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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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he calls himself james and said he was at the school to pick up his kids. tonight, a mother sounds the alarm about a stranger trying to take her children from their class. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. heather holmes is live, she learned that the man was given a visitors pass despite never
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giving his full name or showing identification, heather. >> reporter: the principal here admits mistakes were made. when the man came to the campus with nothing but the student's first name was able to get a pass to be here on campus then wander freely near classrooms. a stranger scare at this small elementary school in el sobrante has left a mother horrified. the mother admits she received a call from her children's school. >> why would they call me in the middle of the day and say if i was picking up my daughter. >> reporter: so you made no arrangements to pick up your daughter. >> no. >> reporter: the man said his name was james but gave no last
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name or any information. >> do you know a james? >> no not with that description. >> reporter: the man was on surveillance camera. >> my security was taken away. i didn't feel secure, i didn't feel my children were safe. >> reporter: last night the school held a parent meeting and today the principal told me that quote we reviewed our procedures and are making changes where necessary. >> i want all staff members from any school to be aware that this happened. and to take any measure to make sure that their children are safe. >> reporter: falwlk worries the man who came feet from her daughter may try again in another bay area campus. >> i don't want any parent to feel the way i felt that day when i got that phone call. >> reporter: i learned tonight that school resource officers in the near by richmond police department have been notified about this incident. and frank and julie they tell me they will be keeping a close eye on campuses in that city as
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well. reporting live tonight here in el sebrante, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. new video tonight of a shooting in vallejo that left a man suffering life threatening injuries. vallejo police say they were called to a motel 6 on fair mount drive. the call came in as shots fired and a man down. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital suffering from multiple gunshot gunshot wound. police say it is early in their investigation and they don't have a reason for why shots were fired. and police in richmond say they arrested a wanted gang member after she crashed his car at sixth and mcdonald at about 3:45 this afternoon. the three people in the other car were taken to the hospital. one in critical condition. the other with serious
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injuries. the suspect had multiple injuries. the three people in the car ran the suspect and one of the passengers were caught. with the help of a police dog. the third suspect still hasn 't been found. there is a new craigslist scam to tell you about tonight. this one involves a rental property in south san francisco. police there tell ktvu's amber lee it's the first time they've seen it go so far. so amber tell us what happened. >> reporter: well frank, police tell me the woman listed this home on craigslist even though she doesn't own it. now the tenants have lost their money and their home. two young couples who are college students in their 20s moved into this home two weeks ago. one tenant tells me the woman that rented them the home seemed very knowledgeable. >> she seemed very happy. she knew about the home. >> reporter: the tenants returned home and found the locks had been changed. >> we had to call the lock smith to open it up. >> reporter: the tenants soon learned that the woman they
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contacted through craigslist to rent the home for $1,800 is not the real owner nor does she have any ties to the home. >> i was surprised, this is a very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight i spoke by phone with the manager of the san mateo company that opens the house he says he was surprised to find people living in the home that is supposed to be empty. >> i asked them what they were doing there. they said they were tenants. and we told them that the owner did not intend to rent the property and to call the police. >> reporter: the woman did not leave any contact information. >> be sure you see the identification of the person you are renting from. and get their contact information. don't rely on e-mail addresses. >> we're just trying to make the best of it. trying to see how much money we can get together to try to get another place. >> reporter: melissa tells me she and her friends all work
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two jobs while attending college to make ends meet. they recently moved here from los angeles. police tell us there's only a slim chance they will catch the suspect. reporting live in south san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now police released this description of the suspect. she's described as an asian woman approximately 40 years old with a light complex. she's 5'3-inches tall with short dark hair. the bridge district's board of directors meets on friday to consider five different options. one of which would raise the toll from the current $6 to $8 in the next five years. other options include a $1 increase next april to $7 and $5.75 for fast track. a decision is expected early next year. after two hours of debate tonight the oakland councilman who suggested a youth curfew backed away from the plan.
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it would push students off of the streets from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. but the other members from the safety committee said they did not support that policy. instead they passed a project for truancy. now to the south bay where opponents of a big development project sounded off at a public meeting tonight. the first phase of the project is already under way. it includes an office park in the alviso area of san jose. the second phase includes a trucking distribution center. and supporters say that project will bring money and jobs to the area. but parents of students who attended near by elementary schools say they're concerned about truck exhaust, polluting the air that they're children breathe. continuing coverage now, of the natural disaster in the philippines caused by typhoon haiyan. the president of the philippines says the death toll will likely be closer to 2,000
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not the 10,000 previously estimated. here in the bay area we're hearing heartbreaking stories from filipino american families. angelie told us about her family. she said her father was visiting family when the typhoon hit last friday. he barely survived and by phone he told her about a flash flood that went right through the house. >> was just holding on for his life. he was on the roof of like our small house. and then he was just holding on to the electric post for his life. >> reporter: she says her two grandmothers held to seat cushions for hours then one could not hang on any longer
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and drowned. there's the matter of dead bodies. people are out begging for help. >> people need food, they need rice. everything. >> reporter: she is one of the lucky few who got out of the coastal city of more than 200,000 virtually leveled by typhoon haiyan. this woman nearly drowned before punching a hole in the ceiling. she clung to rafters for hours with children hanging on her arms until the water went down. >> i feel cold. the baby was crying and crying because she was saying i feel cold. >> reporter: five days later many of the dead rot in the sun. >> we have no clothes, we have nothing to cover our mouths and noses from the foul smell. >> very bad. very, very bad. you've got debris everywhere. you've got decaying bodies all over the place. the stench is horrendous. not a lot of food and water available. >> reporter: supplies from tents to medicine are on their way. but it's a race against time
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for thousands of hungry and homeless hoping to get out of the tacloban airport. we've been here for so many days, look at my children. we have nothing to eat. no clothes, others who just got here got on the plane right away. >> reporter: the u.s. and philippines military are flying supplies in and people out daily. bandits already hijacked a red cross truck carrying 28,000 meals. other groups are waiting until police can secure the roads. there's currently 250 service members in the country to help with relief efforts. two small earthquakes just minutes apart got the attention of people in different parts of the bay area this afternoon. a magnitude 2.9 quake hit near san ramon at around 3:35. five minutes later a 2.8 quake hit near daly city.
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viewers have been posting on our facebook page about feeling the quake. tragedy on the tracks. the search for answers surrounding the death of a high school student and how his classmates are coping. >> it just hit taos -- hit s too close to home. >> and it may just be november, but it still feels like spring. >> and a new way to calculate your risk.
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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new medical guidelines were released today that could double the number of those who need statin drugs. for example if you have drug disease it's recommended you take a statin drug. the recommendation also includes those who have diabetes type one and type two. the prescription is is also recommended if you have a history of heart disease in your family. the doctor will probably give you a prescription if you're between the age -- if you're over 40 and have the risk of heart disease. >> reporter: tonight there's debate whether there's a good idea. >> i think that's doing to -- going to be nothing but good.
10:14 pm
>> these are recommended with statin with a lifestyle. because we know statin's are the one drug that we know have a very strong favorable effect at reducing a bad outcomes with heart disease in particular. >> reporter: others were critical including rita redburg. she says the side effects are under reported. >> i don't think statin's are the magic pill. i think we really need to work a lot more on lifestyle and these guidelines which really emphasize statins may be well intentioned but it's not going to help healthy americans. i don't think we should be putting all these healthy americans on pills. >> reporter: people with spoke with had varying opinions. >> it helped lower my cholesterol. but now i'm trying to stay off
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of them to see if i can control my cholesterol by diet and exercise. >> i'm sure the pharmaceutical companies would love it because it's more money on their end. but you know it all depends on the cost for the patient although with health care now who knows. >> reporter: both doctors we talked to did agree on the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise toward prevending heart attacks and strokes. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu news. bay area schools and school districts today got more state money to help institute the new common course standards. the legislature set aside $1.25 billion for that. it can be used to train teachers or buy materials and technology for testing. california and other states are adopting common core to better protect students. contra costa county will get more than 34 million. alameda county is getting more than 44 million.
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and santa clara county is getting the most money nearly $55 million. that works out to about $200 per student. crews resume the dismantling today of the old eastern span of the bay bridge exactly 77 years after it first opened to traffic. heavy equipment was brought in to help tearing up 1,400 feet of the upper deck -- upper deck. a quake could damage the old bridge and the new bridge where the two bridges are close together. plastic pylons that keep getting run down by drivers and the change that may be coming. a police chase in oakland this evening ended with a crash then a search for an armed suspect. it happened at 82nd and bancroft. police were searching two suspects in a car they collided with another vehicle and one of the cars flipped over.
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police arrested one suspect, the other took off running. no word yet on injuries or what prompted this chase in the first place. tonight hundreds of east bay students are coming to grips with the death of a classmate. an el cerrito high school student took his life at a railroad track. >> reporter: end of classes is usually a joyous occasion. but this afternoon every student knew they lost a classmate. >> you never know what people are going through. >> reporter: 15-year-old junior fausto delgado committed suicide this morning. he was hit and kill bid a b.a.r.t. train. >> it really makes me think about how we need to communicate with our sons just to see how they feel and if they're going through any type of situation. >> reporter: we asked other students and got the impression that delgado was not well known on campus but the school has
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been shaken by his death. >> we want to remind students. we want to remind families that there's other ways to be able to address issues and that our hearts really go out to the families. >> reporter: knowing that this happened to one student makes parents realize that it could happen to others. >> as a parent, i couldn't imagine even getting that phone call that you know one of my kids or even one of their friends. it just hits too close to home. >> reporter: one father says he plans to discuss this incident with his son tonight. >> you need to keep the communication open with him so he can trust me with anything. >> reporter: nationally 4,600 children commit suicide every year. counselors here are at el cerrito high to help students deal with their grief. santa cruz police are
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planning to build a memorial garden for two officers lost this year. it will replace the makeshift memorial that people filled with flowers, pictures and candles after the two were killed on february 26th. baker and butler were preparing to question a sexual assault suspect at his home when he shot and killed them. a short time later the gunman was killed by other officers. the memorial garden is expected to be dedicated on the first anniversary of the officers deaths. we're looking for rain from last night. this is the best i can do. cape mendecino under a half inch. barely rained at all. just enough to wet some of the roadways this morning. the skies cleared and highs warmed up. highs today got into the 70s, mid-70s and even upper 70s. high temperatures tomorrow a little warmer than these. it's going to be a little warmer as we head into your day tomorrow. there goes that weather system as it moves off. the clouds start to clear. we're going to see less cloud
10:20 pm
cover. right now along the coast so i do have patchy fog showing up. coastal fog that could impact your morning. we'll talk about that when i come back at 10:45. the forecast highs for tomorrow, look at the oranges, there's some 80s showing up in the warmest spots in the central valley. we're going to talk about that. changes too because we're warming up now when we come back with the five day. we're going to talk about a cooldown as we head into midweek. the rushing water filled the street and also backed up traffic along san bruno avenue and second avenue just before 6:00 tonight. sold to the highest bidder. the painting that fetched a record setting price today. then at 10:30. >> when you're on the floor you can't really see where you're going. >> in two minutes, changes to plans for a proposed new
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the bidding it was fast and furious. and when it was over christie's in new york had set a new record on the most expensive ever sold. here it is. this cryptic painting sold for $132 million. it's called the three studies of lucy and freud. and it depicts a friend of the artist. the previous record was paid last year for edward monks the scream. architects showed off a new slim downed design for the new
10:24 pm
stadium at the pier. >> reporter: the staff here is expecting a long drawn out fight. >> whether it's a food truck or hot dog cart or anything that has to be done with some paper work or anything like that takes forever now. >> event plaza has lowered by about 10 feet so it's easier to approach it. >> reporter: architect craig dockers showed us the design 3.0. increased open space by 7% and shrunk the pavilion by 7,000 feet. >> we've worked to create more access on to the site. more public space, more green areas that are inviting. >> so they shaved off a couple of feet here and there but it
10:25 pm
doesn't matter. it's all about the location. pier 30-32 is not the place to be putting massive arena with retail space. >> reporter: mayor ed lee says it might not be a bad thing to put it to the voters. >> we look to have a conversation with everybody in the city. >> reporter: an advisory committee will examine the new plan tonight. the review process is expected to stretch on through 2014. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. city leaders held a ceremonial ground breaking today at the site of a new building that's expected to poise a new skyline. at 800 feet the skyscraper is expected to be the tallest mixed use office and residential building in the west coast once it's completed in 2016. the proposed merger of two
10:26 pm
mayor airlines cleared a -- major airlines cleared a hurdle today. the justice department is requiring both airlines give up some take off and landing rights. and turn over gates at other large airports as well. the justice department says the concessions will help low cost airlines to better compete resulting in more competitive fairs. a party that got out of control. then at 10:45, traffic, parking problems and dozens of 911 calls. >> police open the book on rohnert park's new casino. >> and you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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two investigates tonight new lane dividers at the bay bridge toll plaza that are supposed to help improve traffic flow. instead we found out the plastic pylons are an ongoing problem. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now at the toll plaza to tell us why these pylons keep disappearing and the change that may be coming. jana-- >> reporter: julie the problem really is down there where the lanes all merge coming toward the toll plaza. so many people are knocking these white pylons off of their bases it's creating a maintenance problem and a potential traffic hazard. fast track users approaching the plaza in the far right lanes may have seen the white dividers that were added. or at least the dividers that are still standing. >> i usually take the fast
10:30 pm
track lane and they're always on the floor. >> reporter: angel arredondo is one of the fast track users and has noticed that the pylons are often missing. the dividers were added to prevent drivers from miss using the fast track lanes as a way to skip over the other cars to use the fast cash lane. officials have found the quick curb is quick to disappear. >> a lot of this quick curb has been run over. and the ballered portion, the vertical portion disappears. >> reporter: with the white reflective polls on top gone, the base sticks up as jagged speed bumps, barely visible at night and possibly dangerous to cars that may run over them. last month they removed about 300 feet of the dividers. still our camera shows the problem persists in the remaining section. we found a stretch of the curb
10:31 pm
completely gone. >> with those things on the floor you can't really see where you need to go. >> reporter: tonight the mtc could not tell me exactly how many of these pylons they've had to replace or the cost. but tomorrow they're going to the committee to ask for authority to help cal caltrans with their maintenance here and they say they have not made the adjustment. jana katsuyama. using taxpayer dollars, caltrans bought the homes from owners for a project that never happened. how caltrans is now trying to sell the homes. it's all tomorrow night at 5:00. ktvu news has learned that
10:32 pm
thieves have been busy stealing from trucks belonging to east bay mud. security cameras and a 15-foot tall fence weren't enough to keep the thieves out of this maintenance yard in oakland. east bay mud say it is thieves have stolen tens of thousands of the dollars of equipment from four trucks in just the past week alone. and just last month, pg & e was also hit by thieves who stole tools worth thousands of dollars from three of its trucks in concord. san francisco police are asking for the public for help finding a young man who went missing last week. 20-year-old derek chou was seen last thursday morning in the bay view district. he was heading to catch the muni bus to city college. he never made it to his classes. he was wearing dark rimmed glasses and dark clothes. police say he likes going to the mcdonalds near city college and his family describes him as a home body. two days ago he was on the field at candle stick park. today alden smith was in a san
10:33 pm
jose courtroom. the linebacker entered a plea to serious charges. linebacker alden smith said nothing as he entered court flanked by his mother, father and attorney. inside the courtroom smith entered not guilty pleas. smith spoke only once agreeing to delay the first court hearing until after the nfl season. police say smith himself fired two rounds from a handgun tries to break up the party. another person shot two guests and smith himself was stabbed. prosecutors say a search of the home turned up the illegal weapon. outside the courtroom smith's attorney made a brief statement. >> alden is very interested in answering to these charges. and you have to understand that this is a process. and today's court appearance
10:34 pm
was the first step. >> reporter: prosecutors say the judge today agreed to combine court dates to streamline the two cases against smith. >> so what we did today was we consolidated the two cases in terms of calendaring. >> reporter: at this point prosecutors say it's too early if those meaningful discussions they're talking about will lead to a plea deal. smith faces two years in prison if convicted. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. police have arrested three men accused of robbing a seven -- 7/11 in palo alto. two people were already in custody accused of burglarizing a liquor store in redwood city. detectives recognized them from a wanted bulletin and contacted
10:35 pm
authorities. tesla ceo says the company will not be recalling the model s. three of them caught fire after hitting a metal object on the road. the fourth happened after a crash. tesla shares were up after his comments. on wall street the dow lost 32 points today after reaching an all time high yesterday. the nasdaq though is basically unchanged adding only a fraction of a point. more states are now joining san francisco district attorney george gascon's push to prevent smart phone users from theft. it will make it harder for thieves to scratch model numbers off phones and then
10:36 pm
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it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today. san francisco's police chief has launched an investigation into an attack on a homeless person after seeing video of a crime on a ktvu newscast. we first aired the video last week. a man is seen repeatedly stomping on the head of a homeless person who was just sleeping on the sidewalk. no one reported a crime but police officers did respond to check on the victim.
10:39 pm
greg suhr said once he saw the video he felt it was compelling enough to open an investigation even though officers have not located the victim. >> we started again inner in -- in ernest as soon as we saw your video. the detectived started working it back ward. filed a john doe report. >> reporter: a viewer said he recognized the attacker and district attorney george gascon is also asking any witnesses to come forward so they can help identify the person responsible. police in walnut creek are now saying they won't begin cleaning up a controversial homeless encampment until later on this week. we first told you about this story, the encampment is understood beneath a bridge -- underneath a bridge. police say they're giving the homeless until this thursday to leave. homeless advocates say they're concerned about where those people will go because of the
10:40 pm
limited space in county shelters. the tsa officer killed at l.a.x. was remembered today with song. uniformed tsa officers sang a soulful rendition of amazing grace. 39-year-old gerardo hernandez was gunned down on november 1st. eric holder was among the highest officials paying tribute. the condition of 23-year- old ciancia was upgraded from critical to fair. he was shot in the face and leg. ciancia has been charged with the murder of hernandez and several other crimes that could lead to the death penalty and life in prison without parol. the state's largest for profit will give thousands a
10:41 pm
reprieve from cancellation. anthem blue cross of california says it will keep about 104,000 policies in force until the end of february. the state says the company failed to give consumers the required 180 days notice. insurance plans, purchased after march of 2010 can be terminated if they don't meet minimum levels of coverage under the new law. new at 10:00, paying tribute to veterans of the korean war. tonight in martinez, members of the public join contra costa county officials to honor veterans as what's known as the forgotten war. the keynote speaker was dan helix. he's a retired mayor general and served in the korean war. several veterans told us they were moved by tonight's tribute. >> i just made me more proud to realize that we may have been forgotten, but i'll never forget it because it will always be in my heart.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: the board of supervisors issued a proclamation honoring the efforts of engred mill. he has worked the last decades working on behalf of veterans in the bay. it's the first for the bay bridge. the music video that was shot on the bridge and why the chp cut it short. >> and in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin delivers his complete bay area forecast. he's tracking some windy weather ahead. >> one week after the bay area's newest casino opened its doors, roehnert park police release new crime statistics. we'll have a live report. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed
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it's been open for just one
10:45 pm
week. today city leaders in rohnert park have new status reports. ken wayne is live and you sat in on the council meeting. >> reporter: we expected to see a spike in criminal complaints all due to the presence of california's newest and largest casino. but only one of those actually came to pass. >> we won some money baby. >> reporter: we did not need a report to tell us that traffic was spiked. parking spaced filled just two hours after the casino opened. >> we believe there's 27,000 visitors that came to the casino. >> reporter: after that, visitation leveled off. there were 71 calls made to
10:46 pm
roehnert police the first week but that was it. >> we asked if they could make the last call at 1:00. they agreed to do that. >> reporter: now city leaders are starting to pull back resources shifting from traffic management to law enforcement. from having a fire engine at the casino to putting it back in the station. >> this is the first time that maybe we don't need as much as we had anticipated. i'm glad we anticipated high rather than low. >> reporter: the city leaders also extended a moratorium on massage parlors. right now there are just two brick and mortar massage locations. >> the difference between a massage parlor and my office is obvious. we're legit. massage parlors is where they get a little bit more than just massage.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: as one council member put it, roehnert parkwettered the storm -- park weathered the storm of the first week's opening but it's just the beginning. rohnert park. ken wayne, ktvu news. this is cow and the get down stay down. they used the pedestrian and bike path to film their video. police eventually shut down their production because it was kind of a distraction for drivers. but the band said they had enough footage to put their video together any way. the new world trade center in new york city is the tallest building in the country thanks to an antenna. it's on the left and that's chicago's willis tower on the right. it used to be the tallest building and was known as the
10:48 pm
sears tower. but the spire on top of the new freedom tower qualifying it as the tallest building and that making it 1,726 tall. today is a day to remember for thousands of couples who decided to tie the not on the rare sequential date of 11/12/13. >> you may seal the deal with a kiss. >> reporter: a nationwide survey found more than 3,300 couples are planning to get married today compared with just 371 on the same tuesday in november of last year. we caught up with one couple at the chaplain inside the santa clara center. they said they chose today's date because it's easy to remember. >> we wanted to do something special so why not pick a date that we'll never forget. so 11/12/13. >> we make our own luck. we don't need a date to be lucky but it's just a cool date. it's never going to happen again. >> several clerks reported a high number of weddings today. in santa cruz, the court held
10:49 pm
weddings every half hour to keep up with demand. light showers moved in and out of the area this morning. it cleared up this afternoon and your temperatures got up there. let's watch this system as i'll back it up here a few hours. there's the light scattered showers. and it amounted to really very little. now we're under the high pressure system that set us up with no rain. another warm day. temperatures today i showed you they got into the mid-70s in many places. temperature will do that again tomorrow and some places will even get into the low 80s. 49 in mountain view, 49 in san jose. chilly as you get going. nice couple of days and on saturday a weather system. instead of coming from here and going like this off the water and moisture. it's going to come straight down. when they do that they're cooling and they usually, they
10:50 pm
often can miss us in this case it looks like the models, suspect it will miss us. in other words the rain, snow and everything will be on the sierra nevada. everything to the west of this system us, shouldn't see much. expect a few clouds and a little bit of a cooldown. so that's sort of the weather feature we're tracking now. that's toward the weekend. right now the pore -- forecast is to be a cooler weekend. when i see cooler i mean 40s. that's a cool little footprint. you have the fog at the surface and high clouds spilling in overhead. just gives you a neat little look. that's the computer model showing up. the san francisco forecast, cool when you wake up. 62 at lunch. 67 for a daytime high. downtown san francisco nice day. and in san jose you're back into the low 70s tomorrow at about 3:00. starts out cool at 50 degrees. nice cool day tomorrow or cool start and nice warm day
10:51 pm
tomorrow. 74 in brentwood. 75 in livermore. 71 in san jose. then up along the coast there's fog coming up. temperatures are going to track down into the low 60s. there'll be some fog tomorrow. five day forecast bay area weekend in view. here's the slight cool down. there's a chance if that system were to go a little bit the other way swing in over the water we might see. exactly. kind of if this happened and then that happened and. it's definitely. there's a chance. but right now just cooler for the bay area. >> and it's still out there a ways. >> yeah, it shows up on saturday. >> thank you, bill. dozens of kids in the south bay have new bikes thanks to volunteer effort that included the san francisco 49ers. >> david. he helped build it. dude you never want to get rid of that bike. >> 49 kids boy were they
10:52 pm
surprised with bikes. the bike give away was led by turning wheels for kids. the charity that gives out 20,000 new bikes. it's given out 20,000 new bikes over the last nine years. >> i like how that guy said, dude you never want to get rid of that bike. so cute. a lot of local victories to talk about tonight. >> and it's about time. especially if you're a sports caster. it's about time. the famine over in the bay area. we start with the warriors. after having lost a couple themselves after another sell out crowd in oakland david lee working in tight. germane o'neil good work off the bench for him 17 points, six rebounds. seth curry will come up with a nice turnover here. warriors continue to turn the ball over. here they work it their way. andre iguodala. david lee 17 points nine
10:53 pm
rebounds. play of the night. seth curry leads everybody with 25. the whirling dervish i would say we have to look at that again. look at him go into the lane. 113-95 warriors no problem over detroit. golden state now 5-3. it did come against the denver university. but cal puts on a nice display of very unselfish basketball play to get a victory for coach montgomery. no contest from the gate. justin cobs anticipation steal. he'll do the duty himself in from the left side of the lay in. 14-2 run for cal to start the game. they never let up. david cravish will end up working the offensive boards. nicely done. 77-50 cal. looking good in berkeley. now meantime sharks go to overtime again. up in calgary this evening but basketball has the floor. two of college basketball's
10:54 pm
biggest names including one with bay area roots go at it tonight. back in a moment with more. saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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join us at and thrive. hey sometimes you exalt in victory other times you're just happy to get away without losing again. that's how the sharks had to
10:57 pm
feel tonight having gone five straight without a victory. looked like they were ready to blow another one north of the border. power play situation here, patty marlow will go upper shelf that's his first goal in seven games. 2-0 lead. but over time because it's 2-2 in calgary. 113 in. look at the man in the right spot, stewart it hit him in the leg. the puck trickles in you know what they'll take it. game winner they outshot the flame's 35-13 to win it 3-2. a couple of names you'll be hearing about soon. wiggins and parkers showing their wears on national tv. the freshman parker sent sunny parker 27 games nine rebounds. jam it for kansas but duke's andrew wiggins winds up having the final say on things as he's fouled by parker. he had 22 points and eight
10:58 pm
rebounds. that is the sporting life for tonight. frank, julie. >> thank you mark. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. the morning news begins at 4:30 until 9:00. good night. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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and find your career success in the bay area. ) oh, great. we got the prius that can make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, tell us the weather. i just want one that opens. (alert chirps) maybe we should have gotten that one. (chirps) (chuckles) mitchell? oh--oh, my god, teddy. cam, this is teddy. (chuckles) teddy? teddy teddy? doc--doctor teddy! teddy was mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. uh, mitch had recently just come out. and as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself. i actually said those words? ugh. it's kind of hard to love myself right now. you were the one who said, "i need some time. i'll call you when i heal more." ten years later... ohh! i never said that. time to heal more! that's so sweet and sensitive. why did you kill that part of yourself?


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