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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 24, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best stories from the web and the stories behind them "right this minute." a mountain biker lies near death after he -- >> punctured his femoral artery. >> how fast thinking friends saved his life and got him out thereof. >> we're going uphill, going uphill. >> a dad takes his daughter on a roller coaster in the snow. and she's -- >> having one heck of a blast.
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>> how the fun get a little louder and the way she's getting down. >> dudes just ammunition. >> and he tries to pick up women. >> what happens when one husband is not amused. >> you know, you just never know when your life could come to an end. mountain biker cedric grassia went out mountain biking off the coast of mad gas gar. very simple, flat section of this track they're on. nothing extreme. cedric is a champion mountain biker. whup see this, actually you're going to think that's pretty ch. >> oh, shoot.
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>> did you see it? >> whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa, where'd it come from? >> oh, my god. that's dangerous. >> what is that? >> see it? >> sen trick punk teared his femoral artery. he's bleeding out rapidly. cedric trying to put pressure on it himself. his buddies riding with him thankfully think fast and begin to put pressure on this artery. but you can see the blood flowing out of his body. this guy with the helmet cam putting both knees into cedric but cedric starts to realize how severely injured hi he is. >> what happened? >> hard to say. not sure what actually caused
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the injury. >> when he's coming to terms with his mortality, you see emergency workers start to show up. they begin to stabilize cedric. it's incredible that he survived. and it all thanks to his friends that were nearby that fought quickly to put pressure on that wound. >> you see him lose all of the color in his face. you see him go down pill hil quickly. >> they saved his life. they saved his leg, too. everything is fine. he recovering. >> cedric posted these videos on his facebook page. could know basic technique. could save someone's life. could your own. >> it's time to blow someone stuff up.
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or as we would cam it, duck tv. guess what they're going to do to it? >> blow it up. >> they've got a 30 milligram mine they are going to detonate into the lake. ne go out of the way. everything wait for it, wait for it. >> what! >> that's a huge explosion. that could be do damage of there isn't left and there is not much. >> there is a flying fish that lives in that pond? >> and that gives you the stink eye. we jump from finland to saudi arabia. these people are on a viewing stand. they are viewing a live intermission spectacularize. it's peculiar if you like this from a wedding. >> they have little.
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>> as can you see, it gets quite the explosive applause, this play. >> i believe they are dignitaries. >> obviously the most important people get to watch this from canopy viewing stand. >> we're watching this but, wow, crazy. how much do . >> takes your breath away, doesn't it? >> this time of year snow and ice can cause all keends of problem. snowy roads, snowy conditions. the guy with the cash cam moves over. looks like he was going to help a motorist stranded. keep watching the dash cam. right in front of him. look as hoose waiting in his
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car. look the what's heading way. >> i kind of feel good that it didn't crash into him. >> is it bizarre that never war lout of impact. >> that cub can be. >> and you can't really do anything. warn you as quickly as that car is headed for you. >> one driver did take a hit for the team. >> of course snow and ice causing the problem for drivers in that video. in that video, snow and ice causing problems for the driver. >> she has perfected the side ways moon walk. >> i feel bad for laughing. >> the people shooting this video are inside their warm, toasty home. they're just recording this may kay off out side the window.
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they do a -- i think the one guy who held on to the line post, he was probably the smartest one there. >> this time of of year it's ale nice to get 4-year-old time in. >> can you look, smile at the camera in. >> >> mark: with her dad on the super fast on the roller costar. >> a a ski resort? >> yeah. >> the climb up is a little slow after. >> we get to see -- ♪ going up two, going up two ♪ >> it's see to see how in.
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>> right there to your right. >>. >> should have a roller coaster at their mountain resort. >> i agree. [ screaming ] >> whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! >> they're going really fastly. >> you don't know how to ski. you have so. >> whoo-hoo. >> now she screams most of the way down but dad says she was screaming not because she was scared but because she was having one heck of a blast. >> some birds ant having it when a drone invades their flying territory. >> after a while it's just more than just a few bumps. >> and a woman gets howered from
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flowers at the airport. >> maybe i'll tell him don't tell me a tlg [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless. some may consider the small remote control drones to be a nuisance. it's not just people that dislike them. apparently birds have a problem with them, too. this guy was flying his small quad copter over a wide open field and suddenly you start seeing birds getting awfully
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close to the camera. a couple of times you'll see the picture in this copter dunk. the guy says the birds were striking fro above. they didn't want it in their air force. there's probably like a mama bird and saying getting away from my house. >> you're probably right. but of a a while it more than just a few bumps. >> watch what starts to happen. >> hey! >> picture starts going raise kr. >> that's pretty awesome when you lie about it. they took down a machine! >> it cool to us. i guess the guy flying the machine didn't think it was so cool. he will need that maybe the strikes of the bird could have
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dislodged the connector to the botry a little bit. and that's what made him come in for a tough landing. >> it's that time of year when we're thinking about christmas and we're thinking of warm fires in the fireplace, the beautiful christmas tree, the wonderful dinner. this is charlie. and this video is about what christmas really like. >> the warm grow. >> doesn't really work. >>. >> some of us have a small little tree with one ornament that won't even stay on the tree. the gift opening ereminder, don't go into this with
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preconceived notion. >> this did kind of break my heart a little bit, the snow. >> just cold and windy and wet. >> that's all the images that are promoted to us on television through all the commercials and so on. >> christmas lives in your heart. >> there is a airman coming home. she's girl in the animal print shirt. that guy handed her a hose this that is just the pass injury on the fly plai. he probably told people go up to that girl with the print shirt and hand them to her. >> so cute and she's crying. >> already he has thebies back.
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>> and get to carry this rose to this perfect wrong ares that. >> people want to participate in this stuff. eight feel good stuff and we want to help a guy who has been in the service. so one way to do it is hand a girl erose? >> yot. >> and then he drops down on one knee. and she says yes but we don't cool her. >> and i love that everybody stuck around to see the final moment. >> he had a mission to travel the world. >> with nothing but kindness. wasn't taking any money. no real plan. he had no place to stay. >> how hear is what caught is
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is. >> so what happens when the brave dude goes after the taken lady. >> oh, that's your boyfriend? >> that's not brave. that's crazy! >> orange is del sum.
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how far can just a little bit of kindness go? in the case of leon, that can take you around the world. leon is a former desk jockey. he was a desk skroky, decided he
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needed more. he set off, became an adventurer. he left california on august 10th, was going to try to travel the world with nothing but kindness. he had into place to stay, just simply traveling on the others of highness. >> unfortunately i don't have a house. >> could he succeed? how many tes it in to had, he visited 19 different countries 51 continents and three stories. >> he sleft on streets, he sleft in presidential suites, he got to see parts of the world that many of us wouldn't and he got to see kind up close.
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>> toll tell us about his remarkable journey, leon is does it work? >> humanity is innately kind. the letters of kindness i received was atonnishing. the companies i went further east in the language barrier, made it a little more than others. >> in pittsburgh i met cue tony. he led me stay with him. he made me feel true preches were left in our house, not our wallets. >> i in saigon, i only vlt presidential sweet.
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could you. >> this something that was really surprising to you? >> i didn't realize had you. >> i think it is part of hum humanity. >> this world is fulp pranksters. this lady is the prankster picking up the ladies. >> this is adrian. he is picking up on the ladies who obviously have boyfriends. >> oh that's your boyfriend? >> that's not brave. that's greg or bald. >> yeah, no kidding. >> it was a great year, boost,
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for the ladies. >> yeah, i have the peanutbutter at my place. >> he must confuse her with a puppy. >> he doesn't just go after the layy with friends she starts going -- oh, come on. >> and families. >> i'm surprised these guys didn't lunge at him and punch him or something. >> what would you say? >> i think i might just be impressed by his goldness and then say get the huck away. >> is this your husband? >> it's a husband who gets the most upset about this. >> i was actually coming over here to maybe get your number. i'm really into the older women. do you want me to go?
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with your wife? >> it's just wrong on so many levels. you what's wrong? give him my number. >> keeping motorcycles safe with no riding sek ji.
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i want to tell you about this cat fight. >> uh-oh. >> a big cat rescue. >> as you can see, their tockings were hundred in their playoff plans and a couple of diaper particular out the door chris mat she. these are part of the and nool these two cats are kbrp. >> i have honey be they
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celebrate. >> they're like clause's past. they when they. >> it's just amazing how these cats can be i want to play with these. and, oh, i want to play with the camera, too. >> kind of teach them out of routine. >> well, it's text time to keep us safe. especially motors cycle drives one of those. this is new kek ji. it is the new biz ride hud. you fid it into the mel met so you'rous after been 7been so far
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i would think this would be hard to get use to it ma. >> our very in who have house tech guru. he doesn't drive a motorcycle but he drives a guru. >> dad, hull low. how does this work? >> they're usually to use offbeds and make it look like so it's 30 feet in front of focus temperature. >> tease the whole point of it? >> did they saw big it is? is it just up in an korber? >> if this thing hacks it out doctor be there what this is intending to do is to.
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>>! >> what! >> this has been tried so many times. >> that this is the they've been able to put those vibes. >> three or four messages, i'm hungry, i'm tired, i have to go to the bathroom or i like you. >> close. the third is seeing novel faces so people they've never seen before. >> who are
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