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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 13, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos, this is the show for you, "right this minute." >> new video surfaces showing that illinois tornado is roaring down the street. see the destruction caught on camera and see the couple who can't believe they got out. >> we're a that. >> they hopped in the razor and
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buckled out. how an outback joy ride hit a serious speed bump. >> it's what happens when extreme sports -- >> mash together. >> the two dare devils double their danger and dixie the dingo tries to soothe the newborn. >> while singing along. >> the sound not great but at least -- >> the dingo didn't eat the baby. >> on november 17th of this year, a tornado touched down, devastating many parts ofi illinois. this video was just uploaded. >> this video is different pause we see it from different cameras. >> we see it from outside, the back door and roaring down the
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street. >> you see complete devastation. >> i can't believe the cameras capture all this destruction and not get destroyed themselves. >> this is inside the home of david and kathy lloyd. >> luckily david and kathy survive this devastating tornado and they took their camera outside, right after the tornado blew through their neighborhood. that is a shot of their kitchen, the home where they just were. >> there's our next door neighbor's inside of the house. >> oh! >> their entire naked is just rubble. >> we have david and kathy lead via skype right thisme minute t tell us how they're doing now. >> we're renting a house. the days are very busy dealing with the insurance company about rebuilding the old house and get our lives back together. >> how did you survive? it looked like the neighborhood
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was bombed. >> it was very fast. the surveillance system doesn't record anything until there's movement. there's a small storage area be low the staircase. it's not until we start heading downstairs is when the individual cameras start kicking in outside. basically the house was being ripped off as i was coming into and getting into that closet. very, very lucky, despite how fast this this evening was roll through. if we were just a little slower getting downstairs, it probably would not be a happy ending. >> what goes through your mind when you see the destruction? >> you think you must be dreaming. it took a few days for the shock to to see what happened.
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i always remember we're alive, we survived that and how grateful we are. >> you'll notice there's a cat going upstairs at the beginning of that surveillance footage. if you want to hear the story of how the cat survived, go to our web site and click on today's show. >> that sucks. >> what happens when two extreme sports mash together? looks a little something like this. 75-foot waterfall. those are two extreme sports professionals, white water kayaker ben maher and here rory bushfield. rory does like a gainer off of this and crazy stuff. >> that's incredible timing. >> and they don't run into each
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other? >> no. >> you also see it from the angle of ben, the kayaker, as ben heads down the waterfall. >> school stuff. >> and so then he finds the jump and they climb on to the kayaker and -- >> you got to be a little nuts to do certainly like this but these guys are extreme sports professionals. they just happened to film this one. >> beautiful. >> you'd hit the stone. >> i would. >> police are looking for public help to find these people. this is in washington, d.c., this is at a drugstore. and you see a woman walking into the drugstore. and when she walks out, two men
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with disguises offver their fac, walk in with handguns and start demanding the employees put the money in a bag that they have. they are eventually able to get an undisclosed amount of money. when they collect all they want, the end up walking out the doors. >> looks like the girl was the lookout. she went in to find out what was going on, told them the coast was clear and then went ahead. >> it seeps like they knew when this person would be counting money. there was a lot of loose money on that desk. >> we do get a still shot of that face, hoping somebody recognizes her and the men as well, even though their faces were covered. >> in hanover, maryland, this guy may have been confused about who owns the package here. he walks up, thinks they're his and takes them. >> that's terrible. you never know what's in there. that could be somebody'
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medication or something co completely useless to yourself. >> if he does it once, he'll do it again. hopefully he'll get caught the second time around. >> mate, can you give me your name and number, please? >> the guy recording the video had driving a truck and hoose been asked to pull over because they want to weigh his truck to make sure he's within the legal limits. >> this guy stopped me for being overweight. i'm into the overigt. absolute fallacy. >> if you're asked for your
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license. >> under what law? under what law? is that a demand or request? >> now a different constable comes up to the window. the officer needs to see the sticker in the truck -- >> were are you being so unreasonable? >> because you're pulling me because of something that's -- >> let me see the plate and i'll let you go. >> i don't trust you, constable. >> there is somebody behind waiting. >> there's nothing to do with you. you're a member of the public. finally he says, fine, you want to see my truck? look, there's nothing in there. after nearly 16 minutes -- >> all right, sir. just drive off now. >> thank you very much, constable. >> it is kind of fun to listen to their accents.
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and they are oddly polite. >> hope you don't intend to put it on youtube. >> they're having a good time riding in the raiser. >> they're whipping down the road, bouncing over the dry waves. >> see what happens had the whipping gets the best of them. >> and baby wants the dog's gift. >> so the baby executes a stunt that you would only see in hollywood. >> see if his mission is a success.
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let's have some motor sports fun. these two are going to strap into their razor 900, one of those oversized, golf cart motorized buggies. they're strapped in. they get this whipping down the dirt road, bouncing over some dry waves. whoa! >> oh, no! >> ooh. >> wow. they went skiing. >> they sure did. that thing rolled over several times. both were okay. there's the aftermath. >> in the slo-mo, you can see the bits of wheels flying around. like this, the guy is in the middle, riding the dunes. there's nobody in sight.
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he seems to be respecting the speed, the environment. >> no! >> you're kidding! no! what are the odds of that? >> in every direction you look around, nobody. this guy's going down a dune while another rider's coming up a dune. the rider coming up the hill goes for a big tumble. the rider wearing the helmet cam gets up to go back and check on that guy. >> you okay? you okay? >> the guy is down for a while. looked like he got a bit of a shun but appears to be okay. >> spaztastic kitty.
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♪ ♪ there's a major amount of cuteness coming your way. we start with the baby and dog. the bab is a little fussy. ke help this baby. how? by singing along. >> aw. >> i think the dog is saying, look, give me a chance. let me pat the baby's back. i can do something. >> the owners of this dog say once the baby came along, the dog fell in love with it,
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follows them around the house when they're holding the baby. this dog did see bingo loves that baby. >> you know what? i absolutely do not doubt it. >> this dog is not paying attention to the baby or what this baby's about to do. the babies see that the dog has a gift and the baby's like, wow, the diamondback hog has a gift have a gift and it executes a stunt you would only see in hollywood. coming down from the starp, from the ceiling and about to see something -- >> the dog doesn't seem to notice. >> the talk is like as long as they let me stay on the couch, he'll do his thing, i'll do my dog thing and everybody lives happily ever after. >> she's a world traveler and artist. >> this is probably one of my favorite pieces.
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>> look at the eyes, wow! >> her heart warming video next "right this minute." and still to come, we're hitting the great bear rain forest to enjoy the beautiful wildlife. >> here's the thing. this could all go away. >> hear what's threatening to wreck the wild and how you could help. >> plus see how this crash ends with a strange surprise. sofa... desk...
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closed captioning provided by: ggand hydrates the scalp.ot f seselslsunun b blulue e itch. i've got 3-alarm heartburn... fifireremaman n chchilili ? rolaids gives yoyou u rarapd relief of heartburn anand d neneututraraliliz% more acid than tums. atattataboboy!y! rorolalaidids,s, t thahatw you spell relief. when you're driving down the road, you never know what you're going to see. for instance, this guy in russia driving down the road with the dash cam, pay close attention to what's coming from the opposite direction. >> aw. >> was that a scooter or a motorcycle? >> did the guy fall out of that ambulance? >> that is an ambulance going through the intersection. the jeep comes through, had the
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right of way, t-bones the ambulance, the ambulance goes spinning around and the patient inside the ambulance flies out the door. that guy pops right up, shakes off the pain and walks back toward the ambulance. >> lays back down on the stretcher. >> you got to be hard core to get up after that. >> now here in the united states, you never know what you're going to see when you're driving down the road. remember this video i brought you back not terribly long ago? she sees this man or what seems like a man hanging from the roof of his house. seems like the man is falling hanging his christmas lights. i actually have the 911 call that came in. >> i'm just driving by and there's a man hanging off the roof and his ladder has fallen. >> wait a minute. are you still there? >> wait a minute. oh, my god. it's a joke.
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i was going to see if i could help the ladder, and it's a fake person. i want to go ring their doorbell and scream at them. i'm sorry, hopefully you won't get any more calls on that. >> she was really being a concerned citizen but you can hear the 911 caller does quickly realize this is in fact a joke, a christmas decoration. >> what you're looking at in this video is stunning images from the great bear sea in the great bear rain forest in british colombia, canada. some the aquatic life, footage, doesn't even look real, like a painting. this is something you might want playing in your house all the time because it's so beautiful to look at it. a guy tells us about some of the
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other cool animals in the rain forest. >> there's grizzly bears. >> this could all go away. >> the world's largest oil and gas companies are proposing numerous pipelines that will go through the heart this system. all this would take is one accident, one oil spill, to permanently destroy the forest. >> they're trying to get the images out there of how beautiful this area is so people can raise awareness and hopefully stop this from happening. we have two cameras there set up. what they're trying to do is raise more money to install more cameras so people can see more and more of what this area has to offer. namely they want to install a night vision camera because they say a lot of the cool activity with these animals happens at night and they also wand to install an underwater camera so
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people can check out all the cool stuff happening below the service. you can check out to help. >> kids talk it out, then adults act it out. >> this time, the mall santa clause. >> so what do you want for christmas? >> see where this christmas story goes next. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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all right. for this one, guys, we are just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. ♪ >> the guy is behind this electric bike, tied to the rope. the guy in the front is going along and the guy's just -- >> chilling. >> looks like he's crouching on skis. is he on a sled or something? >> it does look like he's on a sled. >> i'm surprised that bike is upright. if you were a kid, you feel the back end getting pulled all over
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the place. i don't know how this guy is managing to stay upright. >> i got to say if i was on the bike, though, i would have the urge to just pull a hard turn and send my buddy flying into the woods or something. that would be funny. >> when this were going down the sidewalk, you saw the telephone poles. they could get wrapped around one. >> man, that bike is cruising, too. >> yeah, it's like a human dog sled. >> mimi and maya enjoy an ice cream treat. >> when you record two kids having a conversation and then take that audio and have adults act out that conversation with the kids' voices, it's always
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funny. every single time, it's called kid snippets. this time the mall santa claus. >> great. >> so what do you want for christmas? >> don't you already know that? >> yes. >> kind of a good point. like i've already sent you the note. you should know by now what i want, santa. >> i just think santa knows. >> then what do i want? >> maybe i could get you a toy train. the justin bieber movie? >> that's what he wants, to go to the justin bieber movie. he doesn't want toys, this child. >> maybe your parents can bring you to the movies after you open a nice toy i give you. >> i don't want any toys.
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i want too to t justin bieber movie. do he wantthvd copy of the old justin bieber movie? >> you know, who the heck knows. >> santa should know. santa should know all these answers to all these questions. kid has an announcement for the entire mall. >> don't you also want a choo choo train? >> no way! not unless the train tax me to the movies. everybody, this is a fake santa! fake santa! >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. it's beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them "right this minute." gut wrenching video as a troop are is hit. >> you see them go flying through the air. >> how a fellow officer jumps in to save a rookie's live. a guy records a tornado in the distance that soon tears a building -- >> right if front of him to


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