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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ahead of one condition, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete pay area coverage starts right now. this is the morning news. good morning, we are taking you live to vallejo this morning outside police headquarters, investigating a string much robberies, one in which a couple was robbed in assume are market and we will check in with tara moriarty in just a minute. >> i am pam cook, it is friday eve. >> i am dave clark, roads are wet, steve knows about the forecast. >> i certainly hope so. >> one more little impulse rotating through that is giving us some rain, the low is packing its bags and setting down to southern california but we have a little bit of rain
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out from brentwood and over towards livermore and danville, walnut creek and all of it is still holding on, a wet commute for highway 4 and 580 over towards the split heading down to san jose, you might encounter some rain and after that it starts to fall apart, 880 is towards san jose and it is a little bit colder even though it is in the 50s, our low is definitely wrapped up but it is making a "b" line towards southern california so some morning rain and it will be a little cooler for the lows but this is it for this system, a few upper 50s and here is sal. >> steve, we are looking at a commute which is getting a little bit worse and we had a report of a crash in berkeley and we have a picture of the
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east shore freeway and it is hard to tell because the headlights are coming towards us and if there is indeed a crash there as reported by chp traffic will start backing up into the richmond area and it will be magnified and i am getting worried this will be pushed off to the right hand shoulder and there are delays. so the road will be wet and that is another thing to keep you in line. we have a 15 minute delay there already and north 101 and 208 are getting busy and they are showing some slow traffic near mckey and they are getting into the sunnyvale area, they are clearing an accident in the
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santa cruz mountains near laurel, let's go back to the desk. they are investigating 8 armed robberies last night and they think most of them are related. tara moriarty is joining us live in vallejo and tara moriarty, there is a photo which may help this investigation. >> the robbers went all over the area striking four places at least several times. two african-american suspects wearing a key mask held victims at gunpoint. they stole wallets and other things and police say now is the season when robberies spike. >> during christmas, that sort of thing, we have more
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robberies. it is just, the hours are darker sooner, that sort of thing and also there is more shoppers so there is more victims. >> this is the photo taken from costco where a driver was taken and it is grainy and others want you to be on the lookout, investigators say one of the suspects with lighter skinned 5- foot 9 inches and the other suspect, 6-foot tall, 180 pounds, one victim had to be treated for injuries he received when he was pistol whipped at the parking lot. >> the one in the mission district was caught on camera,
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it shows undercover officers involved in a melee with several people outside the housing complex and was followed by claims of brutality. he wants his police officers to where cameras to help monitor continues situations. within the next few weeks they equipped some police officers. three students are accused of a hate crime against an african-american student. here is more of the allegations including putting a lock around the student's neck. you are hearing how students are reacting? >> yes, news of this alleged incident has been spreading on campus and it supposedly happened on one of these high-
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rise buildings and this is the campus dorm. three while male students are being charged with hate crime and battery against their black freshman roommate. it reportedly happened in august through october and involved the defendants calling the black male student 3 / 5th or fractions and that's how they used to count black slaves. they placed a lock around his lock and refused to give him a key to underlock it. they also barricaded the victim inside trying to lock him inside a closet. students are just in disbelief over the allegations. >> i am shocked. like i have never experienced anything like that so i am
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definitely shocked. >> the prosecutor handling the case kept a picture of hitler and a pentagram in the room and they are holding some sort of an event in the room at 12. we have reached out to them and the d.a.'s office has identified them as joseph warren, joseph madison bumgarner they they are freshman here and if they are convicted they could face a year in county jail. now coming up in the next hour of the news, we will tell you what everybody is saying about this on willer -- twitter. reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they need to respond to the latest affecting hundreds of thousands of commuters.
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they are willing to sit down with bart management to work out their differences over their contested agreement but that's only if they ratify the new contract. earlier they said they would reject it citing an expensive pay legend. the group wants to show support in its latest contract dispute and they will be out out there with them at 6:30. >> some buildings are forced to make their buildings seismically safe. they have 158 residential buildings which are considered unsafe. they are informing tenants they are not earthquake safe and
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they will submit plans to retrofit the building by 2017. a final vote will be taken december 3rd. and the city of sol alito want people to stay away. neighbors don't like the loud speakers or the bus engines. they can't keep them away but can ban them from certain areas like alexander street. they hope to do that by summer tour season. and in alamo square, some of the neighbors complained about the traffic near those victorrian homes known as the painted ladies. they will soon require seat belts on large buses. they finalized lap and shoulder belts on motor coaches which
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began in late 2016 for the sake of safety. speaking of that, the current commercial buses will not be required to have seat belts. time now 6:09, a decision on health insurance, 1 million of them will find out if they can keep their own insurance policies. and it will not be hurt there any time soon. good morning, we are looking at a live picture on interstate 880 and maybe we are slowing you down coming out of richmond. yesterday there was a really good rain and i will tell you when the sun will make an appearance again. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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. well examine back, time now 4:16 this is a modified boeing 747, they used it to transport parts of the dreamliner from the west to the main one in washington state. it was supposed to land in mcconnel air force base in wichita but it landed 12 miles away at an aviation airport but that airport is so small they
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can't even turnaround. they asked them why they landed at the wrong airport. they were startled to hear a loud bang and the emergency slide from the front of the plane opened up inside the plane. most passengers could not tell what the problem was. >> i think what it diana wasserman-rubin it was nobody including the flight attendant was hit or really hurt but they have been taken out of service until the airline can determine what went really wrong. >> the board that oversee is the new health insurance exchange could decide how long you could hang on to your concerning policy. if you like your plan, you can keep it for another year but
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kyla never said it was a done deal. >> reporter: they are considering a proposal to keep i cannisting -- existing plans and many do not meet the standard. they will decide if they can keep those plans and if so for how long. it could be the one year extension president barack obama announced last week and it could be an extension through march. he said it was one he could not keep. they were one they would require but no plan would exist. >> now hospitals are filing lawsuits and children's hospitals and they are talking about this and some say it would be a bad decision for everybody in the state.
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the concerns they have is for everybody's wallets, we will have that story coming up new. and gathering of elders and security leaders they should support an agreement even though there is little trust between the two countries. >> and this is president karzai, ahmed wali karzai said he does not trust americans and americans done trust him. the five-day council gathering will discuss the proposed security agreement which outlines the plan for troops to stay in afghanistan beyond 2014. tray will take a lead of absence after pleading guilty of cocaine. >> i have to rebuild trust with this home that means so much to me and i also need to do it for
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my family. >> he is also going into rehabilitation. he was arrested after buying a small amount of cocaine from undercover acts. he can't painted on -- undercover agents. he can't pain had and the tea party supported him. sean penn is caught screaming at a man who tried taking his picture at the regis hotel. >> they postedthis video of the confrontation, it happened in the hotel's lobby bar. sean penn grabbed the plan's phone slammed it to the ground and he was scheduled to speak at the dream force conference. >> 6:17 is the time. >> sal is covering traffic, rain was heavier overnight.
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>> we have some slow traffic over there and you will see it. >> we are looking at the east shore freeway. >> it was not there for too long. >> traffic is a little bit slower coming out of he el cerrito and richmond and although the roads are wet, this commute will be better than this morning's, but we have an early morning crash and the metering lights have been on for an hour now. it is going to be slow coming off the pass and 880 it is slow after after that it is moderately heavy down to fremont, no major problems yet. 618, let's go back to the desk. >> what about me, sal? >> i meant let's go back to
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steve. still some rain off to the east and south and then we will focus our attention at the old wind attention. some light rain, some pockets of fog, some clouds and sunny, wind will pick up and as a low, they go responsible, they can't feel three and a quarter and they are up in the russian river, almost an inch and two thirds. some of the other locations in the last 48 hours are in santa rosa and i know there are two inches for some, they are hoping for an inch and a quarter and that's when the system came by yesterday sending up with band through and there is a little bit of
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rain, favors highway 4 towards the east bay, 580 livermore 680 split and then down the sunole grade. highway 4 will be worse than it usually is and i will have more on that and i will have more towards pleasant hill. on towards fremont 40s and 50s and they are moving rapidly and as it does, some of that cooler air is beginning to filter in. it gives you a sign that cooler air is on the way. right now things are calming down in the sierra and afternoon supplement and the rain will pick up later. low-to-mid 60s and upper 50s for others.
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a wind advisory starts going through friday, and maybe it goes up to 60 miles per hour and that will mean sunshine an extra hold on the hair spray friday and saturday. today is the first robinhood conference and some of the biggest names are meeting in new york to share information. the robinhood foundation is fighting poverty in new york city and fight great will be there and harry paulson. the clark make eastern is the leading maker with microchips and they hold the technical advantage and it could boost to cell phone and tablet makers if they are able to make it to that market. why did a student stab a
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teacher? where it happened, and we will hear what other students saw. he stole our hearts. what his dad said about his inn credibility day of crime fighting in san francisco.
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. welcome back time now 6:24, that little boy is back home in northern california. miles scott, his big day of crime fighting in san francisco made headlines all over the world. san francisco turned into gotham city during this truly incredible event and his dad said he is still amazed that so many people showed up to make his son's dream come true. >> to find out it's all about your kid for a day is insane for us. >> almost 12,000 volunteers came through for the unprecedented make a wish event. this is one of the most
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popular history in holiday history. >> every time a bill rings an angel go the his wings. >> they are working on a follow- up but they say they own the rights and they are ready to go to court to stop this production. now the original movie, a desperate family man who imagines what his town would be like if if he had never been born. the city of oakland is encourage being people to shop locally. and last year's event was kicked off in the city's piedmont district and it will be held on lake sure avenue and they will launch a free parking
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card for vehicles. a few retailers will stay closed closed, north dakota drop marshals, they are just a few that do not see an advantage for staying open. they will give them a day off to stay with their families and they visited stores or websites on thanksgiving day which compares to 89 million on black friday. an 85-year-old palo alto man is detained and the reason his son said it was a life long dream of his to travel there. >> we are in san jose where disturbing allegations that white students racially taunted and even hung something around the next of a black student, we will have more on their
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reaction. still a commute on the reaction, find out what the delay times are. >> it's very good rain and we are willing to go from one extreme to the other. ♪
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. oh, right on time, this is company based in israel and they are celebrating and bring ringing on -- ringing on the new york stocking change but over on the nasdaq, we have some characters from the xbox, we have some zombies that are very popular, and this is advertised as themes, skype,
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all combined into one device. >> i got the point. >> you are always quick on those. >> i guess most people will be lining up. >> thank you for joining us, brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. steve says we are going to get -- what? >> thank you pamela -- >> a change in the weather. i am using your words >> this is 1.7, an inch and a half, this is a little bit less for some, and i think you get the idea, there was some really good rain all over the place and it was especially out towards highway 4, especially out towards the sunole grade
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and highway 4. but if you take 680, my friend will encounter some rain and they are inching closer and that's where that system is headed and maybe there are some areas of fog, upper 30s and lower 40s, guess what, the old wind machine will crank up over here so guess what, just put the hair up, that will be tomorrow not today but that rain and fog will give sunshine to later on, here is sal. right now we are looking at the commute which is still wet as you mentioned and that will be just a little bit slower out there but the good news you heard steve say it will be different but this morning, we still have something a little
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different making it harder to get to work and this is san jose as you drive through, this is 880 south from 208 and this is getting slower earlier, and when you go to storm watch and on highway patrol, they will have more coming up for you. >> let's go back to the desk. hate crimes are being investigated. janine de la vega is out there to tell us what allegedly happened, good morning janine. >> reporter: there has been a lot of chatter on twitter and students can't believe it could happen to the student and his freshman year is ruined.
6:34 am
this alleged taunting took place in one of the village dorms. three white student are being charged and the incident happened in august and involved the students calling the black student 3 / 5th and that's how they used to count black slaves. they allegedly placed a bike lock around his neck and refused to engulf him a key -- refused to give him a key to unlock it and then barricaded him and locked him inside of a closet and students are in disbelief over the allegations. >> this is not -- what happened is legal and is bullying and it is not acceptable at all.
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>> well, the prosecutor said the defendants kept a picture of hitler and a pentagram in their room and they are holding what they call black thursday day and the d.a.'s office had won and all of them are 18 years old and if they are convicted, we are being told the maximum they could face is one year in county jail. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. he is recovering from a horrifying stabbing attack. the student stabbed him several times at the high school and they say the unpro vehicled incident happened while he was
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sitting in class. he approached the teacher from behind and stabbed him from behind. he will meet with some class mates. >> i saw some blood on the ground. >> he was identified as tyler and he is expected to make a full recovery. they found his suspended attacker and that teen is now in custody and prosecutors are now preparing formal charges. they are trying to find the suspect who has been identified. he is a pacific islander, 230 pounds lives on the peninsular and is known to drive a 2001
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mercedes. he is accused ever killing her and critically wounding her friend over a minor fender- bender at club o mg on with warren street. a lot of rain fell in many parts of the bay area during the night. and your hair is wet. >> i was just going to tell you, we were getting a break from the rain but then it started drizzling in any case, the roads have been wet for two days and right behind me you can see it is still a little bit wet as they let up just a little bit and this has been the theme throughout the morning and they are watching
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them this morning and so you will pick one and it will be raining really hard and depending on where you are dropping as we know the cold is pacificking up, we were hoping the rain would start to taper off and still, it is a good idea to head to work. we have a good idea as to whether there could be a bart strike. they will vote with the unions and brian flores is out in caster valley with the next chapter in this dispute. >> if you had heard from us,
6:39 am
this paid family leave is causing some headaches especially for bart riders. and now we are talking about the tentative agreement, this is the paid family leave clause and it would give eligible bart workers six weeks of paid leave but bart management identified the clause saying it was a mistake saying it would cost the district an additional $44 million and it was signed by the chief negotiator who was signed by head inning ted. >> as long as the family medical leave is in the contract, the district cannot afford to pay for that
6:40 am
provision. >> and now negotiations can go back to square one and they say they are willing to sit down and work out their differences but only if they work out a contract today they will make their next whack to schedule it and there is a rally by a group sometime after 830 as well. each brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. speeds are topping 90 miles per hour, we are talking about a high-speed chase in sonoma county. >> and where police believe that driver was headed and how they finally stopped the suspect. robbers are on a four hour crime spree, what they want you to see. and as we take a live look,
6:41 am
find out how a new crash in san jose could slow you down . what is coming in next might surprise you. ?? kç
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. welcome back, vallejo
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police are now investigateing several armed robberies and we now have a photo that could help in this investigation, here is more. >> reporter: they got this at accordsco parking lot where a delivery dark at a costco where a truck driver was able to get it but it was sort of grainy. police say the suspects used this get getaway car in all seven robberies starting at 5:15 robbing victims at gunpoint and robbing jewelry. >> east side of town, northeast quadrant, again it is the shopping season, there is more victims and more people and they pray on that sometimes. >> this is a map to show what
6:45 am
happened. investigators described them as two to three african-american men wearing ski masks and bandannas. one was 150 pounds, another darker 180 pounds. police are reminding shoppers to really be aware of their surroundings that the holiday season is upon us and robberies tend to spike. we want to show you this is a high-speed chase that happened and they spotted uh- huh tiltty truck with its headlights on heading towards the great casino. the drivers failed to stop and speeds reached 90 miles per hour. they finally stopped it, it is still unclear if the truckby
6:46 am
has a cherry picker was stolen. concern is growing for an 80-year-old man who has been detained and he lives with his wife at channing house which is a retirement community. he traveled last month with a neighbor and new man's son said before his dad was scheduled to depart, he ended up in a conversation with some north koreans and talked about his service in the war. well the very next day they escorted him off the plane and new man's son told us why his son wanted him to go to north korea. >> like the world war 2 vets have an interest going back to normandy, my dad wanted to go back to the northern part of the peninsular and had been to the southern part of the peninsular before and it was a
6:47 am
life long dream of his. >> since they did not have diplomatic relations and they have been working to try and get him free. reportedly they were able to give him heart medications. they have learned a lot of lessons of a deadly crash from last july. the airport is now working to fix some of the communication problems and that includes team managers during an emergency and also a website that went down as people used it to get information about that crash. they are making some other changes, airport restaurants will stay opened 24 hours a day during an emergency. the airport is working with some nearby hotels and they don't increase room rates when
6:48 am
passengers are stranded. families can easily be reunited after a crash. good morning, torii. >> good morning pam and dave. >> they issued an order to only use average looking women in publicity photos. the reason behind this mooch and a woman issued a rather scathing response. and shooting of andrew lopez, they are releasing confidential e-mails on the matter and why there was such concern about a life media interview. and as if airline travel is not painful enough, now the new trend is playing smaller as the average american is getting larger. why theyhow some experts say
6:49 am
this will not last. >> yes, that it is a problem for me. >> sal, you are dealing with the commute, don't laugh at me, sal. >> the commute, i would give it it a be plus -- b plus. people were slowing down waiting for the rain and right now it is wet as you can see in bay point for yourself. also in bay plaza, the backup is about 25 to 30 minutes. we have a new crash in san jose, circling at nearby 280 and 7th and 85 is a little bit slow as you drive from 87 on up into the valley and if you get
6:50 am
on 280, after 17, you will be in pretty good shape. a nice tweet from marie, she said we are watching you on our ipad. monthmonterey 3 inches of rain. livermore 1.58, santa rosa, oakland, they were west of that and they were two inches and it is really good rain and you all know we need it. not too much left of this and this is the smoke in the wheel coming around and it looks like maybe on 24 around orinda walnut creek, around the caldecott but i think it is
6:51 am
done and if that is not the case e-mail me. we do have some stuff near them and down to san jose, it looks leak things are getting a break. 40s and 50s this morning and the low is on its way to southern california and we will crank up the old wind machine. 32 in tahoe and they sent an e- mail two inches at best and that's at the 7,100 foot level. they are favoring san jose, just a few showers mainly cloudy up in the strip. then afternoon sun, a little cool for some and that breeze starts to pick up and temperatures, they will all be
6:52 am
close then again by friday night saturday, it will be breezy around here and morning lows will be cool and mild depending on if you are in a wind protected area. >> this is a time to reverse decades, hear from both to talk about what happened in vallejo. and what is it all had to do with the bible in costco, we will explain. ♪
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. welcome back, here is a live look at the big board, s&p 500 and nasdaq, we talked about microsoft, x-box is doing well today. >> and a federal jury will get back to work delivering a high steaks patent case weighing on apple and samsung said it should be 52 million or less. they may have to break with tradition when they introduce their next generation iphone. they are selling for the same
6:56 am
price and then drops the price on the older model. the next iphone is expected to have a larger screen and it raise is the manufacturing cost and the price tag may be $100 more than the iphone 5 which was introduced in september. they will change the controversial apache mascot. >> native americans said it was offensive and last night they fathered in a drum circle appraising the school board actions. >> i am not -- i am a living and human being and i am not a mascot. >> that is not der interrogator are you. we are -- it is not bad, we are praising them. >> they oppose that change and they say they like the name and the tradition but the mascot
6:57 am
will be i i will little eliminating -- eliminating at the end of this year. and a surround california costco is stirring people up in circumstance congregations and he was shopping with a signaturer tag, $14.989 $14.99, and it was under fix. he could not believe what he was seeing. i. >> checked to see if the other bibles were like that and they were. the social media post prompted all kinds of reactions but costco reached out to him and explained they were the result of a distributing error and said the labels were later changed.
6:58 am
a shocking change, find out what prompted a hate crime investigation. plus the bart board will meet in just two hours, stay right here with us. ♪
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disturbing allegations that white students at san jose state university racially taunted and even hung something around a black student's neck. we'll tell you how authorities are responding. b.a.r.t.'s disputed contract, back in the spotlight this morning. the new action the b.a.r.t. unions say they are willing to take if b.a.r.t. approves the deal. >> reporter: we're on stormwatch for you this morning. another wet morning commute. we'll tell you about the changing conditions you will find if you are headed out the door. and arming san francisco police are a new crime-fighting tool. the high-tech device officers will be getting after a wild confrontation earlier this week. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. these are live pictures from the campus of san jose state iv


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