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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a look at the damage left behind by am series of deadly storm -- by a series of deadly storms in the midwest. a drug trafficking case with ties to the bay area its getting the attention of federal lawmakers. good morning. we take you out to 880 in oakland this morning. you can see quite a bit of activity still after a fatal accident just a horrific crash when you take a look at the cars that were damaged in this accident and you can also take a look at the long line of cars there just one lane open right now. 880 in oakland ktvu paul chambers is out there. he will get us an update in a moment. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and
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traffic. steve, the weather changing any? >> yes, it is. mondays high today 58 to 64 but that is not the bigger story. it will be the cloud cover finally working its way in here. pretty decent system right there. its tapped in moisture right there near hawaii. today we start off with patchy fog but very, very cool readings. 39 for napa. now a lot of 40s. livermore looking at 44 degrees. we will go for 63. 62 by 2:00. it will be cloudy. it cloud up here early in the afternoon. temperatures will definitely start total. san francisco not much different. 58 for a high today. it will start off with a little bit of sun but then it will get cloudy. increasing clouds. a little bit of patchy fog. generally some sun in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. rain by late this afternoon and
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leavening. rain to the north. highs today 50s and 60s and getting cloudy. here is sal. steve, we are looking at the commute and for the most port it is nice. we do have that one major problem. let's start off with the toll plaza first. the traffic will be looking okay if you are driving approaching the toll plaza. now we have that problem in oakland that we talked about. here it is on the roof camera. southbound 880 as you approach out of downtown. basically across the freeway. and i will put it on a map to show you. 880 southbound right here before the 16th avenue exit. its in an area before 16th. that is where the crash is. ktvu paul chambers has been there for a good length of time and he tells us what happened in this deadly crash. paul. >> reporter: good morning. i will tell you first as you can see it is down to one lane here. its happening right before the northbound 16th street onramp or off ramp as sal just said.
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basically they said there was four vehicles involved. basically two of them were unrecognizable. now chp said this happened before 1:00 this morning. two vehicles a bmw and a big rig were driving northbound on interstate 880 when they were going at a high rate of speed. >> they were going northbound on 880 and hit the big rig at an undetermined speed. it bounced along the freeway, jumped the center divide wall and went head on into the suv there. >> reporter: the driver of the bmw was said to be in his 40s he was going about 100 miles an hour when he collided with the driver of the crv. the driver in the crv were in their 70s. they took away the cars a little bit ago.
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you can see cal trans is out here cleaning up. once again we do know that two people died in this fatal accident. at this time chp says its unclear if there was alcohol a factor in this. they will figure that out during their investigation. we will stay out here and bring you the very latest. live in oakland i'm paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:04. police in santa rosa want the publics help. they are investigating a suspected gang related stabbing. the victim an 18-year-old. alex savidge is joining us live from santa rosa with what we know from this attack. >> reporter: good morning. the department's gang crimes team is investigating this attack and trying to find the group of young men who left an 18-year-old with several stab wounds. that victim was found here where we are right here right along gardener avenue.
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and the victim was found right behind lawrence cook middle school. this is in the roseland area. this young man last night was rushed to santa rosa memorial hospital although police say that his injuries are not life threatening and he is expected to survive. that teenage aerotold police he was attack -- teenager told police he was attacked, punched by several people. >> he had a couple friends in the area that did not participate. it was more or less seven on one. >> reporter: that group drove off in an older model silver honda odyssey. similar to the one we are showing you right now. the young men behind this attack are described as hispanic in their late teens or early 20s. i asked why this particular victim may have been targeted and he told me the young man may have gang ties at some point in time. live this morning in santa rosa alex savidge ktvu channel 2
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news. at least six people in illinois are dead after dozens of tornadoes touched down in the midwest. powerful winds, hail, and flash floods roared through illinois and five other states leaving homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. many say the storms hit so fast that there was barely time to react. >> my husband came back. i said i don't know what to do. and we just stood in the hallway where there were no windows and held each other. >> reporter: president obama was quickly alerted. fema is sending teams into the effected areas. one tornado was actually caught on camera as it closed in people started to pray. >> this video shot in washington, illinois which was hit by a large extremely dangerous tornado. as you can see at least two people were killed by that tornado. and 31 others were hurt.
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in peoria, illinois two local tv news anchors were on the air in the middle of a newscast when tornadoes headed for their station. >> if you are in the path of this cell, now is the time to take shelter. get to your basement. get to the center most portion of your home and take cover. i am hearing things right now. i think we may need to take shelter right now ourselves. >> yes, we do. >> we need to go off the air. we will be back when we can. >> oh boy. everybody inside that tv station made it to shelter. they were not hurt. in chicago nfl football fans of the bears ravens game they ran for shelter when that bad storm hit. the stadium was evacuated in the first quarter. fans ducked for safety under the concrete concourse. after two hour delay the fans were allowed to go back to their seats. the game continued. despite that long delay, the bears beat the ravens 23-20. that severe midwest weather caused major bay area travel
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delays. early this morning the last of the delayed flights ended at sfo. we are told everything was back on schedule. it was a different story yesterday. people waiting for hours for flights to and from the midwest. people arriving describe dark skies and horizontal rain as they were taking off. oakland and san jose airports are also not reporting any delays. if you want more information on the severe weather in the midwest including seeing pictures of the damage and destruction, go to our channel 2 website click on the images tab. this morning the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel getting its first real test. thousands of east bay commuters heading through the new bore for the first time including our very own steve paulson. he said it was great. its designed to speed up traffic for the more than 160,000 people who travel through the tunnel every day. there are now four lanes of traffic open in each direction at all times for people driving
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between oakland and orinda. san francisco's district attorneys office reportedly investigating a possible cover up in a drunk driving case involving a city fire firefighter. after he crashed his ladder truck into a motorcyclist. the motorcyclist was seriously injured. today's chronicle reports the da is now looking into whether quinn's fellow firefighters traveled to cover up the circumstances surrounding the crash. time is 5:09. happening today a senate hearing looking into virtual currencies like bit coins. the hearing follows a shut down last month of the drug dealing website called silk road. transactions on that website were made using bit coins. that is a digital currency that can be used anonymously. bit coin has been used on child pornography sites. ha lawyer will testify it has a possibility to open the digital
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economy to poorer societies all over the world. 5:09 is the time right now. two women shot outside of a nightclub in san francisco. and what may be a targeted attack. the new information we're learning about the woman who survived that shoot. also football fans storm the field. why the celebration ended with a trip to the hospital for several people. good morning. right now we still have a crash on 880 in oakland heading south its blocking most of the lanes. you might want to think about alternates. i'll have those for you straight ahead. expect for about two or three minutes of rain around a week ago. it has been a dry november. but look at that.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new information about two women shot in san francisco over the weekend. one woman was killed and police say the woman who survived is under police guard at the hospital. it happened yesterday outside of a nightclub near sixth and jesse streets. just after 2:00 a.m. two women were shot as they sat in their car. both were taken to the hospital. but one died. a man who did not want his face shown on camera says he saw the gunman. >> he shot in the car on one side and went around and shot again. >> so it looks like he was
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targeting. >> yes. point-blank. >> we talked to other people in the neighborhood who say the area is known for drug problems and prostitution but say things have improved since the substation opened nearby. the search for suspects and the investigation continues. california is on track to approve gun sales for a record numberover people this year. as of november 1st the california department of justice has processed 780,000 background checks for gun purchases. that puts the state on track to beat last year's record number 817,000. experts attribute the rise tour gun sales. has a new challenge this morning. today's vote comes after mayor ford raised eyebrows this weekend. he went to a canadian football game even though a league commissioner asked him to stay away. mayor ford admits he smoked crack cocaine but denying
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claims that he sexually harassed staffers or hired an escort. new york yankees star alex rodriguez starts making his case in his battle against major league baseball. arod is expected to accompany his lawyers to the new york city offices as it opens the first day of his defense. not clear yet if arod will testify. rodriguez is appealing his 211 game suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. it was a scandal involving several other baseball stars. arbitrator is expected to rule on arod's case sometime next month. three fans were treated for injuries after a usc upset stanford. fans flooded on to the field after the clock ticked down. the most serious injury is a broken ankle. paramedics say two other fans were treated for issues related
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to high blood pressure and diabetes. all three were briefly hospitalized. stanford had been ranked fourth but slipped to ninth after that 20-17 win by usc. time is 5:15. let's bring sal back. we still have a major problem on 880. >> that is right that is 880 southbound between fifth and 16th. just south of the jack london square. you can see it here on our camera that is mounted in jack london square. southbound 880 as you head down to 16th. its narrowing down to one lane. i want to put it on a map here. you should be expecting slow traffic. but i also want to show you alternate route which is not even -- you probably already know this but just take 580. i didn't want to use that arrow. let's use this arrow so i can draw along the freeway. because i can. 580 all the way out to 238
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would be much better. big rigs are allowed on 580 until 6:00. let's take a quick look at the toll plaza westbound and you can see traffic here is light on a monday. 5:16 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very, very good morning. today morning sun. rain returns tomorrow. what? it sure looks like it. remember we haven't had much in the way of any rain. the streets could be very, very wet. and by that very, very slick because there is a lot of oil that is built up. san francisco will not be very warm today. i went 58. but 57 cloudy skies later on. temperatures today will really struggle coast and bay. inland they might warm up a little bit. rain returns tomorrow. and maybe my click her return today. there we go. [ laughter ] i'm just one man. increasing clouds. we have fog though. san to rosa 33 and fog.
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yet 50 in san francisco if there is a huge difference. again we get morning sun. and then the system will begin to work its way in. antioch 44. san jose is 45. santa rosa points north will definitely start to you will see this the clouds will roll in here pretty fast. that will really put a cap on some of the high temps today. its kind of tricky. if you can get the sun until noon you have a chance to hit 60. if not you will stay in the upper 50s. sunny in the morning and then fog or sun. and we will see that system sweep in. heavier amounts will be north. far stress south. 25 in tahoe. 36 ukiah. this is a warm system not really a cold system but at least its bringing in rain. not much today until late tonight. by tonight north bay starts to get in on that. over night tomorrow morning we will talk about rain. probably all the way into wednesday. there will be another impulse.
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fog, sun. a lot of clouds starting to come in. again for tomorrow morning that is your best bet. morning sun. some fog. and then afternoon clouds. we will go cloudy. it will be gray skies coming. 50s and 60s. it will be very cool here for some. a little bit warmer out toward pittsburgh and antioch. but 59 alameda. upper 50s and low 60s. a little better toward morgan hill. 50s or very low 60s. not much of a spread between the coast. cloudy and rainy on tuesday. and then after that it looks like rain kicks in. we will get an offshore breeze. my old girlfriend will be back in town. offshore flow. >> thank you, steve. banks may get more time to come ply with the vol core rule. that rule is designed to prevent banks from making risky bets that benefit them but not their customers. economists paul said it played a key role in the recent
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financial crisis. checking in on our numbers. gains across the board on friday. the new records for the dow and s & p and the nasdaq the highest level since the bubble burst 3985. right now futures across the board indicate slightly higher opening. traditional thanksgiving dinner will be a little cheaper necessary year. the american farm bureau says the average turkey dinner for ten people will cost $49. that is down about 44-cents from last year. >> i'm still eating them. >> thinking about thanksgiving dinner. the 49ers their new stadium already leads a league in one
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very important category. but why critics say the team is involved in a deceptive power play. typo. that's what our insurance agent said. >> what is happening with flood insurance rates and how its forcing some homeowners to think about new banks.
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look at this. europe's most active volcano it
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will up the skies near sicily. no evacuations were ordered. eruptions of lava and ash like this are common. the last major eruption was in 1992. in japan workers taking a crucial first step today in cleaning up the crippled fukushima nuclear plant. workers have started removing radio active fuel rods from one of the four nuclear reactors there. this is expected to take five years to remove all of the fuel rods. it may be decades before that plant is fully decommissioned. a sudden spike in flood insurance rates have pushed some homeowners to move. they just got a major overhaul in congress. storms like hurricane katrina has caused the program to go
5:25 am
$24 billion into debt. a new law to keep the program sustainable is coming at a huge cost. >> i will not continue to live here if there is not a new resolution. >> sandy parson's rates have gone from $2100 to $12,600 a year. she says some of her neighbors rates have gone up even higher. one claiming its now $40,000 a year. fema says rates have changed to reflect true flood risk. some congress member are pushing to delay some of the rate hikes. we're finding out more about plans to redevelop oakland's jack london square. the san francisco business times say the developers submitted a plan to build two housing towers with 655 apartments. the towers will be more than 20 stories high. some of the sights under c include the corner of broadway and 'em bark door owe and
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embarcadero between harris streets. the university of california released a new list of online courses. this is all part of uc online. its an initiative that the uc system started last year. each class will be centered at a particular campus but the students will also be able to enroll. the list includes 20 new classes. all considered high demand under grad courses. five of the classes will be based out of uc berkeley. time is 5:26. a satellite image on google of the murder of a 14-year-old teenager. >> when i see this image, i feel like it happened yesterday. >> what one bay area family is doing to get that image removed. we are live in palo alto where city leaders will decide whether or not police officers should wear cameras. we'll tell you why the department wants them. good morning. right now on interstate 880
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southbound you will still see lanes blocked as they clean up a fatal crash investigation. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. as you know it has not only been a dry calendar year but a rainy start to us. look at that rain on the way. we'll take a look and see how much.
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good morning. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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live pictures. this is from our rooftop camera. major, major problems. three lanes still closed right now after a deadly crash. at least two people killed. three lanes still closed. ktvu's paul chambers is out there right now. you can see how backed up traffic is. stay tuned paul will have a live report coming up. it is monday november 18th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paul son. we'll have a little change in the weather. >> change is good. >> that is true. >> it is. in this case we need it. morning sun today and then turning cloudy. rain to the north bay. tomorrow it looks like rain for you and me. everybody here. temperatures where the cloud cover will be cooler today. especially san francisco. everybody in the north bay. you are looking for a lot of cloud cover. san francisco 55 at noon. we are going for a high of 58. it will be one of those days mondays highs 50s and 60s the 60s will be to the santa clara
5:31 am
valley and far east. otherwise it will be an upper 50s kind of 60 day. tapped into some not tropical moisture but moisture north of hawaii. its holding ton to a little moisture. we need a wave to trigger rain. it looks like this will stick to give us increasing clouds today. hopefully rain moving in. a lot of 30s for some. 40s for others. concord 42 cool degrees. we will go for upper 50s to near 60 degrees. watch for increasing clouds. it will be sold out by cloud cover. they are already beginning to move in. fog, sun, clouds. morning sun for awhile. and afternoon clouds and then we'll go cloudy and hopefully by tomorrow morning we'll have the rain because we need it. 50s and 60s. here's sal. steve, if it rains tomorrow, it is on for you and me. we will be the rain brothers tomorrow. but we'll let you know more about that coming up. i want to show you the bay
5:32 am
bridge toll plaza. there is already a little bit of a backup here as you come and some of those cash lanes only the rest of the lanes are open. we have been speaking of this deadly crash in oakland 880 at 16th. its right here in this area. i don't like that thing. so let's do the alternate route. eastbound 580 is your alternate. it is a very nice drive. as far as the crash is concerned, this happened just before 1:00. ktvu paul chambers is on the scene with some details on how this crash happened. its pretty spectacular there, paul. >> reporter: that is correct. they just asked us to leave the highway. that is why we are back out here. they are about to reopen the interstate on the southbound section. now it alled started on the northbound side of interstate 880. now chp says there were four vehicles involved in the deadly crash. two of the vehicles were barely recognizable. now investigators say it
5:33 am
happened just before 1:00 this morning when a big rig truck and a bmw both driving northbound on 880 collided. >> the bmw is traveling at a high rate of speed rear ends the big rig and goes end over end, jumps the center divide wall here and goes head on into a honda crv. >> reporter: it may have been driving around 100 miles an hour. after it crossed the center divide it propelled the crv and bmw backwards. it killed the driver of the crv who is said to be in the 70s and the driver of the bmw in his 40s. interstate 880 southbound is scheduled to be reopened in the next ten to 15 minutes. we will pass along that information as soon as it happens. live until oakland i'm paul chamber ktvu channel 2 news. police officers in palo alto may be getting a new tool that they wear that will help
5:34 am
them fight crime. city leaders will decide whether to fund cameras for police officers to wear at tonight's meeting. janine de la vega is joining us in palo alto. >> reporter: this will be a pilot program for nine officers who regularly work the traffic  safety unit. a lot of them ride motorcycles so this will let them capture video evidence once they leave their bikes. now in a sit manager's report, it says video technology has become instrumental in law enforcement training and collecting evidence. the cameras also serve as a tool for officers safety and accountability. the police department installed mobile in car video systems in all of its patrol vehicles in 2006 but city officials say camera technology has improved dramatically over the last seven years and improved video footage and audio is needed for the department's fleet of 28 vehicles. here's what one local had to say. >> i think it cleans everything
5:35 am
up when there are questions if there are questions. here it is. here's what i saw. >> reporter: the city will also explore whether or not to have a video camera system installed in the van that the battalion chief of the fire department that he drives. and that would be for accountability and safety. the council will vet on whether or not to -- the council will vote on whether or not to upgrade these systems tonight at the city hall. bart management could meet with union leaders as early as today to talk about the expensive mistake in the tentative contract agreement. the barts board of directors says that mistake involving family leave could cost bart up to $44 million over the next four years. union leaders says bart management already signed off on the deal. the two sides hope to work out an agreement before the bart board votes.
5:36 am
and both sides say they see little chance of another strike at least at this point. meantime the state safety committee meets in san francisco today. they will take another look at the response to the pipeline disaster in san bruno. the panel is expected to grill members of the state public utilities commission. also the regulatory group in charge of overseeing pg&e. committee members claim there have been very few safety improvements since the 2010 fire and explosion in san bruno. it killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. san francisco police are investigating a hit and run involving a bicyclist. it happened at 7:00 last night near the intersection of mission and seventh streets. police say they are looking for a white van. they say its likely has front seat end damage and a smarted rear window in the front that is. this morning there are no update on the condition of the cyclist. a family in richmond
5:37 am
begging google to take down a satellite image that shows the body of their teenage son. it shows 14-year-old kevin shortly after he was found shot to death in 2009. the boy's father says he heard about the image earlier this week and now he is asking google to take it down out of respect for his son. >> what is the point to show those pictures to the people? pictures of my dead son. >> one technology analyst says it isn't very likely that image will be removed as google typically denies removal requests. we asked google for a comment on that satellite image, so far we have not received a response. google has announced new software that will block links to child abuse images. they have been working with law enforcement to stop certain people from sharing illegal
5:38 am
photos online. google has fine tuned its search image with technology. it can recognize child pornography and other materials. if you want to vote coit tower in san francisco you will have to wait a few months now. the land park is scheduled to close today for a five month renovation project. it will under go expense i repairs inside and out. the $1.7 million project is the largest restoration in the tower's 80 year history. it is expected to reopen in mid april. time is 5:38. a suspected gang rerate late -- related attack rice outside of a bay -- right outside of a bay area middle school. a board meeting to change the name of a mascot. as we look at the eastbound
5:39 am
commute we are looking at highway four now. it does look pretty good. we also have better news for other east bay commuters along the nimitz freeway. i've been telling some of the weather folks that tweet me, you need to start doing a little rain dance or wash your car. low and behold it looks like they have been moving those feet pretty well. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit ause chase freedom atsuccess select department stores and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can give her an even bigger surprise. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. international aid arriving in parts of the philippines after that devastating typhoon but many people in remote villages are still waiting for food and water ten days after that disaster. survivors look at them rushing a helicopter delivering supplies in the town of san jose. more than 5,000 people have been killed or been declared missing after the typhoon.
5:42 am
the philippines energy secretary pledged to restore power by christmas eve. a somber milestone today for survivors of the jones town massacre. today is the 35th anniversary of the worst mass suicide in american history. more than 900 people including 200 children died after cult leader jim jones ordered his follows to drink kool-aid spiked with cyanide. jones died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we are learning more about the condition of former south african president nelson mandela. mandela is still very ill and tubes used to clear his lungs have left him unable to speak. the 9:-year-old civil right -- 95-year-old civil rights leader has battle the lung problems. mandela spent almost three
5:43 am
months in the hospital over the summer. the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum is unvailing a new website today to commemorate the 50th and verse reof arizona assassination -- anniversary of his assassination. just months before his death he said quote a man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. visitors to the website are invited to up load photos, videos and written messages. the library in boston has also an exhibit of items from his three day funeral. to me its not the affordable care act. it seems more like the unaffordable care act. >> that is angel rodriguez.
5:44 am
he and his family will have to pay double the amount they pay now and they are not alone. tonight at 10:00 we go shopping online with the experts to help show you exactly where you stand and the best options for your family. its all in our special report tonight on the 10:00 news. also tonight the city of palo alto is set to consider expanding its outdoor smoking ban in its that city. right now its illegal to smoke in parks or within 258 feet of public entrances. the new rules would ban smoking outdoors downtown on university avenue. and also on side streets as well as the california avenue business district. this is all designed to cut down on secondhand smoke and also the litter that is caused by cigarette butts. school officials in vallejo may change the name of one of their high school mascots. vallejo high school has been called the apaches for years. on wednesday though the school board will discuss changing the name. some people say the mascot can be offensive to native
5:45 am
americans. others say it honors the tribe. school officials say they still hope to keep their school colors red and white. there are new questions about whether or not pryor will have his job back when he recovers from his knee injury. that is raiders rookie had a stellar performance against the texans. the undrafted free agent threw free touchdown passes in his first nfl start. raiders won final 28-23. 49ers were also on the road in new orleans but it was a heartbreaking loss. they led by three points late in the first quarter. in the fourth drew brees was drilled for a big loss. gave the saints the first down. they did the 42-yard field goal to tie up the game. the saints go on to win 23-20. some critics starting to question whether the 49ers claim their new stadium will be the most energy efficient in
5:46 am
the nfl. levi stadium in santa clara will have 1100 solar panels and the 49ers are installing energy efficient led bulbs but the solar panels won't provide enough electricity to satisfy the stadiums needs on a game day. and they say other nfl stadiums actually have more energy efficient solar power systems. so some questions. 5:46 is the time. back over to sal. one big problem on the commute we've been following. but hopefully the rest is okay. >> yeah. i have better news about that. i'm glad you mentioned it. all the lanes are open on 880 southbound. you can see from our roof camera here that the traffic is moving well and there are no remnants of the slow downs. even though big rigs are allowed to use 580. pretty soon everything will be back to normal and the traffic looks good. let's move along and take a
5:47 am
look at the bay bridge. we are getting a little bit of a backup here. westbound especially in some of the cash lanes. word of a new injury crash southbound 880 at ralston avenue. it looks like some car may have flipped over on the shoulder. and you may see emergency vehicles there already and they may be blocking lanes. if you want to use an alternate, 280 is a good one. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have increasing clouds coming in today. it looks like rain to the north. let's hope so. temperatures today are really going to struggle though. especially north bay. i think temperatures because you are starting off 30s and 40s which means temperatures will probably end up in the upper 50s for some. it looks like increasing clouds throughout the day. and remember we haven't had rain in awhile. tomorrow some of the roads could be really, really slick. a lot of cloud cover streaming up. it will not be a cold front. concord starting off 42
5:48 am
degrees. 30s for others a little bit of patchy fog. not a lot. increasing clouds will continue throughout the day. and we'll go cloudy. the rain is still pretty far back there. by tonight things could juice up a little bit. enough in the atmosphere we could get it in the north bay and turn cloudy with rain later. cloud and rain forecast does finally move some in but not for awhile here. goes until late tonight into tuesday morning. holds itself over the north by and then eventually sweeps it south. that won't be until tuesday. i think we will continue into all the way to wednesday. two or three days and then its out of here. fog, sun and then clouds increasing. temperatures 50s or 60s. only south bay and parts of the east bay getting in on any kind of mid 60s at best. over all look for 20s in the mountains. 30s up in ukiah and sacramento. highs today 50s and 60s.
5:49 am
thank you, steve. they are introducing a new version of its mobile software. they call the new software sales force one. its designed to make it easier for businesses to customize service for tablets and smart phones. sony play station four is off to a hot start. north american cob supers bought more than one million of the new son culls in the -- consuls on the first day they were available. not surprisingly it is one of the most requested holiday gifts this year. another popular gift request this year is disney infinity video game which interacts with toys. the bat cave, minon dave action figure and the dolls from ever after high also on the wish list this year. this is for pam cook. a puppy adopted from the santa
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cruz spca has become a star on the internet. his name is theo. she writes a blog mamas gone city. she's been posting these photos of her child and puppy sleeping. the photos have gone viral. they even have their own hash tag. theo and beau. >> that is one of the cutest things i have ever seen. a frightening football game collision and it wasn't on the field. it was in the stands. how a terrifying fall almost killed one fan and he wasn't the only one hurt. an abrupt ending for an alternate tv show ending. the new decision about the show breaking bad that may make its fans mad. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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it could soon be more expensive to park in walnut creek. goes before the walnut creek city council tomorrow. meter rates would also rise to $2 an hour and they would be enforced from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. some business owners have expressed concerns that the changes could drive away customers. especially on sundays. happening today nasa plans to launch the tenth mission to mars. the mission is a reason for excitement on the cal campus. uc berkeley engineers and scientists at cal have helped
5:54 am
design the sophomore for this mission and have built some instruments on board. the project could tell us more about mars and other worlds we are just discovering. as we are starting to discover more and more planets outside of our solar system and see earth like planets. i see this as a much broader mission than just exploring the mars upper atmosphere. >> now if this mission cant launch today, it has just 20 days to get into space. after that earth and mars won't be lined up in a way to complete that trip. 120,000 people expected at this years dream force convention at moscone center. its already under way. convention go iers say -- goers say its part conference part concert. and you don't have to be a part
5:55 am
of the conference to enjoy the music. its open to the public. pam cook is bouncing to the music. green day set to star in a benefit concert for children's hospital tomorrow night. being presented by the foundation in all of conjunction of dream force. thousands are expected to be there. the concert for kids at at & t park will benefit ucsf and oakland's children's hospital. and will go toward building a new state of the art home. by the way its due to open february 2015. for all of you breaking bad fans out there an alternate ending to the hit series has popped up online but before it was leaked # it was removed. the ending which airs on the
5:56 am
box set reimagines the series last scene as a dream. >> big deal. time is 5:55. the continuing search right now for suspects in santa rosa after a stabbing outside of a middle school last night. who was attacked, what's his condition and why police want help. new details of the wide spread tornado damage that ravaged the midwest. the death toll, the cleanup and what that dangerous storm is doing. right now we are still looking at traffic that is getting busier. i wanted to show you the bay bridge. i will tell you how busy its getting in the next few minutes and give you a look at the other bridges. for the first time in awhile we actually have ha front offshore that looks like it wants to make a move in. does that mean rain is on the way? we'll talk about that. ñ
5:57 am
5:58 am
good morning. its being called christmas in november and a party and we're just talking about the morning commute. how the hunt on the east bay is causing commuters to be happy. a santa rosa teenager is in the hospital this morning recovering from several stab wounds after police say he was
5:59 am
attacked by a group of young men. we'll tell you what may have prompted this attack. deadly tornadoes devastate the midwest. we'll have am report from one of the hardest hit areas. a new crime fighting tool in the bay area. its something police officers can wear. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. that is the brand new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. traffic moving along just fine. two tunnels now open in each direction. our own steve paulson went right through there. he said it was a party. that is how excited he was. [ laughter ] i don't know. he needs to go to more parties. but any way it is good news this morning. its monday, november 18th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve is over there. you are talking about stuff in the air.
6:00 am
>> as long as that party is over by 8:00 i'm okay. [ laughter ] the fourth bore is awesome by the way. it looks okay here for eyehole -- it looks okay for awhile. then we will cloud it up this afternoon. san francisco much of the coast and north bay a lot of upper 50s to near 60 degrees. monday highs 50s to 60s. warmest temps will be east and south. probably holding on to the sun a little longer as well. a lot of high clouds. mid level clouds are still a ways off. overall we get a break in the morning and increasing clouds. this system will be all show no go for awhile. temperatures 41 concord. livermore 43. san jose at 45 degrees. and a lot of 30s. a few 30s. increasing cloth


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