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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 27, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon -- steafl people arrested as -- several people arrested as protesters clash with police in front of the port of oakland and it's not over yet. hundreds of flights delayed or canceled on one of the busiest travel days. we're monitoring the east coast storm sparking the airport problems and how it may jeopardize a traditional thanksgiving parade. and a spike in crime on the peninsula. what police are saying is being targeted and how to protect yourself.
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back up! back up! >> heated exchange in front of the port of oakland this morning as truck drivers try to shut down the port. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. ktvu's claudine wong has been monitoring the situation all morning as arrests were made and one police officer was injured. she joins us live now to explain how long this is expected to last and what protesters are upset about. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes, this work stoppage is over rules that truck drive rerbs say will cost them -- drive remembers say will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. if you look in the background, you can see the trucks are making their way into the port. port officials tell me things are operating slower than normal and we can show you why. things started to heat up after 5:00 a.m. this morning as workers tried to get into the port.
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>> ma'am, you cannot block this car. >> reporter: she moved but the line of picketers didn't. >> they are trying to facility their first amendment rights. >> reporter: as police tried to clear entrance, tempers rose. >> don't touch me! don't touch me! >> reporter: one impatient driver ran over the foot of this oakland officer. >> hey! yeah! [bleep] >> all right! >> reporter: he was okay. but moments later, at another gate look closely because a protester comes up on the hood of this car as it drives into the port. >> we'll just continue to exercise patience, do our best to get people to comply with us. >> reporter: as the sun rose, so did tensions. >> this is the wrong thing to be doing. you are affecting livelihoods right now. >> reporter: but protesters kept ploking roads and police -- blocking roads and police kept clearing them. >> reporter: are you mad at the truck drivers? >> no, not at all.
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they are with us. >> reporter: all of this over new emissions standards that go into effect january 1st. for some drivers, that means buying new trucks and these truckers say they cannot afford it. >> it. [ cheers ] >> reporter: at least three people were cited this morning, including this woman who made a ran for it and this woman. >> whether i did get cited. >> reporter: and they releasedded you? >> and they released me. >> reporter: the truckers want a meeting with the city in the port. the mayor's office said it hopes to work with the truckers but also said it's committed to these new greener standards. live at the port of oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. there are more than 800 trucks still not compliant. the truckers association wants the deadline extended and say truckers need to be paid emission and congestion fees.
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one would offset truck cost, the other would be paid to truckers who cement two hours in line waiting to load up -- who spent two hours in line waiting to load up. workers are protesting low wages at oakland airport. [chanting] >> unite here are picturing outside nonunion workers. it's -- it's the latest to push for an increase in wage and benefits. the airport says this is not affecting airport restaurants and stores. northeast airports are reporting about 200 storm- related flight cansal tions today on -- cancellations and what is supposed to be the busiest travel day since 2007. the storm has been classified as a nor'easter and is creating a messy getaway on roads and at airports. most of the canceled flights have occurred in philadelphia, newark and la guardia airport.
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we go now to mark tamayo in the ktvu weather center with more on the impact of this storm along the atlantic. >> well, this is still a major storm producer and rain producer. this is the busiest travel day. this is the loop over the past hour. you get an idea of the progression and the snowfall coverage as you can pick out. but a lot of rainfall. right now in new york, central park, reporting some light rain. a current temperature of 41. this is the current situation right now. as far as the forecast, we will put the model into motion. you can see what happens later on today. this does move out to the north to the east. in fact, lingering rain showers out towards boston. that's later on today and then tomorrow for thanksgiving, it looks good with decreasing rain and snow coverage across this part of the country. >> we have the chance of a few showers offshore but it looks like the bulk arc tift activity
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is in this area. >> thank you, mark. that storm is causing delays at sfo but so far no cancellations. officials at the airport say there are delays up to 45 minutes for pleens arriving from storm-impacted airports and diera delays up to an hour for those heading to the east coast. one official says he expects delays to grow worse in the and. >> i think it will be something to keep an eye on today. our first set of flights to the east coast left on time. we haven't seen any cancellations. with the weather system moving into the new york and boston area we're starting to see some delays to locations like newark. >> airport officials expect heavy travel through jute the -- throughout the week. 1.2million people will pass through san francisco airport. so far no delays or
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cancellations to report out of san jose or oakland international. >> if you are hitting the load, take a look at the conditions. on the left side of your screen. you can see conditions on interstate 80 there. traffic heavy but flowing around. on the right side of your screen, it's hazy. you can see traffic also moving slowly along highway 101. even looks like some headlights on there as well. with so many cars on the road, law enforcement across the state warning you to slow down and not drink and drive. the chp will begin its maximum enforcement period for tlig at 6:00 -- thanksgiving at 6:00 tonight. the highway will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers and people not wearing seat belts. of course, another option is b.a.r.t. which is running longern trains today. b.a.r.t. is adjusting the schedule daily over the holiday. tomorrow b.a.r.t. will run a sunday schedule with service beginning at 8:00 a.m.
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on friday, full-length trains will run again to accommodate the shoppers. and service will be available on sunday. and to track your holiday travel head to where you can check your own drive time traffic. you can get up-to-the-minute road conditions and check conditions to see how it will impact your holiday plans. new at noon, a manhunt is underway in south san jose for suspects in a reported home inrobbery -- home invasion robbery. san jose police remain on the scene. investigators say three suspects broke into the home at 3:30 a.m. they tied up the residents and ransacked the home before escaping into one of the victim's cars. police say the victims had minor. the peninsula is getting hit hard with car break-ins. police are warning people about the thefts that have spiked in recent weeks. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us what is being targeted.
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>> reporter: holiday shoppers are already hitting stores for early sales. but how well are they hiding valuables in the car. >> i always lock it, make sure there's nothing obvious sticking out. >> i've had my car broken into before. it's made me more cautious. >> reporter: police say in mountain view say they've experienced a rash of car break- ins. so far this month, 46. in palo alto, 40. last night six vehicles were hit at restaurants including the fish market on el camino real. officers are noticing a good portion of the cars are rentals. >> they are seeing if there's any bags, computer type equipment and smashing the windows and removing the autos and fleeing the scene. >> reporter: downtown palo alto was getting a lot of activity and say thieves seem to be traveling south. officers are following leads to track down the various groups operating the. with the holiday season police know that stanford shopping
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center will be a hot spot for thieves. officers advise keeping your cell phone with you and to put shopping bags in the trunk. >> i'm gonna have officers out there in plain clothes patrolsing. >> reporter: they say this can be avoided if people are proactive. jag, ktvu channel 2 news. a post office in danville is open this time as the highway patrol investigates as hit-and-run clash damaged it. a car crashed around 7:30 into the side of the post office on the road in the upscale community of diablo. the chp says the driver drove off after hitting the building. the crash broke water and electrical lines and caused some structural damage. the car is believed to be a blue bmw. parts-were found at the scene. no injuries were reported. a 25-year-old walnut creek
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man is in custody after martinez police say they found him soliciting sex on craigslist. an undercover female officer posed as a 14-year-old girl and replied to the ad posted by sky o'leary. investigators say o'leary scaried on explicit conversations and sent graphic photos of himself. >> it may not have been police on the internet talking to this pesh. it could have been -- person. it could have been an 14-year- old girl. that scares me and i don't want that to happen. >> police set up a meeting at a martinez park yesterday where they arrested o'leary, he faces several charges including meeting a minor for sex. a deadly construction accident after a crane collapses in brazil. how it could impact one of the biggest sporting events in the world. >> reporter: people jumped from a balcony in order to escape an early-morning apartment fire in alameda. firefighters rescue one man who later confences to ktvu that he
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started it.
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three people are dead after a falling crane collapsed at
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the stadium set to host the world one opener in pra still. a fourth worker is -- opener in brazil. the accident could delay the december deadline to have all 12 venues completed. the stadium is scheduled to seat 70,000 spectators for the opener on june 12th. people were jumping from balconies this morning when a fire broke out at an apartment building in alameda. ktvu's tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene and has the startling admission from the man who says he set the fire. >> reporter: flames raced through the two-story apartment complex as six people scrambled to get out. >> i jumped onto the carport over the balcony. >> reporter: she says she could smell and taste the smoke. >> the windows blew out. that's when i knew that the house was on fire. >> reporter: it happened at 2:45 this morning on brigs avenue near hyde street. firefighters rescued this man from the balcony. police say he's now considered a person of interest.
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>> i am sorry -- i don't even know what got into me. that's not a part of me. >> reporter: neighbors say the tenant had been a raring hill and he -- harassing him and he was placed on a psychiatric hold. >> try to give up drinking. people are telling you you are doing meth every second of the day, i had a weak spot. >> do you know how it started? >> i -- i started it >> police took him into custody and police say the fire is suspicious. >> this could have been prevented. there was plenty of warning signs. we took all of the necessary action to let them know he's not stable. >> reporter: he said he purposely flooded her apartment last week so luckily she was staying in a hotel. >> i'm breed that everybody is okay. i'm -- blessed that everybody is okay. i'm sad because my life -- you know. >> reporter: tenants are
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devastating. many lost everything in the fire. the damage $800,000 worth. firefighters were able to evacuate all four units but it took them more than two hours to get a handle on the fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. the fire task resources, alameda county and oakland fire were called in to cover at vacant stations. the red cross is helping victims with a place to stay the day before thanksgiving. in alameda, ktvu channel 2 news, tara moriarty. next year, san francisco schools may be closed for all of san francisco week. that's after 12% of teachers called in sick, the day before the start of the long holiday weekend. 600 educators requested a vacation day but there were not enough substitutes to fill the requests. it's not clear how many of those not grantled the day off were -- granted the day called
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in in sick. ex. president obama carried on a special thanksgiving tradition by sparing the life of a turkey today. actually, two turkeys. >> popcorn, you have a full reprieve -- it. >> the president issued an official pardon for a turkey named popcorn. that turkey and a companion named caramel who received an unofficial pardon will live out their days at mount vernon estate and guardens. preparations are underway for glide memorial's annual thanksgiving feast. volunteers are helping with last-minute deliveries. the chich on ellis street will -- the church on ellis street will feed thousands of hungry people. the first light on the national me know raw in washington, d.c. will be lit.
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hanukkah is celebrated over eight days by lighting kandsles on the -- candles on the menorah. well, the bay area locked in a dry weather pattern. a lot of haze out there. as a result, we could hold onto the forecast for the next few days. nothing to mix things up. in the south bay, in san jose, reporting partly cloudy skies. there is a weather system offshore. we have been watching it over the past few days. it's been approaching the coastline. this would be a rain producer. you can see the current position 250 miles offshore. it looks like the bulling of the activity remains -- bulk of the activity remains out of the forecast. this is the satellite showing some of the haze moving into the region. current temperatures beginning to recover. santa rosa, 58. san francisco, 61. oakland, 57. san jose at last check reporting 60 degrees. forecast headlines for today we'll have the hazy sunshine.
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this is the oakland estuary with partly cloudy skies out there in the distance. san francisco throughout the day today, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. by 8:00 back down to the 50s. partly to mostly cloudy by thanksgiving and the weekend will be dry. here's the overall weather pattern. we've been watching the stl. on sunday night, this guy was from the north of hawaii. for today, a few high clouds paying us a visit. here's the forecast for tomorrow for thanksgiving. this will be heading towards southern california. close enough to give us a few extra high clouds and a little bit cooler but no raindrops in the forecast. we are scaling back on the shower chances in the bay area. we do remain dry into the weekend. here's our forecast model tomorrow morning at 12:00. partly cloudy skies if you are heading to the sierra lingering clouds there. there's a slight chance of a snowshower by the afternoon. nothing major. and then increasing sunshine for thursday afternoon and mostly clear skies as we head into friday. forecast highs later on today,
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these temperatures checking in right about 3:00 later on. san francisco we'll go 63. fairfield, 64. these numbers warming up about 3, 6 degrees from the current readings out there. san jose 64. santa cruz, 67 and livermore, 63 degrees. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. of course, before the weekend we're talking about thanksgiving. we've removed the sowr threat with a few -- shower threat with a few high clouds out there. we'll hold onto the partly sunny forecast with temperatures maxing out in the low to mid-60s. this could be the time of year we're tracking multiple terms but no significant raindrops in the forecast. air quality comes down a little bit. we'll hold onto the haze on saturday and sunday. >> but clear. >> clear. looking okay. vigils and marches today will mark 35 years since the assassinations of george
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moscone and marvy milk. >> both mayor moscone and harvey milk have been shot and killed. [screams] >> dianne feinstein broke the news of the deaths. moscone and milk were shot by disgruntled former supervisor dan white. harvey milk was the city's first openly guy supervisor. today at 4:30, a public remembrance is scheduled on the steps of city hall followed by a candlelight vigil march to the castro catholic. at 7:00, a candlelight vigil will be held at the harvey milk plaza. that will be followed by a march back to city hall where community organizers will call for more affordable housing, an issue they say milk was passionate about. a thanksgiving tradition that's enjoyed across the country is in jeopardy. why organizers say the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city could be missing its iconic balloons.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california.
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we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506. stocks up in light trading as the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped 10,000 last week. hewlett-packard is up nearly 10% right now after the world's second largest maker of pcs, a strong profit for the third quarter. the obama administration is announcing another
12:26 pm delay. this time the administration is issuing a one-year delay for the online enrollment of small businesses. they can still enroll offline. that's already prompting criticism from republicans who say the website just needs to be scrapped all together. the issue does not affect california small businesses who can still enroll on the covered california website. the messy weather back east is threatening a thanksgiving parade that's enjoyed across the country. the macy's day parade is scheduled to take place in new york city tomorrow. but organizers are concerned that the famous giant balloons may have to be grounded if winds get too strong. the police department has installed wind monitoring devices along the parade route and will have one police sergeant assigned to each balloon to protect the crowd. >> we'll have a meeting today on it. we have instruments that give us the cross wind measurements.
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>> we've done a lot of training on this. >> in 1997, a cat in the hat balloon struck a light pole that fell onto a woman who spent three weeks in a coma. in 2005, two people were hurt in a similar accident with an m&m balloon. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news t we'll see you the next time -- news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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>> coming next, a special sanctuary for unwanted animals. it's a lifelong dream come true for its founder. and saving a swimming deer. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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