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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. breaking news, a big-rig is causing problems on one side and why the problem will not be solved any time soon. we soon. >> palo alto may be -- palo alto is posting a smoking ban and we will tell you about the push and what is behind it to expand it out tours. theybay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we want to want to take you out to the story we have been following all morning long, the car crash creating a power problem and paul chambers, we just got new
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information about the driver and this crash. earlier reports say it will lat until noon and we will check in with paul in just a moment and it is thursday november 14th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve how is it looking? >> well, it is awful foggy and steve in sonoma county says, man, it is thick up here and even santa rosa to san jose, sal, oakland will be touching in on this. can't find reports of of the east bay and it is getting thicker and thicker and we will keep an eye on things for you here. other areas are clear and a few high clouds are scooting by. a little mild, although it will be cooler, it is association
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and it looks like anywhere else, occasionally, it will be observed by them. red wood city, things start to fall off the table and starting often for redwood city. it is mile and still that will did he have us some hazy sunshine. watch out and others don't have any and when you look you will see it oh, my goodness you will not be able to see across the street. here is sal. it could take up to several hours to right an overturned big-rig which is slowing
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traffic in the east bay and it is a tractor-trailer which took out an abandoned car on the east side of the road on interstate 880. crews have tried turning it back over but the problem is, it weighs 25,000 pounds that they don't want to spill. drives are slowing the wreck. we will keep watching it for you and we will let you know the latest on every traffic update. one more thing, we have a look at 880 north and southbound and that traffic looks good and i don't want to not show the bay bridge, it is getting more crowded as we drive to the toll plaza but still it is 6:03 let's go back to the desk.
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paul chamber, you have some new information you just got? >> reporter: that is correct, behind us the traffic light is out behind us and let me tell you about that new information. we were told by hayward police that the driver is being held on suspicion of dui. that pole was split into two. >> i was just sitting in the house and next thing i know, i hear a loud boom and i come outside and i see it is a van out there. >> this all happened just after 1:00 this morning, they are knocking out the crash. crew members told me the poleels should be 20 to 25 feet higher to rest on the street and traffic lights and pg&e
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first reported the power outage affected thousands and they are now down to less than 50 customers. the outage could last until later this afternoon and as we come back out here live once again you can see the lights are out at this area and people should have extreme caution as they are coming down this area, at the intersection of hayes and hall storm. take it out as across and they do not expect to have everything up and running until later today. two women in an an identity theft case is found and last week police found a back of stolen documents after the the avatar hotel and police were
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called to evict the women who reportedly were using a fake credit card. the victims include 35 breast cancer patients. they found a patient list from the cancer center in oakland. >> it is horrifying that these people who are at a such time in their lives are getting victimized bryan don't strangers who done care. >> while officials -- victimized by random strangers who don't care. >> the suspect is identified -- suspects have been identified and both have entered not guilty pleas. if they are convicted they could get up to eight years in jail. they are looking for a
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burglary suspect. the driver of this acura is suspected of numerous laptop thefts. he hit two cars and ditched the acura at 52nd and north oakland and officers began chasing him just before 9:30 last night after witnessing him and another suspect at 13 13th and webster and and they they were caught trying to run away. san pablo had the most success san francisco 44% and in oakland down to 3 5%, richmond the worst rate with just 30 percent when it comes to tracking killers. this is due to many factors including police staffing and city budgets. now to our continuing coverage of typhoon haiyan,
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5,000 sailors have arrived on board helping out with the relief effort. they will help to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people who have not had clean food or water. that is where eight people were killed and that death toll is expected to go higher. >> i once was lost... >> about 50 members of the philippine community got together for this candle light vigil for the victims. they struggled to reach family members after the storm knocked out their phone and internet connections. >> my home town in the philippines is not okay, there is a lot of damage going on and
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i really wish i could be there. >> students stayed and also liked the donations. today is the last day. they have have it include being capped -- concerned goods and -- concerned goods and and canned goods and baby foods. >> a team with the national nurses group is scheduled to leave fso at 5:00 this evening headed to the philippines. there are nurses and 12 nations volunteering for the relief efforts. colorful ribbons will be honoring 18-year-old high school student who was set on fire on a bus. sasha fleischman was set on fire for apparently wearing a skirt. a student is now facing hate
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crime charges. he could be home later this month and supporters plan to meet at 5:30 at park and mcarthur boulevard but they are thinking about expanding it. joplining us live, what are they thinking about doing and where. >> they are including some side streets, an outdoor smoking ban city leads believe it makes sense. >> reporter: a council approved an ordinance that prohibited people from smoking outside and within 35 feet of the building entrances. they want to expand the ban to
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the disdarbies district -- business district and to i will will eliminate the 25-foot bump zone. city leaders also noted it may affect customers dining or shopping outdoors. >> i think it would be a good idea, it is really bad for your health and if you never smoke it really bothers you. >> the city council will be deciding whether or not they will have they are policies and services idea. reporting live, janine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the father of a california lawmaker is shot and killed, what police are now saying about a possible motive. and how smart phones are now helping san francisco police out on the streets. good morning, highway 24 is
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giving a little bit of slow traffic on the way to the tunnel and we are getting slowed traffic on the way to pittsburgh coming up the him to contoured ed concord. it is not out for everybody, we'll see if it is cooler or warmer inland today. i love watching tv outside.
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. they are looking into this horrifying attack on a homeless woman sleeping on the street and the victim is a woman. surveillance video led to a police investigation and it shows a man repeatedly stomping on a woman's head while she was asleep on the sidewalk and so far nobody has been arrested. >> there is an app h-they are rolling out apps to all 160 officers on the phone . allow them criminal databases out in the field. >> if it comes with a mug shut it should confirm he is wanted in another county. >> all 1600 officers will be
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equipped with smart phones by the end of the year. there is information about a possible motive after the father of a california lawmaker was shot and killed at his home in los angeles. he may have been doing that and there is that and there was information about mike gat tow. they are taking over the federal reserve, facing the confirmation hearing in about 45 minutes from now. janet is the vice-chair of the federal reserve boards and she is set to replace ben bernanke, whose second term will end january 31st. if she is confirmed, janet will be the first woman to lead the federal reserve in its 100 year
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history. they plan to remove three hundred homes near south maine street and lila's drive. p.m. have received information and they plan to find shelter for those kicked out. advocates for the homeless have filed a lawsuit in hopes of preventing the city from removing people living on a plot of land known as the albany bulk. they want to clean up the former land area on that field. in san francisco, the tunnel has caused a big and growing problem of rats in one san francisco neighborhood. people living in the 4th downtown area of 4th and bryant
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have seen a lot of rots. but the rat problem is really bad and they can make rodents securing -- securing -- running around in other areas. >> i am a little jumpy when it comes to rats running around. >> i am glad that is not here. okay we are looking at roads highway 4 out of antioch from pittsburgh all the way to concord and that's a long line of slow traffic and of course the big problem has been at panola valley, where they have an overturned truck and they are strike to right it and they have been busy since the beginning of the don't mute and we did show you, 680 is not
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bad, down to hayward there has been a couple of incidents, but between union city and fremont, i don't think this will be changing and to but we will let you know when all of this happens. let's go to steve. yesterday very mild and warm and there are so many people and i am just enjoying the afternoon sun, even around the bay, unseasonably warm for us, we'll see a hint of the change, the big news continues to be at least until 9:00 so oakland, maybe where you are as well, right now that might change. they say coast and valley locations until 9:00 until hey
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get a warping and temperatures can be awful. temperatures in the 4s and 50s and redwood city, 58 at noon, as you know, 60 -- it will be dark around that time and upper 60s and 70s starting off on the 40s and 50s. a lot of that fog is very thick, san jose airport is some. for us it will be a hazy sun. we get one forecast which would give us something but temperatures are heading straight down and it says low 70s and we will have lower 60s.
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especially north bay hills, it will be more breezy than sunny. hazy and cooler out beyond der -- yonder, inland temperatures will be okay. sonoma napa 70s, santa rosa 70s, semolina, out to oakly, a lot of the 70s in there, and san jose to the santa clara valley, maybe a soft 70 or two. >> i think you will notice it will be dark and cold out there. temperatures will be plunging quickly and it will be a cool day especially on saturday, checking in with temperatures in the 30s and ending in the up
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every 50s and lower 60s. goingel hp, best buy, they have all stopped selling them and that's after consumer complaints that the charger over heats. they are working on a new one but people who have a chrome book 11 are saying use a different charger than the one that came with it. apparently they did not want to use it and snap chat has received several offers that dollars appear in and i think they are dropping out from stamford. >> that is a piece of cake. it is a ride muni passengers will never forget, they were on a moving train and
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there was no operator. i thought i was going to die, the frightening words passengers heard over the loud speaker. ñ
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. welcome back, ktvu channel 2 morning news, palo alto is
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taking another step towards builders who do not finish their construction project. some have sat idle for more than five years due to insufficient funds for contractors or neglect full owners. they are now sparking complaints about blight and palo alto will consider hundreds of fines a day day. the pilot scared everybody by saying over the loud speaker we are going down. she said the announcement came after the plane nosedived as they were approaching the airport. the plane landed safety but the woman said -- salary but the -- safely but the woman says everybody was terrorized. >> we thought we were all going
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to die and that's what everybody thought. >> the pilot accidentally may have turned on the p.a. system as the plane was descending and the olympic torch is now in the far east. and until the start of more. the important message many people did not get during a dangerous fire this week and what the city is now doing about that. >> good morning on the east shore freeway, we are heavy or traffic is coming out of a foggy east shore freeway and we will tell you what is happening in panola. a lot of fog out there for some not for all but a fog advisory for 9:00 will there
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be a fox if i whack finder start -- foggy day starting -- we will have more starting at 5:00.
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. all of a sudden i am, there it is live in new york, there is curious george, and that's -- that is so cute, i love curious george, they are a textbook publishing company. they are there and he loves us too. >> i know. >> we will get you all of the business news and the numbers in just a moment. >> we could really smile, thank you for joining us, it is november 14th 14th, steve
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paulson is getting closer. a lot of fog is thick, thick, thick and a few high clouds are drifting over overall it will be here and that fog is the big issue until 9:00 and some of it is reported to be very thick in san jose and oakland and i will keep an eye on things, things may change in the next hour or two. fog may be holding court by the coast. 40s and 50s on the coast. redwood city will go for a high of 68. so look for temperatures to rebound into the 60s and low, low 70s. mostly sunny elsewhere, but very hazy skies and a lot of that fog will be slow to burn off. it will still be on the mild side but not as warm and a
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little cooler over by the waters' edge, sal? this will be 880 and we had an accident so that will star you off rough there are no major issues and you can see traffic in fremont as it heads down to san jose. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza and that's backed up for about a 20 20 minute delay and maybe a little less as you get on the bridge. i want to mention traffic is moving nice getting up to highway 17 and a big-rig has crashed into panel, here is more with claudine wong.
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>> reporter: best case scenario we are getting from the chp, it will be another two hours before this is all cleaned up. let me show you what is happening behind me, nobody was hurt, that is the good news but the truck was carrying frozen food when it veered off the road just after 3:00 a.m. and the driver is saying somebody cut him off and he veered off the road and ended up on this embankment. actually they have come often the hill of it and i want to deliver the concerns on the truck and they want to be able to drive without dumping the friend racing -- refrigeration and what they have is one of the tankings underneath and they are worried about it
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getting into the drain and if it does then you have a hazmat situation. take a look at this moving very slowly, headlights as far as the eye can see and this traffic jam is a mess of a commute this morning and at this point, it looks like best case scenario and it could be longer if we have any type of spill situation. that is county hazmat, on this wrecker, it is a very dramatic site and it was abandoned on the side of of the road and the struck took it out -- truck struck the abandoned vehicle and nobody was hurt. it is completely off the
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embankment and that's good news but they have to turn it over to see if they can take it out of here. we will keep you updated, live on ktvu channel 2 morning news, claudine wong. there are problems in one other east bay neighborhood after a car crash. you have new information about the driver, paul? >> that is correct, i will tell you where we are standing and behind us you can see that is outs. you can see that because? >> a man driving this tore it in half. he hit the pole so hard that it left part of the transformer dangling. it should be -- the pole should be 15 to 20 feet higher than it's now and we spoke with one man who heard the collision.
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>> it was a loud sound i thought maybe a plane had crashed. i came outside and saw a van was parked over there and my power went out, everything in the house just shut off. >> the power outage affected 6700 customers. crews have a lot of stuff and that is expected to go until noontime today. as far of the -- as for the driver of that vehicle, they are known for being under the terrell suggs of a -- suspicion of a dui. the industrial accident burned three workers and it happened at noon and the accident resulted in hot metal spilling on to the workers who
6:37 am
were taken to santa clara san jose. >> they are involved in pressurized equipment and this is resulting in 3 employees. >> at least one worker had been released and the other two had been released to the burn unit. he told reporters two should make a full recovery and that the third had some very bad burns to his hands a company released a statement, there was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press and three were injured from that press and we are making sure they receive. best possible care. a runaway train was loaded with passengers pulling away from the station without its operators. it happened yesterday morning and the driver got out to check a jammed door and it quickly
6:38 am
closed. the single car train operating in automatic mode pulled out of the station with 30 people on board and the driver is still back on the platform. >> they had the emergency brake then applied and if that happened the train would not have moved. >> i do know it is controlled by a master computer somewhere so that is sort of reassuring but not 100% reassuring. >> a passenger pulled the break and it is used by a lot of that. we will hear from palo alto to tell us about what is being proposed, janine? >> reporter: you already can't spoke with in -- smoke with in 35 feet of a public entrance
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and owl the way out here it is less than 25 feet so you can't smoke anywhere here on university avenue but there are other areas where you are outside of that no smoking buffer zone. there are others who want to stop and eliminate those pockets outside the current 25 feet no smoking buffer zone and they say it will be easier to enforce if the ban is expanded. they want to improve it if they put that ban in effect and it also prohibits people from smoking in parks. >> i think anywhere, where people are likely to stand around seems they should not be exposed to secondhand smoke. >> so you agree? >> more or less.
6:40 am
>> city leaders, you can't say, they are dean being orphan smoking out door. >> and you can see there are several butts, which have been left outside and city leaders are sighting it as a reason for -- citing it as a reason for expanding this no smoking ban. city council will decide whether or not that committee will explore this further. janine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, janine, alerts went out on sunday about the big fire in red wood city but a lot of people different get it -- didn't get it. what is being done to find out
6:41 am
how to get it. good morning, traffic is going to be busy in many areas, highway 24 is already slowing from lafayette to orinda and they may be avoiding interstate 880. two hours ago there was not much fog in the east bay and as you just saw we have really thick fog and we'll see how fog reports for inland areas, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. they are there to help us after typhoon haiyan, u.s. will help deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people who have gone without clean water and food for weeks. dozens of stores were looted and eight people were killed after a stampede. fundraisers and donations drives started and they dropped what they were doing to help typhoon victims. they are now at fso with the story of one man who was answering a call for help. >> -- call for help. we spoke with a man who got
6:45 am
his master's degree at uc berkeley and has and he lives here as well and he is currently on a flight here to fso before making the trip to visit his pregnant wife and 11- year-old daughter. he tells us she is nine months pregnant and days away from giving birth but there were huge concerns because he didn't hear from his family for four days when the typhoon hit. he was worried for their safety when he got word his family was able to hop on to a c-130 to cebu city. >> the thought of losing everything that matters to you and then you are blessed enough not to have lost that, she should get here with my family and i can't wait to see my wife
6:46 am
and daughter. >> reporter: now phone lines were down for days but he was actually able to receive a call from his wife confirming they were okay and he was able to confirm they were okay through social media and along with meeting his wife later on, he is bringing supplies for antibiotic packs and water purification packets and so far he has been able to raise money to buy those supplies. he is expected to get here through fso and we are expected to meet there with him. ktvu channel 2 morning news. menlo park said they have improved their emergency alert system after the scrap metal fire. that prompted shelter in place warnings in three area counties and a lot of people did not get the emergency alert calls because the system was only
6:47 am
prompted to call only one time. the system has been changed to make three calls and people are signing up for text an e-mail alerts. and this is involving secret service agents, two agents are under investigation and they were removed from president barack obama's security detail. this is after an incident at the hayes adams hotel in washington d.c. reportedly he tried to get into the room of a woman after he realized he had left a bullet behind. a routine search of the acts' blackberry sound sexually suggestive e-mails that supervisor had sent to a female co-worker. this is according to testimony at a congressional hearing looking into the security, and the attempts were
6:48 am
made between november 6th and november 8th but that none were successful. time now 6:47 let's check in with torii campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. it is a bit of a murder mystery, the father of a california assemblyman was murdered in his home in a trendy neighborhood and what police are saying about a possible motive. a waste of a billion dollars, a program was meant to improve airport security and some feel it has been completely useless. also this may not have been such a great idea, they have invited tweeters to ask any questions they would like and what caused them to cancel this experiment very quickly, now back to you on the mornings news. 6:48 is the time back over to sal, twitter is very, very
6:49 am
powerful. >> yes, it gives me information, that is for sure. >> 880 westbound to the panola area, however traffic is very slow in this area and you can see it was right there and the traffic is still very slow in that area. some people are using 680 and it is backed up from 242 to where there is a minor accident here. 880 had a couple of crashes on 880 south and it has been slow in the south bay and traffic is going tobies i so i want to mention 880 is slowest and it finally get better in fremont and the traffic is slow on 101. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is not a big delay right now and if you are driving in downtown san jose the commute is slow.
6:50 am
back to you. there is lots of fog out there and the fog advisory in the national weather service and you need to throw that into the mix and it is forming in livermore but when livermore says haze, pretty soon fog is not far away. it is clear for some up on the lows in 40s and 50s until 9:00. it goes until visibility for some. they are reporting that and it is a little bit misty, we have some cold conditions and they said the same thing. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, antioch is starting at 51 and they will go for a high of 73. by 6:00 things start to drop fast but as you know there will be some inland areas that will
6:51 am
drop into the #0s and it was really nice -- 70s and it was really nice for november. the change starts tomorrow, high pressure will lose its grip, i think it will stay north and east of us and fog and high clouds, hazy sun, the breeze will pick up and it will be cooler and breezy especially as we head towards friday and saturday. north bay hills and also the coast, we will keep an eye on things and it's so dry in here, we are talking about fire danger as well. hazy, cooler some inland areas, i mean it was just beautiful and if you don't have any fog, it will be nicer with those clouds. although it was foggy and cold, dana tweeted me.
6:52 am
74, 65 in san jose and santa cruz, unless you are over by the coast and it is 66 and going to be cooler, lows will start to dip and it will be in the upper 50s and 60s by saturday and sunday. >> san francisco, what is happening to catch him almost four months after it happened. what is the last thing you expect to see in texas, what one man did when a gang goo -- kangaroo -- kangaroo hopped in front of your car.
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. ktvu channel 2 morning news, a look at the big board, nasdaq and s&p 500 are also off a little bit, just keeping an eye on cisco systems, stocks are down about $3 a share after reporting disappointing earnings and a look ahead. business owners are getting ready to hire and they are showing nearly one-third of all businesses plan to hire in 2014 and owners are optimistic their businesses will continue to grow although more slowly than
6:56 am
they would like. some say they could hire part- time workers or freelancers as well. a new poll shows four out of every five shoppers will give at least one gift cards. restaurant cards are a close second and they will send an average on gift cards this holiday season. san francisco lawmakers want to change a state law after seeing a big rise in the number of evictions. ed lee is working under the ellis act more expensive to landlords and they support legislation for the moratorium ellis act. the ellis act allows tenants to be evicted -- evicted if they take it off the rental market. here is a sketch of that individual described as a white man between 25 and 28 years
6:57 am
old, he is about 178 pounds, but it was not reported until last month. the victim said she was walking in the richmond district, a man drove up asked for directs and he -- directions and he convinced him to lead to the area and then he sexually assaulted her. they had just before 1:00 this morning, the bigger quake was 3.3, followed two minutes later by a 1.6 magnitude tremor and they felt at least 6 tremors since saturday and small frequent quakes are characteristics of the bay area. a texas man said he was shocked after seeing a kangaroo jumping on the highway. yes, this is texas.
6:58 am
a man that spotted the kangaroo stopped and called police. at first dispatchers did not believe him and it turns out the kangaroo got loose from its owner and they had been trying to find him. i don't know you could own a kangaroo in texas but you don't own that too often. these are live pictures, it has been that way for several hours and why the problem will not be fixed any time soon. an early morning car crash happened in one hayward neighborhood, stay with us. wewewe will be right back.
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. a big rig crash creating problems on the bay area freeway. also, another crash creating


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