> police investigated him for alcohol. he had no alcohol in his system, just said he was cut off. >> this comes from the "i think
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he can, i think he can" file. this is maru and a ladder. >> he's not exactly slender but he's making it up to the top of this ladder -- or trying to to. >> little kitty. >> almost gets to the top. and then he climbs down. watch him back out like a little human. >> oh, he feels for the rung. he stretches hill his little foot out. >> he's going to make a final effort to get up. >> there he is! >> i couldn't be happier. i'm stoked for this fella. >> to the i think he can file to the "hope it does, i hope it does file. >> that is a sleepy warthog in south africa. you know hough kids get when they're sleepy and they refuse to nod off or take a nap? that's what thwart hog is doing.
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>> he looks like he's sleeping in class. >> it's wonderful how this thing concludes. >> aw! >> now he's up. >> yeah, he's awake. >> we've all had that moment. >> it's a simple prank using popcorn and mother nature. >> i've never seen anybody employ the animal kingdom for a prank. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, the car up ahead has a flat tire but she keeps going. and she's on rim. >> hey, it's a fire! >> what? >> this car is on fire. >> see how this ride goes from bad to boom. >> plus, if you want a chance at a flat screen tv, you'll want to get the tuesday buzz word coming up.
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don't forget, you can upload your video using our mobile app. >> it's a fire. it's a fire! >> i think we should start a campaign to show this video at driving school class. you see some tire shred. this didn't come from the car on the right. it came from another car.
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>> this happened in garland, texas, right on interstate 635. >> watch what happens. >> hey, it's a fire. >> it's a fire! >> oh, my goodness. >> what? >> your car is on fire. your car is on fire! he's like, nah, i'm fine. >> she walked right past it and didn't look at it. >> you can see how fully engulfed this is. >> what she needed to do was just pull over. you don't drive on your rim. >> the fire department eventually has to show up because of this. >> this video was actually shot a year ago but it is just now going viral. i think it should be used in classrooms. this is a textbook example of why you don't drive on rims.
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>> hey, it's a fire! >> when you fly all the time, you have to agree it's kind of annoying to hear the flight attendants going through the drill at the beginning, fasten your tray, your seat belt. i have one that's a little bit different, their tnt airlines. >> welcome to tnt airlines. we're committed to making your flight comfortable, pretty safe and fun at [ bleep ]. before taking off we'll give a presentation with all sorts of helpful information. >> that was really nice, the captain. >> he swore so you know he's a cool guy. >> all children need to be checked or put in the overhead compartment. >> your plane is divided into first class, second class,
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middle class and people who used to work at a kiosk. >> afraid of being in a scary moment? don't be. just attach your catheter from under the seat. >> the video obviously a parody. >> head on um there and visit your captain. he'd love to let you push some buttons. >> my favorite is the 36 button. >> now that's fun. >> that's tnt airlines. enjoy your flight. >> it's your chance to win win a 42 inch flat screen t. have. all you have to do is be 18 years or older, a u.s. resident
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and you need the buzz word. so time it reveal tuesday's buzz word. it is candid. now get on over to and click oun win a flat screen tv button and enter candid, cand c-a-n-d-i c-a-n-d-i-d, for your chance to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. >> free runners highlight their skills in an abandoned building in berlin. >>
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when you're a domino artist and you have about 20,000 to 25,000, you know you're going to create a pretty cool quick. and you partner up for million
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dollar boy for this series of domino tricks. apparently it took them three months to set this whole thing up and you're going to see just why in some parts they use rubber brands that will continue momentum to continue pushing the rest of the tck with the cards. >> the cards go down and it drops the dominos between the cards. this was not one take. they did have to split it up. they tried this in the u.s. and then they had their setup in germany. >> buddy loves to slide. good job.
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♪ ♪ >> when you combine action sports like free running, creativity and spectacular photography, you get this. this group of free runners had three days to run through the abandoned buildings of berlin. >> the video is spectacularly beautiful, all the slow motion of these guys using flares to highlight their motion. and they're using colored chalk powder to highlight what they're doing. >> it also highlighting these amazing architectural structure. >> that one guy just did a flip
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down the steps. >> want to maybe make sure they still work before you flip down them. >> i like that it's in slow mo and you can appreciate everything they're doing that much more. >> they claim they got arrested, though, when they were doing this aerial shot of the guy standing up on the high building there. a lot of these buildings are off limits to people. they are locked down for safety and security reasons. but it seems to be worth it because that shot right there, really. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. rwe havp we have the great vid tp the wthe web that you'veg for "right this minute." >> a power boat racer eats it at 130 miles an hour. see what saved him after one wild ride. >> an artist decides to nail a certain body part to the ground. >> ow! >> i'm having phantom pain. >> the story behind the protest in really red


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