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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  November 16, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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playing safety. >> gus: first and ten at the texas tech 14 yard line. linwood. again.mlr >> charles: there is crawford t >> gus: linwood trying to drag the pile. a three-yard gain on second and six. that brings up third and three. >> charles: how aboutd;s offensive line of baylor and what they have put together? huber, the fifth-year senior had to wait to be a starter here on on campus. richardson is an all-american at left guard. >> gus: linwood picks up a first down as he crawls to the 2. >> charles: you notice where-8q they ran it? over number 68 at left guard,
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richardson. he moves the pile like few do in college football. >> gus: first down and goal at the 2. linwood dives. did he get in? they will say he is short of the goal÷?qline. >> charles: look at richardson just knocking ban back will smith, number 7. there is the leap by linwood. he carves enough of a crease. robertson keeps him from getting in. it was close. >> gus: second down and goal on at the 1. petty runs it himself. touchdown, baylor. bryce petty's second rushing touchdown of the night. the bears really racking up the numbers now. >> charles: tight formation. he just waits for a crease. waits for it. number 18 the tight end in the backfield and ends up following
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him in. i think they are going to take a look at it to see if he really got in. make sure his body wasn't down first. look at'k÷n÷ the look on coach s face. are they really looking at this? robertson gets him first. did he actually get in? that's what they are trying to determine. >> gus: ten rushing touchdowns on the season. two today if this one stands. >> charles: pete roshts dbertsoa good job. that may have held him out of the end zone. he didn't reach the ball out either. he kept it in his body so he may not have gotten there. let's see. i'm not advocating him reaching
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out on that. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> gus: so the touchdown stands for petty. baylor takes a 55-34 leb> charles: he coached him in high school sñ9dtoo, kevin kolb high school. case keenum in houston is now the starter for houston texans. of course, third barobert griff the heisman trophy winner. bryce petty who has been around a long time at baylor.
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prior to this season? >> gus: not very-kñ many. >> charlie: 14. he is clearly in the heisman trophy discussion with the first year he is having as a starter at baylor. his last start before the seaso4 was in the usa football under 19 world championships. he played for the usa team was : of the team teams like new zealand and france and they beat canada in the finals and he was a perfect 14 for 14 throwing that day. that was his last start prior to this season. he got his undergraduate degree before his first start at baylor. that's how long he has been around. >> gus: very patient young man. see how tech35)[esponds as this one is sent out of the end zone. one 7n have it at the end zone. their own 25.
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♪ >> gus: 978 yards in total offense and we are starting the fourth quarter. here is texas tech running the
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football. williams coughs it up and baylor and the bears have the football. joe williams. i think he was on the bottom of ápile. yes, he was. he comes up with it. a great play by ahmad dixon to strip it. >> charles: notice he is around the ball a lot ahmad tixon? makes plays in the secondary and and recovers fumbles. their secondary tonight keyed in ]ó)sjt big plays on defensed in and i include sam holl in that jñ who plays more like a linebacker. k.j. mortan and burt and gibson
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and williams have been something and including holl in that group. >> gus: baylor starts the fourth quarter creating a turnover. they are at the texas tech 40 yard line. a time-out tauled by the bears. >> charles: that good forever for them to get out there and ready to roll. >> gus: folks, we want to wish one of the great coaches in history, one of the great characters inke?c col football history, grant taft, coach, we want to wish him a happy birthday. he turns o80 this week. >> charles: when art briles is done here, revives the standard
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that coach taft set at baylor in winning championships and winning games and what the standard art briles was up against. >> gus: first down, baylor. >> charles: the front continues to movezbnp people. the center, number ñn54, stefa huber is the pivot. >> gus: petty running this time and decides not to get down and uses his 6'3", 230e-pound frame to try to get an extra yard. >> charles: look at the play selection there. >> gus: big boy football for baylor in the second half. second and five at the 24.ñe5eñ
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devin chafin. i used to work in waco, texas, my first job, charles. i never heard the term, back then i had a chance to go on the southwest conference tour and meet r.c. slocum. >> charles: were they doing the sky rider tour then? did you have to hop on one of the planes? >> gus: i think i was on one of the planes. this was around 1990. midwestern boy came to texas and i never heard the term smash-mouth football until i got to texas. fourth down and one for baylor. they run it. not going to get there. will not get it.
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>> charles: smeg opj÷peaking of smash-mouth football. that was smash-mouth defense by texas tech. >> gus: we will see what tech can do with the football after this. from generation to generation
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current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. . >> gus: let's take a look at the buick game summary. >> charles: baylor down 14-0 to start. then you see2v!éq ku what happ. >> gus: eric ward with the catch and gets to the 29. taken down by k.j. morton.ópql >> charles: think about tech. we have seen them strike. a lot of left on the clock.
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>> gus: pump fake. mayfield going through his progresses and has running room and goes down at the 34. >> charles: you know what i'm thinking for baker mayfield after this game? >> gus: ice. >> charles: yes, cold tub and plenty of it. he is leaving it all out there tonight. >> gus: first down and ten at the 34. here is mayfield. and he completes. that ball intended for derrick edwards, a sophomore. k.j. morton down. with all of the injuries baylor has suffered the past couple of weeks, here is one man you don't want to be hurt, especially when you look at the upcoming next week, they are in stillwater to take on oklahoma
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state. >> charles: danger, robertson. the reason i come up with that is baylor is having, obviously, a sensational year but here is their remaining schedule. you mentioned it at oklahoma state who smashed texas in austin today. tcu we know will battle you defensively but they are scoring deficient this year. texas that one loss today doesn't knock them out of it. now you look at the remaining schedules for the other big's if we are talking about the bcs national championship contention. face it. alabama and florida state run the table and likely the two that are in it but nothing is easy. a little tougher for florida state. acc championship could put them up against duke who jumped onei miami today. ohio state, they won big today but they had a real lull and didn't look as impressive as they wanted and made theirhl
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urban meyer upset. michigan is not the normal michigan. stanford, locked up with usc now. v$ould be a walkover fo them. notre dame november 30th they get them at home. then we talk about the schedule for baylor. at oklahoma state. at tcu, home for texas. what i'm concerned about for baylor, if they survive this one, the number of injuries we have seen, the emotion in this game, turning right around and going to stillwater will not be easy for them. >> gus: k.j. morton walking off on his own. second and ten at the 34. baker mayfield stepping up again. this time, he won't get away. that's because the sophomore from waco, beau blackshear hat tackle. >> charles: working number 56 and beats him on an inside pass rush up the gut and puts baker mayfield down.
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beau make mblackshear has playe nice game tonight for the bears. >> gus: check needs to get to the 44 for a first down. amaro in the slot at the top of your screen. mayfield. stripped. tech has it.icéñ but they will not even get close to a first down. jamal palmer knocking it out of baker mayfield's hands. >> charles: this defense is well coached and they hunt the football. not acting. great job by palmer racing out for the footballzz!t and they r secure the quarterback. try and knock the ball free and same thing with the runner. they work on it constantly in practice. no accident on those type of plays. >> gus: third time mayfield has fumbled the ball tonight. he lost one. norwood with a fair catch at the
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and because we very much enjoy stuffing things. got 12 bucks? then you got a large. or get any unstuffed for just $10. go for greatness. pizza hut. make it great. >> gus: last year's contest between these two teams was the third at at&t stadium and lived up to its billings. tech quarterback seth doege with one touchdown of his own. >> charles: baylor hasn't won three straight over tech since they won four straight from 1984 touqb 1987.
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>> gus: first down and ten at the 25. petty. incomplete. flag on the play. goodley the intended receiver. he ran the double move on the near side. >> charles: and got bailed out because he and petty didn't have the same]h$m connection. >> gus: pass interference number 24 defense. >> gus: bruce jones. >> charlie: petty threw the ball the double move you described. watch where the ball lands. that is behind him. he is thinking he is on the stop action and took it on up up field and then bailed out with the call. >> gus: first down at the 40 for the bears. linwood up to the 47 on the
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slide. >> charles: shock linwood. i believe thatoji shodrick. look at that. the ball almost popped out. his mom started calling him shock because she heard shaquille o'neal called the shaq attack. shock attack, i like that. it's stuck ever since he was 5. >> gus: 25 carries and 165 yards for shock. he'll run it again. shock linwood gets close to the 45. >> charles: you worked in waco. what was your experience like then? >> gus: a couple of thoughts. chicken fried steak, best thing i had ever tasted in my life. restaurant called l irk --
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luby's. i saw the greatest player ever seen louis spike. waco high. this kid would run. he could do a backflip into the enzone for a touchdown. i saw it with my own eyes. coleman out of bounds at the 41. >> charles: sounds like the athlete that coach briles would have loved. >> gus: he would have loved him. he was supposed to go to baylor but ended up having a change of plans. second and six at the 42. >> charles: things slowing down a little bit for baylor and being a little bit more sure with each call and let the clock bleed a little bit. a nice lead but don't think they are trying to get more points. they may6 not say it to you, b behind their minds rightavj now are style points in terms of bcs. >> gus: linwood breaks free and picks up a first down again.
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i thought it was interesting that timing of coach briles extension, giving him an extra ten years on the east coast, some rumors started to surface that daniel snyder, the owner of the washington redskins, may have had an interest in coach briles to come to d.c. and coach his former pupil, rg3. >> charles: between that and so many of the college jobs to come open it was smart of baylor administration to get coach briles locked up. >> gus: petty looking deep. incomplete. that ball intended for robbie rhodes. justin nelson there defensively for texas tech. >> charles: that youngster is growing up tonight, justis nelson number 31. first start against this prof g prolific passing attack.
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he is long and can run and showing the cover ability we kept hearing about that he exhibits in practice every day. >> gus: 6'2". great size. second and ten at the 35. chafin. he picks up a first down. >> charles: after the oklahoma game, coach briles talked about the loss of lache seas trunk and tevin reese and they still had a big win over oklahoma. coach briles said we finally have big 12 depth and we are seeing that on display this evening. look at the two backs tonight. number three back on their roster, shock linwood. huge night. number)eç four back, devin chaf has had a very nice night. they have big 12 depth. >> gus: coleman with the catch. a first down and more as he goes down at the 10.
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justis nelson with the tackle. >> charles: don't think style points aren't a part of it but this is also built into art briles' dna. when you ask him, every time we are on offense, we expect to score. he also says, "i kind of expect to score every play call we make." sam getting off the gas and try to milk it totally. don't think that. they may be more deliberate in their approach butyau'x each ca to be a dagger and get them to the end zone. >> gus: first down and goal at the 10 yard line for the baylor bears. linwood.
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shock linwood with his first touchdown this evening. 28 carries. 190 yards and a touchdown for shock. extra point good. 63-34. 7:30 to play in the fourth. the number five team started off slowly, but when at this time you'll said and done, baylor bears are for real.
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