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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  November 30, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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>> a toddler rushed to the hospital after vanishing under water in a horrible fishing accident, we'll tell you what happened. >> there may be new hope top the for an elderly palo alto -- palo alto man held in north korea. >> and the clock is ticking, will the president's health care law be fixed by the headline. hear what the real test will be come tomorrow. good evening, everyone thank you for joining us for this postgame edition. a toddler has been rushed to the hospital after an afternoon of fishing led to an accident. rescuers say the little boy and his grandmother were fishing in vallejo. vallejo fire officials say it appearsed the grandmother took her eye off the two-year-old for a minute and the child fell into
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the water happening around 4:00. when the engine company arrived on scene they were able to identify the location of the child and pull him from the water. >> firefighters say the boy has life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hopped the for treatment. the grandmother also received medical attention. carol lou is gathering more details and will have a live report. >> the swedish embassy granted access to see an 85-year-old palo alto man held in north korea, merrill newman held in the country for more than a month and the north koreans say received a videotaped apoll jie from the man. the video shows merrill newman bowing to the camera and signing a handwritten note. in it the 85-year-old korean war veteran apologizes for
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killing north korean soldiers and civilians six decades ago. >> killed three innocent operators. >> the statement newman read dated november #9dth was filled with grammatical errors and it's unclear if he was coerced into reading it. stamford professor an pert on north korea calls this video propaganda but saying it might be a sign of something positive. >> it's clearly something he did under some dures and hopefully will read to his release. the the retiree was taken into custody by north korean authorities back in october during a private tour of the country. newman it says admitted to committing hostile acts against the government. by searching for surviving soldiers he trained to fight the north during the war. >> i asked my guide to help know look for their families and
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relatives. the professor saying the trip may have been ill advised but believes newman was trying to close a chapter in his life. >> he had anned in about the war that made perfect sense sitting near palo alto, but it didn't make a whole lot of sense in pong yang. >> a spokeswoman for the white house said today she is deeply concerned about newman's well-being because of his age and health issues including a heart condition. alex savage channel 2 news. a baby boy shot to death in oakland two years ago is being remembered today with a frasier a, car wash being held to raise money for a scholarship fund. prosecutors say the 23-month-oly was killed after three gang members fired
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on a group of people taping a music video in a west oakland parking lot. we want to be supportive in a way that let's them know they're not by themselves on this day. almost the anniversary to the day when he was killed. the three suspects have been charged with murder. at this hour a bay area nurse is headed to the philippines more than three weeks after typhoon haiyan thought that i country. we caught up with jane earlier today as she was packing at her home in san francisco saying she is honored and humbled to take part in an effort. >> my parents came from the area that was after effecteded so in a way i'm paying homage to my parents i no longer have and think they would be proud of the effort. sandoval joining three other nurses in the philippines, the network set up mobil medical clinics there and served hundreds of victims. the death toll from the november 8th storm above now
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6600 with more than 1,700 people missing. the numbers are in and appears black friday sales were down compared to last year. the research firm saying u.s. shoppers spent $#9d.7 million billion a 13 percent drop over last year. the black friday sales ablifts say will remain the biggest shopping day of the year. >> a day after americans packed shopping malz for black friday independently owned stores took steps to lure shoppers through their doors on small business saturday. we're showed how local retailers try and compete for holiday shopping dollars. >> donna skipped the maltoday and came to downtown pleasant ton to do her shopping. >> it's a cute place down here and decided to travel and see what we could find. >> across the bay area and
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country today small business saturday. american express started the national campaign to shop local four years ago. >> a lot of bigger box stores and you know malz get publicity so this is an opportunity for us to show how fun it can be to shop in a smaller environment. there are 3.4 million small businesses in california and when people shop independently owned stores more money spent snatz local community. in order to compete with black friday's promotions small business owners get creative offering not just deals and sales but attractions like book signings. >> they have authors participating with us and they're coming with us working with us. >> and holiday themed t. >> at the rock ridge in oakland local businesses organized a snow day to attract the parents. >> why go to a malwhen you have great neighborhoods with shops
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with unique items. some shoppers say even without at traction they prefer to shop local an. >> well we have gray thursday black friday and cybermonday and now there's giving tuesday. the idea cooked up lasted year bay new york city y.m.c.a. as a day for people to give something back to their communities. this year organizers say more than 7500 groups taking part including ebay. >> california volunteers helped volunteers to sign up for the exchange today. a few dozen people attended the event to learn about the website. the website received more than 385,000 applications so far. outreach volunteers say there should be no problem signing up. >> the website has been pretty good, with some slowdowns but by
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and large worked very. >> more events will be held the next two saturdays at the concord and lafayette libraries. enrollment due december 23rd anded the first payment due january 4. >> tonight midnight cell imposed deadline for affordable haishg website to work. the mrez say it will function more smoothly after political backlash. a team of experts expects the website to handle 50,000 users at a time and 800,000 users a day. one expert says the reel test is speed. the challenge isn't how many lanes on the highway but how far the cars go down the highway because with a breakdown you'll have a pileup behind you. officials calling the fix an upgrade saying some bugs may remain. the october 1st launch with constant pressure from
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republicans dropped the president's approval rating to low 40's. more than 100 people were arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. the highway patrol hasn't yet released statewide numbers but know last year there were about 800 arrests in all of california and 17 people were dmild dui related collisions. >> a number of events blamed this weekend for world aids day. the tribute to those who lost their lives to the disease a formal observance starts tomorrow at noon. community leaders made a difference and a fight against the disease. nine students will be awarded college scholarships. a large red ribbon now hanging outside the white house in honor of world aids day. president obama said today an aids free generation is within the nation's reach.
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this summer he signed the care continuum initiative aimed at adressing care and prevention. >> walnut creek police hope a newly released surveillance picture help them find a bank robber. we want to show you an image that happened yesterday. suspect that whiteman in a his late 20s, last seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt with stripes and baseball cap and may be driving a white honda with continue theed windows. kriftd mass tree lots are popping up around the bay area a, sign christmas is right around the c. >> and one of the bay areas most enduring tree lots opened today the boy scout tree lot, opening back in 1966. since then many families made it a yearly tradition.
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>> everyone here are volunteers. you'll see can you be scouts here as young as first grade and boy scouts as old as 18 working in the lot. saying it teaches them valuable lessons about teamwork and responsibility working there. in the bay area bracing for another busy travel day tomorrow. crowds expected to increase as travelers head home from their holiday vacation. passengers flying in and out of airports are advised to arrive at the airport about 90 minutes early for domestic flights and if you are picking someone up from the airport check on their flight status before heading to the airport. there are some reports out of hollywood tonight a popular action star is dead after a fiery crash in southern california. and --. >> three people on foot died on foot on freeways alone. the warning for everyone.
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. >> a deadly week on bay area highways for pedestrians, three people on foot died yesterday. as we report each death could have been avoided. . >> it seems obvious, to the interstate 80 not a place you would want to. >> that's really bad. >> but early yesterday a 32-year-old man was hit and killed on i # 0 in rich mopd when he tried to run across the freeway after being involved in a crash. >> not a good day. also yesterday a woman was killed as she walked on i 80 fire in bay bridge in san francisco, and a man killed on highway 84 near the dunn barton bridge.
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both cases are being investigated as possible suicides. even when freeway traffic is going relatively slow saying your body no match for a car. >> if you feel secure any time on a freeway you're complacent and that's dangerous. >> last weekend another tragic freeway incident when a football coach john web was killed in freem mont after trying to direct after if i can oof an accident. hay wye police officers say they have walk in lanes of traffic after traffic is stopped. >> and again wearing your seat belt in the vehicle also. at a gas station one driver offered advice to anyone involved in an accident on a freeway. >> pull over to the side and make sure the other person is okay. >> and the c hp says if your care is -- car is disabled stay in your vehicle and call for help. >> there are reports tonight an
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actor known for his role in the fast and furious movies has been killed in a fiery car crash. 40-year-old paul walker died this afternoon in a single car crash in valencia. almost moodly after the crash was it claimed the actor's death was a hoichl by the actor's publicist confirmed the news. at least 8 people dead and more than a dozen hospitalized after a police helicopter plunged into a number scotland. officials say they won't know if there's more victims until wreckage is removed which could take several days since part of the building was collapses. all people in the helicopter were killed and five people also in the pub. >> basically past one and tried to pass them and try and get
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them from harm's way. >> more than 100 people were inside the pub celebrating the eve of scotland's national hole day saint andrew's day which is now turned into a dave mourning. so far no information on what lead to the hoiptder crash. >> in southwestern alaska a plane crashed went down near saint mary's village last night baby boy and pilot among the dead. state troopers and near ambulance took survivors to the hospital. the cause of the crash stl under investigation. american's trust in each other eroding to a record low. associated press survey finds one third of americans say most people can't be trusted, that number 50 percent back in 1972. some analysts say trust is fade yij because fewer americans belong to civic groups than 40 years ago and others blame
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economic inequality. new york city's mayor elect is getting a lot of help with his inauguration from celebrities. announcing today his inauguratie includes rosy perez harry belafonte and rustle simmons. celebrations are planned in new york city burrows. he takes office january 1. >> president obama and his daughters caused a stir today when going shopping at a washington, d.c. bookstore. the third year in a row the first family made a postthanksgiving trip to a bookstore to do their part for small business saturday. the president bought 20 books for all age g. >> well, i was down in san francisco's union square and had to take off my scar of. it was pretty warm out there. let's check with in mary rose. a beautiful night out there . the sunset more than two hours
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ago and temperatures falling off but we had a mild afternoon as heather mentioned widespread 60s around the bay area. 64 san francisco, temperatures now the 50s for most of us, even few upper 40s out there. mid-40s napa, 5 p #3 sapta rowsa, 46 walnut creek, 54 livermore, 54 oakland, 53 san francisco. winds are generally light and skies mostly clear. we're going to see a return of the patchy fog as we get into late tonight and early tomorrow reminder today spare the air today into the evening hours which means it's illegal for wood burning fires at least in and around the bay area through this evening unless it's your primary and only source of heat. that to be aware of. tomorrow we don't have a spare the air day. we have a ridge of high pressure that continues to build into the area. tomorrow will be the warmest day. i think we'll wake up with a
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little patchy fog like we did this morning. temperatures on the cool side and the second half numbers start to build and we're going to sor from 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal average. this before a shot of winter weather comes our way in time for early next week. tomorrow will be the warmest day as we get into monday increasing clouds by second half of the afternoon. temperatures begin to fall but tuesday to thursday maybe even into friday temperatures very, very cool. i'll show you the numbers in the extended forecast. in the meanwhile talk about the weather. 46 hayward, 44 mountainview, 4 44 fairfield, low 40s livermore. out to see the nineers play tomorrow afternoon a great day for a ball game. in the afternoon upper 60s to low 70s in and around san
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francisco. 68 degrees game time. light northwesterly breeze and mostly sunny skies if you're going to candlestick again, it will be a nice win. numbers for tomorrow afternoon,r 60s vallejo, 70 degrees napa, upper 60s near 70 degrees san francisco up into oakland. mostly sunny and 72 in santa cruz, wow wouldn't it be nice to be there tomorrow. your extended forecast, temperae warmest tomorrow. temperatures begin to cool off and by tuesday to thursday talking low 50s in the afternoon. freezing and subfreezing temperg our way by thursday perhaps even wednesday morning. >> live it up tomorrow. . >> yes the change is coming. the fairmont hotel in san francisco transformed to a winter wonderland today showcasing the giant beginner
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bred house. the calamari team spent hundreds of hours building this sweet treat, taking 1,200 pounds of icing and 650 pound of cannedy to complete the project. >> it's grown a little bit every year and this is the 5th full year we had the ginger bred house. even a beginner bred dog house. there's the dog. the state's largest ginger bred house and on display until the 21st. >> and the stanford cardinals go for their 10th win of the year as they take on notre dame. sports is next. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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. >> all right time for to us get to sports and joe joins us now, boy we were all watching the stanford game tonight. >> the stanford players knew before the day began in the packed 12 title game, they would have liked to have gone in the game with a win. to try to make it happen this evening, irish on board first with a field goal but stanford right back with a 57 yard drive.
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7-3. cardinals got into the end zone second series as well. tiler from a yard outd, another monster game for tiler with 33 carries for 189 yards. after 14-6 lead to the locker room, 21-6 on the third quarter. this time wilkerson, notre dame rallied two third quarter touchdowns. tommy reads to daniels. stanford's lead down 24-20. defense turned in interceptionsn consecutive seer glitz game. lions got them both. great effort by lions. stanford 10 -2 after the 27-20 win, cardinals most likely next week, arizona state leading arizona 27-7 in the second quarter. all kinds of national title implications and another games around the country today.
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biggest iron bull no. 1 alabama against auburn. better than 87,000 packed into the stadium in auburn. alabama hoped to play for third straight national championship and tigers try throw wrench into their plan. one second to play alabama griffin tries for game winning field goal, wide a little short. 8 yards deep into the end zone. david finds lane and tight roped the sideline and outcome of the gaimz game turns. auburn win 24-48. lots more tonight at 10:00 on sports wrap. that was some game, though. thank you, joe. >> thank you for watching. we hope to see you back here at 10:00. >> good night.
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