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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 21, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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. this is beth traultman. if you love videos, we have them on "right this minute." >> you want want to live there. the crazy fire pit burning. and we have thursday's buzz word to win. and can anyone top miley cyrus on a wrecking ball? >> the answer is yes. >> how wrecking pug is music's newest superstar. >> brian gillespie was on a roll in this clip, but not the kind of roll he wanted to be on. there he is in his insight car getting up to speeds at the elmiraj dry lake beds in california when suddenly things went sideways. >> whoa! >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> gillespie was traveling at around 180 to 190 miles an hour
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going for a speed record at the time of this event. he was the points leader in his class. some say he rolled as many as 15 times. >> what went wrong? >> they're not sure yet. the car starts to turn right. when you're going at that kind of speed, any diversion in the steering is going to cause an accident and in you know anything about a honda insight, this car was built for efficiency, sort of like honda's version of a prius. >> it's a hybrid. >> how's he doing? >> miraculously, the safe cage saved his life. >> it probably makes the crash a bit excited, too.
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>> probably about as exciting a as getting kicked and run over by a bull, i would imagine. >> just the other day i told you about a serial robber in philly. there time it's a woman wearing a hoodie, puffing on a ciggy in front of the store. she's armed with a knife and dubt tape. she demands the money and then duct tapes the hands of the person working in the store. the woman has her hands bound by the suspect. she got a few cartons of cigarettes and money but here she beats up on the clerk. >> with the woman's hands bounds. >> she's unable to defend herself. >> what's the point of that? you already got what you came for. >> but if you notice here weeks get a clear view of this woman's face. she runs around the corner but
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less than 24 hours later, she at it again. this time she hanging out around the store for about ten minutes and finally after she opens, she goes inside the store, announces there's a knife and this time gets a wad of cash from the clerk. >> i think the clerk has the benefit of the counter in front of him and he immediately starts handing her money. >> this suspect is being called the world's dumbest criminal. they're saying the guy you see enter into the store is a regular customer. they say they have his name, his social number and his federal tax i.d. number. they were rea he decided to lift something from them. you see him putting this laptop under his sweat shirt. >> where were the employees? >> i think what's interesting is he's a regular customer and they have all his information. they know who he is. >> yesterday we had a good time
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laughing at have video from australia. >> you swear one more [ bleep ] time, i'll put you in the lockup like last time and we'somebody play with your [ bleep ]. >> we sided with the officer. it was posted by 24-year-old john martin. he's the guy getting the verbal smackdown from this officer. the police officer is conducting an internal investigation. also the officer admitted he did not handle the situation properly and that the words he said were inappropriate. >> of course they were but maybe the next time a guy will wear his helmet and remember this situation. >> martin was interviewed by 9 news. >> it's unacceptable. >> he's also saying he might press charges and basically said this and ended the interview.
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>> you shouldn't treat anyone like that, especially if you're a police officer. it's at simple as that, i have nothing else to say. >> maybe the officer reacted this way because he was a 24-year-old kid, pompous, rude department. >> and the police department was saying they made the wrong call. >> it's a tough job and sometimes we make the wrong call. on this be occasion, even the officer admits he got it wrong. >> an internal investigation is being conducted. >> coming up, it's flat screen tv time. >> you must be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident. >> the buzz word is coming up for your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> welcome to the door to hell. it is a crater that has been on fire since 1971. this crater is 230 feet wide.
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this is turkministan. this was considered an oil rich area. scientists believe the crater that formed when it collapsed was releasing a lot of methane gas and they were concerned about the villagers who lived in the area so they thought the best way to deal with it was to set it on fire and burn off the methane gas. given, that was 1971. >> a bit of a miscalculation. >> yes. it's also considered one of the most bizarre and unique places you should visit before you die because it's in the mid of this vast desert. >> it's probably a supply of gas that's kept this going for a long time. >> according to scientists there are a lot of natural gas deposits that have kept this burning.
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>> it's like a camp fire. >> you can see how large it is when you see people standing next to it. >> it's not just a crater in the earth. you see the metal and some of the man-made items that fell in with the earth. >> if you really had something you wanted to get rid of, it would be a good place to throw it. >> a man goes on a rampage in a stranger's back yard armed with garden sheers. >> he starts smashing the wi windshield of her car. >> and see one lucky diver's crazy encounter. >> two orcas, killer whales, just complying by this guy. >> wow!
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a frightening 12 minutes for a disabled grandmother in england. it started at 2:30 in the morning. she heard a noise in her bk yardkn was damaging her propert. he was yelling about guns. she comes out of her house and she scared. but notice somebody. there's somebody behind her fence. those are police officers. she bravely goes and unlocks the gate, goes back in her house, locks her in but the drama is not over. this is jamie swan, he's 28. he climbs on top of her car. he's got copper wires he ripped off the side of her house but he also grabbed a pair of garden
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shears as well. by the time it's over, he's done over a thousand dollars worth of damage to her car, not including what he's done to her husband. >> and he's yelling at the police officer. the police officer comes in with a dog. and this is when things escalate. once police are in the yard, he starts smashing the windshield of the car. he threatens to decap tad the dog. and then. >> the taser is a distraction. >> when he got hit with the taser, he fell so hard and put another giant dent in the roof of that car. >> he was sentenced to 22 months in jail. four months for this incident but he got 18 months for breaching a previous suspended sentence for theft, burglary and theft of a motor vehicle. police say he was under the influence of drugs.
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luckily this woman is unharmed and she's been afraid ever since this happened and just can't sleep at night. >> time for two cool videos from underwater cameras. the first one in the bahamas. this is the biological field station shark lab. what are they after? a shark. and it's a big one, a bull shark. there it is up close and personal. they catch this female bull shark but they're able to measure this shark, eight and a half feet long, pretty cool. you're seeing a group of people around this thing. pretty brave. >> can i what they're doing to this shark to make it so docile? >> if you touch them in certain ways on their nose, you can get them to be very calm. there is a hook here, too, so they have caught it so maybe it's worn itself out. they're able to measure the bull shark, eight and a half feet.
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they tag the shark in the fin and here is where they're removing the hook. what was most startling to me is once they get the hook out and now the shark's free to go, you'd think it would swim away really fast and people would get out of the water. watch this woman in the way. she goes, well, high. it's an eight and a half foot shark! dangerous to humans or not, still pretty scary to be in the water close to this thing. >> from there to another cool underwater animal, watch this. diver in wellington, new zealand. two orcas go flying by. it is cool because the one whale totally does check the guy out. >> i could eat you if i wanted to. >> got a couple of videos for you guys. wind involved in both of them. >> this video was posted back in 2012 but it's just now trending.
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a couple of sailors. they have a gopro at the front of their boat and they're using the wire that comes from the mast of the boat to balance the force of the wind and the sails, too. >> they're going at a pretty good speed. >> something broke. because they look like they went right into the water. >> the trapeze broke. the actual wire what. this was called trapeze fail. they both fell right off. the guys are okay. they start swimming back to their boat to maybe try to right that vessel. >> good thing the boat didn't keep going. >> you're right. >> dash cam from russia. given, wind a factor in this video. >> ooh! >> out of nowhere a dead tree blown over by the wind in the
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middle of the road. it surprises you in the same way it surprises the driver. the driver has an instant reaction. sounds like somebody punches him in the gut. >> it's so blair witch looking. dark, creepy road, can you barely see anything. >> face to face with facebook friends for the first time. >> there are some people in high school who are like where do i know this prn from? >> on the next "right this minute." >> and still to come a guy and a girl go at it in a rap battle. >> he's not only rapping to his contenders, he rapping to his lady. >> see how he serves her with a free style surprise. and we've got a flat screen tv to give away. all you need is thursday's buzz word.
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let's go to england to celebrate the don't flop birthday. this is a battle between rapunzel. >> i'm packing a prepackaged beef sandwich! >> got the whole sandwich. >> her partner takes his turn. >> i'm going to throw my real
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dude hat. people think i like to be on the battle scene. it never hassles me when detractors speak. >> he's rapping to his lady. >> just know these are not most jokes but this is adam's speech. >> this is adam talking to you, my lady. i have a feeling i know where he's going. >> although i'm about to get lambasted on track repeat, i'd kill for you, jackie, i love you. >> he gets down on one knee, busts out the box with the ring inside. she gives him a big old hug. i think that's a yes. >> he wrote her a poem and recited it. >> quickly. >> when was the last time you saw a proposal during a live rap?
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>> guy, several weeks ago i told up about this expedition retracing the steps of sir robert scott over 100 years ago. the journey, 1,800 miles round trip across antarctica from the coast, the south pole and back on foot dragging 350, 400 pound sleds with them for four months. video of their expedition just now coming back to us. they're about three weeks into their trip. here they are now flying over antarctica to get to their original start point. >> kings george island, we flew here today from punta in chile and stopped to refuel and the weather kind of went bad. and we probably will have to stay here tonight and fly on tomorrow, which is about six hours flying. >> they're freezing cold. can you see the guy's face. >> i'm even amazed their cameras can work.
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>> these guys are more than three weeks into their journey. you can follow along on their daily blog. their most recent update saying it was relatively warm considering what they've been to. they're walking eight hours a a day, eating 6,000 calories to stan themselves. >> they do have all this technology but they're still risking things like frostbite. how do they know they're not going to lose a finger? >> and despite the cold, they're still walking in that cold. it's not like they're just behind a dog sled. it's a fascinating journey. go to, click on today's show to find the link to the video. and up can use our mobile app as well. >> it's flat screen tv giveaway time. >> you need the buzz word, be 18 or older and be a u.s. resident. >> if you're using a mobile often or tabgo to the first post
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on our facebook link and tap on that mobile link. >> here's the buzz word for thursday, it is awkward! >> click on win a tv button and enter the purse buzz ward, awkward, awkwa-w-k-w-a-r-da-w-ka flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> somebody did their own parody of this i love watching tv outside.
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making it a little bit more hip. you've got the pocket square but also his shirt and no tie. you can wear it the traditional way but have some fun with it. at the beginning of the week, you can wear it with the shirt and the tie. they've got the stripes with the suit and the black-and-white tie. but later in the week they say you can even wear it with a turtle neck. if you don't have one, you ought to get one. >> i can't just go back 15 years and pull my double breasted jacket out of the closet. can't really get away with your old double breasted jacket. >> you could if you took it to the tailor and took it in a little bit. >> a really, really good tailor. >> right now most people have seen this video of jean-claude van damme, it's a promo for volvo. somebody did their own parody of this video. you'll probably recognize that somebody. >> my body is now engineered to
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defy the laws of physics. >> it's old channing tatum. just like the volvo commercial -- watch, it's not over. >> ah, you [ bleep ]! >> doesn't get quite as far in this clip as joan claude van damme. this was to demonstrate the stability and precision of the food cart on the set of "22 jump street", the sequel of "21 jump street." >> you've heard miley cyrus's song "wrecking ball." well, have your heard about wrecking pug? this is the music video debut of bruce wayne, the pug. if you're wondering is their sledge hammer working in this video, the answer is yes.
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>> the voice is the best part of this whole thing. ♪ ♪ >> the pug is the best part of this whole thing because it's so darn cute. >> and the lyrics are pretty fine, too. ♪ ♪ >> i mean, this is deep stuff. and he's neighborhood on the wrecking ball just like miley. >> were we sure miley didn't parody this video? >> if you want to see both of these parodies in its entirety, go to facebook and click on [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste.
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and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we got 'em, "right this minute." ow! >> a store employees is sick of people stealing stuff. >> so he takes matters into his own hands. >> how cops say a five-finger discount led to one head-banging takedown. >> a novice pilot realizes something's wrong. >> listen and watch what happens. >> why a little engine failure


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