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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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back. one city owes $2 million in refunds for parking tickets. i am ken wayne. >> i am gasia mikaelian. frank and julie are off. tryingtrying to put cash in your pocket is what oakland is looking to do. ktvu's mike mibach is live with an audit that uncovered millions of dollars in the wrong place. >> reporter: you walk up to your car, and there it is, a parking ticket waiting for you. giving you that empty feeling we have experienced. tonight we know the city of oakland broke the law when it came to keeping the revenue generated from the tickets. revenue it should not have kept. >> reporter: you park, you pay, you are on your way. every now and then there is a ticket. >> horrible. horrible. >> reporter: 7 for her this year. each one -- >> 30 bucks to 200 something.
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>> reporter: pricy finds and in oakland accidently pay twice in and those cases, guess who kept the cash. >> the city was not refunding over payments by citizens. >> reporter: the auditor said it shows the city broke law when it did not notify people when they over paid their parking tickets. she noticed $316,000 in over paid tickets. >> we knew that was the tip. since the audit they scrubbed their books and they identified 2.3 million. >> reporter: owed to some of those who have been fined. >> people need their money back. >> we want to apologize for the -- not being able to get the refunds out. >> reporter: he says part of the problem was technology and staffing but he says a number of corrective measures are now
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in place. >> we do a monthly report now that looks at a refund that could be higher than $200. >> reporter: he says over payment notifications go out from january 9 to march 9. if you get one of the ledders you have 60 days to call and get letters, you have 60 dize call and get your remund. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. police sited four boys for a replica pistol. they were seen with this fake gun. police say it looked real to them. the boys were sited and released to parents. make safety changes is what the ntsb wants about to do before the -- b.a.r.t. to do about the death of two
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workers. b.a.r.t. carried out another recommended change to eliminate safety procedures that would depend solely on the worker. >> they need to listen to workers for advice on making it safer for the riders. we hope that will happen. >> two were hit and killed by a train in october during the most recent b.a.r.t. strike and joel keller proposed a ballot measure that will ban strikes by b.a.r.t. workers. he said the 2 strikes earlier this year undermine public confidence. the measure could appear on the november ballot. a disturbing scene at a home. dogs in horrible conditions and a house full of things
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thatfiant a dog fighting operation. ktvu's ken pritchett was there, from the video it looks bad. >> reporter: police officers were serving a search warrant. when they stumbled across this home where they call it a classic case of training dogs for fighting. an abusive environment. >> reporter: it is in this moment as oakland animal control officers try to subdue this dog but the dangers become clear, it bit one officer, then delivered another bite to the director. >> first time i have been bit in 10 years. >> reporter: it is a job that brings sad sights to see. dogs scared, and aggressive. >> some have dog fighting wounds, chewed up ears, scars. >> reporter: no one was home when police served a search warrant at the house.
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most of the dogs were chained up outside. two were inside the dark, dirty home, crammed with training gear. >> the officer came in, they identified equipment used for fighting. treadmills, weighted vests. medication. >> reporter: officers found medication used to battle infections. while some dogs were aggressive, most were not. this appeared friendly. another a puppy still too young to train. he says what happened here may not be contained to just this house or this backyard. >> we have had a fair number, a dozen or so dead pitbulls in this neighborhood recovered in the past couple months. we put notifications out. they may have been coming from this house. >> reporter: an arrest is likely but first they must determine the ownership of the animals but who is responsible
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for their treatment. some of the dogs may find new homes or go to a rescue shelter. at this point it is still too early to determine that. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a high speed police chase this morning ended with a crash and a fire at a gas station. it started before 2:30 a.m. at 98th and d street. deputies pulled over a suv as part of a dui operation. as deputies approached the vehicle the driver sped off. the driver ended up losing control a half mile away and crashed at a gas station, igniting two gas tanks. 20 residents were evacuated, the driver was taken to the hospital. he will face charges once she released. coverage on the wildfire near big sur. the crews have the pfeiffer fire 80% contained. they are hoping for full
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containment tomorrow. it burned 900 acres and destroyed 22 buildings. including a dozen homes. 100 people remain evacuated. the cause is still under investigation but officials are looking into reports of illegal camp fire. a situation in big sur is a reminder about fire danger. high winds today forced fire crews on high alert and warnings. ktvu's john fowler is live where dry and windy weather is making people tense. john? >> reporter: in the last hour or so the temperature has plummeted. firefighters say don't let that fool you, the fire risk is still increasing. we were up on mount diab low and gusty winds -- mount diablo and gusty winds on the unusually dry spell. >> still in fire danger. we had little precipitation and
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what we did have the wind dried out. >> you have trees stressed. vegetation that hasn't greened up yet. >> reporter: firefighters say all it takes is one tree branch across a power line and this neighborhood could be in serious trouble. look what happened at big sur. northern california remains in extreme fire danger. even this week before christmas. cal fire has extra staffing tonight. six weeks past the normal stand down. open fires and mowing are banned as if it were summer. firefighters are asking for help especially in higher elevations tonight. any downed power lines call 911 before calling pg&e. that firefighters say may prevent a catastrophic wildfire. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. our weather is causing
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problems for the winter olympics. they are being held in russia but what is going on here right now is making things harder for the american team. why coming up in 10 minutes. regulators voted to impose a fine on pg&e for the way it handled the pipeline in st. carlos. the public utilities commission says the fine is warranted because pg&e did not keep the commission informed about the lawed records for -- flawed records for the pipeline and the cpu c is voted to allow full pressure on the line. the family of a 13-year-old declared brain dead after a tonsillectomy is asking the hospital to keep her on life support through christmas. jahi mcmath's family was scheduled to go into a meeting with officials about an hour ago. the family also wants the hospital to provide a feeding
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tube to get nutrition. the attorney says the hospital does not agree to the request, they will seek an injunction or court order instead. jahi mcmath's uncle is convinced she will wake up. >> looked like she is resting. you know, when she is done going through the stuff that her body is going through right now, and she feels well enough she will wake up. >> she suffered cardiac arrest after the tonsillectomy and declared brain dead. new at 6:00 p.m., surveillance video of a burglary in progress. the sheriff's office hopes someone recognizes the suspect seen here. it happens at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. you see here three men broke the window in the backyard to get into the house. investigators say the robbers ransacked the bedroom and made off with a jewelry box.
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anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. target is telling customers to be vigilant in the wake of a data breach that compromised information of millions. shoppers who used credit cards and debt cards between november 27 and december 15 may have had their information stolen. check your bank accounts and credit card statements and often to make sure there aren't fraudulent charges. there are things you can do to protect yourself if you see suspicious charges, report it immediately, all of the major credits card companies are aware of the breach. debt card users may want to call their banks to get their pin numbers changed and consumers should look out for suspicious small purchases. experts say those are purchases where the hacker may be testing
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the accounting. 'tis the season. bad guys going door to door picking up packages sitting on the porch, the simple things you can do to keep your gifts safe. >> wish you can ruin your phone after thieves steal it? the new push. >> after the break, how strong the winds got, how long they will stick around and how warm will it get saturday and sunday.
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public utilities commission approved a new area code. people with existing 415 area codes will get to keep their
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numbers but all new numbers will be 628. it will be assigned to san francisco and parts of marine can't. video of people -- county. video of people stealing packages. ktvu's robert handa shows us more of the thieves and what needs to be gun to get justice or pay back. >> reporter: that's right. since we started airing the videos police want to remind the public certain steps need to be taken to catch someone. >> reporter: this is more surveillance video from san jose recording two people driving up, a woman stealing packages that had just been delivered and loading them into a suv. the family victimized in this theft live in the same neighborhood as the family we profiled last night who had packages stolen by a different
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person but it is a problem, especially around the holidays. she shared her surveillance video with us, showing a woman jogging up to her porch and jogging away with the packages. >> i was very upset. we were mad. you come home and you want to get the stuff and it is gone. we were upset. >> reporter: police say it is useful to have the images, such as this picture, but police also say many people send them to be made when the cases really get assigned unless the suspect can be identified first. investigators encourage people who capture this video to post them, especially with neighborhood news letters. >> police don't know who the person is -- don't know who the person is. >> reporter: she says think of this if you are reluct tonight post. >> i want her to get caught but
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i want her, i wish she was watching the news and i want her friends and family to see her and call her out on it. that is what i want out of this. >> reporter: police also remind homeowners, it is important to get packages inside as soon as possible. it is evening time and dark enough for people to get in and out without being seen or getting a good picture. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. mark leno plans to introduce a bill that would require every new smart phone to have a kill switch. that would rendther switch inoperable if stolen. the fcc says smart phone thefts are 40% of ronries world -- robberies world wide. in san francisco it is 50%. the winter olympics might be three months and thousands of miles away but the lack of
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snow in lake tahoe is causing problems. and putting a damper on business. >> reporter: they are some of the olympic hopefuls they had been planning to host the second weekend of january. >> we have been making snow since october. >> but they only have so much snow making equipment and decided to point at the slopes the paying customers use instead of building a structure to olympic specifications. >> expanding for when people come and visit and ski and ride, that is the most important to our decision. >> reporter: instead the qualifications will take place in colorado. which already hosted the first round last weekend. >> i think they have to do what they have to do. if the snow is better in colorado because we are not
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getting precipitation here, that is what they have to do. >> reporter: does it hurt your pride as a californian? >> yeah. yeah, it does. >> reporter: it will mean a loss of business for hotels and restaurants in truckee and other towns but not as much as a big holiday weekend like christmas or new years. >> competition, they are not much for drinking. >> reporter: officials say bookings are still fine for the few weeks to come and they are not worried visitors will start to choose other destinations. >> things will change. we will ski into april and may. the snow has been light in tahoe. they got a little today but they will be dry for a bit.
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highs around here, warmer than yesterday. 62 antioch. it will be warmer tomorrow. it will warm up into the bay area weekend. high pressure trying to build back in. that is why the wind advisory is still in effect for the delta area. you can see it here. you can see the wind advisory in the north valley. blowing good. you got wind advisory for the next few hours. the winds are still blowing at fairfield, 17 miles per hour over the next couple hours. the winds will die down and temperatures cool off. over night lows tonight, just above freezing. it will be cool enough to get frost out there. breezy and cool out there tonight. the air quality is getting better. you can see farther. no spare the air night. we had 11 in a row. this wind, the wind advisory lifts up the inversion and cleans out the air.
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smoke from the big sur fire goes away but the communities particulate is gone too. we have been dealing with that. that is gone. the forecast tomorrow, 8:00 a.m., tomorrow night. few clouds along the coast. maybe patchy fog saturday morning. saturday night. where is the rain? sunday. where is the rain? nothing. dry, dry, dry. saturday and sunday are both going to have temperatures in the mid-60s. warmer bay area weekend. highs tomorrow, 63 fairfield. 63 napa. 63 santa rosa. 60 pacifica. low 60s south too. slightly warmer tomorrow and the five-day forecast looks like this. nice. we need rain. and there is nothing here. down the road, something keeps popping in for new year's day, maybe significant snow for the
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mountains, rain for us. too far out for my liking but at least there is something. in the mean time enjoy the run because it is really dry. >> forecast for all the people driving that is a nice gift. >> yeah. yeah. it will be beautiful holiday. ironic we have to enjoy it. >> thank you. looking into the future. we talk to 49ers head coach jim harbaugh, he sees himself after the season, that is next.
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sports director mark ibanez joins us now. a lot of talk about jim harbaugh. >> he is a enviable position, if you have a job you want it a keep it, should i stay, should i go? anybody connected with the 49ers wants jim harbaugh to stay where he is. jim harbaugh in the third of a five year deal with the 49ers but speculation regarding his future after his name was linked in a rumor to the coaching vacancy at the university of texas. there are reports the 49ers are negotiating an extension on his
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contract. the coach addressed his status and today all the talk. >> in judge judy's court hear say is not admissible evidence. an unnamed source is hearsay. be wear of unnamed sources. be care of unnamed sources. be wear of unnamed sources. >> all right. he didn't say where he would wind up. the warriors are in action tonight against the spurs. unaplugged. three big stars will not be in action. two of them resting, one injured. and then saturday night the warriors host kobe bryant and he won't be in oakland either. he sustained a knee jeer. a fracture of -- any injury.
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a fracture of his knee, he will be out six weeks. kobe bryant at age 35 and recovering from a attorney achilles tending. finding life in the nba tough at that age. that is the sporting life. >> thank you. tonight at 10:00 p.m. a postal working robbed. what we are learning about the theft tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us, we will see you tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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