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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning news. . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are outside oakland police headquarters this morning because they are talking about a particularly horrific case gunfire spanning 3 city blocks while children played nearby. tara moriarty is out there getting some more information and we will have an update on that case and it is tuesday november 26thth, i am pam cook. >> steve, how do you want people to dress this morning? >> well, it's cold but not as cold as yesterday. at least layers. this is computer -- i am not computer savvy and i am just lost, sal, i can't help you now. sal, is he ready, i am
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completely stuck. >> steve, yes, sir, all right, traffic is actually doing well, we are off to a doesn't start on this tuesday morning, westbound bridge toll plaza, we are looking good as we drive through and there are no major problems i want to mention as we get closer to the hospital day. a lot of officers on are on the road and we are looking for unusual backups as people travel. it is a travel to a relative's house and we are looking at at that for you heading over to the valley. >> coming from the through the
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area, coming into caster valley is a nice drive and we are off to a decent start, let's go back to the desk. a horrifying shooting happened on a street corner in east oakland, 7 people were wounded, 2 of them critically, joining us live from the police headquarters and here is more on why children are terrified. >> he was walking down the street where there were children and he was shot in the next and another woman said a bullet went through her ponytail. seven men between the ageels of 23 and 21 were caught under a hail of bullets. they may not have been there but one or more shooters are responsible. >> 6:00 at night is not that late and a number of rounds is
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fired out here, so that is pretty brazen street on a street corner. investigators are hoping they can relay descriptions of the gunmen. it took five to respond because 60% of the violent crime happens there. murders are down this year i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> several firefighters may face disciplinary action and the firefighters may be suspended for their actions on june 29th june 29thth. that is when michael quinn was arrested for dui charges in the south of market area in the
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area of june and they are looking at a possible coverage up up -- cover up involving this case. the weather is blamed for 13 deaths bringing ice and hail to a number of states. police have responded to hundreds of related crashes and it choses ahead, prepare for tee lays, alex savage joins us from fso, we are go thesing into it. >> reporter: we checked here with fso no delays reported yet so far and everything on the big board appears to be on time at least as far as we can see.
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but waiting until tomorrow could potentially be a problem and it is shaping up to be a difficult travel day and back east, it is threatening some of the biggest widespread cans lakes including new york boston and washington. the dangerous mix of snow ice and wind which is blasting the northeast is leading up to thanks give willing. they are trying to stay ahead of this storm and the hottest rush. >> i will wait until today and hope flip we will make it there fine. >> just in time for thanksgiving, the website flight has put up what they call their misery map and it helps you track delays and cancellations in various cities across the country, so
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far things are fairly quiet live at fso, news ktvu channel 2 morning news. they will leave today and go back home. they were searching for her brother. he was a los angeles art student who vanished while visiting and fran. before -- san francisco. before he disappeared, he said he was in danger and a few weeks later, a decomposed body watched up.. they should be able to tell us more.
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>> the family dropped everything when he disappeared and once they take care of person amount in business they plan to return to search for him. the deaths of two bodies found in the dealtty were declared suspicious more information is expected later today. apple is building a new separate headquarters in supplement supplement. itit will look like a circular space ship it will protect trees it wants to tea is almost
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complete. the supporters say tonight money, more than 1,500 people 1,500 people have jumped. they have take up a birth control coverage dispute in president barack obama's healthcare law. the provision is in the affordable healthcare act requiring them to do certain things and some companies object to it saying it violates their religious beliefs. plan "b" may not work if it is taken by women over a certain weight. scientists say it will lose it's affecttiveness and in your
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rain storm they will not allow it. the secret program at guantanamo bay that turned some praise they ares -- presidential prisoners into double agents. good morning, traffic is looking good on 880 westbound and coming up i will show you how traffic in other cities looks. use chase freedom at select department stores
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. >> oar welcome back, the mother of the victim is asking the man to come forward. this is a look at the 16-year- old recovering. doctors say he has a swollen brain. he was hit by a car early sunday morning on 37th avenue in oakland. witnesses say he was in the crosswalk when a woman driving a new silver acura hit him. >> she knows she hit somebody because she pulled over and told, it new york her son right out of his shoes. there are imagesby may help
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peopled the driver. they are turning them into double agents at guantanamo bay and setting them free. they promised them freedom, safety for their families and millions of dollars. that program was carried out and called penny lane after the beatles' song. that program helped to kill terrorists and that program is no longer on on ratting. we will pull all of them after 2014 if he does not quickly sign. he wants to wait and let the next president sign the agreement. that it is even after 2500 tribal members approved and urged ahmed wali karzai to sign before the end of this year.
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they are considering 1,000 1,000 homes. david shoe, they want to allow some to keep some as well as rent controlled laws. both the rent controlled laws as let you, now the raiders extended their deal through the 214 through through the 2015 teal and in oakland they hope the short-term deals
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will be okay. he will sit down in the nba, after that saturday night fight for the portland trailblazers. they also suspend had moe williams for one day. 5:14 let's check in on traffic, sal? all right, we are doing pretty well around the bay area, if you look at some of the people are out but traffic volume may be tapering off. with we will watch it closely but as you head towards the san mateo bridge it looks good heading out to the peninsular. once you get there there will be a little bit of slowing on 92, nothing meaning as well for this morning's commute, let's
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go to steve. oop 40s with a lot of higher clouds it is holding things up a limb bit, and he is on his way to it will push all of the bad weather up into the northeast and that will cause travel problems and i have seen 4 projections behind it, but the good news is it might be gone and that will back things up and okay when you have a lack affect. the clouds will be with us all day and it is kind of a hazy day and we still have a spare the air day, it is it's not as
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cold and it will be a very hazy day, he say that, 68 climb lake and crews, low-to-mid 60 and we will cloud it up thursday it will be partly sunny skies on saturday but temperatures in the morning will be cold inland. 5:17 is the time ire but they are expected to savep rev new and they do expect pockets
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of great, -- especial limb key markets in china. it is pretty quiet thanksgiving week and a lot of traders and investors also take time off. markets close thursday and will be open a short time on friday and mixed futuresel are driving a heat indices able and m will work with factory owners so that textile earn they ares will be -- earners will be paid enough to live on. the livable wage program is expected to be in place in about four years.
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all right, pam, why this man claims he was racially targeted. >> he was wearing his sun glasses and hat and started crying, he didn't stop crying, was crying and the numbers they have around for the military.
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. welcome back, time now 5:21
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only 28 shopping days before christmas and holiday decorations are already up in most stores. it's more pressure than usual because there are fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas eve this year. some stores are only open on thanksgiving night. >> we don't determine when customers will shop. they told us they want to shop early on black friday weekend. >> wednesday december 4th, that is when you find the smallest crowd and the least amount of traffic. they are in connection with a building collapse that said caused the collapse. the district attorney said the demolition should have been done by hand not by machine and
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the contractor knew that but wanted to avoid the cost. >> it was him who decided on the method of demolition. he personally controlled it and caused the catastrophe. >> my client did nothing wrong. >> we will defend the serious allegations and that's the word of law. >> reporter: now, they say the main wall needed to. >> he lied to the arc tell and -- architect and told him the wall had been taken down when it had not. thanks to a be loved friend. when bud cloud was admitted to the hospital he said he wanted to see the ship. >> they carried him up in his
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wheelchair and they honored him with hats, metals and they went up to him one by one and shook his hand. >> at the end of the visit they piped him assure and the person of honor does across the ramp, bud died 13 days later. now 7:30 this morning, they will head to a repair dock and this had been since 2009 when president barack obama announced they will cleanup that fleet. now later on today, san francisco 49ers are saying crabtree will be coming back
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next week, he will be back or may 21 is. he went back to practice and took part in a light work out before last night's game. speaking of a light work out, they beat redskins on the road. collin kaepernick gets antoine bold den losing, 7-7 and they hooked up again, the spinal -- final 27-6. he took immediate action when a woman jumped deck and opened the coliseum. >> we will hear more from that refear man who saved his own
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life. >> a plans for demolition are underway for what some are calling it the apple space ship, we will explain : i will show how how arrest it stays. parts of coup trip are miserable, we will have more news weather and trafficking, stay tuned.
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. good morning, we are live with the oakland police department, a terrifying story, several people were shot on the streets of oakland and some of the details of what happened, there is a reason the police chief is asking for help and stay tuned, tara moriarty is on that story and we will have a live report. it is november 26thth, i am dave clark. >> steve paulson has your weather forecast, a lot of people are looking for the holiday weather weekend. it is cold with plenty of 30s. they have give us hazy
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skies. temperatures are on the warm side, we had a few upper 20s yesterday and we have more upper mid-30s so use that pair. filter it is sunshine today and lower 70s around gilroy and santa cruz. the traffic is looking good around the commute and there are no major credit, also that traffic is moving along and on the peninsular and 280, you are off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. they are trying to figure out who is responsible for a brazen shooting and it happened
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near childrenp driven. we are trying to determine who it was. >> reporter: they were struck by bullets and at last check two people were fighting for their lives. the chief said this shooting was outrageous. >> the chief said they were caught under a hail of busy bullets and he was walking on it the street with children and a woman said they were caught and this corner has escalated
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in recent month. >> [inaudible] >> investigators are not releasing any suspect description but they reportedly told two police there were several gunmen. they were having a barbecue nearby and they are hoping they can provide some description and a possible getaway car. is the city will have more, live from oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. the man credited with saving a woman's life disagrees with everyone else. he said he is not a hero and we spoke with him shortly after he left the hospital of a supplement tie's reader's game said it was his experience that helped him respond to this life
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or death situation. >> had i don't anything, and seen her die, that would have been etched in my mind until i died. still no word on why steel tom appled. we will hear more on what is happening apt the site, what is going on. much well it is dark across the street and there is still a lot of fencing up for where apple campus is supposed to be and it has opinion hard as they knock down the structures here.
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let's hook and two are located near homestead. they are reporting apple pulled permits to storm exist being structures on the 160-acre site. it was recently approved but they say the build out will take 32 months. plans include a 1,000 seat area. nearly 4,000 trees will be replanted and added. and ones competed they will report live from its eye objecting -- iconic work.
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they reported late last night to the dream works studio and the president worked with the transportation security officer who was killed earlier this month. he was shot pie a person and alsod help. president barack obama had to contend with sock heckling from one of his invited guests in san francisco. >> that is why we are here. >> i need your help... >> okay. >> president barack obama was talk about about immigration at the state said he spoke up because he wants he wants the president to stop deportation
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palm ewe are going to be deployed to a note type of work and they want them to pass legislation. gas cone said in part, quote, the united states continues to spend billions of dollars and failed enforcement strategies which are making our communities less safe. we should remind our nation and. >> 32 alba tells us he just left the bar and he pulled out his phone to get an app to get a ride home and only this time he said the driver's aggressive
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man made him afraid to try again. >> now he a telling us he will have to try another car service or he will only try caps. >> shethey wore tape over their mouths and demand that students be allowed to speak at a forum where naacp came to talk as well. >> our decision making failed and as part of it, i failed that student and about that, we
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failed allottable a students. now 4 white student are acutessing them. they are tee -- tee manning a guilty verdict. he is a -- she a used of the murder of her roommate. amanda knox was accused of the killing of meredith meredith kercher and knocks has spent -- knox has spent four years in jail and did not return for this trial. a really strong deadly winter storm is is affecting people's holiday travel plants. they have a treat to stop sell those product thes. i will -- products.
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>> i will show you how traffic in the pay area is beginning to slow down. we have a few twists, nothing dramatic and take a look at that weather and we have a whopper of a system in the southeast.
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. welcome back, a deadly storm continues to move towards the northeast and it has already brought in rain, snow icy roads to a number much states and police say they are responding to 100 dreads of weather related incidents and the thanksgiving holiday is causing people to head out of town. they are warn being people to expect delays or cans lakes because of the -- cancellations
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and many flights are affected and it's already just the beginning. we have more on how bad the travel problems could get. they are already pretreating the runways in anticipation of the east coast and they will see sleet and potentially some heavy rain later in the day but as of now there are no cans lakes and everything is running as normal but this storm. the international weather service says it is complicated and complicated is exactly the way to describe now that so
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many travelers face, some areas like u.s. deltas have avoided the booking fee. the storm is already to blame for a dozen deaths and hundreds of car accidents and there are more and it approaches the east coast, it will go to upstate new york and they could get pummeled by 20612 inches much snow -- 6 to 12 inches of snow by thursday. certainly it will be a rough 24 to 48 hours for many travelers who are trying to get home for the holiday. >> as for here many people are
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expected to get ready for the busiest travel day of the year. we will have a live report with what travelers can expect. they are mourning the death of a three-year-old boy who was hit and killed in across walk on the way to a playground. yesterday, the child was hit and the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. they say the lack of a left- turn signal is dangerous. >> pay attention to what is going on around you. >> that tragedy was san jose's deadly quest from last year.
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they are hop forking a popular teacher and coach. he was driving over the weekend and chp said he was trying to direct traffic away when another car hit and killed him. he was a long time coach and teacher at the school and the vigil will be held at 6:00 tonight at the school. highway 1 near the devil slide will be shut down after a deadly accident. a motorcyclist was hit and killed south of the tunnel near grove state beach than happened before 9:00 p.m. the driver of the car was not injured. another setback, this time it it is a legal one. they refused to allow them to
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start selling bonds and that is supposed to pay for construction on the project. the rail property will appeal that decision and the project will still move forward. we will check back in with sal and look at the traffic this morning. >> yeah, it is not bad, pam, dave, so far we have been watching the commute for you. traffic continues relatively well, there will are rno major backups and it could be moving along. northbound 101, approaching the 880 split, it is looking good and southbound is looking good. >> this morning's drive on the southbound freeways, are still very nice including 185 and
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280, let's go to steve. high leads visibility and those clouds are helping those up a little bit. it is pushing into the north and you can see it way up there. it is also a very mild problem and it is turning into freezing rain and we have the worst travel weather of all. they are looking in new york city and it is 36 and cloudy, some precipitation mainly to the north and washington d.c., you find some of that freezing rain to south carolina. high pressure is moving east but today it will continue to move east and 30s and 40s on
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the low. 22 up in it hope but pie friday it is my fair mix and it will be fair. 646 brentwood, oakly, berkeley alameda. 71 gilroy, 72 santa cruz, mid- 60s on the peninsular, including menlo park, partly sunny to mostly cloudy from the santa cruz and it will be in
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southern call foreign why u.s. housing permits and most of the new construction is planned apartments and that's a sign they expect to see a jump in rentals next year. they did not include information about how many new homes were started in and that was delayed again. the drug ordered the dna tests kid. they are violating federal law and only medical test s that have been cleared by the fda have been allowed to make that claim. it wasco found had pipe his estranged wife. southwest airlines are raising fares forecasts and dogs darfur
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cats and dogs. a alaska and jet blue charges 21 -- $125. what about the victim's families, the conclusions about the school shooting massacre, but did the families get what they wanted to hear. >> plus the you are resistible homework assignment, how a dog almost lost his life because of it.
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oop. >> welcome -- welcome back, 2 investigates a loophole that allows people to drive through without paying. it allows newly purchased cars that have no lou since -- license plates at all to not pay at all and people get away without paying. transportation officials want all new cars to leave with temporary plates and lawmakers say that is hard to do. >> there is resistance because it is applicable to the bay area but then it has to apply to the whole state. there is the cost of the funding to have them pay for the plates.
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>> now in 2005, when they started tracking no plate violations, it went up to more than 188,000. it cost more than $106 million. they are trying to save it and it would maintain school's and student's status. herrera said that is because city college and the accreditation board have a fill off call difference on what the school's -- philosophical difference on what the school's mission is. >> here is music with the beastie boys. she released this parody but
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with different lyrics about girl's your. the beastie boys were impressed and they don't allow that to sell a product. a dog eating homework landed him in the hospital now it featured candy into a foam base and one day was done in a matter of minutes. >> i went back to my desk and it was all over the floor. >> the dog had eaten her project, 50 pins showed up in his abdominal x-ray and you can see he is doing just fine. the project was redone and she got an "a."
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>> the dog ate it. a possible cover up and the punishment that may proof fuel thety. and new details this morning and of the urgent plea from the police chief. good morning we are looking at the commute where traffic continues to be slower every team we check. >> well most -- mostly cloudy and i will have your travel outlooks from the northeast.
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. a witness describes a terrifying shooting where 7 people were wounded and 2 critically, what is next in this investigation. and thanksgiving travel rush is on this morning but a lot of people are worried about delays, why the northeast is
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making this difficult. and we could have a fire department shake up. it is known as the apple space ship even though it has not been built, we will tell what you happened recently. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are out this morning at fso at least right now and no delays, people have been moving around well but alex savage is out there and he will tell us if that good news will continue. it is november 26thth, i am pam cook. >> in other parts of the
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country, how are we doing. we do see temperatures on the high side, we will have a lot of high clouds, also into west virginia, system of this is moving north and we get a lot of high clouds and not much else and temperatures today under hazy skies, it is a very quiet pattern. >> food morning this commute is not all that bad as you drive on westbound 80 let's say the


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