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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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presip. that is the end result. it will be a pick up in our breeze today. it will be more northern. just patchy fog. san mateo coast. 40s and 50s if it wasn't for the breeze it would be colder. napa 37. i will feel a little more 37. san francisco along with everyone else today if there is any patchy fog it won't last long. it will be sunny today but only in the low 60s. in fact temperatures will be on the cool side today. we will continue that into the weekend with a lot of very low 60s for the high temps. today is out of those 70s. sunny and breezy. only patches of fog. cooler temps for everybody. look for am lot of 60s -- for a lot of 60s here. steve, right now traffic is doing pretty well. its off to a nice start on this early friday morning and the fog fog as yo mentioned is -- as you mentioned is not as thick. also the morning commute continues to look good for you
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are moving on interstate 880. we look at 580 coming in from the altamont pass. this is probably the best it will look today. its nice and wide open. now let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news from the south bay. janine de la vega is the the scene. janine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. sheriffs deputies are in the early stages of this investigation here in the parking lot of the santa fe taqueria. police and sheriffs departments received multiple 911 calls that shots were fired. when emergency crews arrived they found a man on the ground unaccording who had been shot at least one time. they were unable to revive him. there were several witnesses in the area and investigators are interviewing them to find out
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more information. its unknown what led up to the shooting. >> we need to find out first of all who this person is. we haven't even -- we are still working on that information. and also what this person was doing here. were they a customer here. were they meeting somebody here. and hopefully we'll have those answers sometime today. >> reporter: a weapon has not been found at the scene and there are no suspects in custody. the body isn't lying next to am white car and deputies have not been able to tell if it belongs to the man or if the vehicle has any relationship to this crime. white road is a heavily traveled road. investigators think somebody may have seen something so they would like anyone with information to give them a call. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. happening today the long wait is over for highway 24 commuters. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox will be among those
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attending this afternoon's ribbon cutting ceremony. the ceremony parks the end of a four year. $417million project. the new bore scheduled to open sometime this week but drivers heading between oakland and orinda should expect delays during the final hours of the project. paying more to cross the golden gate bridge. at a meeting today they will address raising the toll. a final decision not expected until next year. it could soon cost you to park at the ferry terminal. up until now parking there has been free but today the golden gate bridge committee will okay a plan to charge $2 a day. the district plans to offer monthly parking passes that would bring the cost down to $1
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a day. barts of board of directors will meet in a special closed door session to discuss a stunning new development that is raising concerns about another strike. the board will discuss how to handle a glitch that is threatening to detrail the tentative agreement. that agreement was signed by all the main parties but the contract contains a costly mistake involving paid family leave for union members. >> it is under investigation how it ended up in the contract. whether it be an administrative error or otherwise. >> i voted on the contract in its entirety. it was signed and agreed upon with the district. that is what they voted on. they cannot go back after the fact and start pulling things out. >> part's unions have already overwhelmingly -- bart's unions have already overwhelmingly ratified the agreement. retail and fast food
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workers at oakland international airport say they plan to go on strike during the upcoming holiday season. union workers are protesting what they call unfair labor. at issue are wages and health benefits. union officials say workers will walk off the job sometime during the busy thanksgiving or christmas holiday travel season. tied up and terrorized. they are telling ktvu news about being the frightening victim of a home invasion. the family was asleep when three masked men with guns broke down the back door. they bound the wrists and ankles of the mother who six months pregnant and her two kids. >> telling us where the key was to the garage or the cash and then my mom told them because they put a gun to our head. >> the robbers apparently
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mistook the home for an illegal pot operation. they demanded money and marijuana. after stealing some valuables and the boy's toy gun the suspect left with a fourth person in a white sedan. the father who was away at work at time has installed new locks on the home. now to our continuing coverage of typhoon haiyan. the philippine government raised the death toll to 3,621. there could be as many as 22,000 people still missing. as for survivors they are finding shelter anywhere they can get it. some are sleeping on the court and in the seats of a basketball arena. local workers are on their way to the philippines. the nurses belong to a group called the registered nurse response network. they travel around the world to help disaster victims. they helped after hurricane
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katrina and the tsunami in haiti. the service will be held at 5:00 this evening at the philippine center gallery on 447 sitter street. there will also be prayers for the victims that hit the philippines in october. there is troubling information about the lax shooting on november 1st. two law enforcement officers who reviewed surveillance video says heraldo hernandez bled for 33 minutes before he was wheeled out to paramedics and taken to the hospital. at the time police had not yet declared the terminal was safe to enter however officers shot the suspect paul ciancia and took him to the hospital under police custody five minutes after the attack started. the house of representatives is expected to vote today on a republican sponsored fix to the affordable care act saying the one announced by president obama doesn't go far enough.
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president obama announced yesterday that he is making a change to the new health care law that would allow insurance companies to renew individual insurance policies for one year. that is even after they don't apply. >> to the extent that the policies were canceled because they did not meet the requirements of the affordable care act, the president has now said we are going to give you another year to look at alternatives. >> the legislation drafted by house republicans would allow insurance companies to sell existing plans to new customers as well as existing ones. president obama has said if the bill reaches his desk, he will veto it. kamala harris shot down ten health insurance websites. harris says the fake websites imitated the real one in order to trick customers into thinking they were signing up for coverage under the new health care law. the santa clara county
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sheriffs office has released a sketch of the person they say is responsible for a sexual assault at dianza college. they are described as being in their early 20s and acne on his chin. a student reports she was raped in the bathroom of a media and learning center on november 4th. the victim told investigators that she believes the attacker is a student named johnny. another san jose elementary school is reporting a theft of computers. 19 laptops disappeared from am storage room over the weekend. a jar is also missing with $30 that students raised for am classroom pet. this is the third school that has been targeted in san jose in the past two weeks. today safeway plans to replace 31 ipads that were stolen from another school. thieves targeted river glen elementary and stole the devices. police say there was no sign of
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forced entry. the best story of the day so far. today a big dream come trues for a young leukemia patient. san francisco will turn into gotham city so a five-year-old boy only known as miles can live out his dream of being batman for a day. they organized the big day and in a rare move asked the public to help. now thousands of volunteers are getting ready to help out in bat kids big day in san francisco. >> we expect 7500 to 10,000 people at civic center for this. and all for a little boy that is kind of hopefully will be the last few stretches of leukemia. >> he is already a super hero. he has battled leukemia most of his life and he is winning. the doctor says he is in remission. we'll have more in our next half hour. in the meantime check out the san francisco chronicle.
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they are also getting in on the bat kid fun. this is the special addition with the headline bat kid saves city. that is so awesome. the newspaper features articles by clark kent and lois lane as well. >> that is so great. 4:40 is the time. the city of berkeley looking to drastically expand its smoking ban. and it is the day. video gamers have been waiting for. we'll tell you why so many lined up for hours across the bay area last night. good morning. right now we're looking at the bay bridge getting into san francisco. should be a nice drive for you if you are coming in from the east bay. big difference from 24 hours ago we had fog and cloudy skies. not this morning. but it will billion much cooler today -- it will be much cooler today and the wind picks up.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 4:44. and crab harvesting is under way on the north coast. many skippers sent their crab pots off the coast last night. the crab season kicked off just after midnight. the crabs are expected to be in local stores by tomorrow. suspended miami dolphins player richy incognito has filed agrievance against his team. he is challenging his suspension and seeking an expedited appeal. the dolphins suspended him on november 3rd for harassing teammate jonathan martin. in his grievance he says his suspension violating the collect -- violates the collective bargaining agreement. four-time indy champion dario franchitti announced he is retiring from racing. it follows a crash last month. franchitti says he was looking
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forward to returning next year. but doctors say it was too dangerous to return racing. his 11 year marriage ended in january but she was by his side at the hospital following the crash. to tesla employees remain hospitalized after being burned during a workplace accident earlier this week. we have new information now about the safety record at the tesla factory. records show cal-osha fined tesla $2500 when a person was hurt by a hydraulic power press that did not have the proper stop control. tesla was also fined when a worker at a different plant lost a fingertip in an accident two weeks ago. today is the day a lot of video gamers have been waiting for. they can now get their hands on the new sony play station four. people lined up outside of stores around the country including 500 outside the game stop on san francisco's market street last night. they all went home with their new consuls but nearly all the
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u.s. stores are expected to sell out sometime today. a federal judge sided with google over a group of publishers and authors. google scanned 20 million books to create the largest digital library. the law enforcement wanted $750 for each book oar $1.5 billion. the judge threw out the case saying google was creating a word index to help people find books. innovators from around the world and across the bay area are the latest winners of a prestigious honor. 1400 people paid $500 each to be part of the tech award gala last night. ten people and organizations were honored. led device to help babies born with jaundice. >> right now we sold over 300
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units to hospitals in the philippines, columbia and we treated over 10,000 babies. >> this is the 13th year the event has taken place. and the search for next years winner will begin in the next few weeks. what time is it pam? >> 4:47. >> and its also time to go to traffic. >> time to go to traffic. >> good morning. happy friday to you both. we are doing pretty well out there. traffic continues to move along very nicely as you drive through. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. it is looking good into san francisco. we don't have any problems reported on that upper deck. or on the other side where it still has two decks. this is a look at the commute now. traffic is moving well and westbound 580 traffic off to a good start as you drive through. until problems on interstate 880 and on highway 92 and highway 84. 4:48 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. clear skies. little patchy fog.
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napa airport says some. today will be breezy. clear and temperatures will be dropping pretty fast. in fact, a couple of 30s if it wasn't wasn't for the breeze we would see colder temperatures. 41 walnut creek. napa airport says 37. a little bit of patchy fog. low 50s and upper 40s. some location not am bad breeze yet but there is a noticeable breeze compared to yesterday when we have the still conditions and all that fog. sfo16. did see gusts to 32. 39 eureka. a little chill there. 40 in reno yet with a breeze it feels much colder than that. a little system just the western edge. might get a little presip. justy winds already -- gusty winds already developing. i don't think it will be anything outrageous. temperatures definitely coming down. sunny and breezy. cooler temps today. cooler lows, cooler afternoon highs as well. so look for a lot of 60s today. in fact temperatures will be on
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the chilly side here. 60s low mid to a few upper. vacaville being one. those are soft 68s. 66 for livermore. 66 walnut creek. berkeley 63. a lot of 60s in here including san jose. san mateo 64 and 62 in san francisco. does look like a cooler breezy pattern. in fact very cold lows especially as you head to sunday and monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. thousands of dollars of food meant for needy family seen for sale at a bay area flee market. it is a story you will see only on ktvu channel 2. a ktvu investigation found extra virgin olive donated found for sale. it was donated by mazeta foods and loaded on to trucks. >> with the number of quantities that we gave them and at $8 a bottle over $30,000. >> the company says it has no
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idea how the olive oil ended up the the flee market and is in facing. starting next week coit tower will be closed for renovations. a sign has been posted by the parks and recreation department warning visitors of the closure. starting monday crews will begin to work on a water leak that has damageds murals inside. when venom visions are complete new vendors will be added and work will be complete by mid april. coming up an east bay school district renews its focus on bullying. more on the school fight caught on video. and down to the final seconds. the amazing finish during last nights warriors game.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. you are looking at a fight involving a transgender student at hercules high school. it is now being investigated as a hate crime. folks at the school say the fight broke out wednesday afternoon between three girls and a transgender student who reported being bullied before that fight. >> the transgender student walked over to the other girl and slapped the other girl. >> district officials are interviewing the four students involved in the fight and say
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they could be suspended or expelled. hercules high school says the school has an aggressive antibullying campaign and students are encouraged to seek out counselors in the health center. hundreds of people marched through the streets of oakland in show of support for sasha flashman. sasha is the student that was burned in a hate crime. family members, fans, students and teachers walked along mccarthur boulevard hanging ribbons. the crowd stopped at the exact spot where sasha flashman's skirt was set on fire while he was sleeping. >> sasha is doing great. and is very moved by all the support people have shown. friends and strangers alike. >> sasha remains in the hospital as doctors are treating second and third degree leg burns.
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police say sasha suspected teenage attacker has admitted to being homophobic. the bay trail in richmond is popular for those that work and live nearby. many people using the trail said they were not aware of a problem. soil samples show high levels of radio active material 100 times what is normal. and this five acre site that is fenced off. >> is this dangerous? is it not dangerous? what does this mean for us living, working, and walking right next to this. >> neighbors asked state inspectors what radio active materials are on site. how dangerous they are and if signs warning the public would be posted. state officials say they won't know if warning signs will be posted until they receive results tested in the area.
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here's a story you will see only on two. stolen cell phones being sold in plain sight in san francisco. the corner of seventh and market street is known as a place to buy and sell stolen goods. especially smart phones. ktvu news cameras caught several transactions last night. >> that is exactly what goes on around here. this is where they come and sell their phones. >> police say a public awareness campaign and special patrols are having at least some impact on the problem. >> did you see the game last night? it was down to the final second. the warriors gave a show that had fans silent and then roaring. >> they got it. the warriors have won. >> love it. with less than three seconds on the clock andre hit his biggest
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shot with the warriors so far. and gave the warriors the 116- 115 win over the thunder. warriors are off today. they play the jazz on saturday night. welcoming up next in our 5:00 hour a new crime fighting tool in one bay area city. the high-tech camera police officers can wear. and the big day has arrived for a five-year-old bat man fan. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. after a very foggy thursday, will that continue into friday? and there will be a little temperature change as the wind picks up.
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we are live in east san jose where sheriffs deputies are trying to track down who is responsible for killing a man outside of a restaurant. we'll have the latest on the investigation. a stunning new development regarding bart's new labor contract. the mistake in the agreement that is raising concerns about another bart strike. and it is downed to finishing touches on the new fourth bore on the caldecott tunnel. the delays your drivers may run into before it opens to public this weekend. and in just hours san
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francisco becomes gotham as thousands come together to make one little boy's wish come true. good morning. we take you live to the san jose area this morning where a man was shot and killed right in front of a restaurant. police investigating. you can see its still quite a seen out there. janine de la vega is there as well. we're going to check in with her in a moment. but it is friday in case you forgot. >> i didn't forget. >> its november 15th i'm pam cook. >> its pam cook's day. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how does it look? >> every day is pam cook day. we do have a little system right there. that is it. boy that is all you need to scour out most of the fog. i say most because there is a couple little patches around. it will


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