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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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with the trains not running we may have big traffic jams on bay area roads. plus a wind driven fire forcing dozens of evacuations in the wine country. we get an update on the fight to get it under control. its all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. boy the big news this morning no bart service at least right now. huge computer problem over night. stranded hundreds of bart passengers. the goal now we are seeing some people coming in right now. the goal is to have trains running at 5:00. that is right now. but we are waiting to get an update. ktvu tara moriarty is out there this morning. this is the west oakland bart station and you see people showing up. hoping to hop on a train. we hope they can too. we will check in with tara in a moment. it is friday, november 22nd i'm
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pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. lots to talk about with weather and traffic. let's go to steve. >> absolutely. wind advisory 40-50 miles an hour. stronger up in the hills. i've seen 60. its a northerly breeze. it will turn more north easterly. petaluma 55 miles an hour. fairfield 53. half-moon bay 44. the oakland hills 63. at last check 56. livermore up to 36 miles an hour gust. napa 24. you can see its all out of the north, northeast. as long as that holds there will be temperatures -- there will be warmer temperatures in the north bay. if it wasn't for the breeze, these would be much, much colder. tomorrow morning ordinary person sunday morning they will collapse inland to some 30s. this is extremely dry air mass. its all down here. that is the reason why its so windy. as that low slowly moves to the
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east, the winds will decrease gradually. so our wednesday system has moved in. high pressure has moved into the north and it fills it with that wind. i'll tell you north, northeast wind helps some. so windy, sunny today. chilly to mild on these highs. breezy all day or blustery. not as bad. highs can go anywhere from upper 50s 60s to upper 70s. we do have problems on the winds with the -- problems on the roads with the winds and now with the trains. if you are driving across the bridge today, you will notice more winds and also you are going to notice that there may be more cars. if there is no bart service, you will see people resorting to the car and that may mean bigger delays for you. also the morning commute is okay in oakland. but again as steve mentioned especially in the hills it is very gusty winds. no service on bart until further notice. they are hoping to have train
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service up soon. but the computer issues have not been resolved. now i just saw a tweet from bart saying we hope to have service restored by 6:00 a.m.. and the bart tweet says please use other means of transportation. we're on it. out at the west oakland bart station we will let you know what happens. expect more traffic on the roads. let's go back to dave and pam. that is our big breaking news this morning. no bart service at this hour. it will take maybe an hour to get the trains running. a major computer problem over night led to that system-wide shut down. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us now from the west oakland bart station. >> reporter: yeah we had initially thought by 5:00 these trains would be back up and running but bart is saying the goal is 6:00. passengers very frustrated. not happy after all of the ups and downs of the bart strike. so we are standing by here. we are waiting for a bart official to come out here and give us another update.
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but they had hoped to get this problem fixed by now. the computer systems in central control are apparently not communicating properly with the track switches. train operators are having to manually crank systems in order to root the train. this glitch happened shortly before midnight and effected 19 trains with up to 1,000 people on board and they couldn't fix the problem over night. >> all you can do at this point is wait. i work with computers so i kind of get the idea that glitches occur sometime. its not like this occurs a lot. but it does inconvenience a lot of people. i think where everybody is frustrated is the fact that hey, we just went through abated strike. >> stations are open. you can't catch a train again but you can see some of them running. bart says simply putting them into place staging so they would be prepared. the latest for bart is they are shooting for 6:00 this morning
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to get things back on track. live from west oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. look at this. 5:04. severe wind gusts causing many dangerous situations across the bay area. so far at least two people were killed. thousands have no electricity. winds reached 65 miles an hour. big trees were uprooted. power lines were knocked down. it has been a mess. claudine wong is joining us live. you are in oakland. one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: yes, it is still am mess out here. we are on 36th street and martin luther king junior way. you can see am tree in the street blocking these lanes of traffic. this is not an unusual sight.
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i wanted you to take a look down the street. when that tree fell crews came out. and while they were out here another tree fell and another. up above us that is 580. we were up on the freeway and got video of what it looked like there because they had to shut down that exit. its the west street exit. so you will see that if you are heading in that direction. there are crews up there right now trying to clear that off and get traffic back moving again. but its not just damage. we are also dealing with deaths. because this wind storm has taken at least two lives. let's take you now to foothill and austin. a man was standing on the street around 8:00 last night when the winds knocked down a power line. that power line hit that man and electrocuted him and killed him. over on skyline boulevard near brandy rock way there was another fatality. in that case the driver of a
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volkswagen was trying to avoid debris in the roadway when the driver swerved and hit a tree head on and killed. so it has been a very, very difficult night. a deadly night over night and the wind continues this morning. it will continue throughout the morning. back live out here there they are trying to take that branch off of that west street exit. we saw them pick this stuff up and dump it over the side as they try to get the roadway back up and cleared. it looks like that should happen sooner than later in this situation. but again we've been driving around oakland and seeing problems throughout the city and cleanup crews are busy and it will take them awhile to clean things up. we are just hearing about another incident. we will head there now and bring you another update. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> all over the bay area trees are falling on top of cars. just last night a large tree
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snapped, crashed down on a vehicle. right off of highway 24. crews have been working over time trying to clear up the mess there and in other locations. here's the very latest on power being knocked out. 20,000 customers are in the dark throughout the east bay. the power is out to about 6900 customers in the north bay and at one point it was close to 20,000 with no electricity in sonoma county. the outage is effecting 169 customers out on the peninsula. and 13 customers have no power in the south bay. pg&e blaming the strong winds knocking down power lines and causing transformer problems. it may take hours before all of the power is fully restored. we are following another big story this morning. a huge wind driven grass fire forced mandatory evacuations up in napa county. that fire started late last night near soda canyon road. it has grown to more than 350
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acres. at last check its only about 30% contained. until reports of any injuries but the sheriffs department has issued mandatory evacuation orders for dozens of families in napa county. take a look at this map. in napa county. that is the area the evacuation order is for people living along leo ma vista, shady oaks, and ridge drive. the american red cross has opened a shelter at the napa high school gym. its located on jefferson street in napa. ktvu viewers you are sending amazing pictures of the wind storm damage. in oakland pretty frightening moments for the ortega family. a 100-year-old 60-foot tall tree fell on a cottage at the rear of their home. everyone was safe but the power was knocked out. i want to show you something from a viewer named tony.
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a true fell down in roanoke park. it knocked out a street light pole and blocked the streets on the corner of adrian and southwest boulevard. we want to see any damage from the storms you have taken. send them to new reports that a fourth san jose state university student will be charged today in the case of alleged hate crimes. four white students would be accused of racist bullying of an african american roommate. a bike lock was attached to his neck. a confederate flag was hung in their shared room. the flag was only taken down recently and he considered it offensive. >> there are not a lot of african american male students up there. in my classes i'm usually the only one. i always feel like i'm being
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watched. >> three students have been charged with demeanor hate crime and datary. san francisco state blinging with its own. a critics are cig that message is anticity middic. the accusations have no base to it and its members are victims of a smear campaign. however the president released a statement saying there is until place to promoting violence. happening today all over the country people are marking 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. the city of dallas is marking the occasion with a solemn ceremony throughout the day on dealey plaza. dallas is handling things delicately. trying to honor kennedy's
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memory without sensation aizing -- sensationalizing his murder. now i want to take you to his grave. in 20 minutes from now there will be a remembrance wreath laying ceremony there. president obama and bill clinton also laid a wreath at the grave site earlier this week. someone is also remembering president kennedy's assassination. oswald was the 24-year-old ex- marine when he shot and killed the president. shortly after his arrest oswald was shot on live tv by nightclub owner jack ruby. time is 5:12. there is a new move to make sure you can tell the difference between a toy gun and real gun. what one state lawmaker wants to do. plus a bay area man still held against his will in north
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korea. but will the u.s. government do anything to debt get him -- to get him free? the traffic there looks pretty good. we'll show you how the wind secting the morning -- wind is effecting the morning commute. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. our breaking news this morning no bart service right now.
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across the bay area bart is hoping to have trains up and running by 6:00. that is the latest word. it is due to a technical problem with bart's computer system over night. we are out here live at the west oakland bart station. you can see a number of people didn't get word. they are there hoping to catch a train. hundreds of people were stuck on trains over night. commuters being urged to find other forms of transportation at this point. we will continue to follow the very latest developments and bring them to you as soon as they become available. right now bart service not expected before 6:00 a.m.. we do continue to follow a major story this morning on the powerful winds across the bay area. last night 55 miles an hour gusts toppled a tree on to the fast lane of highway 101 up in petaluma. take a look at this the driver was injured and taken to the hospital after that tree fell on his car. the accident and cleanup snarled the already heavy
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northbound commute. drivers who opted to take surface streets also ran into gridlock. that was partially caused by a blown transformer. growing concern about a bay area man being held against his will in north korea and how this will effect u.s.-north korea relations. he went to north korea last month but he was pulled off of a plane and detained ever since. secretary of state john kerry says this is another disturbing decision by the north korean government. other u.s. officials say this hinders efforts to restart negotiations over north korea's nuclear program. >> afghan leaders are reviewing a security agreement with the united states. one that lays out a plan for keeping up to 15,000 american troops in afghanistan after the plan withdraw of foreign troops next year. afghan president karzai is urging the council to approve
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the agreement. but he would prefer his successor sign it after the elections in april. new numbers from a federal survey show the south bay has one of the worst homeless problems in america. san jose and santa clara county have the fifth highest number of u.s. homeless people. that is according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development. hud counted nearly 7600 homeless in the county. noted that high rents are a problem. time is 5:18. bart problems, gusty winds. sal, we have problems. >> we do have problems. and you know what, i'm worried about is people not -- people don't have the option to take bart. so getting into the cars and
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worried about a tough commute on the roads. its already windy. not ideal driving conditions. let's take a look at what we have with the bay bridge. wind advisory still up here for drivers. the traffic will be busy. and if you are driving, this morning when i was driving i felt gusty winds. my car is not exactly a small car. if you drive a small car, especially if you drive one of those little smart car things, just be really careful out there. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge approach it is light so far. we will be watching that closely. no service on bart until further notice. they are hoping to have service up by 6:00 is what they are saying. cal train and muni no reported delays. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we will go windy here in the morning. blustery by noon and breezy this afternoon. slowly decreasing. lots of sunshine today in some
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locations. especially up in the north bay as long as that north wind holds they will be rather mild to very warm. i saw one projetion of 82. i did not buy into that. wind advisory 40-50. stronger up on the hills. petaluma 55. fairfield 46. half-moon bay 44. 36 livermore. up in the oakland hills 63. 26 fairfield. concord you can see the direction the wind is blowing from. that is a north wind. east at santa rosa. northeast at oakland. 15 at sfo. that is coming right over the bay. that might be a little cooler direction for them. 40s and 50s. these lows the air mass is unbelievably dry. we will fall off the table once the wind dies down. which will be tonight into tomorrow. inland and around the bay expect chilly lows. it will be sunny. it will not be as windy.
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the big low down in southern california is really ramped up. that northeast within -- so any breeze is holding that temp up. once it ties off the temps will really take a tumble here. wind advisories coast and hill. decreasing as we go through the day. the winds is a big story here. chilly to mild. anywhere from 60s low to upper 70s. again these are all wind driven. on your weekend forecast breezy. the lows will be really cold here as you go into sunday. mostly sunny on monday.
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tuesday increasing clouds. time is 5:21. is president obama still a big attraction here in the bay area? explanations for why ticket prices are being reduced. plus new water worries here in california. not just because 2013 is one of the driest years on record.
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no bart service due top
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computer failure. bart hopes to have service restored by 6:00 but they said that about 4:00 they wanted to have the service restored by 5:00. so its apparent the computer issues are more serious than they initially thought. people are advised to take other ways to get to work. we will be all over this and monitoring the roads in case we see bigger traffic jams. time is 5:24. more legal battles between apple and samsung. a jury in san jose ordered samsung to pay apple $290 million in damages for patent infringement. that is more than apple wanted but a lot more than the $52 million samsung thought they should pay. there is another patent infringement case scheduled for march. too much water is being pumped out of the under ground water system. the ground is falling as much as a foot each year in some
5:26 am
places. scientists say that means canals and aqua ducts are no longer flowing the way it should. >> if more rain fell and we captured it and ground levels wouldn't fall as fast. >> agricultural and growing populations in both the northern and southern part of the state are using more water. he adds there are no laws regulating ground water use. time is 5:26. heavy rains are causing major floodings in southern california. yesterday cars were stranded when water levels rose waist high in some areas. this woman got stuck right in the middle of. back here in the bay area a high wind advisory until 10:00
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this morning. we will show you some of the damage caused by severe wind storm right here in the bay area. we are live at the west oakland bart station where folks are starting around waiting to get word whether or not bart will be back up and running by 6:00 this morning. we'll have the latest next. windy over night. windy this morning. but will it pick up or die down as we head into the weekend?
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welcome back. time now 5:29. ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the west oakland bart station. right now there is no bart service anywhere because of a computer problem. the problem started last night. bart was hoping to have the service back up and running by 5:00 this morning. that did not happen. they had a new goal 6:00 a.m.. bart just gave us another update. until bart service until further -- no bart service until further notice. this could be a really rough morning commute if you depend on bart. we have live team coverage coming up for you in a couple minutes. it is friday morning november 22nd i'm dave clark. >> when there is until bart it effects everybody. more cars on the roads. good morning, i'm pam cook. the other thing effecting us on the winds steve, the windy weather. >> i would say. wind advisory until 10:00. 40-50 easily around here.
5:31 am
they will decrease throughout the day. petaluma 55. fairfield 46. black hawk 45 miles an hour. half-moon bay 44. some of the gusts will decrease though throughout the day. by this evening five, seven. nothing like 30-40. tomorrow things will really calm down. when they calm down that means the temperatures will go way down. fairfield 26. oakland northeast so that will be a warm day for this time of year if it holds. easterly breeze at sfo. hayward northeast. san jose is the only one that says westerly breeze. 50s for everybody. the air mass is unbelievably dry. the combination of those two is a big difference in the
5:32 am
pressure gradient. it fills it. once it moves slowly to the east we decrease. chilly to mild. breezy all day. although its kind of windy for some. that will decrease later on. the high temperatures are all dependent on the breeze. anywhere from 50s to upper 70s possible. here is sal. steve, good morning. bad news on the bart system we've been telling you. we will be repeating it so you know there is no bart service until further notice. they were hoping to have the service up by 6:00. we have a live report from one of the bart stations coming up. let's take a look at san mateo bridge. wind advisory on all the bridges and the traffic is going to be effected by gusty winds. also by the bay bridge the same thing goes. you can see our camera shakes a little bit. but not much anymore. bart has no service but cal train and muni are not effected by the computer issues. 5:32 let's go back to the desk.
5:33 am
as sal just mentioned no bart service until further notice. a major computer problem over night led to a system wide shut down. tara moriarty is joining us now from the west oakland bart station with the new information. people showing up they are not getting the word out there, tara. >> reporter: a lot have been coming up to us asking if bart shuttle will be running. the answer is no. they have not given us an update. there are a lot of people that are standing by. we have seen a lot of them walking out in the parking lot either going to grab breakfast and coming back to see if the problem is fixed. a lot of people said they can't work from home so a lot of frustration. we are standing by waiting again for bart to give us an official update. they hoped to get the problem fixed by 5:00 and then 6:00 but right now they don't have a time. the computer systems in central control are not communicating properly with the tracks.
5:34 am
so train operators and track crews have to manually crank those systems in order to route the train. that takes some time. this glitch happened before midnight and effected 19 trains with nearly 1,000 people on board. and then they couldn't fix the problem over night so the service didn't resume at 4:00. >> i will have to drive to san francisco. >> reporter: that is a real pain. >> it is a pain. its always been a pain. too much pain. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the stations are open but you can't catch a train yet. you can see some of them running. bart says it is putting them in a place staging them so they are prepared when the glitch is fixed. live federal west oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> the computer meltdown on bart comes at the same time they are dealing with another
5:35 am
contract crisis. coming up today what union leaders are planning to do today. time is 5:34. a very strong wind storm here in the bay area over night has left two people dead. it also knocked out electricity for thousands of homes and businesses. claudine wong is in oakland right now. the cleanup crews walk worked all night. >> reporter: yeah and they are still working right now. we have seen a couple cars almost hit this as you come down. it surprised us. because what you can see out here no one blocking this off. no flairs, no cleanup crews. and that is because they are all very busy. we don't even know if this one has been called in yet. i can tell you there are cleanup crews a few blocks away. this is what it looks like right now on 36th and martin luther king junior way.
5:36 am
three trees down there. two of them blocking the street. one of them was on the west street off ramp to interstate 580 westbound. they had to close that down. when we left crews were trying to clean that up and get that cleared away. the high winds have caused a lot of damage across the bay area and here in oakland and they have taken at least two lives. i want to show you what it looked like at foothill and austin. around 8:00 last night a man was standing on the street when the winds knocked down a power line. that power line hit the man and electrocuted him and killed him. he wasn't the only person to die in the over night winds. also on skyline boulevard there was another fatality. in that case the driver was going down skyline. swerved to avoid debris but he went head on into a tree and killed. the winds are continuing this morning. they have been varied in different places that we have
5:37 am
seen. but again you take a look at this tree. this is what we are seeing everywhere. a lot of trees and debris. so many that cleanup crews are going from place to place. we have two more spots to check out. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:37. we will say the time a lot for you because the power is is out. it wasn't just trees that were blown down in contra costa county. janine de la vega is live in concord right now to show us the wind damage out there. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning. you can definitely feel the wind out here and you can see the damage. we are here on clayton road where you can see this sign has just toppled over. it happened sometime last night. the gas station is closed right now so we haven't been able to
5:38 am
ask anyone when this happened. but you can see i tried to even lift up this sign and its so heavy i can't even touch it. you can imagine how strong the winds were. we took video that gives you a picture of how the wind is blowing. it is about 30-40 miles an hour here in concord. i'm being told by steve paulson that the gusts are over 50 miles an hour in the hills. now there were reports here in contra costa county of several trees down in the area. we are unsure at this point if those have been cleaned up. we know at least one was blocking the street. we have contacted the public works department here until concord to find out how many trees were down. if crews are going from location to location. we do plan ongoing over and checking that out to just see how bad the damage is. again just from looking around you know it seems like you know
5:39 am
the wind dies down for a little bit, and then you feel a big gust. you can really see it blowing out here. we will continue to monitor the situation. windy enough i need to wear this hat otherwise my hair would be in my face. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right janine, don't lose the hat. sal has been talking about this all morning long. chp has issued a wind advisory. drivers being urged to use caution. slow down. the highway patrol warning drivers keep both hands on the wheel. i will tell you i definitely felt my car move this morning. it will be a bumpy ride as you pass through windy areas especially on a bridge. ? get used to the sounds of that. electric chain saws. you will probably hear that all morning long. we've been showing you cleanup crews have been working hard to cut trees that were blown right on to the roadways.
5:40 am
this is is in the east bay. last night workers spent several hours removing all the mess in the area of magnolia avenue and el cerrito avenue in piedmont. strong winds snapped a tree, damaged a nearby car but fortunately no one was injured. >> we want to show you this story from brian perez. he came across this fence. it look the like it collapsed because of the wind. check out this photo. a tree and branches fell down on top of a car. we want to see your pictures of any wind damage. send them to photos add or you can post them on our twitter and facebook pages. a state lawmaker from santa rosa will introduce legislation that will place new restrictions on toy guns. the proposed law comes in response to last month's fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. sonoma county sheriffs deputy mistook the teenager's toy gun for a real ak47 assault rifle.
5:41 am
the bill by noreen evan would require fake guns to be painted a bright color to make them easier to spot. the proposal violates the constitutional rights of gun owners. today is sentencing day for convicted serial killer joseph naso. they are facing a possible death sentence. they will go before a judge at 9:00 this morning. earlier a jury convicted them of killing four women. the crimes dating back to the 1970s. naso acted as his own lawyer during the trial. and repeatedly denied that he killed the women. its a busy morning. stay with us. fast moving grass fire in napa county and the wine country that is our other big story. the evacuation order the sheriffs department has issued to dozens of families. plus remembering president john f. kennedy. the 50th anniversary of his
5:42 am
assassination. we all take you to dallas texas. good morning. the wind is really making it tough for you to drive all over the place. find out how windy conditions may slow your commute. the winds obviously the big story here. we will tell you what parts of the bay area will actually warm up today. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. no service on bart this morning for major computer issues. bart is simply not running service. they are advising you to find another way to get to work. the word is not getting up. people still showing up at some of the bart stations. again no service. cal train and muni are decent options. let's go back to the desk. something has happened in
5:45 am
the motorcade. stand by. going to the hospital. there has been a shooting. the hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound. i repeat a shooting in the motorcade. the hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound. >> this rodeo report capturing the shock and panic as people watching the car carrying president kennedy make its way through dallas began to realize that he had been shot. many americans remember exactly where they were on the day president john f. kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago today. around the country today remembrance events are being held. tori joins us live federal dallas -- joins us live from dallas. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is the spot where president kennedy was assassinated some 508 years ago. we are really steps away from that six floor window of what was called the texas school
5:46 am
book depot tour building. we are here at the grassy knoll. this is where the president spent the last moments of his life and now its where he will be remembered. >> the motorcade moves into the downtown area. >> reporter: november 22nd, 1963. the world watched the news in horror and then grieved. >> a shocked nation weeps. >> reporter: the assassination of john f. kennedy forever changed the country and the city of dallas. >> it was november warm day. >> reporter: hughes was a 32- year-old reporter. he witnessed the assassination. >> it was crazy. we didn't know who was shooting and where the shots were coming from. >> reporter: tom is the sunday editor for the dallas sunday morning news. headlines from that chaotic week reflect the pain, anger, and confusion of the time. >> eventually people across the country began to say well is dallas the city of hate?
5:47 am
are we blaming dallas for the killing of jfk. >> reporter: many are remarking the image by reliving that fateful day. >> that is the former texas school book depository building. >> reporter: and taking tours like this one to help people understand what it was like to be here in dallas. >> and right here is where the shots rang out. >> reporter: memories that still bring people to dallas. >> it took me right back to 1963. >> reporter: honoring a young president who's life and legacy was cut shot. >> it was just a very great shock. >> reporter: dallas has really struggled with a long time on how to deal with this event. if you take a look at this newspaper, one of the local papers has decided to reprint the front page from the day after the assassination. kennedy slain on dallas street.
5:48 am
this is the first that the city has ever held a ceremony. it will be solemn event for people to remember. pam. >> torrey, thank you. president obama will be here in san francisco monday raising money for the democratic party and also pushing for immigration reform. now the president will speak at a fundraiser at the sf jazz center. organizers cut the ticket prices on some of the $1,000 tickets in half. some speculate maybe president obama is not the big attraction he used to be. but organizers say extra seats became available for the now sold out event. president obama is also scheduled to make an appearance in china town. later on today bart union leaders meet with their lawyers about their next move in the next contract dispute with bart management. yesterday bart's board of directors voted to reject the
5:49 am
contract agreement unless an expensive provision granting six weeks of paid family medical leave was taken out. union leaders say they are stunned and the board vote is illegal. >> the agreement was signed, it was signed in good faith on both sides. there was no trickery. there was no intent. it was an agreement that was reached. >> this was signed by the person you hired to be the chief negotiator who represented each and every day that he was there thaw he had your authority. >> the unions now have several options. they could go to court, they could go back to the bargaining table, or they could put the amended contract to another vote. its also possible the bart union workers could go on strike for the third time this year. >> people do not want to hear that. we have bad news for people who take bart already. no bart service they are saying until further notice. is that still the case? >> that is still the case.
5:50 am
no bart service in case you are just waking up. there has been major computer issues. they simply cannot run the trains. do not go to the station there is no train there for you. you have to figure out another way to get to work. ac transit has transbay service. let's take a look at what we have. its obvious more people are on the road westbound. this is almost like a de facto strike day. and no service people are getting on the road early and traffic will be busy even before the metering lights are on. also this morning we are looking at 880. the wind will make it for a tough drive any way. today you may have not wanted to drive but you may have to. you may want to get some car poolers at some of the casual car pool spots. looking at the road 880 and 92 looking okay. wind advisory is up. highway 4 is beginning to slow
5:51 am
in antioch. as we move over to the peninsula on highway 101 and 280 is doing well there. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy friday morning as we said yesterday ladies don't bother. just put the hair up today. i even use super hold this morning. windy and then blustery and breezy. it will decrease it. the strongest gusts were over night into this morning. we will see an improvement. it will be sunny today. it will still be a breezy day. tomorrow morning that wind dies down. the air mass is amazingly dry. it will see temperatures take a tumble. right now they are not 40s and 50s. still gusts around 40-50. higher elevations around the caldecott. 63. petaluma 55 miles an hour. santa rosa 53. fairfield 46. black hawk 45 last night. half-moon bay 44. things seem to be calming down a little bit. still they were very strong for some. fairfield 26.
5:52 am
almost all out of the north or northeast. that will tell you like some locations will warm up. san jose is the only one showing a westerly breeze. everyone has a component of a north, northeast. 58 santa rosa. i saw one prop pro jury excused -- projection of 82. the source of the wind is the high pressure to the north. so the combination of the two there are a difference in the pressure gradient. 25 tahoe. 24 in reno. 38 eureka. 58 ukiah. no breeze cold, breeze holds up those temps. everything will decrease later on. 2620- 20-60 in the morning. lots of sunshine but again
5:53 am
windy conditions out there to breezy, chilly to mild breezy all day and then tomorrow things will decrease. highs today anywhere from 60s low to 70s to mid 70s. i think the north bay really benefits from this pattern and can easily warm up in the mid to upper 70s. as long as the breeze holds. breezy into saturday. look at the lows. once the wind dies down. it will be really cold for some. mostly sunny on monday and then tuesday increasing clouds. time is 5:53. if you drive across the bay bridge the last thing you want to happen is for your car to break down. what could make things worse. how about waiting for help especially when it comes from one particular area. plus one thing that we already know the 49ers won't be doing once they start playing in their new stadium. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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on grant avenue and [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso you see people there hoping to take a train. their normal routine but it is not normal this morning. the breaking news no bart service still. complete shut down of the service around the bay area. no word on when it will be restored. originally bart thought it was 5:00 and then 6:00 but now they are saying until further notice. that is not good news for the commute this morning. its due to a technical problem
5:57 am
with barts computer system overnight. hundreds of people stuck on trains in the middle of the night. it took some people two hours to get to their destination. people are being urged to find other forms of transportation unfortunately this long. we will show you the very latest developments. tara moriarty is out there. sal watching it from our newsroom as well. time is 5:56. a car breaking down on the bay bridge could mean waiting for hours to get help. if you wind up in one specific parking lot. some drivers say they waited more than five hours for a tow truck at the parking lot just east of the toll plaza. the cal says a wait that long is unusual. and the drivers who break down may not be able to tell the tow truck dispatchers exactly where they are. >> sometimes the dispatchers will want to know the street address and people may not know or know how to describe the street address. >> cal trans is recommending that you drivers call 511 to
5:58 am
ask for freeway help for a tow. if you are ever stranded on a toll bridge. coming up next in our 6:00 hour strong gusty, even deadly winds roaring through the bay area. already blamed for two deaths over night. we will show you where the wide spread wind damage is and how long the conditions will last and how it will effect your morning commute. evacuations in napa from a 200-acre wild fire. we will bring you am report on the i -- bring you a report on the evacuees. good morning. right now we are experiencing more traffic on the roads. that is probably due to the fact we have no bart service. we will update you on that. rain is the big story two days ago. yesterday we went right into the wind that carries into this morning. we'll tell you where it will heat up in parts of the bay area.
5:59 am
6:00 am
bad news for bart riders. no train service. you can see people standing by waiting to see if this computer glitch is fixed but from bart officials we're being told find another way to get to work. >> that other way top get to work means most


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