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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 19, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." fishermen spot something struggling in a plastic bag. that turns out to be -- >> a baby dolphin. >> see the rescue and the amazing way the dolphin says thanks. >> hey. oh, flipper. >> look out below because -- >> those are not fish jumping out of the water. >> why a swimmer here needed a helmet. >> remember the guy who used his
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wrecked jeep to help oklahoma tornado victims? >> the offroading community really took to this story. >> how the campaign to rebuild stomper did one beautiful job. >> i don't know where to begin. it's amazing. >> plus the buzz word for your short at a 42 inch flat screen tv and, boy, are you two in trouble. how the guilty looks gave them away. >> who did this? look at me. >> videos like this a clear reminder that you have to be careful with your trash because you don't know who or what it can endanger. this is in brazil and there is a plastic bag and the plastic bag has attached itself to a baby dolphins. >> aw. i hate to see this. >> some fishermen have spotted this dolphin with the bag around it. they're trying to catch the
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dolphin to set it free. the dolphin kind of swims away. do they give up? no. they take that boat and follow after it. >> it's got to be tough for the dolphin to get around. the bag might have been causing resistance for the dolphin as it trying to swim. it's like dragging a bunch of weight. >> like dragging a parachute around with you. >> and you can really get to see how small had little dolphin is. >> it's a cute little buggar. >> it is a cute little buggar. >> he's like, hey, hey, i'm in the net, don't eat me. >> he's so small. >> once they hold him and have him by two hands, it's kind of very still. watch how he thanks them and it's awesome. >> even though they were fishermen, they threw it back out. >> hey!
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>> talk about two very intense close calls. both from melbourne, australia. this truck driver is on his way to melbourne. you're about to see what this driver calls the most stupid piece of driving he's ever seen. you see this car pull up and suddenly swerve to the right, loses control, almost hits the trailer of that truck and just rolling toward the guardrail, spins back into traffic and this truck barely misses. >> the guy has like a honda accord and he's driving like a ferrari. >> and also in melbourne, you see an 88 elderly man wobbling on the platform. an oncoming train coming into the station. the man falls down on to the tracks. fortunately the driver of the
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train was able to see this happening and managed to get the train to stop just inches from the man's body. >> how the heck did he get that train to stop? wow. >> he had only feet to stop the entire train. >> he was probably slowing down to stop at the platform to pick people up, you know, but still. it's still a giant train you have to have come to a screeching halt. >> was the man suffering from a medical condition? was he disoriented. >> we know he was taken to the hospital and doing okay. no reports on what caused him to fall. some people say he had fainted before he fell in and on to the tracks. mother nature unleashed her wrath in some unique ways in different parts of the world over the weekend. first in australia. you see the splashes in those are not, if jumping out of thew.
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those are orange-size hail stones. >> looks like bombs going off. >> oh, the solar panelling down there have to be destroying that stuff. >> these were incredibly destructive. news reports say the insurance claims on this storm alone will be in the millions. >> there's a couple that land in the grass there. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out. the same guy ended up getting footage after the storm. at one point steve ott picks up one of those and look at that. there's a third video of this same hail storm from the beach. it was interrupting what they're calling a surfing parade going on. can you see and hear how destructive this storm was. >> what do you do if there's no cover for you? >> there was a report of a woman
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who get hit and this family life. >> you can see the tumble we'd blowing in their direction. the entire road is completely covered in piles. the piles are al. >> you're trying to figure out exactly where the road is. >> i can't see the fence. >> turn to the right. no no, no, no. >> in is kind of cool. >> but you can't see where you're going. >> they're drowning in the field of tumble weeds. >> was there a meeting? >> a convention. >> hold everything. it's time to remind you we're giving away another flat screen tv in just a little bit. up. >> need the tuesday buzz word,
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be 18 or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> it's your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> this video is sure to spark debate oaf your constitutional rights. you're seeing a group of las vegas police officers is a. the man that lost las vegas said i'm going to invoke my fifth amendment right here. i don't want to talk to anybody until i speak to my attorney and my attorney is standing right there. tease what officers start to
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tell stubs to ep and and then gets arrested for obstruction of justice. >> the attorney? >> yes sfp so we have attorney steven stubs joining us "right this minute." is there any way you were obstructing the police officers? >> first i was talking with the sergeant and he was fine with me being there. then gang task force showed up and they had a problem with me being there during the interrogation. the charge person charged ordered me to leave so he could ingar and then ordered me to leave so they could interview him without me. so there was no way that they were questioning your client over. >> it a turning is pap and detans them for a long period of time trying to get intelligence about what's going on in the motorcycle world.
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>> what do you wish the outcome had been. >> questioning should have stopped or gone out without me being present. >> so what happened to your client after you were april rested? >> he was interrogated without me and then they gave him some traffic citations, which we're going to fight in court. he refused to answer any of their other questions. >> what happened to you? i was looked and it sam clement. we plan on making civil action to make sure this want pleasing sed. >> we're heating things up with some vino. evidently all the wines are m opened things wrong. >> how to pop bottles the russian way. >> when none of her faemts work,
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o one. >> >> we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. >> after the delivery, i was okay. and the pain is starting again. more pills. seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more bills, what a pain. can i [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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beware of a mad woman because things can get out of control. this woman driving her car runs over her partner with the car. backs up. >> no! >> yup. drives up giveagain. meanwhile the man is on the ground already injured.
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people are frantically trying to get her to stop. and driving super close to the man on the ground and gets away. at this point witnesses say that she had already run him over multiple times. >> did they arrest this woman? >> see ended up fleeing the scene. a witness followed her and she ended up driving over an embankment and had to be rescued by police officers and a kayaker nearby. she suffered injuries. she was taken into custody. >> no fight or argument is worth this. you can't run somebody over. >> ever. >> and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to this angry woman. you can see her talking to the clerk behind the counter and suddenly she reaches over, taps the register. >> what? >> the clerk manages to close the door just before she gets any money. but that makes her really mad and she starts saying things to
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him. >> she slapped him. >> yup. she takes the credit card machine, tries to use that against him. when none of her attempts work, she reaches into her bag and look at what she pulls out. >> a stiletto. a shoe. sheep is using her heel as a weapon now. >> that's weird. >> apparently she'd gone to a nearby store and had unsuccessfully tried to clear for all of the wine lovers. evidently all of the wine lovers out there have been opening their bottles wrong all along. >> what? >> what's up, everything. we'll come back. this is alex. we're going to open bottle of wine with a torch. what i want to do is warm up the bottle. >> whoa. >> boom. >> look at that. but i will say there will be
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some wine snobs out there who will say you're heating it up, it's not good. >> you're going to damage the grape. >> right. >> we're going to find out exactly why this works and whether or not you you should do this. >> he bathes in wine. >> he's drunk all the time. >> this is courtesy of a hack person why is this working? >> because of the way gas interacts when the temperature changes. if you increase pressure, pressure is going to increase. there's enough pressure buildup because of the glow cork. >> and you've got the top of the line as boiling there. . it is very, very controversial. you done want to heat up your wine unless you're cooking with it. >> we've also been doing something else wrong with our bottles of wine. >> before you can even try to
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get the cork out of there, there's that foil. all you have to do is grab it and pull it right off. >> try it yourself. just -- exactly. >> i don't think that will work on every single bottle. >> i kind of want to try it now, though. where's the wine? >> he already drank it in the middle of the day. >> steps have been placed because these little piggies are off to the races. >> see them swim all the way home. >> and your chance to win a flat screen tv is getting closer. the tuesday buzz word is next. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't foet to check out great videos all day long. enjoy. >> guys, i have an update on a story i brought you way back in june. you may remember the tornadoes that struck moore, oklahoma. >> f-4 half mile wide. you can hear the roar. there's a large debris flying in this crowd and we are going. see you later. >> devastating tornadoes. brian hut a traveled from his home in ohio to visit his family in moorks parked his nice orange jeep rubicon in the garage. it got wrecked. he took it out and did everything he could to help with his wrecked jeep. the offroading community really
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took to this story and wanted to do everything they could to help brian. a huge social media campaign took place to rebuild what he called stomper. over the past months, that jeep was in the process of being rebuilt. most importantly, let me show you brian, the owner of stomper seeing his jeep for the first time in months. >> here comes brian. >> walking into the convention center in las vegas. it was at display at the convention. look at this jeep. looked nothing like it did. it is spectacular. >> it looks brand new. >> better than new. >> do you want to drive it after that? is it looks so pretty and nice. >> this shows stomper being delivered back to moore, oklahoma. look at the neighbors coming out to see the truck that helped them out. >> so to tell us about this
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incredible support, we have brian and stomper joining us right this minute. man, that thing looks spectacular! brian, tell us about it. >> i don't know where to begin. it's amazing what happens when a community comes together to rebuild something and restore it back to where it was before mother nature strikes and takes a toll on. >> did it look that good when you first bought it? >> oh, no, i couldn't afford a jeep that looked like that. >> what did it mean to you to see all the people there that witnessed the unveiling of the stomper? >> there were enough jeeps that showed up to escort stomper home, we had to get a police escort, 100 jeeps following. >> what does your son think of it? >> it's his. and it will be eventually. >> are you going to drive it or -- >> you can't tell in the video, there's already mud on it. >> the one thing i've learned on this show is that animals can be
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very entertaining. we start in the hunan province in china. organizers organize it so you can bet on the pigs to see who will come in the first three rounds of racing. they're going to jump in the water and race and there they go! >> that's a long jump for those little pigs. that's a very high dock. >> i don't think it's too long for them because they all appear to be okay. they're swimming to the proper mark. this is their first time doing it. >> what makes them go? when you go to a dog race, they're chasing that bunny on the mechanical arm kind of thing. is there food? >> i'm going to say there's food. there's always food involved when it comes to animals doing things. >> this video is from maria's honeymoon in thailand in july.
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she's feeding a young elephant mang mangos. watch what happens when she runs out. kind of gives her a blow kiss. i'm saying it's a kiss. >> i think you're right, just kissed her right on the face like thank you so much for this sweet treat. elephants are such remarkable creatures. how fun to have such an encounter with this elephant. >> it's time to give away a flat screen tv. >> you have to have the tuesday buzz word, must be a u.s. resident and be 18 years old or older. >> enter on our facebook page. >> or if you're using a mobile phone, go to the first page. >> and the tuesday buzz word is
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reports of high levels of carbon monoxide were coming in at providence, rhode island. so the news crews over the wpri in providence went to the scene because there were reports of explosions. their cameras trained at the right spot to capture this. that's just one of several manhole explosions. you heard the clank of that manhole come bouncing down. there were a couple of utility workers standing nearby. that was one of several
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explosions around providence. >> were people injured? at any given point someone could have been crossing, street, walking their dog. >> driving their car over it. >> surprisingly only two minor injuries reported by the mayor. you see the brown university students were advised to stay away from windows for a while the utility company still trying to figure out what exactly caused these explosions. >> bad news, guys. lionel and ellie got themselves in some pretty big trouble. lionel in the brown, ellie in the white. she's dogs belong to mollie barker and her boy friend, julio. there's a little dog shame here. julio's behind the camera. listen to him. >> ellie, who did this? look at me. >> what was done? >> they destroyed an entire package of toilet paper and also
9:58 am
a jplunger. >> but lionel is looking down like if i don't look at them, maybe they won't know. >> he did it, he did it. >> hey, they left one roll. >> it's so sweet. they're in it together. that's what's so great about it. >> that's not what ellie's thinking. she's like i had nothing to do with this, okay, but we're in it together. look at guilty one, hiding behind me. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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from new york city, it's "wendy williams." today, the lovely ladies from be the the best man holiday" are on the couch. plus, how did makz do on the judges table table at "dancing with the stars" and all the latest. here is wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yeah.


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