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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and in just hours san francisco becomes gotham as thousands come together to make one little boy's wish come true. good morning. we take you live to the san jose area this morning where a man was shot and killed right in front of a restaurant. police investigating. you can see its still quite a seen out there. janine de la vega is there as well. we're going to check in with her in a moment. but it is friday in case you forgot. >> i didn't forget. >> its november 15th i'm pam cook. >> its pam cook's day. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how does it look? >> every day is pam cook day. we do have a little system right there. that is it. boy that is all you need to scour out most of the fog. i say most because there is a couple little patches around. it will be a cooler morning as
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well as temperatures settle into 40s and some 30s. napa airport says 36. santa rosa 50. because we have a north wind at seven. antioch says 56. concord says 46. if you're out in antioch and brentwood i saw 55 and 56. so i have to go with it. 62 for san francisco today. maybe a patch or two of fog. if i don't think it will amount to anything. 44 top start for san jose and go for a high of very cool 65 today. temperatures coming down from the mid 70s. there could be a little wrap around snow. my buddy john is up there. maybe he will tweet me and say paulson its snowing up here. cooler temps today. not the 70s. only 60s. and maybe a few upper 50s closer to the coast. here is sal. all right, steve, good morning. we are looking at a decent drive in case you try to get somewhere right now. it should be a very nice drive at the toll plaza. no problems coming in from the east bay and getting into san francisco. also the morning commute looks
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good on westbound 92. the san mateo bridge getting all the way out to the peninsula. highway 101 looks good in both directions as well. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway let's say you are driving from hayward to fremont it should be a nice drive for you. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. we are following developing news story in santa clara county. investigators looking for clues to a deadly shooting outside of a restaurant in unincorporated east san jose. janine de la vega is there now. that area is still blocked off. janine. >> reporter: yes sheriffs deputies have roped off this parking lot. they have put up a lot of evidence markers close to the body of a man that is on the ground here. he died here last night. now at 10:00 last night several people called 911 to report a shooting at white road near story when emergency crews arrived they found a man on the ground who had been shot at least one time. they were unable to revive him.
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there were several witnesses in the area and homicide detectives are interviewing them to find out more information. its unknown what led up to the shooting. >> so we currently don't have anyone in custody right now. we are still working on trying to obtain suspect information. as soon as we have that, we will be passing it forward. >> reporter: a sheriffs spokesman was trying to determine if he was a customer. they have not identified him yet. his body is next to a white car. we don't know if it belongs to a man for if the vehicle has a relationship. investigators would like to talk to anybody who may have witnessed somebody. workers have just started arriving at the grocery store that is part of this parking lot and you know again they are looking around surprised they had no, ma'am idea this happened. but they did tell me it closes at 11:00.
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so there were -- it seems like there were people around. we will stay on this and monitor the situation and let you know new information as soon as we have it. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. crime fighting upgrades coming soon to the palo alto police department. next monday according to the palo alto weekly the city may approve a camera system police officers can wear. the $300,000 contract would also upgrade cameras in police cars as well. the goal would be to improve officer training, officer safety, and accountability. barts board of directors will meet in a special closed door session to discuss a stunning new development that is raising concerns about another strike. the board will discuss how to handle a glitch that is threatening to derail the tentative agreement. bart management says the printed contract contains a costly mistake involving paid family leave for union members. >> it is under investigation how it ended up in the
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contract. whether it be an administrative error or otherwise. >> one union leader says all the main parties have already signed off on the contract and she expects the board to move ahead as planned and approve it. bart's unions have already overwhelmingly ratified the agreement. still not clear how this glitch will effect the deal. retail and fast food workers at oakland international airport say they plan to go on strike during the upcoming holiday season. union workers are protesting what they call unfair labor practices by their employer host international. the two sides have been in contract negotiations for the past year. wages and health benefits are the big issues. union officials say workers will walk off the job sometime during the blaze city thanks -- busy thanksgiving holiday season. the big day is here for one five-year-old boy. the young batman fan will realize his dream of becoming a
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super hero with the help of thousands of volunteers. claudine wong is joining us live to let us know how san francisco is being transformed into gotham city. >> reporter: its all about gotham. people have been coming up to us going is this the day? everybody has been talking about this. every minute there is several tweets. people saying we are so excited for the day. we know thousands are going to come down here to be a part of this. to make this little boy's wish come true. and it is all about this five- year-old little boy. his name is miles and his wish is to be a super hero. and chief among his heros batman. miles has fought a battle with leukemia. he is now in remission. but today is all about making his dream come true today. and the make a wish foundation is turning the entire city into gotham city for miles who is now known by everyone as
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batkid. and when you talk about the amount of planning that has gone into a day like this, it is pretty incredible. and we actually talked to batman himself about what we can expect. >> what we have done is to build things that are not just props. so this for example is a brand new device that i actually have access to a secret laboratory in san francisco. there are a lot of them. and so this is something we will use during the day. its a mystery what exactly it does. >> reporter: so many mysteries but secret labs. they have been hard at work. taking a live look back out here. this is union square. i want to take you through what we can expect for the day. because in and around the city it will be very busy. actually up on this building there was the bass signal last night -- bat signal last night. at 10:00 this morning miles will be here. he will have to leave in the
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bat mobile because the chief of police will call for help. he will be rescuing a damsel in distress from a cable car. he will also get into a scuffle with the riddler and there will be a flash mob and the penguin will get involved in this and it will end at at & t park. this will stretch from 10:00 to 2:00-2:30 this afternoon. a lot of people have signed up to take part. the make a wish foundation website says this morning the events here are at capacity. certainly we know everyone will be following along with this and we'll have more on what we can expect today and what the chief of police had to say about today's events. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> that will be fun to watch that. thank you. the long wait is over for highway 24 commuters. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox will be among those attending this afternoon's
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ribbon cutting ceremony. the ceremony marks the end of a four-year $417 million project. the new bore scheduled to open sometime this weekend. however drivers heading between oakland and orinda on highway 24 should expect delays during the final hours of the project. time now 5:08. from the philippines new fears about the survivors of the typhoon and the threat of fan monoand disease are rising. hospitals and clinics all over the philippines is full. the death to is 3,621. 600,000 are homeless. electricity remains out in many parts of the country. relief supplies are slowly arriving. meantime bay area children they are also responding to the typhoon crisis. a group of san francisco children are packing supplies and sending them to the philippines. all week in the south of market neighborhood people have been dropping off canned food and medical supplies at the west
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bay filipino multiservice center. internet and cell phone service has been restored in half-moon bay, pacifica, and many other cities. late yesterday the sheriffs office received complaints from many com cast and verizon customers that said they did not have phone or internet service. late last night they fixed the cable break that caused the outage. still not clear how many customers were effected. it may soon be harder to find a place to smoke in berkeley. the city council is considering banning smoking in single family homes. smoking already banned in special areas, parks, and bus stops and within 25 feet of any building open to the public. the ordnance would not apply top marijuana or e-cigarettes. time is 5:10. new information about the death of that tsa agent that was killed during the shooting rampage at lax. why it took 30 minutes for paramedics to treat his wounds
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even though they were close by. plus a new apology from toronto's controversial mayor and why now womens groups are asking him to resign. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area as you see northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. yesterday at this time we had fog advisories. mostly clear. big difference in 24 hours. in fact mark in central san rafael said steve its chilly here. yeah the winds are picking up. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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happening today new questions this morning after president obama decided to allow insurance companies to renew old policies for one year. one million californians had their plans canceled because the poll sis did not meet the -- poll sis did not meet the requirements -- policies did not meet the requirements of the affordable care act. >> reporter: the house gets back to capitol hill in 45 minutes. and they will vote on a bill today. it would allow insurance providers to offer policies next year that were in effect as of january of this year. but the obama administration says the house bill is an attempt to gut the health care law. president obama says under his plan the administration will insist insurance companies inform consumers about the new plan. and make people aware of better insurance policies available in
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the marketplaces including cover california. california's insurance commissioner wants cover california to readjust. >> and can then follow the president's request and my request that they allow the existing customers to renew their policies into 2014. >> reporter: but it is just a request. insurance companies don't have to follow the president's plan. its an abrupt change of course and they cannot get it done until six weeks left. what this could mean for you and your premium cost. i'm working on that story for you at 6:15. time now 5:15. new developments in the scandal surrounding toronto canada mayor who already admitted to smoking crack cocaine. today toronto city council will take away some of mayor ford's powers. this after the mayor apologized for a rude remark made on live
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television while denying he made sexual advances on a female staffer. he they also accused the mayor of bringing an escort to his offices and asking staffers to buy him alcohol. >> i would never do that. i'm happily married. >> toronto city council has asked mayor ford to take a leave of absence but he has refused to do it. he has landed a new reality show which he plans to start shooting with his brother on monday. i the u.s. coast guard is asking voters to keep a close eye out for any suspicious activity in the waters off the northern california coast. there are a growing number of drug smugglers from mexico who are heading north closer and closer to the bay area. in late september you might remember a boat from mexico carrying 80 pounds of pot capsized near santa cruz. and just this week another boat from mexico believed to be used for drug smuggling was found
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adrift in the caramel bay. the search continues for a surfer from california that is missing in hawaii. he is an expert surfer who served mavericks off half-moon bay. he was wiped out by a giant wave in hawaii on wednesday. he was then buried by a second wave. disappeared in the waters. his family fears he did not make it. they have even posted a note online mourning their loss. time now 5:17. let's check with traffic. sal, how tuesday it look this friday morning? >> it looks good so far dave and pam. good morning, to you. we are doing very well. there are no major problems by the way if you are on the bay bridge approach getting into san francisco. in the south bay yesterday we had kind of a rough one. today you might want to get out there early. sometimes on fridays we get a little bit of a break. westbound 237 traffic does look good heading out to the high- rise. if you are driving in san jose in general northbound 101, 85, and 280 are off to a nice
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start. let's duo-- let's go to sal. thank you, sal. clear skies. there is a little bit of fog out there. not a lot. chris richardson said howling gusts last night. but things have been decreasing. we'll get some breezy, blustery conditions. i've seen 20-25. a little bit of fog hanging on to the san mateo coast. there is noticeably cooler lows this morning. cooler, freezes. not too bad at the surface. sunny and breezy. a lot of upper 50s or low to mid 60s. see some of that fog but it doesn't have much of a chance. 36 napa airport. walnut creek will probably dip. fairfield is 43. livermore 44. san jose 46. and even moffett 46. not much of a breeze yet but you can see its variable.
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should generally be a northerly breeze. we have a little system moving through. there is sfo at 13 miles an hour. definitely cooler. 32 tahoe. 38 reno. there is our little system. it looks like it just missed reno. its already moving off rapidly but that is the system that has chewed up our fog and ushered in our cooler temps. that is all we will get from that cool front. a cooler forecast not only today but also into the weekend as well. the lows will be noticeably cooler. this will not be a howling wind event but it will be cooler and breezy. only a few patches of fog. cooler temps on the lows and highs. temperatures a lot of 60s. say goodbye to the 70s we had. low, mid upper 60s. clearlake 60. pittsburgh in there. antioch. danville 66. alameda at 63 degrees.
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67 morgan hill to santa cruz 64. 66 milpitas. a lot of mid 60s in here. san bruno at 63. it looks like a cool, breezy pattern into the weekend. believe it or not forecast models say rain next wednesday so increasing clouds tuesday. 5:19 is the time. global investors appear to be encouraged by comments from chair janet. asian markets jumped higher after she said she would continue economic stimulus policies if she takes over the top job at the fed. japan nikkei jumped 2%. new record closes for the dow and s & p 500. dow at 15,876. s & p almost 1800.
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keep an eye on wall mart stock. third quarter up 1.5%. its customer base is hurt by more concerns of the economy than the upscale retailers. this will make pam cook very happy. the commercial grab season officially started in the bay area. the new limits on fishermen and when you may be able to buy some of that freshly caught crab. and placed on administrative leave for a well known saying. why am stockton vet -- why a stockton veteran claims discrimination for his work. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
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welcome back. time now 5:23. an east palo alto man says he doesn't want his city to become a dumping ground for stray cats and he says he should be paid thousands of dollars for what he has been doing about it. but the board of supervisors has turned down his claim for $20,000. the man says he deserves that money because he has trapped more than 100 stray cats over the past decade. the cats were taken to the peninsula humane society. meanwhile the peninsula humane society is offering a $1500 reward for a disturbing case of animal cruelty. a good samaritan rest awe cued a -- rescued a pit bull puppy
5:25 am
that was left for dead on the side of the road. it was only ten weeks old. barely able to stand. it had been attacked by several dogs. the puppy later died of its injuries at the animal shelter. a military veteran until stockton claims he got in trouble at his job for the words god bless america. he has been working at a hospital in stockton for ten years. before that he served the army for 20 years. but now his company is asking him to remove it. >> i believe in america and god so strongly and i believe america needs the blessing. >> hawk says he was accused of inis a board nation and put on administration leave for three days. a legal group says the action could be disrim their. the popular parks face major problems if their budget
5:26 am
is not increased. maintenance is mostly paid for by a specific park tax. it generates $10 million a year. park director scott says that will not be enough to take good care of basketball courts, sports fields, community buildings, and the street trees in the next couple of years. in less than two hours from right now a new tree is going to spring up at oakland's jack london square. its a 55-foot fern tree. it will be unloaded from a truck at 7:00 this morning. it will be jack london's square official christmas tree. they will start decorating that tree in the next couple of days. the official tree lighting take place friday december 6th. time is 5:26. investigates a hate crime at hercules high school. how bullying may have played a role in this fight involving a transgender student. we are live in east san
5:27 am
jose where the coroner is on the scene of a homicide that happened outside of am restaurant in east san jose. we'll tell you what investigators have up to this point. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. if you are looking at the commute on the golden gate bridge unlike yesterday its clear. no fog at all. big difference in 24 hours ago. we had that fog advisory yesterday. but as sal touched on most of the fog is gone. you will probably notice the breeze pick up.
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live this morning in san jose. there was a homicide late last night right here. this is the parking lot of a restaurant. the details are still being worked out. they are looking for information out there. ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene. she will have the very latest from san jose in just a couple minutes. it is friday morning, november 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. its 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson for the weekend forecast. >> thank you. its a three dog or three cat night but its definitely chillier this morning. the fog is getting chewed up completely. a little system moving up toward the sierra nevada. any fog won't last very long. the low are a little cooler.
5:31 am
36 napa. yeah if you have any kind of breeze its held up. 56 antioch. although i did see a 54 not far away from brentwood. starting off a little cool might even dip to 49 but we will go to 62. san jose to 44 to start and only a high of 65 until downtown. we are looking for clear skies today. breezy. maybe a little windy at times. some of the higher elevations. so far its not too bad at the surface. sunny, breezy, only a few patches of fog left. i doubt much will be there at 6:00 a.m.. cooler temps today. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are doing pretty well out there for this friday morning. if you are driving out to let's say the east shore freeway a big difference as steve has mentioned its nice and clear. and your driving should be pretty good visibility wise getting out to the toll plaza of the bay bridge and getting across into san francisco. no major problems reported.
5:32 am
also the morning commute looks good in san jose. as you drive through there are no major problems on 101 all the way into sunnyvale. if you are driving to the santa cruz mountains, that commute on highway 17 over the mountains looks good. now let's go back to the desk. it is a developing story this morning in santa clara county. sheriffs deputies continuing to investigate a late night deadly shooting. janine de la vega is there at the scene which is a parking lot of am restaurant. janine. >> reporter: the coroner is at the scene. they have been examing the body and it looks like they are about to remove it. the body was lying near that white car you see. i spoke to a worker of the market here. this is a mexican super market. on the other side is the santa fe tacaria. now at 10:00 last night police and the sheriffs department received multiple 911 calls that shots were fired.
5:33 am
when emergency crews arrived they found a man on the ground unconscious. he had been shot at least one time. they were unable to revive him. there were several witnesses in the area. investigators are interviewing them to find out more information. its unknown what led up to the shooting. >> white road is a fairly busy road. so obviously if anyone has seen anything, or knows anything, we would definitely like to hear from them. >> reporter: investigators have been gathering evidence but have not recovered a weapon. there are no suspects in custody. the coroner will perform an autopsy and identify the man. a sheriffs spokesman did not though if the victim was a customer. we will continue to update you. reporting live from san jose janine de cd ktvu channel 2 news. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. two law enforcement officers who viewed surveillance footage at the
5:34 am
airport say hernandez the tsa officer that was shot and killed bled for 33 minutes before he was wheeled out to pair med you cans -- paramedics. time now 5:33. more now about a school fight this week involving a transgender student at hercules high. its now being investigated as a hate crime. now officials say this fight on wednesday afternoon was between three girls and a transgender student who reported being bullied before this fight. >> there is a lot of hair pulling. hitting. slapping. it was a pretty bad fight. >> school district officials are interviewing the four students involved and say they could be suspended or expelled. hercules high officials say the school has an aggressive antibullying campaign and students are encouraged to get
5:35 am
counseling in the health center. in a couple hours from now the oakland teenager facing hate crime charges in a horrifying attack on an ac transit bus is due back in court. richard thomas is accused of setting sasha flashman's skirt on fire while the two were on a bus in oakland. thomas has admitted to being homophobic. hundreds of people marched through the streets of oakland last night. it was a show of support for sasha. they marched along mccarthur boulevard hanging rainbow ribbons on light poles. they stopped at the exact spot of the 57 bus line where sasha's skirt was set on fire. >> sasha is doing great and is very moved by all the support that people have shown. friends and strangers alike. >> reporter: sasha remains in
5:36 am
the hospital. doctors treating severe burns to his legs. another san jose elementary school is reporting a left of computers. lar virginia elementary reports 19 laptops disappeared from am storage room over the veterans day weekend. a jar is also missing with $30 that students raised for a classroom pet. thieves targeted river glen elementary two weeks ago and stole the ipad. police say there was no sign of forced entry. time is 5:36. happening today a dream comes true for a five-year-old leukemia patient. san francisco will be transformed into gotham city for a five-year-old boy known only for miles so he can live out his dream of being batman for a day. the make a wish foundation organized this big day and asked the public to help out.
5:37 am
now thousands of volunteers are helping out. >> we expect 7500 to 10,000 people at civic center for this. and all for a little boy that is kind of at the -- hopefully will be the last of leukemia and has always been fascinated by super heros. >> the five-year-old boy is already a super hero. miles has battled leukemia most of his life. he is winning. his doctors say he is now in remission. the san francisco chronicle is get into the bat kid fun. this is a special edition with the headline batkid saves city. ktvu claudine wong is on this story this morning. she will tell you a whole lot more about bat kid's big day in our next half hour.
5:38 am
crab season under way in the bay area. this is new video we want to show you from san francisco this morning. many skippers set their crab pots off the coast last night. the crab season kicked off just after midnight. this is the first season of a new state mandated crab pot limit. there are seven permitting tiers that a fishermen qualifies for. based on the pounds of fish they caught between 2003 and 2008. the most pots a boat can throw out is about 500. about 100 fishermen are casting off each day from pillar point but this year they are heading out to blinding conditions. that is because a weather buoy has malfunctioned and unable to provide basic sea conditions. and we understand it has been a problem for months. new this morning china is loosening its one child policy and apolishing -- abolishing
5:39 am
its labor camp. couples can now have two children if one of the parents is an only child. the labor camps which are also known as reeducation camps they were established in the 1950s to punish critics of the communist party. they could detain people in those labor camps for years without putting them on trial. it is 5:38. it is a terrifying story of a home invasion up north of the golden gate bridge. what happened when a group of armed men broke into a home with a pregnant mother and her two children sleeping inside. plus heads or tails. the mayors race decided by the flip of a coin. chp has just removed a pedestrian from the upper deck of the bay bridge. they had stopped all traffic far bit. but now its beginning to unwind. its still a little slow. all sorts of fog issues yesterday at this time. that is not the case today.
5:40 am
we have mostly clear skies but it will also be cooler and breezy. how much cooler? friday temps around the corner. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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what is going on? a lot of video game players may not show up for work today. that is after they kuwaited in -- that is after they waited in these long lines to buy the new play station four consul. 500 gamers were at the game stop store last night. they were all able to buy the new ps4 but sony expects most u.s. stores to run out of them today. paying more money to cross the golden gate bridge. at a meeting today the bridge board will consider five occupations for raising the
5:43 am
toll to -- five options for raising the toll. tolls could go up to $8 by the year 2018 for drivers that don't have fast track. a final decision is not expected until next year. it will soon cost you to park at the lockes burg ferry terminal. but they all -- they almost offer monthly parking passes that almost bring it down to $1 a day. this move will generate $400,000 a year. tied up and terrorized. a pregnant mom and two children are telling ktvu news about being the victims of a frightening home invasion in santa rosa. the family was asleep yesterday morning when three masked men with guns broke down the back
5:44 am
door. they bound the wrists and ankle of the mother who is six months pregnant. and two kids. >> you opened your eyes and see what? ? a guy pointing a gun at my head. >> reporter: the robbers apparently mistook the home for an illegal pot operation. they demanded money and marijuana after stealing some valuables and the boys toy gun. the suspects left with a fourth person in a white sedan. the four who was away at work at the time has installed new locks on the home. and a 7-eleven store clerk was tied up during a robbery. the clerk says one of the two suspects came right up to him and stuck either a knife or am gun in his face. the suspects threw him to the floor, tied him up, and cleaned out two cash registers. the santa clara county sheriffs office released a sketch of the person they think is responsible for a sexual
5:45 am
assault at de an virginia college. she is described of being in his early 20s with shoulder length dark brown hair and prominent acne on his chin. she thinks the attacker is a de anza student named johnny. the beloved sesame street character elmo paid am very special visit to san quentin prison to help children who have apparent behind bar -- to help children who have a parent behind bars. it helps children talk about their feelings about having a parent who is in prison. earlier this year sesame street introduced a new character named alex who has an incarcerated parent. elmo by the way paid a visit to santa rita jail in dublin
5:46 am
earlier this week. investigators say a recent outbreak of stomach illness was probably the norovirus. tests have not confirmed the presence of a stomach virus but it is likely the cause of the outbreak. at least 62 students say they got sick after eating at a campus residence hall between october 29th and november 5th. that hall has since been sanitized. suspended miami dolphins player richy incognito has filed an grievance against his team. he is challenging his pension and seeking an expedited appeal. they suspended him for harassing teammate jonathan martin. in his grievance he says his suspension violates the collective bargaining agreement. the nfl is investigating claims that he left the team after long-term bullying by incognito and other teammates. they flipped the coin, thousand they have a new mayor.
5:47 am
the election for mayor in idaho ended if a tie. 60 vote for the incumbent mayor. and 60 votes for john. if an election ends in a tie you decide it by a coin. >> i'm relieved that we finally done it. and i would have been good with it either way. you know. so yeah. its historic. >> yeah. so it ended up tails and the incumbent won yet another turn. >> that is hilarious that is a law there. okay. 5:47 is the time. let's check in with sal for the friday commute. >> all right pam and dave. good morning to you. i like the way you said friday. that did not go unnoticed. let's see what we have on the bay bridge. we had a pedestrian up on the span and it caused traffic to be stopped for about three minutes maybe. causing a little bit of a slow
5:48 am
down. but right now happy to say things have improved. got a little crowded there for a second. but the traffic is moving well. took a couple of chp cruisers to get that person out of the way. there is a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza but we are not expecting a huge backup get into san francisco this morning. by the way in case you have noticed visibility is pretty good out there. looking at san jose 101 and 101 in san jose looks pretty good. way on down to sunnyvale. 5:48 let's go to steve. all right sal, thank you. happy friday morning. we have clear skies. only a patch or two of fog is left. but its cooler. a little chill in the morning air. the fog is chewed up by am pretty good gust from last night. although things have calmed down. only some patches of fog. 30s. if it wasn't for the freeze it would be even colder. cooler and breezy. sunny and breezy. and cooler afternoon highs.
5:49 am
sot highs today 58-8 for your friday temps. out of those 70s. and those upper 60s probably won't last long. you can see a little hint of fog maybe on the san mateo coast. 40 at walnut creek. 54 novato and 54 santa rosa. 46 san jose. 44 livermore. concord 46. low 40s ukiah and sacramento. 32 up in tahoe. they just reached a little system. that is a system that is scoured out our fog and will give us a breezy day. its also ushering in cooler air aloft. gusty wind developing again. not outrageous or anything. i think we are too far west. cooler and those forecasted highs definitely coming down. sunny and breezy. two good friends of mine. only some patchy fog. a little cooler on the afternoon highs.
5:50 am
upper 60s for many. or mid 60s for others. kentfield is only 65. richmond 64. vallejo and benicia at 66. vacaville will go 68. brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh and oakley. it will be close for danville and walnut creek. still not that far away for oakland and berkeley. 65 san jose. 68 gilroy. santa clara at 66. a lot of mid 60s or low 60s on the coast and in san francisco. so a cooler breezy pattern will be one more system moving in on saturday. that will continue to usher in cooler temps. that will be cold lows inland and highs only near 60 degrees. increasing clouds next tuesday. maybe rain wednesday. what? >> all right. we'll look for that. apple is following the orders of the federal judge in the samsung damages retrial. judge lucy told lawyers for both sides that retail would contain nothing new. apples attorney stuck to the script used last year.
5:51 am
they found the same video clip of steve jobs introducing the iphone until 2007 and heard the same samsung. that case is expected to wrap up next week. billionaire investor carl icon has picked up ownership of almost four million shares of apple. his holdings were reported to the security and and exchange commission. that would make his stock worth $2 billion. icon has been pushing apple ceo to buy back $115 in stock. mcdonalds wants to be a bigger player in the international coffee business. the fast food giant is pinpointing coffee sales as a way to improve its total sales. customers say they like the value mcdonalds offers by selling any type of coffee. but mcdonald wants them to try their mccafe. it could also increase the body line by speeding up service both inside restaurants and at the drive through. time is 5:51.
5:52 am
crimes right out in the open on a downtown san francisco street. what is happening with cell phones on street corners. we were able to catch it on camera. plus they were supposed to be going to a food bank but they never made it there. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. thieves have targeted one of the bay area's largest charities just ahead of their busy holiday season. second harvest food bank says thieves cut the diesel lines at the facility and stole 90 gallons of fuel. they left behind two disabled trucks filled with food and on top of that the food bank says the thieves caused about $17,000 in damage. the san mateo county sheriffs department says it has no suspects and could use the public's help. 2 investigates. thousands of dollars of food for needy farms. they found extra virgin olive oil donated to the stockton food bank for sale. the olive oil was donated by mezzetta foods. >> i was disappointed. >> they have no idea how the
5:56 am
olive oil ended up at the flea market and is investigating. selling donated food is not illegal but could be a violation of irs regulations. coit tower in san francisco will close. there is a sign posted. crews will start repairing a water leak that has damaged some of the murals. by the way the work should be completed by mid april. ten organizations and businesses receive some of the highest honors passed out by the tech industry. tickets were $500 each to attend the annual tech awards handed out last fight. the winners came from around the world and they include a san francisco company that is helping to cure newborn babies of jaundice. and increasing their chances of surviving their first year of life. >> before they had photo
5:57 am
therapy and 20% were dying. >> another local award winner berkeley nonprofit agency called potential energy. it creates and sells specialty stoves to in refugee camps. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. the new bart contracts in danger of falling apart. new reports of am move to throw out the contracts. the controversial issue now threatening the deal and how both sides are reacting. the big day has arrived for a five-year-old batman fan. how san francisco is being transformed into gotham city to make that child's dream come true. good morning. northbound 101 san francisco looks good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. skies are mostly clear. yesterday was all fog city at this time but that is all gone because of a system to the north that will equal a cooler friday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning a deadly shooting outside of a south bay restaurant. the many questions that surround this overnight gunfire. we are live in west
6:00 am
oakland. and just when you thought the bart contract between bart unions and management was a done deal another glitch may cause concern. thousands will flood union square today to make one little boy's wish come true. today san francisco transforms into gotham city. and its what highway 24 commuters have been waiting years to hear. what is happening today at the caldecott tunnel. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we take you live to gotham city. little will be a big problem today but batkid will come to the rescue. this is the day we are outside the grand hyatt union square. san francisco transforms into gotham city to help a very special young man live out his


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