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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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team surrounds a house, what authorities found after the standoff. >> and the government is stepping in, the federal investigation now underway following three recent fires involving tesla cars. also the changes the company is now making. it's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is 5 a.m., good morning. here's a live look at santa rosa where you can see there is a little rain coming down. that's about it for the bay area. it's way up to the north, and we're going to find out when the rest of the rain will be falling in the bay area. good morning and welcome once again to ktvu morning news, i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, november 19th. we are on storm watch and after two months of dry weather, parts of the bay area will see some rain this morning, but not as much as first predicted. we have live team coverage this
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morning. ktvu's alex savidge live in rohnert park. there is some light rain out there, sal of course watching the roads for you, but first let's start with steve pallson, what do you see? >> i see a little bit of rain towards santa rosa and the russian river. otherwise it's cloudy. most locations say cloudy, a little bit of rain, some of it not showing up on the radar. it's below the radar beam and we'll continue to see just -- forestville has picked up 15/100 and santa rosa a tenth in 24 hours. it's a little bit. there is good rain to the north. it's definitely up towards the northern part of the state and there's a good stream of moisture taking aim at us today. a lot of that has to work its way in. favor the north bay maybe for the morning even though that's not much. you can see this cloud cover streaming in. later on for the morning commute, most people will not get rain on them. 50s on the temps and i don't expect those to change at all. there's plenty of moisture moving in. i wish there was a little more forcing or lift in the
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atmosphere, that would help, but north, yes, you get some rain. otherwise south bay may have to wait a long, long time. cloudy and mild, off and on rain. some should pick up later. breezy out of the south, southeast. here's sal. >> steve, good morning, right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. it's not raining yet as steve mentioned, and that's going to make a big difference. it's dry at the bay bridge toll plaza. the minute that we start having wet weather it's usually associated with slower traffic, and unfortunately with more collisions. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. right now on 80 westbound it does look good from vallejo to berkeley 80 west. if you are driving on the peninsula, 101 and 280 look good, san mateo and dunbar ton bridge off to a good start. >> now we continue our storm watch coverage. alex savidge live at rohnert park where alex there's a little bit of rain so far this morning right? >> reporter: yeah, you know you'd be hard pressed to call it rain at this point.
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maybe go with a light sprinkle. it started up in about the last 10 minutes or so right off 101 this morning, and you can see this is southbound traffic. we'll show you that this morning heading down from this area, from the santa rosa rohnert park area. the national weather service they are this morning calling for a mostly dry commute for most people across the bay area, but eventually we will be getting some rain, and that of course means you need to take it easy out there on the roads. the last good soaking we got was this one back in september, just a day or so of rain but it was enough to cause a lot of accidents and slick roads. as this storm arrives today, the chp, they are asking everyone to take it slow and don't follow too close behind that car in front of you. >> an average vehicle at 60 miles an hour, it's going to take you about 132 feet to stop. most people don't follow that far back ever. >> and this will be once this storm arrives the first significant rainfall here in
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the bay area in about two months or so. about a half inch or so is expected over the next couple of days, it is badly needed. bay area water districts need a wet winter to ensure there's no rationing next year. water agencies are ready for the rainfall because this past year has been a dry one, in fact one of the driest calendar years on record in this area. live this morning in rohnert park, alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. now rain here in the bay area usually means snow in the sierra, and the winter storms now headed towards the lake tahoe area. 5 to 10 inches of snow is expected in sierras over the the next couple of days. you're looking at video from just before halloween. that's the last time heavy snow fell in the mountains. steve is tracking the storm. he'll give us rain updates all throughout the morning. you can also get the latest weather information on our channel 2 web site you'll find links to our storm tracker 2 radar right there on the front page. it is 5:04, new this
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morning, a person has been found dead after an officer involved shooting in guerneville. it happened around 11:30 at the river lane resort on 1st street. deputies say they found a body in a home at the resort following a standoff where shots were fired. ktvu's tara moriarty is headed to the scene and we'll have a live report coming up. a south bay man is demanding answers after his wife was shot and killed this past weekend by santa clara county sheriff's deputies. it happened early saturday morning in the couple's driveway. investigators say 61-year-old andrea geonay rushed at deputies with a knife leaving them no choice but to shoot. but her husband says she had multiple sclerosis and was not a threat, and he wants to know why deputies did not use a taser instead. >> how can you not talk to a person or subdue a person who's that old and invalid. you know, you should be able to do it with your hands.
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>> the sheriff's department says deputies are not issued tasers but it may be considered in the future. investigators say they expect to release their report within a week. one person is facing dui charges after a crash that sent three people to the hospital including an 8-year-old child. just before 8:30 last night, police say a pickup truck hit the back of a taurus on concord avenue in concord. both cars rolled and crashed into light poles. the pickup truck is used for pool maintenance and a small quantity of basic pool chemicals broke and spilled out. the hazmat team responded and cleaned everything up. police say the driver of the taurus was arrested. time now 5:06. continuing coverage of the destructive tornadoes have hit 12 states in the midwest. the death toll this morning at least 8. washington illinois is one of the hardest hit areas. people there are going back to see what, if anything, they have left. one woman says the tornado left her buried under a chunk of
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concrete until her daughter-in- law found her. >> she was an angel. i don't know how long i would have would have been there because i couldn't have moved that concrete block myself. >> the national weather service says at least 80 tornadoes were reported sunday. crews are now clearing debris. they're restoring electric power. police say there have been reports of looting. back here at home, the chp investigating the weekend death of a u.s. forest service firefighter in yuma county. 32-year-old michael kelly was hit and killed saturday morning on marysville road near the small town of camptonville. investigators say it appears he was accidentally hit by a car that some members of his fire crew were riding in. the chp says alcohol may have been a factor. there may be arrests. it all depends on toxicology results. airplane noise at san carlos airport will be the focus of the atherton city council meeting tomorrow. the daily news reports that the
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executive service launched in june by surf air creates thunder-like noise that rattles homes. the airline is being asked to fly its planes parallel to highway 101 and closer to san fransisco bay. however, officials athat move would simply shift the noise problem to redwood city. san ramon is once again chasing after wild pigs. between september and mid- october, trappers caught and killed a dozen of these pigs in henry ranch. some people thought the problem was resolved. right about two weeks ago the pigs showed up again. they say this is the worst pig problem in 20 years. they say the past two winters have been dry so the pigs are coming out of the hills looking for food and water. 5:08, a second proposal, why san fransisco is considering another plan to
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issue -- more trouble for toronto's embattled mayor, the run-in he had with a member of city council. >> good morning, right now we are looking at traffic that's doing pretty well. however, the minute it starts to rain it could be a really bad commute. we're on it. we'll tell you more about it straight ahead. >> good morning. most observations at 5 a.m. say cloudy and that includes ukiah and santa rosa. there's been a little bit of rain, we'll see if it's going to pick up anytime soon.
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everybody at 5 a.m. says cloudy on the observations, little bit of light rain overnight, and this morning santa rosa rush river. we're waiting for the rain. we'll see if it makes it here. >> your time now 5:11. the ceo of tesla motors says he's taking action after reports of three electric car fires in two months. janine de la vega live in san jose to tell us the changes the company is making somewhere. >> reporter: we're here at the tesla showroom. you can see the car in question, the model s. ceo i ron musculoskeletal is asking safety -- and is open to making changes if anything trouble has been found. there have been three highly publicized fires involving the company's cars in a matter of six weeks. the national highway transportation safety administration originally said it was not going to conduct a probe because it did not find
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any evidence showing fires were the result of a problem with the car, but tesla wanted an investigation because it says a false perception seems to be growing around the safety of electric cars musk defends the safety record of the car but has made changes. they will be given higher road clearance to make them less likely to penetrate debris that could ignite a blaze and amending the warranty to cover damage due to fire. if regulators offer any suggestions how to improve fire safety, musk says he will implement them. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu news channel 2 news. new this morning, an al- qaeda linked group is claiming responsibility for a massive explosion at the iranian embassy in beirut lebanon that killed at least 23 people. two suicide bombers set off explosives near the embassy
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minutes apart. an iranian diplomat was among those killed. 150 people were injured. the group says it will continue with such attacks until the iranian back hezbollah group withdraws its forces from syria. toronto ice city council has stripped the controversial mayor rob ford of most of his powers after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine and driving under the influence. >> in a heated city council meeting, members voted overwhelmingly to slash ford's budget by 60% and reassign his staff to the deputy mayor. ford was extremely upset and even knocked down one of the council members while racing to confront a heckler. he later apologize to the council. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. i do. >> asking you to apologize to counselor -- >> yes, absolutely. i do sincerely apologize to you counselor mcconnell. >> back here in california, the
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city of san diego is bouncing back after its own mayoral scandal. voters head to the polls today for an election to replace bob filner who served just nine months before resigning amid claims of sexual harassment. the national security agency said it broke its own surveillance rules and repeatedly promised a u.s. intelligence court there would be additional safety measures. that's according to newly declassified court orders. back in 2009, the nsa admitted it collected material improperly after repeatedly promising it would obey the court's rules. the obama administration published the heavily censored files just last night. it's part of an ongoing civil liberties lawsuit challenging the nsa's collection of phone records. tonight the oakland city council is expected to decide if it will move ahead with plans for a controversial surveillance center. the federal grant would pay for a center that would let police officers and firefighters monitor dozens of traffic and
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surveillance cameras all across the city. now supporters say these cameras would dramatically improve the city's response to crimes and to emergencies, but critics cite privacy concerns. they worry the surveillance cameras could turn oakland into a police state. it is 5:15. oakland police are searching for two men who robbed a group of house painters on the job. it happened about 12:30 yesterday afternoon at a home on webster street. the homeowner says four painters had just finished their lunch break when two robbers showed up. one of the thieves held a gun on the four men while the other took their cell phones and wallet. luckily no one was hurt. the painters say it was their first day on the job. and a little league in lake county has been thrown a financial curve ball after a destructive fire ten days ago. the suspicious fire gutted the snack shack and equipment shed at the middle town cob little league ballpark. the league is now looking for
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ways to raise the $20,000 needed to rebuild the buildings and replace the equipment. the goal is to have that money before opening day in march. time now 5:16. let's go over to sal, get everybody out the door,. >> we do have traffic that's beginning to get a little bit more crowded, but we're worried about wet weather, and even though it's not raining right now, we're going to be watching because the minute we have any at all, the roads are going to be slick, and we are going to see slower traffic and we might even see more collisions. it usually happens, i'm hoping it doesn't, but usually it does, westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza, it's light so far. there are no major problems on the san mateo bridge. if you want to get on the road now before any of that wet weather does move through, and again, steve says if, you might want to do that. we'll talk to steve about the forecast in just a moment. as row get over to the peninsula -- as you get over to
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the peninsula the traffic is not that bad. in the santa clara valley, so far it's good. very little on the north bay, sam. >> thank you, steve. >> yes, sir,. >> nice tweet from kathy, her twitter handle is napa valley chick. but she said just started to rain lightly. kathy i think that's north napa but she said very very light. there has been a little bit of rain. you folks in mendocino county have had some rain, ukiah 2 bits. i have not heard from chloe in clear lake. if you had any measurable rain, forestville, that's ron, 15/100 15/100th, russian river. you get the idea, it's been to the north. a little bit of light rain. looks like north napa. that is really really light. there's a lot out here. there's a lot out here, a lot of moisture, the farther north you go the better opportunity. have to wait for things to juice up. this system has stalled out.
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what's new, but there's plenty of moisture that continues to stream in here. that will help things later. the farther north, better opportunity, farther south may have to wait until later this afternoon tonight, there's a possibility into tomorrow. i want to seize a little spin in the atmosphere. that will be here tomorrow. that gives me better hope for something to develop. today we'll get a lot of cloud cover, 50s on the temps. there's plenty here. we need to slide down here, and we just get the streaming of the clouds. here's your cloud and rain forecast. it does bring rain in later. it will weaken comfortably. then into wednesday, possibility, i don't want to say severe but there's a possibility we could get a little more in the way of interesting dynamics tomorrow that might help. we'll see. after that it's gone. this is the rainfall forecast. again, this may -- this doesn't mean it's right. doesn't mean it's right but you can see santa rosa goes 2 inches plus. i'll believe when i see it. hold on to this, lesser amounts
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farther south. san jose picking up a half inch, i would be stunned. there's a lot of moisture here so hopefully things will begin to materialize. 50s on the temps. this is a warm system for the sierra nevada. snow level is going to go up to 7,000 feet. it's in the 30s right now. might get a little rain/snow mix. this is a very warm system. eureka, crescent city looks better up there. i think they'll get good rain north. we do have the moisture continuing to work its way in. the farther north, better opportunity, right now cloudy and mild, off and on rain. more towards the north bay until later on. the breeze has picked up out of the southeast. we might be a little breezy at times, highs today, the farther north you go, you'll see more 50s. sonoma at 59. 64 livermore. this can be a warm pattern for the santa clara valley. kind of cloudy and muggy really. very tropical like south. the farther north you have a better opportunity for rain. clearing on thursday. then windy and warmer as the
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low dives into southern california. we'll get the warmer temps by then. it is 5:20. the federal government has reached a settlement on all mortgage securities. the $13 billion deal is the largest ever reached between a government and a private corporation, in this case jpmorgan chase. it includes $6 billion for investors and $4 billion to help struggling homeowners, although that will not be a cash payment. the remaining $3 billion is a fine payable to the treasury department. and taking a look at where the stocks closed yesterday, two of the indexes had briefly surpassed milestones. the dough went above 16,000 for a time, closed up 14 at 15.96. the nasdaq was down 36, and the s&p briefly passed 1800 but closed down 6 and the markets right now are mixed, not a lot of movement at the moment. exxon mobil is taking steps to refocus on its core
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business. the world's largest oil company is selling off its majority stake in a hong kong utility for nearly $3.5 billion. many global oil companies have struggled to boost production and are spending heavily on exploration and new projects. exon has also been looking for ways to put more cash into the pockets of investors. time now 5:22, a new backlash against the world's biggest retailer, how one group says everybody all over the country can help wal-mart workers one day next week. >> and new information surrounding the death of actress brittany murphy, why a new report shows she may not have died of natural causes.
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good morning. cloudy skies, very little rain up in napa, browns valley area has picked up a little bit of light rain. things are kind of quiet right now. it should favor the north bay this morning, maybe south later on. >> your time now 5:25. the city of oakland working together trying to provide shelter for the homeless as cold and rainy weather starts heading for the bay area. the oakland tribune reports officials want to find space for as many as 100 people at existing shelters. but finding a bed could be tough this year after a shelter closed at the former oakland army base last spring. shelters are asking for donations of sheets, blankets, towels pajamas and clothing to help with the extra demand.
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a federal judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order that would have blocked the eviction of homeless people from the albany bulb. about 60 people are living in tents and makeshift homes. it's a former dump site just north of golden gate fields. the city of albany says that encamp. there poses health and safety concerns. last month the city council voted to evict the people there and clean that area out. the homeless people who tried to block the eviction said this violates their constitutional rights. it is 5:26. there are calls for a national boycott of wal-mart on black friday. boycott organizers say the effort is designed to help the wal-mart workers who can't get by on what they earn even if they're working full-time. they add many wal-mart workers would like to work more hours but just aren't offered that opportunity. uc berkeley professor robert rice who was the labor secretary during the clinton administration says wal-mart pays its workers an average of
5:27 am
$8.80 an hour. >> people can be on food stamps and medicaid. we are in effect subsidizing wal-mart so that wal-mart doesn't have to pay a living wage to its employees. >> we called wal-mart to ask about the planned boycott and have not received a response yet. the world's biggest retailer meanwhile is starting its holiday sales a week early. wal-mart says it will start offering black friday specials online and in its stores this friday. sears kmart, target and disney stores say they'll have deals starting on saturday, but the national retail federation says pushing shoppers to buy gifts earlier may not lead to more sales. time now 5:27. a former oakland raiders linebacker identified as a victim in yesterday's deadly crash on interstate 880, more on what we're finding out about the other person involved and hopis how
5:28 am
his wife found out about his death. >> and light sprinkles here in rohnert park this morning, but more rain is coming to the bay area. >> good morning, right now traffic is going to be moving along pretty well on northbound 280 in san jose. we're waiting for the wet weather, though. >> we're all waiting for it. there's a little bit up towards the north bay. if you're up there, maybe a wet morning commute, but for everyone else i think you're all right. there's a lot of moisture. will that eventually bring us some rain.
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good morning welcome back, these are live pictures in rohnert park this morning. we saw some light rain out there this morning, some sprinkles, maybe even that slowing down right now. but rain is headed around the bay area. we have alex savidge out there at rohnert park right now. steve's watching everything for you. we'll keep you posted. it is tuesday morning, november 19th, i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. it's 5:30 and let's check in with steve. >> thank you very much. unless you're in the north bay things are quiet here. it's trying, it being some rain trying to move through again. there's been a little bit of measurable rain into lake county, mendocino county. a couple light reports in the napa valley, and it's also in between right now into mendocino county, most of lake county. very good rain on the north coast. there's a stream of moisture coming in and unfortunately
5:32 am
there's not much organized to it. but temperatures are in the 50s. they'll stay in the 50s farther south the more opportunity to stay dry. you see anything in there that looks like rain. maybe up here. but we need that to sag south and i think that will be later. cloudy, off and on rain farther north, yes, little breezy at times out of the south, southeast. 50s, low to mid-60s for some. here's sal. >> steve, good morning. we are looking at traffic that is still looking pretty good around the bay as we look at the east shore freeway. it's getting more crowded by the minute. i think people have heard the forecast and it seems as if many are on the road early, at least trying to beat any rain that may come through. >> looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic looks good. if you are driving on to the bridge into the city, it also looks good into the city. if you're driving in the south bay northbound 101 is okay. northbound 680 at montague, there is a crash. this crash is going to be blocking the right lane for a bit. now i want you to know that
5:33 am
it's going to be there for a while because chp has issued an alert. it is the non-commute direction. however, it looks like this is going to be there for a bit. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are hoping our long dry spell is finally over. the bay area is expecting its first rainfall in about two months starting today. ktvu's alex savidge is live in rohnert park up in the north bay where you were telling us earlier you saw some light drizzle coming down there alex? >> you know, at this point it's very, very light, tori. we're ready for the rain up here in rohnert park but really just light sprinkles is what we're getting in this area right now. of course we are eventually expecting more rain to come through. let me get you a live look here. this is 101 coming through rohnert park. this is the southbound direction of traffic. there's a little bit of moisture on the roads because we did have some light stuff kind of move through this area, not causing any problems on the roads so far, at least what we
5:34 am
can see here. more rain definitely coming and that means you're going to want to take it easy out there during your drive to work and from work. a half inch or maybe more expected over the next couple of days, and of course it is sorely needed here in the bay area. many water districts around our area are hoping for a wet winter so there won't have to be any rationing next year. water agencies say this past year has been a dry one, one of the driest on record in terms of the calendar year, and while most people are glad to see rain finally moving into this area, they are also worried about the commute. >> absolutely we need it, even though it's going to make the commute long later. >> the afternoon commute. >> the afternoon commute will be special. >> the first significant rain in about two months, the last time we had a good soaking in the bay area was back in september. and this is video from that time. it was just about a day or so of rain, but enough came down to cause a lot of accidents with very slick roads and so as this storm moves in later on
5:35 am
today, the chp is urging everyone to slow down out there and to not follow too closely behind that car in front of you. live this morning in rohnert park, alex savidge ktvu channel news. >> thank you alex, and it's 5:34. the anticipated rain is raising concerns about possible landslides on mount diablo. about two months ago, wildfire in the eastern slope of the mountain near clayton burned about 3700 acres. now erosion experts are warning the rains could trigger landslides on the charred slopes where there's no vegetation to hold the soil. however they say it would take heavy rain to cause major landslide problems and steve is tracking the rain on our ktvu weather center and we'll have updates on when and where it's falling throughout the morning. you can get the latest information on our channel 2 web site time now 5:35. concerned about the safety of
5:36 am
tesla's popular electric car have been growing for weeks. federal regulators are taking action. janine de la vega joining us live from san jose and janine it was tesla's ceo who asked for this. >> yes, dave. tesla's ceo, elan musk stands here with a sign that says it's the safest car in america. by calling for the investigation he hopes to prove the safety safety record to the skeptics. there have been three highly publicized fires involving the company's electric cars in a matter of six weeks. the national highway transportation safety administration originally said it was not going to conduct a probe because it did not find any evidence showing fires were the result of a problem with the car. but tesla wanted an investigation because it says a false perception seems to be growing around the safety of electric cars.
5:37 am
musk defends the safety record of the car. the electric cars will be given higher road clearance to make them less likely to strike debris that could potentially penetrate the battery pack and ignite a blades and they're amending the warranty to cover damage due to fire. if regulators offer suggestions on how to improve fire safety he says he will implement them and says he does not expect the model s to be recalled. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega news news channel 2 news. 5:37 happening today, family members and friends of a missing girl will gather in hayward to mark a tragic 25th 25th anniversary. on november 19th, 1988 a man jumped out of a parked car and kidnapped 9-year-old makayla garrett outside of a grocery store on mission boulevard. since then police in hayward have followed up thousands of tips and hundreds of leads, but there's been no sign of the missing girl. police are still looking for her kidnapper. this morning's vigil will be held outside the same grocery
5:38 am
store where the kidnapping occurred 25 years ago. we're learning more information about a shooting in san fransisco's soma district that left a woman dead and another one critically hurt. police say the two women were shot in a apartment on 6th and jesse streets sunday morning after getting into an argument with another driver. that driver is accused of firing at their car at least 15 times injuring danisha bean and killing her 23-year-old passenger medical q3 sha melquiesha warren. >> it's hard, i'm not going to have my child come through the door when she gets off work, hearing her keys, slamming the door looking for something to eat. it's painful. >> warren would have celebrated her 24th birthday this saturday. family members say they're going to hold a vigil in her memory instead of the celebration they had been planning. we're also learning more about the victims in that deadly crash on interstate 880
5:39 am
yesterday. one was a 64-year-old man zang lu of hayward, the other former oakland raiders linebacker thomas howard. the crash happened yesterday morning on southbound 880 in oakland near 16th avenue. police say howard was traveling northbound going more than 100 miles an hour when he lost control, flipped into the southbound lanes, and crashed into lu. neighbors say his wife received the news while she was on vacation in china. >> she was in shock, and she was -- she was crying so bad. >> thomas howard played with the oakland raiders from 2006 until 2010. he was on his way home from a comedy show when that deadly crash occurred. the former teammates say he was a good friend, and he will be missed. 5:39. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is set to meet thursday to decide whether to ratify the new union contract. yesterday b.a.r.t.
5:40 am
management met with union leaders to discuss the problem that would derail the entire tentative contract agreement. both sides tried to put a dollar amount of a family leave clause that b.a.r.t. claims was inadvertently included in the final contracts. so far b.a.r.t. unions have rejected management's calls for new contract talks to iron out that glitch. however, both sides are down playing the threat of another strike at least for now. this morning union representatives from the university of california, its largest union and the public employment relations board, will be in court to fight over how many health care workers will be allowed to take part in a one-day strike tomorrow. the union represents 21,000 workers at all five uc medical centers including ucsf here in the bay area. the union says the one-day strike is to protest what it calls intimidation of workers who took part in a two-day walkout in may.
5:41 am
at this morning's hearing, a judge will determine how many essential workers will be ordered to stay on the job during the strike. time is now 5:40. four san fransisco supervisors are joining forces to get a measure on the november 2014 ballot to tax sugary drinks sold in the city. the supervisor will introduce his proposal today. it follows another version by supervisor scott wheeler introduced just three weeks ago. they're going to eventually merge their plans into one measure to go on the ballot. supervisors malia cohen supports the proposed tax. it is 5:41. arrested again. >> he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> why george zimmerman is back behind bars and facing a felony charge. >> plus the high cost of cleaning up san fransisco's parks, how this could play a role in where the homeless are allowed to sleep. >> and it may not be raining now, but it could be raining
5:42 am
later and you should plan for that for your drive home. right now traffic on 280 in san jose is looking good. >> and some light rain up towards the sonoma area and also napa very light i might add. somebody eat getting some rain, but what about here in the bay area. will that moisture make it.
5:43 am
5:44 am
cloudy skies, some very light rain, mainly at the sonoma county napa, i mean really light. there's not much going on. maybe things will pick up later. there is some showing up offshore. time now 5:44. george zimmerman arrested again in florida. this morning we are hearing the 9-1-1 call from his girlfriend after he allegedly assaulted her. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sunglasses
5:45 am
and you put your gun in my fricken face. >> get out of my house. do not push me out of my house. >> george zimmerman is due in court later today after being charged with felony aggravated assault and two steen misdemeanors. he was arrested yesterday in seminole county florida. zimmerman told police his girlfriend is pregnant, but she denied that. >> i just wanted to leave. she had told me that it was better, she was pregnant with ore child and she told me it was better she raise the child on her own. >> this is the latest run in with police zimmerman has had since being acquitted in the death of trayvon martin earlier this year. >> police responded to a domestic dispute involving his estranged wife but no charges were filed in that case. several people living in a san fransisco housing complex will hold a rally outside the mission district police station. the protest comes after a
5:46 am
violent confrontation between police and residents of valencia gardens apartments on friday. this was caught on tape. a lot of residents claim police brutality, they say police officers overreacted while trying to arrest a man for illegally riding a bike on the sidewalk. at one point a plain clothes officer in baseball cap punched a man in a gray shirt. >> that's considered reasonable force. >> that suspect initially had a confrontation with other officers. he was ordered to leave not once but twice. >> police also say officers used reasonable force against an angry crowd that was getting out of hand. hayward police are looking for two people that were shot and killed in a city park. it happened around 3:30 in centennial park on amador street. a gunman fired at least five shots near the baseball fields. witnesses saw two people running from the scene, 16-year-
5:47 am
old christopher prasinos died at the hospital. so far no arrests have been made. the latest attempt to stop violent crime in oakland is a plan police have tried before but with poor results. >> it certainly hasn't been effective so far, and there's no -- there's really no information suggesting it's effective. >> that's reinforced in this audit that we obtained by 2 investigates. tonight at 5 we'll take you through the audit, show you how the crime fighting strategy is supposed to work and why oakland police insist this time there will be better results. both democrats and republicans are turning to their supporters to make the case for or against the new health care law. republicans are asking people to send them personal stories of negative experiences with the affordable care act. and president obama held a phone call last night with supporters. he said the health web site was getting better each
5:48 am
week but encouraged people to get signed up by mail, by phone and in person as well. a new toxicology report shows actress brittany murphy may have been poisoned. the report shows rat poison may have caused her death. murphy was found dead in her home on december 20th, 2009. back then the coroner ruled she died because of pneumonia and anemia. her husband died five months later from the same causes. the report also suggests the two of them could have been murdered by a third-party. >> wow. really strange, strange story. 5:48. want to check in with sal. so no rain yet for the bay area. it's taking its sweet time getting here. you say we should be prepared. >> yeah, you guys know what happens had it starts to rain. it's unfortunate but it's correlated with a lot of crashes. so we'll -- you know, we'd be on the lookout for that even though it's not raining right
5:49 am
now, your commute later today getting around could be affected, even with just a little bit of rain that happens. westbound bay bridge small delay at the toll plaza. i want to change the subject and look at the east shore freeway. it looks good so far. traffic moving along well, so right now is a good time to be driving. don't let me get you down there. if you're driving on santa clara valley freeways, a little bit of road work. the big problem is northbound 680 at the montague expressway. we have a truck accident here, and it's in -- traffic is going to be affected. it's going to be there for a long time. watch for traffic maybe to be affected southbound. and one thing before i toss it to steve. steve, did you know it's sell fee day, really oxford word of the year? selfie. you're going to be taking pictures of yourself. >> send me a selfie to my facebook page. >> and keep it clean. >> please, steve, please. >> all right.
5:50 am
sal, thank you. not here to be a downer, never never never want to be that. try and lift you up. cloudy, drizzle to the north, a very light rain. we're kind of in between right now. by noon still cloudy, rain begins to pick up in the north bay. better bet this evening and tonight. right now things are very quiet. there has been some rain. ukiah picked up 27100s. forestville 15, santa rosa 10, that's it so far. there are projection of a lot more than that. trying it being rain trying to get things going here. there's been some decent rain way to the north. by that i mean arcadia, crescent city, eureka and fern dale. sp weather if you want to send me weather information. still pretty good up there. they can easily get 2 to 3 inches up north. for us there's plenty of moisture but this system has stalled out to the north. we have to wait for this to drop a little bit. what bugs me about this is there's no lifting. we need a lifting mechanism.
5:51 am
the jet stream's not over us. we have to basically wait for this kind of moisten things up and then start driving south. a better system tomorrow, a little better dynamics for tomorrow. today a lot of cloud cover, forecast model tries to put rain in here. by this evening it does. tonight maybe on the ride home things will be a lot different than the morning commute which for most will be dry unless you're to the north. overall by wednesday night, thursday this thing's long gone and we go back to try again. plenty of moisture here, but see where the bulk of it is, that's staying to the north. north bay is in line. we're not here until later on. 39 in tahoe, a very warm system. 50 in ukiah, 51 sacramento. 65 to maybe even 7500 feet snow level. 8,000 might get a little bit of snow. it's not much of a snow system because it's too warm. the warm invection right now so that comes in, cloudy, mild for most, off and on rain. north bay better opportunity. even that's been light. a little breezy at times,
5:52 am
temperatures coming in 60s for some, 50s for others. we'll go 57 clear lake. i know there's been a little off and on light rain. antioch 61, brentwood 62 to oakley 62. 64 livermore. morgan hill gilroy a balmy tropical feel with that south wind and cloudy skies and even 63 palo alto and mountain view. clouds, showers on wednesday maybe a possibility of a thunder bump or two, not completely sold on it but maybe. clearing out thursday and windy and warmer for us with rain in southern california by friday. >> thank you steve. it is 5:52. yahoo says it's taking a new step to protect its users privacy. the sunnyvale company says it will encrypt all information sent through data centers before next april. yahoo had already promised to encrypt its e-mail service in january. yahoo says it's taken the steps after the report the national security agency has been hacking into communication lines of its data centers.
5:53 am
the report says the nsa was looking for information about what people do and say online. california is bucking a national trend on gas prices. our prices continue to slip as they started to inch up across the rest of the country. in san fransisco gas is down $3.68 for a gallon of regular. it's about 3.55 around the rest of the bay area. that's down $0.04 a gallon from last week. the national average is up $0.04 in the last week at 3.21 a gallon. >> did you see those prices? >> yes. >> so do i. time now 5:5 #. a bay area mom comes out swinging against kids she calls bullies. why she says the attack on her teenage daughter will not stay a secret and why she wants a worldwide audience. >> plus a new kind of airport security has a plan to make travelers safer and also is causing a lot of confusion. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and good morning, cloudy skies, almost everyone saying cloudy, some light rain trying to fall again about santa rosa and marin county or maybe a little bit but emphasis on very very little here with mostly cloudy. rain looks like a better opportunity this afternoon and this evening. >> time now 5:56. a ktvu investigation finds a big increase in car break-ins
5:57 am
in san fransisco. police say break-ins are up 31% this year. more than 13,000 cars have been burglarized. the hot spots include lombard street, fisherman's wharf and the embarcadero where police say thieves target drivers who leave valuables out in plain view. >> you know, they'll look in, gaze in, stop, go back to a car. bypass a car make sure nobody's following them, come back to a car, that sort of thing. >> police are warning all drivers, don't leave anything in your cars, even in a parking garage. parking in san rafael is about to cost more money because the city is planning to spend $750,000 to install parking meters that take credit cards. part of the installation hourly rates will go up to $1.50 an hour for all on street meters. it is 5:57. a new machine is popping up at airports across the nation that will replace security personnel who watch the exits, but it's also causing a lot of
5:58 am
confusion. with these detention pods, you see passengers leaving the terminal, enter the rather elevator like machine and wait for the doors to open so they can exit. they're made of bullet proof glass and can hold up to six people. >> i've never seen those before, so i travel quite a bit through many different airports, and i don't understand the purpose of that right there. it bottlenecks you coming up when they should want you to leave. >> the airport commission thinks passengers will get used to the security machines when more airports started aing them crass the nation. -- across the nation. 5:58, investigating a firefighters' tragic death and it wasn't in a fire. how he died in yuba city over the weekend and why they're shocked over who is being investigated. >> and tense moments overnight in the north bay as officers surround a home, new information about an officer involved shooting in guerneville. >> we have a problem in the south bay, northbound 680 at the montague expressway. we have a big rig that collided with one of the guardrails and this is going to be a lengthy
5:59 am
operation for them to fix it. you can see is there a hard closure going on right now, and traffic is going to be slow on 680 heading out of san jose. >> except for a little bit of rain, there's a lot of lover. i mean it looks -- a lot of cloud cover, i mean it looks like rain, it smells like rain so where's rain.
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