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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. a car is mangled after crashing at speeds up to 100- mile-per-hour, the pursuit that may have led up to that. hundreds of bay area volunteers are giving back to their communities this thanksgiving morning and it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we want to take you to san jose where you
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can see an area roped off and janine de la vega is getting down there to the scene and has confirmed there has been a random shooting and we understand two people have been injured and again this is in san jose and we will get down there in just a moment with janine. maybe you are putting the turkey in thanksgiving day. .. >> it is already thanksgiving and up gave steve and ken sal castaneda off? >> yes. >> we have lots of clouds cover and we have concord and livermore off to a great start and look at these 30s napa rosa and san jose in the upper 40s
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and here is the forecast and time line for your thanksgiving. clouds and fog for your morning, partly sunny and at 3:00 we are on track to reach your afternoon highs. 61 pacifica and fremont and antioch 64 degrees and some changes will developing for your weekend and even next week we have more coming up in just a bit. >> thank you mark, we are covering traffic for you this morning, probably pretty light with traffic moving around the bay area due to the holiday. >> it is right, trying to figure out if there were any problems but this is the bay bridge toll plaza moving along just fine, it was not the case on highway 92 near the san mateo bridge and we will get to that in just a little bit but again the bay bridge is moving just fine. we will take you out to the
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gold end gate -- golden gate bridge maybe some people are heading to the fieftive tis and -- festivities and to perhaps work and we will keep an eye on traffic for you throughout the morning. we have bringing news happening now in san jose, two people injured by gunfire and this just happened, janine de la vega is there to tell us why the police think those victims were randomly targeted, what is going on? >> yes, they don't believe that the victims and suspects knew each other but we are here on state street near oak where investigators are investigating the injury of a woman and as you can see police are going in and out of a home and right now they are gathering evidence and trying to locate two suspects. the shots were fired just outside a home on state street. an 18-year-old male and female were sitting on a porch when a
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vehicle approached and then the two were shot. we are told by officers that the male was hit 5 times and the female was hit by shrapnel. we believe this appears to be random and they just have limited information on the suspect. >> the suspects fled prior to our arrival and the suspects fled on foot and another in a vehicle. >> both victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and it is too early to tell right now if the suspects were in a gang or if this is at all gang-related but it has been a very busy night for san jose police and another man was shot in another area of san jose on dover and we are still trying to gather information on that and there was a stabbing downtown where a man was stabbed in the stomach and a friend took him to the
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hospital and again they have been running from scene to scene, a very busy night, reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. developing news also from the peninsular, the chp is investigating a terrifying early morning crash above san mateo and a car veered off a highway then plunged hunted dress of -- hundreds of feet off a cliff. you know more about the injuries there, good morning, tara. >> we know that person eone person was able to walk away after the car plunged over the cliff and the three remaining people suffered broken feet and ankles. this is a very dramatic and long helicopter rescue, it took more than two hours. the car was described as a black sedan and went off 1200 feet this morning and the coast
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guard was able to shine a bright light. we noticed the helicopter flying overhead leaving the scene we are here a long skylines boulevard for four hours was blocked off of old road and that's the area that leads to the bay. and we have a sig alert for 35 and 92 and at least one victim is at san francisco general hospital and we will wait until daylight to see exactly what they are are dealing with and as you know an alcohol test will be done on the driver of the vehicle. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose police police are investigating the body of a homeless man on the freeway. a homeless man went to report finding a body on northbound 87. police say the person appears to have been deceased for some
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time and an autopsy will be performed to determine a cause of death. and rushing to the hospital, the police resumeed at speeds of 90 miles per hour. they attempted to pull over a car and now during the chase of the driver, he lost control of this car crashing on marlowe road on to a pole and a fence. at they were able to rescue the occupants of the vehicle and they were transported with major injuries. >> now nobody else was hurt and police are investigating whether alcohol may have been a factor. they were out patrolling roads and spot drivers and speed drivers and seat belt violaters continues straight through sunday. happening now, alive and
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well on this thanksgiving morning, right now at several locations they are preparing several holiday meals. this is video taken just a short time ago and they are continuing to bring food to those who can't leave their homes. they will deliver hot thanksgiving meals right to their doorstep. >> it is a good feeling to help and partake this thanks give being to reach out to other as well. >> the salvation army in san francisco is preparing 4,000 meals today and donations are great fully -- gracefully accepted. and in san francisco, those workers are preparing dinners at st. anthonys and they will be serving about 4,000 meals from 10:00 to 3:00 this afternoon, that is an average
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of 800 meals per hour. san francisco is also holding a thanksgiving celebration this morning. breakfast runs until 8:30 and dinner between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 -- 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. they are donating bagged lunches to be distributed to their lunch program as well. they will be back in service and pg&e page will be back online but at a lower pressure. it was taken out of service because of safety of concerns. they warned san carlos pipeline may explode and if you remember, the explosion of san
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bruno had 'explosion which destroyed millions of homes. cars are parked in the oakland hills due to block being fire trucks and emergency vehicles. when fire trucks are blocked by a car they have to get out and run to a fire scene. homeowners have been asked to park elsewhere, a major lesson learned after the oakland hills fire disaster where 20 people died. the debate continues on how to make drivers comply and keep those roads open. the national weather service says waves are being pushed over the pacific ocean and please avoid going out to the rocks to take pictures. the tide should decrease by tonight. good news, you are still
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being urged to not use your fireplace today. wood smoke is the biggest source of air pollution and cold temperatures today will allow smoke to build up. an east bay par par tender seriously hurt in a crash, you have to see the grainy video police hope may lead to an arrest. remembering supervisor harvey milk and george, with two different beautiful memorials. coming up clouds out of town and the major warmup you can expect for next week.
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. george moscone and harvey milk will be remembered in two different ways of their anniversary. first will be on still hall and next a march to city hall and next the focus is that they will issue information about what harvey milk cared deeply about. harvey milk was one of the
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first openly gay officials but a supervisor who was unhappy killed harvey milk in city hall. she is still in critical condition. still unidentified woman from san jose jumped from the stands after the raiders game and we still don't know why she jumped. she survived when a u.s. marine caught her. that marine was also hurt while saving the woman's life. san jose police blame a notorious street gang out of coffee shops. there have been 8 arrests for including the street gang. at many as 30 coffee shops are involved in this operation and a court hearing is set for next month. people in ohio have to work
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on a chemical spill. potentially flammable liquid leaked tuesday night. 400 homes are still evacuated and they are working around the clock to clean up the mess and some people may not be able to return home until saturday. some of the most serious chemical weapons will be reported at sea in the mediterranean. the proposal would avoid security problems because of disposing weapons on land. the ship will likely be used for that operation. and the obama administration has decided to postpone the launch of business owners until next year and that's so they can stay on the
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website. shawl business owners can shop under the new law and they will have to go through a broker act or insurance company for now. president barack obama has elected this year's national thanks giving turkey and it was a choice between popcorn and caramel. >> we can officially declare popcorn is a winner -- proofing that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. >> i have no beef in that. the president and his daughter decided over the online contest and people vote offed which turkey would get the official pardon and don't worry both turkeys are save. now -- saved. >> now they took part in the official give being back and
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they helped out at a food bank. the president and the first lady passed out bags of food and they were joined by the mission continues, it is a veterans organization. 517 is the time -- 5:17 is the time, sal castaneda is home for the holidays and there are still some cars out on the road and we want to take you live to the bay bridge toll plaza and we have just a few cars and we will keep an eye on that as some cars are headed out to shop. san francisco is moving a long well and plenty of cars out there no big problems and no big fog according to mark it seems like a pretty nice forecast. >> mostly cloud think -- mostly
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cloudy skies and there is a lot of fog but it is not widespread. showers are developing and they should remain to the south drifting closer to los angeles. and temperatures are off to a nice start in santa rosa, san francisco 51 and on track oakland should being warming up and by 2:00, we are thinking 63 degrees and by 5:00, we do scale back on the cloud cover into the afternoon hours. forecast for this morning, some patchy fog out there and here is alive camera looking out towards union square and for this afternoon some scattered clouds and temperatures are on track to reach the 60s across most of the region and by the region a try weather forecast but some hazy sunshine and the
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bulk of the rain fall should remain in the area. and driving to the bay -- drifting to the bay area, this potentially was a rainmaker but for us we will have the cloud cover this morning and skies are coming partly sunny into the afternoon hours and right now it is 27 degrees on track to reach the upper 40s for this afternoon and we have a sun and cloud mix to upper 52 degrees. warmer than that, it is not a big chance. and knock 64 deflows and san mateo 62. here is a look ahead for your five days forecast some clearing skies and winds do pick up a bit by sunday and
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then pie monday, partly sunny skies a cooling trend kicks in and we could be talking about clearing skies and much cooler temperatures. a federal judge said apple dismissed privacy and they are essentially transpiring without misrepresenting its policy and there are 18 similar lawsuits pending. markets are closed for the thanksgiving day holiday, pretty good day but the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 have closed it and it is record high, it will start at 44,000. not everyone will be sitting down with family for thanksgiving this year. 20% will be spending
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thanksgiving with co-workers. there are 23% of us spending time at work or eating with colleagues and some say they would rather spend time with their colleagues than sitting at home and eating by themselves. and a los angeles area judge ordered a pleasant and some say to stop sending the smell out and they say it may lead to job losses if the plant is forced to shut down. some are trying lure the smell away in denton and texas. the stores are opening this morning and we have more on what is now being called plaque thursday. and also give being hope and support to children,
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thieves took the heart out of this holiday celebration. we all have our little tricks.
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. a look at this chicago whole foods store, they are angry the store will be open today. they say all workers should be able to spend time with their
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families on thanksgiving and anybody who asked for the day they say got it and they were staffed with people who were willing to work for the holidays and those people pie the way are -- by the way are getting time and a half pay. the delivery workers say they have 80 more workers today than on a normal day. they are prepared for a lot of last minute requests and they are hoping to inn throw cause the their -- introduce themselves and today first time customers will get a $10 discount. they are scrambling now that thieves have it taken everything that was supposed to go to holidays in need but somebody broke into the storage locker that was filled with this year's gifts including toys and m and mvp players.
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>> i felt like they were stealing from them and it really broke me. >> this year's holiday party is scheduled for december 14th and they will go on and hope for more gift donations. a police officer ended up getting or rested him -- arrested him did he himself. we will have the reason he got into trouble. and volunteers are prepping to feed 5,000 people and we will tell you how early they have to start cooking all those turkeys. they are sending in a few high clouds to the bay, if you are headed to the beach there is some major cooling in our
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are. >> there was a police car, two people were shot and we are not sure or whether it was random but there is an investigation as we speak. janine de la vega is there and
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she will have a live report when more information is collected. good morning, i am pam cook, it is 5:30 let's check in with mark for your forecast. no problems for today except some high clouds and a slight chance of rain and that is headed towards southern california. a cold start up in the north bay, 36 degrees and san francisco right now 51, san jose 41 and for walnut creek and livermore. for your thanksgiving, 4:00 partly sunny and by 3:00, temperatures are track to reach some 60s for this afternoon and we are looking out, there is
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not a big change from yesterday. coming up for the weekend forecast, a few changes are developing saturday and sunday. sal has the day off, happen pip thanksgiving to you sal and while we don't have a lot of traffic on the roads, take a look, this is a live look at the bay area freeways and bridges and this is the east shore freeway right now. now it is not packed but it is busy out there and people are out early as they head through the berkeley area and also it has been smooth sailing with the bay bridge toll plaza and you can roll a bowling ball at the moment if you have to cross through there and there all right, there is two if you can get an idea of the traffic and we will keep an idea of the roads and bridges for you. we are following breaking news in san jose, 2 people were hit pie gunfire this morning. janine de la vega is there to
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tell us what we are finding out about the victims who were randomly tar getted, janine. police right now are going door to door in this neighborhood talking to neighbors to see if they saw the shooting or if they saw the suspects leaving. now the shooting happened right outside that home and officer have flashlights which is close to downtown san jose and they are gathering evidence because as you said the suspects are at large. they heard gunshots just at 4:00 a.m. and they found a man and a woman in their late teens and early 20s sitting on the porch when a suspect vehicle approached. shots were fired and the man was hit 5 times and the man was hit by shrapnel. it appears this shooting may have been random. >> it's very early in the
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morning, it is 4:00 a.m., these individuals are celebrating out on their porch and based on the information i have it does not appear that the victims and the suspects knew each other. >> victims were taken to a local hospital and we are told they will survive. as far as the information on the suspects, police tell us one was on foot and the other one was in that car that approached the victims. we do not have a description of them off the car and it is unknown at this point if there are any gang ties. another man was shot on dover avenue, no suspects are caught in that shooting and there was also a man who was stabbed in downtown san jose. police have been running from scene to scene and they are still out here investigating. reporting live from san jose
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janine de la vega san jose news. also the chp is investigating a terrifying early morning crash in the hills above san mateo county. it happened shortly after midnight between highway 92 and skyline boulevard. they had to come to the rescue after a car veered off the highway 600 feet from a cliff. three people were trapped in a car they could not get out because of their injuries and i am tara moriarty, we will -- tara moriarty will have more on the injuries coming up at 6:00. and the teen whose skirt was set on fire. sasha fleischman is taking a big start in getting back to normal. now cameras took photos of them coming back from the hospital and the teen just wanted to go inside. they have photos of sasha fleischman smiling and we have
5:36 am
bandages on his legs and his mother said the timing is just perfect for thanksgiving. it is a wonderful treat except i have to tart cooking again. >> -- cook start cooking again. >> sasha fleischman's father is hoping he will start back up with friends and go back to school next week. and they say there were 930 hate crimes reported last year and that as 30% drop from when there was 160 hate crimes. one of every four hate crimes is based on sexual orientation. and it is based on ethnicity, and they account for all of the reported incidents. happening right now, volunteers are hard at work preparing thanksgiving meals
5:37 am
for others. here is more from glide memorial church where she is reporting. >> reporter: we are here where 5,000 people will be fed for thanksgiving and this is a huge undertaking. she will talk to us about the need this year, you say that doesn't impact glide? >> well, things are getting better but for the people we serve, they are not impacting by it but they are being impacted negative -- impacted negatively and we participating in food security and one in four are four -- one in four can go hungry and they have
5:38 am
reduced it because of spending end being and rent prices go up and people have less and less money in their pocket to sustain them to buy food for the month so projects like flied help people get extra food and also the food bank has free free pantries and a lot of them have a list of people waiting for those who can't make it through through the month. so the need for food is growing and we always think we are going to have to serve less but the numbers keep going up and how can we serve more people with less money. so it is a constant juggling act with glide and other agencies do it also. >> reporter: this is your 50th
5:39 am
year? >> yes, and we are having a big celebration this year janet cecil wrote a book about their experience at glide and next and next week we are having a huge gala over at the opera house and we will be celebrating cecil and january net being -- jean being here for the past 50 years. >> reporter: we are thankful for all the work they do here every year. so many turkeys have to be cooked and they start cooking on november 1. there are only 4 ovens at glide so they are precooked and warmed up. they start carving the turkeys and thanksgiving meals begin here at 9:00 a.m.. time now 5:39, world's largest turkey trot kicks off right now and they are the
5:40 am
silicone turkey drop, here is last year's run, they had almost 25,000 people taking part and organizers expect 28,000 this year. they expect a 5k and 10k and the turkey trot has raised 25,000 pounds of food and 25,000 pounds of food was collected last year as well. they are making up for a shorter shopping season. macy's is opening for the first time in history and some retailers are opening this morning hoping to get a jump on the holiday sale. >> some are opening even christmas day mainly because retailing is tough. >> it has been the shortest shopping season with just 26 days to shop and it could cost
5:41 am
them $1.5 billion in lost revenue. here is when some half the stores begin to open. at 6:00 this morning and stay open 41 hours straight. old navy opens 9:00 a.m. and that is three hours earlier than last year. they are reminding riders to stay open in particular. the eyes up phone down campaign, they are reminding riders not to display items and always be aware of your surroundings. oakland police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who ran down a man and
5:42 am
got to along where they captured the crash early sunday morning right there. 32-year-old brian men zone disa had just february -- mendoza just finished his shift when somebody slammed right into him. he appeared to have stopped and then took off. >> i just remember him hitting me and then my back and my head hit the windshield and i remember seeing glass fly in front of my eyes. >> you should at least stop and find out if he is okay. >> mendoza will not be able to walk for three months. and this hits close to all of us here at home brian man does disa is the -- mendoza is the brother of one of our photographer.
5:43 am
he is accused of hitting a curb an opinioning those 6-year- old boys on the wall of walgreens. he spent 5.5 weeks in the hospital and they are seeking 55,000 dollars in damages. they are searching for three suspects in a home invasion. it happened at a home near the capital expressway. they assaulted and tied up at least two people in the home and stole several items in the car. >> i don't want to see this neighborhood. it has always been such is safe place but i have i have never been this nervous about her. >> now the victims were not seriously hurt and police say they may have known their attackers and one of the suspects may have previously lived in that home. coming up a veteran san
5:44 am
jose police officer was put on administrative leave after they heard he wrote fake tickets. he served a ticket to a man who sued him five years ago after a traffic accident. the case was settled out of car and he's accused of writing to two parking tickets to the lawyers who represented him in the case. he is out on $60,000 bond. 4:44 is the time today, what the 12-year-old martinez boy heard in the boston marathon bombing and how he is doing now. and changes at oakland airport. high clouds paying us a visit, we will let you know how they are doing and the
5:45 am
highlight of timing for shower chances on the long range maps.
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. welcome back this thanksgiving morning, and the storm on the east coast could make it difficult for them to get home for the thanksgiving holiday and slick roads did cause a lot of accidents and up to 9 inches fell in upstate new york. they fell as far back as atlanta and the tornado injured two people in a condominium complex. and after a day of delays due to the storm almost 574 flights were canceled yesterday and those were mostly in new
5:48 am
york new jersey and philadelphia. folks here at fso are mostly on time but passage jersey to -- passengers to new york did see delays. more than a million people -- million people are expected to pass through fso this week but no significant delays were reported. they are changing the runway numbers and the oakland tribune reports it is the first time runway numbers have changed there. oakland has been moving west at a rate of a 10 of a degrees. they should change their runway markings when they shift from the existing runway markings. the boy who was hurt from
5:49 am
the boston marathon have a lot to be happy for. aaron is back to his life and he was at the end of the marathon race waiting for his mom to finish the marathon when one bomb exploded and he will never forget this moment. >> all of a sudden i blacked out and i knew what was happening. >> now aaron suffered very serious leg injuries and his family is amazed at how well he recovered. his mother was pregnant when she ran the race and carolyn is the youngest member of the family. >> that is incredible. we have been keeping an eye
5:50 am
on cameras and actually there are more cars than i thought but traffic is moving along fine, a sig alert is canceled and that happened in napa overnight and the roadway at south kelly shut down for two hours after the runway was hit. they had some major injuries up in napa, and if you want to take a lack at some of the other bridges and san mateo is doing well where a steady stream of cars is moving and the weather looks nice for traveling to grandmother's house. let's check in with mark who is in for steve. we had the threat of some
5:51 am
showers. we have some patchy fog out towards concord and livermore and you will notice a gradual degrees in some -- decrease in some theft afternoon hours and temperatures are testify a cold start and more north bay at 47 degrees, san francisco 51, san jose right now checking in 47 degrees and some more neighborhoods you can't see palo alto coming up in the 40s and we have mostly cloudy skies. we are off to a cold start, supplement and cloud mixed. and the timeline is starting out the day on track to reach lower 60s this afternoon, partly sunny skies and no meant changes for this weekend.
5:52 am
there is a big change developing for next week in the form of cooler air coming to the region. this is drifting to southern california and with that we are picking up the clouds as the storm system slides to the south temperatures are not a big change and then for afternoon hours these temperatures and these forecast highs san francisco 56 and more 60s out towards san jose morgan hill and gilroy. look at your five-day forecast, no major changes for friday right into the weekend, hazy skies will stick around, cooling trend begins on tuesday and wednesday of next week and even some showers chances for that timeframe. this is likely to be a very good holiday season for amazon.
5:53 am
34 shoppers for their budget on amazon and all other stories are confined and they appreciate the free then be. joe and fabric put out notices that said quote, because we respect our team members our stores will be closed this thanksgiving. costco, roth, t j maxx and marshals, they will be closed and 40% are upset about making employees come to work on thanksgiving. >> that is a big issue. why oakland firefighters, they are the ones calling for help. how to fix that nagging trouble
5:54 am
they are facing in one particular area and why it's put putting stives in endanger- year-old. why is this a miracle nobody bass killed. map map [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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lax. it started yesterday afternoon when police were called to a home in englewood. a gunman shot as officers approached the door. one officer was hit on his bullet-proof vest and he is investigated to make a full recovery. that gunman finally surrendered to police. no criminal charges against a target shooter, and it is on the backside of mt. diablo. it took a long time on the eastern flank and there is no evidence that using that rifle or ammunition violated state laws. happening right now, it is official, the balloons will fly on the macy's' thanksgiving day parade in new york city and this is along the parade route
5:58 am
and officials waited until the very last minute to make that determination. there was turn tt-- there is concern and the expected high is all the way to 34. >> well it looks like the rain stopped so that is good. a terrifying crash happened on the hills in the peninsular and a car plunged 600 feet off a cliff, what we now know about the people inside that car. also a high-speed chase in a crash, what led to this disturbing scene in santa rosa. and we are tracking quite a few cloud also a warning to the cost, they are all showing up on the weather maps.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. good morning, the thanksgiving morning got off to a violent start, what we learned about the gunfire


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