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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we don't know about her mist sister u.s. disappearance and death in a san francisco hospital. >> the autopsy was released today, two and a half months after lynn spalding's body was found at san francisco general. our 2 investigates team has been working to get the results of that autopsy. it comes just three days after we reported on the backlog at the medical examiner's office. ktvu's david stevenson just spoke with an attorney for the spalding family and learned of their angry reaction. david? >> reporter: well, julie, the release of this report this afternoon today caught a lot of people by surprise. in fact, we ended up providing it to the spalding family attorney. significantly, it does not list precisely when spalding died during the 17 days that she disappeared, but it does list a probable cause of death. here is what it says. probable electrolyte imbalance with delirium, clinical sepsis while in stairwell, due to complications of chronic ethanollism, clinical history,
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that is. medical experts we spoke to today describe that as alcoholism. the report also cites a urinary tract infection, which spalding friend's have said was the diagnosis produced by general hospital doctors. in just the last half hour, we have new insight into the report and heard from the outraged attorney for the spalding family. >> the electrolyte imbalance can come from dehydration t can also come from the infection itself, which throws everything else off in the body. >> this lady is starved to death out there or she died of dehydration from lack of fluids. i am going to ask that this medical examiner answer questions about how they arrived at the conclusion that her death is secondary to alcoholism without telling us when she died and why.
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>> reporter: spalding family attorney tells us he is calling for a grand jury investigation into the medical examiner report over those specific issues. multiple investigations into why spalding wasn't found until 17 days after her disappearance have awaited this report to either continue or conclude. but with the questions still hanging around about how she died precisely and precisely when, there are still likely to be a number of open questions remaining for investigators following this case. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. the san francisco sheriff's department handles security at the hospital. we're still still waiting for the findings of that internal investigation, but a preliminary investigation showed when spalding first went missing, the sheriff's department was confused about her race. no one ordered a full search of the hospital until nine days after she disappeared. and even after a report that a person was lying in the stairwell, that stairwell was
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never searched. new at 6:00 tonight, we have new information on a deadly officer-involved shooting in saratoga. on tuesday, a santa clara county sheriffs deputy shot and killed a man. today, we've learned the victim was 43-year-old brandon marshall of sunnyvale and that the deputy who shot him was aldo groba. authorities say he became agitated when authorities responded to a call about an attempted suicide. >> he struck the deputy with this 5 1/2-inch metal spike- like object. that struck the deputy in the arm. >> the deputy is now on administrative leave. another deputy was also injured. her name is not being released. brandon marshall died later at the hospital. investigators are still interviewing witnesses tonight. a boy just 13 years old was arrested in oakland today, accused of a car jacking and leading police on a chase. take a look. the stolen car landed in a front yard. police say this is just the latest in a string of similar
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incidents. john sasaki is live at the scene of a car jacking and chase just yesterday, three blocks away. john? >> reporter: julie, two car jackings just a few blocks from here, and police caught today's car jacking suspect just minutes after it happened. racing down add line street, away from oakland police, but stopped with a pit maneuver, the stolen honda crashed through the front steps of this home. >> i heard this boom, boom! >> reporter: it also damaged a car parked on the street and another in a driveway. this woman's mother owns the car on the street and says the crash could have been much worse. >> oh, my god, yeah. so scared, because it's a new car, you know? >> reporter: this photo was taken by a nearby worker that shows police with guns drawn, telling the 13-year-old suspect to come out. >> i was 13, i was thinking about trying to get to high school. >> reporter: some police sources told me they previously dealt with that teenage suspect. the car jacking happened this morning at 9th and alice
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streets to a 78-year-old man. >> was the victim hurt in the end? >> no, no, i think he's shaken a little bit, but i think he's fine. >> reporter: yesterday morning, just three blocks away at 6th and alice was another car jacking. residents who didn't want to go on camera said earlier this week there was also a street robbery of a female resident on 6th. >> recently we have seen an increase in car jackings in downtown oakland and we believe that those, some of them have been related to robberies. >> reporter: now investigators are trying to see if they are connected to this morning's crime. >> this is the holiday season. typically and historically we see an increase in robberies this time of year. >> reporter: after all the crimes, police are warning everyone to be aware of their surroundings, whether they are in a car or not. live in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. investigators tonight are combing the high school campus where a young man opened fire today, just a few miles away from the scene of the 1999
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columbine masacre. authorities now say the shooter may have been seeking revenge against a teacher. police say the shooter stormed the arapahoe high school -- into arapahoe high school with a shotgun and wounded two students before killing himself. one of the injured students remains in critical condition tonight. witnesses say they heard at least 10 shots. police have not yet revealed the gunman's name. hundreds of students escaped the school in a scene that was very familiar to the columbine school masacre in which two students killed 12 classmates. the shooting in colorado also comes as many are pausing to remember the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. those rallying at san francisco city hall today are angry because they say students are no safer than before. >> we were all so saddened and upset about the newtown tragedy, but what have we done? >> just devastated by something that no one can seem to stop.
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>> 26 people, most of them very young children, were all killed in that newtown masacre a year ago tomorrow. there are several events around the bay area today to remember the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. has posted a list. just look under the hot topics section on our web page. 43 men and women were sworn in today as san francisco firefighters. >> -- the duties upon which i'm about to enter. >> congratulations! >> this graduating class is one of the department's most diverse and most qualified with a wide variety of life experiences that will help them on the job. some graduates say this is a fulfillment of a life-long dream. >> growing up, they were superheroes. i remember being younger and thinking i could never do that, but after a while, i just started going towards my goals and finally reached it. >> another class of 36 is set
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to start its 17-week-long academy in january. talks are done for the day between bart and its labor unions, as they try to hammer out an agreement over a controversial clause in the new contract. negotiators from both sides met for a second day of talks today. at issue is a clause that gives bart employees six weeks of paid family leave. bart maintains that clause was accidentally included in a contract. the unions say it was agreed to. so far, there are no future negotiating sessions scheduled. new at 6:00, a report released within the hour gives new details on how a major tsunami could impact the bay area. ktvu's john fowler learned a multibillion dollar catastrophe will happen, while scientists can't say when, there are things people can do to reduce the effects. >> reporter: the report predicts the tsunami would flood san francisco's financial district, sea water up to 6 feet deep. if people heed warnings, deaths
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could be avoided. but a 12-foot wall of water would devastate low-lying pa pacifica, and major disruptions at bay area ports, including ships ripped from their moorings by powerful currents that could last hours or even days. all of this based on a tsunami that has already happened. usgs scientists say they took the 2011 quake off japan and moved the epicenter to the gulf of alaska, where a 9.1 quake is plausible, triggering a tsunami. a big one occurs every few hundred years and is now overdue. the wave would hit our coast and funnel into the bay, flooding the oakland airport, highway 80, the bay bridge toll plaza, and bayfront homes. >> the economic losses would be 5 to $7 billion, but a lot of that can be mitigated. >> reporter: this physicist left the research. she says businesses should move emergency generators immediately to second floors,
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plan for transportation problems that could last weeks. there could be at least a two- hour warning, so move vessels or moar them more securely. >> it will be a disaster if we don't plan for it and if we're not prepared. there's a lot of people working on it, lot of dedicated emergency managers in the state working on it, and i think we can get prepared. >> reporter: and the big one could happen any time. john fowler, ktvu channel 2news. high speed rail authority was given the power today to start the process of seizing land to begin construction in fresno. the state public works board approved a request to take a 2 1/2-acre piece of property through eminent domain. the board declared a formal impasse with the land owner. >> i don't know how you can declare for the public good, a public necessity that you're going to take property from apparently somebody who doesn't want their property taken. i think it's been going fairly positively slow, still, because we have a number of review and approval processes to get through before we can get it
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open. >> the high speed rail authority must now ask a judge to set a fair market price for that land. fresno county reports the value of that parcel at $2.4 million. the rail authority says it needs it to build an underground trench. protesters filled the steps outside the state capitol today, opposing the governor's so-called twin tunnels water project. the plan calls for building two massive tunnels to divert water from the delta to the san joaquin valley. protesters say there are still too many questions about the environmental impacts. some groups have already promised to sue to block construction from beginning. more details now on the twin tunnel project. it's expected to cost $24.7 billion. water would be diverted at freeport into the two tunnels, then carried to a pumping station in tracy, and eventually to farmland in the central valleys. the tunnels would be at least 33 feet in diameter and would
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divert water at the speed of 67,500 gallons per second. an explosion so powerful it threw a man across a room. now we learn what may have fueled the devastating fire ball. >> then, some unusual december weather in the forecast. when you can expect unseasonably high temperatures. >> and coming up, a deadly accident and a possible drunk driver may be to blame. the new information we learned today about the suspect. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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. we have new information tonight on the man killed in a fiery crash on interstate 580. mike mibach spoke to those who knew the man who was rear ended by a suspected drunk driver at
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10:00 in the morning. >> reporter: 53-year-old prim garcia walked out of jail today free, on a $125,000 bail. yesterday morning, chp says garcia failed a sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion of vehicle manslaughter. he crashed his hummer into a jeep cherokee on 580 in livermore, killing the jeeped driver, 29-year-old reid whitaker. tonight, the jeep, barely recognizable, at this tow yard being kept as evidence. whitaker died on his way to work, as a emergency technician. coworkers said he will be missed. >> reid was always an incredibly caring, compassionate and devoted human being. >> reporter: eve growl owns royal ambulance. it's here where she says whitaker once worked for two and a half years as an emt and field training officer. >> he was all about helping others and his community, about helping those who needed the
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help the most. >> reporter: now tonight, while garcia is free on bail, whitaker is being mourned by those who loved him, his friends, and family. reid whitaker's parents do live in the east bay. at their home today, his mother, through a family friend, declined to speak to us about the loss of her son. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. it is now believed a gas leak triggered an explosion and fire at a home in heyward this morning. it happened just after 5:00 a.m. on fairview avenue near the lone tree cemetery. flames tore through the home and the natural gas line fueled a fire ball. a man inside the home was thrown across the room by the explosion. he was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises. a neighbor says the sound of the blast woke him up. >> i heard a big crash, a boom and a crash. i thought somebody threw a brick or something through my window. i have a plate glass window that's 5 x 7 and it blew out. i didn't know what had
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happened. >> firefighters remained on the scene for a few hours, looking to put out hot spots. a kitchen stove used for heat is being blamed for a house fire in oakland. the fire started at about 2:30 this morning in a home near 90th avenue and a street in east oakland. a man, woman and child inside escaped unharmed. investigators say the manufactured home quickly became fully engulfed in flames, making it difficult for fire crews. three homes were damaged and several dogs were killed. the water department at millbrae is on standby tonight after six separate water lines broke. 1000 residents were without water at some point overnight, some even spent the entire day without water. the first water pipe broke about 11:30 last night. city officials say they don't know what caused the pipes to burst, but they do say the pipes are old and were only built to last for 50 years. >> 65-year-old pipe, we really do need to look at all of our infrastructure. i think that's the challenge
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for our city. >> nearby cities say they will have crews on standby just in case millbrae needs help. well, the advertised warming trend remains right on track. we started out the week with freeze warnings and temperatures in the upper teens and 20s. today, though, we had more 60s to report. right now, a few high clouds approaching the north coast, even the bay area. over the next few hours in the short-term, clouds will continue to filter in. right now, already pushing into parts of mendocino and sonoma county, picking up some of the overcast. as far as current temperatures, they are dropping, as we would expect. right now, most areas from 48 to 53 degrees. in the north bay, santa rosa, 50 degrees. a few more neighborhood to report for napa, down to 40 already. petaluma, 51. for san francisco, 51 degrees. around the bay itself for oakland, currently in the upper
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40s. sfo, 52. redwood city in the upper 40s, at 49 degrees. for tonight, we'll go with fair skies, but increasing high clouds. tomorrow, basically the weekend, a warmer weather pattern. here's our live camera toward union square. in san francisco tomorrow morning, starting out the day in the lower 40s, on track to reach the upper 50s. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, partly sunny skies. the dry weather pattern remains in place into next week, but temperatures come down a few degrees. overnight lows, back down to near 30, basically at 30 in napa to start out the day. patchy frost up in the north bay and inland valleys. san jose, forecast low of 36. san francisco, 42 degrees. this weekend, still dry weather pattern continues. high pressure is developing offshore and expanding in coverage. so our warming trend continues. most areas, just a little warmer than today, but the warmest day of the weekend will be sunday. the warmest day of the week, that will be monday. that's when temperatures right around the bay could be approaching the 70-degree mark. in the short-term, we do have this. increase in high clouds and could be a factor tomorrow
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morning at 7:00 and possibly patchy fog out there as well. then partly to mostly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon. won't be complete clear skies, but still a few high clouds paying us a visit, especially for the first half of the day. temperatures for afternoon highs, upper 0s to lower 60s. these areas, most areas up a little bit from today. san jose, 62 degrees. looking ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, as i mentioned, cold mornings remain in place. coolest locations, near 30 degrees. afternoon highs, warmest day on monday. then next week, we could have a few extra clouds, but no rain clouds in the forecast. we'll get an update with forecast models in about three hours. we'll have the update at 10:00. >> thank you, mark. spacex wants to use nasa's old launch pad. spacex is the first private company to dock at the international space station. it's owned by tesla ceo and
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paypal cofounder. amazon's ceo was competing for launch pad rights for his blue origin aerospace company. ciscoe is adding 1700 new high tech jobs in canada. the san jose-based company will expand its research and development operations in ontario in a 10-year agreement with the canadian government. the deal also outlines future growth of up to 5000 jobs by 2024. the warriors hosting the talented western conference opponent tonight. >> plus, he's gone from backup to starter, now back up again. terrelle pryor talks about coping with his current status. >> time to check in with gasia for a look at bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> reporter: coming up, we'll have more on the newtown vigil in san francisco and the school shooting today in colorado. plus, gas stations for electric cars. we'll show you where the new tesla superchargers are already up and running. join us at 7:00
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on tv 36.
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. more people are riding their bikes in san francisco, according to new figures released by the municipal transportation agency. bike riding is up 96% since 2006, when the city started
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doing annual bicycle counts. it's up 14% in the past two years. another important note, 76% of bicycle riders are wearing their helmets. mark's off tonight. fred is filling in. it's friday night. i'm betting oracle arena will be rocking this evening. >> absolutely. houston rockets who beat the warriors by 22 points last friday night, golden state's wakeup center jermaine o'neill just had successful wrist surgery today, so he can't help. versatile andre iguodala will miss with a left hamstring injury. warriors are 5-5 since andre suffered that jirgens the lakers. he's now back at practice and says he's ready to play. warriors need him, but his timetable to return is still in open debate. >> we're in the same chapter, though. not on the same page. same chapter. but i trust those guys, because they know what's best. i think another thing is my experience in the league. it's my 10th year. i can be effective and still gauge of not trying to overdo
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it when i'm out there on the court, still be effective. >> still an open date. raiders undrafted quarterback matt mcgloin makes his fifth straight start on sunday against the visiting kansas city chiefs. terrelle pryor won the job in summer camp. his last start was against the new york giants. he went into the game injured, played poorly, left even more banged up. >> you can always put your head down and say, cry and whine about it and talk behind everyone's back about it and be very negative. but there's another way. it's an opportunity for me to be a leader in a different way, while not playing, try to grasp guys and teach guys. that's how i'm going if it. that's probably the only way i can right now. >> and that game sunday at the coliseum is a sell-out. it's pretty nice. terrelle pryor is handling this very well, with a little class. >> i was thinking the same thing. great attitude. >> he's been that way all along. >> he actually has.
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>> thank you, frank. >> you bet. the holiday party season ramps up tonight. coming up at 10:00, the good and bad of the holiday season. the happy events, plus the dangers out on the road. >> and we're always here for you at, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us. hope you have a great friday evening. >> good night. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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