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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 25, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. time for great videos from the web and stories behind them "right this minute." a wild chase for a wildlife officer as he corrals a suspect. >> while he is driving down the shoulder of the road and then this. >> stop, stop! >> he shows the bad guy he means business. a well-known web prankster decides to pay it forward. >> look what's happening. >> you are our free grocery customer of the day.
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>> you are kidding? >> why this time, no joke, just pure joy. gunmen attack a passenger on a train and then very calmly just walk out. >> how the victim showed them he could take a hit plus, want a new flat screen tv. we have the buzz word for your chance to win and a dog's owner keeps wondering. >> where is she going with that toy? >> where they finally found her secret stash. >> a wild police chase. this, in arkansas. this video from 2012, just being released now, going viral. you will see why. riding with wildlife officer, kenny taylor, he is assisting some cattle valley police officers in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect. he heard the call. he was nearby. the suspect was traveling in the opposite direction down the highway. there were reports that this suspect, frank harvey, tried to
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ram other police cars and threatened their own lives. here he goes. round one. off to the left 67. that's the suspect's vehicle alluding police officers and about to go into ongoing traffic. >> he is traveling down the highway in the opposite lane chasing the suspect while he is driving down the shoulder of the road and then this, stop, stop, stop! >> two hands on his weapon while driving in the opposite lane pointing it at the suspect trying to get him to stop. >> is had hands around on the wheel and there is a big rig coming at him. >> he goes deeper on to the shoulder. that's where he stops. taylor jumps out. >> i feel like i just arrested this guy. can you believe that? >> they describe it as a police officer body camera. officer taylor runs up, gun pointed in the suspect's face. this is a man they believe is
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armed and dangerous. grabs him by the hair, rolls him over. you see the fear in this man's eyes as he has his weapon pointed right at him. you get this incredible view of what it is like to be in a highly charged volatile situation. found guilty of residential burglary, fleeing and obstruction of governmental operations. he got one year in jail and ten years of probation. >> this video is from st. mary's engine 33 in cal bert, maryland. as you could see, there is a fifth fire truck on the scene but they immediately go into the house. this video is very much like the anatomy of a house fire. it is 20 minutes of video. you could see what firefighters go through to put a house fire out. i was thinking, do they need that many people in there? absolutely, because when you get inside, there are small fires everywhere. they are trying to put all of it out. we've got a camera on one of the firefighters.
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you could see what he and his crewmates are going through to try to put this out. if you notice, the fire was on the roof outside. when you get inside, you could see it is still flaming. they have to pull the roof down and not only that, they have to get the drywall hitting two-by-fours knocking everything down to get at everything. >> real quick, real quick. >> here, you can see firefighters throwing things out of the window like a trophy, chairs and everything that they have thrown out. >> that's the tough part. they want to put the fire out and try and salvage as much of the family's life as they can. >> what you have mostly left is this shell. now, it seems to be contained to one area of the house but we don't see where the other firefighters are. at one point, i thought the fire was done. i thought it was over. as you can see here, it flames back up. that wall has to come back down. they have to get picks and axes
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to get this wall and that fire down. >> at the beginning of the video, you see this beautiful shell of a house, the roof on fire. when you get inside, completely different scene. this is on a train in moscow. pay attention to these two sitting here. one of those men looks over. he is looking at another passenger. you see hashim walk up to those two mep. before you know it, that man pulls out a gun and shoots hashim in the stomach, kicks him. then, you see him put the gun up to his head and shoot again. hashim starts to get back up. when the second man starts noticing that he is moving, he pulls out his gun, points it at hashim as if to force him to hold back. when they arrived to the station, both men calmly walked ou. you immediately see blood
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dripping on to the floor. believe it or not, his injuries were nonlife threatening. apparently, one of the guys was using something called a xho gun, a bit of an air pistol that doesn't have ammunition. >> why was this happen sng. >> it looks like a hate crime. asheem said there was no reason. hashim asked the guy, what are you looking at? that's when things got out of hand. >> the second gunman looked like a kid, like he was in his teens. even though we get a very clear look at both their faces, they are still out looking for them. >> it's a brand new week and we have a brand new flat screen tv to give away. >> all you need is monday's buzz word and you must be 18 and a u.s. resident. >> your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody.
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♪ andrew hail is known for his awkward praer awkward pranks, hugs, kisses embarrassment. he is getting into the kindness game. helping people out. >> the new trend with internet pranksters. >> i am loving this trend. what better time for this trend than here, around the holidays. a time of giving. andrew is in pleasant grove utah at a grocery store called macy's. >> congratulations. you are our free grocery customer of the day. >> you are kidding. >> no, i'm not. >> are you? >> no, i'm not. >> you get your groceries for free today. >> really? >> yeah, i'm serious. >> they are paying for people's groceries. it doesn't matter how much they have. they are selecting some random folks at the grocery store and then just paying for everything. >> do they know who it is coming from? >> he is paying for it but he is not telling them, hey, i'm getting your bill. they don't know exactly what's going on, because, in fact, the
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person that tells them is an employee for macy's. >> congratulations. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. oh, thank you. >> in reality, this entire video was sponsored by gun-who, an energy focus shot that you can take. they paid for the groceries, got andrew to do the video and wanted to just help people out. >> andrew kind of just stands behind them in the check-out line. he gets to watch their faces. >> he still finds a way to be awkward. >> people start crying. it just shows how much this means to them. >> everybody's reaction is so beautiful. everybody gets hugs. they all tear up. you are talking about feeding an entire family before a full month. >> it is covered. >> you don't have to pay. >> no, you're not. a couple of dudes break in to grab some cigarettes and booze. >> we believe these guys are
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responsible for a string of very similar robberies. >> what they did wrong this time that has police hot on their trail. and get ready to have your mind blown by a billboard. this little boy is following this british airways plane. see why this ad goes above and beyond.
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you guys, i think your minds are about to be blown by technology. do you notice what's going on
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here? >> yes. it is a billboard with a little boy who is very cute. >> he is following that plane. >> yep. this little boy is following this british airways plane that is flying overhead. if you notice, it is a british airways billboard. look at the information. >> it is flight va-475 from barcelona. >> is this billboard really there or did they superimpose this video there? >> this billboard is really there. there is already one in chiz wick. they are planning on putting another one in pick adilly circus. the british airways global creative technology agency developed the concept and the technology behind this. the antenna on the billboard will pinpoint the exact moment that a british airways plane is flying overhead and then the billboard begins to interact with that plane. it says where this plane is
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going, maybe where it came from. then, it gives some weather data encouraging people to get out and see the world. >> what happens when there is no plane? >> it is like a regular british airways billboard. it becomes interactive when there is a british airways plane overhead. >> very cool. some pretty brazen robberies caught on video. the suspect still on the loose. that's why we are seeing these videos hoping someone will recognize them. these two guys broke into this store apparently using torches. it takes them a couple of minutes to load up with cigarettes, alcohol, booze. police believe these guys are responsible for a string of very similar robberies. >> another video which we have had on this show before that shows a truck being backed up through the glass doors for a very similar robbery.
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>> $24,000 worth of damage to get away with one can of alcohol is ridiculous. >> they think these are the same guys. >> they think these are the same guys. in the latest video, we get a good shot of their faces. even though they tried to disguise themselves, they did so by apparently covering their chest. >> we didn't get a good look at his chin. we will never catch him. >> in this other video, you see seven masked men, some of them armed with handguns break into this jewelry store. they go inside and immediately using hammers, they start smashing 13 different display cases. they use trash bags to take the jewelry from inside the cases. nobody was hurt in this robbery. apparently, they did end up tying two of the employees inside this jewelry store. >> terrifying scene if you are one of these employees. armed men, masked men. there they are. once they feel like they are fully loaded, you see them making a run for it out the doors and the damage is done.
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>> i really like this video because number one, i found it. number two, it is a dog doing what i suspect dogs want to do. this dog is a girl. you can see there is her toy box. where is she going with that toy? she is guiding them through the house. she goes through a couple of rooms. she is in a bedroom. what's under that bed? all the toys. her hiding place. she likes all of the toys to be there. >> she has been caught in the act hoarding her toys. i love it is under the bed. i am not letting anybody play and cuddle and be comforted by all my toys. >> she is an extreme hoarder. she likes to hoard the toys, make a little toy fort. >> kind of like a dog cage. >> dogs are weird like people are. there is a reason she wanted that under there. i want to do it. that's what i like. >> i like she has this many toys. she is a very loved dog, lots of toys. >> they can't find them. they are all under the bed.
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>> i think she could open a toy shop. it is real or fake time with ebaum's world with a prank that's not for the paint of heart. >> this is an awful, awful attempt at a viral video. a surprise lesson that will leave you hungry for more. >> we are breaking them down, real or fake next. plus, there is nothing fake about your chance to win a flat screen tv. the monday buzz word you need is coming up.
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it is everybody's favorite part of monday. it is real or fake time with matt dreidel from ebaum's world. >> we have real videos and fake videos. >> why don't we get into those videos with our first video. ♪ >> he is so scared. he has passed out. >> i'm so embearrassed for them. this is an awful, awful attempt at a viral video. >> the guy in the red hat the way he runs away full speed, that's what it does it for me. >> i'm going real also. this is awesome. >> real. >> five reals. >> people do pass out when they get scared. this guy passed out. i would say it its real. video number two. >> what you are looking at is
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the inside of a semi truck. he is looking at his mirror. this is supposed to show the trip. >> totally real. >> that should give you some perspective as to where you should and shouldn't be when there is a big truck around. >> this is terrifying to think about if you are a cyclist or a motorist. i would say real. >> real. >> what do you say, matt? >> i would say it is real but there are ways they could make it more drastic than it is by angling the camera straightforward than above. i have been reading comments online from truck drivers saying that they angle from blind spot mirror down and the side-view out so she can see more of the blind spot. >> video number three. >> i would say fake.
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this seems a little too set up. >> a promotion for kfc in another country. >> i'm going fake too. the thing that makes me think it is fake is the way he looks at the camera. he doesn't look surprised. he looks like he is overacting surprised. >> fake. >> five fakes. >> russia comes up with a hit every week. you know this is how russians behave. they are throwing things at each other. he doesn't take any crap. he is lucky he didn't body slam the kid. i think this is real. i want to say something to all the russians out there. i want to thank them for all the great clips. [ speaking in russian ] a beautiful stretch of skiable amazing mountain ranges known as the powder highway, stretches from canada to alaska. eddie bauer this time is taking us to the british columbia interior to show us how amazing the powder and the skiable snow
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is there. it is beautiful. this video was shot last year. in the right state of mind for this season of skiing and snowboarding, here you go. >> i can't do that. i would go down on my butt. >> you have to start somewhere. this is inspiration for the rest of us. >> i feel like i can feel the snow gathering on my eyelashes. >> i am no expert but this is really exciting to see. i do like the powder when it is really soft and you are carving into it and going down really fast. it is cold but it is ex hill lett exhilarating. >> they had to frame up a shot. the skier jumps over this mound of snow. pretty cool a flat screen giveaway time. let's get us started. >> all you need to do to win a 42-inch flat screen tv is have monday's buzz where you have to be 18 or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> if you are using a mobile
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phone or tablet, go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> time to reveal the monday buzz word. it is download. >> get over to >> and enter download for your chance to win a flat screen tv. we've got some simple party tricks that you can do. >> using nothing more than a straw. >> here is one where you can turn your straw into a magic wand. >> how funny. >> the secrets that will make you [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast.
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so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least.
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a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. frozen, natural, fresh. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a fresh safeway select turkey is just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. we are no strangers to celebrating birthdays around our office. we liblg to have fun with them. >> in this case, it was this guy's birthday and his buddies at work got i him with the silly string. >> they emptied a dozen bottles on this guy.
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>> it looks like everybody has one. they all sprayed him and he can't really go anywhere. he just sits there and takes it. >> on your birthday, you really can't say much. if it happens, you have to go, all right, it's my birthday. >> all of these people bought silly string and strayed it all on him. apparently, they do this quite often. there is another video from last year. they just dump all the balls overhand. >> shades of years ago when we did this to our boss. >> go, go, go. >> silly string and some other stuff was threw at him. >> whipped cream and water guns. >> i'll tell you what, nothing gets a party going quite like some straw tricks, some magic tricks with the drinking straw. if you know how to do some of those, look out. life of the party. >> today, i am going to teach you five simple party tricks
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using nothing more than a straw. >>er h >> here is one where you can turn the straw into a magic wand. >> take the straw paper and slide it back and forth and get near the paper and it pulls the straw near because it is strat particularly charged what if i were to tell you you can karate job with a dollar bill. here is the secret. when you come down, you extend your first finger and that's what is actually hitting the straw. >> tricky. >> slight of hand there, right? >> this is kind of a mean party trick you pull on your friends. you are going to swap out their straw for one you have already tied a knot into. even though rich is a magician, this isn't the smoothest of transitions. >> drop your straw, remove their straw and keep going. >> how funny would that be to sit there and watch your friend do that. we are going to do the static
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electricity charge. balance the straw on top of the bottle. now that it is all charged up, you can use your hands, without touching the straw, to push and pull the straw in such a way. >> that's cool. >> that's the trick. >> with the holidays coming up, there are going to be a lot of kids around your party. a great way to keep them entertained. >> straw tricks. this is going to take off in 2013. head to to watch these videos. that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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dr. oz: this is breaking news. >> today on "dr. oz," the new statin guideline. why your doctor may put you on meds you don't need. dr. oz: the amount of people on medication will double. >> rejecting the new rule, dr. oz takes on the medical world. dr. oz: is your doctor buying into a quick fix? >> the four questions that determine your risk, coming up next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: today, one of the most important shows we'll do this year, a firestorm is brewing over how to prevent the number one killer of women in this country, heart disease. there are brand-new


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