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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 14, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? hi, everybody. i'm pet troutman. we have been searching the web for the best videos of the day. wea we've got them for you, "right this minute." a snow boarder is shredding the slopes. but -- something's about to happen. how hitting a little kid unleeshs one mad dad. >> [ bleep ]. police choppers scour a dense forest, tracking a target. >> through the heat of his body. >> the moment they knew thurp hot on his trail.
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see that statue on the church? >> that is no statue at all. >> what happens when a guy with a camera captures a shocker. how to win an ipad miniand what made me go -- >> you threw up in your hand? >> i did. we're used to people reacting to it. but, you know, the fact is, infidelity exists. it's a a fun run down the slopes of snow basin in utah. daniel has his camera going. he's with his buddies. something is about to happen. a girl on the left, he tries to avoid her. instead, he hits a boy. the dad comes out cussing and swinging. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> daniel talk about the situation. the dad hit him on the side of
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the head and used expletives. he said, to deescalate the whole thing, they went to the bottom of the slope and talked to ski patr patrol. he said the dad made an apology but it was insincere. >> you have to be careful. this stuff happens. the dad went too far. >> i think 17-year-old daniel needs to be commended for how he reacted. he apologized, deescalated it. went and got ski patrol. the dad starts swearing and using punches. we have a teenager actinging better than the grown up. >> a lot to learn. >> we reached out to the resort. they said they were informed of an altercation at the intersection of two runs. at this point, security got both parties together. they were able to resolve their issues and continued on with their day. the resort team is sorry for the incident and are relieved both
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parties were not seriously injured. >> i didn't even mean to. a dramatic search and rescue in norway. all caught on police thermal images cameras. police received a phone call from a 17-year-old boy who told them that he was lost the in the woods. he knew his general area. he said he had been hiking for four hours and had no clue where he really was and was terrified. police, and a group of volunteers all sprang into action. the only way they were able to find this 17-year-old boy was using the thermal imaging cameras. they could only see this young boy through the heat of his body. you see the moment that rescuers get close to him along with a rescue dog. as you notice, the young man is almost in a fetal position, lying in the forest and very, very cold. >> oh, man. you know, once you get lost in the woods, you start going one
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direction, you furn around. all of a sudden, everything looks the same. >> luckily, he had a cell phone and thought to call police. he's responsible, if you will, for his own rescue because he alerted officials. it took the police and volunteers nearly two hours to locate him. that's how dense this forest was. they took him to a local hospital for observation. he was fine. and they reunited him with his family. shaken up. very cold, but safe. >> technology is awesome. it's a remarkable that it can pick up a heat signature from a helicopter who knows how far away. and save somebody's life. lots of gray, gloomy days around the world. snow and ice coming down. happy to be behind the snowplow. you never want to be in front of it. especially if you're a pedestrian. see the plow? >> oh. >> oh. >> bing. >> oh, snap. >> gets punted by the blade of the snowplow.
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the plow doesn't realize they've hit somebody. never slows down. that person was taken to the hospital with various injuries. >> good thing she didn't get caught under the tire. she bounced off. >> there is an investigation trying to figure out who is at fault. the pedestrian was near a crosswalk. but who had the right of way? this will brighten your day. >> what is that? >> three people dressed as penguins. one has luggage. >> oh, no, he fell! >> he fell down! ♪ >> at least the guy with the dash cam was kind enough to hop out of his car. a couple of people go over there and help the penguin back up. >> the other penguins can't help. if they go down, they're all down.
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>> he has flippers. his little wings. just in time for the holidays, we're giving away an ipad mini. >> all you need is today's buzz word, be 18 or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> today's buzz word is coming up. it's your chance to win. >> good luck, everybody. look at the frame from the video of st. mary's church in huntington, england. a little statue up there. when i hit play, you'll realize that is no statue at all. >> oh, really, that's a person up there? >> that is a 23-year-old woman who climbed to the top of this church. from 70 feet up there, barefoot. you can't make out what she's saying, but she's screaming something. [ yelling ] >> this is spooky. >> she was up there for about 30 minutes. police were called to the area. there were a lot of families and people who stopped to kind of
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figure out what was going on. witnessing the scene. if you listen to the guys in the video. >> that's not good. >> you can hear him saying, if she falls, it's going to be bad. guess what? oh, gosh, she takes down part of the church with her. >> you're right. some of the masonry gave way. she took it down with her. but escaped from this with no serious injuries. she apparently landed on a lower section of the structure. kind of like a butter area of the roofing. after about a half hour, police were able to get her down to the ground, where she was promptly arrested and detained under the mental health act but could have been a lot worse. you can hear the guys. they think they witnessed her final moment. [ bleep ]. >> she just slid all the way down. she's not moving. nailing back flip stunts is
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his thing. >> this kid nearly kills himself. no! >> how some quick-thinking saved his neck. and it's nap time for baby sasha. >> she does not want to lay down sleep. >> see how she takes a snooze, standing style.
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the first time i found out about this website -- i threw up
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in my own hand. that website is victoria hundreds of married and attached seeking a discreet affair. it's for people that have a significant other. we is heard of them before. ashley madison got a lot of media attention self-years ago. this one takes it to a new level. check this out. not only, private photos. you can blur your image in the actual profile picture so that if anyone happens upon the site, they can't reek niz you. there's an autologout feature and a panic button. you can kick on the panic putton and it getsout o you out of the. >> here, you can see there are all kinds of -- in this case,
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women, because the person who created the account was man looking for a woman. and then, beyond that when you go into the profile, one of the questions, do you have a secret love nest? >> so many people out there are forces th-- forcing themselves stay in relationships because of kids or whatever. >> i feel like i should go to confession just for looking at this. >> would you like to find out who is the devil behind this all? we have him here. the ceo of victoriamill why would you do this? >> to kind of come up with a dating product. i was shocked to find out around 40% of the actual users of so-called single dating sites were, in fact, not single. they were in a relationship and they were -- a lot of them married. so there's very few brands
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focusing onerving and catering we're passing close to 4 million members worldwide in 30 markets in just three years. >> how much are people paying for this? >> from $49.99 to $29 .99. >> what is the ratio men to women. >> 30%, 35% women. >> somebody's wife shut him off. did you hit the panic button? >> morals is a line. if i was asked to work for a weapons company or cigarette company, that would be outside of working for this service, seeing the people we're helping, i'm fine with it. travis pastrana. >> welcome to pastranaland. >> he's naked doing that off the hugest ramp. this is travis' house.
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this is part of a new web series called "pastranaland." his buddies gather at his house and they do crazy things. this is a foam pit where they practice the stunts. it's neat to see the extremes they go to. because they know they're going to land in a nice, soft foam pit. >> i don't care how big the foam pit is, if you land with the motorcycle on top of you, underneath you, even on your arm, it won't feel great. >> in episode two, trevor jacobs, one of travis' friends, tries to back flip anything. this kid nearly kills himself. >> oh. >> no! >> oh. >> look that. he gets out of shape real quick. the bike flying into the trees. notices that he's going toward a branch and has the presence of mind up in the air to kick off the branch and get himself
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closer to the landing pad. watch this. >> no way. >> holy moly, he does. look. his right foot. he barely makes it on to the corner of the pad. >> the video is out there to promote travis' tour. when i first introduced you to baby sasha, she was taking a nap her own way. she refused to lay down. >> love this. napping standing straight up. >> she still refuses to lay down. her mom says she's doing it her own way. she does not want to lay down. >> i love this kid. she wants to nap standing up. she can look like she's still involved in all the action. she's sneaking a little shut eye. >> not a nap. >> napping on your own terms. >> she doesn't fall over. she leans.
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she squats. she's still standing. >> and she keeps the passy in her mouth, too. some stunned fishermen mistakenly reel in an 880-pound tiger shark. see the dicey mission to set a shark free. and it's almost time to give away an ipad mini. the buzz word you need is coming up. [[ m maalele a annnonoununcece, meet selsun science.
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you're history. seselslsunun b blulue e itit. ggetets s toto t thehe root f and hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun b blulue e itch. ggetets s toto t thehe root f and hydrates the scalp. i've got 3-alarm heartburn... fifireremaman n chchilili ? rolaids gives yoyou u rarapd relief of heartburn anand d neneututraraliliz% more acid than tums. atattataboboy!y! rorolalaidids,s, t thahatw you spell relief. fishermen in western australia were not supposed to catch this. >> oh, boy. >> that, my friends, is an 880-pound tiger shark. more than ten feet long. >> yeah, this one could eat you. >> fishermen were on coral bay. trying to catch local fish. happened to get this sucker on the line.
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as you can see, the line is clearly hooked in the shark's mouth. but these people are good samaritans. they don't want this regal creature to perish on the beach. they spring into action. reports say they're all experienced fishermen. they're trying to get this hook out of its jaws. you canany razor sharp teeth are there at their finger tips. >> they do put an orange towel over the shark's eyes. trying to calm the shark. >> they continue to work. until that hook is out of the shark's mouth. >> good job! >> nice job, man. >> watch what they do. >> oh. >> they grab this enormous shark by the tail, it's 880 pounds. they start dragging this creature back into the ocean. >> oh, boy. >> here he goes. look at that fin. >> get him out. wow. >> yeah!
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going from ball jointed doll to android. this is her. she's wearing a morph suit. her maup is of an android, including the eyes. look at the eyes. >> one big blue eye. one normal-sized brown eye. >> is that all makeup? >> no, it's all makeup. this is what it's all about. the tutorial so you, too, can look like an android like her. you have to put this funky lens in your eye. you have to prepare your skin. she uses three different types of camouflage cream to create the base. >> when do you get to go out dressed an s an android? >> all the time. >> i thing it's cool. i would like to show up to work dressed like that.
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>> you set the mup. you contour it. add the wig. the eye makeup. you can't go without the eye lashes. masca mascara. this one, it was funky. she's using the eye lash grew on her lips. she didn't get a glittery lipstick. >> no, you can't get rid of glitter even if you don't have glue on it. >> this is what it looks like after. it's rpm giveaway time. >> we're giving you chance to win an ipad mini. you have to be 18 years or older and be a u.s. resident to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page. if you're using a tablet, go to the first post. tap on the link. >> today's word is present. >> click on the win and ipad minibutton. >> and then enter today's buzz word, pent, that's
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