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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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taunting a black roommate, we will tell you what the n ap p -- we will tell you what they are asking for. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are outside the betty young recreation center chinatown, san francisco, the president is going to be there speaking today and i have a few stops in the bay area, the first is on immigration reform and we will check in on alex savage and we will talk about the complete agenda as it could affect traffic as well. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> let's check weather and traffic, how is the forecast. we do have a very stable
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atmosphere and we have fall spare the air, you know what i mean. high pressure is out here and you can see everything is going out and over the rim of high pressure and san francisco is officially at 50 degrees and although raquel said it feels colder, it is a lot of 30s around concord and i know especially 38 and there is a lot of them, although i have seen an easterly breeze and it will equal a nice day, nights are longer so it is a cold start for most. hazy skies, if you get a north breeze, it is about 30 degrees, highs today, mainly low-to-mid
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60s. here is my friend sal. we are looking at a crash in in el cerrito. a police officer happened upon the scene and he is waiting for chp to show up and traffic is a little bit slow in this area. this is not affecting 80 -- i'm sorry 580 eastbound coming up through the area if you are coming up on the east san rafael bridge because it is just before that merge. there is a little bit of a backup and metering lights are coming up about a 10 minute delay, may be a little less than that. interstate 280 right through downtown is off to a good start, at 9:02 let's -- 4:02 let's go back to the desk.
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alex savage has a full rundown of the president's schedule today, alex? >> reporter: good morning, the president is in town to raise money but he is here also to talk money as well and the first stop, san francisco and we are in chinatown and he will be give being a speech later on this morning. this is a center that is named for a hero flight attendant who died on 9/11. let me show you what things look like inside. this is video from inside the gym and the president will be calling on congress to pass immigration reform an estimated 3 million are from asia. now president barack obama will be pushing for a pass to citizenship coupled with border
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security and the immigrant right's group is hoping the president can get things moving on this issue although she is not exactly sure about what it is. >> i hope he jumps over congress frankly and does something bold. >> they are on two events sold out only after ticket prices had to be slashed. they will be headed towards the fs jazz accept for for a democratic party and -- for a democratic party and this is for a ceo and it comes after the president's job approval rating is at 40% which is the lowest it has been since he took office. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are hoping to meet with that kid during his stop in san francisco but apparently
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the five-year-old's superhero's questioned is packed. he was on make a wish in san francisco but according to san francisco chronicle, the kid is not available for the president because he is scheduled for a national television show. a woman is fighting for her life and she jumped from the third deck after the raiders game ended. it happened as thousands were leaving the come coliseum and several fans saw her and begged her not to jump. >> one of the fans very heroically tried to catch her and he got injured in the process and she is seriously injured and he is also injured. >> he is a marine corp veteran
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and tara moriarty will tell us why he risked his life to save that woman. the a's could have a short- term deal by the end of this day. they will consider a one year lease for the raiders. and it will keep the os and raiders from leaving -- a's and the raiders from leaving town. they are on their way to san francisco. it is i don'ting momentum and the university's president is speaking out and so are civil rights' groups, here is more on what is planned, secretary of homeland security janet is planned, janine de la
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vega has more. >> reporter: they will be in the quad behind me in the campus village housing units. they will be discussing what their next action is and also the n double ac p and various document are coming to campus to discuss what their actions are. now on change .org website there is an onlined petition asking the president to expel these students and they want financial aid taken away from them. another demand, that the chain of command should be held responsible for not taking action sooner. they were charged with misdemeanor hate crimes felony and battery for putting a bike lock around his neck and calling him racial slurs. they will be calling on them
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for felonyies and asking about federal housing and why immediate action was not taken. this will be taken during the carlos statutes which are known during the black power movements and that will be held on campus today. reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, the so called knock out game has come to california. the game involves people randomly involves targeting unsuspecting strangers and knocking them out with one punch to the head. an incident was reported in san diego and at least four people have died from this. it is hard to find people involved because they are being knocked unconscious and they don't remember what happened.
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post are not using it and only eight people have used it. it was first introduce and they have reuse ited the debit piece. later today, a san francisco task force appointed by mayor ed lee will try to fix the transportation system. they have -- they have been studying it and it will cost billions to pay over the next few years. they discussed raising a billion dollars each to help pay the costs. 6:09 is the time and hundreds remain in the dark in daily city. -- dale lay city.
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it is west of mission street and more than 60 to an under ground cable, right now people don't have elect electric electricity. everybody is talking about the holiday rush, it is a very busy travel week, find out why there could be a lot of busy travelers. a fire is acting as a safety reminder with thanksgiving just around the corner. >> good morning, traffic is moving along well in many areas but it is getting busier, and i will tell you where one crash is making a slow down. oop what are the chances tuck
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pulled one by monday night.
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. welcome back 6:13, this cooker left unattended, you can see the flames about a half mile away damage about $15,000. >> they started to spread to
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the living room and we were able to knock the fire down. >> now the chief is reminding everybody being extra careful using those deep price especially around thanksgiving time and people are trying turkeys just four days away. san jose mercury news found they paid a lot for each officer and it is the 5th highest cost and most is coming from pension costs. the gross salary is more than 11 $100,000 and -- $1,100,000. union members will begin voting on that deal tomorrow. this year marks the
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anniversary of harvey milk's anniversary and they were gunned down by supervisor dan white. they will mash in their are -- march in their honor and it starts at harvey mills plaza. more than 100,000 children have died in war. the research group of british think tank conducted that report and most of the kids were killed by bombs or shells in their own neighborhood. the overall death toll is more than 100,000 to a void paying benefits. it is hailed by yale students. they denied $18,000 in education and retirement benefits and adjusted disorder troubles and he has
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posttraumatic stress disorder which would have provided full benefits. one of the women held captive has written a book. michelle knight has written a book and knight will tell the full story of being kidnapped by ariel castro and being held for 11 years. gina berry and others are writing their own books and they are coliseum elaborating -- coliseum elaborating with other bookstores. tyson barnett was killed while delivering mail on his normal route in maryland. his family gathered for a vigil and the u.s. postal service is trying to help find his diller and police -- killer and police are offering money as well to
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to any information that leads to an arrest. police say the brawl started when mills refused to put out his cigarette. the owner, chris farrell is looking into and no arrests have been made. she was voted artist of the year, taylor swift at the american music awards. it was the third time swift had won that top honor. she beat out reanna and justin timberlake. she also won out favorite count trip female artist. >> she is a favorite across the board. let's look at sale for traffic this morning. we are looking at the
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commute and it's getting busier and we have that crash on 880 westbound and traffic is still slow and all lanes have been opened and you can see coming in from richmond where the crash was and pretty soon heading down to the airport will be slow on 101 and i know a last people will be -- a lot of people will be doing that to try to catch flights. you can catch 280 and use that as an the nate and that -- alternate and that will be a much better route for you. no problems on 237 as you approach the road and it's moving along nicely, 6:18 steve? we had a quiet monday and
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unfortunately anymore rain, a possibility? very weak, it looks like it is sound california may be giving us some nice roads. let's get her going, although it does not look good. there are some signs, there is a pretty big pattern change, chris richardson and bruno, very cold pattern with a few forecast models in december. we'll see. and since july 1st, a whopping total of 6.9, it is only 37% normal, and this will be july 25 july 25th, 4.55, we've had an inch and a third and we should have 3.3 8 so not looking good t- we have plenty of time.
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it is just going bonkers and heading into the south, if you have travel plans tuesday into thursday from the southeast or along the carolinas this could be a whopper of a system, first the heavy rain and the snow coming in on the backside. 30s and 40s and 50s, i have seen much cooler readings than that. there is a lot of 30s around and a lot of the low 60s on the high side, not only oakland but a little bit warmer on the peninsular but not much. high pressure is bending over and we have 19 tahoe, 13 ukiah 39 redding and once we repound,
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we and can't fit warm as they head towards southern california why. if you get any sort of a north wind it's cold out there. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and the extended outlook has increasing clouds thursday and right now it looks dry and after that quiet conditions as we go into the weekend. nearly every holiday shopper will buy at least one gift card and they expect he economic highs and we will spend 100 on gift cards, up 4% from last year and they are ease is he to pack.
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she is expected to conduct interviews with news makers on yahoo's home page and she sees this as a way to create more contact. a big thanksgiving day parade in new york, the reason one group says one of those parade floats has got to go. a late night crash had a karening on the -- car ending on a rooftop. i love watching tv outside.
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. it is quite a surprising site, police say they were following the car when they lost sight of it and then found it on the roof of somebody's house, he was shocked when police knocked on the door. >> somebody informed me there was a car on our roof and i stepped back into the yard and there was a car on our roof which was amazing as you can
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imagine. the 2040 reno races will be canceled if they want raids a half million dollars. they have had financial problems since 2011 when 11 people died during a crash during arrays. race organizers are confident they are raise enough money and here is more as he went in. >> they are rel womaning -- they are welcoming lieutenant scott and he asked everybody to remember the troops in afghanistan. >> there are still guys, men and women i should say who are fighting america's fight and it's really not talked about anymore. >> lieutenant scott by the way has received several honors
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including the air medal. it has been set in australia and you have to take a look, more than a half million lights have been put up at a home, that is 31 miles and they recently decideed to stale and this year they went all out on that. 6:27 is the time, 13 people are dead as a winter storm moves across the country and the direction forecasters say it is moving and what will happen as people head home for the holidays. the director is killed and coming up, we will show you the memorial that continues to grow over the weekend. and on the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, it is
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slightly different than it is. what about driving or somebody coming in to visit and i will tell you if there is any rain in the forecast. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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. welcome back, they are on the new york stock exchange and shares are stored after arriving for their public debute on the new york stock exchange and it is the perfect company for a retailer and this is a per week. it is a lot of mixed reviews analysts, this is when it all starts, we will get you all of the business news in just a minute. >> we will smile, say thank
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you, november 25th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30, we will check in with steve paulson on how the weather will be over thanksgiving. not much of a breeze that will be tonight and into tuesday as well because high pressure says i think i am going to hang out for a few days as everything goes up and over and a little bit of patchy fog, especially over the valley, there is not a lot but it is not far away, see you in order 652. all much these clouds have no chance answer that says good wife to them do -- goodbye to
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them, and cold morning sunny, hazy, a patch or two of fog and low-to-mid 60s, here is sal. we have an unusual traffic pattern expected this week and traffic will be busy on 880 because of a crash and the bay bridge is backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay. now on the east sore and those lanes are clear and 102 is piss- year-old, let's go back back to the desk. a woman is in critical condition after jumping at arrayedders game -- a raiders
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game and one man risked his own life to break her fall. >> reporter: he is a marine veteran and caught her after she jumped from the upper deck at the coliseum and amazingly enough he was able to speak with investigators after of the incident and he said he didn't think, he just did it. and it all happened afterward as the football fans had headed home, it was cover thed pie a tarp and i -- he actually caught her and fans were begging her to stop. >> i asked her ten times please don't do it and she crawled to the edge and jumped.
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>> one fan tried heroically to catch her and he was injured in the process. >> reporter: he had credited with breaking her fall and saving her life although she is in critical condition. we do know this is the first year he bought season tickets and he has been arrayedders game and has been coming since the 19 #0s, -- 60s, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a coach was killed over the weekend and brian flores joins us with the emotional memories of those who knew him. >> reporter: for those who knew him said he was one of those guys who would give the shirt off his back. there will have been member
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more yells and you will enemiesed. he was leaving when a car he was in actually ran into a stalled car ran into one in fremont. he tried directing away from him as they struck the coach and he was killed. nobody else was hurt in the accident. coach web was serving as the athletic director and taught math and wood shop. he felt his legacy could be taught to many even though you didn't play football. >> i don't know any others and they potential left a great legacy and we will miss him a lot. >> web was 65 years old and even though he retired he was
6:36 am
still teaching while end hadding out with the school's sports program. >> reporter: we have not heard from chp, or whether the driver will face charges and hundreds are expected to attend a candle light vigil tomorrow here atkins did i high -- at kennedy high school in fremont. ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama makes a swing through san francisco and he will be at two fundraisers and there will be a push for immigration reform. and that's the president's first stop. >> reporter: the president will only account for five hours and he is here to raise money and talk immigration policy and the first stop will be here in san francisco, and this is where he will be at a center who was
6:37 am
named after a flight attendant who died on 9/11. secret service will do a security sweep and and they are coming on immigration reform. they are known for their undocumented information from asia and they are looking into tighter bordered security. they will be raising money for the democratic party at two separate events and ticket prices did have to be slashed. this came as the president's approval rating has fallen to his lowest since he took office to 40%. >> you have to give him respect, he is a president and
6:38 am
i am '. >> following the speech he will attend a private fundraiser, apothem out the tie air force one is expected to take often mid-afternoon and the president is expected to make a stop. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. a deadly winter storm is already disrupting holiday travel plans and 13 people were killed as the storm blasted through oak new motionco, bringing icy only or flooding.
6:39 am
parts of arizona flooded over the woke den and this storm is expected to cause problems with the 43 million holiday travelers next week. and many flights were canceled. a combination of sleet and snow is making it hard for planes to get off the ground and crews say they can't deice them fast enough. expect more cancellations if you are flying in or out check your flight status with your carrier. holiday travelers are facing another problem this thanksgiving week. many are planning to be one of the busiest day of the year.
6:40 am
not sure how it will affect stores. drivers are pushing for better pay and they are protesting new air quality rules requiring them to upgrade their trucks. they need help paying for those upgrade which is expected to cost tens of thousands of dollars. they will pass out thanks give being food boxes for people in need. sacred heart will provide food boxes for 4,000 families and they are still taking objections and it will continue until wednesday. >> time now 640 testimony am it we could get some new answers about the sandy hook elementary school shooting. what we learned about the gunman and the police response over controversy over some
6:41 am
things that will remain secret. we are live in san jose where students are calling for more action and we will tell you what punishment they will deal with. >> i will show you how getting to the san francisco airport may be slower than usual. will it be cooler or warmer and i will tell you if there is any rain to hammer your -- hadn'tp her -- hammer your traffic reportel -- slow down your travel plans.
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. welcome back, -- welcome back, later today, n double ac p will be speaking out about students and their hate crime against an african-american student. >> reporter: i stopped to speak with students and they did not feel comfortable talking on camera because it was a touchy subject but later today there will be plenty of people talking about the actions they want to take and the demands
6:45 am
they will be taking. theythey will be asking the district attorney's office to increase battery charges against the four male students who are accused of racially taunted their roommate and they want them to face a false imprisonment charge. they called him racial nicknames and barricaded him in his room. they had written the n-word and also had a picture of adolf hitler. they will also conduct an investigation to find out why there was not more to protect the black student. they are asking the president to expel the four students accused and they want housing privileges and financial aid taken away from them. they are holding a black monday event to discuss what they want done and that will take place
6:46 am
in the campus village requested a just before the news conference is held jointly by the n double ac p and the university's president will be speaking. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. also investigators are waiting for to release a report. it has been one year since a gun and in killed 20 children and 6 adults before taking his own life. they are charging the investigation for blocking the release of information about the shooting. today a court is expected to decide whether to force authorities to release the 911 tapes from the day of the shooting. newton residents are divided on that information. >> i initially thought it was not public information but i would agree, get it over with
6:47 am
and get it done. >> i don't. i think the families should real little be left alone. >> this is what sandy hook elementary school looks like today. bulldozers began the demolition last month. they are september call and they ban them to lift it. >> this is aimed at stopping iran from building nuclear weapons but many here at home don't trust iran. under the a agreement iran will allow inspectors to have greater visits to two nuclear sites and it will ease economic sanctions. the 2013 u.s. capital christmas tree is due to arrive
6:48 am
and this year's tree is an 88- foot tall spruce coming from washington state. it has been making the trip since united and we will show you some right, thanksgiving day macy's parade. they want people for the ethical treatment of animals to cancel sea world's sea of surprises float and this comes after the release of a document called black fish and it is talking about keeping killer whales in cap tip ofty. let's -- captivity. let's go to torii can't
6:49 am
bell. it is quite a scandal. lewd photos involving the head of the shrine's head of the volunteer program. and golden state why they are calling it the worst run state in the country. plus the thanksgiving travel season is setting up to be a big one and we will have more on when you should leave to avoid the travel scramble. back to you on the morning news. >> time now 6:49, sal, how is the toll plaza doing? >> on my facebook page i am asking whether they have friday off and let me know which taser you are working a lot of people
6:50 am
have thanks giving day off and again and the airport is getting better through south san francisco but it is a little bit slow so you may want to use 280 to get to san bruno. >> sal? >> yes. >> sometimes soon i will have a facebook page. >> perfect. >> michelle is working on it. >> as if i don't have enough to do but i will let you know. november has been okay, not great, we had a little bit of rain, remember that? yes, it was good. there is a hint maybe this thursday, i doubt it, honestly i don't have plan "b" in my back pocket but some are saying this will go there but until
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then not too food but in -- in san francisco, that is 39% of total, we should have 3 and a third plus, so below for the year and below for the month. there is a him the things can change. colder this morning, sunny hazy skies and there is no travel issues except for a few pockets of fog. boy, that system we had last tuesday and wednesday, freezing rain the worst. rain to the south, rain snow mixed back into oklahoma, if you have travel plans to the south or the northeast by wednesday or thursday, -- wednesday or thursday, this could turn into a nor'easter. thursday with rain and snow coming in on the backside, that
6:52 am
could be a big system and things are quiet. things are curving, so that what is everybody is doing and it's cold out there. lots of 30s and mainly in the city, it is 52 and you can find more, there is a few upper 20s, 30 in ukiah, they have not heard from anybody and it will be cold today, clear, hazy quiet and it is a dry forecast, i think it is heading down to southern california and everybody is diving with that system southward, right now i would not change any plans. cold this morning, sunny, hazy, a patch or two with fog, we are all over the map, a few upper 50s and 60s, morgan hill, 65, san rafael 62, everybody is
6:53 am
pretty close. a few high clouds, we will cloud it up thursday and i have it after that, we head back to dry patterns and more over the weekend. unconscious and we will have more on what to look out for. powerful winds knocked down a lot of the trees and why the tree trimmer says it will take a while to clean them up.
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. welcome back, we are taking a live look at the big board, big story, nasdaq flirting with 4,000 for the first time, did it cross that point briefly today, we will be watching that, energy stocks are looking good. apple, speaking of more in israel, cupertino based company, it is the maker of a motion tracking chip connect game console and they and they will not say what they are doing but they are combining it with some of its upcoming products. tree trimmers had a very busy weekend with all the trees toppled by last week's wind
6:57 am
storm. now this is from ponderosa tree service and they were going from job to job trying to clear trees that fell on cars and homes. they had not been this busy in years. they are helping people with serious damage first and everybody else has to wait. >> most of the dangerous stuff has been handled. we have been free anding -- triaging the work and handling the worst first. >> they say they have been dealing with double to normal workload and jobs are now leaned up to -- lined up for two months. at children's hospital somebody was found unconscious with a serious head injury. the teen was found in santa rosa and they are not clear how he was hurt but police say he was at the school several months ago when a friend broke
6:58 am
an arm when people jump and climb over obstacles. they are checking surveillance video to figure out what he may have been doing. coming up on mornings on 2, president barack obama returns to the bay area this morning and we have live team coverage, final preparations for the president, we have more in san francisco. a woman jumped from the third deck of the raiders game why a good samaritan risked his own life to save her, stay right here with us. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles.
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rethink possible.
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>> reporter: preparations are underway in chinatown for the arrival of president obama. the issue he will be speaking about later this morning. tragedy at the oakland coliseum as a distraught fan leaps off the deck after the game. the good samaritan involved. a deadly winter storm rolls through the midwest and heads


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