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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 25, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the air quality in the south bay is among the worst. mark, how hot did it get. >> another round of mid-60's and more record heat. look at the numbers. san francisco topped out 65, a few 70s toward morgan hill, oakland 69 degrees, that was a record. widespread the 60s and low 70s. in terms of air quality this was the scene toward the valley. pretty high levels with the air quality. you want to keep the numbers down but they have been going up with the stable layer of air in place. thursday the numbers come down. but the spare the air alert with little mixing, nothing to clear out the haze. poor air quality. coming up we'll look at this, the coldest spots. areas in the low 30s and the warmest highs in the low 70s
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and the forecast track of the next system coming up over the next few days. >> the temperature may be pleasant but the air quality is not. a spare the air day today and another for tomorrow. the south bay the pollution is among the worst. >> we're in the san jose foothill where's the valley looks beautiful on this christmas evening but the view is different in the daytime and shows why there's no break from the spare the air days. >> the mountains looked clear, especially when you stepped back to see the thick haze below. it led to a spare the air day by the bay area air quality management districts. fireplaces had to be kept cold. >> was disappointed, that's a tradition to burn the fireplace and open the gifts. this year we didn't do it.
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>> many were puzzled. >> i have been out walking with my daughter and dog and i had not detected a difference in the air. >> the ban outburning solid fuel didn't bothersome, at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. >> i have hay favor, and it's not cool. it's hard to breathe. you're happy they declared a spare the day -- spare if air day. >> absolutely. >> i'm happy to see more electric cars and public transportation using the hybrid systems. i know moving toward cleaner air, i wish we could do more. >> some were resigned to keeping the commitment knees --
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community clean. the tradition will have to wait, another spare the air day has been declared for tomorrow. >> researchers at lawrence livermore lab said keeping pollution from stoves, some households can be exposed to levels of carbon dioxide. ups is not making pick ups or delivers on christmas day. they will resume tomorrow. for frustrated customers the gift on the day after is not what they counted. on how ups miscalculated. >> the holidays are the busiest time of the year, but this year
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some of the shipments did not arrive in time. 99% of the things arrived in two day, there was an item that didn't arrive. some of the 7 1/2 million shipments did not reach their destinations in time. the company won't say how many packages are late but the volume of air packages exseeded the forecast. fedex also experienced delays. the demand to have packages shipped was greater than expected. >> i did all my shopping on line. we were flying out here. i didn't have a lot of time. i ordered everything. >> i do all my shopping on line. i don't go to stores. >> online sales were up 9% compared to a year ago.
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retail sales of brick and port our -- mortar were down. >> i know i will get it eventually. >> it's not a big deal. not the end of the world. >> for customer who's ordered through the company will credit $20 back to those customers accounts to apologize. some people are waiting for their gifts to arrive, others are gearing up for the after christmas sales. deal news says the best deals will be on clothes with big mark downs. new year's day is the best time to buy furniture and december 31 is good to buy a car, dealers want to meet year end goals. what started as a struggle to provide on christmas day has
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grown into a group called christmas in richmond. the woman on a mission to reach out to hundreds of children. >> i want to wish you a merry christmas. >> the whole idea was to make people happy. burgandy spears came up with the plan. >> the plan to make sure kids without presents will get some. her mother struggled to buy presents. >> what is christmas about when you have families that are stressed out because they are not able to provide at all. >> she started a nonprofit called christmas in richmond. today you can witness the results. a party where hundreds of people enjoyed a christmas lunch, received free clothing and boys and girls, youngsters and teens received you tos. >> i have a bike. what do you think about that?
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>> it's awesome. >> there were hundreds of toys, some donated some bought by burgundy and her family. it has spread to other cities and states. >> it's been infectious which was the goal to get people to pay attention to other people. >> atradition spread by volunteers who make it possible. >> it makes you happy when you see people are happy. i love to do it. >> of a merry christmas. >> christmas in richmond. an effort not easy to achieve. the goal is simple. >> christmas has been amazing. >> there were hardy helpings of food and cheer. glad provided christmas for 5000 people today and that included ham and turkey,
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stuffing, venge's and dessert. >> we've come a long way to be here and we're able to enjoy family, and thinking about people not able to enjoy family brought us down here. >> the volunteers included football players from the university of washington. the huskies are in san francisco to play in the fight hunger bowl at at&t on friday against byu. a few blocks away members of the cougars helped out at st. anthony's dining room. 4,000 people enjoyed christmas dinner there. a portion of the ticket sales will benefit st. anthonys. a nonprofit in san francisco says it is closing the doors this christmas day. the homeless youth alliance is blaming gentrification.
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the building is being turned into apartments. the family of jahi mcmath opened christmas on the her bedside. they wanted a normal christmas for the 13-year-old. she was declared brain dead following complications from a ton sillectomy. the family has not decided if they will appeal the reeling and they are hoping for a miracle. authorities say marital problems were behind the murder- suicide today. it happened on a home on videoa amigos, john lynn shot and killed his wife before killing himself. the families four children were all at home at the time and there are reports the 16-year- old saw the shootings happen.
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the children are staying with relatives. police in the south bay trying to figure out what a woman was doing on the light railtracks when she was hit and killed. the transportation authority says it happened near the station about 1:30. a spokeswoman said a woman was walking on the tracks in dark clothing. the woman's name has not been released. 10 people are displaced after an apartment fire broke out in san francisco it happened just after midnight. this is video from josh jacobson showing the flames. the crews contained the fire. no one was hurt. it is a cold and dark christmas for more than half a million americans due to power outages from the great lakes to new york. a look at the impact of the icy
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snowstorm and the forecast for the hardest hiters. >> a holiday story out of oakland. what one woman is doing to bring positivity to her city.
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hello and happy holidays. the president and mrs. obama thanks our troops and families for the service and sacrifice. the first lady reminded everyone to find ways to give back to the military families this holiday season. pope francis celebrated christmas for the first time as head of the catholic church. he deliver of a message to 10s of thousands. he only delivered in italian.
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he offered wishes for a better world, praying for christians under attack and peace in the middle east and africa. a bay area woman is sharing her love for the holidays in oakland through a song. we found it online. the attention it is getting. >> we know oakland mayor has heard about this video. the singer describes herself as a jazz, soul, spoken word artist and has plenty of good things to say about oakland. set to a series of photos around the city, let's take a holiday in oakland may sound like marketing. lisa says the lyrics come from the heart. >> let's take a walk around the lake with the runners and lovers and kids of every color.
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>> a poet she recorded holiday in oakland as part of a holiday cd. she put out the homemade video two days ago. i love this city,is a great place and needs celebrating. >> we played it for people. it struck a chord. >> i would love to sew that to my students. there's wonderful things come out of oakland. >> a different tune than the violence many are used to. >> oakland is a gritty place and that's real. all the more important to continue to celebrate and to work together. >> while lisa b has put out a few cd it is not her full time day job. she's a writer and poetry
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instructor at san francisco state. >>it's a catchy tune. alameda couple discovered a child's letter to santa have gone to great lengths to find the sender. david found the letter. the sender only wanted one thing. a giant stuffed monkey doll. the wish struck a cord. >> i thought it came from another child that lived on a sailboat and that's why it ended up where it did. >> the couple posted the note on facebook to try to find the sender. when it didn't work they put a copy in santa's mail box. it was the joy of giving that drew san francisco firefighters on the tenderloin on this christmas day. firefighters from station number 1 and elves gave out
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toys to any child on the street. parents and kids were surprised and grateful. >> what a sweet thing to do on christmas, to go out and just give to strangers. >> for us to bring our children and do this every christmas for us it's a family tradition. >> mar farrell helped deliver the toys and it helps his children learn about giving. every christmas christmas day is the heaviest download day of the year. people who have received new tablets and smart phones spend all day filling them up with apps. students will take online courses offered by other classes. the cross campus enrollment will allow them to attend classes from another campus. it will start off with
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berkeley, davis, irvine and riverside. this program is funded by the state. hundreds of thousands are without power due to a deadly winter storm. 14 people are dead as the ice and snow continues to build in many areas. more than half a million people are without power in michigan, new york and new england. i have no power or water, i don't have a phone now. >> it's been hard at times, but i get through it. >> emergency shelters are kept open in most states for those without heat and more snow is expected, especially in the midwest and great lakes region. compared to what we have lots of sunshine, temperature, five to 10 degrees above the average and lots of 60s and a
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few low 70s. some patchy cloud cover, there's a chance of fog developed near the immediate coastline. as far as current temperature it is cooling off. fair feel down to 45 degrees. mountain view 54. san jose 57 degrees. for tonight mostly clear skies, tomorrow hazy sunshine, another round of warm temperature. san francisco tomorrow morning at 7:00, 44 degrees, on track to reach the 60s. and in the extented no rain clouds, dry weather pattern will continue. a few clouds by friday and saturday. overnight lows, we 62 have -- could have freezing. locally dense early tomorrow morning. fran san francisco 44. not much change for tomorrow. high pressure in command, as a
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result low 60s to the low 70s. temperature to mild to warm side. here's a change. there's a cold front from the north, that would typically produce rain. it's not a strong system. just a few high clouds. temperature come down, this could improve air quality as we head into friday, some mixing but nothing too extreme. as far as tomorrow we're in the clear for thursday. on friday talking about the clouds increasing from the north. with that on friday partly to mostly cloudy skies. trending up is the surf, tomorrow, friday and saturday with the increase in the north, northwest swell. be careful if you are heading to the coast. waves could be five to 10 feet. could be approaching 12 feet for thursday, friday and saturday. forecast highs for tomorrow,
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lots of 60s, san francisco 66, santa rosa 68. these numbers could be a touch warmer. san jose 69, and low 70s toward morgan hills, gilroy. here's a look ahead. the five-day forcast, increasing clouds on friday. cooler and a change in air quality in the positive direction. this weekend we're talking about another round of warm temperature in the mid to upper 60s. coming up we'll have the updated forecast models. >> thanks mark. christmas day with plenty of action including miami and the lakers meet fogger the fifth time on christmas. lebron james had another spectacular moment. you will want to see it.
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. mark is off, fred is in. becoming a christmas tradition, warriors, clippers, it will be rocking. >> the nba likes this new rivalry. they got hammered by the clippers on halloween. two "young & restless" teams
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meet tonight. lebron played, kobe on it with the fractured lefty in. jack was there. wade off to james, the lakers made it closer than expected. this is all you need to see. lebron uses his left hand and ducks under the board. james scores 19, the heat beat the lakers, 101-95. >> russell westbrook and the thunder played at madison square garden and this kid can do it all. mopping floors to creating triple-doubles. durant scores 29 points in 32 minutes. new york played without anthony and the thunder hand the knicks the worst home loss on christmas day in nba history. she turned 323 months ago
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-- 32 three months ago, she became the oldest woman to claim the number 1 ranking and today she won her third female athlete of the world award. 34 match winning streak. 11 titles, her grand slam total is 17, no other woman can match her power and athleticism on if tennis court. >> tanaka is a monster. the pitcher set a record by finishing 24-0. the owner of the eagles will sell his rights to a major league team for $20 million. that's just for the right to sign him to another huge deal. expect the yankees, cubs, red sox and dodgers to make a bid. no giants and a's don't expect to see him on your team.
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>> $20 million for the right to negotiate. >> i want his agent. >> that too. early we told you about a san francisco nonprofit for homeless youth that is closing for good. coming up on the 10:00 news we take you to the last christmas dinner served at the homeless youth allianced. >> we're also here nor you. hope you have a great christmas day. we'll see you at 10:00. ese ugly sweaters?
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it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us.


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