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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  December 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. . now at 6:00, a fight to keep a 13-year-old girl on life support, getting tougher, but her family is staying hopeful. >> i've been very optimistic that something will come through. >> the new setback the family faces tonight, as the deadline to take her off life support nears. >> coming up, the areas that currently have red flag warnings in effect. >> plus, the end of the line for unemployment benefits. what that means for millions of americans.
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. a brain-dead teenager is still on life support after tonsil surgery. now her family is dealing with a new setback as they struggle to find ways to move her to a new facility. jahi mcmath's mother has begun raising money to move her daughter to another facility, possibly out of state, after learning her insurance won't cover the costs. we get new developments now from ktvu's tom vey car, live at oakland children's hospital, where the girl is set to be taken off life support as soon as monday. >> reporter: at this point, all anyone can do is simply wait. >> mir rack reducely -- >> reporter: children's opt, the scene of a conflict of deep beliefs. the certainty of science versus the power of prayer. >> rise up now -- >> reporter: the court ordered monday evening life support disconnection deadline is approaching quickly. >> still a lot of pressure. i'm optimist nick my faith that
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god will make another way for us. she is making little movements. she's still getting prayed for. >> it's time to find peace in this very tragic situation and move on. >> reporter: but the family, hoping for a miracle recovery, using group funding site go fund me, is trying to raise $20,000 to transport jahi to a long-term care facility, because the family says the insurance company won't pay. >> there is a place in los angeles and a place in new york, which is the reason for the fund and the p.o. box. >> children's hospital has tried to have a conversation with the medical directors at the facility that the family would like to move the body of jahi mcmath to, but they have been unable to speak with the medical director there. >> reporter: nonetheless, jahi's mother remains determined. >> thanks to everybody out there that's been sending their prayers and sending cards and letters. she reads every last one of them. that gives her strength to keep going even further. >> i don't think that it's a
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responsible decision. that is my opinion, but it's up to the baby's mother and her family to make the final decision on that. >> we declare her a brain- alive. . >> reporter: a conflict of beliefs, where a life may or may not hang in the balance. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. late this afternoon, jahi mcmath's family and attorneys issued a strongly-worded statement saying, among other things, quote, we believe that in this country, a parent has the right to make decisions concerning the existence of their child, not a doctor who only looks at lines on a paper. taking a live look now at the go fund me website that has been set up for jahi, you can see about $4200 has been raised so far, from about 151 people since the page was launched yesterday. the family is opening to raise $20,000 before monday, when children's hospital can legally take her off life support. you can go to for a
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link to that site, under our web links. an unusual weather alert to tell you about for this time of year, as we take a live look at mount diablo just before sunset. a red flag warning is in effect for the east bay and hills. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with more. >> we've been talking a lot about the lack of rainfall over the past few days. been very dry over the past couple of weeks. with a pulse in the winds increasing tonight, fire officials declared a red flag warning in place for tonight and into tomorrow. now, as far as the winds right now, they are calm, right around 5 to 10 miles an hour. but the winds will be picking up in the hills up above 1000 feet. as a result, we do have the red flag warning in place for the north bay hills and east bay hills, in place right now until 10:00 tomorrow morning. winds could be gusting to around 25 to 35 miles an hour and low humidity levels right around 25%. coming up, we'll take a look at
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our forecast. the areas that could hit the lower 70s for tomorrow and i'll let you know if we have any rain clouds in our five-day forecast to wrap up 2013. managers are calling for a seventh consecutive spare the air alert tomorrow. it's the 22nd spare the air alerts of the season. that means wood burning is banned. violators can be find up to $500. officials say prolonged dry weather pattern is allowing air pollution to reach unhealthy levels in the bay area. fire crews in oakland battle add house fire this afternoon. the single-alarm fire was reported at 3:00 at a two-story home on hanover avenue, near lake merritt. firefighters say the fire started on the first floor, managed to get there and contain the flames before they spread. residents were gone at the time and nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a man shot while hosting a birthday party for a friend in oakland last night has died. it happened just after 11:00 last night on 96th avenue near
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bancroft avenue. police say the 43-year-old victim was standing outside his friend's house in east oakland and apartment building when someone opened fire. the victim was taken to the hospital, where he later died. so far, police do not have a motive and have not made any arrests. the killing was oakland's 88th homicide of the year. a 19-year-old richmond woman who was hit by a stray bullet earlier this month is getting better. dominic romero was shot through the arm and a bullet is still lodged in her spine. ktvu's katie utehs tells us how the raider nation is rallying for her recovery. >> we all have hope for her. >> reporter: dominique romero faces hours of grueling physical therapy, a mountain of medical bills. >> the helicopter bill alone was $20,000. >> reporter: but right now, her cousin says the young woman is worried about finding a place to live. >> she is 19 years old. she should be focusing on healing. >> reporter: two weeks ago, a stray bullet traveled through the wall of her family's home on waller avenue. it went through dominique's arm
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and lodged in her spine. she is currently paralyzed from the waist down. >> she doesn't want to go to a place that was once called home, where she got shot. >> reporter: john mere medical center will discharge dominique soon and the family is struggling to find a place for her to go. >> you can't come here because your arm's still in a cast, or you can't come here because you don't have any insurance. you can't come here because you can't afford to be here. >> reporter: additional support is coming from a family of a different kind. the raider nation. the tailgating group make oakland better, also known as the 66th street mob, wants to help. >> we're not just a tailgate. we're a community-driven tailgate. >> reporter: along with dominique's family, they will be collecting donations at tomorrow's raiders game. dominique's family is working on putting together t-shirts. they have also created teal ribbons, one of her favorite colors. if you see someone in the stadium tomorrow wearing one of
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these ribbons, know they have donated to dominique's cause. >> regardless of what the team's record is, raiders are die-hard. we're raider fans and fans for humanity. >> reporter: in oakland, katie utehs, ktvu channel 2news. >> you can go to for a link to the family's fund- raising page. our web team has posted it under web links. newark police say they arrested six people in connection with a series of christmas eve burglaries. on thursday, we told you about armeda torres and her two kids, who woke up christmas morning to find the gifts under the tree were gone. police and firefighters wanted to help out, so they scrambled to raise money for new gifts for the family. police haven't said if the suspects hit the torres house, but do say they were involved in several burglaries that night around newark. dozens of passengers at oakland airport were stuck for almost 11 hours after allegiant air delayed a flight to oregon. the flight was supposed to leave at 7:00 a.m. an allegiant spokeswoman tells us the delay was caused by a pilot calling in sick.
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another plane was set to leave just before 6:00 p.m. >> they told us that if we didn't get a refund, that we could get another flight with them in the future, but i mean, after an experience like this, i mean, i don't know if i would want to. >> an unlikely group of passengers banded together and decided to rent a car and drive to eugene instead of waiting any longer. they include a teenage boy and his dad, a college student, a 91-year-old woman, and a pregnant woman. it took three tries, but on the third vote, ac transit workers narrowly approved a new contract late last night, after rejecting the previous two efforts. the union rep calls the ratification a big relief. the contract affects about 1600 drivers and mechanics and other staff. they get a 9% raise over three years and will now contribute to their own health coverage. the ac transit board is expected to approve the contract in january. today is the last day for more than a million americans to receive unemployment benefits. since the recession began in
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2008, congress has extended benefits 11 times. but this time, lawmakers left for the holidays without voting for the funds. >> reporter: this is what the last six months have been like for paul housey. >> i've answered over 500 want ads on one site alone. >> reporter: at 52, he's been out of work in educational publishing and now another blow. he's one of 1.3 million americans losing unemployment benefits. on average, they have been getting $300 each week. how's' check wasn't nearly enough to cover the $1100 rent on his apartment. now it will stop coming. >> i won't be able to buy food. i won't be able to pay my bills. >> reporter: congress failed to pass an extension in the budget deal, teeing up a nasty fight for the new year. >> it's going to be classic messy washington politics over an issue with the two parties just don't have you a nighted view. this is one of those issues
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that the right flank wants to fight on. >> reporter: some republicans say it's time to end the program all together. >> when you extend benefits to 73 weeks or 99 weeks, it encourages some people to stay unemployed too long and that makes it increasingly hard for them to get back into the work force. >> reporter: democrats say benefit checks get spent right away, spending that's necessary to boost the economic recovery. >> this is what these people need in order just to get by and it's what the economy needs in order to keep its momentum. >> reporter: but the political blame game doesn't help paul housey's new reality. >> it's extremely stressful. i mean, i've gotten physically sick. i haven't been able to sleep. . this is the best season to go shopping. >> a lot of other bay area shoppers seem to agreement agree. we'll tell you the big sellers this season. >> and the big tipper strikes
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again, as rumors swirl on who the tipper might be. >> and a spectacular sight, there it is, in midwestern skies. why officials say they can't tell exactly what it is yet.
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. rescuers scrambled to save the life of a teen driver in southern california, after the car he was driving careened off a cliff. this video captured first responders frantically working to free the 19-year-old man stuck inside the vehicle. it happened yesterday in palos verdes. investigators say they believe the driver may have intentionally driven off the edge in an attempt to take his own life. shoppers at bay area malls and stores on this first post-
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christmas saturday. we spoke to people at bay street in emeryville, who were returning christmas gifts that weren't quite right or looking for post-holiday bargains. >> i would expect all the stuff that they didn't sell during christmas to be on sale, so i can get it now. >> most of it was 50% off at victoria's secret. when do you see that? it's always during the season. this is the best season to go shopping. >> according to a report by spending pulse, jewelry was the clear winner in holiday-related shopping categories. clothing retailers saw modest growth over last year. and sales for luxury electronics were flat. the new year rings in a major change for the boy scouts of america, with the organization now saying it will accept openly gay youth. the new policy follows a may vote when 60% of the scouts' 1400-member national council approved the change. there had been concerns that the inclusion of openly gay scouts might spark some massive defections. however, most major sponsors including the roman catholic and mormon churches are continuing to work with the
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scouts. the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation today slammed the a & e network for reinstating phil robertson of "duck dynasty" after he was suspended for making antigay and racially insensitive remarks. glad released a statement saying robertson should look african american and gay people in the eyes and hear about the act of praising jim crow laws and comparing them to terrorists. a bartender in arizona is the lucky recipient of a big tipper. she said some men came in last night after buying a round of shots. she said afterwards the men were acting a bit peculiar. >> they said hold this up. i said what is going on? the girls were gasping and stuff. i looked down and it was $2000. >> jonas says she shared some of the money with her coworkers and plans to use the rest testify to pay off christmas gifts she bought for her daughters. the big tippers around the
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country include harris' steakhouse in san francisco. while the secret tipper hasn't officially revealed his identity, there are reports that he is former paypal executive jack selby. the record dry weather in california has caused water at full folsom lake to drop. parts of old mining towns that are normally under water are now starting to reappear. >> reporter: it's terrain that hasn't been touched for years, usually submerged under folsum lake. alex and his father hold about the emergence of the gold rush town, so they went for a short hike. >> it's history, kind of sad they knocked out a lot of these towns, but they had to do it. >> we came out for a little family thing. it's pretty cool how a lot of it's still here and there's still a lot of pottery around and stuff. >> reporter: along the retreating waterfront are stone foundations believed to once support a winery and a dairy. there's even an old well capped
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with a large piece of concrete. the ground is covered with rusty nails and other debris. little bits of history left behind before the area was inundated in 1955, with water from the man-made lake. >> i like to imagine what it was before the water came and compare it to the hills around and just think about what a beautiful valley it used to be. >> mormon island was once home to as many as 2500 people. it had four hotels, a school, even seven saloons. >> some of the foundations are started to emerge, but most of the town is still under water. >> reporter: park rangers say people are welcome to scout around the emerging relics, but add you can look, but it's illegal to remove anything from the area, so don't touch. kevin oliver, ktvu channel 2news. a program backed by president obama and aimed at helping california homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their older homes has fallen short of its goal. when the energy upgrade program first started three years ago, its original goal was to improve the energy efficiency
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of 100,000 homes. the state records show that since the program first began, just 12,200 homes have been upgraded. let's check in now with meteorologist mark tamayo and talk about the weather out there. don't need a heater right now, do you, mark? >> temperatures have been trending up over the past few days. lots of 60s. yesterday was a brief dip in the numbers, but today, rebounding nicely, back up into the 60s. even a few low 70s, after the pretty cold start this morning. in fact, the coolest spots in the upper 20s in parts of the north bay, but a nice recovery in santa rosa. 71. santa rosa, 66. livermore, 70 degrees. time lapse from this evening, just beautiful. we have a haze out there and the spare the air alert issued for your sunday. mostly clear skies out there with the sunset. with the clearing skies, temperatures will drop off rapidly over the next few hours. right now on live storm tracker 2, the main storm track, way up to the north in the bay area. current temperatures, checking in on those for the 6:00 hour,
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showing you already upper 40s in napa, at 47 degrees. san francisco were in the mid- 50s. san jose, 56. antioch in the upper 50s, checking in at 59 degrees. we talked about the fire danger. it felt strange to make this graphic earlier today. red flag warning in place for the north bay hills. in fact, this was the scene today and also for the east bay hills. in terms of fire danger, the winds increasing out of the north-northeast. offshore winds we typically talk about in september and october, but they return for tomorrow, with all the dry weather, temperatures on the warm side. but the humidity levels are really coming down to around 15%. the red flag warning reflects an increase in the fire danger for the north bay hills and east bay hills for tonight, lasting until 10:00 tomorrow morning. for tonight, clear and cold. tomorrow, hazy sunshine. that spare the air alert issued. here is our live camera toward the bay bridge. in san francisco, the plan for tomorrow, starting out the day in the chilly 40s, on track to reach the warm 60s. and the extended, still the dry weather pattern is here to
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stay. overnight lows tomorrow morning, coolest locations subfreezing. napa, santa rosa, upper 20s. san francisco, 44. san jose in the upper 30s. the warm weather pattern continues, as high pressure offshore is building into northern california. so with that we warmed up today and those offshore winds stick around for tomorrow. that means we're talking widespread 60s, warmest locations approaching the 70- degree mark. so tomorrow, the warm numbers return. santa rosa, 71. vallejo, in the mid-60s. around the bay, showing you mid to upper 60s toward oakland and walnut creek. san jose, forecast high of 69. los gatos at 70. san francisco, look at that, 65. it has been beautiful near the immediate coastline and a nice beach day for tomorrow. here is the look ahead at your five-day forecast. the last few days of 2013, we're going to wind it up with a warm note. temperatures, a little cooler for monday and tuesday. ken, typically we're talking about the umbrella needed for new year's eve plans. that will not be needed. just cool out there with partly cloudy skies. we are waiting for the rain
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possibly by january. >> we're always wondering if we'll see the fireworks, which we probably will. >> i can tell you right now you will see the fireworks just fine. >> thanks, mark. hundreds of people reported seeing this unusual sight thursday night. a surveillance camera captured images of a fire ball streaking across the sky in north liberty, iowa. many believe the fire ball was a meteor crashing through the earth's atmosphere. the national weather service told the des moines register it's looking into the reports, but it won't be able to determine for sure what the flash of light was because of its location in the sky. up next, we'll show you a selfie that really is out of this world, literally. >> plus, cal has their final tune-up before pac-12 play starts. fred ingles has highlights, next in sports.
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it is being called the selfie to end all selfies. nasa astronaut and stanford grad mike hopkins snapped this shot of himself while out on a space walk outside the international space station. the image was taken on christmas eve and it captured a spectacular view of the earth from space. hopkins and another crewmember were changing an outside pump on the space station when the picture was taken. look, mom! i'm in space! fred inglis is here to tell us about the cal bears going at it in berkeley.
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>> it's about time where we have to find out which team is really the best team here. cal golden bears. they are not expected to make much noise in the men's pac-12 this season, but if the nonconference schedule is any indication, visitors are going to have a fight on their hands at the pavillion. these youngsters haven't seen cal lose at home this season. they are now 9-0. today, the furman palace has never saw what hit them. cal led by 18 at half time. here comes wallace, hurt so good. second, lot of time, and jeff powers made six of the seven three-point shots for a career high 18. cal wins by 30. they open the pac-12 conference schedule thursday at stanford. coach rick pee tino and the louisville cardinals faced the
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kentucky wildcats. louisville makes the big play of the day. smith, anybody home? you're so vicious! 18th ranked kentucky beats 6th ranked louisville. harrison to pointer, back at you. kentucky wins 73-66. it's not a good sign when the highlight of a bowl game is its venue. the pinstripe bowl pitted notre dame against rutgers in the yankees stadium. how bad was this game? offensive lineman won the mvp honor. rutgers came in 6-6. shouldn't even be in a bowl. notre dame on offense. fullston scoring the touchdown. irish win the pinstripe bowl, 29-16, featuring eight field goals. notre dame finishes 9-4. the belk bowl is in charlotte, sponsored by belk department stores. cincinnati against north carolina tar heels. tar heels led at half time. then ryan switzer takes the punt, then goes back 86 yards and ties the ncaa record with
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his fifth punt return in a single season. 39-17, to finish 7-6. bearkats close with a 9-4 record. coming up at 10:00, 49ers prepare for their final regular season game and we'll hear from some of the heroes of the last raiders special championship team some 30 years ago. >> 30 years ago, wow. >> time flies. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you, fred. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we'll have more on the rare wintertime red flag warning that's now in effect for north bay and east bay hills, and what's being done to keep people safe. for fred, mark and all of us here at ktvu, thank you for making us your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you online at, facebook and twitter and our ktvu apps. see you tonight at 10:00. aaçó@
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