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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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crashed into a black cash at sixth and mcdonald. two people inside that black car were seriously hurt. again, one is reportedly in critical condition at this hour. again air lifed to the hospital. police say the three people inside suspect car took off running. but two were caught including the driver who was bitten by a police dog. police say they are still looking for the other passenger. as soon as we get any new information, we will let you know. okay now what you're looking at here, we took this video just a little bit early but these are live pictures from news chopper 2. this is another breaking story. this is another police pursuit. you can see there that one car has overturned. we are working to get more information. the assumption here is that that is the car that police were chasing but we haven't confirmed that as of yet. we also don't know if there were any injuries or what
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started this case. breaking news here, from oakland. a police chase ends in a crash at 82nd and bancroft. good evening everyone i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we first showed you the video of a vicious batting of a homeless man. we just learned that police have opened an investigation into the attack. >> and the video is now prompting police to look at the case. >> reporter: well, san francisco police told us today that if they hadn 't seen the video they wouldn't have known a crime had been committed here. this video obtained by ktvu shows one man appearing to stomp viciously on the head of a person sleeping on the street. >> right, i learned first of it when i saw the videos. >> reporter: when the police chief saw our report last friday he learned there was no official police report of the
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incident. officers were seen on camera checking up on the victim who was able to walk away. >> we started again in earnest. our detectives started working it back ward because we don't have a victim or a suspect. watching ktvu's report also prompted the city's district attorney to act. >> this is very disturbing. you see this vicious attack on an individual that was not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: george gascon is calls on witnesses to help police find the suspect in this video. to hold the attacker responsible and to prevent him from hurting anyone else. >> people believe that they can get away with this kind of behavior. clearly this man assaulted this individual then walked away like nothing happened. >> reporter: under normal circumstances you need a
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victim, suspect or witnesses to have an investigation. but today police and prosecutors told us that the video is so powerful it was enough to start the ball rolling. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland teenager facing hate crime charges for allegedly setting fire to another teen on an ac transit bus was back in court today. 16-year-old richard thomas made a brief appearance but did not enter a plea. his family was in court as a judge put an attorney of record on the case. thomas is accused of using a lighter to set the skirt of 18- year-old sasha fleishman on fire last week. fleishman remains hospitalized with second and third degree burns. thomas is being charged as an adult for a hate crime. >> she's a 16-year-old and he is entitled to a defense. >> thomas is set to return to court on friday and may enter a
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plea at that time. 49ers star linebacker alden smith faced a judge today just two days after facing the carolina panthers on the field at kapbd -- candle stick park. christien kafton was there as smith pled not guilty to charges. >> reporter: the judge choosing to continue his $75,000 bail. now the star linebacker had nothing to say about the three illegal guns police say they found inside his home. san francisco 49ers star linebacker alden smith said nothing as he entered court flanked by his mother, father and attorney. inside smith pled not guilty. smith spoke only once agrees to delay in next court hearing after the regular nfl season. the gun charges stem from a rowdy party at smith's
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unincorporated san jose home. another person shot two guests and smith himself was stabbed. prosecutors say a search of the home turned up the illegal weapon. outside the courtroom smith's attorney made a brief statement. >> alden is very interested in answering to these charges. and you have to understand that this is a process. and today's court appearance was the first step. >> reporter: smith is also facing a misdemeanor dui following a car crash in september of this year. prosecutors say the judge today agreed to combine court dates to streamline the two cases against smith. >> so what we did today was we consolidated the two cases in terms of calendaring. have them both on the same day and we put the case over enough so we can have a meaningful discussion before the next court date. >> that next date is after the nfl season is over. at this point prosecutors say it's too early to say if those meaningful discussions will lead to a plea deal. smith faces more than four
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years in prison if convicted. we're live in san jose, christien kafton, ktvu news. alden smith returned to the field last sunday for the first time since he went to rehab. smith was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. that day the woman who lived in the home where smith crashed the car told us she had no idea who the man was that drove into her house. she said the car was running and the man inside looked like he was sleeping until a neighbor knocked on the window and he woke up. and a me phor -- memorial
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will be dedicated in the memory of two officers who died last year. continuing coverage now on the bay bridge project. demolition began today on the old eastern span. it comes exactly 77 years after the bridge was opened to traffic for the first time back in 1936. the old bridge was replaced by the new eastern span because engineers worry the old span was seismically unsafe. but as ktvu's tom vacar explains even though commuters are no longer driving on it it still poses a safety hazard. >> reporter: 1,400 feet of the candelevers upper deck will allow the removal of the lower deck. >> the remaining 100 feet of the span. that will take six weeks. >> reporter: though the old span is no longer a hazard to motorists on it it is still highly susceptible to mayor damage in an earthquake and
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where it's closest to the new bridge that could lead to damage there. >> there's a point where these two bridges come very, very close together. there was a point when they were building the newly span where you could stand on the new east span and touch this bridge. >> reporter: to minimize seismic movement, supports called false work will be placed under it. >> there will be some false work some supports beneath it to support it while demolition is taking place. >> reporter: all efforts will turn to removing the signature tower section. >> this bridge could still be very seriously damaged by an earthquake. they come very close together and we don't want this structure up any longer than it has to be. >> reporter: the saddle which will support the bolts will be done in january. tom vacar, ktvu news. the ground breaking ceremony for the old bridge took place on july 9, 1933.
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it was a dangerous job with little safety gear and few regulations in place to protect the workers. 28 people died during construction. it took three years, five months to complete. and cost $77 million to build. that is 6 million under budget. it opened to traffic on this day november 12, 1936 exactly 77 years ago. a new downtown san francisco high rise is on the fast track. today officials broke ground on 181 fremont which is set to open in 2016. it's going up right across from the future transbay transit center in san francisco. the lower 33 of the 54 floors will be for offices and retail. the rest will house luxury condominiums and the building will connect directly with the transbay center. >> people who live here in this building, beautiful building, people who work here in the building will be able to just walk a few hundred feet away and then join right into the
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basement of the transbay center. >> the $500 million steel and glass tower is being privately funded. the state senate has stripped a southern california senator of his committee assignments as they investigate. an agent posing as a movie producer gave calderon the money to promote certain bills. it's believed this is the first time the senate rules committee has taken such actions. >> this doesn't mean a judge guilt or innocence. that's for the courts or for the investigations to determine. but my first obligation is to protect the integrity of the senate. >> so far no charges have been filed and calderon denies any wrong doing. new developments now on insurance cancellations as california implement it is affordable care act. anthem blue cross of california
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says it will keep 104,000 policies that were set to be cancelled in force until the end of february. the state insurance commissioner says the company failed to give consumers 180 days notice. companies can terminate plans purchased after march of 2010 if they don't meet minimum levels of coverage under the new law. and last week blue shield of california gave its policyholders a three month reprieve on cancellations about 113,000 people with blue shield were set to lose their coverage. their policies are now extended to march 31st. a richmond metal plating company has been hit with a suit. the state says the electroforming company on neven avenue is illegally storing, treating and disposing of hazardous waste. the company has been ordered to remove all hazardous waste from its facility. the company was in the news back in 2005 for tragic reasons. the former owners ingrid and
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gary patugler disappeared in an apparent plane crash in alaska. their taughter now owns the business. tragedy on the tracks. the search for answers surrounded the death of a high school senior and how his classmates are coping. >> then we finally got a little rain this morning. i'm pinpointing what the new weather systems will bring to your area. >> and forced to escape a raging fire. >> he couldn't see anything. you couldn't breathe. >> the missteps that may have sparked this apartment fire. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles.
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rethink possible.
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27 people were forced from their home by a two alarm fire in an east bay apartment complex and two people had to jump to their lives. crews responded at about 2:45 this morning on whitman street near harder road. you can see the flames shooting up on the eight unit complex.
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one man and his brother-in-law jumped from the complex to escape the fire. >> you could not see anything, you couldn't breathe. that was the only choice we had. the only thing i was thinking was, like i was looking at the ground if it was flat so i could jump. >> reporter: the two men who jumped had only minor injuries. two apartments were gutted. others had smoke damage. fire officials say the fire may have started in a downstairs oven that was left on and unattended. some east bay parents are having tough conversations with their children tonight after a student was killed. the station was closed for several hours while authorities investigated. news of the boy's death quickly spread at el cerrito high where he and his siblings all go to school. john sasaki is there tonight. >> reporter: frank, teen suicide is a major problem in the bay area and across the
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country. and today it is here at el cerrito high school. the ends of classes is usually a joyous occasion but this afternoon every student knew they had lost a schoolmate. >> you never know what people are going through. and to think that somebody would do this because, it's sad. >> reporter: 16-year-old junior delgado committed suicide this morning. he was hit and kill bid a b.a.r.t. train at the el cerrito del norte. >> making me think of how we need to communicate with our sons just to see how they feel and if they're going through any type of situation. >> reporter: we asked other students and got the impression that delgado was not well known on campus but the school has been shaken by his death. >> we want to remind students, we want to remind families that there's other ways to be able to address issues and that our hearts really go out to the family. >> reporter: knowing that this happened to one student makes parents realize that it could happen to others. >> as a parent, i couldn't imagine even getting that phone
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call that, you know one of my kids or everyone one of their friends. it just hits too close to home. >> reporter: one father says he plans to discuss this incident with his son tonight. >> i will try to keep the communication open to him so he can come to me with anything. >> reporter: nationally 145 children commit suicide every year. counselors are here at el cerrito high this week to help students deal with their grief. john sasaki. we want to take a moment to say if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide there is help out there. we've posted a link to the national suicide prevention hot line on our website as well as more information on the warning signs just go to our home page. when you get there click on web links. people who live on a pair of buildings are facing evictions that could throw them
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out of their homes before the holidays. as many as 300 tenants are living in the buildings at 1049 and 1067 market street. they are not zoned for residential use and the owners have said it's too expensive to bring them back to code. with the support of mayor ed lee the department of building inspection suspended a permit that would have allowed the converse. >> we don't want to see anyone out on the street or evicted during the holidays. >> so far they have not withdrawn those eviction notices. a little bit of sprinkle activity last night not enough to do anything to the rain gauge. whatever we got was light. there goes the system as it moves out of the area it's
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gone. we dry out and we cool off. because those clouds are going to clear and radar shows dry in the air and what's going to happen is overnight lows tonight are going to get down into the upper 30s and low 40s in frost. as the winds die down temperatures will begin to plummet. so what it means tonight if you're going out or coming home, you're going to notice temperatures in concord and walnut creek in the 40s, upper 40s. when you wake up santa rosa easy 41. more like 39 in the cooler spots. 42 in santa rosa or fairfield. chilly when you get going for your wednesday morning. the computer model shows a few clouds kind of filtering in and out of the area. daytime highs tomorrow we're back into the 70s. we're going to warm up nicely. very low 80s as we move through the next 24 hours it warms and then on the weekend a week low pressure center which would bring us rain if it was coming from the west but it wants to draw right up the valley. maybe sprinkles that way.
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but most of the activity or all of the activity right now looks like it's going to be east of the bay area. so that's your bay area weekend. what it's going to do to us this weekend it's going to cool us off. not as warm. the forecast for san francisco you wake up chilly 55 degrees downtown at 62 degrees. at lunchtime at justin herman plaza 63. you wake up chilly. same deal we had the last few mornings very similar weather to what we've been seeing. not big changes and we needed some rain and that system just did not produce for us. we have hot told, mild to warm. and temperature it is next couple of days are going to stay in this range. on the weekend, that weather system gets close. maybe it will change. maybe the computer models -- come back tonight at 10:00. if that thing re retro grades and comes over the water, we
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might cool. like frank said it was no wrapping on my newspaper this morning so i knew that was not good. >> we're practically half way through the month. >> thank you bill. we're getting a new look at the spaceship camp. you can see the office design features a lot of glass and marble. here's a look now at the cafeteria. the city approved the building. the building is expected to open in 2016. they took out the cal bears. actually they destroyed the cal bears. now they have their sights set on stanford. we're going to hear from the cardinal defense to find out what to do to keep the trojans in check. >> time to check in with gasia in the newsroom to find out what we're working on for bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the situation is getting more desperate tonight in the
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philippines. >> anybody who can see this, who can hear us, help please. >> we'll have an up close look at the challenges survivors are facing and what an american mission they -- missionary says about the devastation. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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mark is here, last week cal bears were destroyed. >> and southern california no push over as the bears would tell you. with the victory they have to keep the momentum going. where negated the trojans have fared very well especially since firing -- shane scobe definitely ready for it. he had a huge game against the ducks. >> they're trying to redefine their running game. and while their redefining their running game they're feeding off that. they've changed things from the last couple of years but the old kind of usc is coming back.
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it'll be exciting to see and playing against. all right profootball of course everybody talking about the willful 49ers offense. their special teams have not faired enough better. carl wait a minute, please who fumbled a punt released today. he's a receiver and a kick returner. they have activated linebacker nick moody. meantime the harlem globe trotters were in honduras this week and here's one of their trick shot that is went awry you might say. the entire back board comes down on him. happy to tell you that he averted serious injury. he sustained a cut on his eye. the fans were in shock. they didn't know if first of all it was kind of a joke or gimmick but he came out later and made sure that they knew he was okay. >> that could have gone a lot worse. >> yeah, scary.
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it's been called a titonic shift. tonight at 10:00 we break down the new guidelines for who should and should not be prescribed stat ins. and look at why so many americans are being put on these medications. >> we're always here for you on on facebook and on twitter. thanks so much for joining us have a great evening everyone. good night. >> good night.
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