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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 21, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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it's being called a clerical error but could jeopardize months of negotiations that have put two bay area riders through two strikes. what's happened to three san jose students accused of using racial slurs and putting a bike rack around his neck. and more than seven armed robberies and the key evidence that police are now reviewing.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the tentative deal between b.a.r.t. and its union is in jeopardy as the b.a.r.t. board decides whether or not to accept it. ktvu's sal castanedo is monitoring the situation and explains the so-called error that could jeopardize the error. >> reporter: tori, good afternoon. right now, the b.a.r.t. board is inside voting on whether or not to take this clause, this error out of the contract and so far we're getting word that three of the board members have at least said that they will not go forward with this contract with that clause in it. you will remember when the b.a.r.t. strike ended, b.a.r.t. unions were given a new contract to vote on which was subsequently approved. last week, b.a.r.t. board members said a clause mistakenly left in if honored would cost the agency too much money over the labor deal.
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the union says b.a.r.t. is going back on its word which was negotiated in good faith. the clause mentions family leave which would give workers extra time to be off while still being paid if they have to care for a sick family member. that's up to six weeks in addition to paid vacation time. >> people don't wish for their loved ones to become ill. people don't wish to have to stay home and take care of a parent or a child and those who do should have our hearts and our thoughts and our commitment be with them. not enter into another dispute. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. board members have told ktvu this lank would be too much -- this language would be too much to pay without aneacket ecthe operating -- affecting the operating budget. today, union members and even a
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former negotiator said for the agency to go back on its word now would be a serious blow to labor management. >> the devastation this will have on the morale and the relationship between wees, if you don't ratify this agreement, you ain't seen something yet. >> reporter: again, b.a.r.t. board members are voting. it does look like they will reject the contract as it stands with that clause in it. i have to tell you being in that boardroom, the same accrow mownny that i saw during the b.a.r.t. strike and during the negotiations seems to have brinked back up. tom vacar is in the room. we'll have more on what happened, the vote and what it means for b.a.r.t. riders coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. live in oakland, sal sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. what a difference a day makes. we're seeing blue skies. yesterday at this time, most of the bay area was experiencing
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this, quite a downpour. the rain continued in some areas throughout this morning. mark tamayo is here to tell us just how much rain we got. >> hi there. the rainfall moved in quickly. it moved out quickly. right now we have partly to mostly sunny skies. you can see the live camera in the south bay. as far as live stormtracker2, the bulk was heading to the south and to the east, we had a few scattered showers this morning for the morning commute but the intense rainfall from yesterday has moved out of town. it's been a very productive the past few days. kentfield, 3 inches of rain. orinda, 1.86. palo aloe over toe over -- palo alto over an inch as well. increasing winds for 60-mile-an- hour gusts are expected and a wind advisory expected is coming up in 15 minutes. happening now at san jose state university, members of the black campus student union
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are gathering to raise awareness after a black student was harassed by his roommate. three students are facing hate crime charges. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, the black student union is holding what it calls its black thursday event here in the quad area, where you see that big group of students. they are speaking out about the racial taunting that allegedly occurred to a freshman student. these students that you see here want the victim to know that they have their support and they are outraged that something was put around this student's neck. >> this is nothing more but an expression of them, you know, they are practicing what the ancestors practice. it's just coming out in 2013. >> reporter: daniel wheeler showed us the bike lock which is too small to knit around somebody's neck. but authorities say three students put a u-shached bike lock -- u-shaped bike lock around their roommate's neck.
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the district attorney said that's one of the charges. >> it's demoralizing and defeating. >> reporter: the d.a. has aurged all three, all 18 years old -- has charged all three, all 18 years old, with battery. they allegedly called him three- fifths and fraction, a term used in the south as a way to count slaves. >> this is so hurtful. >> reporter: university police conducted the investigation. the da reports the three defendants barricaded the victim's bedroom and tried to lock him in a closet. the black student union said this could have been prevented if there was more diversity dorms in -- diversity in dorms. >> we need more faculty hired in order to prevent this. >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture of the event
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going on being held by the black student union. they are reaching out to university officials to see what can be to prevent hate crime. they are about to start marching in the next few minutes. now, if the three defendants are convicted of this hate crime and battery. the maximum they could face is one year in county jail. reporting live from san jose. ktvu channel 2 news, janine de la vega. police in san francisco are searching for the man accused of shooting and killing a woman outside of a nightclub over the weekend. he's identified as michael green, a 23-year-old pacific islander 5'11", 230 pounds who lives on the peninsula and is known to drive a 2001 mercedes. green is accused of killing malqwisha warren and injuring her friend after an argument over a minor fender-bender at a club called omg. some san francisco police
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officers could be equipped with wearable cameras. the police chief said the cameras would have been again fishal in last -- beneficial in last week's confrontation at the valencia gardens apartment complex. the pilot program is set to begin in two weeks and is being funded by a $250,000 federal grant. and a wanted parolee is in police custody after leading police on a high-speed chase this morning. the chp says 38-year-old ryan campbell was wanted on a no- bail arrest warrant. he was driving a stolen utility truck and led police on a high- speed chase on highway 101 around 1:30 this morning. chp finally caught campbell after setting down a spike strip near the exit. we are following some developing news out of the u.k. where three women in london are free after being held for captive for 30 years. >> reporter: they are a 69-year-
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old malaysian woman, a 57-year- old from ireland and a 30-year- old britain who police say have been kept against her will all of her life. they were arrested this morning. a couple of in their 60s were arrested. the women were on jected to savory and domesticker. >> all women were taken to safety where they remain. they are in the care of a charity. >> police say they found the women after one of them called a charity and said she was being held against their will. concern is growing for a palo alto man held in north korea for more than three weeks. friends say 85-year-old merle newman is a former teacher and enthusiastic traveler. they were on the plane to go home october 26th when he was escorted off the plane.
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>> my dad who was a veteran of the korean conflict wanted to go back to the northern part of the peninsula. he had been to the southern part of the peninsula before. this was a life-long dream of his. >> his son says the day before his father was scheduled to leave. he talked about his service in the korean war with some north koreans. the state department would not confirm that newman is being held but said it's working with the swedish embassy to resolve the issue. >> the state health insurance exchange covered california plans to release details today on the 59,000 people it says has signed up for coverage under the plan. the numbers are set for release during covered california's board meeting. analysts say the big question is demographics. will they include a significant number of young people or are the numbers skewed towards
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older sicker numbers increasing the costs for insurance providers. ken pritchett is at the board meeting and will look into the numbers and have the story at 5:00. a third student at uc santa barbara has been diagnosed with a bacterial infection that causes meningitis. yesterday, public health officials said two students were in isolation and receiving treatment. the university is urging people on campus to watch out for signs of the disease which include fever, headache and nausea. it's providing antibiotics to people who were in close contact with the students who became ill. the u.s. senate voted to eliminate the so-called nuclear option, the right to filibuster presidential nominees for top jobs. the vote was mostly along party lines. the rules mean that federal judge nominees and appointments can be confirmed by a simple majority of senators. prior to the change, a 60-vote supermajority was needed to end
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filibusters. it had been that way for more than two centuries. president obama and harry reid said the change was necessary because the republicans were abusing the right to fillby luster -- filibuster. new revolutions about sfo's response to the deadly asiana plane crash. >> reporter: a group of armed robbers go on a four-hour crime spree. the key piece of evidence at this costco store that could help them catch the criminals. ♪
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whole grains... richmond police have called in a dive team after they found a car submerged in a boat channel this morning. they don't know yet if anyone is still in the car or near the water. the car was reported around 8:30 near wharf street. police don't know how long it's been there. they also called in a tow truck to pull the car from the water. officials at san francisco international airport now know more about some of the things that went wrong during the emergency response to the deadly asiana plane crash. the results of an internal investigation finds there were several failures such as the automated system designed to alert key managers to an emergency. the sfo website also went down after the crash and the airport has now moved it to a platform
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that can handle increased traffic. officials say some other findings won't be released until after the ntsb completes its investigation of the crash. vallejo police are trying to catch a group of robbers who went on a four-hour crime spree last night hitting more than half a dozen spots. ktvu's tara moriarty reports how a tee piece of evidence -- key piece of evidence from a costco may help detectives. >> reporter: they struck seven times in less than four hours starting at 5:30 last night. >> all of the victims reported the same, two male blacks either with ski masks or bandanas. >> reporter: this is a snapshot from a surveillance camera outside of the costco showing the getaway car, possibly a '90s model dark lexus with silver trim. what are the robbers after? >> money, cell phones, purses, jewelry. >> reporter: the suspects targeted people returning hole on olympic -- home on olympic, louisiana street and pueblo way and then shoppers at seafood
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city, a delivery truck driver at costco and ultimately someone next door at pep boys. >> this is a pretty nice area. there are nice homes up there. i'm really surprised they targeted this area. >> reporter: police say this is the time of year when robberies strike during the holiday season. want to remind folks to be especially aware of their surroundings. >> we have more robberies. it's just the hours it's darker sooner. also there's more shoppers. so there's more victims. >> i think it will get worse. >> reporter: this man has been patrolling the parking lot since 1965. >> and the crime is escalating now. >> reporter: he already clocked out of his shift when he said a couple coming out of seafood city was robbed. the man initially refused to comply and was pistol-whipped. >> it's best to give up what you have, save your life. >> reporter: luckily, no one was seriously hurt. if you have any information on this case, you are urged to call police. in vallejo, tara moriarty, ktvu
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channel 2 news. breaking news now on the b.a.r.t. board. it's just voted on the tentative agreement that includes a disputed clause on family leave. sal castanedo has been monitoring the board meeting and has the results. sal? >> reporter: well, story, the nine-board member board of directors has voted for the contract without the family leave clause in it. so they have approved the ent tire contract -- entire contract without section 4.8. so in effect, the family leave portion. contract which would have given workers -- portion of the contract which would have given workers that leave not voted for. tom vacar is in there. we'll have more on this. just to recap, the board of directors are not going to go forward with the contract with that disputed section in it. that's sure to make some of the people on the labor side not very happy. more at 5:00 and 6:00 and on
12:19 pm back to you. >> thank you for giving us the results. oakland city's attorney announced a record settlement with the firm accused of defrauding immigrants seeking citizenship or legal residency. barbara parker says american legal services will pay $15.1 million in the settlement. she says the company promised to provide legal services to immigrants but did not employ any attorneys and charged people exorbitant fees while sometimes working to undermine their citizenship applications. >> they stole thousands of dollars from these families who were seeking help. sometimes their entire life savings. and they are a -- and their victim sometimes ended up in deportation proceedings. >> parker says this is the largest settlement the city of oakland has ever reached.
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yesterday we were talking about heavy rain. today we're talking about strong winds. here's the live camera. walnut creek camera. mt. diablo could have winds over 50 approaching 60 miles an hour over the next 24 hours. our live stormtracker2, we're showing you this, as you can see just some showers to the east and also to our south. no more rain threat for today. we had a few showers this morning. current temperatures updated for noon, ranging from the upper 50s in san francisco to the lower 60s in santa rosa. and the winds now fairfield, already wind picking up out of the north. that's gusting to 22 miles an hour and the winds continue to pick up across parts of the bay area as well up to livermore 13. nothing too major in san jose. that will be the prevailing wind direction over the next couple of days. four today, we have clearing skies, a bit of a breeze. here's our roof camera looking out toward the oakland estuary and the forecast for san francisco, 2:00 this afternoon.
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61 by 5:00, 57. back down to the 50s by 8:00. a lot of wind for your friday. the weekend will be dry and the winds will taper off for both saturday and into sunday. remember this guy, this was yesterday, the source of the heavy rainfall in the bay area. now heading down to southern california. this morning we had had clouds, fog, even a few rain showers out there. here's the changing weather pattern. this old system will be a factor in the forecast as this area of high pressure builds in, the pressure difference generates some winds. today a little bit warmer but definitely an increase peeking sometime into friday. as a result, a wind advisory begins this evening at 6:00 for the north bay hills, the delta region. >> the peninsula coastline -- the region, the peninsula coastline. winds gusting to 50, 60 miles an hour. that's pretty strong, and the coast 40 to 50 miles an hour. so definitely the winds increasing for later on today into your friday backing off sometime late friday night. forecast highs this afternoon,
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a bit warmer than yesterday. instead of the 50s we're thinking low to mid 60s for afternoon highs. san jose, 63. san mateo, 62. half moon bay at 60. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, no rain clouds. we're spelling out the wind for the coast and the hills. even around the bayshore line, it will be gusty out there. a bit warmer into saturday with minor cooling by sunday into monday. if you are heading to the sierra, we're talking about winds here. the ridgetops could have gusts approaching 100 miles an hour. >> wow. >> that's how strong this event could be for northern california. >> steve was saying extra hairspare. >> good plan. [laughter] a massive plane stuck at the wrong airport just took off moments ago with a little help. the boeing dream lifter landed last night at the wrong airport in wichita, kansas, it was supposed to land at a nearby air force base. instead it landed ten miles away. it usually needs 9,000 feet of
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runway. a boeing tug was flown to the airport. the cargo was unloaded to make it lighter so it could still take off on the short runway. a bay area city just named the safest in the state. we'll tell you which city holds that title. and could your tv be spying on you? the investigation into one device that may be sending information back to the company without your consent.
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encouraging news on the job market pushing stocks higher on wall street. first-time applications for unemployment dropped by 25 last week. the dow is up 106 points. the nasdaq is up 48. and the s&p, close to 1800 up 15 at 1796. the website at the south korean electronics maker says list covers lg start tv now jason huntley says your l.g. tv may be discovering more than you want to know about you. he says his l.g. tv has been sending information on the channels he watches and even the files on a usb drive. it did that even after he shut the control that controls the data collection. lg says they are looking into it. a home security company has listed saratoga as the safest city in california. that's based on fbi crime
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statistics from 2011. that year saratoga had 20 violent crimes and two robberies. 16 other bay area cities are on the safe list. coming up at 5:00, it was two days of wrong. now it's strong winds. how the combination is causing concern across the bay area tonight. all of that coming up at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and twitter and facebook.
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>> up next on eco company, get ready for a blast of humidity. we're heading inside a rain forest to get the scoop on how they fight climate change. plus, goggles required. it's into the lab to see how these guys are cleaning up our fuel. >> newspapers. >> ready to tackle climate change yourself? these students have a few ideas to get you started.


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