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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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engine slammed right into a motorcycle. tonight it's what happened after that crash that has five other firefighters facing suspension. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the firefighters that was driving that engine is facing charges and now the other firefighters on that truck could be in trouble too. david steven -- stevenson joins us now. and steven, you looked at two key pieces of surveillance video involved in that case. >> reporter: we also spoke to the attorney for the motorcyclists who says he's still recovering but lets us know he's still very angry about what happened to him right here. surveillance video shot june 29 shows a san francisco ladder truck striking a motorcyclists.
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ktvu obtained an update on the motorcyclists. he suffered broken ribs and punctured lungs. >> he's still trying to recover. he's been hospitalized several times and still in not so good shape. >> reporter: the firefighters later resigned he was charged with driving under the influence and faces a police investigation. fraizer is suing quinn and the city alleging negligent conduct and that quinn consumed alcohol a violation of fire department rules. >> i think we all want to see this no tolerance policy enforced to the point where this never happens again. >> tending the patient, making sure patient care which is always paramount in our business was done. >> reporter: sources say quinn went into this near by bar after the crash. video views by us shows a man said to be quinn drinking nine glasses of water. sources say he returned later to his station and tested above the legal limit for blood alcohol. >> i don't think any one of us
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can ever truly put into perspective what those members faced that evening. >> reporter: the firefighters who received letters face suspensions ranging from four to 30 days although they have the options of disputing those letters. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, channel 2 news. and more details now it could be months before any firefighter is formally suspended. the next step is a hearing where evidence is presented to a deputy chief of administration. then the deputy chief presents his or her recommendation to fire chief joanne hayes white. the chief then makes a decision which firefighters can appeal to the fire commission. however any suspension more than 10 days long automatically goes before the commission. the commission makes the final decision and the department must abide by it. happening now. students and coworkers are gathering at john f. kennedy high school in fremont to remember a much loved teacher
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and coach. news chopper 2 is over head. a lot of people have already showed up here. it's all for john web. he was killed last saturday along interstate 680. the corvette he was a passenger in rear ended a stalled van. web got out so he could direct traffic that's when he was hit and killed. tonight his coworkers and friends are all remembering his life. rob roth is there with more. >> reporter: the memorial at john f. kennedy high school is just getting started. take a look at the turn out. this is where former athletic director and football coach became an institution. although the memorial is set for 6:00 p.m. we can tell you when we first got here there were people
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dropping by then dropping off flowers. >> i was heading down a real rough path. he basically sat me down and took me under his wing and showed me exactly what it is of how to truthfully be a man. >> reporter: john web died trying to save others. he was trying to direct traffic away from the wreck when he was hit and killed by another car. web had recently retired as athletic director and football coach but even at the age of 76 web was still teaching geometry and physical education he even took over as head of the school's chinese club after the predecessor left and a replacement could not be found. >> he made people believe in themselves. if he was on the bus, he would show that confidence in the classroom and kids would pick up on that. >> i just wanted to show love. he was an awesome teacher. awesome person.
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he always wanted to make sure he could help out with us any way he could. >> reporter: many former students showed up to pay their respects. many people here just want to say one last thank you and one last goodbye. reports live in fremont, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. vta light rail service is back to normal at this hour after a stabbing on a train in sunny vale this afternoon. the santa clara sheriff's department tells us the stabbing happening shortly after 3:00 on a train that was traveling down tazman drive. the train was stopped at the reemwood station. we don't yet know the extend of the injuries. vta service was delayed while police were investigating the stabbing and bus budges -- bus
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bridges were used for a while. three pedestrians have been hit. we just learned about the case involving a 13-year-old girl sunday night while walking through campus on highland avenue. and tonight is on life support. also on sunday a 3-year-old boy was hit and killed. and then last night a woman was struck and killed on monterey road near san jose avenue. ktvu's patti lee is in san jose where the family of that 14- year-old girl is by her bedside tonight, patti. >> reporter: bianca value -- bianca valdez has been on life support since she was struck here. neighbors who rushed out into the middle of the street who helped her say this road is dangerous because of the traffic and also because at night it is so dark it is hard to see and it was at least this dark when bianca ran from this side of the road and tried to cross to the other. >> reporter: it was a
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traumatizing, we're still in shock. raymond ortiz is reeling from the news that his girlfriend has been declared brain dead and will be taken off life support and her organs will be donated. valdez was struck as she was leaving the ortiz home. >> she got hit right here. and it ended up over there. >> reporter: gomez says in the past six months two pe -- pedestrians and a bicyclist were hit on this road. >> i had requested years ago about putting speed bumps but they said it was a thoroughfare and they couldn't do it. >> reporter: there is a difference between tragic accidents and problems that can be prevented sometimes all the precautions in the world aren't enough. >> there's a new crosswalk there, flashing lights to get
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people to stop when we're dismissing. >> reporter: because of traffic on white road a new crosswalk was installed in front of the school a few weeks ago. but bianca valdez did not use it. right now friends are gathering down the block. they're carrying candles. we had a chance to talk to some of them they told me that bianca is still on life support. but that could change soon. you can see another friend joined them down here on north white road. just to recap this issue, 24 pedestrians have been killed so far this year in san jose. that is compared to 20 for all of last year. which is an eight year high. you can see more teenagers are starting to gather here. we will have an update for you on the status of bianca valdez later on the show. patti lee, ktvu news. viewers have been sharing their condolences to bianca valdez family. you can do the same just visit
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ktvu channel 2 on facebook and share your thoughts. a woman who jumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum sunday remains in critical condition tonight. the alameda county sheriff's office says the family of the 20-year-old san jose woman is with her at the hospital. authorities say they have interviewed people who went to the raiders game with the woman but say it's not clear yet why she jumped. danny navidad is being called a hero for risking his life to break her fall. sasha fleishman who was set on fire while riding a transit bus is heading home just in time for thanksgiving. >> we're expecting sasha to be home on wednesday. >> what does that feel to know that. >> it feels great. we're not quite ready. we've been rearranging stuff to make it more comfortable for
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sasha. >> the 16-year-old suspect is being tried as an adult. the jury found a motion to try the case in juvenile court. the fleishman family tells us they support that motion. >> he's extremely remorseful. >> the hearing is set for december 20th to hear the motion on whether to hear the case in juvenile court rather than in adult court. it will allow homeowners to pay off city loans for solar panels along with their property taxes. the program could start early next year. >> we're going to put san franciscans to work. reinvigorating our economy and causing us to have a much lesser impact on the environment. >> reporter: the feds put the plan on hold three years ago concerned about who would be
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responsible for the loans if homeowners should default. now the state has set up a reserve fund to cover losses in case of foreclosures. the livermore city council has approved a plan to improve the facilities at its airport. the city improved a 35 year contract with five rivers aviation. that company will serve as an on sight operator providing refueling. maintenance and key services for pilots and travelers. shares of hewlett packered rose. the company posted a net income of $4.4 million. the revenue of just over a dollar a share was better than wall street analysts had predicted. ceo meg whitman said her plan is on track but also said there's more work to be done. using the holidays as an excuse to abandon their pets. >> we had at least a couple of
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litters of puppies that were dropped off. >> we explore the sad trend overwhelming animal shelters and a plan to stop it. and next a break in the cold case after more than 20 years. a husband and wife charged with the crime. >> we waited a long long time. >> the evidence and the alleged motive for murder.
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new information tonight a $35,000 reward is now being offered for any tips that lead police to the gunman who shot seven people last night in east oakland. police sources tell us the motive behind the shooting is still unknown but the sheer magnitude of the shooting was still visible at 96th and olive streets today. shattered car windows, bullet
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holes through the walls of the corner store you could see it all. we first reported the gunfire during this newscast last night. the shots were fired just after 6:00 as it was getting dark. many people were gathering for a birthday bar-be-que and one innocent bystander was killed while taking out his trash. police officers were on constant patrol through that neighborhood today. a husband and wife are charged with first degree murder today in a cold case that is more than 20 years old. 50-year-old williams devensensi and sheryl anne dreys are being held now without bail in the shooting death of dreys ex- husband. investigators interviewed the suspects early on but they were never charged. whitaker's three daughters were teenagers when he was killed.
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>> finally we can just begin to close this chapter hopefully. >> the cold case unit says updated dna testing helped crack the case. investigators say the motive was money. dreys and whitaker had divorced and were fighting over ownership of their home. abandoned pets are filling up shelters. 15 dogs were abandoned at one shelter overnight. john fowler spoke to shelters as they're trying to stem the trend of what they're calling holiday dumping. >> reporter: activists say far too many people abandon their pets around the holidays. pets often left out of hectic holiday plans. >> but also a financial burden. and as it gets closer and closer to the holidays there are people that unfortunately can't care for their pets. >> reporter: animals end up here contra costa county animal control tells me someone dumped
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15 young dogs early yesterday morning. >> we had at least a couple of litters of puppies that were dropped off in our night deposit. some what unusual. >> reporter: the majority of abandoned dogs are pit bull mix or chihuahua. >> we're looking for another companion for the household and we feel this one will fit. >> reporter: tony la russa's arf does not euthanize. it rescues shelter animals and now arf is hoping to get animals in homes this holiday season. >> we have our food share drive and we redistribute the food to families that can't care for their pets. >> reporter: they're hoping that deserving pelts like freddo here who was abandoned by his family will have a home
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and a life for the holidays. john fowler, ktvu news. if you're not sure you can keep your animal you can contact the animal rescue foundation. they can help. they also accept donations of pet food as well. just go to and click on web links. experts want to remind you to spay and neuter your pet. covered california has set up a new hot line for people who are losing their current insurance coverage. the board that oversees covered california voted not to extend an estimated 900,000 elle care plans set to expire december 31st. we have posted the hot line number for you on our website at tracking weather into the bay area as we move into this holiday weekend. on the loop you can see that system it's impressive looking but its focus is going to be mainly offshore.
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it's going to get closer and follow this path and move down the coast and kick in over southern california. that should leave us high and dry. it's cloudy out there. mostly cloudy throughout the bay area. beautiful sunrise as well as those clouds sort of hanging out in the area. overnight lows tonight are going to be chilly. these are the current numbers and they're dropping quickly despite the cloud cover. temperatures are going to drop off tonight. we're not going to be freezing but numbers in the inland bay valleys, mid-40s, low 40s then mid-30s in the coolest spots. so that's pretty chilly. you will notice it. daytime highs today, 64 in santa rosa, 63 in livermore. highs tomorrow very similar to those. overnight lows forecast. maybe a little frost in a couple of places way in the north bay. but not much at all. as we head into thanksgiving the story has been what about this rain. here's the system that i was just showing you. this is a computer model taking it into the future. to thursday morning. and you can see it offshore basically. and it stays offshore. one of the models a couple of
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models had it pressed up against us. it's going to track south and toward the east once it moves east of our area. as we go into the thanksgiving holiday, it looks like we're going to be high and dry. you see all the clouds tomorrow morning more clouds by evening hours. then here comes thursday and here comes the system. sort of comes up and then backs out. that's why we're going to stay dry. you don't see systems usually do that. usually they move right through. this system is retrograding or moving back ward. you will need jackets. it'll been kind of cold in the mornings and takes a while to warm up with all that cloud cover. the weekend forecast, we need rain and i'm kind of bummed because we are counting on it. this one looks pretty good about five days from now. now it looks like it's just going to be clouds and cooler. as you get into friday things
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start to clear up. as you head into the weekend the sun comes back out and it's not acting like late november. >> that's nice. a little back and forth for a little bit. sounds good. thanks bill. fruitvale station the acclaimed movie about the shooting of oscar grant is up for three independent spirit awards. michael b. jordan who played oscar grant is nominated for lead. melanie diaz who played his girl friend is up for supporting. and the awards will be presented march 1st in santa monica. the cal bears battling syracuse at the maui invitational. time to check in with gasia in the newsroom.
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>> julie, san francisco is seeking new solutions to its housing problem. tonight the mayor ed lee outlined an effort to maintain affordable housing what she says is behind the city's soaring eviction rate and his effort to curb the law.
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the cal basketball team is over in hawaii and mark is here to tell us how they're doing. >> they're doing better -- >> every time it starts out that way. >> they're doing better than the football team. but in particular tonight they did not do all that great. however they stuck with one of the top rated teams in the country that would be number eight syracuse in the maui invitational. halftime it was all tied. syracuse however a jolt here, jeremy grant off the mark and there's the slam return. 19 points inbound pass. trevor cooney will get it right back and pop the three a 9-2 run for syracuse mid-second half. helps them take it away 92-81. a little break in the usual tradition for the raiders as they will play thanksgiving day
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taking on the dallas cowboys thanksgiving. and of course tony romo and company. great offense and as a matter of fact you know romo he takes a lot of heat but he's doing all right of late. had a great game against the new york giants this next week. but the raiders offense knows they need to keep the dallas offense off the field. they can do that by running up the clock and this guy jennings has really come on. his last four games he's averaged 103 yards rushing ripped off 80 right there. got the most jobs in the nfl after the initial hit. looking good and he knows the strategy against the cowboys as well as anyone. >> we found out we can control the ball. we put our team in good position to win. and also put our defense in a good situation. controlling the tempo, controlling it with the run game. pass efficiency those type of things is what you need to win. >> pretty good news for the 49ers too as they activate
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michael crabtree. he is questionable to face the rams on sunday. but his addition can't help but you know be a good thing for the 49ers on if -- for the offense. what we're learning about an attack that has landed two pets in san francisco bay and the felony charges the attackers are now facing. >> and we're always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll be back here tonight at 10:00. good night.
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