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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 2, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, with great viral videos we're giving you the best of fall "right this minute." an off-road racing team hits a swamp. >> watch how deep this water gets. >> see how they realize they're up to their necks in trouble. an abandoned dog covered in matted fur until rescuers -- >> removed 3 1/2 pounds. >> meet the doctors behind the
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touching story of shrek. >> he's recoving. getting better day by day. >> a visitor to a pricey home does a dirty deed in the driveway. >> a lot to the story. >> why the shocked homeowner's getting revenged with the video. >> you're famous worldwide, you're on youtube. >> a viking dentist removes her own wisdom tooth. a 3-year-old who loves halloween. >> happy halloween. >> calling people in. >> the story behind one of the very best of fall. >> happy halloween, girls, happy halloween. >> a ladies man, too. >> it's a video from russia. it's usually bigger, crazier. scarier. this is some video from a professional off-road racing event. in straps this woman, she's a professional race driver,
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instructor, tv presenter. you see here, get into the heavily modified toyota, enter this swampy, marshy off-road section of the race. they were probably would have been better served hopping into a submarine. watch how deep this water gets. >> ah! >> windows are down, too. >> yeah, right about here is when they start to take on a little bit of water. she looks over, like, no big deal. >> look at it filling up the cab of this thing. >> they're not even concerned! >> watch her barely even flinch. it comes up to her mouth. and she keeps her foot into it, like a panic. imagine having that claustrophobic feeling of the water creeping up to your mouth, having nowhere to go, being strapped in. she continues to do what she's
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supposed to done co-driver gets out, sit on the front. the water comes up again. has to rise out of her seat and cock her head to the side to get more breathing room. >> do they get out or is that in a mud hole. >> they were able to get up to the banks of the river on the other side. it doesn't show it but they succeeded. >> a big cheesy grin at the end of the video, like this is fun. >> look at this adorable, beautiful, little white pooch. how could you not love this face? this is actually what this dog looked like. let me tell you the story behind this dog. his little name is shrek. dr. brenda, a vet flarian, has a farm. her husband found this pile of
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fur, called his wife. took it back to the clinic and went back to work. removed 3 1/2 pounds worth of matted fur off of this poor little guy. >> they helped bring him back to health. >> the clinic sent out. mails, facebook notices trying to fine the owner of shrek. a tip came in saying there was an illegal puppy mill close to the farm. not only did they save shrek but 12 other dogs living in deplorable conditions. dr. ernie ward, america's pet advocate happened to be working with the doctor when the story unfolded and he is the person that put the video together, put on internet, and it's gone viral. >> we have dr. westeearny ward. and dr. goss and shrek. doctor, how is shrek doing? i see shrek right there. looks sleepy. >> he's doing well. he's recover, getting better day
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by day. it's baby steps. with his behavior, no doubt he came from a puppy mill. i'm so thrilled with the positive outpouring of support from everyone around the world, hoping it has positive changes to shut down these puppy mills. >> due to the attention, the investigation by the sbca officer, those animals were removed from the deplorable conditions, and now of course they're seeking homes in good, loving, caring homes. an amazing story. shrek, he certainly had a horrible, horrible start to his life, not only going to have a good finish but helped bring 12 histories with him. >> how does it feel for you to know you put together a mea minute-long video you had a hand getting the story out there? >> i feel privileged in my position. if i can shed a little light on the veterinarian team, i'm go doing it.
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>> is shrek looking on a new home. >> i'm pretty sure it's a sure thing. >> starts out looking normal, surveillance video from really nice home, right? all of a sudden the home is getting a visitor. looks like a woman, she's believed to be inner 60s. dropping on by. not to say hello or deliver cookies. got some clipboard. sets that down in between two cars. >> no. no. >> what? no way. no. >> granny's poo'ing on the car part? >> i think it's a number one issue. >> peeed in the car port. >> yanks up her spanx, too. why that location? does she have a problem with the person? >> there's a lot to the story. we can dive into it with the home owner, mitch. he's a real estate broker. mitch is joining us via skype. so i understand this lady was trying to serve you papers?
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what the heck is going on here? >> i'm guessing it's related to a lawsuit which took place at a recreational facility that leases property from me. >> you did have two interactions with her before this, right? you thought she was a salesperson, i believe? >> initially on her first visit i was working outside, on the side of my house, and she came up asking, you know, are you mitch. i said, no, i'm not. i didn't want to have to deal with with the work. the next day she came back at 9:00 in the morning and then she came back at 1:00 and did the performance you see on video. >> this isn't a matter of she had to go really bad and this was her worst-case scenario? >> absolutely not. i mean, there is a cam 75 linear feet where she's standing. but what she's doing is making a
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statement. oh, okay, you avoided me, you tricked me, so i'm going to get you back. >> mitch, what's your plan of action here? are you going to publicly shame her on youtube or pressing charges? >> at this point, i really don't know who she is. >> i hope you get some new papers, if papers make it to you. i hope they give you brand-new copies or something. >> definitely. if those papers reappear, i'm not get anything where near them. >> dennis, veronica extracted her own wisdom tooth. >> you can't do that. >> yes, you can. you see her with the anesthetic and the need. she gave herself a shot to numb her mouth. two years ago she told an oral surgeon, i need this wisdom tooth taken out. he's like, do it yourself. she said that idea percolated in her head two years and one day
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she had ten minutes of free time and thought, you know what? it's bothering me, i'll take care of it. >> why not? >> as a dentist, she knows what we go through now. >> she gets pliers and she starts working and cranking. >> secretary taking the video gets up close and personal. >> her face does get bloody, mark. >> oh god. pulled out. >> here we go. >> look at her. >> she's twisting. >> yeah! man! >> no. >> look at that root. >> that was in there. >> i can't believe she did it. >> plus she gave herself the anesthetic. took less than seven minutes for her to pull that tooth out.
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>> you hate they charge you so much for the extractions. when you watch this, took less than ten minute, charged me $9,000. >> saved on her co-pay here. >> los angeles firefighters salute a plane as passengers learn that on board with them -- >> a fallen u.s. soldier. >> see the emotional journey home as travelers stop to pay tribute. and the bride delivers a surprise during the big garther moment. >> here it comes. he's digging. >> is he noodling or going for the garther. >> her sly move that made the best of fall. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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into this was the scene at l.a.x. as the plane was landing. seeing fire crews on hand. in the video from travel writer johnny jet and his website this is not an emergency situation, not a fire. >> going through the two fire trucks, on board. >> on board the delta flight from atlanta to los angeles is a fallen u.s. soldier. >> oh. >> on his website, johnny says they didn't know about the fallen soldier also on board until they land. the captain got on the p.a. and told them there was a military escort, please stay in your
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seats. on to the plane came a military officer. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'll address the escort. to bring home to the family the fallen. today you all did that. all were escorts. thank you very much. >> and then, even after he got off the plane, the people on the plane didn't jump up in their seats. when you land, everybody gets up immediately, you know? everybody didn't get up right away. and then, watch this, even after they got off the plane, people didn't rush to get their bags. people didn't rush to get their connecting flights. they stood there and watched as the american flag draped casket was unloaded from the cargo hold of this plane. >> i would have considered it an honor if i were one of the passengers and they had no idea. incredibly touching. >> escorts. >> tough work.
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might need a drink or two after the ceremony. >> this particular wedding in maine, the bride was very aware that the groom might need a drink. and she thought the appropriate time to do it would be during the garter removal. >> sometimes you get kind of adults only. >> play the sexy soft core porn music. >> they're playing acdc's back in black. >> one of the more awkward moments. >> guys, everybody cheering him on. >> kid in the audience -- >> he's all up in there, all up in the dress. >> there's something else up there besides a garter. >> see. >> my gosh. >> what? >> what? >> here it comes. he's digging. >> is he noodling or goi for th garther. >> digging up there. >> i had no idea people were still icing people. >> apparently it's a trend at
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weddings. watch him go. he downs it. >> the idea here is if you've been iced, if somebody hands you a bottle of ice, smirnoff ice, you don't see it coming, you take it, you have to slam it then and there. >> no one wants to drink the smirnoff ice, it's disgusting. >> that's cool. it's so unexpected. >> unexpected becsethis is >> i don't know how she got it there. i don't want to know where it was. >> he had a hard time getting it out. >> the world wondered if it was real or fake when this happened to a cute little bunny. >> whoa! no! >> the real story behind the viral hit. >> i wanted to keep kermit. that's what we named the rabbit. >> it's a kayaker's ultimate water slide. >> picks up speed going fast somewhere faster. >> why this video made such a
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bibitetes.s. l litittltle e.
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this is a story of catch and release. >> let kermit go so he can find his mommy. >> the woman you're looking at right there, tiffany gore. she and her family found a little bunny in their garage and nursed it for a week. but now releasing it back into the yard. that's her daughter lexi, her
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husband joey behind the camera. >> where's your mommy? go get her. >> mom was there to welcome her home. >> yes, mom was there to welcome her home. watch as she hops across the grass. >> whoa! no! >> yes. that was a bird of prey that got the bunny. >> wow. >> are you kidding? >> circle of life comes around quick. >> right in front of lexi. poor little lexi's watching this, thinking this bunny's going back to mommy. >> it made it like five seconds, ten feet. >> hold on here. silver lining, lexi got to see a beautiful bird eat well. right? >> but it was a bunny. >> some people on the internet are saying, is this real? so to tell us if it is, "right this minute" via skype, we have joey gore, his wife tiffany, and
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their daughter lexi. welcome to the show, guys. >> hello. >> the question everybody's wanting to know is, is this real? >> oh, yes it is really real. >> unfortunately and absolutely. >> i wanted to keep kermit, that's what we named the rabbit. >> you see a lot of videos like this online all the time and question if they're real or not. and to see it, witness it, firsthand, and actually videotape it at the same time, it's surreal. >> did you even expect this? >> oh, no. i really didn't want to let the bunny go, and joey and lexy is like, let it go, let it find its mommy. there its mommy was. i was like, okay. all of a sudden it's taken away. it was awful. i just started crying after he turned the video off. >> how about lexi, was she sad afterwards? >> happy. >> happy. in her eyes the bunny took a little flight and made it back to its home. >> well, that can happen for
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sure. sometimes the animals work together. >> did she ask for a puppy after all of this? >> she wants a puppy. >> i never thought of kayaking as much of i high speed sport. check this video out. probably one of the most fun kayaking videos i've ever seen. this is kayaker ben marr. concrete drainage ditch that fills into lion's bay british columbia. >> watch what he does. skimming down the side, back up the other side, into this shallow little drainage. it's a downhill run. and he picks up speed. going faster and faster and faster. 34 miles per hour before he reaches the end. check it out. >> is the bottom of his -- is hi
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bare behind rubbing the concrete. >> here we go. pretty rad. >> isn't that fun? >> wonder if he greased up the bottom of the kayak to make it go faster. >> i think a little bit of moss and algae that might make it faster. >> later on they hike up even further up the drainage ditch and pick up each more speed going down. check out this plunge into the bay from this angle. look like he skipped over the water like a stone. >> got whiplash. >> better than the water slide, for sure. >> great time. >> forget trick or treating. for this little guy, it's all abut the ap girls. >> happy halloween, girls. he's a lady's man, too. >> see the feel-good halloween classic, next.
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the video i'm about to show you is insanely awesome. >> already sick, aren't you? >> yep, i just got dizzy. >> no, you're going to love this. this is really cool. the person skydiving now is a woman, a lady, katie hanson. we see her coming down in the back. this car is driving, why, because -- >> do it, do it. >> yeah. >> the coolest thing ever! >> how cool is that? >> impressive. >> she might be a bond relative. >> just jamie. or amin na. >> it's cool that we get to see her angle. the driver's looking back to help her out a little bit. grabs on to her once she finally land. there she is getting superclose. you can't forget these guys are going really fast. not just the driver in the xarp but she's flying down. >> put the car on cruise control, get into the driver's seat and take off. >> that would be serious stuff.
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>> amina bond. >> raccoons got grapes. ♪ ♪ >> steven, i believe i have today's melt your heart make you smile, just going to make you feel better about the world moment. >> happy halloween. i got to get the bowl. >> passing out candy? >> yes. the most unexpected thing at halloween. usually the children are dressed up. >> you get two. >> thank you. >> but this little 3-year-old seems to adore the process of giving to the other kids. he's like i want to. >> happy halloween. >> calling people in. gets the bowl been. >> i got get the candy. >> i like him. >> i'm going to get the candy. >> 3-year-old braden. he starts calling all of the
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fo fo folks, enticing him with the giant bowl of candy. happy halloween, happy halloween girls. >> he's a lady's man too. >> this video posted last halloween but went viral this past halloween. >> one of the best moments happens right here. this is where you know that he is still a 3-year-old. >> oh. >> are you okay. >> dad behind the camera like you all right? >> happy halloween. >> in the bush yelling happy halloween. >> doesn't miss a beat. >> dedication. >> happy halloween. happy halloween. >> that's it for this special edition of "right this minute." hope you've enjoyed our best of fall videos. we'll see you next time.
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>> hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman with great internet videos. it's the best of fall "right this minute." ♪ >> fiery cauldron erupts in a scary scene that is -- >> power of mother earth scary. >> amazing video from the few who dared to get close. >> well, go get -- >> a hiker makes the understatement of the year after -- >> a bit of an accident. >> you won't believe he kept his calm when you see


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