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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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but for us a tiny change, but the lows are running a little bit warmer than they were yesterday. we will have a mix of higher clouds and we have heavy rain and the worst kind of rain, this is all heading east and for the next 36 to 48 hours especially through thanksgiving morning, there could be huge travel issues. >> visibility will not be the greatest, patchy low clouds and fair, one of my least favorite words, quiet patterns, a little bit warmer some upper 60s, a few low 70s, here is sal. >> steve good morning. we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good so far on this tuesday, traffic patterns will be different and we usually don't have a lot of
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the traffic at 4:30 a.m. but we will be watching it for you, we do have a crash between dahly city and brisbane and the sheriff and fire department are on their way to look at that but the car is overturned. and westbound 72 as you head out to the high-rise that traffic is moving nicely on to 101. 508 westbound coming into livermore valley, we are looking good at 580 to livermore valley. let's go back to the desk. be prepared for delays and cancellations if you are planning on traveling. a powerful storm system which started in the bay area is expected to arrive in the mid- atlantic states today and move
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into the northeast. the storm is being blamed for at least a dozen deaths. coming up at 4:45 we will come up with an update and let you know why things are only expected to get worse. more than half a dozen people were braisenly shot near a street barbecue last night. tara moriarty joins us from headquarters to let us know their conditions. >> reporter: two of them are in critical condition at this time and the reason they are calling this particular shooting outrage t- happened on a street corner where children were present. the shooting unfolded on olive streets in an area motorius for
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crime. one man was struck in the next by a bullet as he was walking with children. one woman heard 10 to 15 shots when she heard a bullet wiz by her ahead. >> the bullet went straight to my ponytail. >> investigators say some of the victims may not have been the intended target but got caught in the gunfire. havingers are hoping they can provide some description of the gunman in the getaway car. coming up we will tell you what they are saying about that particular east oakland neighborhood. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning in just a few hours they will announce a break-in, in a mysterious cold case dating back many years. authorities found a man's body
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in 1990 and investigators will reveal more about the suspects and what led up to their arrests during a news conference this morning. hundreds are planning on meeting a popular teacher and coach. the chp says he was actually trying to direct traffic away from a serious crash when another car hit and killed him. he was a long time coach at john f ken dip high school and the vigil will be held at 6:00 tonight at the school. highway 1:00 near 1 near the devil slide ton -- highway 1 had been shut down, a motorcyclist was hdtv on by a car near grove state beach. it happened just before 9:00 p.m. and the motorcyclist was taken
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to the hospital and was pronounced dead. the driver was not hurt. yesterday president barack obama had to contend with some heckling from an invited guest during one of hills appearances. >> that is why we are here. >> i need your help. >> okay. >> the president was talking about u.s. citizen and immigration immigration reform at a speech in chinatown. one man said he spoke up because he wants the president to use his executive executive power to stop deportation. >> i spoke on behalf of undocumented immigrants. we were deported back to a native country. >> president barack obama says the only way to fix the broken immigration system is to put pressure on congress. meantime, at his hotel, the
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president met with the security administration officer who was killed at lax earlier this month. he pulled a semiautomatic rifle out of a bag and opened fire. he also met with two tsa agents who were injured in the shooting. tensions are running high after a campus hate crime. >> angry protesters wore tape on their mouths during a demonstration and they demand student be allowed to speak at a news conference held by the naacp. they came to express outrage over the crime and their response. >> it is clear that somebody here dropped the ball. >> our decision-making failed and as part of it, i failed that student and with that, we
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failed all of our students. >> now the naacp is calling for prosecutors to probing cute the boys who committed the hate crime. yesterday elijah placed a dozen red roses at a corner where the toddler was hit sunday afternoon. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. the lack of a left-turn signal puts motorists and pedestrians in the same danger of space. >> this should not have happened to my son at all. he is incident. >> this is the 7th deadly accident this year and 22 involve pedestrians like elijah. a man disagrees with nearly
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everyone else. the former marine said he is no hero and we spoke to the 61- year-old shortly after he left the hospital yesterday. now the stockton man was hurt while breaking the fall of a woman who jumped after sunday's raiders' game. he said it was his experience at a vet from vietnam. >> without even thinking you automatically do what you have to do. had i not done anything and witnessed her impacting the cement, that would have been etched in my mind until i died. >> he has not heard from family members of the woman he saved. she is still listed in critical condition and still no word on why she jumped. the campus received final
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approval and this is what the campus looked like after the design. this was steve job's idea and they are jocking down existing structures at at the site and moving large trees they want to save. they are asking a higher court to overturn a roadblock. they are asking to help finance the project and motors approved $10 billion in bonds years ago. the project is still moving ahead but they also will redo before continuing construction. san francisco attorney is keeping illegal action from losing its accreditation. dennis asked herrera to maintain the status and they plan to revoke the school standing at the end of the jail. that decision is improperly based and they have already
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hurt them. the system need more attention and he said both systems are fatal and california -- vital and both need to be boosted before earning associate degrees, they say it's both below the national average. last night coach jim harbaugh said crabtree will be coming back next week suggesting his return will be headed there and he participated in. >> light game. after they crushed the redskins on the road, first quarter, they hit antoine bold end with several leads out and we go to
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the third, collin kaepernick with 6 yards and 9ers go on to win with a final 27-6. >> nice record. 4:40 is the time, all facings of a coverup in the san francisco fire department, what may lead to the suspension of a firefighter and we will have a report on some. most dangerous toys for your kids. i will show you how highway 4 is doing in and being jobbing -- antioch when we come back. most of california be a across the country it is a huge deal plus for casted highs and what you can see now.
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. welcome back, well a major winter like storm is threatening millions of
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travelers this thanksgiving on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. here is more from virginia and how it is already impacting passengers. good morning. >> reporter: officials here form outside the airport, they are already pretreating runways in preparation for that massive storm and this area is expected to get heavy rain and as of now there are no travel cans lakes but this storm is on the move. if you are traveling this morning you will see some travel delays they described the storm as complicated and that's exactly the way to describe it, because so many people anticipate major travel
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delays, the it -- delta and u.s. airways have limited booking so if you want to avoid this you can. now the storm hit and they are already to blame for 100 deaths and a dozen car accidents. this same storm is predicted to get worse as it gets closer to the east coast. west virginia, western pennsylvania, upstate new york will start to see snow and they could get there and national weather service says all of this will be over thanksgiving morning but it will be difficult for many travelers trying to get home for thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. >> room well it will take much
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more to take fluffy or your dog. they will be raising the pet fee and it is still cheaper than others who charge more per pet. several doctors and nurses are traveling to the philippines. hundreds more are still missing and more than 12,000 are now homeless and traveling to recover. coming up, along aweighedded report. the report found adam lance disa was upset with violent video games where players gunned down video students in a
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school. he spent most of his time in a room and the windows and and there was information about them. >> it is somebody who is extremely difficult to manage. >> it took less than 20 minutes for lance disa to kill -- lance disa -- adam lanza to kill everyone and take his own life. couples requested licenses this year and that's an increase over the previous july and the highest since 2006. it's not clear since then and don't ask for them. sal, we are getting closer to the very busy day on wednesday and we will be busy tomorrow. >> it will be busy on the roads
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but it will be one much those things where people will try to get out of town and the airports as we have been hearing will be very crowded. right now i promised you a look at highway 4, we will be watching it closely to see what happens. it is still green and looks very good. we are looking at public transportation and no delays on a regular schedule. it is light so far and there are no problems on the bridge, if you are driving on the east shore freeway between berkeley and oakland, it is a nice drive, here is steve. >> overnight load or as the cold but not as cold as it was
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yes. but there is a lot to this system which is working its way up, there it is. as you can see now in the deep south, this one is heading towards the northeast and everyone says this will be a heck of a system as it moves north and there will than some they have have i snow. temperatures are kind of mild to warm especially towards gilroy, mostly sunny, mild to warm, cold air is in place not as cold. there 18 hardly any breeze, we have low mid-to a few upper 60s. back to pam. san francisco is about to turn into a winter wonderland.
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tonight the city will flip the switch turningit into 400 new snowflakes. and they are turning around at powell and market treatment. that new report says there have been improvements in the last few years but there are still high levels of led and and other one that can still affect a child's hearing. coming up, drivers are crossing bay area bridges for free, what we uncovered which helps cracking down on drivers and puts it on hold for now.
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. well a 3500 wildfire is 3
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5% contained. they expect is full containment by wednesday and it is moving northeast of guyserville. it is fueled by the strong winds moving through the bay area and the fire remains under investigation. beware of who your driver is, that is a warning, he tells us he had left the bar in the castro and then pulled out his iphone and used his app to get a ride home, something he has done many times before but only this time the driver's attitude made it worse. >> i think you are the bottom of the skum. >> he tells us the driver has been suspended and he will now try to take a cab or another car service. they are exposing a
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loophole. california law allows newly purchased cars to allow them to ride through without any licenses. soon they began their tracking and the number of no plate violations has risen from 34,000 vehicles a month to more than 1 18,000 and that adds up to more than $1.6 million of lost revenue. >> for years they have advocated for a change in state law that would require any law once it leaves the lot to have a license plate. >> they want lawmakers to require temporary license plates to be given to people in new states. the federal government is ordering a google backed home testing kit. now google has invested
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millions into the company, and it provides saliva testing kids and they have already tested more than half a million people. >> anybody with a family history would want to know and should be given an opportunity. >> the fda failed to respond to request which supports the validity of the product the order to stop selling the test kits takes affect in 15 days. and in walnut creek, they will hold an annual turkey drive and 2000 pounds of turkey willen limb mid-to one turkey while supplement supplies last. theythey will be handed out while supplies last. what is next for the young
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man's family as they head back to brazil searching for the young man and his family is trying to help. and they are coming up to the willow pass grade, i will show you how the bay bridge commute is doing next. there is a lot of high clouds, how will that impact travelers plus we will look at temperatures across the country.
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. agreeing scandal -- a growing scandal in the san francisco fire department, it may lead to the suspension ever several firefighters. and holiday travel, you may want to beat the rush. the construction work is already underway to make way for this new campus, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2
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morning news. . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are outside oakland police headquarters this morning because they are talking about a particularly horrific case gunfire spanning 3 city blocks while children played nearby. tara moriarty is out there getting some more information and we will have an update on that case and it is tuesday november 26thth, i am pam cook. >> steve, how do you want people to dress this morning? >> well, it's cold but not as cold as yesterday. at least layers. this is computer -- i am not computer savvy and i am just lost, sal, i can't help you now. sal, is he ready,


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